i kind of gave up on the background

something i’ll never forget is something i overheard while i was skyping with a stoner friend, lance, who lived in a little cottage on a weed farm that his dad owned (really cool guy despite that background i just gave you)

lance’s dad came over to visit and they were having a chat while my friend chris and i were still on the call but lance forgot to mute his mic so we could hear their chat

lance’s dad has a pretty notable bostonian accent and he was a matter-of-fact kind of guy who was super real. the kind of dad who you’d wanna be friends with despite their being an age gap

the one thing that he said that really stuck with me was

“sometimes i wake up in the morning and i think ‘im still fuckin here? why havent i died yet?’“

and i still think about that from time to time.

Family Reunion-(Stiles Stilinski)

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Summary: You and Stiles attend a family reunion, but with a twist. Stiles is your fake ‘boyfriend’.

Warnings: none?

Pairing: Eventual Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1561

I pull up into a car park down the street from my grans lake house and shoot Stiles a look of gratitude. If it weren’t for Stiles, my best friend and savior, I would have to endure another agonizing family reunion full of teasing and hurtful jokes aimed in my direction.

There are yearly family reunions at my grans lake house, and this year I’ve decided to bring along Stiles to end their tormenting. He’d play along as my ‘boyfriend’ and I’d be left alone once and for all.

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Okay, so can we talk about Yuuri and dancing? 

Because not only does he have a strong background in ballet thanks to Minako, but the GPF banquet showed us that he’s pretty much well-versed in all kinds of styles — tango, waltz, break dance, pole dance, etc. And I sincerely doubt that’s the end of what he can do. I’m sure he’s just all-around amazing at shaking what his mama gave him. 

Like, Yuuri was like 5 years old when boy and girl bands were becoming a thing (1997-ish) and their momentum definitely carried him into the first half of the noughties. He grew up listening to BSB, N*Sync, Britney Spears, and the like; he knows how to dance just like them — all swiveling hips and popping shoulders and bubblegum sex appeal. 

Except Yuuri is an intensely private person so he’s never allowed anyone to see what he can do; it’s far too embarrassing to even consider, all those strange eyes on him, judging him, laughing at him. So barring that one time at the GPF and the times that his mother or sister caught him around Yu-Topia, he dances when no one’s watching.

Buckle up, kids.

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Hello!! I was wondering if you have a post for "realistically do you think (pairing) will ever be canon? Why or why not?" for Sheith?

so arahir/jojo actually did a meta on this that was much more well thought out and articulate than i could ever hope to express so here it is if you wanna check that out!

just adding onto everything she says there, i’m not someone who generally gets their hopes up about my fave ships becoming canon. for example, while i think it’s possible that otayur1 could become canon, i would also understand if it didn’t. but with she1th, it’s so different?? in my opinion, a lot of tidbits of the show thus far just don’t make sense if they’re not setting she1th up to become canon. 

for example, they throw it in our face over and over again that keith and shiro are CLOSE and HAVE BEEN CLOSE for UNKNOWN REASON prior to the kerberos mission. patience yields focus. that really stuck with you didn’t it. you’ve given me some good advice. shiro’s the only person who never gave up on me. and yet they still refuse to tell us outright exactly what kind of relationship they had. all we know, from the very start, is that they are INCREDIBLY close. 

and in the last episode of s2, i think it’s significant that lauren actually storyboarded the scene where all the paladins are passed out in their lions, alone: except for shiro, where you can see the red lion in the background; and keith, where you can see the black lion in the background. even at the end, when everyone is running to check on shiro, they zoom in on keith. he looks desperate, panicked, distraught; and they take the time to show that he’s running ahead of the entire group by almost three seconds. animation and storyboarding is deliberate and i can’t see why they would waste frames on showing us keith’s individual reaction like that if it’s not pointing to anything… bigger? like, look at it. it’s painfully evident that he’s losing it over the thought of anything happening to shiro. he’s sweating and screaming and running as fast as he can. we NEVER see him act this way about anyone else. 

and then there are the recurring themes: keith saving shiro. the shoulder touches. shiro and keith only being emotionally vulnerable around each other or because of each other. shiro didn’t even show up for the majority of s3 and keith’s character development was STILL centered around him.

so yeah, i’m not trying to get my hopes up. but if she1th doesn’t become canon i WILL have some strongly worded questions for dreamworks. 

No eyes for you. 03

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Jimin x reader

01 | 02 | Reading | 04 |

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Highschool/college au, angst, fluff, smut.
Warning: light smut,
Word count: 1678 words

Summary: Having a crush on your best friend’s sister was already hard enough for Jimin especially when Jungkook made clear his sister was off limits. The idea of his older sister dating on of his friends made him feel sick. Lucky for him he didn’t have to worry about that since Y/N made clear that she didn’t have eyes for high schoolers no matter what.  
But things might change when he hears his named being moaned out in the shower.

Y/N would be lying if she said she was focused on whatever her professor was saying, in fact she had no idea what kind of class she had at the moment. The dazed out look did not go unnoticed.
Yoseob had noticed how odd Y/N was behaving, but he didn’t say anything thinking that it would go away at the end of the morning. However noon arrived and Y/N was still in deep thought.

Thus when their well deserved lunch break arrived the two took a seat at a table outside.
“Where is your lunch?”  Yoseob asked as he unpacked his own lunch, normally Y/N would already be ahead of him and would stuff her cheeks full with food, but now she was simply staring at her hands. “Hey!” Y/N jumped at the sudden yell and looked at Yoseob with much confusion “what is wrong?” “I should be the one saying that!” Yoseob sighed out.

“Y/N, you’ve been out of it today. What’s wrong?” Y/N’s ears began to burn when she thought about the events that happened this morning. She had been thinking about it all day and it wasn’t getting any better with each minute.

“Make sure everyone can see those hickeys so they know who’s getting fucked tonight.”

She felt excited but at the same time she felt reluctant at the thought of  having sex with Jimin.
He was a high schooler and her brother’s friend, there was no way this was alright to do.
Jimin was the kid that always was at their home, the kid that was like another son to her parents and like a brother to Jungkook, of course Jimin was something else to Y/N but she would never tell. At least, not until now. Y/N always had an eye for Jimin, but she never engaged any kind of social interaction because for one Jimin was always swarmed by people and she didn’t want to make a fool of herself to be that one senior that tried to make a move on her little brother’s friend. Besides after Jungkook became friends with Jimin she had the luxury to have Jimin all by herself after school. In her bed. Touching her in ways she had always wanted him to touch.

There was a sharp pain that shot through Y/N’s forehead. Wincing in pain Y/N glared at Yoseob who gave the girl a serious look. “Y/N, you’re seriously out of it. Are you sick or something?”

“I’m fine Yoseob, it’s just…” Y/N sighed out. She was best friends with Yoseob since high school and they could tell them everything, but this time, this time it was different.

“It’s?” Yoseob urged on. “I don’t know, I think I am getting sick.” Y/N lied. She felt bad about lying about this, but what else was she suppose to say?  She couldn’t just tell Yoseob she almost fucked the best friend of her little brother.

“I expected something like that,” Yoseob repacked his lunch and shoved it in his backpack and stood up his hand stretched out to Y/N who looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Come, I’ll take you home.” He said as he cocked his head to the left, his black locks falling in front of his brows. Y/N was silent for a second waging between going or not, eventually her hand slipped in Yoseob’s and gave the boy a soft smile as a thank you.

The ride home was silent, well the the exception of the radio softly playing in the background, but it wasn’t a silence that felt uncomfortable. It was a nice kind of silence, a silence that Y/N only could have with Yoseob.

“We’re here.” Yoseob said as he pulled up at the house “it looks less trashed out now.” he joked.

“I know right, I hope Jungkook gets the fist of justice.” Yoseob chuckled at Y/N’s comment.
“Anyways, thank you for bringing me home Yoseob.”

“Always Y/N. I’ll text you later ok?” Y/N nodded as she stepped out the vehicle.
Yoseob didn’t move until he saw that Y/N disappeared in her house. When she did Yoseob let out a deep and heavy sigh before driving off.

The house was quiet which wasn’t unusual, Jungkook should be at school for at least an hour longer and her parents were off to work and wouldn’t be back  until night had fallen.
For now Y/N had an hour to herself.  Kicking off her shoes Y/N walked towards the kitchen and poured herself a drink and made her way back and up the stairs towards her room.
The moment her back hit her mattress she never felt so relieved. Rolling to her side she began to replay the way Jimin touched her. It was like fire, a pleasant one that burned her in the right ways and the way Jimin’s plush lips molded with hers perfectly, though his kisses were sloppy they were perfect for Y/N. Y/N stared at her fingers, the ones that glided over Jimin’s toned body and dipped into every curve there was. What would’ve happened if she didn’t leave the bathroom? The burning feeling once again builded up in Y/N lower stomach.
“No, no you can’t. That’s your little brother’s friend!” Y/N scolded herself, her body twisting and turning around in her bed before she found the perfect position and forced herself to sleep. Perhaps rest would do the trick.

Maybe an hour had already passed because the front door opened up and slammed shut.
The sudden noise made Y/N launch out of her bed, not thinking twice she began to run down the stairs hoping to see her parents or anyone. When no one was in the hallway or living room Y/N felt a pang of disappointment. She was ready to go upstairs again but the ruckus in the kitchen stopped her from doing so. Y/N carefully walked towards the kitchen, her heart almost stopped when she was greeted with the bare back that belonged to none other than Jimin.

“J-Jimin?” Y/N stuttered. Turning around Jimin looked at her with a sly smirk.

“You’re finally awake babygirl.” The raspy sultry voice blended perfectly with the way Jimin was making Y/N feel at the moment. In dire need of him.

Y/N wasn’t able to move or talk, she simply stared at every muscle that was visible that came closer with each step Jimin took. Soon she felt the hot breath of Jimin fan across her neck and his cold fingers buried under her shirt burned pleasantly against her waist.
“I’ve missed you babygirl.” Jimin hummed, his lips sucking reds and purples over her neck, making their way up to her ear. Y/N’s breath became ragged, a reaction that made Jimin smile because it was something he was doing.

“Do I make you nervous babygirl?” Jimin whispered. Y/N scoffed, her face turning away from Jimin secretly giving him more access to her skin. “N-no.” She lied.
“Hmm,” Jimin hummed “if that’s so why don’t you help me out here?” Y/N gasped as she felt the prominent and hard bulge poking against her. “You have been on my mind the whole day Y/N, I need you. I need your pretty little mouth wrapped around my dick babygirl.” A moan slipped out of the girl’s mouth, she never expected to hear such vulgar things out of this high schooler’s mouth, but then again it was Jimin.

“Can you do that for me, babygirl?” Too afraid to use her voice Y/N simply nodded.
“Good girl, if you suck me off nicely I’ll reward you with the greatest fuck you have ever had in your life.” By now Y/N’s underwear was wet with her arousal and it only grew with each and every word Jimin spoke. Slowly descending down Y/N kept her eyes focused on Jimin’s who licked his plush lips. As Y/N pulled Jimin’s pants and boxers down with ease his dick sprung out, eagerly waiting for Y/N.

As the female moved forwards she expected to feel skin, instead she felt the hard floor of her bedroom. Groaning in pain Y/N  slowly opened her eyes to see where she was. This was not her kitchen. Her bedroom door swung open and revealed a shocked Jungkook and a curious Jimin standing behind him. Both of them were greeted with the back profile  of Y/N laying on the ground wincing in pain. “Sis, what are you doing? We heard a loud noise.”
There was a low chuckle coming from behind Jungkook and Y/N knew who it was.
“Looks like your sister fell from her bed, who would’ve guessed someone would be dumb enough to do that!” If Y/N wasn’t red in the face she would’ve looked at Jimin and would have scolded him to oblivion, but the sound of his voice only reminded her of the dream she had about him. “Sis, you need help.” Jungkook sighed out before pulling the door with him as he left the room. When the door clicked shut Y/N’s head fell on the ground, the cold feeling great against her skin.

Her phone vibrated next to her on the ground, apparently it too fell with her.
Unlocking the device Y/N looked at who messaged her, she was sure it was Yoseob wanting to know how she was feeling.

[15.30] Unknown:

Your ass looks great, can’t wait to redden it with my hand.


Along with the message a picture was attached to it, a picture of Jimin’s hand.

[15.31] Unknown:

Just imagine these fingers inside of you, babygirl.

Can’t wait for tonight.


If Y/N’s head wasn’t already bright red, she was now. How had such simple texts so much effect on her? Though Y/N was beyond embarrassed she wasn’t lying when she said she was excited.

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         Jiminrolls )

oh boy oh boy.

Note: Please read!

Locked In (Part 9)

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Summary: Detective Winchester might have a lead on Sam but it comes at a cost…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: So I might have broke my own heart a little while writing the end of this one…

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One Too Many

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Pairing: Drunk!Sirius Black x Reader
Summary: On a night out with the Marauders, James bets Sirius can’t down more than seven shots of Beetle Berry Whiskey. Sirius, never backing down from a challenge, accepts, and the effects are near catastrophic for the reader.
A/N: I couldn’t resist clingy drunk Sirius. Enjoy lovers xxxxx

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Summary: You encounter an intriguing stranger in your favorite bookshop 

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader 

Author’s Note: Hi, my name is Leah and I love bookshops and Lin-Manuel Miranda and fluffy fics. Also, shout out to @strongenoughfoundation for proof-reading/editing this and giving me this wonderful title. 

Words: 1,770 

Warnings: sappy romance/first meeting; an obsession with Lin’s smile, laugh, and eyes. 

A greeting came by way of acoustic music flowing from overhead speakers, quiet chatter, hidden amusement, and the powerful sense of ease. You stepped inside, a chiming bell announcing your otherwise silent entrance. With your hair pulled up into your signature messy bun, your round glasses covering your bright, sparkling eyes, and your soft canvas messenger bag swinging with your movement, you could only imagine you blended into the clientele of this book shop.

It was a hole-in-the-wall sort of establishment, tucked in between bars serving hipsters and coffee chains. And it had also been your sanctuary for the past three years – the one place you knew you belonged. A place where the dust on old copies of classics only gave you comfort and the sight of worn leather couches and scribbles in notebooks lended to your peace of mind.

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Number 18? What are you currently trying to improve on?

18. What are you currently trying to improve on?

Due to the comic-thing I’m doing lately, I’m putting more effort in studying body types and body language, feet (I don’t like drawing them at all, guys, they so boring) and expressions. To do so, I watch and draw from life more that I did in the past.

And BACKGROUNDS, guys! That’s a huge challange, for me!

Growing up as a fan artist made me interested in drawing the human figure more than landscapes and inanimate stuff for many reasons. Since I’m that kind of person that you just can’t force to do something, or I’ll never get it done, to improve without stressing me or starting to hate what I was doing, I simply gave myself a little goal: sketch at least an inanimate thing or a landscape once a week. I tried, skipping a few weeks I must admit it, but hell! Somehow, it worked! In the past months I sketched stuff from my bedroom, then the view from my window and after that I started sketching train and busses interiors. Horrible drawings, guys, I’ll never show you them! XD But I discovered something while doing that, something that I’ve been told once, which is:

“Give your backgrounds a soul as you do for you characters. Backgrounds are characters as well! So let them speak about themselves, let them tell their story to the public by using the visual language.”

Thanks to these wise words, which I just repeat to myself everytime, I became more interested in setting the set in which characters live and move!

In the long comics I’m currently working on, I just can’t leave a scene without putting little details that I hope you’ll notice, especially in the backgrounds, when they’ll be done! Doing so is so satifying and makes the whole “create a believable setting” rule less boring to follow, at least for me.

Thanks for asking!

School 2017 Episode 12

The bromance lives! Not only that but Tae-woon and Dae-hwi’s heart to heart about Joon-ki and their friendship, followed by them sighting due to their respective love lives has to be the best part of today’s episode. Mainly because I feel I have been emotionally invested in this relationship as much as the one between Tae-woon and Eun-ho, but this one got deeper connotations in a way since it was a moment long overdue where they can finally let go of the grief and move on, with a new understanding of each other.

MVP goes to Dae-hwi, and nobody can deny it. He lighted up Tae-woon’s fire by throwing the jabs that he knew was what his friend needed to understand what was happening with Eun-ho and help him figure out what to do to make up with her. Not only that but Dae-hwi also was one of the masterminds behind the Hee-chan takedown. And he took the first step to fix his own relationship with Nam-joo, although he gave up a little too easy for my taste on the front. Be more assertive, I know you can do it! Yes, Dae-hwi’s journey has been a pleasure to watch and I’m glad he is finally on more solid ground.

As for Hee-chan, the imbecile can burn in a hell of thousand suns. I know the show has given him enough background story to know where he’s coming from, and I don’t really want to give up on his redemption, but he has show no remorse nor any kind of improvement in the past episodes. In fact, he’s getting worse and now that he no longer cares at all about what his mother has to say (and she has seen the monster she helped create), I’m afraid he will go into the deep end and do worse than he has done until so far.

I appreciate the show solves problems rather quickly and doesn’t lest misunderstanding or conflict fester long enough to give us an angst fest. Even though yesterday we were all left in despair, today was pure bliss.

Tae-woon is an assertive kind of character which is no surprise he did everything is his power to make up with Eun-ho, even if meant pouring out his heart and his feelings for her (all over again) and breaking his head in order to understand where she was coming from.

I love how pure Eun-ho can be at times, all smiles and cheer, but I love even more she is mature enough to self-reflect on her actions. When she voiced how she had used her family as an excuse over the frustration and insecurities of her work, I could relate to her. It’s not easy to put yourself out there on any level, personal or professional, and I can understand she was afraid to do both.

Her relationship with her family remains one of my favorite things and I love her even more for spending all her hard-earned money on buying new shoes for her brother, so he could walk more proudly. She’s taking care of everyone, always, which is why I’m glad she has Tae-woon to take care of her.

By the end of the episode the show had two options: keep pulling our chain or give us what we have all been waiting for. Thank God they went with the latter, as it should be in School 2017 style, and now Eun-ho and Tae-woon are officially dating. The whole scene was so sweet and so like them, excuse me while I cry tears of joy. These two, really. *insert heart emoticon*

This episode finally gave some time to the secondary characters, starting with how strong Bo-ra has become with the help of her friends and actively helping them in any way she can.

What about Sarang and her Mom? It was nice that they finally had a real talk about Sarang’s future. If Eun-ho started to compromise her dreams yesterday in order to help her family, Sarang has being doing it all along and with no-one to truly make her understand that she can find another way to have her cake and eat it too. Or at least try it, instead of giving up by default. I’m glad she found a middle ground, allowing herself to be a little more selfish. Plus, her low-key romance with Kyung-woo is precious. Did you guys see yesterday when they got all handsy in gym class? Or today when he encourage her to work things out with Mom? OMG. They are so darn cute. GIVE ME MORE.

Coach Jung’s talk with Issue was also another highlight of the episode. It shows that just because one option is no longer there, it doesn’t mean the dream has to die. You can always find another or new way to get back in track. I’m looking forward to Kyung-woo asking Issue to form a band. Sarang can fangirl her heart out.

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Michael’s Keeper Part Two (Leonard Snart x Reader)

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Part Two of this

It was a week since the one night stand had left his house and Leonard was still hearing about her. It was annoying, you weren’t really anything special, the kind of girl that he wouldn’t remember if it hadn’t been for the morning after incident, but Michael kept going on about you. He asked when you would come over again, and how you were doing. Leonard answered only that you were very busy.

“Busy with what?” Micheal would ask.

“Grown up stuff.” Was his father’s stiff reply. 

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Summary: just a lil one shot based on Perfect by the man Ed himself,from his Divide album. ((plus is still my fav album from him lmao))

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

a/n: i know i said i was gonna try posting more but 2017 hasn’t been too good for me and i’ve been working alot bc yo gurl needs to save for things and yeah life is just hectic af. sorry if it isnt too detailed but i hope this makes up for it and u enjoy this!! feedback is appreciated hehe thenks frands

I found a love for me. Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love,n

ot knowing what it was.

Isaac never knew that you would be the one that everyone kept talking about. You first knew Isaac from history. You saw him grow. He started out as that shy kid that no one really paid that much attention to. Then suddenly he became this complicated hotstuff,who thought he immediately was superior to others. Before returning back to his old self.

He approached you to help him with his history since you were one of the better students in class. There were the top students,so you had no idea why he picked you to be his tutor.

Countless of study sessions later,it was finally time for the exam. Time to see if all those tutoring sessions was worth it at all.

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We love Clip, don’t we? Hell yes we love Clip, it’s the greatest.

Until you decide to start dinking around with maybe making some custom brushes for the first time and everything seems pretty straightforward and you get everything set exactly the way you want it and… and, uh… why won’t it change color? Why?? What have you done wrong??¿?

You poke on everything, literally hecking everything, trying to figure out WHY THE DAMN BRUSH STAYS BLACK NO MATTER WHAT, and no easy answers are forthcoming and you’re just about to cry. Which was MY damn life this morning and for way too long this evening. I was trying to make a brush to streamline some of the background stuff in a couple of panels of Red Sector A, and it was almost perfect except WHY COULDN’T I CHANGE THE DAMN COLOR

I gave up, asked Google, and found a video tutorial that answered that question, and while it’s a simple fix that will make loads of sense once you think about the kind of crazy stuff you can do with Clip brushes, it’s probably not what you would have thought.

That’s it. That’s the fix. All you gotta do is, make sure the layer “expression color” thing is set to “Gray.”

And then go on to set your image as a brush tip material and make your brush and that fixes your problem. You can now change your brush’s color like any other normal brush.

Now why the entire damn hell would they make you do that just to be able to change a brush’s color? Remember how I mentioned all the cool stuff Clip brushes can do, like spray rainbow-colored sparkles all over your artwork?

If your brush tip layer’s “Expression Color” is set to “color,” the brush will use your brush tip image as is. Meaning, if it’s a full color clipart of a turducken, it’s gonna spray full-color turduckens everywhere.

So there you go, simple but sanity-saving tip for newb brush makers.