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The Boy Who Couldn't Get Out Of Her Head | Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: @celestial-writing
Warnings: none,cute fluff, some gore and violence
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2k
Request: none
AN: Hey! I’m Madi and this is my first imagine like ever! I really have to give a huge thank you and early/not early happy birthday to Steff, @dumbass-stilinski who literally supported me through this imagine and helped me edit! Also a huge thanks to my bestie, Camile, @minhosmeanhoe for supporting me all the way! Hope you guys like this and send requests if you guys want!


Stiles Stillinski.

(Y/N) couldn’t get that boy out of her head. Ever since meeting him at the homecoming dance when he was looking for Lydia when Peter took her. Since then he consumed her thoughts with that mischievous smile.

She walked to her locker, opening it to grab her books for the day, to only hear the laugh of Stiles Stillinski come her way. She smiled to herself and a took a deep breath in to calm her nerves, she knew Stiles didn’t have werewolf powers but when he was around her heart still raced around the boy she was in love with.

“Hey (Y/N)!” He hollered walking down the hallway, smirking as he leaned next to her on the lockers.

“Hey Stiles, what’s up?” She said happily and looked at him but saw his gaze stuck on Lydia, and she didn’t want to know what the strawberry blonde was doing to catch his gaze this time. She let out a sigh and shut her locker which took him out of him trance.

“N-nothing much. You know…” he stumbled in his words, scratching the back of his head. “But I have been looking in my dad’s office..”

She raised her eyebrows in a motherly manner. “Define ‘looking’, Stiles.”

“Well I have been sneaking around in my dad’s office but there’s been some weird stuff going on by this old warehouse…supernatural stuff. I thought it would be good investigate the place, it could be a portal to an alternate universe for all we know?.” Which caused her to let out a chuckle from the rambling that came out of those pretty pink lips she had her eyes trained on.

“Wanna check it out with me after school?” He asked raising an eyebrow and giving her a big smile, making her heart flutter.

“What about Scott?” She said confused at first, Stiles always having his escapades with his best friend of an Alpha. They were always together at the hip, well until Allison came around.

“I didn’t ask him, (Y/N).” Stiles said with a smirk, which made her bite her lip.

“Uh huh, and you didn’t ask Lydia either?” She asked with a slight hint of jealously. Other than Scott, Stiles was also with Lydia, the girl he was hopelessly in love with and she never gave him the time. It hurt how much she liked, scratch that, loved Stiles and she knew he wouldn’t even have feelings for her back because of Lydia. But she wouldn’t let her nightmarish reality get in the way of spending anytime with Stiles.

“Nope. Do you want to go with me or no?” He asked looking a little nervous. She smiled and nodded, a smile appearing from the tired boy in front of her.

“Good! See ya later!” He gave you a peck on the cheek and ran to his next class. She stood in the middle of the hallway, stunned by what happened and slowly headed to class, still in shock that Stiles Stillinski just kissed her on the cheek. Yes, it may of been on the cheek but it was a lot for her. She thought it over in English class and then shook it off just thinking it was a friendly thing, right? It had to be, he was in love with Lydia, he had to be…

After the whole school day went through it’s course, she met Stiles at his baby blue jeep named Roscoe. Stiles ran over to her, tripping over the hood of the car and almost falling on her to open the door of Roscoe for her.

“I-I could of opened the door..” she said trying not to laugh at what the scene he just made.

“What kind of gentleman would I be?” He replied giving a wink and a blush started to creep up her neck.

He walked back over and hopped into the jeep and they started on there way to the warehouse. He turned on the radio to some sort of old rock station and let it play in the background as they passed all the forest scenery around them.

She looked over at him, staring at him a second, memorized by the scattered moles across his face. Then her eyes caught down to see his pink plump lips, just thinking of him pulling over and pressing his lips to her own.

“Hey?” He spoke loudly to her, waving his hand in front of her face, pulling her away from her trance. “(Y/N), are you okay?”

“Y-yeah? Sorry just thinking?” She mumbled causing her to blush. Embarrassed about her own thoughts and what just happened, she mentally scolded yourself. Stiles was still in love with Lydia, what even gave you the idea he would ever be even interested with her. Lydia was the perfect strawberry blonde girl of his dreams and she was just the girl he hung out with at pack meetings and worked on assignments.

“Okay…well we’re here.” He mumbled softly, giving her a worrying look which left a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. She opened the door of the jeep and walked back to see Stiles with two bats in his hand.

“His and Hers bats of course.” He said to her, breaking the silence with a genuine smile and handing her a bat, which made her laugh. She shut the door to Roscoe and they made their way to the abandoned building. They passed the large symbol cut into the side of the warehouse and entered the building, her grip on the baseball bat tightened.

“Stiles, what did you find out about this warehouse in your dad’s office?” She asked slightly scared, as she heard scratch marks down the sides of the walls, which caused Stiles to grab (Y/N) hand.

“This use to be an old distillery, abandoned for awhile until my dad found a dead body cut in half and decapitated here a couple years ago…” he looked at her slightly nervous. Her breath hitched when he grabbed her hand but the scratches kept coming closer.

“Then ‘animal attacks’ started again…” he whispered.

“Stiles I think we should go.” She said scared.

“Yeah. We should go.” He nodded in agreement and started to pull her in the direction of the car.

“Not so fast little ones..” Kali groweled behind them, her red alpha eyes gleaming and teeth bared. She felt Stiles death grip her hand as she started to breathe heavier and she dropped the bat out of pure fear. (Y/N) never really fought with the pack, she just helped figure things out with Stiles and Lydia, so she was terrified and Stiles knew that.

“Get back.” Stiles spoke sternly, trying to hide the fear in his voice, raising the bat up in front of them. “O-or I’ll hit you with the bat!”

She laughed right in there faces, her claws extended and ready to rip them into little pieces. “You kids picked the wrong place to make out.”

(Y/N) and Stiles could barely react before Kali ran up and slashed (Y/N) in the face, knocking her down the floor and losing her grip on Stiles’ hand. He gasped and yelled out her name before gripping his bat and swinging it at Kali who dodged it and swiped her foot at Stiles. He swung his bat again towards her and hit her side, making her stumble. (Y/N) tried to get up, she lost her bat when she first saw Kali. She looked around for Stiles but blood covered her eye as it gushed out of the wound. She tried to get up but failed from the dizziness, only be grabbed by a pair of hands with claws at her throat. Kali gripped her throat and Stiles looked at them fearful, almost tearing up, thinking (Y/N) could be killed. He held his bat tighter, ready to attack her to get (Y/N) back.

“Hit me Stiles, I dare you, but if you do….sweet little (Y/N) gets her throat slashed. You trespassed alpha property and I’m not that merciful.” Kali dug her claws into (Y/N) throat starting her to gurgle slightly from the pain.

“D-don’t h-hurt her! T-take me okay, let her go!” He stuttered, looking scared out of his mind. He dropped the bat, his hands shaking just hoping Kali would let her go.

“Now what fun would that be?” She smiled and then loud growl came behind them, which (Y/N) couldn’t see how it was because she passed out in Kali’s arms from the blood she loss from the wound on her head and the punctures in her throat.

She thought she would wake up in the abandoned warehouse, not in Stiles’ arms in the back of his baby blue jeep as was softly running his hands threw her hair and adjusting the blanket he had wrapped around her.

“S-Stiles?” She whispered softly, opening her eyes to feel pain all over her head and throat, knowingly they were taken care of by feeling the soft bandages on her skin.

He shook out of his daze and looked at her relieved. “You’re awake…t-thank god.”

“Stiles what happened to Kali?” She whispered, confused about the whole ordeal.

“I texted Derek where we were before we even went there, so he took care over…she left when Derek got there. I didn’t know Kali was there or that was her territory…(Y/N) I’m so sorry. I never meant you to get hurt..” he told to her softly, looking into her eyes meaningfully.

“Stiles it’s okay..” she said softly as she went to hold Stiles hand which laced with hers.

“It’s n-not okay (Y/N), I could’ve got you killed…just because I wanted to impress you…I’m so sorry (Y/N).” he admitted to her, his gaze turning away from hers. She looked at him confused and put her hand under his chin and pulled his gaze back to hers.

“Why would you want to impress me?” She asked confused, still thinking Stiles was madly in love with Lydia.

“Because being with you these last couple of months, I have developed such deep feelings for you, j-just thinking about you with anyone else…well I really couldn’t think of it..” he admitted to me, his eyes watered down slightly from all the emotion filling the room.

“Stile-” she said but was quickly cut off by Stiles.

“(Y/N), when Kali was going to k-kill you, I knew if it happened I could never live with myself b-because I love you…” he whispered.

All the breath was taken out of her lungs and she felt her heart start to beat against her chest. The boy she loved had the same feelings she had for him. The boy who tried to protect her against the Alpha and put his life on the line for her.

“I love you too, Stiles..” she admitted and she gently put her hand on his cheek and pulled him down to press her lips against his. He didn’t do anything for a second before slowly moving against hers. They stayed like that for awhile, just kissing and pulling each other closer without trying to touch the injuries,
until Scott opened the door and they quickly pulled apart.

“O-oh sorry guys, ruined a moment, didn’t I…uh Deaton wants to see you, (Y/N)..” Scott said embarrassed for ruining the moment and scratched the back of his head. Stiles gave him a slight glare and (Y/N) chuckled. She slowly got up with the help of Stiles and walked inside of the animal clinic.

(Y/N) almost died today, was terrified out her mind, and now had a great story to tell to the pack, but even after all of that, she learned that the boy of her dreams loved her back. Now Stiles would never get out of her head, but that wasn’t too bad in her case.

Don’t let me go



Au: Grim Reaper,demon


A/n: Let me tell you,I am inspired from Goblin. Watch this drama. Is the holy drama. This is the first part of a little Jungkook series. Also the different religions reading this.I tried to keep the religion matter as neutral as possible. If you believe that this is written with a bad thought in mind or to offend someone it is not. Thank you.


I am the person you are afraid from. I am the one with the skeleton body,black robe and а reaping hook. You mortals thought that I look like a skeleton simply because I deal with the dead. This is soo wrong. I am like the most handsome, funny man ever. You living people think everything that is dead is ugly and rotten. Hell( hell is mine creation actually. Its a piece of art) no. I am,however,prehaps rotten and dead. Inside. Inside the cage of my heart. The muscle which is supposed to pump adrenaline through my body. The muscle giving me life,love and so much more. But no. This place is empty and had been abounded centuries ago. The curse killed me a long time ago.

Things go way back in time.

I once had a wife. A very beautiful woman called Lydia. She was my whole life. I was a simple man. A sheppard. My biggest concern was if I will be able to go home on time to hug her before she closes her eyes to fall in beautiful peaceful sleep.

As always life decided to fuck everything up. God said it was time for war and suddenly my biggest concern became the smallest out of them all. Everything I had,I had to give up. It was my duty to fight for my country as a man. I fought many battles. Those in higher ranks saw potential in me and after eleven battles I became a commander. On the battlefield before what we hoped was the last battle. Ready to fight,not ready to die. I prayed like every other selfish human being that I’ll give up everyone and everything,just God let me live. Those words were the last words some people heard and the ones that left my lips before I shouted “For His majesty.” I killed many people in the battle and almost got killed more times than I can remember. But I survived. The last one to survive. The smell of Death was in the air. My breath was fading away. Youcould barely see it. My eyes started to tear up from the mixture of fear,the feeling of finally letting go and a scared scream from the consequences ahead in time. Suddenly a bright light blinded my swollen from crying eyes. And I met God. A nice man,looking trustworthy,someone who I never thought was actually real. He told me my wife,my parents, my sheeps,they were killed. That I made a choice. That I killed them when I was being selfish. My will for life,killed those who made me want to live. Lost in my fear and regret which were suddenly put upon me,I was ready to pull out the weapon and just kill myself. The man stopped my sword from moving through the flesh and stop my heart. God looked at me and told me “If you leave this Earth and become invisible as if you never existed,I will bring everyone you want back. Your family will live. Lydia will breath. I need a helper. Someone who will deal with the dead and will help them go in the afterlife. You will become the Grim Reaper. My right hand.” I was being offered a choice which wasn’t actually much of a choice. He was offering me to become a ghost. But for the sake of my love I was ready to do anything and everything. “Why are you Sir offering me this? Why me?” “You are a good man. But the sin of being selfish is a strong one. I see in your eyes love. This will be your curse. Love will be your pleasure and curse. The last man standing. The one who will walk this Earth way longer than anyone. Collecting grief and love. At the end of the day you will always be alone.” I became a sinner for wanting to live. I killed everything I believed in. But Immortality didn’t sound all that bad after all. Dealing with the dead also wasn’t a price high enough that I can’t pay for Lydia. The hesitation left me and my hand grabbed his. It was me or Lydia and my family. “Okay. Do this.” Just like that my existence was erased from the face of Earth,my name wasn’t remembered as the last commander alive,the war was doomed a fail and soon there were only the families of the dead and the memories of them to be remembered. Personally I assisted all of them in the after life making them forget the one they had been living in order for a new one to be born. But for the living organisms I was invisible,not existing. A myth surrounded by mystery. There were several cases in which people had been ablen to see me. You usually cab unless you had the vision or you were dead. And so for centuries I have met all kinds of death and people. Helping them go where their souls belong. My face haven’t aged a day since I gave my soul. A twenty years old is what you’ll see if you were able to.


“Jungkook” I heard in the distance waking me from my retrospective daydream. “Yes?” I turned my head nearly hitting my forehead in one of the lamps of the nice white office. “There is something I need to tell you.” It is a full miracle. My boss is usually quiet and doesn’t have the need to see me unless it was something urgent going on in the underworld. I have known him for so many centuries that is almost not imaginable. However today there wasn’t anything special going on in my part of the holy world. “Do you remember when I took you under my wing?” the sudden questoon caught me offguard. So being little surprised the answer rolled of my lips “Of course I do.” how can I forget anyway? My heart will never forget. My Lydia. Her smile,her heart of gold. And my selfish wish which killed us. “There is something I didn’t tell you back then. One day your savior will be born. A person who will reverse the curse you caused on yourself. She will heal your wounds and you will become mortal again. She will give you the chance to live. When you die as a mortal I will give you the choice to either become the Reaper and never be able to find hope again or this time go to Heaven.” Speechless probably would’ve explain it. But it can’t. Hope? Being able to live? I have been living wihout hope so many centuries. Evryday I have been holding on the simple fact that there is hope or happy ending for me. Now after 1000 years he decides to tell me that there is someone on this planet who can cure me. My emotions are too strong. The anger boiled. The fear entered the dusted chamber of my heart. Hope started to creep out of its dungeon somewhere deep inside of me. Why didn’t he told me this earlier? Why was I living without hope all this time? Where is she? How old is she? She can be dead by now.

“Why do you tell me this now?” my voice was deadly low. I was in a position to shout,however I didn’t want to lose all my cool at once. “Was I not good enough to be told this earlier? Was I unloyal? Have I ever done something to make you doubt me? I created Hell and Heaven and made them absolutely perfect. The department of Reapers is so big that I barely have to go out now. Don’t tell me I didn’t deserve to know the truth.” I admit I did lost my cool. I was shouting and destroying whatever was around me. Angry tears were falling down my sharp cheekbones. “No you were. You finished absolutely mesmerizing job at what you were doing. Jungkook-a, tell me honestly if I had told you centuries ago,you wouldn’t have searched for her. Tell me you would’ve done your job the same way.” although angry,I knew he was right. Nothing ffrom what I’ve created probably wouldn’t have been even an idea in my head. The Earth was going to be small. I would’ve searched under every rock,in every village,city,country and continent. One thing I couldn’t understand was “Why telling me now?” “Because she has been born. The person who is going to bring you back is born. And her name is y/n. The Grim Reaper’s Bride.


"Are you the Grim Reapers wife?” a ghost whispered in mine ear. She was a rather beautiful ghost. A girl not bigger than me. But this question… If I collected a dollar for everytime I had to answer it,by now I wouldn’t be going to school. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.” “Oh…it’s true. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Bye.” “Wait. Talk to me.” but it disappeared. Good job Y/N. 

The Grim Reapers wife.



You forgot something. (StilesxReader)

A/N: This is my first one-shot of Stiles, and I’m excited! Thank you so much to Eli aka  @credxncebarebone who’s always there to help me with my writing, ily

warnings: none

prompt: For the last day of lacrosse week! this goes to @sarcasticallystilinski   and @rememberstilinski I hope you guys like it

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

Stiles is too hot to be true.

It’s not like I think he’s a perfect human, I’m aware of his awkwardness, and how clumsy can be, but damn, this boy is killing me.

We’ve been friends since forever, and believe it or not I didn’t use to have a crush on him, this happened a few months ago before he broke up with Malia.

“So, you two are a thing now?” I asked, sitting next to him while he stared at the werecoyote, a small smile on his lips.

“I guess… I mean, I never asked but she seems to be ok with us… being a thing, ya know?” He shrugged “It’s weird”

“You’re weird” I smirked “and lucky. She cares about you a lot”

I patted him on the shoulder, he whimpered at my touch and I remembered that he had an injured on his shoulder, he refused to tell me how did he injure, and I was growing worried by the minute.

“Stiles, you need to tell me what happened to your shoulder”

“It’s nothing, ok?” he mumbled, grabbing my hand and giving me a sad smile.

A week passed and he didn’t look better at all, it was driving me insane and I didn’t know what to do.

Scott and Stiles argued, something about killing Donovan, and I couldn’t believe when he admitted all, he said that everything was true.

“Scott, say you believe me” Stiles looked broken, so empty that I knew he felt like shit and he wanted to be forgiven.

But there was nothing to forgive.

Scott didn’t say a word, he went back inside and left me and Stiles, or at least what was left of him.

He turned around avoiding my gaze, and I couldn’t stand it anymore, it was too much.

“I believe you, Stiles” Although it came out as a whisper, it was loud enough for him to hear it.

“Why?” He choked, I didn’t realize he was crying until he turned once more, his eyes red and tired.

“Because you’re my best friend, and I know you” I walked closer, standing right in front of him and looking into his hazel eyes, a strange feeling building in the pit of my stomach.

“I’ve killed people, y/n” The rain was so strong that he almost screamed the last part “I might be human, but I’m not better than the beast”

“How can you say that?” I was on the verge of tears, scared of what he could do if I leave him alone “Stiles, you’re not evil nor a killer, you’re my best friend”

“You deserve better friends” he tried to turn his back on me, I grabbed his arm and walk even closer than I was before, only inches apart from his face.

“I have exactly what I deserve” I mumbled, brushing my nose against his, my heart beating so fast that I’d have sworn Scott heard it “which is a kind, funny, supportive best friend like you, who needs my help more than anything right now, so I’m not going anywhere”

“I think you should, I’m not good enough for you or Malia”

Then I remembered- Malia and Stiles were a thing, they loved each other and I was trying to get in the way, even if it was unintentional, what kind of friend was I?

I stepped back, embarrassed for whatever I was doing and feeling like the worst person in the world.

“Well, you’re wrong” I grumbled, trying to control my heartbeat “and there’s nothing you can say to change that, so shut up and take me home”

I quickly walk to his jeep and climbed into the passenger’s seat, waiting for him nervously.

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Derek Hale’s Mature Female Friend

Originally posted by teenwolfmen

Summery: Peter tells Stiles about Derek’s old friend, the girl he stole from his nephew when they were younger.

Authors: @bonniebird and @daddyobrienx

Stiles almost crashed into Peter as the huge wolf stopped in the door way and chuckled, not even flinching when a gun was pointed at him.

“Oh hello (Y/N), what a surprise.” Peter sounded anything but surprised. “If you’re going to pretend to kill me again could we do it quickly, Derek’s got himself in a mess and I’m trying to be helpful.” Peter’s sighed had Stiles curiously peaking at the person holding the gun and his mouth dropped open at the sight.

“You’re still an ass.” You snapped and Peter chuckled.

“Hmm yes but you love my ass.” When he smirked, you clicked the gun and Peter quickly put a hand up and lowered your arm. “We both know you won’t shoot me so why don’t you run along and make nice with your hunter friends and see if you can’t find Derek for me.”

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Or Else I'll Argue With You

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia are fighting and the rest of the pack purposefully lock them in a closet to sort their differences. Stydia make up with apologies and smutty closet sex in the midst of the packs return

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Romance, Established Relationship

Author: eyasilvers

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All-Time Favourite Ships!

From books, movies, Broadway, and TV shows!

(list not in any particular order and may contain spoilers).

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffen from The 100 (TV)

Okay, I know I said that the list is in no particular order, but this ship is my all time OTP since I started watching The 100. And I can’t sleep at night knowing that they are not officially canon yet, even if it was pretty clear in Praimfiya that it will be endgame! So exited for their reunion in Season 5. I spend hours on end reading Bellarke fan fiction all day, every day. And Bellamy is my baby and I love his so much. And I can’t wait to see how he is after the six-year time jump on the show. Sometimes, I think that I watch the show just for these two.

2. Haleb: Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers from Pretty Little Liars (TV)

Again, like I said that this list is in no particular order, this ship would defiantly be in my top 5. Anyway, I still have to properly sit down and watch Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars so don’t spoil anything for me. Haleb in my opinion, is the best ship on this show, but I think towards the early seasons I used to ship Ezria more but when Caleb showed up with his long hair, I died. And therefore, they became my favourite ship. I remember, I put watching the show on break after Caleb left to do his own show is either season 3 or 4, I don’t remember exactly. But yeah, these two are pretty cute together and I hope it stays that way.

3. Stydia: Stiles Stilinksi and Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, again, probably in my top 7. So, the thing with Stydia is that they dragged it out for so long that the anticipation killed me. But I love them still so much. And Dylan O’Brian is just on a different level of awesomeness (and cuteness). And Lydia, even though she used to annoy me at first, and Teen Wolf is probably not my favourite TV show, but it’s still good, and Lydia’s character started to grow on me and I need to catch up on Season 6, (don’t judge me guys, the past few moths for me have been really busy) and I just recently started to watch this show, like maybe two years ago, but still, love love love.

4. Linctavia: Lincoln and Octavia Blake from The 100 (TV)

Okay, so another The 100 ship, but oh my lord I scream every time someone mentions them! They are so adorably cute and the flyest of power couples who don’t give a damn about what people think. And every time I think of Lincoln, I just might well cry because he didn’t deserve what he got. Fucking Pike. I’m glad Octavia killed him. And the song to which Lincoln dies to, and the one where Octavia’s scream and cries are kinda muffled, it’s called Cloud by Elias, and it’s in my playlist and then I have a mini breakdown when it comes on and think of Lincoln falling on his knees in the tiny puddle and Octavia and I just cry a little more on the inside. Anyway, probably the best couple to ever exist on the show and maybe even ever in this whole damn world. They were so fucking badass together, I loved every minute of it.

5. Sciles: Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, so this is like my favourite BROTP of all eternity. I just think that their relationship is so cute and how much they care about each other, and the hug in season 3 is my everything, ahhh, I just love them so much it hurts. And throughout the show we can see their friendship grow even though they have been friends since they were little. Damn, I wish I had a friendship like that. 

6. Chair: Charles “Chuck” Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (TV)

Ahhh, Blair and Chuck, Chuck and Blair! I don’t think anyone will ever know how happy I was when the endgame for their endgame actually happened. Honestly, I was rooting for them since Blair’s birthday episode in the first season, even when everyone was after Nate and Blair, but no, not gonna happen. I just thought that Nate was very innocent and nice for Blair. Blair needed someone like Chuck and I don’t think anyone ever loved anyone else as much as Chuck loves Blair. I love them, they are so perfect for each other, with their games. I wish I had a Chuck. Blair’s lucky. Haha.

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Betrayed - Theo Raeken Imagine

Prompt: your in Scott’s pack and the dread doctors recently turn you and end up being a failure. And the pack are helping you out. And Theo brings you back when they kill you and Theo expects you to be in his pack and do all these things for him. But you say your in Scott’s pack and that will never change. And he gets mad and threatens you but your not scared of him and yea. Thanks

Word Count:


**1 month ago**

“Y/N maybe you shouldn’t come tonight” Scott said

“What why?” I asked shocked

“We don’t know what we’re dealing with yet” Malia said

“We just don’t want you to get hurt” Stiles said putting a hand on my shoulder

“But you guys know I can defend myself right, I’m a hunter, Allison was a hunter she would always go, I’m going”

“She does have a point” Lydia said

*fighting the dread doctors*

Malia was fighting The Surgeon, Scott was fighting The Pathologist and Liam was fighting The Geneticist. Scott was thrown against a brick wall pretty hard and I saw the Pathologist walk towards Lydia and Stiles but he was soon kicked in the stomach by Malia. 

As they were fighting Scott started to fight the Surgeon. The Pathologist defeated Malia and started walking towards Lydia and Stiles so I started shooting at it with the arrows. He turned around and it started coming towards me. Malia still wasn’t up and I had to fight it so I got knives that I had in my boots and started to try and fight it.

“Y/N don’t!” I heard Scott yell and I was thrown against the wall as well Scott was thrown again, and then Liam was too.

I felt two people grab me and put me on my knees. I heard the noise they made through their masks. Suddenly I felt them push my head back and needle injecting me. The person who injected the needle in me was Theo. I didn’t even know he was there.

“Theo no” Stiles and Lydia yelled

When they noticed that it didn’t turn me into a Chimera they declared me a failure and killed me then and there.

The last thing I had seen was the look on everyone’s faces including Theo’s who looked shocked. Lydia who was on the verge of tears was being hugged by Stiles, Liam, Scott and Malia all had the look on their face as if they were blaming themselves for what happened. Theo didn’t think they’d kill me at all as I heard him yelling at the doctors before I fell to the floor and I was gone.


“You did this to me Theo” I yelled at him

“Yeah but I also brought you back when they killed you” He yelled back at you “This means I need you to be in my pack”

“What if I don’t want to Theo do you not understand that they killed me because of you! You took me away from Scott’s pack to be in yours and now I’m back with Scott and that’s not going to change” 

“Listen you’re either with me or I can kill you Y/N” he said with anger in his voice

“You don’t scare me!” I said through gritted teeth and he scoffed

“Really who’s going to protect you huh? Scott? Lydia? Liam? Stiles and his bat?”

“I think you must’ve forgotten that I came from a family of hunters, I know how to defend myself.”

“Really because it didn’t seem like that a month ago when you died”

“They told me they weren’t going to kill you, just know that if they betray you I won’t be here for you”

“They would never betray me, they’re not you” and with that I left.


Hope you like it! Ask box is open for imagines or if you’d like to just talk! I might publish another imagine tomorrow. 

Riding the Storm - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @writing-obrien

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Peter Hale

Word Count: 5104

Notes: Mentions of sex, mentions of nudity, swearing (twice I think?), angsty. I recommend listening to this song while reading.

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Fixed - Prologue

A/N: Eep! I’m so excited! Without further ado here is the prologue of Fixed, the sequel to Heart!

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It was the last day of school at Beacon Hills High School, the day that I had finally gotten back from San Francisco, sporting a new wound and bump just under my left collar bone.

We had just pulled into the driveway as I practically flew out of the back seat and ran into the house that I had missed oh so much all the way up to my room, flopping down on my bed before I began to laugh at myself.

“And what could possibly so funny?” My dad asked as he lugged my suitcases into my room.

“I’m just so happy to be home!” I exclaimed and my dad laughed as he sat down next to me. “When can I go see Scott and Stiles?”

“It’s the last day of school, right?” He asked and I nodded vigorously causing him to laugh and hand me the keys to the Charger. “I’ll call in a few pizza’s to Scott’s”

I grinned as I grabbed the keys from my dad, kissing his cheek and running down the stairs and out the door, trying not to speed as I drove to my wolfy friend’s house, trying so desperately to keep our tradition of hanging out at Scott’s and playing video games well into the night.

I pulled up the curb at Scott’s and raced to the door, ringing the doorbell obnoxiously until Melissa answered the door with a slightly annoyed expression, but that vanished and was replaced with a smile when she saw me, engulfing me in a hug, being very gentle of my still sore incision.

“Mom, who is it?” I heard Scott say and Melissa pulled away.

“Their in the living room.” She whispered to me and I nodded, sneaking into the room where my boys were set up, staring at the TV.

“Mom?” Scott asked over his shoulder, eyes still glues to the game.

“Guess again.” I said and they both whipped around at the sound of my voice.

“Liv!” They both shouted as they ran over and practically tackled me in a hug.

“Gentle!” I shouted as Scott almost collided with my left shoulder and he stopped short, delicately wrapping his arms around me.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you were coming home today?” Stiles asked, looking at me in a way that made my heart melt, but I ignored it, this was not the time.

“I wanted to surprise you.” I said, smiling at both of them.

“Well, you definitely did. Now, let’s see it!” Stiles exclaimed and I laughed, flashing back to when Scott got bit. I pulled at my collar, making the red mark and slight bulge visible.

“Does it hurt?” Scott asked with his brow furrowed and I nodded.

“But on the bright side, only two more weeks until I can lift heavy things and raise my arm above my shoulder!” I exclaimed with a grin and my boys laughed at me. “But enough about me, look at you guys! Scott, you cut your hair! And Stiles, no more buzz cut?”

“Look at us? Look at you! Talk about long hair!” Stiles said, causing my heart to flutter slightly and Scott cocked his head at me, eyes widening.

“Alright, enough about that, my dad called pizza for us and I literally have not played any video games for three months.” I said, almost successfully changing the subject. Stiles smiled and went to set up another controller for me, I went to follow but Scott held me back, pulling me into the hallway.

“Do you like Stiles?” He asked and I bit my lip, looking at my feet before looking up at him through my lashes and nodding.


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“Stiles, where are we going?” I whined from the backseat for the millionth time as Stiles drove down a road in the middle of nowhere, causing Scott to laugh.

“It’s a surprise.” He groaned back at me.

“Come on, you know I hate surprises!” 

“Well you’re gonna love this one.” Scott assured me and I huffed, crossing my arms and throwing myself against the backseat, I hate surprises.

The sun was setting by the time that Stiles parked Roscoe in the middle of an open field and stumbled out of the driver’s seat, Scott and I following him to the trunk where there was a massive box of fireworks along with a pile of logs and kindling.

“No way!” I exclaimed, a grin stretching across my face.

“Told you you’d love it.” Scott said with a smile.

“Come on Liv, it’s the Fourth of July! Did you think that we were just gonna sit around all night?” Stiles asked me and I shrugged.

“I honestly had no clue what we were doing this year.”

Scott and Stiles set up a small fireworks show while I was in charge of setting up the blanket, cooler and the speakers, connecting them to my iHeartradio and playing Today’s Hits.

After the boys had finished setting up the fireworks, Scott used the logs to build us a small fire just as the sun had finished sinking below the horizon.

“Are you ready?” Scott asked and I nodded vigorously, leaning into Stiles’s shoulder as Scott ran down and lit the fuze before using his wolf speed to run back to us in record time, not even missing a second of the show.

I saw Scott glance at Stiles and I from the corner of his eye, letting a smirk slip for only a second as Stiles wrapped his arm around my shoulders, causing me to blush. 


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“Are you going to tell him?” Scott asked me as we sat on the sand behind my parent’s beach house.

“Are you kidding me? I’m never gonna tell him, my unrequited love has an unrequited love of his own.” I sighed, resting my head on Scott’s shoulder as we stared at the water.

“Wait, you love him?” He asked, shocked.

“Yeah, I guess I always have. I just didn’t realise it until I saw him and Lydia together at the dance.” I said and Scott just put a comforting arm around my shoulders, neither of us said a word, but we knew that we were there for eachother, especially when it came to affairs of the heart.

I knew that giving Allison the space that she asked for killed Scott and that all summer he had been dying for anything from her, but nothing came. She had texted me a few times while I was in San Francisco, but I had also gotten nothing from her all summer and it made me miss her even more.

“So, when are you going to get your tattoo?” I asked.

“I don’t know, probably before the end of summer. Why?” Scott asked, glancing down at me.

“I think I want one too.”

McCall Pack Texts

A/N Okay, so this is my first time posting on here, I’ve been writing for a while now, I have a wattpad account and all that good stuff. Hope you go and check it out. Uh, this is going to be a short one. It’s text between the McCall Pack, including my OC George Hunt.

Pairing: George x Stiles

No hate please


<<<Scott added Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Kira, Mason, Liam, and Malia to the group chat>>>

Scott: Sup guys!

Stiles: Hey bro!

Lydia: Hey

Malia: Hello

Liam: Wat up?

Mason: Hey

Allison: Hi

Lydia: Wat R u guys doin’

Scott: Nothin special

Allison: I was watching a currently paused movie

Liam: lol

Stiles: Wat movie???

Allison:…..uh that’s between me and the movie

Lydia: Now I’m intrigued, wat is it?


Stiles: Come on Ali!

Allison: No -_-

Malia: Why???

Scott: ^

Allison: Because it’s embarrassing.

Kira: What’s so embarrassing about it???


Lydia: We promise we won’t laugh

Stiles: Speak 4 ur self

Lydia: Shut up Stiles

Allison: Fine. It’s Aladdin


Scott: ^

Allison: See? Now I bet you guys are laughing

Kira: Not laughing, just surprised

Liam: Yea

Scott: ^

Stiles: Lmao

Scott: Stiles!

Lydia: Really??

Stiles: What?

Allison: Let’s talk about something else

Malia: Like what?

Mason:  Life?

Stiles: Do you have one?

Lydia: Do you?

Scott: XD

Stiles: Wow…that hurt

Lydia: Oh, you’ll get over it

Scott: I think I have an idea on who should I add

Mason: Who?

Lydia: ???

<<<Scott added Isaac to the group chat>>>

Stiles: NOOO!!

Isaac: Nice to feel welcomed

Stiles: Shut up Scarf Man

Isaac: Wow very original Stiles

Scott: I sense sarcasm

Scott: Has Stiles been rubbing off on you?

Isaac: Probably

Lydia: Stiles play nice

Malia: You guys literally disagree over everything

Kira: ikr

Liam: Someone’s missing from all of this

Kira: You’ve felt it too??

Mason: Who would that be??

Scott: I think I know who u guys talkin bout’


Scott: *rolls eyes* No not him

<<<Scott added George to the group chat>>>

George: Sup

Allison: George!!!!

Liam: That’s whose missing

Mason: There’s our girl!!

Stiles: *clears throat* Ahem, my girl not your girl

Lydia: Ooh, better back off Mason

George: HardyHarHar, no fighting over me. There’s plenty of me to share around

Kira: lol

Allison: I SHIP STEORGE!!!

George: What?

Stiles: ?

Lydia: Really Al?

George: What’s a ship??

Scott: She put your names together

George: Clever….?

<<<Stiles changed George’s nickname to georgiebae>>>

Kira: Awww!

Stiles: Love U Bae

Liam: It’s about to get mushy

Scott: Tell me about it

Stiles: Your just jealous

Scott: Of what??

Allison: Steorge

Scott: Stop with the ship names!!

GeorgieBae: I’m going to excuse the fact that you nicknamed me Georgie and just move on to the mushy part: LOVE U

Malia: XD

Allison: Lmao

Isaac: Hehehe, Georgie

GeorgieBae: I will kill you

Stiles: Nobody can call her Georgie but me

GeorgieBae: No

Stiles: WHY NOT?????


Scott: You let your brother call you Georgie?

GeorgieBae: I don’t let him. I punch him

Kira: 0_0

Mason: Stiles, man, you better watch out

Stiles: Well, you wouldn’t punch me, right??

GeorgieBae: Of course not

Stiles: ^_^

GeorgieBae: I’d leave you horny for a year

Liam: Oooooh

Lydia: XD

Isaac: Want some ice with that burn???

Malia: I’m starting to like her even more

Allison: Dissed by your girlfriend. How does that feel Stiles???

<<<Stiles changed GeorgieBae’s nickname to george>>>

Kira: This has suddenly gotten interesting

Stiles: Still love me, right?

George: Yep! ^_^

Stiles: ^_^

<<< Isaac added Thea to the group chat>>>

Stiles: WHY?????!!!

Lydia: Oh boy

Scott: Isaac, really?

Isaac: What? I was tired of all the Steorge

George: Plus you wanted to get under Stiles’ skin

Isaac: That too

Theo: Hey George ;)

Stiles: OH HECK NO!!!!

George: *rolls eyes* Theo

Mason: This is getting good!

Liam: lol

Lydia: Stiles calm down

Stiles: No.

George: I know how to handle him

Theo: Oh, you’re going to handle me now?? Are we gettin kinky???

Liam: Uh oh

Mason: Uh oh is right

Stiles: I’M

Stiles: GOING

Stiles: TO

Stiles: KICK

Stiles: YOUR

George: Okay! I got this.

<<<George added Theo to private chat>>>

George: What are you doing?

Theo: I have no idea what you’re talking about

George: Don’t play with me Theo

Theo: Whose playing??

George: -_-

George: Would you just stop irritating Stiles

Theo: Fine.

Theo: For you GeorgieBear

George: Oh god

<<<George and Theo join the group chat>>>

Scott: Did you straighten things out?

George: Yeah

Stiles: Finally.

Stiles: I don’t like you alone with him

George: I wasn’t alone with him physically though

Lydia: But you still were alone with him


<<<George added Mason to private chat>>>

Mason: George???

George: Help me…please

Mason: Oooh I gotcha girl

<<<George and Mason join the group chat>>>

Lydia: Where did you guys go?

Liam: Yeah Mason

Mason: Oh nothing…just chatting…you know…what best friends do

Liam: I thought I was your best friend Mason

Scott: Yeah what about me George???

Malia: AND ME!!!

George: Guys! It was nothing

Mason: How about we get together for a movie night??

Kira: Oooh what movie???

Malia: Fifty Shades of Grey??

George: NO!!

Stiles: Why not Peaches?

George: Stop it with the nicknames Stiles

Allison: Aw you guys are so cute!!

Theo: They’re alright

Scott: Theo

Stiles: Yeah shut up Satan

Liam: How about Logan?? I hear it’s good

George: Now that is something I want to see

Kira: Where do we want to watch it?

George: My place

George: It’s bigger

Malia: Who’s going to bring the food???

Allison: Lydia and I can pick up pizza

Liam: I’ll bring the movie

Stiles: And I’ll just bring my fine behind

George: -_-

Lydia: Ew

Isaac: Only George would know

<<<George left the group chat>>>

Isaac: XD

Kira: Oh my gosh!! Lol!!


Theo: Not cool man

Stiles: Oh you would know

<<<Stiles left group chat>>>

Decoded (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 1~

Originally posted by realteenwolf

           The night was cool and damp for a spring night. I pressed the jacket closer to my body as I quietly snuck out the front door, making sure I closed it quietly behind me. I hunched my body and I squinted my eyes shut as the door squeaked loudly. So much for wanting to sneak out quietly. Waiting for a moment, I held onto the door knob as I listened carefully for any signs of my parents before dropping my hand and letting out a sigh in relief. Turning over, I gasped as I was quickly met by lips pressed tightly against my own. Pulling away, I looked up into my boyfriend’s gorgeous hazel eyes and his cute half smile.

           “Sorry, I couldn’t wait any longer,” he chuckled.

           “You scared the living crap out of me!” I breathed out, pushing on his chest.

           “I’ll make it up,” he muttered, leaning over and letting his lips brush against mine as he wrapped himself around my waist, pulling me close. I snaked my hands up to his broad shoulders and smiled.

           “We better get going before my parents notice,” I whispered, pulling away and running off with his hand in mine.

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The Hunter and The Hunted- Scott McCall (TWxSPN)

Part 2http://imaginingfandomsxox.tumblr.com/post/149752757425/the-hunter-and-the-hunted-2 Part 3http://imaginingfandomsxox.tumblr.com/post/151112734455/the-hunter-and-the-hunted-3 Part 4


A/N-This is the first part of my Supernatural/ Teen wolf crossover! I hope you all enjoy this part and the other to come! This is also on my wattpad (imaginingfandomsxox) Let me know what you think.

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Word Count- 1,391

Warnings- None

You had lived the most unordinary life, having you older brothers look after you as you grew up due to the fact your father was out, trying to find what killed your mother. You rarely ever saw him and the rare times you did, he was putting you through endless training. You were raised a warrior.

You and Your sister had never been close. You might have been twins but you were polar opposites. She was loud, bubbly and popular. While you were quiet, kept yourself to yourself and you had only a few friends; quality, not quantity.

Which was, for the most part, why you got on a whole lot better with Sam than you did with Dean. Dean was always much rougher with you than Sam ever was, when training you, he made sure not to go easy. From your perspective, he was being harsh, to him though, he was training you to protect yourself, as he knew he wouldn’t always be there to do so.

Sam had always been the one to comfort you, ice the bruises you earned while training, made sure to clean the rope burns around your writs after you had gone through a particularly tough training day, the type of day that included you trying for hours to get yourself untied from that chair.

Dean was always far closer with your sister, Maddie, she would always sit in the front seat and Dean even let her pick the music, their personalities matched like yours and Sam’s did. You eventually started walking to school from a young age.

However, as today was your first day at Beacon Hills High School, Sam and Dean insisted on taking you to school, meaning you and your sister sat in the back of the old Chevy Impala. You all got out the car, slamming the doors behind you “You’ll do great” Sam assured, a hand on your shoulder, you only sighed “I was doing great at the last school, had good friends too” you mumbled, gripping your backpack straps tightly with your shaking hands.

“Hey” Sam started, raising his eyebrows at you before pulling you into a hug “ You’ll make new friends, I promise we’ll stay here until you graduate, even Dean doesn’t, then I promise I will, I love you, have fun”.

You took a deep breath before making your way through the doors, your sister not far behind you, you only had a few seconds before you heard your name being squealed. “Y/N” Lydia exclaimed “Lydia” you replied, extremely happy you knew someone here. “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you since we were fourteen” she squealed, pulling you in for a hug before turning and facing a group of people.

“Guys, meet Y/n, we went to summer camp together since we were like seven” she explained, a smile bright on her face, your sister had already managed to become part of the popular girls group on the other side of the corridor. “Y/n, this is Scott, Stiles, Isaac and Allison” she introduced, pointing each of them out

Scott with the lopsided jaw, Stiles with the warm, honey-like brown eyes, Isaac, who towered over you and Allison, who you recognised to be another hunter, her family and yours had only crossed once and thankfully on good terms.

The bell rang and you pulled out your timetable. “What’ve you got first” Stiles asked, obviously oblivious to the term of personal space as he peered over your shoulder. “Urm, Art” you said, swallowing thickly. “AH, you’ve got art with Scott and Isaac, they’ll take you” Lydia announced before walking off with Stiles and Allison at her heels.

You, Scott and Isaac walked silently until you were all seated in class, the teacher talking you through what you were to do when you felt a light tap on your shoulder. “Y/n, I’m Scott, you already knew that didn’t you, urm, I’m making a fool of myself again dammit” Scott had started out confident and ended in a blushing mess, causing you to giggle, hearing him mutter to Isaac “why do I always embarrass myself infront of the cute ones”.

That statement caused you to blush and Isaac to not-so-discreetly nod his head in your direction. “Oh, you heard that uh, yea, I think your cute and uh, was wondering if you wanted to sit with us at lunch” he smiled, his cheeks still tinted red. You couldn’t help the smile that slipped onto your lips.

“Of course”


When Lunch did come around, you were nervous, however, your eyes soon met Scott’s welcoming eyes and warm smile and soon enough, you saw Stiles jump up and shout your name, waving his arms around in the air causing Isaac to over exaggeratedly roll his eyes and everyone else to sigh.

You just giggled and waved, weaving your way through the sea of students until you got to their table and took the empty seat next to Scott.

“So, how’re you liking Beacon Hills so far, aside from the fact Allison’s dad called you here to help with the supernatural problem” Stiles said, obviously without thinking as Lydia slapped his arm and Isaac smacked the back of his head. “Stiles” Allison hissed “She might no-” “No, No, I know why my brothers are here, I know everything. It’s totally okay” you interrupted with a small smile.

“So, you know everything” Stiles asked, putting an emphasis on the word ‘everything’. You just raised your eyebrows. He sighed. "You know, about Isaac, Scott and Lydia" he added, causing you to giggle.

“Of course I know Stiles, Chris explained everything to me over the phone, Sam and Dean only know their after some killing werewolves and a dark druid, so I’d steer clear of them for now” you told them. “So you’re here to help with the Alpha pack and the Dark Druid” Isaac asked hopefully, knowing you were almost a fully qualified hunter. “Yep, as well as graduate next year” you answered with a slight smile. “Good” Lydia started “well, looks like you’re done for the day, you could use those free periods to study in the library, or you could come with us to Derek’s loft to meet him” she finished, standing up and throwing trash in the trash can, everyone, including you, to follow suit “I’ll go for the second option”.

It didn’t take long to get to Derek’s and as you sat on the back of Scott’s motorcycle, your arms wrapped around his stomach, you were 110% sure that if your brothers knew what you were doing and where you were going, they would be so angry that they would have taken you away and left you with some trusted friend or family, it gave you a sick feeling in your stomach, this was the happiest you’d ever been and you already loved the pack.

When you did pull up at Derek’s, Scott tugged off his helmet and helped you off, all while staring into your eyes sweetly.

“Does this guy know we’re here” you asked quietly. “Well..” Stiles begun “No, he never really does, we usually just show up, he’s usually pretty cool with it though, as long as we don’t piss him off too much” Isaac cut in as you all squeezed into the elevator.

You piled off the elevator and into Derek’s loft. “God dammit, does anyone in this town know the meaning on privacy” he exclaimed as he spun around. A woman you didn’t know stood behind him, trying to quickly pull her jeans up to cover her bottom half as Derek’s shirt covered her top.

“EW, I’m never going to un-see that, Miss Blake, what would you want with Derek” Stiles gasped in horror. It became clear to you that the woman standing there was the one who was meant to be teaching you today but called in sick, she didn’t look very sick to you.

“First Peter, then you lot” Derek sighed before pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing once again. “I was summoned” Peter hummed as he descended the spiral stairs at the mention of his name, that’s when your breath hitched in your throat, you kept your back to him.

“Y/n” he breathed, his mouth falling open, causing everyone to turn their attention to you as you gulped. Peter began walking closer, causing Scott to growl protectively "It’s you-It’s really you" he questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

“You’re-You’re Alive”……

I Won’t Hurt You: Void Stiles

This is for the anon who requested Void Stiles, Enjoy! Xxxx

Crying in the shower had become my new thing. Everything that had happened had all become too much. Like something was building up in my chest making it hard to breathe. But something about the warm water, the smell of my apple shampoo, it made me feel calmer.

So that’s where I was now. I’d spent a good fifteen minutes in the shower, sitting on the floor, crying about my brother. What had happened to him? How could I have let this happened to him?

I should’ve seen it coming. With every nightmare I’d coax Stiles out of. Every random riddle he’d be yelling that I would slowly explain to him. The fact that he was getting thinner and paler and I never said a goddamn word.

Slowly I shut off the water, wrapping a warm towel around me.

This was my least favourite part. With every rub I was slowly losing my blanket of warmth and comfort.

Sighing I pull on a pair of sweatpants and Stiles lacrosse jersey. Sad I know.

I towel dry most of my hair, lazily throwing the perfectly fine towels into the hamper as I couldn’t be bothered folding them.

I resumed my usual spot on my bed, picking up my phone before I hear a key in the lock on the front door. I frowned and got up going to the window. Dad wasn’t supposed to be home for hours.

His car wasn’t outside. So who the hell was that walking through my kitchen?!

I scanned my room quickly before picking up Stiles’ baseball bat that was propped against my bed.

I slowed my breathing, slowly creeping to behind the door. I could now hear them ascending the stairs, their footsteps loud and meaningful.

My heart was racing but I still controlled my breathing. But I’m guessing whoever that was is most likely not human and can already hear my heartbeat. But they had a key, I told myself, my hands shaking slightly,

They were right outside my door now, I could see their shadow under the door.

Slowly the door handle was pulled down and my door was pushed open. I swung around from my hiding place, bat aimed high and forceful.

A cold white hand gripped the metal bat, stopping it in the air just above his head. It was Stiles.

Except it wasn’t.

This was not my brother. This was not the boy I knew and loved.

His skin was deathly white, with black circles around his dark soulless eyes. His lips were chapped and I nearly cried just looking at him.

I opened my mouth to scream, to shout, too at least say something!

“Speechless, sweetheart?” He smirked. Even his voice was cold. Like a slap in the face. And sweetheart?

Slowly he began lowering the bat to my side. I didn’t stop him.

“Let’s go sweetheart. Time to leave.” He spoke to me like I was a child. I backed away from him, my feet catching on the carpet. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“Now Y/N,” He pouted slightly, and I stared into his eyes. His dark black eyes that were so different from Stiles’ golden amber one.

“Y/N, don’t be difficult.” I shook my head, still not uttering a word.

He sighed, looking at something on the wall. He leaned over to it and pulled a picture off of me and him… no! Of me and Stiles on our first day of freshman year.

“So Y/N,” He said, looking up at me like I was a fascinating piece of art that he was trying to understand.

“What will it be? Will you come with me?” He held up the photo facing the picture side at me, showing me the two smiling faces. “Or them?” And he nodded to the dark Omni that had evaporated in behind me, their glowing green dots of eyes staring at me.

I stumbled backwards away from them, straight into Void Stiles’ arms. “Good choice.” He remarked as his hands went over my eyes and everything was dark.

I couldn’t quite grasp what was happening to me. I was thinking, I was breathing and I could definitely feel the cold heavy arms wrapped around my torso. But I couldn’t speak or move. And I hated it.

The feeling passed and I let out a gasp, feeling my lungs burn like they’d been starved of air.

He took his hands away from my eyes like he was revealing some big surprise or something.

I was in a classroom at the school. In fact I’m sure this was my biology class.

There was a chart on the chalkboard in neat immaculate curly handwriting which was definitely not my brothers.

One half said deaths and the other said deaths to come. Both were blank.

Void Stiles had walked away from me, instead he was standing in front of the board like he was about to give a speech. I’m sure he was.

“So Y/N,” He started. His voice was so calm and eerie. Like he wasn’t planning on killing everyone.

“I want you to come up here and fill in the answers.” He said brandishing a piece of chalk at me.

“But I’m not a banshee.” I whispered. It was the first thing I’d said to him.

He looked at me and smirked. A smile would have looked all too wrong on his face.

“Oh I know what you are, Y/N. But what I want you to do is just too simply write an estimate on what you think I might do.” He explained as he threw the chalk at me. I caught it easily and slowly with little thought I shuffled to the board.

I thought back to all the reports I had read, all the news I’d been told and put and estimated guess of 150 people in the death column.

Then I thought of my friends. I counted them, Scott, Lydia, Derek, Ethan, Aiden, Kira Isaac, Alison, me… and Stiles.

I wrote a shaky 10 on the board, each of my breaths getting caught in my throat.

Void Stiles raised his eyebrows interested by my answers. “Curious.” He said.

“What do you want from me? A long and detailed plan on how I you’re going to kill my friends? How I think you’re going to kill everyone I love. Or just how you’re going to kill everyone in general?” I snapped now. Whatever the hell he wanted from me I didn’t care.

“I’ve already gotten what I want from you.” He says, amused. “You see, I know what you do to the pack and now, thanks to you of course, Scott’s on his way here right now.”

A stone cold weight dropped in the pit of my stomach. “No.” I whispered.

“Sorry, sweetheart.” Void Stiles says, because with one swift motion he slaps me across the face and I fall to the ground, out cold.

I woke back up again because of all the screaming. My head shot up from next to the desk, looking for the source of the shouts.


He was leant against a desk, Void Stiles directly in front of him.

I slowly pulled myself to my feet. No one noticed.

I moved barely a footstep to the left and what I saw nearly made me scream. Scott had a sword through his stomach. And that wasn’t even the worst part.

Void Stiles had grasped the hilt of the sword and was slowly and agonisingly twisting it, dark veins of pain prominent against his ivory white skin.

“Stop it!” I screamed, the force of my voice billowed Void Stiles backwards and I ran in front of Scott.

“Y/N?” Scott moaned, and I saw the pain in his eyes.

“Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay.” It very clearly was not but I had no time to think of anything else as Void Stiles got back up.

“Nice little trick.” He told me, but I was too caught up on how different he was from earlier. Earlier was like the calm before the storm. Earlier Void Stiles was just like an off version of my brother but now I didn’t even recognize him.

He looked chaotic.

“Now Y/N,” He spoke to me in that same patronising tone as earlier, like I was a disruptive child. “That wasn’t very nice.”

I felt my fangs grow, jutting over my lip and my eyes burned.

“Ooh, purple’s a good colour on you.” His voice was full of malice, but the sheer calmness of it was enough to terrify me.

I blinked at his words. I never knew they turned purple.

He brought his hand up to my face and immediately I snarled dangerously at him, my hands clasping at Scott’s arm behind me. He groaned and the sound screamed in my ears.

“Its funny sweetheart, my main goal was always Scott but as times went on I think I’ve changed my mind.” He looked sideways at me.

“I think I’ll kill you first.”

My body reacted differently to what I told it to. I wanted to fight. To run. To do something. Instead, I simply flatten myself further against Scott, trying to protect him.

I closed my eyes, bracing for the worse.

Nothing happened.

When I opened my eyes again Void Stiles’ hand was aimed right at my heart. But I felt nothing.

When I looked at him now he looked severely distressed. “What’s happening?” He shouted at me but I stayed frozen.

Out of frustration he threw a punch at me but as if there was a wall between us his fist froze.

“Why can’t I touch you?!” He roared, as his hands flew to his ears, covering them as if we were all shouting and we were too loud.

He fell to his knees, shouting. I turned round to check on Scott, and he nodded slightly at me, wincing as well.

I carefully crouched down next to him. When he looked at me this time his eyes were big and golden. Stiles’ eyes.

“Y/N?” He gulps. I nod and immediately pull him into a hug. It only lasts for around 5 seconds before Stiles pulled away.

“I can’t keep fighting him. He’s getting too strong.” He told me, his eyes swimming in tears. “But I couldn’t let him hurt you.”

“Then this should help with the battle.” Deaton suddenly appeared out of the shadows, brandishing a long needle filled with curious looking yellow fluid.

Both me and Stiles jump, my hand instinctively clutching Stiles shoulder

Slowly Stiles nodded, staring between me and the needle.

“Stiles,” I said hurriedly, looking my brother dead in the eyes. “Keep fighting him, Batman, because we won’t give up. Remember that whatever happens, you’re still my brother.” I quickly peck his cheek just as Deaton pushes the plunger down into Stiles’ neck.

As soon as Deaton was done Scott howled in pain, coughing up blood down his t-shirt.

I looked at the sword in his stomach. It had gone all the way through. I looked at Deaton in horror but he remained calm.

“Y/N, hold him still.” He instructed and immediately I take Scott’s hand and he locks eyes with me, his glowing their alpha red and mines burning purple.

As soon as Deaton had even grasped the hilt of the sword Scott was squeezing my fingers. I got an idea and imagined pushing the happiness I had right now into Scott to override the pain.

I thought about Stiles words, “I couldn’t let him hurt you.” And how hard he was fighting and that filled me with determination and I watched in wonder as Scott looked up at me, composed.

He hadn’t even realised the sword was out until I slipped my arm around him, steadying him. “Let’s get out of here.” I told him.

Subtlety (Derek Hale)

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Summary: It doesn’t matter how low key a relationship is; it’s the small things people notice to see just how high key in love you are.

Author’s Note: I’ve written for Derek twice, ever. The first for “Seven Kisses” and the second for his microfics. I always felt like I’ve had so much trouble with writing Derek, so this is a practice run and hopefully I can keep writing for this delicious piece of man.

It’s Cora who notices first.

She had to do a double take to be sure she wasn’t imagining it; she had caught whiff of the slightest scent of perfume lingering on Derek when he walked by. There was no way that it was his, or even hers. So why did her brother smell like perfume? She got her answer later that night when Scott introduced her to a new member of his pack when everyone gathered in the loft.

“Cora,” says Scott, “this is [Name]. She’s a witch.”

She does not say anything and only cocks an eyebrow. The girl looks to be no older than Derek, and her perfume is pronounced. She almost wants to ask why it was on her brother. But she has more tact than that. “So how did you come to be part of this pack?” she asks. She had been gone for the past couple of years; she had a lot to catch up on.

“I got caught in the crossfire of a fight with an old alpha werewolf,” [Name] answers with a sheepish smile. “They thought I needed saving.”

“And you thought you’d join because…?”

She shrugs her shoulders. “It’s not like I have a coven anymore.”

Derek brushes past them to get to the kitchen, and though [Name]’s attention is still on her, Cora hears her heart jump slightly. Cora’s eyes quickly dart between the girl and her brother, and it all made sense. There’s careful control between them to not give away, what she assumed, the secret they shared.

They weren’t ready to tell the whole world about them, and out of respect, Cora kept quiet.

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Hybrids - Teen Wolf part three

Summary : Klaus Mikaelson is back to kill you, but with your new found pack and old friends from Mystic falls, he’s going to have a hard time killing everyone you love and you.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : cursing, blood, make-out session, that’s it?

Prompt :—

Pairing : McCall pack x reader (Scott McCall)

A/N : okay so this is probably gonna have like two more parts, idk. But I hope you guy enjoy the crossover!

Part One | Part Two

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God damnit why did he have to still be alive? You thought you killed him for fucks sake! You sighed, rubbing your eyes with your palm. You told Scott to go back to sleep, but because you was so paranoid and nervous now he decided to stay up with you. He gently rubbed you back, his touch helping you only a little bit.

“You’ll be okay, Y/N.” Scott says to you. You shake my head, it’s not you you’re worried about.

“No, no I know I’ll be okay, but Klaus- Klaus won’t go after me, he’ll go after Stiles, Kira, Lydia, Malia..you..” Your voice trailed off. “He’s gonna start killing, then he’ll go after you guys, then me. It’s how he plays the game. It’s all a game to him.” You mumbled your last words, looking down at the floor. Soon morning came and you and Scott had to get ready for the days events. Scott skipped his shower, saying he wanted to sing by the hospital so that you could get something for yourself. You thanked him and he drove the two of you to the hospital.

As soon as you walked in and Melissa saw the two of you, she lead the way to where they held the blood bags. On the way she caught Scott up on what was happening in the hospital.

“Bites on their necks?” Scott questioned. Melissa nodded. You knew who it was straight away; it was Klaus.

“Completely drained of blood, some of them don’t even have their heads anymore.” She grimaced. Scott looked over at you, catching your gaze. “Anyways lets get you that bag.” Melissa opened up the door and you grabbed a random bag, sucking it down in seconds before hiding in your jacket. You walked back out, wiping your mouth and licking your teeth to get rid of the redness.

“Get to school you two” Melissa said as she shoved you out of the hospital. Scott looked at you, eyebrows furrowed.

“It was him wasn’t it? He’s the one who’s been tearing heads off?” Nodding you get onto the back of his bike without a word spoken. Scott takes that as a sign to not speak or ask any further questions, he just drives the two of you to the school. When you get there you can see Lydia, Malia, Stiles, and Kira. They were all in a conversation, but when they spotted the two of you all the talking ended. You and Scott walked up to them, you holding your bag awkwardly and not making any eye contact with the group.

“Dude, have you heard about the killings? And people’s heads literally being ripped apart?” Stiles asked, breaking the awkward silence. Your head snapped up.

“Yeah, I wonder how that could have happened.” Malia said, glancing over at you.

“For your information, I did not do this, but I know who did.” After you said those words the bell rang and you all reluctantly went to class. The entire time you were looking over your shoulders, your out the window, the feeling of Klaus being here and attacking you was making you very paranoid.

Half way through your third class you felt a hand on your knee. You glanced over, half smiling when you see Scott giving you a comforting smile. You put your hand on top of his, squeezing lightly and then looking back up at the front of the class. Scott kept his hand on your knee, rubbing soothing circles every once in a while just to keep you calm. The feelings you already had for this boy were insane, you hadn’t felt this way about anyone in a really long time.

By the time lunch rolled around you honestly just wanted to eat, but seeing as you drank blood you couldn’t exactly do that. The McCall pack sat at their usual table, you now joining them. Again, it was silent.

Kira was the first to speak.

“So how do know who’s been killing people?” She asked, picking at her food.

“His name Klaus, he was werewolf born turn vampire then hybrid, he’s the one who turned me into what I am today.” You explained. “I thought I had killed him, but I guess not. Now that he knows where I am he is going to kill innocents, then go after you guys, then he’ll go to me. It’s his game.” You sighed.

Malia snorted. “Great, so you just put us in danger, wow thanks Y/N.” Malia say sarcastically. You growled, just about done with her shit. Scott grabbed your hand, everyone at the table noticing. Lydia glanced at Stiles, who glanced at Scott, you was staring at you. You push yourself away from the table, excusing yourself before going and heading to the girls bathroom. When you got to the bathroom your just about screamed out your frustrations. You shouldn’t have come back to Beacon Hills, you really shouldn’t have but you did anyways.

Sighing you lean against the sink, your head hanging low. After a few minutes of silence and thinking to yourself you walked out of the bathroom, going back to your lunch table. Thankfully they wee still there. You sat back down next to Scott, giving him a soft smile to reassure him that you were okay.

School ended and you all decided to go back to Scott’s house. Everyone got there at about the same time, so no time was wasted in ordering some pizza and working on homework. It wasn’t to quiet, someone would speak up every no and again, but otherwise the silence was actually quite comforting.

The doorbell rang and you got up, offering to pay for the pizza. When you opened the door you paid for the food and then walked back with them in your hands. The group cheered once they saw the food. Smiling you opened the box and grabbed a slice, taking a bite out of the cheesy goodness. Not even a second later though you were choking, your throat burning. You dropped the slice onto a napkin, standing up and coughing harshly. Someone had put vervain in it, knowing where you were and what you were. Blood came out of your mouth from coughing so bad. Scott scurried to the kitchen getting a glass and filling it with water, then handed it to. You gargled the water then spit it back into the cup, the clear liquid becoming red with your blood. Everyone’s eyes were now locked on you.

“Vervain.” You mumbled, grimacing at the scratchiness of your voice. “Someone put it in the pizza, knowing I would eat it.” You put your head in your hands. “Damn it.”

Stiles tilted his head. “What the hell is Vervain?”

Looking up you sighed. “It’s a purple flower, a plant that harms vampires and could potentially kill them, but because I’m a hybrid, it’ll just make me weak.” Scott rubbed your back, frowning slightly. “He knows where I am, he’s going todo anything and everything to make me weak so that once we’re face to face I won’t be able to fight back.”

“Like hell you won’t fight back.” Lydia said, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Y/N, you have us now, you have a pack again, and packs will do whatever it takes to protect one of their own.” She said confidently. You gave a weak smile.

“You guy should eat the pizza, if it has Vervain in it, you guys won’t be able to be mind controlled if it’s in your system.” The pack didn’t even argue with you, they all just took a bite out of their own pizzas. Thank god Klaus hadn’t put wolf’s bane in the pizza, that would have been a disaster.

Two hours later and three empty pizza boxes later, everyone had gone home, leaving you alone with Scott. You two stood in the kitchen cleaning up the plates and glasses the others had used. Sighing you lean against the counter, watching Scott dry the rest of the dishes then put them away. You couldn’t help but smile, you hadn’t felt this way about anyone in a really long time and honestly to you it felt nice.

Scott glanced over at you, his own smile spreading across his perfect face. “What are you smiling at?” He asks, walking over to you, pinning you between the counter and his body. You shrug.

“Nothing, just haven’t felt this way in a long time, no big deal.” Scott raised an eyebrow, his face leaning closer and closer to your own.

“And what way would that be?” His voice was just above a whisper, but it sounded so deep and husky you couldn’t help but shiver.

“Having feelings for someone, falling deeper and deeper for someone until I can’t crawl my way out of the pit.” You said. Scott smirked, leaning forward and closing the rest of the open space between you two, catching your lips with his. This was only the second time you and Scott had kissed, but it was still just as exciting as the first time. Wrapping his arms around your waist, Scott lifts you up onto the counter, mouths still tangled together in a sloppy kiss. Your hands were raking through his hair, tugging slightly and earning a low growl from him. The front door opened and the two of you jumped away from each other. At the threshold stood Melissa.

Shaking her head, she walks in and sets her bag on the table. “If you two are going to do that, go do it upstairs, okay?” She laughs. Scott blushed a bright red, which made your burst out into a fit of giggles. “Oh and there’s someone I want you to meet, Scott.” Melissa said. From around the corner a man came into view. Your body went rigid and your eyes were wide. “Scott meet Klaus, Klaus this is my son Scott.” Scott looked down at you.

Slowly stepping forward, you sandwich yourself between Melissa and  Klaus, thankfully she hadn’t let him in the house yet. “Melissa, do not invite him in. He’s the one whos been killing people.” Melissa’s own eyes went wide. You looked back at Scott. “Get her the pizza, the vervain will help keep him out of her mind.” Scott nodded and grabbed the last piece of pizza, shoving it at his mother. You turned back to a smirking Klaus, your eyes narrowed, fangs daring to escape and rip the man apart.

“Now, Y/N that wasn’t nice of you. I’m just trying to be friendly.” Klaus smirked. You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah your definition of ‘friendly’ is not killing someone.” Klaus shrugged. “What do you want from me Klaus? Was turning me into a fucking blood sucker, not enough for you?” You spat, anger rising. Shaking his head Klaus stood up straight again.

“Like I said, Y/N I am going to kill everyone you now care about, then I am going to kill you.” You snorted.

“Good luck with that, Klaus. I suggest you go before you start a fight you won’t be able to end.”  You said. With a nod and a breeze going into the house, Klaus was gone. You shut the door then pulled out your phone. Scott and Melissa looked at you with confused looks.

“Who are you calling?” Asked Scott. You looked up at him as you pressed the phone to your ear.

“The Mikaelsons, Hunters, and some friends from a little town called Mystic Falls, Virginia.” And with that you called up every single person that had a deep hatred for Klaus Mikaelson.

She can Sing?

A/N: so after all the heavy stuff I’ve been laying out to y’all I thought I’d give you a cute little fun imagine with the whole gang, not really set anywhere in the show- hope you enjoy, no music choice cuz there are a lot of songs referenced in this one. love y’all so much have a great rest of your life.


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You’re Scott McCall’s little sister, and the entire pack treated you like a baby, even Liam and he’s only like a month older than you, so when you caught the flu and left school early without telling the pack they went into full freak out mode.

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Mates- Liam Dunbar Part One of ?

Part 2

Imagine being like Malia. A wolf in the woods for most of your life. Imagine Scott finding you. Imagine being Liam’s mate. Imagine Liam being very protective of you from the start.

She was running through the woods, her paws digging into the moist earth beneath them. She stopped when she heard it, a howl. It seemed to call to her. She followed her instincts and ran towards the source of the sound. 

Scott was less than a mile away looking for Liam, who had escaped. Again. He tried something new this time, howling for him. He was stoked that it had worked but was shocked that Liam wasn’t the only one to show up at his feet. He was curious about the other wolf, but figuring her out would be no good if Liam killed her. Scott remembered how Peter had once made him change into the wolf against his will, maybe it could work in reverse. He let out a deep,commanding howl.

[ Y\N ] felt herself changing. The feeling was unfamiliar and it was painful.She cried out and gripped the ground with her now human hands. She gasped and looked around. Her gaze fell upon the four bodies standing back,staring at her. She let out a desperate whimper before she passed out. 

“Get the ropes.”Stiles’ voice broke the silence.Liam turned to him and furrowed his brows.

“I’m fine now, I’m in control.” 

“Not for you. For her.”He pointed at the unconscious girl.


She woke up tied to a chair, surrounded by voices and unfamiliar scents, she panicked and started tugging at the ropes.A gentle hand was placed on her shoulder, the alpha. She growled, her fangs bared.

“Were not going to hurt you.”He spoke slowly,”We just want to know who you are, where you came from?”

“I-I..” She had no idea what was happening. She had no clue who these people were or why she was bombarded with memories of her being human. She looked around quickly, desperate to be freed.

“Who are you? What’s your name?” The taller,pale kid stood up behind the alpha.

“I don’t…my name?” She had memories of being called several things. Baby, sweetheart, [Y/N]. 

“Where did you come from?” He continued to question. 

“The woods.”She responded, she knew the answer to that question. SHe looked around again, her eyes locking with the shorter boy,she tilted her head and he did the same.

“Hey! Hey, pay attention. How did you get to the woods? Where were you before? Did you get bit-”

She started breathing hard and Liam took notice, this angered him. She was obviously scared and Stiles was being a dick,”Stiles, not so much at once. Youre scaring her.”

But Stiles continued firing off twenty more questions before [Y/N] started sobbing and murmuring,”I don’t know! I don’t know!”

Liam was furious. He pushed Stiles back and growled,”I said cool it!”

“Liam!” Scott stepped between the two boys,”Calm down.”

“Calm down, look what he did to her!” Liam protested before walking over,”Hey, I’m Liam. If you promise not to run, I’ll let you loose.”

The pack looked at him in disbelief, surely he wouldn’t just let her go, but she nodded in agreement and Liam broke through the ropes,”Now, what do people call you, your name?”

“I… I think [ Y/N ].”She spoke softly. Liam smiled a little and nodded.

“Alright then, [Y/N] , This is Scott, he’s my alpha. He bit me,that’s how i got turned. Did anyone bite you?” Everyone was shocked to see Liam so calm and almost gentle. 

She shook her head,”No. I don’t think… I don’t remember being bitten.”

Scott crouched down beside Liam,”Okay, so you were born this way. Do you remember being human?”

“I remember.. I remember my parents! My parents!” She stood up,”They were killed-”

“Wait… wait, are you [ Y/N Y/L/N]”Stiles walked closer but stopped as Liam turned and growled at him,”You went missing five years ago. You were taken…”

“By a woman.”She piped up,”She took me.”


“If this is the last two weeks of school why do I have to go?”

“Because [Y/n], you have to go to school.”Liam answered,”Don’t worry, the sheriff set it up so you are in all my classes. Scott’s in the same building and so is Malia, and Lydia.”

“Lydia is the one who made me put this on.”She gestured to her short skirt and sweater,”I can’t run if I need to.”

Liam chuckled at the girl’s annoyance,”Well I think you look hot.”

She tilted her head and walked through the doors of the school,”I’m not hot, the weather outside is nice and the skirt would only help keep me cool.”

“No, its a compliment. I think you look….great.”It took him a few seconds to choose the right words,”Not as in the temperature.”

She was about to tell him how stupid that was, to have double meanings of words like that when they were interrupted by a boy walking over,”Liam, who’s this?”

Liam smiled and introduced her to his best friend, glad that she remembered human handshakes and not to go straight to sniffing.


Over the next two weeks [ Y/n] had learned a lot she was catching on quickly. She still had a bit of trouble handling emotions but Liam was always there to help out. The pack had noticed and grown suspicious. 

“You weren’t even like that with Allison.”Stiles looked away from Liam who stood close to [y/n] as she cleaned out her locker. Liam was rarely out of earshot from her, that was when he wasn’t touching her, or almost touching.

“Yeah, Derek had some suspicions.” Scott sighed,”It’s rare but if its true, she’s his mate. Like soulmate.”

“You’re kidding.” Stiles scoffed.

“Nope.”Scott let out a laugh,”So you’re going to be at my house to pick us up for the bonfire tonight?”

“Yeah. Yeah I’ll be there.”

“Great, oh and don’t tell them about the mate thing. I don’t want to freak them out.

When I want to read...

Me after a long day: Finally I have time to read! *open book*

Mom: You’re always reading! Move your ass and clean your room!

Dad: I need your help with computer stuff!

Grandma: Why don’t you stop reading for once and put some effort in finding a boyfriend? At your age I was already married!

Gandalf: I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.

Hagrid: I’m super late but… Here’s your Hogwarts acceptance letter. Pack your things and let’s go!

Aslan: Why don’t you go for a walk into your wardrobe? 

Mr. Darcy: You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. 

World: It’s a wonderful day to start a zombie apocalypse…

Daryl Dixon: Let’s go kill some zombie!

Rumplestiltskin: You look awful dearie… Do you want to make a deal?

Lydia Martin: *Banshee scream*

Kilgrave: Stop reading now.

Joffrey Baratheon (from the Seven Hells):  Sir Ilyn, bring me her head!

Bellamy Blake: Let’s do whaterver the hell we want!

Gansey: Would you mind joining me on the research for  Glendower?

Monkey D. Luffy: Join my crew!

Me: *sigh* *put headphones on* Whatever… *go on reading*.

anonymous asked:

Scira or Scallison? Stalia or Stydia? And why? Who do you think had the best chemistry? I love reading your views!!

Thanks! Yeah, I have a few posts on this question.

I’ll start with the easier one, I’m a Stalia fan and have never been swayed by Stydia. Why? Well.

First of all, and I am a fan of ships where the two people have minimal scenes together, but Stiles and Lydia don’t spend enough time together for me to really find them particularly moving. Whenever I come across a Stydia fan who admits that Stiles’ infatuation with her in season 1 was obsessive and creepy and just icky at times, they follow that up by saying what great friends they became since then but, like, where? To me, it’s more like they’re cogs in the wheel that is the pack like everyone else, their friendship with each other isn’t unique from the friendship they have with the other people in the pack, which is also why, the whole “Stiles is Lydia’s hero” narrative doesn’t make sense to me because everyone goes hard for everyone in the pack, Lydia seeing Malia get killed is what wakes her up from a coma, Scott has his we did so much for someone we didn’t know but “This is Lydia” speech, everyone put their asses on the line to get her out of the asylum just like how everyone went hard for Mason and went hard for Jackson, that’s what that pack does. If I’m being more lenient to Stydia the only thing I can say is that the way Stiles fees about her … it doesn’t even feel personal to me, it’s more like  Lydia is this symbol or on this pedestal, like a thread in his life but she doesn’t need to be his girlfriend, she just needs to be a fixture in his life, she just needs to be safe, she just needs to call him from time to time and he’s good, Lydia just needs to be OK.

But with Malia … the way he cares about her and the way he protects her (or did in season 4) I found that very much personal

(the way he sort of walk runs toward her)

or his sheer panic at the thought that she was leaving him behind in 4x01

or when he refuses to leave her during the full moon and in fact unchains her and the way he knows her … Stiles knows everyone because Stiles is smart and perceptive he’s the whacky brain of the group but there’s such an intimacy to his knowledge of Malia and Dylan and Shelley have the chemistry to bring that to life so when she tells him how relationships are hard for her they’re like … and he says, “Like math?” which goes back to the very beginning of the season and how hard she struggled with math and his attempts to help her with it and then she says, “I hate math” and he sort of inches toward her and says, “You hate me?” the amount of affection and sexual tension and catharsis in that moment.

And that snuggling scene? Oh my God, I love it so much much because Stiles can’t sleep, he isn’t used to having someone else in his bed and is almost irritated by having her there and they try all these different positions and when she says back-to-back he has this, “Well I don’t like this” and it’s because they’re not touching and it’s not a suitable compromise for him and then now that she’s gone, he isn’t used to sleeping without her? Which can be a metaphor for how they grew to become this couple and love each other?

(also I love Stiles’ face ^^ because it’s sheepish and dorky and cute and he actually just looks happy to be with her)

I just ship them so hard and was frustrated that they fell apart for absolutely no reason other than JD decided it was time for them to stop being together because yeah, which leads me to the second question.

I ship both Scira and Scallison, I think both ships have great chemistry, I think that they’re also very different.

I understand why people still hold on to Scallison because it was a very precious ship, it was very high school, I feel like I’m 14 every time I watch them and I have such a dorky smile on my face when I watch them because it’s this Crazy Stupid Love, Boombox Over My Head, Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, XOXO Hearts All Over My Notebook L O V E LOVE

and the show just decided to end it for absolutely no reason. Like I take issue with the whole “a woman needs to get out of a relationship to find her independence” trope especially since Allison ends up with Isaac for no discernible reason, like there was really no suitable explanation for Scallison to end. But at the same time, Scallison was also very high school, which I know I already said but that comes with certain flaws, like they were immature with each other which is why a lot of the time Stiles is so hilariously done with them; they’re just so wrapped up in one another and their star-crossed romance, everything is about the other person, Scott’s password and username is Allison. he can’t control his wolf tendencies because Allison was his anchor, Lydia just wants to know what the hell is going on and Allison is only concerned with Lydia not telling anyone that her and Scott are seeing each other, they’re too busy having sex in the car they don’t realize Jackson escaped. And maybe they could’ve grown up with each other and within their relationship but that’s not what the show wanted, which brings me to Scira.

I love Scira and they’re very different from Scallison in the sense that there is still that high school nervousness between them sometimes like when Scott kisses Kira at the lockers without thinking and she doesn’t know how to handle it, or when he says I love you without thinking and she doesn’t know how to handle it (a lot of Scott doing something without thinking and Kira being like uh …) but they’re more grounded. And that groundedness is rooted in their physicality, which is interesting because Scallison is also rooted in physicality but Scallison’s physicality is like we kiss and I’m breathless, you touch my hand and my heart stops:
 but with Scira, it’s we kiss and the world stops:

you touch my hand and I’m stilled.

You hold me and I’m grounded.

There’s an urgency with which they need to be in each other’s arms but that urgency disappears once they actually get there

because they can relax and decompress and feel comforted and rooted so basically they’re a breath of fresh air whereas Scallison is just pure breathlessness and those are two very different chemistries but I probably lean more toward Scira.

A New Course: Part II

The Pirate/Mermaid AU continues!

(This part turned out to be pretty much sterek. Don’t worry the allydia is still on its way. Someday.)


[Part I] [Part II] [Part III]

Part II

Lydia was not in a good mood.

She was annoyed and bored and mostly angry. At herself. Because although it wasn’t her fault, she could see how it could possibly be construed that part of this was her own doing.

Because she had actually made herself wake up at dawn, foregoing her usual full night of beauty sleep to stretch and patrol the island and generally be ready for a fight. And she had done that because she, for some stupid reason, had assumed that Allison Argent would be one of those captains who actually stopped their crew from being lazy assholes, as least in the face of treasure, and would be attacking at first light.

And there had been no dawn attack.

Which meant that not only had Lydia been awake for an extra three hours but she had somehow misread the bloody captain of the glorified rowboat occupying her cove. It turned out that Allison Argent was just as stupid as the rest and Lydia was stupid for thinking any differently. There would be no more exciting surprises.

It was almost midday when there was finally a flurry of movement on the deck of the ship and she heard the tell-tale creak of rope and wood as a rowboat was lowered into the water. And just… really? In broad daylight? Sure, it would make her easier to spot but she knew all the shadows of this water like the back of her hand.

And they weren’t even doing this right. One of the rowboats had been lowered, but it wasn’t hovering close to the ship and waiting for the others to be ready to all head for the shore at once. It was sailing straight for the little island she was protecting. Well, not straight actually- it was weaving back and forth slightly as if the two who were rowing it weren’t exactly in sync.

God, it was going to be alarmingly easy to kill all of them at this rate.

And it would really be a shame. To drown the first female captain she had ever found, with her long dark hair and her intelligent eyes and her long, graceful neck and-

Lydia blinked. She must be more tired than she thought.

Giving herself a final shake, she started towards the lone rowboat. It was still the only one in the water, which is what finally gave her pause and caused her to cautiously come to the surface while still a distance away. Maybe it was an elaborate trap?

“Oh, god,” a familiar voice rang out. “Derek! Derek, we have to turn back.”

“We can’t. Cap is still watching,” Derek sounded just as he had last night. Well, maybe not exactly the same. Still just as grumbly and tense, but in a different way. “Besides, why do we have to go back?”

“Because,” Stiles said and Lydia risked swimming closer. She didn’t think these two were much of a threat. “I forgot the white flag. We have no flag, Derek. She’s going to kill us. Before we even get a chance to explain!”

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