i kind of fell back into some old habits i was trying to avoid before

Did this with number 1 from those post break up prompts I reblogged a few days back! 

Character A is on their way to sell the engagement ring they once bough for Character B (but the never got to propose) when they run into Character B again.

Wolfstar of course :)

Sirius wished the universe had at least had the decency to make it a cloudy, dreary, possibly miserable but that might be taking it a bit far, day. If this was what it had led him too, it was the least it could do, really.

He stared at the blue sky through the small front window of James and Lily’s flat, then back down at the small, velvet box in his hand. His thumb was poised to open it, nail in the soft crease between the top and bottom… and he couldn’t.  He couldn’t. If he saw it again he’d never get rid of it. And it was of no use to him. Not anymore. He’d spent enough hours staring at it, the gold rim, the small inside engraving. It had promised him everything and, now that everything had been lost, it was just a heart breaking reminder. It was worthless. He knew this. But he couldn’t see it. He couldn’t see it sitting there, cold in the box still. It should be with him. A sudden image of Remus kissing him, palms to his cheeks, and feeling the cool pressure of the ring on his left flooded through his mind. He pushed it away with difficulty.

He shoved the box into his pocket, grabbing a jumper from the back of the couch and pulling it roughly over his head while calling to James.

“Going out!”

“Okay!” A beat, and then, “Actually, wait, wait!”

Sirius turned from the direction of the door as James appeared in the kitchen doorway, tea in hand. His other rubbed the back of his neck.

“Are you, um…” He coughed, eyes flicking down to Sirius’ hands, searching, “Are you going…”

“Yeah.” Sirius said too quickly. He cleared his throat, “Yeah, and?”

James shook his head a little, shrugging and bringing his tea to his lips, “Nothing. Nothing, alright. Right…”

He shuffled his feet a little and Sirius rolled his eyes, “I’m fine,” He definitely wasn’t fine, “I’ll be back in a bit, yeah?”

James didn’t look any more at ease but he nodded, “Yeah.”

The day felt just as nice as it looked and Sirius scowled at the sun, defiantly putting his hood up and his head down.

The feeling of the box knocking against his thigh with every step was excruciating, a constant reminder of what he was about to do.

It should be with him.

His feet felt heavier with every step, every bump, and he found himself staring at the lump in his pocket. He clenched his fists tighter and tighter at his sides until his nails felt like pin pricks and the box felt like a scorching iron across his skin.

“Fucking hell-“ He dug it out of his pocket roughly, just as he collided with something— someone. Sirius’ head knocked right into a rather bony shoulder making his swear again, only to have the word mix with another curse.

“Shit, sorry, didn’t see.. you.. oh.”

Sirius’ heart started thrumming painfully in his chest. Remus straightened up in front of him.

Sirius went straight back to cursing the universe. Not now. God, please not today.

Sirius just stood there, unable to open his mouth. Remus looked… thin. His hair fell in messy curls over his forehead, as apposed to the usual neat swoop to the side. Really, Sirius couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. They were rimmed with soft purple, and as golden as ever. He thought he might drop to his knees, right there in the middle of the sidewalk, under the weight of the sheer longing that was coating his heart.

Remus opened and closed his mouth a few times before, “It’s a bit hot for a hood.”

Sirius blinked because what? “Wh- What?”

Remus’ cheeks flushed, “I- I don’t know why I said that. But- I- don’t you think?”

Sirius stared a moment more, then slowly raised his hand, swiping his hood from his head, “Right. The sun was just feeling a bit too…” He shook his head, still caught too off guard by how—normal—this conversation sounded.

Remus just nodded distractedly, eyes suddenly not on Sirius’, but trained on Sirius’ hand that was still resting on Sirius’ shoulder from removing his hood. He looked uneasy, panicked even.

Sirius watched as he swallowed thickly, voice coming out horse, “Meeting someone?”

Sirius knit his brows, cocking his head slightly at the sudden question, and the look crossing Remus’ face. How could I be meeting someone when that look is out there somewhere needing someone to kiss it away?

“No. ‘m not, why?”

When Remus’ eyes didn’t move to his, Sirius followed his gaze. His stomach dropped at what he found on the other end. The small, velvet box was still grasped in his hand. In plain sight.

“I- Oh. Fuck, no-” He realized what this must look like to Remus and it only made his heart tighten further. The mere thought that Remus could have it in his head that Sirius would ever, ever be with anyone else right now drove a knife in and twisted it, “No, Re- Remus,” Sirius corrected himself quickly at the way Remus winced.

“It’s fine.” Remus mumbled, “I- I don’t know why I asked. I guess I just…” He trailed off, “Dunno.”

Sirius’ mind whirled, desperately trying to find some lie to tell. He definitely wasn’t about to give Remus the truth, not with the way he wouldn’t even look at him.

“I- This is- I mean, I bought this for— these.” He corrected himself as a thought formed in his head, “I’m going to sell. This is- these are… cuff links. For James’ birthday. He- He didn’t like them.”

Remus’s eyes, which had still been fixed on the box, found Sirius’, “Oh.”

Sirius, gripped the box tightly in his palms, thumb, out of habit, wedging the opening but unwilling to follow through, “Y-Yeah.”

Remus’s expression suddenly changed. His eyes shifted from glazed over, and seemed to fill with a flicker of… something.

“Sirius…” Remus took a step forward.

Sirius’ eyes nearly closed at the way Remus said his name. Like he used to.

“Yeah…” Sirius breathed.

Remus’ eyes flit over his face as he stares down at him, “James’ birthday is in March.”

“I..” Fuck. “Yeah. It is.”

“It’s July.”

Sirius closed his eyes, taking in the close proximity of Remus’ presence and being silently furious with himself at the same time, “Yeah.” He sighed, defeated, “It is.”

Remus’ voice came out soft, “Can I see?”

Sirius’ eyes flashed back to the pools of bronze, panicked, “They’re really not much. Pretty plain. I mean-“ You never saw it. You didn’t want it. “They aren’t- It doesn’t really matter. He didn’t want them.”

Remus cocked his head, “How do you know?”

“Because he kind left before I could give them to y- him.” Sirius sighed, feeling heat bubble in his chest. He wasn’t sure what emotion it was, there were too many flowing through him.

Remus’ brow furrowed, “Well if you had stopped him maybe you could have found out. Let me see.”

Sirius flushed. They definitely weren’t talking about James anymore. “How was I suppose to know he wanted to be stopped?”

“Of course I wanted to be stopped!”

The silence that followed left what little space there was between them now heavy with Remus’ words. They were both breathing hard. Remus’ hand had somehow made its way over Sirius’ on the box. Sirius was burning at the touch.

Remus closed his eyes, letting a breath out through his nose, “Of course I wanted to be stopped.” He repeated.

Sirius stared at him, the crease between his eyebrows, the frown on his mouth, the tightness of his jaw. He swallowed hard, voice coming out shaky, “You can’t expect me to know that, that’s- that isn’t fair. You were so.. You were so angry with me, I thought-”

Remus opened his eyes, fixing them on the ground. The sun cast eyelash shadows on his cheeks. He looked more tired and thin than he had when they started. He shook his head, “No, it isn’t fair.”

Sirius’ heart tugged when Remus let his hand slip away.

Remus still wouldn’t look at him, “‘m sorry, I… I don’t know.”

He turned, carefully avoiding brushing against Sirius again, and started to walk away. Sirius reeled at the loss of contact, the sudden empty space in front of him. He was thrown back in time, standing in their old flat. He was staring into Remus’ tear stricken face one moment and was hearing the door slam the next. There was a velvet box in his pocket and he was very, very alone.

Not again. He decided. Not again.


Sirius turned at the same time Remus did, eyes meeting. He was sure his looked wild. Remus’ looked just as untamed. He tried to slow his breathing, fingers tightening around the box.

He took a step forward.

“It isn’t cufflinks.”

Remus let out a breath, “No?”

“No.” He took another step, slowly closing the distance between them, “It’s-“ His eyes flitted over Remus’ face, hating ever worry marked there, every frown, each tired rim around his eyes, “God. It’s what I should have stopped you with.”

“You couldn’t have known-“

“I should have known.” He took the final step, thumb finally flicking the box open, “I should have let you know how much I…” He didn’t look down at the ring. Instead, he watched Remus’ eyes widen, he watched his lips part. He watched what he had wished he had watched for months. What he could watch for years. Remus’ eyes went back to his and they were glassy. He looked so tired. Sirius needed to fix it.

“Re..” Remus’ brows knit, eyes shutting at the nickname. He let out a soft noise when he felt Sirius’ hand on his cheek, holding him together.

“Re, I should’ve know. I- I know now, okay?” He ducked his head a little, desperately needed Remus to look at him, “Please, Re-“

But Remus was kissing him, hands on Sirius’ cheeks, a few tears on his own. And Sirius was melting, nearly dropping the box, the ring, as his arms made their way around Remus’ waist.

He closed the box as he kissed Remus. He had a lifetime to give him that ring. He needed this now, they needed this now. He slipped it into Remus’ back pocket, causing him to let out a watery laugh against his lips, and smiled as he wound his fingers in Remus’ hair, pulling their mouths back together.

And with Remus against him, laughing into his kiss, Sirius thought that maybe it wasn’t so bad the sun was out today after all.

a not at all complete list of Thing That Have Gone Wrong for aaron and robert when it comes to sex

blame @robertisbisexual & @lastgoldsun for half of this, honestly. anyways, the funny and awkward moments when it comes to sex are the best and are what we neglect as a fandom so i got u. 

  • robert is very defensive of his age, and he is not old, thank you very much. the back pain he had for two weeks after aaron suggested they try and new position was nothing to do with his age. absolutely nothing at all.
  • aaron starts a new habit of massaging robert’s back post sex, and its lead to robert making some very strange noises that make aaron laugh for days afterward (thank you @lastgoldsun!!)
  • aaron put a ban on shower sex for a month after robert slipped in the shower and nearly cracked his skull open on the glass door and had to go to a&e mid-morning (it was just a concussion.)
  • aaron got a little over enthusiastic running up the stairs one evening (post a few pints) and started unbuttoning his jeans before he even got to the top set, which resulted in him tripping over the denim and cutting his chin open on those stupid metal stairs robert had put in their house. 
  • robert was convinced he could hold aaron up so they could have sex against a wall once, but really overestimated his own strength and dropped aaron (who narrowly avoided splitting his head open on their chest of drawers.)
  • robert makes a really high pitched whining noise mid sex once, and aaron just loses it completely and it ruins the mood (thank u to @lastgoldsun for this one again!)
  • aaron decides to grow a proper beard, one winter, because he’s twenty six and those are the kind of things twenty six year olds think are good ideas, you know? robert doesn’t mind it too much at the start but realises very quickly that aaron has amped up the beard burn robert’s thighs have to suffer now by about 1000%, which leads to a very uncomfortable dinner at wishing well where robert is determined to not sit down, and aaron can’t stop laughing. every time aaron gets a compliment on the new longer beard that encourages him to keep it (lisa thinks the beard makes aaron look like a proper country lad, and aaron grins for about an hour) robert dies a little inside.
  • (the mountain man beard lasts another month before robert threatens to stop having sex with him.)
  • they decide to get a bit adventurous one evening (use ur imaginations) and it just…. doesn’t work on any level and they find the whole experience so absolutely hilarious they end up laughing for like a solid hour, and forget they were so turned on in the first place they barely made it up the stairs.
  • robert tells bad jokes in bed. this is just a fact. he likes seeing aaron laugh, and when robert tells a spectacularly bad joke, he does this cute thing where he scrunches his entire face up and just laughs with his whole body, and robert thinks its the greatest thing ever.
  • when aaron stops wearing hair gel, robert breathes a literal sigh of relief, because he’s spent two years ending up with sweat sticky hair gel all over his face and neck because of aaron’s obsession with having a gel helmet on at all times (thank u @lastgoldsun again!)
  • aaron fell out of bed once. they don’t really even remember how it happened, but it did and robert will never forget the shocked look on aaron’s face as he got up from their bedroom floor (it was hilarious)
  • robert won’t talk about the chocolate sauce incident anymore. but it did lead to them throwing out a very expensive set of john lewis bedsheets, and robert suspiciously wearing sunglasses for three days straight mid november.
Imagine Dean Finding Your Sketchbook...

Word Count: Around 2500

Warnings: None other than fluff :)

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

A/N: This one really ran away from me, it was supposed to be kind of short…but enjoy! Maybe this will appease y’all while I work on the new part of Through the Flames

***This fic is pretty thrown together, I just wanted to give you guys something since it takes me such a long ass time to update

Summary: The reader has a sketchbook full of drawings of Dean. After a hunt, to the reader’s horror and embarrassment, she finds Dean with his nose in her sketchbook.

There was never much privacy in your life with the Winchesters. Every time you turned around one of them was always right there. On most days, that wasn’t a bad thing- especially on hunts. You knew they’d always have your back, that you were never alone. It was comforting really, comforting on those days that you needed someone when everything seemed to go wrong. Sam always had kind words of advice and assurance and Dean wouldn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you. You couldn’t help but love the fact that they were always there.

You also couldn’t help but hate the fact that they were always there. You’d started to develop a kind of sixth sense whenever one of them was nearby, you could just feel them lurking. It was more of Dean than anything, Sam knew enough to let you be.

Dean loved to hover. You decided that this was because he was such a mother hen, but you eventually came to another conclusion. Dean Winchester was sometimes too curious for your liking. You figured that at some point he’d learn his lesson because, as you had pointed out to him more than once- curiosity killed the cat.

As annoying as it could be at times, he wasn’t hurting anyone when he would lean over your shoulder to see what you were watching on Sam’s laptop. The one time he had followed you to yoga class to see where you’d been disappearing to all week wasn’t even that big of a deal either. Despite the fact that he could have just asked you, you dropped it and let him go with nothing more than a whack with your yoga mat.

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The View From the Edge

Another delightful story for @caped-ace, this time for some Reaper76 from Overwatch! Enjoy these old men, proving that being edgelords doesn’t go out with age.

Cut is for length, not for content. 

Originally posted by etlabetes

It had taken nearly thirty minutes after the battle with Los Muertos for Soldier: 76 to finally collapse in the Dorado alleyway.

Clearly, he had known it was only a matter of time before he would succumb to the injuries he had sustained. That’s why he had concentrated on taking an aimless, twisting path through the Mexican city, avoiding major thoroughfares. Generally he kept moving south - which must have been where he had left whatever mode of transportation he had used to get there - but then, near an industrial scrapyard, his knees buckled. One arm against a building wall, the other clutching the heavy pulse rifle. Of course that would be important to him, but soon it fell with a clatter as he gripped his side, where he had taken the brunt of the grenade blast.

Idiot, Reaper thought. The child had foolishly put herself in danger, had lingered too long, and then the rogue had hesitated in deciding what to do about it, waiting for the last possible moment, losing the gang and just barely rescuing the girl. Sloppy. Careless.

After a moment, it had become too much, and Soldier: 76 sagged to the ground in an unconscious pile.

“Old habits die hard.”

And now that old habit was going to kill him. Ironic.

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#10 [Seth Rollins]

Requested, #10: “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is some straight up angst/drama.

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars @pjanina13

And the award for, the best lie goes to you. For making me believe, that you could be faithful to me….

Regret was not an emotion you were used to feeling, not truly anyways. You often thought ‘maybe I shouldn’t have done that’ or ‘I wish that hadn’t happened’, but chalked all things up to learning experiences.

Right now though, as you surveyed the backyard full of your coworkers, you regretted bringing yourself here.

At first, you had flat turned down the invitation to come to the house of Cesaro and Sonya, his long-term girlfriend and a close friend of yours. But Sonya had kept on. And on. She kept stating this was the perfect time for a backyard BBQ, as the weather was still spring-warm and not summer-sweltering. There was also mention of how you didn’t go out much anymore, to see anyone, and that you needed to stop that behavior.

You quickly located the reason you hadn’t wanted to come. He was stood further back in the yard, in a black t-shirt and gym shorts. His hair was pulled back in his typical messy bun, a stupid brimmed-hat askew on his head.

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Brave (Movie! Jake Portman x reader)

Anonymous said: Could you write an imagine where I got in a fight with a wight but I don’t want anyone to know so I cover up the busies and scratches but one day Emma notices and she, Jake, and Enoch all try to get me to tell the what happened but I cry and it’s really emotional because I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t handle it. (This is SO long sorry!!!)

Here you go! I hope you like it! x

Originally posted by xsecretsfrostx

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Double Standards (ch2 screw the after party)

olicity || ao3 || mature || light angst || 2389 || more fics

summary: Felicity is a young actress trying to be taken seriously in Hollywood. Oliver is her Oscar winning boyfriend. Everything is peachy keen for them… that is until their sex tape gets released
chapter word count: 1729
chapters: 2/4
a/n: there were a few requests for how they met…. so, here we go. 

chapter one: Leaked

“Great job out there.”

“Thanks,” Oliver smiled wide and shook the hand of yet another impressed colleague.

Following his Oscar win the previous year, he took home another Golden Globe for his most recent role in a dramatic film. It didn’t get as much fanfare as the first, but he wasn’t worried in the least. He was breaking into the more serious roles and it was only going to get better from there.

He picked up a glass of champagne and made his way through the party. His eyes fell on a young woman. She wore a gorgeous red dress with gold floral designs all the way up. Her hair pinned up, but still had a few loose curls that hung in her face. She was stunning to say the least. Felicity Smoak. He had never met her before that night, but she was the one that presented his award to him. She giggled nervously as she handed it to him. It was the sweetest thing.

“Ms. Smoak,” he said as he took a few steps closer.

“Oh, hello Mr. Queen,” she smiled up at him, “You can call me Felicity.”

She had this air of innocence to her. Definitely young and unjaded compared to his thirty years, a good ten of those being spent in Hollywood.

“Oliver,” he took her hand into his, “It’s a pleasure,” he kissed her hand gently.

He cranked up the charm to eleven as he lifted his hand and caught her gaze. Her eyes went wide and a blush filled her cheeks.

“Thank you,” she mumbled before taking a large gulp of her own champagne.

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#102 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one when the girl Van is with is like an super famous singer or something and they meet and start dating, but he feels a bit confused as to why she chose him, a guy in a rock band, when she is a massive a-lister with tonnes of fans. Like Van feels like she is so out of his league and he got so lucky, but she loves him back and they are both happy?” and “Van falling for another touring singer. Maybe they play the same festival and he falls for you while watching backstage etc.”

Note: If you like this, @you-andthebottlemen has written a story with a similar prompt. Click here!

You were tired and just wanted a fucking nap. It was not too much to ask for. You stalked through all the backstage areas and rolled your eyes at the fuss being made about the ‘rockstars’ on tour. Every time someone moved to come to you, you ducked out of their way. You found a tent that had yoga classes in it in the morning. You were worried if you went inside someone would ask if you wanted some culturally appropriated henna tattoos. You cautiously peaked in. There were a few people lying around on bean bags holding small and quiet conversation. Perfect. There were couches that you could stretch out on completely, but they were all occupied. Only one of the occupants wasn’t asleep. You walked over to him. He was in a white button up tucked into black jeans and boots. He was on his phone.

“Sorry. Hi,” you said. He looked up at you and his smile was instant. You smiled back, unable to do anything else. There was a good few seconds before you stopped grinning at each other like idiots.

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Here’s Johnny (8) - Final


So… This is it. This is the last chapter. Honestly, I never thought I was going to finish this shit but here I am… Finishing this shit. What profound words.

Anyway, enjoy! I’m really gonna miss this series :)

Length: 4,012 words

Warnings: Violence, mentions of death, language, panic.

Do you know that feeling you get when you first make friends with someone?

You feel reserved at first, before someone breaks the ice.  After that – after the first awkward exchanged words – the dam breaks and you exchange stories in a flood of excitement and laughter. Slowly you find out things about each other. What you like, your past, your habits, what you hate… all of this is a honeymoon phase.

Then, eventually following, come the days after this so-called honeymoon phase.

You find out things about them that irk you, and you have to decide if you can pardon that or not. If you can pardon their flaws, and they can pardon yours, than a true, healthy friendship is born. A relationship that will last years, upon years, upon years. Yet, if you can’t ignore their flaws, bitterness is born. Your conversations become tainted with a sour flavor. Your words start leaving a stale taste on your tongue, and their words leaving your ears stinging like rug burn.

It was not like this with Johnny. It wasn’t like this at all. The two of you had no honeymoon phase; you were just thrown into each other’s lives by pure coincidence.  The brunette didn’t know he would become so entangled, and you could’ve never predicted risking your neck for the man now left without a label.

At the same time though, not much has happened in the week you’ve been away from your apartment. No… conversations, or at least important ones. It’s been filler. Small, insignificant things that felt more tense and strained than everything else. Something was in the works, but neither of you knew what.

You thought through all of this as you laid down flat against an old, faded children’s bed in the middle of an abandoned houses second floor. It was soft, clearly worn by love and use. The four walls surrounding you were a light shade of pink, dappled with pastel flowers in the whole range of the rainbow. It was quite cute, actually. It wasn’t too far off from what you liked as a child.

In the house, Johnny was nowhere to be seen, having left roughly an hour back to scout the area. At this point, you knew he wouldn’t do anything to screw you over. If one of you fell, the other one did too. Invisible chains linked you two together and you couldn’t find the desire in you to find your way out of them, preferring to stay right by his side. It was best, for the both of you and everyone else, that way.

You closed you mouth and filled it with air, puffing up your cheeks like fish. When the pressure became too much for your lips to contain, you let all the air rush out in one smooth go. Your breath didn’t fog, but it might as well have due to the lowering temperatures. Night was due, coming in two hours at most. You cursed yourself (and Johnny) for not stopping by your apartment and taking the necessities. Water bottles, canned food, flashlights, phone and charger (electricity still ran through certain areas), that kind of stuff.

The front door down the stairs creaked, the disturbance causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.

It might not be Johnny, you thought, remembering what he had told you earlier.

“The lock is busted,” you quoted, “Don’t come out unless I say it’s me.”

You heard a floorboard squeak downstairs.


You swung your feet off the bed, taking care not to make any sound as you let them connect with the soft, carpeted floor. The ground was supple and forgiving, effectively muffling your footsteps as you pushed yourself of the bed and made your way to the closet. You cursed, hangers littering the floor of the small space.

They might make some noise, you thought as you attempted to brush them away with your foot. You heard another floorboard croak, this time almost at the top of the stairs.

Johnny, where are you?

You shoved the rest of yourself into the closet, only partially closing the door due to no inside handle. There was no way to close it completely, leaving a small gap about the width of a finger. You crouched down, hoping to avoid a high line of sight. The footsteps were right outside of the room now, and your heart was beating fast. The vital organ felt like a race horse just out of the gate, franticly trying to pull itself forward. It was like it was trying to jump straight out of your chest and onto the floor in a bloody mess.

You tried to control your breathing, slowly taking in air through your open mouth, jaw lax. Slow and steady, slow and steady…

The door to the room opened, creaking on its hinges, and the intruder entered. Honestly, you were tempted to call out Johnny’s name. There’s a good chance his habit of sneaking and remaining quiet had taken hold of him, making him forget to announce his presence.

This thought, however, was gone as soon as the heavy, black boots of the intruder strode on in. He was facing the opposite direction from where you were hiding, but you didn’t need to see his face to know he wasn’t the one you had abandoned city with just days ago.

They were tall, possibly even more than Johnny, with messy dark hair on top of their head. Their profile raised the hairs on your arm, although you didn’t know why until they turned around. A slightly upturned nose, skin that contrasted greatly with his dark hair, a long torso…


Your eyes widened, spread open in terror as a smile rose on his face. A glint was in his eyes and it was just like the one he had when he dripped that horrible liquid into your stirring blood.

“Y/N,” He said, approaching the closet with his hands snug in his pockets, “You thought you were free, didn’t you?”

He crouched, just inches from the small gap, body blocking a portion of natural light from entering the closed space. A hand laid itself on the edge of the doors frame, clenching the wood lightly between his hands, “Too bad you’re not.”

You gulped, quivering like a leaf. He was but a breath away, cold air caressing your cheek like death’s kiss. His dark, dark eyes bored into your own and read every secret they had ever learned, “You’re not real. You’re dead. Johnny killed you.”

He smiled, pushing the door open with a sly smirk, his focus on you remaining unwavering and cruel. He reached a pale hand forward, resting it on your knee. You shivered with fear, but could not pull your gaze away from his for fear that he would take advantage of a moment of unawareness.

His thumb started to move, rubbing at the under section of your knee where the soft part was. It was the same spot the doctor hit to test your reflexes, making you feel the urge kick. You would have, if you weren’t so convinced he was about to kill you.

“I’ll let you in on a secret, love,” he stopped rubbing your knee and tightened his grip to the point of black and blue bruising, “You can’t kill me.”

His brown eyes darkened to a charcoal, grabbing you behind the knee and pulling you forward with an aggressive tug. You screamed, kicking out at him as he dragged you by the leg across the carpet, burning your skin through friction.

“Let me go, let me go, let me go…!” a choked sob left your lips as you clawed at the floor, trying to get a grip on anything, anything at all, “Johnny!”

“Johnny can’t help you. Johnny is the reason you’re dying. He will kill you! He’s no different than I!” Jaehyun leaned down and grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you up off the ground in a mess of limbs and tears before he threw you on the bed, pinning you down with a grip on your wrists and legs. He pinned you with his knees, using his greater than average height to his advantage.

“You’re lying, Jaehyun!” You cried out, thrashing and clawing at his wrists, “You’re a fucking liar!”

“Do you want to know why, Y/N? Do you want to know why you can’t kill me?”

“Get off of me!”

He ignored your screams, “You can’t kill me because I’m him and he’s me. We’re the same. You think you’re okay because he fell for your pretty face, that him giving you a little kiss makes him tame?”

“Get off me, you cunt!”

“Language, you little whore.” He bit out, spitting on your face, “You can make a beast sleep, but it won’t be long till it wakes. You’re worst fear will come to life and he’ll eat you alive, limb from limb. Nothing will be left of you for your mother and father to see. Oh, wait! That’s right! They’re dead.”

The feeling in your chest was worse than a bullet to the heart, “Don’t speak of my parents like that.”

“It’s your own fear talking, sweetheart.” He sighed, pulling a knife out of his back pocket. It was the same knife he had used to cut you, and the same knife he was killed with, “You’re afraid of losing him too, and you’re afraid it won’t come with death.”

He hummed, using the backside of the knife to wipe away your flood of tears. It did little to help, only resulting in smearing the salty water across your cheeks. He smiled, licking the knife, “I always knew you’d taste nice.” He continued with the torture, kissing under your eyes as the tears kept coming, ignoring the quivering of your diaphragm and the raspy, ugly chokes escaping you in hiccups.

“Stop, Jaehyun, please.” You choked out, shaking as he drew the knife again and pressed it right where he had cut seven days ago, “Just stop.”

“Stop yourself first,” he whispered while pulling away, sitting back on his hips. He reached down with a single hand, forcing you to open your eyes and see. What you saw was not him, it was someone far worse.


He smiled, tilting his head in a way you normally thought cute. This time, though, it was terrifying. He parted his familiar red lips and spoke, “Wake up, darling,” He drew the knife back into the air, “Wake up.”

The silver plunged into your stomach, cutting deeper than anyone ever has.





You let your eyes close, and let the pain fade away. You let yourself fade away.


I’m hearing him, now. I’ve really lost it.


You felt a hand on your shoulder and a head on your chest. It felt warm. Feeling was returning like a trickle, and you could feel your cold hands moving inch by inch away from your clammy sides. Soft hair tickled your neck, a face buried in the crook of it.

A sniffle, “Wake up, you fucking bitch… Why the fuck are you… I swear…”

You recognized that voice and opened your eyes. On your chest, his head and shoulders were laying. His brown hair was tossed about in a complete mess, ruffled against your clothing. Johnny was kneeling to the side of the bed, clutching the fabric on your shoulders like he was trying to keep you from flying off. You noticed how dark it was; it probably in the middle of the night.

So that… was all a nightmare?

“Johnny?” You rasped out, trying to sit up. He lifted his head, eyebrows raised in shock before falling in a sigh of relief.

He sat back on his heels, “You’re awake.”

You nodded, laughing at yourself. Tears that had stuck to your skin slipped down your cheeks, dripping off your chin, “I’m so glad that wasn’t real.”

Johnny furrowed his brow, “What… what happened?”

Should I tell him?

He got up and sat on the edge of the bed, gripping your hand softly.

No, you thought, I shouldn’t.

“You were yelling in your sleep, almost screaming… I heard you a few houses over when I was scavenging. You yelled…” he bit his lips, “You were yelling his name. Jaehyun’s. Then you… you yelled mine as well.”

He played with your fingers and turned away, breathing in deep. His hands were steady, and it felt grounding, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah…” you muttered out, fighting back the urge to shiver. You had fallen asleep on top of the sheets, rather than under them. No wonder why my dream felt so real, “I’m okay.”

“No you’re not,” he moaned, dropping his head to the sheets. He had folded his long legs up Indian style, flopping completely over himself like a dog, “You shook your head when you said ‘I’m okay,’ its basic psych.”

“Shut up,” you scoffed, wiping the last traces of tears away with your sleeve, “Stop being a smart ass.”

He hummed, sitting back up with a groan. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but closed it right after as if rethinking his words. Once a few minutes of consideration passed, he parted his lips, ready to voice his thoughts.

Warm brown eyes draped a world over your own, “I think I need to tell you about my past.”

You raised your eyebrow, “Really?”

“Yes, really.” He sighed, “And get under the covers. You’re fucking freezing.”

That brought a grin to your face, but it was soon wiped away as dream-Jaehyun’s words returned to you. You can make a beast sleep, but it won’t be long till it wakes.

You ignored your creepy, dark thoughts, “No problem. I feel like I could make the air condensate at this point.”

Johnny laughed at that.

“Anyway,” Johnny started, “It’s a long story. A really, really long story.”

“I’m not going back to sleep anytime soon, so tell away.”

“Good to know, you insomniac,” he grumbled (good-naturedly) before returning to his train of thought, “It started when I was really young. My mom left my dad and I when I was just three, and she didn’t exactly take care of me in the time I was really little. The whole wasn’t held as a child, neglected baby shebang. That’s probably why I was so…” he looked down at his hands, “Well, me.”

“I didn’t develop proper social skills, I was quiet, I thought everyone was out to get me. I was purely convinced that if someone said they loved me, then they were lying. I believed such a feeling didn’t exist. I was so apathetic. So fucking convinced that if I let people in, I would be betrayed, just like my mother did to me when I was young. My father left too, eventually, when I was 18. It was just another drop in the bucket, at that point.”

“When he left, and I was all alone… I dropped out of college, giving up my academic scholarship to some other asshole. I worked for random places, working odd jobs, never staying in one place for too long. The most memorable one was a theater company. It was where- that was where I met Jaehyun for the first time.”

Wow, you thought, what a fitting occupation for the crazy bastard.

“I thought he was insane – I mean he is insane – but I thought he was admirably insane. A new breed of brilliance. He was a lead actor and he sang beautifully. I don’t even like musicals but I enjoyed watching from behind the curtains, just the boy who rolled the curtains on and off. Insignificant, forgettable… But he saw me, tucked in the corner like some anti-social rat.”

“What wonderful luck,” you droned sarcastically, messing with the thin linens.

“What wonderful luck, indeed.” He chuckled, but it had bitterness to it, understandably, “He fucking ruined my already shitty life.”

“I can imagine.”

“You won’t have to,” Johnny ran a hand through his hair, “He approached me after our last showing of Sweeney Todd, asking me if I wanted to go with the crew to celebrate in some rundown bar. I said yes, of course, not wanting to seem like a dick head, and so off we went.”

“At first, he seemed fine. A little bit eccentric, but he’s an actor, so I don’t know what I expected. Talked, bitched about how hot the stage was, mic setup, basically all that shit everyone in this business complains about but never bothers to fix. Eventually, play after play, we got closer,” Johnny gulped, gasping on his breath a little, “Regrettably close.”


“Do you want to-” You started, biting your lower lip, “It’s okay to tell me only what you want.”

“No!” He caught you off guard with the sudden yell, “No… If I don’t tell you every bit of this, I’ll feel like I’m lying.”

You sighed, kicking up the end of the sheets. He gladly pulled some over his lap, letting his large hands rest on top, “Alright.”

“Okay…” He drew, trying to think of where he left off, “Oh, yeah. After we started… you know… he became different. He seemed shaken one night, but he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong.”

Johnny paused, “I think that was the first night he killed someone.”

You hummed, rubbing his leg soothingly with a foot. His face looked like the skin was laced with steel, hardened as he recalled the memories, “I had no idea. I had no idea what he was about to drag me – us – into.”

“He stopped attending theater practice, he didn’t come around as often, no one but me saw him…” Johnny sighed, “Needless to say, he lost his job, not like he cared though. The old Jaehyun I knew was gone, replaced with one who wouldn’t tell me where he went at night, wouldn’t tell me why he never ate with me… I was afraid I was going to be left in the dark again.”

“So… I approached him one day. I confronted him about all his odd behavior. Looking back, this is probably my biggest mistake. I could’ve let him go and continued being bitter but at least I would still have clean hands, but no… I asked where he was going at night, and he invited me to join.”

“Is this where the Order comes in?”

He nodded, “Yeah, it is.”


Johnny laughed, “Fuck is right. Jaehyun took me to this brick building in the rich western southern district of the city, which obviously made me really fucking confused. What the hell were we – a couple of college-age dumbasses – doing inside a clearly high class structure? It felt too clean, like I was a rat running their pretty white floors.”

“A man, probably in his forties, led us to a back staircase. It was white like everywhere else, except when you got to the bottom… Something was clearly off. There was equipment laying on tables, stuff like knives and saws, biohazard waste bins, a shit ton of disposable plastic, face masks… Similar to the ones you’d wear in a hospital.”

“When we passed through that section, it opened up to a room of men and a few women. I recognized one man as a member of the cities counsel, and some woman who I assumed to be his wife. There were probably more important people there as well, but I didn’t know them at the time. They were drinking a liquid out of fancy glasses, and Jaehyun had giving me one. It was blood.”

“They locked me to the chair, asking Jaehyun all these questions about my background and history. He knew more about me than I knew about myself, it was so analytical. Eventually they turned their attention away from him to me, and began pressing me. I was scared, unable to get the taste of blood out of my mouth when they told me why I was there.”

“They told me to ‘Join or die,’ essentially. They said that I had to ‘contribute,’ that I couldn’t leave once I knew about what was happening. They kill people, Y/N, and disguise it with political power. They indoctrinate messed up people like me to get rid of who they deem worthless, street pollution, the sort that people ignore on cold winter nights. The police were in on it too, they were payed to ignore it. Not fully, though.”

“Not fully?”

“Yeah,” Johnny sighed, “If you’re caught you get put on death row just like any other murderer. It’s a cycle of kill, eat, avoid. Monthly you had to bring in a body, or at least some part of it. Jaehyun was a favorite of theirs, mostly due to his ability to act. He never failed to present, so they were excited when he brought me in. The Officials, the ones who ran this, immediately held me to high standards.”

“They pay on a kill by kill basis, which explains why Jaehyun quit theater. He’d found a new place to exercise his love for acting, and get paid handsomely for it. It was in this for about a year and a half before I got injured that one night in the alley. I’d separated myself from Jaehyun months ago, letting myself slip into a day job with a sick occasional night job. It was pure coincidence that the apartment I went to – your’s - had Jaehyun as a neighbor.”

“Oh,” you muttered, “That’s really…”

“Yeah,” He laid down, “And you know the rest.”


“All this made me have an overly aware sense of mortality, too.” Johnny sighed laying down across the sheets, scooting up to where you were, “I’ve been too close to death for too long.”

You nodded, scooting back into his chest. You had another question, one last thing you wanted to know…



“How many people have you killed?”

He went silent, breathing in deep. He began to mess with your fingers, “20, I think. 21, if you count Jaehyun.”

“Ah,” you whispered, turning over so you were facing him. His warm brown eyes looked lighter, even if the lighting was dim, “Make that 22.”

“Excuse me?”

“When you killed Jaehyun…” You started, sighing, “You killed the old you, too. Make it 22.”

Johnny laughed, brushing your hair behind your ear, “That makes no fucking sense.”

“You make no sense. It’s perfect,” you reached your hand up between the sheets and flicked his nose, resulting in him scoffing and jokingly biting at your finger, “If you think about it, he was the one who forced you into that. Jaehyun wasn’t a good guy, and he pushed it on to you. You’ve simply shed that skin. You’re you now.”

“Fair enough,” he sighed rolling on top of you. You wheezed, trying to push him off. He situated himself on top of you, pecking your face all over, “Make it 22, huh?”

You whined as he pecked you lips, pressing into them a bit more in order to open them up. He chuckled against your displeased groans, ignoring your complaints about ‘how heavy he fucking is.’ Eventually he pulled away, letting you breathe.

“Alright, alright…” He got up off you. You watched as he approached the window, yanking the water swollen wood up till it was completely open. He reached into his back pocket, pulling out the switchblade that he’d stolen of Jaehyun.

“What are you doing?” You asked sitting up in bed, the sheets falling from your shoulders.

Johnny sighed and ignored your question, looking down at the knife. It reflected a small portion of moonlight, tossing a sliver glow across the room. The glow shifted as he examined the blade, before finally disappearing when he reached his arm out the window and threw it to the marsh, the mud gripping it and pulling it down to its final resting place, never to be used again. He returned to the bed, lying down beside you.

“I made it 22.”

So…that’s the end. I know a lot of people were expecting smut but it just didn’t feel right, so I chose to not include it. This was very hard to end, as well, mostly due to the oddness of this and the lack of forethought. I all honesty, this is a complete rough draft. I might go back and edit it one day/add in stuff but if I do its going to be a while from now.

Thanks to all the reader who read this hot mess all the way through :) It means a lot to me, really. I’m amazed got more this many readers, I never had thought it was possible. Thanks to all those who liked and reblogged, to those who gave me early on feedback. All feedback, really. Without that I would have stopped before I really even started.

I’ll stop crying now :,)

Thanks :)

Creepypasta #259: The Joys of Cat-ownership

I love cats. They’re so fuzzy and mischievous…totally adorable.

Well, not always adorable. Sometimes they’re destructive, annoying, and loud. Especially at night.

Any cat owner can tell you what it feels like to wake in the middle of the night to the sound of your beloved pet racing from one end of the house to the other and back at top speed, or to jump out of bed at the sound of a crash, certain you’re being robbed, to find your cat looking innocently up at you from a pile of pieces that probably used to be one of your most expensive possessions.

All cats are experts at demanding your attention, whether they’re jumping on your laptop while you’re writing that email or pawing at your face first thing in the morning to wake you. What they do in the night is likely just another method for making sure they keep your attention.

My cat especially is an innovator in this field. She’s a young tabby, just under a year old by the vet’s estimate. My boyfriend and I adopted her six months ago from a rescue run out of an older couple’s home. She’s always been an attention grabber with a sweet-and-sour attitude; she’ll hop right into my lap, knocking whatever I’m working on out of my hands, but she won’t let me pet her. She’ll nip at my hands if I try. Her bids for attention have changed a bit in the few months we’ve had her. She used to meow loudly for food any time I was in the kitchen, and try to paw her way into the cabinet where her food is stored. Now I only have to worry if I accidentally leave it open or leave the bag of dry food out on the kitchen floor, because she doesn’t hesitate to shred it up with her claws trying to get to the food.

Recently, however, she’s been acting really strangely. There’s a sound she makes when she sees birds and squirrels through the window, kind of like a barking/chirping noise. Apparently this is a normal part of the feline hunting routine. What’s strange is that lately she’s started doing that in our bedroom, to the wall opposite the windows. She’ll stare at a spot high on the wall, making that noise and trying to jump up to the spot like she thinks there’s something to catch there. It would be cute, if it didn’t make me worry she had vision problems or some other issue. The vet says she’s fine, so I just attribute it to her goofy personality.

It isn’t just the pseudo-hunting in the bedroom. Cats often have a habit of pawing their humans’ faces in the morning to wake them, but mine has started doing it in the middle of the night. She’ll paw at my face for a bit until I push her away, and then she’ll meow sorrowfully for a moment before hopping up and snuggling between me and my boyfriend. That’s another thing; this cat is not a snuggler. She likes to lay on my lap while I’m awake, but she does not particularly enjoy being held or cuddled and often snaps at me if I try to cover her with a blanket. Now she’ll climb under the blanket with us on her own. I’m starting to worry about her.

Now I know these peculiarities don’t sound all that odd, but something has just seemed…off, lately. Between my cat waking me and my boyfriend hogging the bed, I haven’t gotten much sleep. I’m always the last one to get to bed, so the cat and I are often the only two awake for a few hours each day. She likes to be right next to or on top of me during this time. I usually just watch or play something on my computer, or crochet. Sometimes I use this time to do laundry, but I don’t like going into the basement at night.

Now, I’ve seen some actual creepy basements in my young life. This isn’t really one of them. I used to work in a family-owned bookstore in the historic part of our city. It spanned two storefronts and the basements were joined. There were endless floor-to-ceiling shelves down there used for storing products and packing materials. There were plenty of lights, but the shelves made them ineffective anywhere but in their own aisles. There were pipes running through the whole area, several of which were low enough to require the employees to duck. There was a large wooden door on one wall with a red light coming from within through a knot in the wood. Certainly it was a boiler room or utilities room or something of that nature, but let me tell you, the time I spent alone slicing up cardboard boxes with a box cutter right next to that door was a bit tense.

That was a creepy basement. The one in our house now, not so much. It’s empty, only two rooms. The stairs lead right to the middle of the space, with the laundry room on the left between the stairs and the back wall. It has another wall between it and the wall opposite the stairs but no door, so technically I suppose it’s all one room, except for a small closet under the stairs. The main space wraps around the stairs and the laundry room in an L-shape, and this is part of what I don’t like; I can’t see the whole room from the stairs. I’m one of those paranoid people who always sits in the corner of the room where I can see everything and I can’t stand to have anyone behind me. Going downstairs to arrive in the middle of a poorly lit room with several parts I can’t see is not fun for me. Even worse, the lights have been changing.

There are plenty of lights in the basement, the problem is that they don’t all work. Usually it seems like only the light in the middle of the room, at the base of the stairs, comes on, and it’s faint. There’s a separate switch at the bottom of the stairs for the laundry room, which has just been redone and thus has bright, working lights. But before I reach that switch, there’s very little light to go on. Recently, though, more of the lights in the basement will come on when I flip the switch, and sometimes the main light doesn’t go on with them. I mean, I guess that’s not too unusual. The house is old, and aside from the laundry room no one has touched the wiring in the basement for at least 40 years. It’s unnerving, though. I’m logical and detail-oriented, so changes like this make me want a more concrete explanation than “the lights are old.”

So, back to my cat’s strange behavior. There are two bedrooms upstairs that we’ve just been using for storage until we decide what to do with them. She has started wandering around the upstairs and meowing plaintively sometimes. Because the rooms are mostly empty, even her quiet voice echoes around up there. It sounds like she’s crying. I’ve brought her the vet several times since we got her; first for a basic check-up, and then out of concern over her eating habits. She’s finishing up her last round of worm medication and is otherwise healthy, so I know she’s not crying out of pain. I wonder if she’s lonely. That would explain why she keeps trying to wake me up in the middle of the night.

I’d love to get her a new feline friend, but my other half is going to take some convincing. I’ll have to start working on him tomorrow. Just thought I’d throw this up on my blog and see if anyone else has had similar issues with their cats.

My cat was not lonely.

She was not hungry, or bored.

She was terrified.

She woke me up last night, pawing at my face and mewing quietly but urgently at me. I tried to just ignore her, hoping she’d give up and settle down, but instead she extended her claws a bit. She managed to hit my right eye hard enough to make it water, then dodged my arm as I swiped at her, jumping up behind me and snuggling under the blanket between me and my boyfriend. She went very quiet and still.

Fuming, I thought about getting up to look at my eye in the mirror but decided against it; the room was cold, and my bed was warm. I decided to just keep the eye open until it stopped throbbing. Since I was laying on my right side with my long hair fanned out on my pillow, it fell across my face enough to block most of the light from the bathroom night light coming through the open bedroom door. As I waited to be able to close my eye and go back to sleep, I heard a noise.

The basement door was opening on its own.

Or so I thought, until I heard almost-silent footsteps navigating the kitchen with expert steps. Even in the dark, whoever it was managed to avoid the table, chairs, laundry baskets, litter box, garbage can, and cat food dishes without so much as a bump or a clink. I froze, not daring even to close my right eye or open my left. Through my hair I could see a large dark shape enter the bedroom and stop right in front of me. I prayed it couldn’t see my open eye as a thousand scenarios played themselves out in my mind.

Somehow my mind got hung up on the fact that it hadn’t tripped over anything in the kitchen, so this wasn’t the first time it had watched us while we slept. That fact kept me trying to breathe as I would in sleep, hoping that if it hadn’t done anything to us in our sleep during previous visits it wouldn’t start now. My cat was a warm, silent lump behind me, hiding beneath the blanket in terror.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. My right eye was still sore, and felt extremely dried out because I hadn’t blinked once. The shape didn’t move, standing so still I started to wonder if the cat had actually damaged my eye with her paw, creating the dark blur I was seeing.

Suddenly, I felt a movement from behind me. My boyfriend was stirring. I tried hard not to panic, unsure of what to do. Ordinarily I’m the kind of person who will grab a knife to go investigate a strange noise, but there were no knives in the bedroom and I didn’t know if the dark form was armed. It was definitely at an advantage, already standing above me, not tangled in blankets as I was. As my boyfriend shifted, it moved out of the room, back through the kitchen, through the basement door. I heard it close quietly.

I was pretty sure it hadn’t known I was awake. It wasn’t looking for a conflict; it had fled as soon as my boyfriend started to wake up. I felt him get out of bed to go to the bathroom and reached for my phone quickly. I didn’t want him to panic. I didn’t want the thing in the basement to know I saw it until it was too late. I dialled the police and reported a home invasion as calmly and quietly as I could. When I’d hung up, I got up myself, giving my boyfriend a hug and a kiss as I passed him on my way to the bathroom. I had to come up with excuses to stay awake until the police arrived without alerting the thing in the basement.

Finally there was the sound of sirens and a knock on the front door. I felt awful when my boyfriend came out of the bedroom and looked at me in confusion and concern as I opened it without a word, but there would be time for explanations later. I wanted whoever was in our basement behind bars. Tonight.

The police searched the whole house, but didn’t find anyone or anything as large as I’d described. The doors and windows were all locked and dead bolted from the inside, as we always kept them, but beneath the basement stairs they found a few bloody feathers and the bones of small wild animals. There was no point of entry for any animal from the outside, and there weren’t whole carcasses or skeletons, just a few bloody remnants of what looked to be, from the bite marks on the bones, someone’s last few meals.

The police didn’t know what to make of it, and to my knowledge no one has been arrested in connection with the “break-in” that left all of our doors and windows perfectly secured. I told my boyfriend what I’d witnessed and why I hadn’t alerted him sooner. We got a security system, added more lighting to the basement, knocked down the interior walls, and exchanged our normal stairs for a spiral staircase, eliminating the closet below the stairs and allowing for a full view of the entire basement from the top or bottom of the staircase.

Our cat started acting normally again. After months of wondering about her strange behavior I now realize that her demands for attention weren’t an indication that I should be worried for her, rather a sign of her concern for all of us. So the next time your pet starts acting up with no apparent medical reason, be on alert. Like I said, to my knowledge the thing under our stairs hasn’t been caught.

Credits to: Amanda Laven

the smallest words (fma, 1/3)

Based on one of my headcanons that I came up with about Aidan, I was literally unable to stop myself from writing this. In fact, the problem became that I wanted to write so much that it turned into a two parter, which I think works better. This was so much fun. I had a blast getting into Aidan’s mind, especially about something that had to be confusing as hell. There are a few references to an article from my Hamilton-inspired fic “Hightlights” as well. This is seriously one of the angstiest things I’ve ever written, but listen, this fourteen year-old boy has got some shit going on. I loved writing from Aidan’s perspective. It was fun to see Riza and Roy from such a different view. The Havolina kids, Bran and Ally, belong to the brilliant stupidsexymustang, of course! Love them and her! Talking to her helped inspire me to write this.

we’ll give the world to you
the smallest words

People have treated him differently for his entire life. Bran says that he should be used to it by now, but Aidan can’t help but feel uncomfortable when people give him strange looks. It’s been like this for as long as he can remember, but then he does have a weird life. Not everyone can say that they’re the Fuhrer’s son. According to history, the Fuhrer before his great grandfather, King Bradley, had a son named Selim. Aidan wonders how he fared, being the son of the most important man in the country, if it made him feel like he was removed from everyone else or if he liked the attention that it garnered him.

Aidan decidedly doesn’t like it. His mom doesn’t either. They share that in common. His father, on the other hand, seems to glow in the spotlight. Aidan only likes the spotlight when it’s of his own choice and most of the time, what with who his parents are, it’s not. But this has been his life for so long. His parents are famous in Amestris for a lot of things. He’s their son. It’s only natural that people are curious about him.

He can only remember flashes of his life before his parents were married, but most of them only involve his mom. She’s always the constant in his memories of his earliest years. His mom hugging him, his mom smiling that secret smile of hers, his mom wrapping her body around his protectively when he crawled into bed with her and she was alone, his mom telling him how brave, strong, smart, kind he was. There are flashes of his dad here and there - letting Aidan sit on his lap in the car and pretend to drive, the flames he’d create while telling a dramatic story, the way he’d try to sneak up on his mom and always got caught.

But what Aidan mostly remembers about his father during the time before his parents married was his distance. It was almost desperate adoration in private and then a cold detachment in public. He did not hold Aidan. He did not take care of him when he tripped and fell. He smiled and made jokes, but they were the kind of interactions one did with their friend’s kid. His mom tried to make it a game, so when he always called his dad by the “correct” name, he got a treat or a little gift, like it was a prize.

“Congrats! You’re only three, but you didn’t make the mistake of calling out ‘Dad’ in public!”

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Dating Advice - Liam Dunbar Imagine (Feat. Scott McCall)

Prompt requested by girlinfandoms - Hey, could you do a Scott and Liam imagine, where you Scott’s younger sister and you have a crush on Liam, and it comes out at a pack meeting and Liam ends up asking you out on a date

Prompt requested by jacksjawlineandmattsface - Hi is the request box open? If so do you mind doing a request where you and liam like each other and everyone knows that the feelings are mutual except you to and he’s too shy to ask you out and then Scott or stiles or someone gives him a pep talk about it p.s. You are an amazing writer and I’m so glad I found your blog :)

A/N: I decided to combine these two prompts together since the plots are very similar. Thank you for requesting and I hope you like what I came up with. Let me know what you think. Happy reading! :D

My Teen Wolf Master List

They say when you fall in love you remember every detail of that moment and they’re not talking about the clothes you wore, how you had your hair, or the things that were said. They’re talking about what you felt in that moment. The excitement of butterflies in your stomach, the nerves taking over your body, and the sudden anxiety of realizing you have no control over this feeling. That’s what Liam felt the moment he saw Y/N walking through Scott’s front door the evening of his first pack meeting nearly a month ago.

Once he learned Y/N was Scott’s little sister, everything changed. Liam had just joined Scott’s pack and he didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot with his alpha, but as the days went by his feelings towards Scott’s little sister became stronger. He couldn’t ignore it. The heart wants what the heart wants.

So here he was in front of Scott’s house, ready to do something about his feelings towards Y/N. Liam took a deep breath before knocking on the wooden door three times.

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Change. | Part 2

Note: please read part one💕 it’s FINALLY here sorry for the long wait for those who requested for part 2. Super sorry but I was really busy with school! Anyways if it sounds a bit messy that’s because this week has been packed and I didn’t want you guys to wait another week soooo ENJOY!


A few weeks have gone by since Justin and Y/N have last spoken.

Justin’s POV:

I sigh taking another sip of my beer. It was almost 11 at night and I’ve been in the same position for hours. I felt numb, I didn’t know how I was feeling but one thing I know is that I can’t stop thinking about Y/N. I look towards my phone to see if I had any messages or calls from her.


It’s been almost a month since Y/N left and the house has been so quiet without her. It doesn’t even feel like home when half the room is empty. I pick up my phone as I scrolled through old images of Y/N and I.
I know…pathetic move but I couldn’t help it.

I fucking miss her.

I miss her smile and hearing her laugh. I just miss her and it’s my fault that’s she’s gone.
A few weeks earlier I made a decision to let her go and move on, but it was difficult when everything reminds me of her, and that’s where I realized that…I was wrong. I glance at the half empty bottle in my hand slightly observing the liquid inside.

I quickly place the beer bottle aside before grabbing one of my hoodies. I don’t know why I didn’t realize this any sooner but I wanted to change. I wanted to change for her.

Y/N’S place:

Justin quickly gets out of his car as he sprints towards Y/N’s front door. It’s almost midnight…what am I doing? Justin thinks to himself. Feeling hesitant at first, he takes a deep breath before ringing the doorbell.
After a couple of seconds, you open the door.

“Justin?” You say shocked as you were now face to face with the person you’ve been trying to avoid these past few weeks. Justin looks at you and slightly smiles. Your expression suddenly changed to anger as you remembered why you were avoiding him in the first place. “What do you want?” You ask a bit harshly but you just really wanted him to leave.

Justin looks at you, as he places his hands in his pockets. “Can we talk? Please?”

You pause for a moment before shaking your head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

Justin takes a step forward. “Y/N please, just give me five minutes…” he says interrupting you.

You look at him before looking down shaking your head once again. “I’m sorry but I’m just not re-”

“I was wrong.” Justin blurts out causing you to look up. He doesn’t wait for you to react as he decides to continue.
“I shouldn’t have said those things, it was stupid of me. I know that you were just worried and that’s because you care about me and it was wrong of me to react the way I did. I didnt know what was going on at that moment but I know for sure that right now my head is clear and I know what I want.” He says in one breath, looking st you the whole time. You look at him not saying anything.

Justin takes a deep breath. “Y/N I want you.” He says causing your heart to stop. You suddenly felt a lump in your throat. Justin takes another step closer towards you slowly closing the gap in between you two. “I thought the hobbies that I do made me happy but if it means losing you…I would rather be dead.” He says, you look at him and you could tell his eyes were getting watery.

“Justin…” you choke out, feeling slightly guilty. Justin shakes his head as he grabs your hands before looking at you.
“You’re the one who makes me happy. I know it sounds fucking cheesy and I’m usually not up for this kind of shit but Y/N I’m crazy for you. These past few weeks without you have been hell and I can’t go another day without you by my side. Y/N…you make me a better person.” He says as a tear falls down his cheek. You tried you best to fight back your tears but it was too late.

“Justin you’re the one who pushed me away…” you before pulling your hands away from him.

“I know and it was stupid, but I meant every word I said.” He says looking at you.

After a few moments of silence, you finally speak up. “Justin I don’t want you to change…”

“What?” Justin asks confused.

“Yes, I want you to change your habits but not change who you are as a person. When you asked me if I accepted for who you were…of course I do but sometimes I don’t agree with the things that you do because I care about you and I want you here with me.” You say wiping away your tears before continuing. “How am I so sure that you’re actually willing to change for me?”

Justin grabs your hands again as he slowly caresses you hands with his thumb before looking at you. “It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take some time to get use to but I promise you that I am willing to change for you. You just have to trust me.” He says and at this point you didn’t know what to do. You look at him and you realized that he was the same Justin, the same guy that you fell in love with and that never changed.

You look at him before pulling him in for a hug.
“Baby I’m sorry…” he says as he hugs you back. You missed this. You missed his embrace and you knew he was sorry and you were going to help him change. You didn’t respond as you pulled him closer.

People change people.

Requested by: @faux-hbu


A Slow Descent: Chapter Five

Summary: Falling in love with your best friend is a secret usually best left untold. Phil Lester, however, has never been good at keeping secrets.

A/N: Sorry this took so long to get up! My life is insane.

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Start From The Beginning

Chapter Five: You Want A War, You’ve Got A War

Word Count: 2272

Genre: Fluff+Angst

Warnings: Swearing, Slight mention of self harm

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anonymous asked:

Chloe is a high school teacher and beca comes to get her for a lunch date. But when she walks into the classroom the class is still in session and then the q&a begins. The kids didn't know chloe had a fiancé (fiancée) and definitely not that it was a girl.

Beca stood outside the classroom for what was probably a touch too long, seeing as she very possibly already wasn’t allowed to be in the building without a guest pass, and stalking a high school class wasn’t the most socially acceptable thing to be doing at the current moment. Or, like, at all. 

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When Soos appears with the rest of the townsfolk in the reconstructed Gravity Falls square, it looks as if Weirdmageddon has been contained with no casualties. As he sets out to the Mystery Shack in search of the Pines family, he discovers what the town–and he himself–has lost.

Missing scenes from the Gravity Falls finale. Spoilers, obviously.

[on AO3]

Soos opened his eyes. He was falling—again, why had he spent so much time falling the past few days? He couldn’t exactly remember how he’d gotten there—he couldn’t move, and the world was shaded yellow, and he wanted to scream but his mouth was slack and—

He hit the ground heavily, knocking the air from his lungs and cracking his head on the smooth stone of the floor. Thuds and groans from beside him told him that he wasn’t alone. He turned his head muzzily and caught a glimpse of green flannel. So Wendy was here, and she was, well, as safe as him, whatever that meant. He hoped she was feeling more alert than he was. At this rate, he wasn’t going to be much help if they had to fight their way out.

Before he could get to his feet, he felt the building rumble beneath him and the blocks that formed the walls around him began to shake loose. Beams of light cut down from the ceiling, where what had been a smooth surface was suddenly fragmenting. He gasped and shielded his head with one arm, bracing himself for the blocks to fall.

When nothing seemed to happen, he peeked around his arm. The blocks were falling, but they were falling up.

Well, he thought, that was certainly … better than the alternative. Soos watched the blocks rise, the walls around him splintering as they tumbled into the Rift. Was this some new trick? Had Bill finally gained the power to destroy the world and released them to gloat? He looked around in a panic, but the triangle and his minions were nowhere to be seen. He caught a glimpse of Dipper and Mabel clutching at each other’s arms and looking as afraid as he was, and Stan, who had lost his fez and was facing away from them.

Soos stumbled as two blocks shifted beneath his feet. Had they won? Were they about to die? Both? When he looked down to steady himself he could see the barren plain that used to be the Gravity Falls forest far, far below him.

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CONVERGENT - Chapter IV (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

You let out a loud laugh that sounded like a shriek as Shawn tried to smear chocolate all over your face. The table you were at erupted in laughter, the men encouraging Shawn and the women telling him to stop. Soon enough, Four began trying to get Tris too, Jacob tried to get Mahogany who was across the table, Eric was literally throwing chocolate at Christina and Brent was trying not to get any on his shirt. 

You heard a familiar voice clear their throat. You whipped your head around and saw that it was Matt, Johnson, Carter and Aaron.

“Hi, guys. Sorry to interrupt, but (y/n), we’re going back to the dorms now, it’s nearly nine. Were you going to come, or?” Matt drifted off as he shifted his weight from foot to foot, probably feeling awkward from being so near such intimidating Dauntless authorities. 

“Oh,” your eyes widened, almost forgetting. “Right, right. I’m coming.” you put down your fork on the now empty plate. As you got up, the talking stopped and the eyes of everyone sitting at the table were on you. 

“Where are you going?” Tris frowned. You didn’t realize she actually paid any attention to you. 

“Oh, right. How rude of me,” you laughed nervously. “I’ve gotta go back to the dorms. Lights out is in a few minutes, Mahogany’s rules.” you sneaked an accusing glance at Mahogany who gave a guilty grin. You could have sworn you heard Jacob’s heart flutter a little. 

“Ugh, you’re so hard on these kids, Mahogany. Remember when were initiates? We hated our instructors for being so stingy with the curfews.” Tris light-heartedly chastised Mahogany, earning a chuckle from the red headed instructor.

“Right, and you always got enough sleep for the day ahead, didn’t you?” Mahogany retorted. Tris only rolled her eyes, a smile on her lips. 

“Well, I should go. Thanks for inviting me to eat dinner with all of you.” you smiled over at Four and Shawn. 

“Don’t sweat it, (y/n).” Four gave you a lazy half smile that you returned.

“I’ll walk with you, I’ve gotta go to my dorm too anyways.” Shawn wiped his hands on his pants sloppily as he got up. Boys. 

Shawn and you joined the little group of Dauntless transfers as they exited.

It was silent. Like, dead silent as you walked back to the dorms. Johnson and Aaron were busy having an exasperated conversation about the bruises that were forming on their bodies from the fight they had lost earlier. Matt tried to busy himself by staring at the highly fascinating stone walls on either sides of you. Carter was inspecting the huge blotch of blue on his arm that certainly wasn’t there yesterday, dragging his badly injured leg behind him as he walked, putting a limp to it, and Shawn was occupying himself with whistling a song you’ve never heard of before. Must be a Dauntless song. 

“How come you don’t look so bad, (y/n)?” Carter called out, raising an eyebrow. But the smirk on his face told you that he knew something.

“Are you kidding? I have a bruise the size of your head on my stomach.” you shoved Carter playfully. 

She’s just good at hiding things, that’s all.” Matt’s tone was so sharp, the pain struck you. His lips were in that big smile he does when he’s joking but his eyes weren’t squinted, it was wide and mean. It was the kind of crazed anger you would see in a ruthless Dauntless’s eyes. 

The hall fell silent as everyone let Matt’s little snide remark sink in. 

“Right.” Carter cleared his throat awkwardly, walking in front so he could avoid you and Matt. You noticed that Shawn’s whistling had stopped from beside you before you could ask him what the song was. To be honest, you didn’t really care anymore. A deep frown tugged down your lips and you could feel yourself slumping down, and it wasn’t because of the pain Shawn’s punch gave you. 

The hall ended to two exits; left for the Dauntless born, right for the Dauntless transfers. You could see Shawn gathering a goodbye in his head and you almost wanted to reach out to him, begging him not to leave you with this awkward air Matt created.

“Well, I should go back to my dorm now.” Shawn finally spoke up. He’s not very gifted in the small talk department.

“Oh, right. For a second there, I thought you were one of us.” Matt forced out a sarcastic laugh through his teeth, making it sound like a light snarl. Shawn’s eyebrows raised in a ‘what the hell’ gesture.

“Okay, bye guys.” was Shawn’s last words before he scurried off to his dorm. When Shawn turned around, Matt was already quick to walk away but you stayed put, watching as Shawn open the door to his dorm.

“Please don’t leave me alone with him, please don’t leave me alone with him.” you chanted in your head over and over again.

Upon feeling your stare, Shawn turned around for a split second, giving you a small smile and with that, he left, closing the big black door behind him. Shit. 

You still kind of just stood there, frozen. Maybe if you didn’t move, Matt wouldn’t notice your presence and you could just disappear into thin air. You’ve seen Matt get into an argument once with an Erudite transfer named Will. It caused the evident hole in the transfer dorm’s wall. You didn’t want that wall to be you.

What were you even saying? Matt’s your best friend. He would never hurt you.

You heard Matt sigh from a distance, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“Look,” Matt started, regret already darkening his eyes. “I didn’t mean to snap at you, (y/n). I’m sorry.” he frowned.

“Did I do something wrong?” you wanted to get angry, maybe pissed even. After all, Matt snapped at you rudely for no apparent reason. You wanted to yell at him or at least retort with a witty comment but your voice came out small and powerless.

Matt sighed again as he took your hands in his. Matt’s hands weren’t big and calloused like Shawn’s, they were thin and precise; a Candor’s hand. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong…it’s just,” you saw his eyes flicker to the Dauntless born’s dorm’s door.

“Are you jealous?” your eyebrows furrowed. It was a little odd. No one’s ever been jealous of your attention before. You were brought up in your old faction with the thought that boys and girls are equal and that everyone and anyone should be kind to one another. And so, boys and you were always just platonic.

“Of wha- Ha, me? Jealous? N-no, nope. Not at all.” he stuttered out, his sand-colored pale cheeks immediately turning into a rosy red. 

“Old habits die hard, huh, Candor?” you gave a lopsided smile.

“So you’re not pissed at me, then?” Matt raised his eyebrows, his eyes still dark with regret and guilt. 

“No. I wanted to be, though. I don’t get why you were so snappy.” you said, walking with him back to the dorms. You saw that none of your other friends had waited for you. Probably wanted to get away from angry Matt.

“Yeah, well, I don’t like it when people mess with my best friends.” Matt shrugged, lazily slinging one of his arms around your shoulders as he opened the door for you. Was Matt always this much of a gentleman? Or did he start after Shawn? You couldn’t remember.

“Oh, so now I’m your best friend?” you gave him a cheeky grin. Matt rolled his eyes a little but his smile never faltered. The dormitory was rowdy and loud as per usual. Will, the Erudite transfer and Al, the other Candor transfer were having yet another argument about which faction makes the best food.

Carter was standing shirtless in front of one of the long mirrors they put in the dormitory, inspecting the bruises as he carefully tried to dab some salve on it, only to hiss and jump back at the contact of his own skin.

Aaron and Johnson were passing a small notebook back and forth to each other. Aaron would draw a figure and Johnson would snatch it out of his hands, adding something else that you couldn’t quite see as he argued with his hands flailing everywhere. 

“What’re you guys doing?” you walked up to the two boys, Matt’s arm still around your shoulder.

“Huh-oh, hi (y/n).” they waved a little. Their eyes drifted to Matt’s arm around your shoulder. “Oh thank God, you guys made up.” 

“I believe we asked you a question.” Matt changed the subject quickly. You let out a light chuckle as you nudged Matt a little. 

Don’t be rude.” you mouthed.

“Oh, um-we were just, yano…” Johnson shrugged shyly, a childlike smile on his lips. “Trying to get ideas for a cool tattoo.” 

Matt snorted.

You smacked him in the stomach this time, reminding him not to be rude. 

“Hmm, is that so?” you hummed as you snatched the notebook out of Aaron’s hand. “Let me see that.” 

Matt peered around your shoulder to take a look at the dragon-man like figure they had somehow drawn messily on the ashy recycled paper. They didn’t even use a sharpened pencil to draw the tattoo design they wanted to permanently ink their skin with.

“Are you guys sure you’re not 12? I mean, choosing day was only for 16 year olds, guys. Come on, you know the rules.” Matt teased. You were supposed to keep him in check but you couldn’t help but let out a little laugh escape through your lips. 

“Well, now that we’re allowed to have things that are entertaining because people won’t call you out for being self-indulgent, yeah I kind of wan’t a tattoo of a dragon. Why not?” Aaron shrugged innocently, a very very very small hint of a scowl on his face. He isn’t even capable of being mad at a Candor for having a big mouth. 

Abnegation boys, if you didn’t already guess.

“Right. Sorry for questioning your motives. You should totally get a permanent tattoo of a dragon. I support you a hundred percent.” Matt mused. 

Both boys gave him a sarcastic “really? You’re really gonna make that joke?” look.

“Just being a supportive friend, ‘is all.” Matt grinned, removing his arms from your shoulder and replacing it on top of Aaron and Johnson instead.

This was the team, this was the crew. This is where you started, This is where you will end. 

A/N: wowowow that was kind of a ??? ending for a filler lmao. Also, i’ve chosen the girl that will be portraying (y/n)! click here if you haven’t seen who it is! 

Message me thoughts, suggestions, comments and whether or not you want chapter V. Oh! and which faction do you think (y/n) is from? :3

anonymous asked:

Hi ^.^ I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do a scenario where you and Chen went to high school together and he used to tease you a lot cause he liked you but he never told you and then you meet again after he's become famous? The rest is up to you! I hope it made sense :x

This took me forever. Partially because I have no motivation and partially because this thing got really long (2425 words XD) and then I went back and rewrote like half of it because I felt it was too long. It’s like 2000 words now? So still long, but worth it, I promise ;)


Kim Jongdae was wickedly popular in high school, especially with the girls. They were obsessed with his looks and personality but you were simply never that interested. Of course, there was no way you were denying that he was attractive. However, you felt as though he used his good looks and charismatic personality in a bad way, a manipulative way and for that you disliked him. But Kim Jongdae hated being disliked. So he decided that if he couldn’t receive your affection in the way he received it from every other girl, in the form of giggles and blushes, gifts and confessions, he would make it his job to point out all of your flaws and imperfections and annoy the life out of you.

You finally escaped his teasing grasp after graduation when you moved to Seoul, for you always had preferred the city. You had almost completely forgotten about Jongdae until you found out that he had become the increasingly popular idol Chen of EXO. It was weird, seeing the face of your worst enemy in high school everyday, for he seemed to have his face plastered on every available surface in the city. It reminded you of the past, and as memories resurfaced, you came to the realization that even though he had teased you, there had been times when he had treated you well even though all you ever did was deny his offer of friendship rather heartlessly. You began to want to meet him, simply to apologize for your rude behavior in the past, but running into a popular idol in a huge city was next to impossible. So you attempted to put all thoughts of Jongdae on the backburner to avoid the nagging feeling of regret that came along with him.

However, for some reason, Jongdae worked his way into your mind without your consent and you couldn’t seem to stop thinking about him. You sat in your favorite coffee shop, swirling the contents of the hot mug before you absentmindedly, your other hand propped up your head, your eyes stared lazily out of the café’s window and your mind was filled with Kim Jongdae. You thought of all the mean things he would do to you back in high school. You thought of all the time he had wasted annoying you. You thought of all the time you’d wasted tolerating him. But you also thought of all the times he had made you laugh against your will. You thought about the few times he was actually good to you. You thought about the actions that had made you wonder if there was something more to Jongdae’s feelings toward you and you hated yourself for smiling.

Frustration washed over you. You hated when you had nice thoughts about him, they made you feel worse about how you’d rejected his friendship. You took a deep breath and puffed out your cheeks, an old habit of yours, and almost as soon as you did a startling ‘ah-ha’ entered your ears. You jumped, knocking the coffee mug off of the table and into your lap, covering your shorts and thighs in the scalding liquid. With a yelp, you jumped to your feet, your head snapping up to glare at the man across from you. You hadn’t noticed him sit down but the moment yours eyes found him, anger turned to shock.

“Oh no, sorry,” they said, laughter making their voice shake. “I just got so excited when you did that cheek thing. It confirmed that you were who I thought you were.”

Your eyes widened for before you sat someone you hadn’t seen in forever and yet you saw everyday. Someone you hated and yet had been desperately wishing to see. He was still gorgeous, even more so than in all the posters and magazines and he was currently sporting that smile you knew all too well. It was the one he wore when he found something not so funny absolutely hilarious.

“Jongdae.” You breathed, your voice unsure of what emotion it should be expressing. Anger? Surprise? Happiness? Annoyance? It all mixed together giving your voice a confused tone and making him laugh. You huffed angrily at his reaction as you grabbed for the napkins in the center of the table, rubbing vigorously at the stain. It didn’t help. You looked at Jongdae again, blinking. You hadn’t felt this way since high school, that mixture of embarrassment, annoyance and the need to cry. You looked away, biting your lip as you tried to walk past him toward the exit. You were halted by a hand on your wrist. You whipped around to glare at him as he yanked you back in the direction of your seat.

“Here.” He let go of your wrist. You watched skeptically as he pulled his hoodie over his head and held it out to you. You glared at him again and he gave you one of those sweet smiles, the genuine ones that made your heart flutter against your will. You accepted the hoodie, quickly pulling it over your head to find it fell to your mid thighs, hiding the stain. He grinned as you rolled up the sleeves and a blush crept into your cheeks. “C’mon, sit down, _________! It’s been forever! Haven’t you missed me?”

“No.” You insisted. You crossed your arms as you plopped back into your seat, averting his gaze by staring out the window.

“Of course you did,” he chuckled and you puffed out your cheeks again. He grinned at this before continuing. “How’s university?”


“Is it fun?”


“Is it better than high school?”


“Do you like your major?”


“Have you made a lot of friends?”


“Did you miss me?”

“Yes,” You paused for a second before realizing your mistake. “I mean no!” You turned your head quickly to look at him, dying of laughter, in reaction to your slip of tongue. You looked away angrily again and he reached over, poking your cheek apologetically.

“It’s okay, I was pretty mean to you back then. I didn’t mean to be. Sorry. It was just an excuse to hang out with you.” You couldn’t help but blush slightly, turning your head away even more, hoping he wouldn’t see. There was silence between the two of you for a moment. You chanced a sideways glance, looking away quickly when your eyes met. He chuckled lightly.

“Hey, _________,” You turned back to him and felt your heart flutter a bit. His teeth slid over his lip and, though you hated to admit it, he looked really hot doing it. Even though it was a nervous kind of lip biting it still looked rather sensual. He really was attractive and his personality wasn’t as terrible as you’d remembered thus far. Teasing but somehow sweet. “You haven’t had a boyfriend yet, have you?”

His tone was joking yet it somehow hurt. Memories of all the times he’d made fun of your flaws that scared away boys, that would prevent you from ever having a boyfriend resurfaced. You scoffed inwardly for ever pinning the words “sweet” or “attractive” to Jongdae. He had always been cruel to you and he always would be.

“It’s not really any of your business,” you replied hotly. “You’re so mean, I bet you don’t have a girlfriend, do you?”

“Why, are you interested?” The sly reply took you by surprise and you found yourself stuttering, trying to come up with a sassy reply but he simply laughed over your shaken state. “I was joking, of course.”

How was it that even though you told yourself over and over again that Kim Jongdae was cruel and heartless, that there was no way on Earth you could honestly find him sweet or attractive, you had actually been disappointed to hear it was a joke. Right then you realized that maybe all the times you’d wondered if he’d liked you it had been because you were wishing for him to. Maybe the reason he’d been on your mind so much was because you’d actually missed him. Maybe the reason some of your memories with him made you smile was because you had liked him all along.

This realization sent a shocking sensation through your body which brought you to your feet and propelled you toward the exit before Jongdae could stop you again. You pushed your way out of the shop and onto the crowded sidewalk of Seoul. A man rushed by, knocking you off balance but you quickly adjusted yourself and rushed away when you heard the café door opening behind you. Something in you hoped he would chase after you and when you heard your name being called you thought maybe, just maybe… that was until you realized you were still wearing his sweatshirt. That must be why he had followed you. You stopped abruptly, reaching for the hem of the article of clothing, not caring about the stain on your shorts, just wanting to return it to Jongdae and then never see him again. However, as your hands clutched the fabric and yanked up, a pair of larger hands closed over yours, holding the hoodie in place.

You stood there for a moment, savoring the sound of his voice whispering your name once more. Loving the way his breathe ghosted over your ear and his hands fit perfectly around yours. Shivering at the feel of his chest against your back.  But it could not last. You turned to look at him, only to find a Jongdae dawning a rather large pair of sunglasses and slightly creepy hat in an attempt to hide his identity. You couldn’t help but laugh at his sketchy appearance and he couldn’t help but smile at your joy.

He turned, keeping your hands in his, and led you back down the street a ways, turning onto a deserted back street. Pulling off his disguise, he leaned back against one of the walls, his hands finding your waist and crushing you against him. You thought yours stomach would fly up your esophagus and out of your mouth from how butterfly-y it was feeling right now. Your hands pressed against his chest as you mumbled his name shakily but you were silenced with a kiss. You were so taken aback by the kiss that it took you a second to respond but once your mind processed what was happening it was strong in it’s response.

Your hands flattened against his chest as you pressed yourself up against him and he pulled you in. Slowly, your fingers danced their way from between the two of you, gliding over his collarbone, his shoulders, his neck, finding their way to the back of his head where they weaved into his soft hair and pushed his lips harder against yours. He hummed against your lips in satisfaction sending a vibration through them that made your breathe hitch. You felt his lips curl up against yours in response to your reaction, making you giggle. He pulled away slightly only to place his smiling lips on the tip of your nose and then on your forehead. Your hands untangled themselves from his hair and fell to his shoulders as you sighed with content.

“So, __________,” you pulled back slightly to look up at him. “Are you interested?”

The corners of your mouth turned up a bit as you smacked his arm, receiving a chuckle from Jongdae. One of his hands trailed it’s way up your back to your head, where he angled your head, pulling you in for another kiss. Before his lips reached yours, however, you resisted, giggling at how he scowled.

“It depends.”

“On what?” he whined, pouting at you dejectedly.

“On how long you have been ‘interested’ in me.”

"Since high school, of course,” he replied dipping down to peck your lips but you pulled away again, receiving an growl of frustration from Jongdae. “Seriously, __________! Just kiss me, you don’t even understand how long I’ve been waiting to do this and you keep backing away!”

“Since high school?” you questioned, skeptically, ignoring his last complaint. “You bullied me all through high school!”

"You are so thick,” he said, managing to steal another quick kiss. “I didn’t want to ruin my image so instead of telling you I liked you, I found another way to hang out with you,” you pouted a little, making him laugh. He sweetly and gently captured your lips in his, this time without protest from you. “I’m sorry, okay? I’ll make it up to you in the future I promise.”

“How?” you questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“How about…” he paused for a second before leaning in so that his face was less than an inch from yours, his breath dancing over your skin and making your heart race. “By being the best boyfriend ever.”

You blushed as he slowly pressed his lips to yours. Jongdae may be the type to tease but, wow, his kisses were like an angel’s. Soft and sweet and loving. Of course, he would show you how devilish he could be with his kisses in the future, how he could tease you and put so much passion into a kiss it would nearly knock you off your feet. But right now he just want you to know how much he’d loved you and missed you for so long. And the way his perfect lips pressed against yours at the moment conveyed just that.

~Admin N

Heaven and Earth: A Pas-de-Deux

A fic about Pearl & Amethyst and the past in general and the gem war in particular. Or, they never asked for it to be this way.

Goes through some pre-canon headcanons, some during-canon headcanons, and some canon stuff like “On the Run”, “Jailbreak”, and “Keystone Motel.”

(I already said this in my preview post, but this is in a first-person-y kind of second person, like Amethyst and Pearl are the proper narrators but they’re projecting it all onto an abstract “you” to avoid confrontations with themselves and each other.)

TW/CW for…uh…’wow these two canonically really hate themselves a lot’, and the self-harm-y symbolism of Pearl fighting her hologram-clones being ramped up somewhat from canon although not drastically–it’s just a lot more blatant when it’s done in words and not images.

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