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The Journey - Part Five

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Timeline for Part 5:

This one covers 11x03 and 11x04. Owen is working on a project with Callie about War Veterans and reminiscing about his life prospects; Derek has decided to stay in DC so he and Amelia are butting heads about the leadership of the department. 

The Journey – Part Five


Amelia swallowed hard, startled by the voice of command. She turned around and met Owen Hunt’s steel gaze fixated on her. He calmly strode in her direction with confidence and powerful authority but she could tell by his hardened jaw that he wasn’t at all as calm as he wanted to look.

That was Amelia’s fourth week as head of the Neurosurgery Department.

It was also the fourth time she was summoned by the Chief in that not so elegant manner.

Her first impulse was to reply what the hell is it this time?, but Amelia held the words instants before they could leave her mouth. After so much effort put into it, that filtering thing seemed to finally be working.

“Yes, chief?” She looked at the guy with forced serenity. Owen Hunt was really irritating her. Over the past week, he had alternated among treating her with cold distance, plainly ignoring her or, a few times when she least expected, paying her an encouraging compliment seconds before walking away with what seemed like contained anger.

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I started klarolineauweek with a silly fic featuring Enzo, Caroline and Klaus. I figured I’d finish it the same way. This is my 2500th post on Tumblr! I think werewolfpuppy!Klaus is an appropriate way to celebrate that, right? Here’s the first part.

oh how strange (Part Two)

Caroline decided to send Enzo home - he was a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy and he’d just get in the way of her serious plotting. He hadn’t wanted to leave, but Caroline had insisted, physically yanking him out of the dining room chair and waving Klaus away when he tried to follow, “Klaus, stay.”

 That earned her a growl, and she threw him an apologetic look. “Yeah, that was rude. Sorry.”

Caroline hauled Enzo towards the door, despite his reluctance, “Seriously, Enzo,” Caroline assured him, “plausible deniability is a good thing here. Take my word for it. Rebekah Mikaelson? Heinous, sadistic bitch. Her only redeeming quality is her killer taste in shoes.”

“That’s not very nice, Caroline.” 

“She’s 1000 years old. I’m pretty sure she invented some of the torture techniques those Augustine weirdos used on you. Probably perfected them on the guy who refused to kiss her ring, or whatever. And The Original’s never throw anything out. I don’t even want to know what kind of creepy implements of pain and misery they have lying around”

If anything, that seemed to intrigue Enzo even more. Which was super gross, and not something Caroline wanted to think about.

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