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Don’t Tell Steve!

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, The Avengers x Reader 

Request: Hey could ypu please write a peter parker imagine where he’s dating the reader but in secret because her older brother is Steve? Like they try to hide it but bucky finds out and then everyone and they tease them? Later steve finds out and … by @kameliasdream

Word count: 1000

A/N: Okay so, I wrote this a loooong time ago but because I had just posted ‘The One Where Everyone Finds out’ I thought that this was too similar to post right after it… And then I kind of forgot about this. So sorry about that. I tried to do this imagine as accurate to the request as possible without making it too similar to the previous which meant that I couldn’t really follow the request 100 %. Again, sorry about that! 

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”Ooh, what do we have here” you heard Bucky say playfully from the door. You froze. You had been dating Peter for a few months now in secret because of your overprotective brother. You slowly parted away from Peter and turned your head towards Bucky.

“Nothing” you said slowly, thinking hard how the hell you could explain this. “We are just hanging out here” you smiled nervously.

“Yeah… Hanging out. Just watching the TV” Peter pointed at the TV realizing that it wasn’t even on.

“Mhm, right” Bucky gave you two a sly smirk and left the room.

“Oh my God, he can’t tell Steve” you turned to Peter in panic.

“Oh, no no no no, Cap is going to hate me if he finds out! And I just got him to like me” Peter started panicking and held his head in his hands.

“Okay, we need to stop Bucky” You jumped up from the couch and took his hand. “Let’s go” you pulled him up and started running. You didn’t have to run that far when you found Bucky talking with Steve. You let go of Peter’s hand and told him to stay so Steve wouldn’t see him.

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Pleasing Coach

This was supposed to be posted on Wednesday but some things came up and i forgot to do it. So there’s two stories today.


Somehow Jerimiah ended up with the daughter of a football coach. Normally that wouldn’t be too much of a problem but he hated football. And her dad seemed a little more than obsessed with the sport. All seven of his sons called him coach and each seemed to be almost perfect at some kind of sport. This also wouldn’t have been a problem if Jerimiah liked any kind of sport.

“I don’t think your dad likes me very much,” Jerimiah said pulling into the long driveway.

Brenda laughed, “don’t be like that. He’s tough on all the guys. It’s not personal.”

Most of the time, it felt personal. “Okay,” Jerimiah agreed. He didn’t want to cause any problems right before thanksgiving.

His wife noticed it didn’t really calm him down. “If after thanksgiving you still feel that way, I’ll make sure to give him a talk.”

Even if he appreciated the gesture he knew that wasn’t going to help any. Her dad was old fashioned and if his daughter had to fight Jerimiah’s battles it really didn’t look good on Jerimiah. “Thanks but it’ll be ok. I’m probably just imagining it.” He knocked on the door and almost instantly his father in law answered.

“Welcome. Welcome,” he catered his broad smile. “Food goes in the kitchen sweaty.” Brenda kissed her dad on the cheek and headed toward the kitchen. Her dad reached out his hand to shake, “So what have you been up to big man?” The question was so condescending. Jerimiah was about half the size of even his smallest son.

“Still looking for a job…” he said a bit uncomfortably. There was no way his son in law could support his daughter if he didn’t have a job. It just added to the list of reasons not to like him. “I’ve got a few interviews this next week. Some of them look pretty good. Maybe one day I’ll be as rich as you Ralph.”

“Coach,” he corrected. “You’re part of the family you can call me coach.”

“Right… Coach…” It was hard for Jerimiah to say. He’d never called anyone coach before. His nerves kicked in as he tried to follow his wife to the kitchen.

“Where do you think you’re going,” Coach asked. “Girls get the kitchen while the guys prepare for the football game.”

“But I don’t like football,” Jerimiah interjected.

Coach winced at the comment. Behind his smile there was clear disdain for Jerimiah. The small twerp couldn’t even catch a football let alone be tackled. Coach kept his cool. “That’s ok. It’s just a fun little game anyway.” He struggled as he called it a fun little game.

“Coach?” Jerimiah was concerned as his father in law’s face went red.

“Come with me,” it was a stern command. Jerimiah did as he was told and followed the older man to the study. He poured himself a bit of scotch and offered it to Jerimiah as well. “I’m not sure what my daughter saw in you but you’re family now. You’ll have to start to be part of it.”

Jerimiah forced the drink down his throat. He knew if he couldn’t even get a glass of scotch down there was no hope for him to be accepted into the family. “Of course sir. Didn’t see it any other way.”

“Perfect,” Coach smiled. “I’m glad you see things my way. Then you’ll join one of my teams and start on Monday.”

Jerimiah was about to stop him but didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to work for his father in law’s company. It was a hard job full of manual labor. He wasn’t built for lifting heavy bricks around. There was no way he’d be good for the job at all. Sure it’d be a nice paycheck but he went to college for a reason. However thinking about his degree he couldn’t quite remember what it was. Jerimiah’s face went blank as he tried to say something. He realized he couldn’t speak.

Coach smiled down at him as he leaned against his desk. “Don’t worry about not fitting in. That’ll change pretty soon.” Jerimiah’s body felt different. He wasn’t sure what it was but there was definitely something different. His body started to feel oddly warm. There was strange feeling coming over him. He looked up at coach differently. Sure he always respected the man but this felt different. Almost like adoration.

“Coach?” Jerimiah was starting to get scared. He was looking for some kind of comfort from the older man in front of him.

“Don’t think too hard. It’ll be all over soon and no one will think any different.” As coach said it Jerimiah could already feel something else changing. His whole body was starting to swell. The thin arms he’d never worked out pushed into the sleeves of his sweater. His entire torso was straining against the shirt. Bigger and bigger his muscles grew. The woven wool tried to contain his massive size but couldn’t. Finally tearing to shreds in the chair behind him.

“Coach?” his voice squeaked still looking towards his father in law.

“See I just don’t get why she would have chosen you. You’re skinny, not very interesting, and you don’t have a job. How are you supposed to support her at all?” Coach started pacing around while Jerimiah tried to squirm in his chair. He could feel the transformation moving down to his legs. They bulged against his khaki pants. He could feel the thick legs pressing up against his legs. Legs built for lifting and carrying heavy things. Loud rips filled the room as his pants were torn asunder.

“Coach?” his voice may have been deeper but he was still looking for Coach’s approval. He couldn’t remember why coach was so mad at him. He’d been working out really hard to try to impress him. Why was he so mad?

“Oh my GOD! And you’re that small? For Christ’s sake. Take this as a fucking favor,” Coach couldn’t believe the two hard inches pointed directly at him. But it was growing. Jerimiah could feel it getting longer and fuller. His body was starting to writhe at the sexual pleasure he could feel from a constant unseen pulling. Each pull he could feel it getting a little longer and wider. “Much better,” Coach complimented.

At the statement Jerimiah leaned back in his chair as come blasted out of his dick. Each shot felt better than anything he’d felt before. It was more than he ever expected. His vision finally came back. “Thanks coach,” he grinned. Then realized the mess he’d just made. “Oh God. I’m sorry. I’ll start cleaning up…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Coach laughed. He wrapped his arm around the man, “Just a little mistake. Let’s get you cleaned up and then we’ll go have lunch and play a little football.” Jerimiah’s cock jumped at the idea of playing football. “Then we’ll talk about the job on Monday.”

“Yes sir,” Jerimiah said excitedly.

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TD is the OC I mentioned in this post:


I forgot to mention that he’s a dad. [Also don’t worry, his wife will have a proper name eventually, I just haven’t decided between two names yet, as does TD, though it’s a pain to spell so for now he’s just TD.] Usually, TD looks more imposing, but he’s a giant goof who loves his family and wears a lot of crop tops, so this is just another side of the same coin really.

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Hi! I just wanted to say I really really enjoy your writing :DD . It always makes me happy seeing it on my tumblr feed ;3 . (and the nsfw always makes me blush like crazy and I have to hide my face :P ) I saw that you made an animal crossing post which was hella cute ;3 . I was wondering if you would be willing to share your friend code? Sorry if this seems out of place x.x I'm usually super shy about this kind of stuff @~@

Omg you are sweeter than marshmallow fluff and I’m happy my writing has a positive effect on you! including my wild card nsfw I was actually going to post my friend code yesterday, but I completely forgot. ;A; But don’t worry, you’re fine! I should thank you for reminding me lmao. So thank you! <3 And here it is:

I’ll also type it out so it’s easier to copy: 2667 2375 032

witness me as i fail to choose a consistent hairstyle and color

i really want to redraw that set and fix it removing native american similarities or connexions (basically make it not racist)

but i wonder if its ok cause its not really my ground, i just like werewolves and id like to ask first

1edit: i forgot to say, id love to go for a “princess mononoke” kind of look haha


“It doesn’t get any better than this.” And for you, I’m afraid, that’s literally true. You’re a nice kid, and you’re obviously very smart, but you don’t belong here. So, as long as you’re part of my team, this is all you’re ever going to be doing… suction.

can we just talk about Sebastian Stan....

just for a moment…

how he plays with his lips when thinking of answers for interviews…

or licks his lips….

or bites them for fuck sakes….

his adorable laugh, the one when he laughs with his whole body…

and if he throws in a lip lick at the same time because he’s trying to kill us all…

the fact that he geeks out at fans geeking out at him…

his Loreal moment on the set of civil war…

when he had a photoshoot with a giant stuff wolf ball and was totally into it…

the time he got really into the game before it even began on Fallon….

and then got so into it that he accidentally drank the beer and decided to spit it back in the cup….

which Jimmy had to drink and he was kind of apologetic about….

at least he hugged Jimmy afterwards….

and then there’s his friendship with Chris Evans… 

the two dorks….

and his friendship with Anthony Mackie…

I could watch them snark back and forth for hours…

and then you get the three of them together and it’s just magic….

love it!

and in case you forgot there’s this body under those close….

and he knows it!

I drew myself as a D&D character a while ago and forgot to post it to tumblr, WHUPS, but they’re a Tiefling Warlock who has a pact with some kind of otherworldy alien being. Also they hang around in pubs and look glam and bully people for having poor taste in fashion because they’re trash!!!

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I’d Love to Change the World (My Hero Academia AMV) (Hero Killer Arc)

Finally finished my first full MHA AMV! I hope you guys like it, I know some of you were hoping I would finish it after posting little clips on here. Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen up to s2e17 “Climax.”  Song link is here. Watch it on YouTube for HD (i made a second channel for this kind of stuff finally!):

also, i forgot that since it’s a brand new channel I can’t do custom thumbnails, but by the time I remembered that, I already made a thumbnail haha. so the thumbnail I wanted to have is under the cut haha

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