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I relate so hard to that. All my friends are casual viewers and I try to see the show the same way because even if I love all the background Info and Q&A's from Cons, the show itself should speak completely for itself and all of my friends agree that lapidot is obvious. Some of them predicted some stuff super accurately even, because they didn't had a chance to listen to fan theories. They just watched the show and it gave 'em enough answers.

It’s nice to get that kind of perspective on the show, right?  I certainly think so :D 

I obviously get all caught up in the fandom and the background information etc as well, but I really think it’s a refreshing change to discuss the show with people who don’t do all that stuff.  “The casual viewer’s perspective” rather than “the fandom’s perspective” is often a good way to gauge where the show is going (which is one of the reasons why it always makes me so happy when these people talk about Lapidot ;p). 

No shit, Hawke.  Three wolves right on our tails, and our brilliant Inquisitor decides the best way to solve this problem is to steer the horses off a damned cliff.   And the worst part?  It actually worked!”

I’ve been wanting to draw the interior of Skyhold for a bit because I love the colors, so here’s Hawke and Varric catching up, because there can never be enough art of these two.

Do you ever think about the fact that Draco Malfoy is everything that Sirius could have been? Because I do. They both came from the same social background, the same kind of family (they even are distantly related), and they could have gone down the exact same path. But Sirius always knew that he wasn’t like his family, and his Gryffindor traits gave him the courage to stand up to them and follow his own conscience, and make decisions that went against his family’s principles. Draco, on the other hand, was a Slytherin, and therefore chose the easy way to succeed, and that meant being exactly what his parents expected him to be, what everyone expected him to be. That way, he benefitted from his family’s status and money, and he was feared and thus respected at Hogwarts. It’s only when things started to get real in sixth year that he realised that maybe this wasn’t the life he wanted, but it was too late for him to really change, not with all the pressure that suddenly weighed on him.

Yeah, I think about that a lot.

So, this is a background image for one of my monitors at work. I get to stare at it for long periods as I type, and for a while, I kind of wondered how anyone got to the laundry line. I mean, there’s no clear path there. And then I was like, omg, I’m so dumb, there’s a warp pad there. Except, when the show starts, Steven can’t work the warps, which means all of his laundry was completed by the gems until at least up to the point that he could, himself, warp. It gave me great joy imagining Pearl or Garnet (let’s face it, Amethyst isn’t doing no laundry) hauling a laundry basket to the warp pad, to head over to the hand, and hang up Steven’s laundry.

They are such adorable moms.


When I was in High School I became aware of my first desire to become an artist.

After accidentally discovering the world of concept art and illustration in 2004, I located the nearest professional artist i could find and awkwardly showed up at his studio asking for free painting lessons. He was a water colorist, and my first mentor.

Larry Greer was his name. He gave me my first paint brushes, art books, and paints. He went out of his way to allow me to visit his studio every week. And encouraged me to consider the real possibilities of being a career artist.

Such a simple act of kindness opened up a world that I would have never known and I’ll always be grateful that I have the honor of being an offshoot of such an amazing artistic lineage.

I still vividly remember:
The cadmium red on his beard.
Canon in D playing in the background on repeat.
Flakes of gold leaf scattered over the work bench.
Palettes made from sheets of glass taped to white board.
Cabinets full of reference photography.
The sun roof that always gave his drafting table perfect light.
The willingness to start a painting over.
VHS tapes of Richard Schmidt painting demos.
And the spirit of adventure.

Sometimes I forget where i got started. And i just wanted to take the opportunity to remind myself, as well as show others…

As promised, the Legend of Zelda triforce kids all together!
This took me quite a few days to get right. I never really bother with backgrounds, but I am so happy with the final result.
I had no real final image in mind, I just kind of made it up as I went. Once I sat Link and Zelda together however, the two of them just looked like they were playing together, So I gave them a couple of little toys. You may recognise them. Lets just say Zelda is playing with dolls from my boyfriend and I’s favourite movies
Then there’s poor Ganondorf. The guy just can’t catch a break. He even brought along his own toy to play!

I hope you guys like this so much. I really did put a lot of love into it