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“I know the winter’s getting colder
But why, just ‘cause we’re a little older do
I relive it, I relive it
I’m peddling backwards
Even if I’m peddling alone
Can’t help it
I relive it, I relive it, oh”

Winter of Our Youth - Bastille [x]

I drew myself as a D&D character a while ago and forgot to post it to tumblr, WHUPS, but they’re a Tiefling Warlock who has a pact with some kind of otherworldy alien being. Also they hang around in pubs and look glam and bully people for having poor taste in fashion because they’re trash!!!

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Art style and astrology

The color palette you choose, the kind of sketches you draw, the concepts and ideas that come to your mind while drawing can be described by astrology with Venus and Neptune. The moon has a big impact too.


Venus in Aires is all about messy sketches, action poses, rough lines and reddish, contrasted palettes. Their art is most likely to be colorful and groundbreaking.

Venus in Taurus is all about human anatomy, sensual poses and greenish palettes. Their art is most likely to have quality and being pleasent to look.

Venus in Gemini  is all about communication and characters, matched with a yellowish palettes. They could be great fanartist because they are able to imagine how a character would react in different situations. Their art style could be simple or tricky. They could use a huge variation of of materials and colors.

Venus in Cancer is all about eyes, people, melancholy and pale palettes. Their art is most likely to have a a huge emotional weight.

Venus in Leo is all about exageration and symbolism! Colors, people, animals, landscape matched with gold, bright palettes. Their art is most likely to be full of life. They can feel inspired by everything!

Venus in Virgo is all about neat lines, well proporcioned figures and dull palettes. Their art could show their daily life, with a hidden message.

Venus in Libra is all about beauty, soft lines and pinkish-pastel palettes. Their art is most likely to be aesthetic oriented, but not shallow at all. 

Venus in Scorpio is all about distorted anatomy and poses, rough lines and dark or reddish palettes. Their art is most likely to be disturbing and with a deep meaning.

Venus in Sagittarius is all about exaggerated anatomy, dynamic poses and purple palettes, colorful and vibrant colors. Their art is most likely to express an ideal or belief.

Venus in Capricorn is all about elegance and brownish palettes. Their art is most likely to find success and frame the current society.

Venus in Aquarius is all about weird anatomy and electric palettes, could not use lineart at all. Their ideas or art style are most likely to be groundbreaking as Aries’ art, but with a purpose.

Venus in Pisces is all about their dreams, blurred lines and sea-green palettes. Their draws are most likely to have a dream-like atmosphere. People could feel reflected in their art, and their draws could being interpreted in different ways.


Neptune in the Earth signs are most likely to draw their enviroment and what they can see and touch.

Neptune in the Fire signs are most likely to draw their unique creations and ideals.

Neptune in the Air signs are most likely to draw abstract concepts and try to express and communicate through their art.

Neptune in the Water signs are most likely to do art closely attached to their sentiments, art could be a therapy for them.

It can be interpreted with houses too. For example, if Neptune is in the 5th house it will have a similar influence like if it were in Leo.

May the heavens bless Luffy for coming up with the perfect words to relieve Sanji of his terrible burden.

If you think about it, up to this point this arc was everything about Sanji not being allowed to be his true self - he was ridiculed and abused by his own family for being kind, for being vulnerable, for being human. Part of the reason why he was still in so much agony even when he was free to leave was because his kind and vulnerable inner self was demanding him to save even his cruelest abusers. 

But Luffy gives him the affirmation to be who he is, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. He’s basically telling Sanji that he didn’t expect any less of him, that such kindness is why he wants him back and why he chose him as his cook in the first place. To Luffy, no more explanation or apology is needed in Sanji being Sanji, regardless of what kind of danger that may bring forth. If that is not the greatest salvation for Sanji’s poor soul in this arc, I don’t know what is. 

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but I still love the headcanon that right after Sailor V joins the team and is like, “Guess what! I’m the Moon Princess!” and everyone’s all “sounds legit. You look like a moon princess to me” that they’re all hanging out having a Senshi meeting or something and Rei gets a kind of thoughtful look on her face like when you’re brain is  j u s t  walking into some fridge logic and she’s like

“Wait. So what does the V stand for?”

And Minako’s just like, “Um…? It’s, um-? What?”

And Rei’s like, “You know? Sailor V? Why V?”

and this is manga-Minako so her English is notsogood, so she’s like Fuck Fuck, words that start with V??? And she’s looking at Artemis like (you little fucker you came up with the codename in the first place you couldn’t have picked something more subtle there is literally only one planet that starts with V and it isn’t the goddamn moon) and he’s like “don’t look at me, I honestly didn’t expect any of these Japanese kids to notice” and they are both under-the-radar panicking and then all of the sudden Ami is like

“Oh! It’s the roman numeral for five! Because you’re the fifth and final soldier, who originally was our princess!”

And Minako is just like Yep, That’s It, Wow You’re Smart, So Good For Catching On, That Has Definitely Always Been The Explanation The Whole Time.

like weeks after the Dark Kingdom debacle is good and dealt with Ami wakes up in the middle of the night, remembers this, and smacks herself in the face.

I am DM for a beginning group, which contains a Wizard, a Warlock, a Bard and a Cleric. The Wizard and the Warlock hate each other.

Our group entered the inn because they need a place to stay. The cost for a room is 5 sp, but a certain wizard forgot there were other kinds of currency.

DM (Me) as the innkeeper: Aye, that’ll be five silver pieces


DM (OOC): I thought you were rich?


Wizard: *pulls out his longsword and tries to intimidate the innkeeper to give him a room*

DM, as innkeeper: Fine! Your room is across the hall. The townmaster will hear about this!

DM: The wizard thought that he was safe, but the innkeeper had called three guards.

Wizard(OOC): wait whAT

DM (OOC): Yes, your actions don’t go unnoticed.

DM: You can hear the guards’ footsteps as they approach your room. You hear a knock at the door.

Cleric:I’ll get it.

Wizard: NONOONNO *hides under the bed*

Guard: Pardon me, but a certain elf was reported to have threatened our innkeeper. Have you seen him?

Wizard: *casts Minor Illusion to make it seem the Warlock confessed “his” crime*

DM: *rolls for the guard* The guards did not believe in your illusion.

Wizard: NO

DM: The guards search the room. *rolls for an Investigation check* One of them checks under the bed and spots him.

Wizard: SHIT *casts Poison Spray on the guard*

DM: *rolls a nat 20 for the guard*The guard coughs, but is unaffected by the poison. He then calls the others. (OOC) You’re gonna get arrested.

Wizard: NO *casts Ray of Frost on another guard*

DM: The guard is knocked back. Alarmed, the other guards grab you. Roll a Dexterity Check

Wizard: *rolls and fails* NO*is unable to move*

DM: See you in court

How Iwaizumi and Oikawa handle mornings

Iwa: *wondering if he has time to make onigiri* *always has green tea*
Oikawa: *jumbled nonsense til 11am* *almost walks out door in his pj pants*

Can’t believe I forgot to post this one! This was kind of two projects in one. I had to do a book cover for my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration course. In addition I did this as a personal project; a graphic novel retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The script is still a working progress but in the meantime I will update with concept art until it is time to reveal the final piece. :)

Another shit post

So now that we know that Yuri totally forgot everything due to being completely smashed I kind of understand why poor viktor was every night in Hasetsu getting drunk off his ass for the first three episodes probably trying to understand why this hot little katsudon who totally blew his mind at the gala was acting so cold and distant and rejecting him

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Oh hey! It’s been a while!

I’ve gotten a few emails about where I’ve been and if things are okay, so I wanted to clear that up! First of all, everything in my personal life and with my family is fine. That’s unrelated to why I haven’t been active. 

Long story short: It became a lot less convenient to post here. And that took away my motivation to post here.

I also kind of forgot. And then there were so many things I hadn’t posted about I wasn’t really sure how to get back to it. And then I forgot again. Because unless I’m posting, I don’t visit tumblr.

And I switched to batch editing photos in Lightroom once a costume is finished rather than editing them individually in photoshop. This is WAY faster, but means If I want to post something on tumblr I have to edit it specifically for that purpose.

On top of that, the computer I edit photos on is half dead (graphics board…card? problem) so I’ve switched to primary using an old macbook pro. It’s fine for browsing, and does okay with iMovie, but takes 10 minutes to start up photoshop and another 10 minutes to open files in photoshop. It’s painful. 

On the bright side, because of all that I started updating instagram daily. It’s super convenient to post on since I don’t have to worry about fussy computers and editing.

But I’m going to try and get back into tumblr. I miss being able to share photos that aren’t square. And It’s nice being able to type descriptions without worrying about autocorrect or everything turning into a massive block of text.  

I’m hoping to be a little more organized next year and having a schedule for posting would help with that. And maybe back to school sales will be kind and I might be able to get a new computer at some point.

Other than that, I’m fine. Family, health, dog, everything like that is good! My lack of posting here is unrelated to personal problems.

Though this has been kind of a rough year sewing wise. I think I challenged myself a lot but that led to points where I was really unhappy and unmotivated with what I was doing. Then masses of inspiration where I finished a lot, but got burnt out. Between that and troubles with my neck (which are thankfully way, way, better) I haven’t accomplished as much as I wanted. And that goes for posting on social media too.

I’m not big on the whole “A new year, a new start” thing - but I am looking forward to the beginning of a new year. Hopefully it will be better for everyone.

If you’ve read this far, and stuck around for the past few months despite zero content - I really appreciate it, and I’ll try to do a lot better over the next little while!

so i forgot to post this but last night but when i was feeling incredibly awful about Carrie Fisher’s death i suddenly had this image in my head of Carrie riding a skateboard into space being pulled by a dog on a leash while flipping everyone on earth off and going “see you on the flip side fucko’s” and laughing as she did it 

and i kind of think the universe sent me a vision to comfort me. Because that is definitely something Carrie would prob do or at least find hilarious and you know what guys? She’s ok. She’s doing great wherever she is now and we don’t have to worry about her. 

We can and will continue to mourn the fact we will not see her wonderful face and hear her hilarious beautiful self anymore but we have to look to the future and each other too. And we have to take care of each other and ourselves now. Because we are still here. And another year is starting in only a few days and we are going to face it together. And we gotta be strong for everyones sake. 

Remember Carrie. Mourn her and miss her. But be hopeful and strong too, because despite her being gone she’s ok, and her legacy is still here for us. A legacy of kindness and humor and strength that we must strive to live up to as best we can.