i killed the picture but omg lol

B.A.P in Frankfurt 2017!

A quick recap what happened:
• Intro by DJ B-Shoo (even the DJ is handsome af whut)
• B.A.P introduced themselves in German!
• “Du bist heiss” (“You are hot”) - Moon Jongup, 2017
• “Was geht?!” x2 (“What’s up?!”) - Yoo Youngjae, 2017
• We’ve been mispronouncing Zelo’s name this whole time, it’s actually “Yelo” lol
• It was so cute
• B.A.P slayed visuals + vocals left and right
• They sound so good live whoa
• Daehyun killed those high notes!
• If anyone ever criticises Yoo Youngjaes dancing then they’ve never seen him dance
• Kim Himchans eyes and stares and his whole charisma just wow!
• After a few songs they “opened up” a Babyz Lounge on stage and Zelo invited a female fan in the lounge
• He asked about her name, age etc and they cheered
• He asked her to be his gf (in Korean) and then said “From now, I’m your boyfriend” in English (I would’ve fainted omg boi!!)
• They did a love shot!
• He spilled a bit …this dork lol
• They took a (or a few) picture(s) together ft. Bartender Daehyun
• The fan got the SD card of the cam
• They did a love shot again!!
• Bartender Daehyun representing all Babyz by throwing a disapproving glance at Zelo lmao
• Zelo hooked arms with her when he walked her off the stage
• Oh Choi Junhong why u gotta do this TT
• Then the concert continued
• They had fine af outfits, like really elegant and they looked like angels!
• They sounded like angels too omg
• And moved like Angels
• B.A.P confirmed Angels
• Yongguks smile irl omg!!
• Youngjae and Jongup doing those bodyrolls and killing like every fan at the venue, thank you
• Later on they were dorks playing with a towel lol (I think it was those two, I couldnt see so well :c)
• Water guns!
• There were confetti (ok not confetti, paper…confetti thingies) machines too!
• It was LIT!
• Zelo and another member (couldnt see who) threw their towels full of sweat into the crowd
• Sources say that Yongguk said “Thank you” to every single fan at the high-touch event (which were like at least 600 fans)
• It was purely amazing and unforgettable!
• They all said they’d come again!

About the fans:
The Babyz I met there were super nice, I was supposed to go with friends but they arrived way sooner than me and I didnt find them and was very confused where to go and what to do, so when I asked another fan she came with me and helped me get my stuff (an album + poster) and figure out where to go. When I was standing in line (still no sight of my friends), I made friends with 5 other fans (of one which I already met when we were searching for the venue) and we enjoyed the concert together and had a great time!
The people there were really nice and it made the concert even more amazing! I’ll go again the next time they’re here!
(And then I’ll bring gifts too! There were boxes for gifts for the group and individual members, but I didn’t know so I didn’t bring anything ㅠㅠ)

I met Jon last night!

I went to the Tribeca Film Festival’s screening of the premiere of ‘Pilgrimage’ last night and to my surprise, Jon was part of the Q & A afterwards.  I was short on time because I had to make it over to a completely different theater for the screening of ‘Sweet Virginia’, but as I turned to leave my aisle, I see Jon standing right where I had to pass to leave.  He was talking to two people he knew, but I couldn’t miss my chance.   Quickly, I touched his shoulder and politely said ‘excuse me’.  He turned and we shook hands, I told him how great of an actor he was and that I was a big fan. He was so appreciative when he thanked me.  Then I went to walk away and he asked what my name was, and after I told him, he repeated it then said, “Hi, I’m Jon,” so sweetly (but Please! way to kill me, of course I know who you are).  I don’t even know what I said in reply, but then I touched his arm and just wished him the best which he sincerely thanked me again.  

It all happened so fast and the theater was still slightly dark so asking for a picture wasn’t in the cards, but I got (blurry lol) pictures of him at the Q & A!  OMG, HIS HANDS WERE SO SOFT!   And even though we all have heard it before or read it before,  just confirming what a total sweetheart he is.  SO gracious.  And to ask me my name even though I was making to leave, come on! I can’t deal with him. Honestly, so proud to be a fan of his. 

Bullied (Jimin)

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Genre: Angst Angsty angst angst

Word Count:1,397

Request: Can I please have an imagine where y/n is getting shit ton of hate and its the worst its ever been and she calls jimin saying she loves him and hangs up, and when the guys show them the comments they rush back to basically stop her from whatever she was trying to do to herself? Its angsty and triggering i know and im sorry

A/n: I hope you enjoy reading it! Sorry it took so long to write, and I hope it was exactly what you hoped for!~Joy

Warnings: Mentions of attempt Suicide 

Your phone kept ringing at work today, you knew what you should have done, shut down your phone and just continue to have a peaceful day at work, but you left it on. Some of your co-workers started to notice, asking  you about how your phone kept vibrating but you smiled and lied to them, saying it was just your boyfriend, Jimin, who was on a day off trying to get your attention. You wished you could tell them what was really going on, but they would just scold you saying that you were a child and not suitable to work at such a professional place because of drama you got stirred up in. They just laughed back, and smiled “Boyfriends are always so hectic” Minhee giggled, you only gave her a smile.

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For years i have been collecting evidence lol jk. I’m just going to be spamming you with a lot of experiences that occurred to me this past year.

This first one is when i first found out about Dean, i tell you fam i was obsessed. So i began following him on all his social media. Later on i saw his tour video from his youtube page, and found out he had come to chicago. So out of just curiosity i hit him up on the DM, just kidding on FB messanger. Asking when he will be coming again, and i almost died he replied in minutes!~ Fast forward guys we talked for 2 days, but i knew he was busy i only asked simply questions. I wanted to rap it up, with a thoughtful message in Korean. So i asked my Korean guy friend to translate what i ended up writing in English anyways because he gave me the wrong translation saying “i like to eat sh*t“ and more cant remember. Fam let me tell u i was so embarrassed, it wasn’t even about wanting to die, i was dead. I only realized my mistake when i had sent it and reread it, thanks to my limited ability to read and understand Korean. I rarely curse, but this day i cursed him out so bad, ah still makes me angry thinking about it. But the weird thing Dean laughed his so down to earth guys. In conclusion i ended up killing the conversation, but ladies u never know try hiting him up with a relevant question, not a random one lol. Alright will be back later to share with yall 💖💖

KM & BW: Lmao!!! that’s so funny omg, but Dean is so sweet, you’re so lucky!!

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OMG WHAT NOOooOooOoOOooOOooO , Stahp you’re making blush. WTH DHFFHJDKL what am I. I’m not that pretty bro. You can’t even see my face in that picture O.O and whuuuttt Jungkook sdgdhdjk?! #I lost all functionality lol #Your message was too sweet for me to handle :”)

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someone kill me

Ok so I was lying in my bed fooling around with my best gfriend, then I looked down to my Tablet and I saw a Le Duo’s gif where Josh was making the fool and Luke just fuckin’ annoyed

I said ‘’they remind me of us’’

She took my tablet from my hands and I accidentally changed the gif for a picture of Gaston and LeFou doing… Certain things…

(Not to mention they look like our genderbent version, lol)

She’s got it all wrong…

And I still want to dissappear from the face of Earth.

hasuyawwn, DO YOU KNOW. HOW MUCH I WANTED TO TELL YOU I WAS DRAWING THIS. But Alexie was like “noooo it must be a surPRISE or else I’ll sink your ship!” and so I held back. Very, very, very reluctantly.

And then she was like “you should wait until you see us next week,” but I can’t do it. Nope. Here. Look at it as I sob here in the corner.

I know, anything I can draw you can draw better, but… but… accept my humble offering of a late birthday gift, okay?


I’ll do better next year, I swear. OTL

TBBT: The Brain Bowl Incubation (10x8)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

First a confession. I’m not only a fan of TBBT and ShAmy, I am literally in love with Jim Parsons. 😍 I have a huge crush on him and not only think he is the sweetest, funniest and most amusing guy but also I find him extremely attractive. (And by extremely I actually mean HOT AF). 🔥 I’m just saying, unlike other reviews, this one will be very biased and subjective to my infatuation with him. So of course, I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! I enjoyed everything Shamy but was more than happy to finally have Raj in the limelight too.

1. Opening scene:

How cute were Sheldon and Amy “playing in the lab”. 😊 It’s so nice to see them spending time in something they both enjoy and love. I also love anytime Amy is in the lab. I think she looks “sexy scientist” adorable with her lab coat and hair pulled back. Go Amy!!! And the #ForScience reference, yay! Because we have now officially confirmed Sheldon gets turned on by science talk. Btw, have the writers been reading our Tumblr? 😒 

Umm, can we just take a moment (and a deep breath) to appreciate Sheldon’s arm porn! 😉 Woah!

2. Rajesh meets Isabella

Let me get all things Raj out there. I really appreciate the writers giving Raj a story line other than playing annoying third wheel to Howard and Bernie. FINALLY! 🙌 Seeing him in this episode reminds me just how talented Kunal is playing Raj and how many missed opportunities his character has had.  

I hurt for Raj. He’s a great guy. He goes out of his way to let the girl know his interested. (How sweet how he prepared dinner and took care of everything so Isabella could join him. Reminds me how he set up a date at the library with Lucy to make her comfortable with not talking). Raj is a such a sweet guy so its painful to watch at times. I really hope the writers are not setting him up for another failure. I liked Isabella, granted we don’t know much about her. But we know she is hard working, sharp and feisty. There is potential in that story line (as there has been with other of Raj’s girls). I just hope the writers can do it justice. Please? 🙏

I get the feeling Raj isn’t really free to be himself with the rest of the gang. He didn’t tell them about him breaking up with Emily and Claire and now he lied about Isabella. I knew his lie would catch up to him and after the experiences he just had with his previous relationships, he should know better than to start a potential relationship by lying since that’s exactly what got him in trouble the last time. It shows how immature Raj can be regarding relationships.

BTW, I feel the writers really didn’t wrap up these other story lines and its kind of disappointing. He now can talk to woman, but he is certainly clueless as to everything else.  

BONUS: Raj standing in the bathroom door and saying bye to Isabella “Just know every time I come in here, I’ll be thinking of you”. Lol! 😂😂😂 Poor Raj.

3. Sheldon is so ecstatic with his creation

How paternal is Sheldon going to be when he has children? 💖 He was so excited in the lab when Amy announced the experiment had worked he could barely stand still. And then he was bragging to Bernadette about their creation. He looks so proud every time he mentions one of the experiments achievements.

This episode brought back awesome memories when the group found out Sheldon had been speaking to Amy for 4 months and he said they had conversations about having a baby because they would create a superior genetic being.

In Sheldon’s words in season 4, “Amy pointed out that between the two of us, our genetic material has the potential of producing the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow”. 

Sheldon has always been interested in this but know he doesn’t want it formed in a test tube like in S4. He wants to do it the old fashioned way (coitus). In this episode they changed set and clothes, so this means that it happened over the course of few days (Sheldon referenced 36 hours). It means Sheldon had time to think about engaging in intercourse and grew more determined with each hour that went by. ⌚

If he knows him and Amy are eventually going to get married, why does he want to drop his underpants ASAP? Hmmm? Is it possible that Dr. Cooper just wants to be intimate with Amy just because? Otherwise, why would he track her cycle? 😉 Come on Sheldon. You know you want it. 

BONUS: Amy’s “Well I turned this one into a functioning boyfriend. So, sky is the limit”. 😂 Sheldon wasn’t even offended. Just check out his smile. It says “Yes, you did and I’m okay with that”.

4. Sheldon suggests the next step

Amy surely thought the next step was a replica of the study. But Sheldon’s suggestion… Oh my!!! How many of you had a tiny heart attack with the next line?

“We lock that door, drop our underpants a little and make a baby?”. OMG!!! 😲😲😲Then his eyes!!! His flirty smile!!! His eyebrows and the little nod! Amy’s face was a perfect reflection of my face too. Lol! Holy moley Sheldon! Are you trying to kill us?😵

I also caught him say “We need to stop for magnets on the way HOME”. He didn’t call it Penny’s apartment. Penny’s apartment looks less like her apartment. It’s tidy and her fridge pictures are gone. He doesn’t even mention his apartment. Home is know wherever he is with Amy. 🏠 

5. Flirty Sheldon

Let me just… ASDFGHGJIUHIKGTFDFGSDTJHM. 🙈 Daaaamn! Jim Parsons is one handsome man!!! He’s my GILF. You know, guy I’d like to… friend. Hahaha. 😹 Just kidding. Or maybe not, who knows. I know it’s meant to be Sheldon awkward and funny but it’s a tall order when the actor is so handsome. 😍 It is amusing to see Sheldon in this form. (I would love to see Amy like this too. We caught a glimpse with the Star Trek doctor uniform and Snow White. I though she was hot.)

So, Dr. Cooper pulled out all his tricks:

  • The ass. (Gosh Amy, slap it. It looks juicy.)
  • Needlessly and freakishly explicit talk. (Am I the only one wondering what he said? Talk dirty to me, Dr. Cooper.)
  • Rose petals, jazz music, candles and oysters (which is an aphrodisiac). 
  • His voice “Well, Hello.” (That’s the part my panties would have dropped without me touching them if I was Amy.
  • Sheldon’s hair, clothes, musk – in his inner thighs, and then stood, towering over her. (Ovaries explosion at this point).
  • “Anything you’d like to pet?” (Yes Sheldon!!! Yes! I can think of a few thing to pet. I’m sure there are many volunteers in the fandom. 🙋)

And Amy, hanging tight.

Finally, the Flamenco. Can we get a copy of the outtakes ASAP? Jim Parsons physical comedy is always wonderful to watch. 👏👏👏 He breaks out of his shell with these scenes. (Bazinga pool, anyone?) But its not all laughs, he has some moves. And his beautiful face, hoo! “You guys are aroused, right?” Yes, Sheldon. Many of us are. 😆

5. Okay, Amy. What gives?

It would be easy to say “wth Amy”. But I kind of get it. She is playing cool. 😎 She doesn’t want a baby now. They are just getting the hang of living together. And she know there is a ring. Also remember she couldn’t have predicted or expected this from her boyfriend. I love that the roles are reversed and its him chasing her. 👍💖😊 It was many years of seeing poor Amy in that awkward position. It’s good to have Sheldon have a taste of his own medicine. Aside, Amy must be thinking what the hell got into Sheldon. She must think this is some kind of joke. So I get it.  

That being said, it felt kind of out of character for our dirty, dirty, dirty girl. Which is why I lmbo when I saw her at the end all hot and flustered. 🙊That’s the Amy we know and love. 

This episode was just what I needed to get out of my post election blues. Many thoughts are lingering. Could coitus be coming soon for our favorite power couple? Can we get an update on the guys navigation system? Can we see Penny and Leonard doing something sweet, romantic and fun? And finally, how much Mayim has to be laughing with Jim’s antics while taping these episodes?

It’s a wrap for now but I’m so looking forward to next week. Jelly Shelly is a fave after Drunk Shelly. I think I’m going to go brush my teeth and call it a night ;) Good night fandom! Love you guys because you get my wicked sense of humor. Thank you for that.

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"I hate to do this but you need to choose between your best friend and your wife," Mycroft told John. "Why?" John asked. "I was afraid Sherlock would waste away without you but it's the opposite, he's been eating his feelings," Mycroft said showing John a recent picture of a three hundred pound Sherlock Holmes. "Him! I pick him!" John said quickly. "Excellent decision, since Mary works for Moriarty and he's just ordered her to kill you. He doesn't like fat Sherlock either."

Omg so much crack!! hahahahahaaha XD


Saw Colton last night! I was so surprised cause he graduated in the summer so i thought I’d never see him again haha. He was talking so close to me I thought he was gonna try to kiss me. He’s so attractive it kills me lol the pictures don’t do him justice. He was like “I really like your hair. Like you look really hot” omg lol. And he said he just got a job in Dallas & he’s like “I only got it cause of our speech class. You were just so good you inspired me. It’s all thanks to you” lol nerd. So then he said we should take a picture and there it is. He was all “you look beautiful, you make me look good”. Gaaawd lol. I asked for an ATO bid day shirt and he said he’d try to get me one & I was like okay I’ll text you about it tomorrow & we looked at each other like “bullshit” and he’s like “are you really gonna text me?” And I was like “yesss, are you gonna reply?” And he was said of course. So we’ll see. I really want a shirt lol. But it was good seeing him, I kinda miss being crazy about this guy haha

due to high demand, a collection of michael clifford

(lol not really like 1 person asked but I have nothing to do with my time)

look at this lil kitten

yas bitch rave time u wurk that guitar

this lighting makes his lips look so pretty omg

the iconic clifford the small brown kitten gif

so I searched “fetus michael clifford” and I was not disappointed

he actually kind of looks like my neighbor

I would like to thank jesus and whoever took this picture

this video killed me not going to lie

he reminds me of a dandelion

I cry

his smile is so beautiful and so was the fringe

a laughing dandelion

in conclusion, all I can say about mikey is what a babe






  • Barney doesn’t really change does he…
  • Marshall’s finally gonna be a judge!!
  • 1:45 am nothing good happens after 2 am!! (Except for Luke!)
  • I like Lily’s bangs. They’re cute.
  • Lily choking Barney “Haven’t you changed, even a little?” :(
  • “If it didn’t happen with Robin, then it’s not gonna happen with anyone.” D: NOOO stooop
  • “Can I please just be me” But you were only like that after Shannon dammit
  • Robots vs wrestlers
  • They’re still not married maybe that’s what they were talking about in Vesuvius!
  • Where’s Robin!?
  • Perfect week …
  • The Playbook II … “this is just too sad” yes it is!!
  • “Lily, just, okay?” Barney..
  • This keeps making me more and more sad IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A COMEDY
  • This posting and watching is easier than I thought
  • “That’s the dream!”
  • Robin finally..
  • Barney being a father is so weird and like idk it ruins everything I’m sorry it’s not what I was expecting at all and it’s so unexpected aoiwehfdslkn
  • Barney is killing me D:
  • “eeh, same ring” haha
  • Barney being dad-like omg
  • Robin’s back ok this is really killing me im crying now
  • Is anyone still alive cuz idk if I am
  • This is just awful… I’m just so angry this is not what I pictured at all
  • Not judge fudge, fudge supreme lol
  • Aaw the mother
  • ima die if she dies or if robin dies
  • wtf Ted asking Robin out are you kidding
  • this is the worst like it’s not even funny anymore
  • I’m crying NOT HAPPY TEARS
  • it’s cute to see the kids again but this is not cool
  • Robin’s short hair
  • Ted with the blue french horn this is the worst
  • im crying NOT HAPPY TEARS
  • I HATED THIS sorry guys

Hi, My name is Becky Mayowhitebread, and I’ve never really cared to give my opinion about Michonne. or visit her tags, or have anything to do with her really, up until now,  I see people talking about racism and makes uncomfortable sad. So I just had to come in your tags to tell you black girls that you’re wrong for thinking that Michonne not being shipped with Rick is racist. Like OMG I love Michonne and Rick is so evil. naughty, and bad  that I just can’t picture them together, because she deserves so much better! She should like be alone because she’s just too black awesome to ship!  Michonne is totally strong, totally bad ass and she doesn’t need a man. She likes killing walkers with her katana and being alone, plus in the comics Rick and Jessie, who is totally the standard of beauty in this world, get together. So like you should all just chill, lol,  because talking about racism is like totally racist! I’m so serious!  Not shipping a black woman with a white man doesn’t make you racist, like saying that Michonne isn’t pretty like the beautiful thin lipped milk-fed Jessie isn’t racist because it’s true, like if they don’t ship Richonne I could totes see her with Tyreese because he’s black like they totally had a thing in the comics, lol. So like let’s stop throwing around the word racist because it totally hurts peoples feelings and is bad. This is so important.

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I can just picture Louis and Liam texting each other stuff like 'omg bro out with the stunt girl rip me' and getting responses like 'bro sameee absolutely killing me but gotta love a free photoshoot amiright lol?' and then 'lol bro such a funny joke #saveus'

honestlyyyyy rip

“@RobertDowneyJr follow back? I LOVE YOU!!”

“@RobertDowneyJr if u dont follow me bak i swear i will kill my dog #notkidding”

“@RobertDowneyJr omg can u post a picture of ur son? HES SOOO CUTE”

“@RobertDowneyJr U SUCK AS IRON MAN”

“@RobertDowneyJr hey can i get an RT?”

“@RobertDowneyJr plz come to [insert country here]! I HOPE TO MEET YOU SOMEDAY!”

“@RobertDowneyJr i cant believe u did drugs when u were younger would be fun to smoke up with u sometime #lol”

His Twitter (or his Facebook, for that matter) is not an invitation for you to harass him. Just remember to show some respect. He tweets what he wants and follows who he likes. He knows you love him. He’s well aware of that. You don’t need to remind him every other hour. Nor will he follow you just because you asked. Let him be and we can all enjoy his tweets together.

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Hiiii! kkkkkkk Tao and chanyeol in that gif reaction made me fall on the floor with laughter kkkkk Can you do their reaction to them coming back to their dorm and finding a life-sized picture of themselves on the wall? (As if one of the other members was playing a prank)

Hiiiiiiii :) I’m glad you liked it! hahha

Lol I think this will be funny ;)


Lay: *looks at the picture like:

Suho: *Laughs while secretly planning how to kill all the other members*

Chen: *The next morning*

Chanyeol: *Who is this intruder*

Luhan (Ft. Sehun): *Afterwards* “Come here you piece of——-“

Sehun: Oh is that me? Oh I look so cute awwww so squishyyyy


Kris: …………………. *omg how did they find my pre-debut pictures*

Kai: *runs for his freaking life*

Tao: “Yea I know I know I’m about to enter the dorm I’ll get you your OH MY FREAKING” 


Hahahahahaa I had so much fun making this! Enjoy! xxx

I’m filling up the second page omg I’ve been searching through like four different tags for prom goers that posted their stuff, and there were a few on DA too! Phewwww so much research XD I also recorded everyone’s names so I can tag them on the picture post ^^

It’ll be all worth it. I want to do this for y'all. And if I miss someone or you want to be part of this but can’t draw, PLEASE let me know. It would kill me if I forget someone, I want to include everyone as much as I can.

Gonna get some sleep now! Tomorrow (today really lol) is G/t prom!! I won’t post these pictures until Sunday the 29th. But the deadline is the 29th, okay? I’ve been searching through different tags to search y'all out XD help me help you! I’m gonna say by 3 pm Central on the 29th. GOT IT :D

Love y'all and can’t wait to see if there will be more prom goers ^^