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Behold The Manliest of Men!

Customer (who is a man): Yeah hi, I’m looking for a lip balm, do you guys carry that?

Me: Yes we certainly do, they’re right over here!  Tell me, what kind of a lip balm were you looking for?

(Super manly) Customer: Oh you know, something not effeminate 

Me: Well there’s nothing wrong with effeminate stuff

Customer (MANLY OVER 9000!!): Well I have a penis and I need a lip balm that says that


My parents scream at me. they say mean, terrible, horrible things to me. Then they look at me and scream and ask why I am crying. I don’t know what to do anymore. They yell at me if I make too much noise walking, If I take too long a time to close a door, little things that kids shouldn’t be screamed at for. They call me names and they’ve hit me. I just I thought your parents were suppose to be these good people that helped you, that cared for you, but obviously not my parents, they hate my guts.
—  Posted by Anonymous

I didn’t want to write a poem about this kind of sadness but I think I need to because I can’t get out of bed. ive been here for five hours and I’m suffocating and I skipped dinner and everything is the kind of slow motion stillness that happens when you’ve been quiet for too long.

most of me doesn’t want to spend all of my afternoons in the dark but I don’t know how to look at the light anymore. it doesn’t ever feel like nighttime now, it feels like a continuation of a bad dream, like a reason not to wake up, I know I’m supposed to be dealing with this better but I’m not even dealing with it at all.

the only thing I think I could stomach would be the cookies my mother makes around Christmas but thinking about Christmas only makes things worse because no one wants to be around someone who’s depressed during the holidays, that’s probably why that’s the most common time for suicides, I think December 25 might come early this year, I’m sorry I don’t know the right way to piece together my life to make it a future worth looking at, it’s not a future worth looking at.

i swear I do want to get better but I’m too tired to make an effort and it’s a lot easier to just let everything slip than to constantly try to stay upright in the worst storm I’ve ever had to survive.

—  It’s all still– lily rain

“17 Seconds” with commentary from Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell

What were you guys talking about [at the banner-lifting ceremony]? What were the kind of things you were saying to each other?

Shaw: You know, it’s - saying it’s a year we’ll never forget, and let’s go out there and do it again, because we’ve got the team here to do it. (2013)

(Uploading this for those who haven’t seen it before, while the mostly-intact team still remains. :/ )

Yeeeees,Another picture of Steve’s obsession with Tony’s soft belly because I’m helpless like that.(Also the first one is here).

It is for my lovely friend. After the first picture came out she wrote a short fic where the Avengers were having a meeting,and Steve ask if he can touch Tony for a while because he had some kind of skin hunger.Tony was confused but he let Steve do what he wants.So this became a habit:D Of course there is a happy ending!

Also,here is Steve’s guide to rub Tony’s belly XD

I’m kind of glad I’m not too emotionally invested in either Ben and Martin because the moment they open their mouths and talk about S4 I expect another mass exodus aka people leaving the fandom. :/

SoMa Week Day 1: Geeking Out

omg I don’t even know what this is BUT I DID IT AND NOW IT’S HERE. This is weird cracky nonsense that is in no way based on my real life in any way whatsoever. Enjoy, maybe? I’m going to try and do multiple prompts this week I SWEAR.

◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦SOMA WEEEEEEEEK

The air in Death City smelled like ozone and rain. Maka frowned up at the gray clouds billowing overhead – the city only got a handful of thunderstorms during the rainy season, if they got any at all, and it was pretty late in the year for one. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the clouds cooled everything down, but even though they blocked the chuckling sun, the humidity was still murder. Sweat clung to her brow with nowhere to go and her pigtails hung limply on either side of her head.

With one last scowl at the sky, she stomped into Deathbucks and breathed an immediate sigh of relief. The AC blasted her with cool, dry air and it felt amazing. She stood in place and let other people move around her for a full minute before she reluctantly went off to find Soul.

Even her weapon’s standout looks were lost in the crowd of DWMA students that milled about, occupying nearly every seat and sipping on concoctions that looked far too complicated for Maka’s taste. What was so wrong with regular old strong-enough-to-kill black coffee? Ew, that girl’s blended-whatever was green.

At long last, she spotted Soul sulking in the corner with his laptop, his expression as bored as always while he stared at the screen. At least he’d used his patented “fuck off forever” look to save her a sliver of seat next to him.

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So, I made some of the Fairy Tail sims characters and here’s what’s happened.

  • Natsu and Lucy won’t stop kissing (among other things).
  • Gajeel insists on wearing his formal clothes (I will change him out of those clothes and as soon as I turn my back he changes into them again!)
  • Natsu and Erza do not get along. At all.
  • Loke likes to break into Natsu and Lucy’s house, use their computer, and then leave without even talking to them.
  • Gajeel and Levy are dating, but I don’t remember them ever meeting.
  • Loke got mad when Lucy was using the computer, so he stomped on a pile of garbage until it disappeared.
  • Natsu has lit himself on fire TWICE.
  • Gajeel didn’t talk to anyone until Lucy introduced herself to him.
  • People keep interrupting Natsu and Lucy’s dates. AND THEY WON’T GO AWAY.
  • I tried to make Gray a painter, but he refused, so now he’s a bum who sits around all day while the other boys work.

hey guys, so I know I promised some doodles so here they are!

in order from top to bottom (not counting the style and ink test)

@ashe-gay requested a quick kissu on the cheeks. (loved making btw)

@the-angst-farmer requested Tom nuzzling Marco, which was super cute (I kind of drew him as manhandling Marco more than nuzzling. haha, close enough)

anon asked for nap time cuddles, also super cute, gotta love the cuddles. oh, I drew Tom uncomfortable because, believe it or not, when your bf is all over you, you don’t get much sleep (haha)

and finally @jess-the-vampire requested a comfort doodle. as I drew this, I realized that Tom would most likely keep his distance so as to not make Marco feel trapped. Of course that doesn’t mean he can’t make him into a blanket burrito!

anyways, thanks for requesting and liking the original post, I know my art isn’t as good as others, but your guys make me cheer up with your verbal (and non-verbal) love. So thanks.

requests will still be open, just use the ask box and I’ll get back to ya as soon as I can.


I’ve honestly been wanting to do this for a long time, so here goes! Type the word into your tags and click on the last one you used!

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Y’know, once one of my professors told me that after I left school and got a job, things would be harder. That left an impression back then because at the time, I was a freshman in college taking 21 credit hours and coming from a rigorous high school program, so part of me was just like “yeah ok but I don’t think you’re seein the big picture here”…but now that I’ve been working full time for a while, I think I kind of get it

Like, working hasn’t been “hard” as in “challenging”…it’s just been tiring. Like it’s an empty sort of grind–I feel like I’m putting less effort into more exhaustion haha 

Ofc I don’t think it always has to be that way…keeping your head up and searching for the right job or working up into a better place is worthwhile still imo. The hope hasn’t been beaten outta me yet haha but from what I’ve seen, a lot of people end up have that straight-out-of-college-”this sucks” phase, like a coming-of-age thing. I’m not sure you can really prepare for it, but at least it seems like a finite period of life rather than a “your life will always suck” thing, in many cases anyway

fire and ice (reader x bucky)

the following is meant to be read while this song plays in the background. (it’s take me to church by hozier). enjoy.

You told him it wouldn’t end well. You have a terrible, destructive tendency with relationships of any sort. Anyone who stayed by you either faded into oblivion or was made to hate you, fashioned into a weapon with only one casualty: you. You couldn’t do that to him, you couldn’t. Yet with every objection came two more rationalizations. It felt good now, but you two could not survive together. You were ice, frozen passion, destined to slowly kill anyone who strayed too close to you. He was fire, passion, reckless abandon, destined to consume those who fell in his path. You two would destroy each other, but you couldn’t stop. You told yourself it was because you didn’t want to but there was a part of you that knew you wouldn’t be able to stop once you started. He was a drug, and you were beyond addiction. He called you the most beautiful rose he’d ever seen and when you pointed out that you had more thorns than petals, he kissed you, not minding the pinpricks of pain. There were so many red flags, so many warnings, but you were blind to them because of how he made you feel. His lips could write the alphabet on you and you would suddenly forget how to speak. His lips, tinted with lust-fueled desire and pricked with the thorns of a rose beckoned you. And you, despite the feeling in the pit of your stomach that warned you to stay away, you went along with him. You let his inferno thaw your frozen heart in pure bliss. You spilled everything into him, from your darkest sins to your darkest desires. And he fulfilled every one. His red hot passion was tainted by your blackest sins but he paid no mind to his impending doom. You soon realized he wasn’t the man you thought he was; he was darker. What you had thought was innocence was simply a masquerade. He painted his own sins alongside yours across your skin, raising sounds of ecstasy from you and cries of pleasure from him. Your dance until this point was expertly coordinated but there reaches a time in all performances in which you just have to break away from the script. His heartbeat raced through you and you felt yours in the deepest parts of you. You had no idea what was coming next, and you relished it. The room was dark but light still managed to make its way through the curtains. It smelled musky, it smelled fiery, and it smelled cold all at once. His warm hands across your cool neck was more than enough to make you come undone, and as you did, you realized that fire and ice could play a deadly, sinful game, but they could also coexist. And you were more than happy to fall into him again.

I hate doing this, but things have really gotten desperate.

Here’s the deal:

My mom and I are both disabled. She’s on disability, but I’m in the process of applying for it–for the last year. It’ll be May before I can even get a hearing scheduled.

Right now we have $15 to last us until Aug 24. Fifteen dollars. That might normally be okay, because part of the reason we’re so broke this month is because we spent $300 on groceries.

Except our fridge is being a fucking asshat. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. We’ve lost a gallon of milk, a pound of hamburger, hotdogs, and various other dairy type stuff. All of our food is spoiling, and we have no money to replace it.

Fixing the fridge (if the problem is what I think it is) will be somewhere around $250-350, depending. I thought it could wait until the 24th bc it was working okay, but then today it pooped out again…then came back again…but in the meantime more stuff got fucked up. :/


We need money for food. Like, literally that’s the situation we’re in. $15 to our names and food spoiling in the fuckin fridge. If you can spare ANYthing, I would be eternally grateful. Last time I asked I was able to pay people back, but I’m not sure I’d be able to this time…at least not for a while. 

My paypal is mcw717@gmail.com.

Even if you can’t donate, if you could reblog this to spread the word I would appreciate it. Thanks so much, my dear followers. You’re wonderful.

Liz Makes A Contribution to TD

As many of my followers know, I am part of TeamOnTheFence as I believe in what you all are saying here at TD, but I’m also not up to getting much hope up and thus I like staying on the fence to balance myself… Must be the Libra in me… Get it, cause we’re a scale… Hah…

Anyway! Since I’m sitting on this fence, often times I get to see all kinds of TD and TA stuff on my dash. The one thing that keeps popping up is the new promo pics they just released for TWD Season 6… And I love them!

BUT THEN these started popping up

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Phil Vs the Furry Ball of Hate

Title: Phil Vs. the Furry Ball of Hate

Pairing: Phan AmazingPhil/Danisnotonfire

Rating: G

Words: ~ 2K

Genre: Fluff. It’s just fluff. I’m kind of ashamed.

Summary: Everyone knows that pet owners take their pets’ opinions on people very seriously. Dan’s cat hates Phil. Obviously, Phil needs to fix this. 

 Author’s notes: So, yeah. It’s been years since I last wrote anything and this is the first Phanfic I’ve actually published. (I have one on Phanfic anonymously but shhh!) Have fun, I guess?

Phil took a deep breath and prepared himself to on the door.He and Dan had been dating for about two weeks, so there wasn’t really a reason for him to be nervous, right? But in those two weeks they had always gone out, this would be his first time being in Dan’s apartment. This would be their first time actually being alone together. This was a much bigger deal than anything they’d done before. Everything had to go right. What if he was an awful guest and Dan decided he didn’t want anything to do with him? What if-


Phil was yanked out of his spiraling thoughts to see Dan standing in his open doorway a smile on his lips and in his eyes and the ever present dusting of pink on his cheeks. “Are you going to come in?” he asked. “Or we can just stand here all night, if you want.”

Phil blushed and coughed self-consciously into his hand. “Inside honestly sounds much better.”

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