i killed dobby

okay so i know there are a lot of posts on james and lily welcoming harry to the afterlife

but can you imagine if it was a certain house elf instead???

imagine if dobby is the one who gets to greet him first, and he’s got on his favourite socks and numerous hats all piled on his head and a bright white tea cosy on and he just looks up at harry, his massive eyes watering and the biggest grin on his face

and he goes ‘harry potter is here at last, dobby is so happy sir’

and harry just breaks down because he has missed this elf so much and leans down and hugs him so hard

and then when he calms down, dobby grabs his hand and tugs him to where his wife and parents and family are waiting for him

and harry is finally at peace

anonymous asked:

You like Bellatrix too? Yes! Finally someone who undestands me. I mean, she did kill Dobby, Tonks, and Sirius, but something about her character (at least in the movies) makes me really like her. It's probably her energy, or how everything is like a game to her, but I really love her. Why do you like her? May I ask?

I didn’t say I like her, I said I don’t hate her and that I hate Umbridge more than any other characters. Shoutout to the amazingly talented Helena Bonham Carter who did a very good job on portraying Bellatrix.