i kind of dig the colors i guess

Here ya go, Spooks! One dead child and a fallen zombie human.

Your comic is really great and your art is just so good. You are really talented and kind, even though I headcanon that you were the one who shot the child and pushed them down the hole.

Hahaha, stay determined I guess and keep doing the things you love! =)


@sweet-sin-namon Oh no, these are really good! Really digging your style and how you handled the colors.Thank you so so much for the awesome drawing and the really nice message, friend!

Did you notice the little character standing by the water ?…. At the begining I planed  to design it… Actually it was one of the sketches I drew for the character design challenge of september, as far as I can remember…. but not enough time to work on it at that period. I decide to finish this work now but instead of digging into character design I dive badly in moods artworks :) a kind of addiction I guess…

bellsprout sprite rating

as suggested by @darklingkitten


is. is he okay. he looks like he just had his soul drained from his mortal body. 4/10


much more lively, i like his silly :0 face. makes me smile, very nice. 7/10


i’m digging the trix yogurt pink/green color palette, and the pose looks engaged and excited. best quality: his wiggles. 7/10


while his gold counterpart looks ready to fight, this kind and friendly bellsprout only wants to dance. follow your dreams, bellsprout. 8/10 for passion


looks lost and soulless again, what happened? :( 5/10


took me a minute to realize this wasn’t the same as rse but the head and leaves are different. looks a bit more alive, i guess? 5.5/10


a slightly different color palette and adjusted anatomy–good choices. looks like a plant, except with a human face and kind of disturbing. but in a cute way. 7/10


he’s dancing again! i love it. he’s so happy to be alive. good for you, bellsprout. never let the critics get you down. 10/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

look at him go! the way the mouth moves bothers me a little but it’s okay. a fun, bouncy plant boy. 8/10

xy/omega ruby/alpha sapphire

the ultimate dancing bellsprout, he followed his dreams and is doing so well. i love it. 11/10

anonymous asked:

What would you call your art style cause I draw in a very similar way and I have trouble explaining it..

It’s weird reading all the comments about the style I have right now.  Before starting Ghost I was actually pretty… down on the style I currently have.  To this day I feel like my style isn’t really quite as refined as it needs to be.  I certainly feel like I’m making progress but it could use improvements here and there.

…I guess that’s more about EXECUTION of the style more so than style though.  The style itself is kind of a weird mish-mashy combination of American cartoons (the more recent ones, that is) and Anime, with an obvious catering to how Flash handles visuals.

It’s like part Samurai Jack/Powerpuff Girls (Genndy Tartakovskyish) angular shapes, Gravity Falls/Steven Universe design sensibilities, Anime’s tendency towards really colorful, vibrant characters (and big hair), all mixed together with MLP’s and Rhythm Heaven’s/Warioware’s Flash..i..ness…

 Just, uh, yeah.  I guess in other words I don’t even know how to really put it myself.  It’s just hodgepodge of stuff I like/grew up with I guess????