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I saw chapter 51 is out, and I’m super happy to read it. *o*

To thank you for the translation I made you a little gif. ^^ 

(I know that Kouyou isn’t in the latest chapter, but since she is one of my favourite characters, I drew her. And you seemed to like my previous art, so I guess you like her too. :3 )

PS: I also made her a little crown - After all, she’s a queen.

And thank you again! <3

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We love Queen Kouyou!! Hopefully we’ll get to see her in the manga again soon, though she won’t be quite so cute (but just as regal). XD Thank you for the adorable gif~


Books From My Teens:

Gallagher Girls

  • Alycia Debnam Carey as Cammie Morgan
  • Victoria Moroles as Macey McHenry
  • Samantha Logan as Bex Baxter
  • Nell Tiger Free as Liz Sutton

‘but you wouldn’t call me crazy, if you knew how much i hate me.’ // did anyone see callie ross crying out for help?  //

depression - rage almighty / another empty bottle - katy mcallister  / this night - black lab / in anticipation of your suicide - bedroom walls / every light has blown - south / the river - johnny flynn / the lonely - christina perri / so cold - ben cocks / how to save a life (cover) - nilu / this is gospel (piano version) - p!atd / prologue - the antlers / 

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“Let’s face it—he’s either an enemy agent trying to infiltrate the Gallagher Girls through Cammie …"
Liz stopped midsentence, prompting me to say, “Or… ?”
Her entire face lit up. “He’s your soul mate.”  [x]

anonymous asked:

I like how you said that Tom has had zero character development, but why doesn't anyone want to believe it? I'm personally not a Lizzington shipper, but nor am I a daddygatter, but that doesn't mean that I don't want Red and Liz to be happy together. My point is that, the writers think that non Lizzington shippers are Keen2 shippers! We aren't !!! Only Keen2 shippers like Keen2, no one else

Even though I ship Lizzington I do not believe that they will end up together in canon. Which I’m fine with, as long as both characters are treated with respect. Especially Liz - since Red can pretty much stand up for himself - because female characters canonically tend to ‘need’ to be part of a couple in order to be valid / have a happy end. Instead of constantly debating whether Liz should end up with Red or Ressler or Tom I would much rather see her revert back to being a strong female character who doesn’t need anyone to hold her life together. In fact, right now tying Liz to male characters makes her incredibly weak and lacking, she is constantly following someone’s orders / being pushed around by the information male characters relay to her / trying to please Tom instead of focusing on what makes her happy (because her and Tom’s relationship has been lukewarm at best for the last 10 episodes or so). 

The thing is, I wouldn’t have minded if Tom and Liz had ended up together, I think that given a proper redemption arc / a good talk about their feelings / actually showing actions that convey that he is trying to become a better human being, these two could have made a decent couple. Not as intriguing or unconventional or interesting as Lizzington, but certainly a considerable step-up from the very epitome of an abusive / controlling / manipulative relationship which completely destroys the two established characters of the persons involved in it.


Favorite TV Show 2013.