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Finn sleeps in the middle. Finds himself curled in to Rey’s deceptively slight form, their heads bent close. Poe is at his back, his warm bulk hemming him in, an arm slung across him and curling up around Rey’s shoulder to tangle his fingers in her hair. He is warm. He is safe. He is where he fits in.

Poe sleeps in the middle. He’s on his back, Rey and Finn each pillowed on his chest, their hands linked together across it. Finn eventually ends up with his face burried in Poe’s neck, Poe’s nose pressing into his hair, his lips close to his forehead. Rey, not used to sleeping in the same room as other people, much less in the same bed, curls away but keeps her back pressed to Poe and cuddles his arm. He is warm. He is safe. He is home.

Rey sleeps in the middle. She’s tucked into Poe, nuzzling his broad shoulders, Finn at her back, matching her curves. She has her knee tucked between Poe’s legs, and both her feet tucked into Finn’s, keeping off the chill of the night. Her head is pillowed in the crook of Finn’s arm, and Poe has his arm slung across her, his hand slipping under Finn’s shirt to rest on his flank. She is warm. She is safe. She has family.

Part of your world


Pregnant reader, angst, mild anger, platonic fluff, hope

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Can I please have a Eric from Divergent where it’s set in insurgent when there at amity and the girl is plus size and divergent but is also pregnant with Eric’s baby please. Fluff or smut it does not matter.”

Word count: 923

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“I’m back, Ryuko”

“Welcome home sis!”

Satsuki visiting Ryuko in Kanagawa.

Ryuko is always happy when her sister drops by. Mrs Mankanshoku welcomes her too and would always make an extra portion of her Mystery Croquettes (Satsuki loves them, the first time we saw Satsuki being truly happy was when she ate the croquettes in episode 22, and like Ryuko she sincerely enjoys family dinners since she never had them). Then they talk all night about their current lives, about the past, about the future, anything really. And though Satsuki would never admit it, she’s really missing Ryuko but is too shy to ask her to live with her. But after Ryuko graduates from High School she finally musters the courage to ask her to move into her mansion (which is actually Ryuko’s mansion because they built it on the plot where the burned down Matoi Manor stood as she teared down Kiryuin Manor right after Honnouji Town was destroyed, burning the painful memories along with it). She asks Mako to move in with them too but she refuses, knowing that the sisters deserve having some private time together to bond. Now they are both studying at Tokyo University (along with Houka, Shiro and Nonon), Satsuki is majoring in politics and environmental studies and Ryuko is aiming to be a elementary school teacher. Mako is helping her Dad in his little hospital, Ira would often visit and help her. Uzu is still trying to beat Satsuki at Kendo (impossible task) and occasionally gives Ryuko Kendo lessons, refusing to fight her seriously until she learns how to properly behave in a Kendo match (Ryuko isn’t too happy about that, because who the hell needs rules in a fight?). Once every two months they would all come together and celebrate, forgetting studies and work, just enjoying themselves. Life couldn’t be better and they all earned it.