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Gallagher Girls series + Instagram profiles

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Books From My Teens:

Gallagher Girls

  • Alycia Debnam Carey as Cammie Morgan
  • Victoria Moroles as Macey McHenry
  • Samantha Logan as Bex Baxter
  • Nell Tiger Free as Liz Sutton

“Let’s face it—he’s either an enemy agent trying to infiltrate the Gallagher Girls through Cammie …"
Liz stopped midsentence, prompting me to say, “Or… ?”
Her entire face lit up. “He’s your soul mate.”  [x]


Favorite TV Show 2013.

‘but you wouldn’t call me crazy, if you knew how much i hate me.’ // did anyone see callie ross crying out for help?  //

depression - rage almighty / another empty bottle - katy mcallister  / this night - black lab / in anticipation of your suicide - bedroom walls / every light has blown - south / the river - johnny flynn / the lonely - christina perri / so cold - ben cocks / how to save a life (cover) - nilu / this is gospel (piano version) - p!atd / prologue - the antlers / 

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