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GRAVITY || [listen]

“A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist.. If there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… This pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.”

“Thank God for gravity.”


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Do you think you could do something with jiyong (gdragon) like you just met him and have a one night stand. With like dirty talk and a daddy kink?

One night Stand:

“I don’t know why you insist on dragging me to these places when this never works.” You complained while you were dragged to a bar stool by your friend. She laughed softly rubbing your back ordering a round of tequila. 

“It will work tonight. Just trust me ok? I’ve pulled a lot of guys in this.” She looked you up and down giving you a wink. 

All week your friend had been trying to get you to go with her to this club she was always at. Of course you had went before a couple of times but you stopped going because either the guys gave up with you and went to a new girl, or they had good talk and bad sex. At this point you didn’t even want a boyfriend. If it happened it happened, but at the moment you just wanted sex. Hard sex deep fucking. Hair pulling and calling him daddy because that is how much you wanted to be pounded into. Your friend with her bright ideas dressed you up in her ‘little red dress’. She called you sexy riding hood. 

It had long sleeves on it, but it dipped down low in the back. She insisted you didn’t wear panties nor a bra. Your hair was curly down your back, and your makeup wasn’t too out there but it was out there. Red lipsticks, soft pink and purple eye shadow. Black smoky eyeliner on your face. Cute little diamond ear rings in your ear. You were sexy. Black pumps on your feet that didn’t hurt to walk in thank god but still you were unsure. 

“You’ll thank me~” She sang as she gave you a quick kiss on your cheek running off with her date for the evening. You really hoped you did find someone to kill your time because you didn’t want to third wheel again especially tonight. You would probably cry if you heard her in your shared apartment getting fucked. 

Hours seemed to skate by with you siting at the bar by your lonesome. You kept ordering drinks, wanting to get wasted but not too terribly gone so that you could at least call a cab. Your friend grinding on her date on the dance floor, in a few more songs they’d be fucking you were sure. 

“Either you are into public sex- or you know one of them.” A deep voice spoke against your left ear as a male took a seat on the stool beside you. Your head snapped in his direction, your eyes training on his face. He was handsome. Dark black hair combed back against his head. A black button down shirt on with the first couple of buttons undone to show his smooth skin. Dark blue jeans that were baggy on his legs. Dark eyes roaming over your body and you guessed he was checking you out as well. A little tattoo behind his ear. He was your type. Chuckling because he sensed your confusion with his statement.

“I’ve been watching you for some time. And I kept noticing you were watching them.” He pointed with his head in the direction of your friend. You didn’t even have to look to know who he was talking about. Giving a gently laugh you combed some of your hair back from your shoulder. 

“Well. If you were watching me then what exactly does that make you into?” You asked coyly. 

“Hopefully you.” He said not missing a beat his hand gripping a glass of vodka and coke that he had ordered, sipping on it he sat the small glass down licking his lips. 

“Well, to answer your question. She is a friend of mine. We share an apartment and that’s her date.” You admitted wrinkling your nose. “But, I would much rather watch you then them.” You admitted shrugging your shoulders.

“Exactly what would you be watching?” He asked leaning on his forearms to watch you waiting for your answers. 

“Well watch you talk to me. Dance a bit if you wanted. And if you play your cards right, pound into me while I’m under you taking it like a good girl.” That was the one thing about you, the guts you had to not bullshit around and say what you felt. 

“Ahh.. You’re amusing. And a daddy kink” He chuckled leaning a hand up to play in your curls before he gripped them tightly scooting your body closer to his. “But there is a problem with this story.” He muttered out, his breath on your lips, the smell of the alcohol hitting your nose.

“And what is that?” You asked. Your heart was beating faster, your eyes glued to everything by him. He captivated you by not doing much, that crooked smirk seeming to hold you rooted in place. His grip on your hair getting tighter. Your mind raced with everything and nothing at the same time but you would have been really pissed if he called it quits after coming this far. Which was in fact not far at all. 

“Well you see. I like the sound of that. I am more than certain I will love the sound of your little moans calling for me- Jiyong by the way or Dragon if you prefer. But, my cute doll face. I wouldn’t have you on your back. Oh no, I would have your face pushed down against my sheets, your ass up in the air while I fucked you slowly from behind. Letting my tongue drag up your back slowly, my fingers reaching around to play with those nice perky hard breast before I reach down to rub your clit. But even without that I am sure I could get you to cum. By the way your lips are trembling I know you’re just soaking from the thoughts. Call me a liar and I will back off.” He grinned winking at you letting your hair go and leaning back in his seat like nothing else mattered. He took a few more sips from his drink. And you could see all the other girl’s checking him out as they passed and then looking at you. Shit you wondered the same thing, why out of all the girls he came to you. It wasn’t downing yourself, you were just shocked at the attention. 

“You’re right..” You started after finding your voice. Crossing your leg one over the other causing the short dress to rise up more and if you were not careful it would reveal your bare-less ass and thighs. “But why me?” You asked softly chewing on your lip. 

“Why you..” He repeated cocking his head as he rested his chin against the palm of his hand. “Well if I’m being honest. I’ve watched you, for the last two times you’ve come here. And it amazed me. You went from this confident woman, to a shy little girl. I thought more guys would approach you but honestly they probably were scared. You just hold an aura and it’s quite nice. But most girls are an easy catch. You don’t seem like that and most girls that I take home, only excite me for a night. But you look like you need a good fuck. And I don’t mean just one round. I mean someone needs to tie you down for hours and wear that pussy out. Make you scream until you’re hoarse. Choke you and slam you down to make you take it. And you need that for a good amount of days if you ask me. Who knows. Maybe if our fire ignites more. I can ask for more. But I will be honest when I say I want sex, I want to use you like my toy. And if you can handle that. If you can respect that I will flirt and look at others but treat your needs we can see where this goes. In public I’m what you want. But behind close doors I’m daddy. And since we don’t know how this little one night stand will end its just a little insider ok? But I won’t repeat myself.” 

Your mouth watered, you legs clenched tighter and your mind raced. He had been watching you? That was flattering. You just hated that you did drop your confidence so quick. It was embarrassing to hear that from him but he was honest. And more than anything you wanted that man. Even if it was just for this night. 

“Alright. Deal. No strings attached just sex.” You smiled reaching your hand out to shake his. He grabbed your hand with his own soft yet firm ones, lacing your fingers together as he pulled you into a quick kiss leaving you stunned. 

“What’s your name?” He asked softly smiling at you.

“–” You said winking at him.

“Dance with me?” He asked mumbling against your lips. All it took was a nod for him to be pulling you up from the stool and behind him onto the dance floor. He walked you to the middle where you were trapped around these bodies of people as a face past song came on. He wrapped his arms around your waist dancing close to you grinding against your center as you followed one another. Little flirty smiles, and lip bites past here and there. He was a good dancer, who knew how to be seductive at the same time. He would keep you close and let it be known to other guys that you were his, it was like signing your soul over for a night. 

A slow song played, and Jiyong twisted your body so that you were pressing your ass against him both of you dancing slowly against one another. You rolled your ass against him, teasing a bit and it elicited a soft moan from his lips. His arms wrapping around your waist, he leaned his face forward to gentle lick against your neck. He licked up to your ear as his hands traveled down your body towards the hems of your dress. 

“You don’t have on any panties. I can feel it.” He stated licking and nibbling on your ear lobe. 

“So what will you do about it?” You asked against his ear not too loud for others to hear but loud enough for him to hear. 

He gave a quiet growl that mixed in with a chuckle before he was slipping his hand under your dress. “Open them.” He commanded you waiting for you to do so. His fingers were quick to rub up and down your soaked slit, a soft laugh on his lips as he circled your clit with two fingers still grinding his crotch against your ass. You knew what you were doing was risky but honestly that just made it more thrilling for you to try. Something that was making the juices drip down your legs just at the thought of it. 

He played with your slit and your clit before he slipped in his middle finger into your pussy. He pushed it deep causing a soft shocked cry to leave your lips that you tried to cover it up. Your hips rolled down against his finger taking it in, your hand lifting up to wrap around his neck. 

“Does baby girl like how daddy fingers her?” He asked you circling his finger in and out of your tight pussy loosening you up. 

“Y-yeah.” You nodded your head letting your hips press against his crotch harder as he fingered you. “Harder daddy.” You moaned against his ear. You could tell that fucked with him, the darkness in his eyes showed how much he wanted you. 

Slipping another finger up inside of you, he scissored them inside of you stretching you out. He used a slow pace at first until he was fingering you faster, his hips rutting harshly against yours, you could feel the tint in his pants. His hard on causing more wetness to drip down your legs as well. Your nipples were too hard against your bra, his fingers were doing magic pounding against your spot causing you to press against him. Twisting the upper half of your body you pressed your lips against his getting closer to your orgasm. 

“Please daddy! Take me home- let me cum there not here please.” You whined softly against his lips.

Nodding his head he kissed you back slowing his fingers down until he was taking them out of you. Pulling back from the heated kiss he slipped the fingers into your mouth thrusting them in and out until you were slurping up the spit making sure they were clean.

He pulled them back wiping them on his jeans, grabbing at your hand he pulled you through the crowd towards the exist. You looked forward towards your friend and she sent you a wink mouthing “I told you so” as you both walked towards the exist. 

He waited outside with you calling for a cab. You didn’t ask questions but you knew he wasn’t too wasted to drive you both home. Once you were both inside of the cab he told the driver were to go before he maneuvered to lay on your legs. He raised one up against the back seat and looking at the driver he moved to lay with his back towards the driver. He started to give your pussy soft teasing licks, not moving his head too much he started to suck and thrust his tongue in and out of you curling it and finding your spot again. 

Your hands gripped at his hair as your discretely rolled your hips against his tongue. It didn’t take the cab anything but fifteen minute ride but it was the best fifteen minutes of that slick tongue gliding up and down your wet pussy in and out of your dripping insides. 

“We are here daddy..” You muttered out stopping his gliding of his tongue along your folds. He nodded his head pulling back to pay the driver before he quickly pulled you out of the cab. He wrapped his arms around your waist, your legs were wrapped around his waist as he carried you up towards his door. Pressing your body against it he took out his keys unlocking the door. He opened it shutting it he pushed you against the door instantly finding his lips against yours. 

He started to grind the roughness of his jeans against your pussy, his hardness pressing against your clit while he explored your cavern. Sucking on his tongue you were caught up in pleasure using your legs to bounce up and down on him  moaning in pleasure. He let his hands wrap around your waist unzipping your dress. He let his warm hands dance up your back taking the fabric from your shoulders letting it pool under your breast. He let his tongue run across the roof of your mouth before pulling back. He grinned at you giving you multiple kisses before he kissed down your chest towards your nipples. Licking over the flesh he kneaded your plump breast pinching on the pebbles before he let you down turning you against the wall. 

“Stay still. I can’t wait.” He admitted slapping your ass bending you over a bit sticking your ass out. You had to rest your hands on the wall in order not to fall down. Your legs spread wide and you wiggled it for him to slap again before he undressed himself until he was naked. Lining up behind you he rubbed his dick up and down the entrance of your slit before he was slipping inside of you slowly. He moved his hips back to press only the tip inside of you. He slammed back into you repeating the process over and over again. 

It made you holler out in pleasure as he fucked you against the wall. His hands wrapping around your body gripping at your breast he messaged them slowly grabbing them as he continued to roughly fuck you from behind. Using one hand he pulled back starting to slap your ass gripping at the plump flesh. 

“All good for daddy. Taking his dick. Tell me you like it. Tell me.” He growled out gripping at the sides of your mouth opening them wide with three of his fingers, your mouth open you cried out in pleasure throwing your head back. 

“I love it! I love daddy fucking me so roughly. I love daddy pounding into my wet pussy. Fuck me hard daddy! Ruin me until I can’t walk. Just fuck me!” You whimpered out in pleasure. He complied, thrusting harder into your body he pressed you against the wall not letting your hips move too much. He slammed into you, his hands wet from your spit. He was slapping your ass and pulling your hair to make your head tip back a bit kissing your lips. 

His large thick member slid in and out of your cunt at a fast pace, the wet lewd sounds of hips pounding against hips as you both got closer to your end. He was loving to pleasure you, pushing himself to be all that he could only to earn more pretty cries from your lips. He stretched you out, claimed your body and made it behave. 

“Daddy! Can I cum? Please daddy please let me cum!” You begged him, his hand wrapped around your neck cutting off some of your air. 

“Cum on daddy’s dick baby girl.” He whispered against your lips kissing them as he abused your spot.

Your eyes clamped shut as you focused on that tingling feeling inside of you. Your hips sputtering and reacting to his harsh thrusts. Your legs spread wider, hands sliding down the wall from the sweat and had it not been for him you would have fell by now. It took a few more thrusts to have you seeing white, your pussy clamping greedily around his dick as you released an orgasm. He rode it out with you letting you get completely through it before he pulled out of you. 

“On your knees!” He shouted gripping his dick tugging it with his hand. He stroked it watching as you weakly got on your knees opening your mouth for his cum. He growled looking down at your face stroking fast until his white hot thick ropes onto your face and into your mouth. You took it moaning softly as you licked it clean before you smiled up at him. 

“Don’t smile for too long pretty. That was just a warm up round.” He winked down at you playing in your sweaty hair. 

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So I googled best episodes of Tabletop, and it kept coming up "Fiasco". So I watched both episodes and absolutely loved them. You guys so got into your roles, it was amazing. Then I seen the setup episode and was like "oh crap", should of watched that first, but then something awesome happened, I watched the setup episode, and as i was watching it, as someone who already knew the outcome of the story, it was amazing to watch how you crafted your characters and set up your characters, It was fun.

Aw, thank you!

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today i discovered that watching the live shows on youtube is actually way less glitchy than younow I'm a creature of habit so i just kept watching them on younow but i realize the quality on yt is much better

younow is the rawest way to watch liveshows we die like men

Massage - Part Four

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: Drunkness, sex, threesome, home invasion.

Tagging: @hazeleyedleto @devorahlynn  @msroxyblog  @letojokerownsme @jayded-dreams

Notes: As always, I appreciate the feedback. :D  Love you all!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Part Four

I was a little bit buzzed. Well, okay, I’ll admit, I had had a little more than I could take. But after the week I had, I sure as hell needed it. And besides, I had Jared and Shannon to watch my back, even if they were a bit shitfaced too.

I giggled, wrapping my arms around Shannon and swaying to the beat. I felt a chest come in contact with my back and I looked behind me to see Jared. He leaned down to whisper in my ear. “I got lonely.” He pouted.

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RFA boys with saeran and v reaction to seeing MC after they broke up ( because the cheated ) with bmp princes ^^

OK I actually really liked this request so I’m doing it now! Love Mystic Messenger and I love Be My Princess :D perfect combo :D thanks for this lovely, it sparked inspiration! Again, I won’t be writing Jaehee, I just don’t feel comfortable writing her, some people have already noticed how weak I am at writing her so I don’t because she deserves justice, so I apologise.


It had been around six months since we broke up. Not that I blamed her, I had cheated on her on a drunken cast night out. Stupid mistake, but my fault nonetheless, I couldn’t stop her from leaving, even after hours of begging. In the end I had to let her go, I had to be punished for what I had done. I deserved it. But if I told myself what I would see months later, I wouldn’t have believed myself.

There she was, the love I had lost walking hand in hand with, none other than, Prince Edward from the Kingdom of Charles. I had no idea how they had met or even managed to get together, but it still stung when I saw just how happy she was, how he was looking at her. I gave her that gaze every day, and I threw it away, and to who? Probably the most romantic person known to man. Not only was he known as romantic, he was kind, extremely generous and one of the most eligible bachelors. Being beaten by a prince was hard to take, but I knew if I went over to say hello, I’d just make it worse on myself. I’d hurt her, badly, for someone who had cheated to suddenly turn up out of the blue to say hi? No. Watching them go by with the butler close behind them, I turned away and let her have what she truly deserved. A man who wouldn’t so much as look at another woman, would never throw away what he has, someone to truly devote to.


Was that? No. It couldn’t have been. And yet as they moved closer I couldn’t deny it. The only woman I loved so deeply walking casually hand in hand down the street with a prince! And with Prince Roberto! I’d heard so many things about him, how playful he was but so loving to his kingdom and people, something I couldn’t even do to the woman I loved. Seeing how happy they were together…I felt as if my heart was being squeezed by a vice. It was my fault. Of course it was, I was the one who cheated and I had no excuse. I had felt down, unsure about how I felt about her, doubted my feelings until I woke up in someone else’s bed. I was certain of my feelings then, doubt, hatred to name a couple. I couldn’t hide what I had done and thought that maybe, just maybe, we could have gotten past it. No. She broke up with me and I didn’t blame her.

She was happy. I could see with the smile on her face, the way their hands swayed between them, them giggling at each other, yeah, it was the right decision for her. She had someone she deserved. Even when they seemed to be running away from someone, who I guessed was Prince Roberto’s butler, she looked like she was having the time of her life. Something I couldn’t give.


When I had heard from Assistant Kang that a Prince was visiting my company, I never would have guessed to see her by his side. Of course I kept my composure, I had to be professional, however the way she looked down at the ground at my shock hurt me deeply. I still loved her, I never stopped loving her, even when I stupidly agreed to sleeping with someone for a business deal. She wasn’t supposed to find out, but when it came out that it was all a scam…I knew I had messed up badly. She was right to leave. She was right to find someone else. She was right to move on from me.

The Prince stood proudly with her by his side, not holding hands, but you could see how much admired her. When we discussed how the company ran and how we were going to work with a company back in his own country, he kept glancing at her as if for confirmation. He wanted her opinion, valued it immensely. The Prince was professional, strict in his emotions, even his butler behind him had the same vibe, and yet he was constantly making sure my love was alright. My heart hurt and the whole meeting was torture. It was no surprise that once they left I cancelled everything for the rest of the day to coop myself up in my penthouse to recover.


Why? I thought the pain was finally receding, but seeing her in the café with another man, a prince no less, just brought all of it back. My chest tightened and my heart felt heavy once again, I almost collapsed to the ground. Instead of going inside, I watched from a distance, maybe knowing she was happy with this man would be enough to help me move on. Their hands brushed several times, Prince Keith even kissed her hand every now and then. A gentleman, no, a prince being a prince. The café was empty, both of them being waited on I guessed was his butler. Yeah, 5 star service and no less. She smiled, laughing, kissed his hand in return. This wasn’t helping me at all. He was giving her something I was not able to.

To this day I still don’t know why I did what I did. I say it was because I was undercover, I had to do it, I had to. And yet, I knew I didn’t. I could have said no, walked away, gone back to her and none of this would have happened. We would be at home now, cuddled up together under a blanket with chips and pop. But no. She had moved on, was with a prince, the right person to be with.

I couldn’t cope anymore, I had to get out, to stop this pain.


Anger was all I felt. Towards her with Prince Joshua? No. Only to myself. The happiness I could have had right in front of me. I didn’t even know there was a small parade of the prince’s arrival here, and yet, I guessed this was my punishment for cheating on her. I knew why I had done it. We’d had a fight, a big one, and I needed to take my anger out on something, and it ended up being another woman. I didn’t forgive myself, I never could. Instead of fighting for her to stay, I let her go, almost pushing her away. She didn’t deserve me, not by a long shot.

The prince smiled at her, kissed her head too as they went past where I was stood. The rage in myself grew to something I knew I couldn’t control. I deserved this. I deserved this. I. Deserved. This. This pain I felt in my chest, in my heart, in my soul. It kept repeating as I watched them go into the distance, starting their new life together, a happy life. Whereas I still struggled to continue day after day with the guilt.

It had to stop. But did it? No. Yes. I screamed as I ran home. I had to do something.


Was it bad that all I felt was…acceptance? Prince Yakov had announced his engagement that day but I didn’t realise it was to her. To the woman who helped me get past Rika, past…well my past. She had done so much for me and I had hurt her as a return. Of course it hurt, but it was my own stupid fault that we weren’t together anymore. Nothing I said or did would have fixed the situation. She had moved on to find someone who was more then capable of looking after her, loving her, caring for her, without having the thought of another woman.

Me? I had learned another hard lesson. I shunned myself away from love from then on, I knew I didn’t deserve it anymore. My wish of finding someone after Rika had been granted and I pushed it away. No. Being on my own was the only answer, and alone I would stay, watching her from a distance, hoping, praying, that she would live a long and happy life as a princess by his side.

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I could be wrong, but I noticed that in your older videos you seemed like you were as if you were talking to someone one on one, the way you described how you behave when you feel comfortable around someone. It felt like that was more the true you..I could be wrong of course, but just a thought, it was like you were more "real" in a way.

Oh my God, how many times are you going to send me this shit? Ffs…

How do you think it’d feel sitting in front of a camera talking to absolutely no one for the very first time in your life - and on top of that, knowing you’re going to post this video online for millions of people to view and potentially ridicule? You’d be nervous as shit, right? Believe it or not, that’s how I felt as well. It took me over a month to work up the nerve just to post one of those vlogs. My first vlog took nearly three hours to film because I was so nervous, I kept stumbling over the same sentences again and again, watching them play back, and hating how it sounded. YouTube was something I was terrified to pursue, and as someone who was called “unlikeable” for most of my life, I was genuinely scared to be myself. Tack on mental illness, and it was a nightmare brought to life.

Whoever you are, trust me when I say I know myself better than you do. When I tell you I was uncomfortable as shit when I first started filming, you can trust that I know what I’m talking about, since I lived it. You don’t have to believe me. That’s your prerogative. But don’t come to my inbox telling me which version of myself is authentic and which isn’t. That’s some audacity. 

In closing, yes, you are wrong. My first few vlogs? That’s me when I’m trying not to have an anxiety attack. Want to see me when I’m comfortable? Watch the vlog I posted this Wednesday, or the Wednesday before. And if you want to see me when I’m a “bubbly bunny?” Watch the vlogs I film with Cliff. Neither of these sides of me are fake, because like the rest of the world, I’m a multidimensional human being capable of experiencing a variety of emotions.

You’re denying me the right to have a vulnerable, weak side of myself on YouTube by using it as “evidence” that my confident, authentic self is fake. That’s fucked up.

Fooled By The Trickster

A/N: Okay! TWD/SPN Mashup! Give feedback please!

Prompt: Sam, Dean, The Reader and Cas, get put in The Walking Dead universe by Gabriel/The Trickster

Pairing: Paul Rovia x The Reader

Word Count: 1,618

Tags: @kerrionmywaywardson @originaladdict98

Hunts where you had to deal with witches, were never a favorite of mine. Or any hunter’s really. But this one, had hit an all time low. Considering the witch, wasn’t even a witch. Instead, it was an angel, still pretending it was a trickster, Gabriel. An angel I’d thought was dead. Clearly not the case though, how? No idea. Because next thing I knew, me, Castiel, and my brothers Sam and Dean, were in a place I didn’t recognize. 

It was night, we were on our knees. ropes tied around our hands, guns aimed at our heads, a bunch of people around us in the same situation. I didn’t know any of them, except for this one girl she looked oddly familiar, she was right next to me, she looked sick. Like she was about to puke, or die even. I had no idea what was going on, but I didn’t like it. 

I’d just realized why she looked so familiar. “..Bella?” I whispered. She looked at me, but she looked confused. I don’t think she recognized me, before I could say any thing else, one of the people behind me, hit the back of my head, hard. I wanted to turn around and punch them. But, that wasn’t an option.
“No talking. Negan’ll be out soon. So shut your mouth, okay you piece of sh*t?”
Negan? who the heck was Negan? Was I supposed to know? Or even care? These people sure did. Pure horror in their faces. It made my stomach turn. Just then, the door to an RV I didn’t even notice was there opened up. A guy stepped out. One I definitely knew.

My father. John Winchester.

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Infiltration of the Heart (Reader x Sombra)

(This should be a fun one for me to figure out but I will do my best. I have done it to where it was along the lines as to when her character was first introduced to Sombra so I hope I can do justice for you. Longer than I thought but I had fun with this one so Please, enjoy! ^_^ Mod Firefly)

The task was simple, get in, kill the target and get out but I don’t know if I can do it. Not because I was caught but because something about that person was striking my interest. Sure, I could find out everything and anything about them but for some reason, they seemed to cause me to stop in my place. This was all going through my head as I hacked into the security mainframe of their protected compound, a smirk on my face because for someone so smart and powerful, they seem to not know about a stronger firewall and security system. “Sombra, do you have the target’s location?” I hear the dark voice come from my communicator.

“I am looking, just give me a second.” I mumbled back as I finally found them in a freight elevator going to explore some inventory in the lower level. “Found them.” I reply, some guilt in my voice as I kept watching how they seemed so focused at the task at hand, not realizing how much danger they are in. “Widowmaker, do you have them?” he asked as I kept watching them from the computer. “They just need to come a bit closer. It looks like they are giving a speech to someone.” She replies as I hack into the audio to hear what is being said.

It seemed like they enjoyed the inventory and there was a twinkle in their eye when they said that they will stop at nothing to make sure that the world is safe, one computer and data mainframe at a time, even if they have to go as far as becoming part of the mainframe themselves. That they wanted a deeper understanding of how the world works and nothing would stop them from making their dreams a reality.

“They have a good point.” I mumble as I realized that they are exactly like me. “I have them in my sight” Widowmaker states to us as I knew that if I wanted to feel like there was someone other than me, I would have to protect them. With a simple press of a button, I turned the alarms on. “Widowmaker, hold the perimeter, we are going in.” I hear an angry voice yell to me as I act like I was innocent. “They discovered us, I will catch the target on foot.” I yell as I keep going, ducking and fighting around them. “Sombra! I’m cut off! It’s on you now.” He yells as I felt something inside of me bubble up.

“I’m all over it.” I yell as I keep working on getting closer to our ‘Target’. I dodged bullets and kept fighting before putting my teleporter down in a certain section, away from unsuspecting eyes. All was finally going well before I was thrown from the catwalk and almost fell to my own demise. “Sombra, status!” is yelled into my ear as I use my technology to bring the mechanical arm I was falling near. “I’m working on it!” I yell as it finally comes to life and I am lifted up to where their office was. The guards spotted me before I used my camouflage to vanish, following them closely until I reached the office, as they were about to shut the door, causing a lock down.

I appear and smile, waving my fingers as the door slammed on the guards’ faces and this time, I am certain that I smile as I look at them, some concern in their eyes as I hold my gun to their face before removing it, trying to get them to see that I mean no harm. “S/O. Ha! You have no idea what it took for me to make this meeting happen.” I smile as I hide the giddiness inside of me, I can’t believe it. I guess I was falling for them the first time they released the upgraded firewall about 3 months back. I do love a challenge.

“S/O/L/N! Are you alright?!” Is heard from the other side of the door as the guards were pounding on the door and I look at them, seeing that they were not that afraid but still, they looked as beautiful/handsome as ever. “Relájate, I’m not going to kill you! I mean, I’m the one who set off the alarm.” I admitted as they looked shocked at me. “You…you set them off, but why?” They ask but before I can respond, I hear someone yell in my ear. “Sombra! Do you have the targe—“ Is all that is heard before I remove and turn off the headset, finally happy to have him off my back for longer than 5 seconds.

I smile as I look at them, the confused look still plaguing their face. “Okay, listen. I just told you that I won’t kill you but I have an offer that you can’t turn down but all I want is something in return” They look down and I smile “I don’t have much of value, other than the information that you seem to know about already so what could you possibly want?” They ask and I smile, this may work out in my favor. “It’s simple…a date.” I reply as they look up at me, confused and trying to figure if they heard me correctly.

“Did you really just say that I think you said.” They ask as I smile. “You are the most powerful person in all of the whole digital world, next to me obviously; Hah, I’ve always wanted to date you!” I admit with a slight blush on my face as they look at me. “What do you mean you wanted to be with someone like me?” They ask with a slight blush before I go to kiss their unexpected face. Their lips were sweet and full of surprise but I think I enjoyed it more than they did. “S/O/L/N answer us!” Is still being yelled as I look at them.

“Here is the full deal; so I’m thinking, I don’t let anyone harm a hair on your pretty little head and you go out with your new girlfriend on a date night every now and then. What do you say? Clock’s ticking, dearest.” I say as I saw that the guards almost had the doors opened and I could see my dearest face and something surprised me.

The smile on their face was a dead giveaway that they were not thinking too hard on this, that they were going to enjoy this. “As if I had a choice. Now what, ‘dear’?” they said as I smiled, gently pecking their lips and backing up. “I’ll be in touch so keep that private line open. Boop!” I say as I touch the tips of their nose gently as I teleported away before the guards come in. “Mission failed. Target escaped.” I say with a slight shrug with I stood around, seeing that the coast was clear and I gather my supplies up. “Get back to the ship.” Is heard from the reluctant and obviously pissed Reaper.

I start to walk away but then see a notification appear on my phone.

                      Computer café in Kings Row, 8pm, don’t be late.

Yep, looks like this is going to be the start of a great relationship.

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Touch (2012)

Back when Touch aired (2012), I didn’t know much about media representation. I liked this show overall, because the concept was interesting, but the way the autistic character was portrayed had always bugged me. Back then, I didn’t know why, but 5 years later I do.

It was the insistence on the stereotype of the autistic white boy who had unique abilities. Even back then it bothered me that every autistic character usually was a savant as well. It felt like if they had nothing extraordinary to them, the audience wouldn’t have a reason to like them.

I kept watching it anyway (yes, I am a hypocrite), and by the end I was a little fazed with all of this, so I decided I didn’t like the show.

Five years later (2017) I met an autistic person who liked the show. So, being much more educated on media representation and activism, I decided I had matured enough to give this show another shot. I gotta say I did not regret it.

Yes, the white savant boy stereotype still bugs me to this day. Possibly even more so. But there’s something else in this show that makes up for it, and I didn’t realize it back in 2012.

Jake, the autistic boy in question, is respected.

His father, Martin, not once feels his son is a burden, nor does he use his son’s disability to pretend he’s a better person. He is not ashamed of his son’s autism. He sees Jake’s autism as a part of who Jake is, and respects him.

He doesn’t force Jake into speaking. Instead, he tries to learn how to understand Jake’s way of communicating. He respects Jake’s touch aversion and makes sure everyone else does too. He doesnt get mad when Jake does socially inappropriate things. He even spends a whole season fighting against Jake’s institutionalization.

Other characters, like Avram, Lucy and Soleil, also play a big part in showing the audience how to interact with an autistic kid. They are never fazed by his autism, they respect him as a person and they enjoy his company. The fact that Jake is nonverbal doesn’t stop them from listening to him and what he wants and needs. They see through his autism while remembering that it is part of who he is and how he acts, and they like him for it.

My point is: Jake’s relationships are healthy relationships. That’s something we don’t usually get in media representation of autism. He is never invalidated. He is never abused. His loved ones trust him. They like him for who he is.

I know it’s not perfect representation. But the role Jake plays in the plot is not the negative one we always get. He’s not a burden, he’s not pitied, he’s not a plot device. The show is about him; and people around him see him as a person, just like they should.

In 2017, I’d go as far as to recommend this show.

Spill the Tea

Request: Could I request #4 for Jooheon but the other way around? He overheard you talking about him to his members👍 THNX

4) Your bias talks about you to their members and you overhear.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Monsta X’s Jooheon x Y/N x (6/7ths of Monsta X)

Type: Fluff

“You want to finally talk about Jooheon?” Hyungwon gasped as he sprung up from his bunk bed, where he was asleep only moments before. “Changkyun, put on the tea.”

I.M. nodded, a determined look on his face as he exited the room and hurried to the kitchen. I heard Kihyun who was already in the kitchen begin to bicker with the youngest. Changkyun continued in a hushed whisper followed by a moment of silence. A few seconds later, Kihyun stuck his head in the door. 

“You’re ready to talk about how you feel?” Kihyun gasped. 

I rolled my eyes and leaned back onto Minhyuk’s bed, trying to hide from the sudden attention. These boys were the biggest dorks I knew, but they were mine. A girl couldn’t ask for more out of a group of best friends. 

Well, maybe ones who weren’t so concerned about her love life. 

“You brought this on yourself technically,” MInhyuk whispered as I leaned against him. 

“Where is he anyway?” I grumbled. “The rest of you are here.”

“Oh, you know him,” Hoseok grumbled from his spot next to Hyungwon. “He’s always promoting something or on some variety show. We’ll hear him when he shows up.”

“But for now,” Kihyun whispered as he slid into the room and began to close the door, nearly knocking down Changkyun who was approaching with a tray full of cups and a teapot. “You have to talk.”

“Do I have to?” I moaned. “I believe I was having this conversation with Minhyuk before Monsta X’s resident gossip started eavesdropping.”

“Rude,” Hyungwon grumbled. 

“Did I say your name?” I gasped. “Guilty conscience.”

“I am guilty of nothing,” Hyungwon sighed, taking a cup of hot tea from I.M. “I accept my right to hear you spill the tea.”

“She spilled the tea?!” I.M. gasped, spinning around and shooting me a dirty look. 

Hyungwon closed his eyes and exhaled. “No Changkyun, you haven’t even offered her tea yet.”

“Are you going to talk about what’s going on or not?” Kihyun gasped, sipping on his own tea. “Jooheon, he walked you home last night…right?”

“He did,” I nodded, accepting my cup of tea and leaning back against MInhyuk again.

“And?” Hoseok said, leaning forward. 

“And there was a lot of walking,” I nodded. 

“…he didn’t try to kiss you good night?” Minhyuk asked, lifting his eyes brows. 

“Or try to hug you?” Kihyun followed up. 

“He didn’t try to entice you with the mating dance of his people?” I.M. asked. 

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked around the room to gauge everyone’s reactions to the statement that just fell from Changkyun’s lips. 

“Nope,” Wonho sighed, shaking his head. “That is literally just you Changkyun.”

Without missing a beat, I.M.’s own furrowed eyebrows loosened and he nodded, at peace with his hyung’s words. 

“I don’t think he likes me guys…” I continued. “No matter how much you all try to push us together.”

Wonho sent a knowing glance to Hyungwon. “But how do you feel about him?” he asked quietly. 

“It’s difficult,” I grumbled, trying to deflect. 

“Life’s difficult, get a helmet,” Hyungwon gasped, rolling his eyes. “Now answer the damn question.”

“I like him!” I spat, trying not to spill my tea (literally and metaphorically.) 

“Now doesn’t that feel good to say?” Kihyun smiled, sipping casually. 

“I hate you all,” I grumbled. 

“Untruth,” Wonho smiled. “But continue.”

“He’s just…he’s like a firecracker that refuses to be put out,” I sighed. “He caught my eye because of his charisma. He always knows how to get me out of my bad moods and he gets so shy whenever I ask him to do aegyo even though he does it like 24/7 anyway. And he tickles me like we are children, but then he’ll nuzzle into my neck and I think he’s about to kiss me but…”

I looked up to see all five boys hanging off of my every word. 

“But he doesn’t.” I finished. 

“Call me crazy,” Changkyun sighed. “But have you thought about kissing him?”

All of the boys were queued up to hush whatever nonsense was about to come from I.M.’s mouth, but upon that sentence they all began to nod, shooting curious looks to me. 

“Right because that’s something I’m confident enough to do,” I grumbled. “Did you all momentarily forget? We’re talking right now because I’m too afraid to even confess to him.”

“Hey, not to alarm you,” Shownu said, sticking his head through the crack of the door. “But I just got out of the shower and saw Jooheon sitting on his butt at this door, leaning his ear against the crack.”

My eyes grew wide and I moaned, my face falling into my hands. 

“You alarmed her,” Hyungwon nodded. 

“Maybe if people wouldn’t be so secretive about things…Like their feelingssss,” Shownu sang as he retreated down the hall. 

“Well, if our leader is correct,” Kihyun sighed. “You should get to moving because you have someone waiting to talk to you.”

I nodded and stood, closing my eyes tight in hopes of erasing the situation in front of me. I felt Changkyun lean close to me, his breath against my ear. “If you ever want to borrow my mating dance, just ask, I got you.”

My own breath hissed between my teeth as I exhaled and opened my eyes. “I’ll remember that, thanks.”

I walked slowly down the hall, trying to make the sound of my footsteps as minimal as possible. Normally I wore socks and could easily stealth from point A to point B, but my feet were clammy with nerves and seemed to stick to the hardwood as I walked along. 

I knocked lightly on the door of Jooheon’s bedroom. Whatever music he was playing immediately stopped. 

“Jooheon?” I whispered, slowly opening it. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, his open laptop beside him. He looked up at me with a smile that met his eyes. 

“Hey Y/N,” he breathed. “Didn’t know you were here.”

“Lying hurts Jooheon,” I sighed, plopping on the lower bunk opposite of him. 

“Yah Shownu has such a mouth…I thought he wasn’t talkative, but no, he’s just as bad as the rest of them,” Jooheon grumbled, his gaze veering down to his shoes. 

“You heard everything?” I asked slowly, wincing. 

“Mostly,” he nodded, still not making eye contact. 

“Oh,” I choked. This didn’t seem very promising judging off of his reaction. 

“Why didn’t you say something sooner?” Jooheon asked. That’s another thing I admired about the boy in front of me. He wasn’t afraid of talking about an uncomfortable situation. 

I, on the other hand, felt like I was going to die. I tried to organize my thoughts, let alone my words. 

“You aren’t the easiest guy to confess to Jooheon,” I whispered. “Your personality is so big…I just…I was afraid.”

“Of me?” Jooheon gasped, his eyes growing wide. A blush creeped across my face and I nodded. 

“Of me…” he repeated. He slid to the edge of his bed until our knees almost touched. His face was only inches away from mine. 

“Are you afraid of me now?” he said lowly, his eyes, normally innocent, full of anything but. 

“I’m not sure if that’s the word,” I choked out. 

Jooheon smirked as he placed his fingers against my jaw line and brushed a gentle stroke there. As our lips were about to meet, I heard a shuffling outside of the door, followed by a crash. The door sprang open and the other 6 members of Monsta X toppled in, intertwined with each other and mildly embarrassed.

Jooheon and I kept our close proximity as we watched them all begin to fumble around, making horrible attempts at trying to untangle from each other. After a few moments, Hyungwon’s face popped up, all seriousness in his expression. “Now kiss.”

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bluandorange replied to your post “Maybe BC was so mad about Elementary because it made it so crystalline…”

yyyyYYYYupp. Did you just start? Have you met Bell yet?

I started a few days ago. I’m taking a podcast hiatus (after that host I like endorsed Secret Empire, I needed a break) and I needed a new thing after I finished season 7 of Archer. (Trying to get Hulu to earn the money I keep giving them.)

Anyway, yes!

I kept meaning to watch Elementary because people whose opinions matter to me on Tumblr kept enthusing about it, but I have very little patience for television, I like having my eyeballs free, which is why I usually listen to podcasts. I have learned a few things:

Johnny Lee Miller is a fantastic actor who does a lot with his mouth. Sebstan acts with his eyes? Miller acts with his mouth. He does a lot with it. His jaw and lower lip in particular are very expressive. It’s very interesting, I am in favor of his choices. Also, his eyebrows are forever doing subtle things that resonate. And his cadence! I’m really into voices because, as I stated, I prefer to keep my eyes free. There’s a certain balance between lazy drawling and clipped fury that can be done with an English accent that I really appreciate coming from Miller, and he never talks so fast that I lose track of what Holmes is trying to say, even when he’s being subtle or sarcastic. He comes across impatient and pensive without being poncy. I like it a lot.

As much as I enthused about Graves as Lestrade, I actually love Aidan Quinn as Gregson with an alarming ferocity. He seems just enough annoyed by and appreciative of Miller to make the relationship believable. Any time their moralities spark against each other, the barely restrained fury in his eyes and the slight quavers in his voice that he tries to hold back by lowering it almost to whispering? Amazing.

Bell is adorable. Black officers on police procedurals are usually written kinda flat, but I find Jon Michael Hill’s performance has a very satisfying number of layers as well. I liked him right from the beginning, when he was dubious of everything coming out of Holmes but he trusted Gregson, so he would listen while making very incredulous faces. My favorite thus far in S1 has been when Holmes was “suspended” and Bell kept taking his calls even though he knew Gregson wouldn’t want him to. At the same time, his tone with Holmes was like, “Look, we both know I am not supposed to be talking to you right now. So talk really fast so I can pretend I am not complicit in your shenanigans. But remember I am not supposed to be doing this so I am being nice to you and pay me back for it later.” There was a very, “What can I do? He has my phone number.” feigned innocence about the way Bell played it with Gregson. I was pleased. (I also like it when he code switches to talk to his subordinates or other Black people. That’s so natural and satisfying.)

Okay, last but most important: I swear, Lucy Liu has been around in Hollywood as long as I can remember and I do not think I have ever heard her talk as much in the cumulative summary of her career as she does in the first three episodes of Elementary. It makes me so angry. I never doubted that she was very talented? But this is a woman who uses every weapon in her arsenal at once while acting. Her facial expressions give me volumes, her breath control is precise, her voice is riveting. Her Watson is so confident. Like, it takes a certain kind of person to go through 12 years of schooling and become a surgeon. It takes a humility almost never found in that kind of person to walk away from that investment of effort. She’s utter steel against Holmes’s shenanigans and her boundaries are held firm in a way Law and Freeman just never manage worth a goddamn. At the same time, when she’s vulnerable, you can see she must have been a compassionate doctor with a true gift for bedside manner. Every glimpse into her backstory and every revelation of the hard or soft places in her character makes me frustrated because I always want more. One more line, one more scene, one more minute. I’ve read the ACD books a dozen times and seen every version of Watson in media but Liu’s is far and away my favorite. She gives the character so much depth, Marianas Trench levels of it, and Miller plays off of that so skillfully!

Every time I have to do anything that requires me to pause the show, I resent it. This is good shit.

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Take Care Of You (Derek & Sammy)

(A/N: I’m so sorry for taking over 9,000 years on this, I’m lazy as fuck. And, I’ve run out of ideas on how to start imagines lately lmao. But, I tried my best so pls don’t hate me, I hate me enough already. But on the other hand, I hope you enjoy it 💖)

Request: Can you do one similar but with Derek and Sammy and make it extra smuttty! Please

  I walked through the crowded hallways, anxious for my upcoming tests in my math and English tests today. Why the hell do teachers give tests and quizzes on Fridays? It fucks up the joy the weekend coming up. You would usually look forward to Friday due to the anticipation on the weekend rapidly approaching. But instead, you dread Fridays, due to the anxiety of the rapidly approaching tests.

I walked into the dull, depressing English room and took my seat in the back of the room by the wall. I sat down and skimmed my notes. I looked to my left as I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

   “Hey, what the hell is this test on?” Asked Derek, the captain of the football team. Now I’m not gonna be cliché and blabber on and on about how popular he is and how much “power” he has, but he is pretty cool to people. But he literally talks to anyone that has a ‘positive ora’ as he once told me. I’ve talked to him on occasion. I wouldn’t say we were friends though, more like acquaintances. We converse and joke around in this class, but in a hotbed class, we don’t sit next to each other, so there’s no real point in going out of our way to chat. 

   “I think it’s on the Franklin D. Roosevelt article we read this week. We’re supposed to answer questions based on our understanding or something, I’m not very sure.” I respond after thinking about it. He nods.

  “Oh okay, thanks.” We both go back to looking through our binders and he stops, thinks and turns to me. 

 “Hey, where’s the article? I lost it.” He asks. “It’s in the absentee folder.” I respond, pointing towards the table in the front of the room. 

  “Good looks.” He nods and heads int eh direction I was pointing in. As he’s up there, Sammy waltzed into class a few seconds before the bell, saving his ass. Derek looks up and sees him, slapping him up in the process and going to sit down with his new paper.

   The day goes on as it usually does, everyday is the same repetitive cycle of me and sleeping in class, waking up in the last ten minutes and scribbling down all of the notes and then leaving to do the same in different classes. I’m tired of the repetition, I need some excitement in my life. 

  But of course, I have no friends at school and no social life whatsoever. It’s finally time to go and I’m at my locker, grabbing my jacket off of the hook in my locker. Derek’s shoulder slams against the locker next to me in a goofy manner, giving me a silly look until the pain of impact kicks in and he hisses and rubs his shoulder, causing me to laugh at his dumb behavior. 

  “How about we hang out for the first time together outside of school, huh?” He asks. I’m definitely taken aback. What does he want from me? Why is he asking me if all people to hang out after school together? 

   “Um sure but, why me?” I ask in suspicion of his intentions.

  “We talk in English and you’re pretty cool, so why not hang out together outside of school? My parents work late and I’m the only person in the house until about nine so I’m bored and lonely. I like hanging it with new people.” He explains. 

  “Sure, why not?” I reply, still a bit nervous about it. 

  “Let’s go then” he suggests linking our arms and dragging me out of school with him. 

  “Yo, Luh! Wait up!” We turn to see Sammy running up to us, out of breath already. 

  “What?” Derek asked. 

 "I’m bored, I wanna go too.“ Sammy claimed. Derek shrugged and led us to his black bmw. I hopped in the back seat, Sammy in the front. I looked out the window as they talked to each other about the people on the football team and how to win their upcoming game against an undefeated team. I watched as the scenery changed completely, going from the busy streets of downtown, to an almost deserted area of trees and grass. It was so beautiful, so calming, so natural. I wouldn’t mind at all living here. 

  I jumped at the sound of Derek and Sammy unbuckling their seat belts and getting out, causing me to do the same and follow them up to the front door of the big brick house in front of us. The door opened to reveal a very cozy looking house. This house is literally a place where I’d happily raise a family. The furniture was perfectly placed and picked out. 

  "You can sit down if you’d like.” Derek politely offered. I nodded and headed over to the black suede couch that sat right across from a big flat screen tv that was placed on the wall above the mantle of the fire place. 

  “I’ll be right back to get some snacks. Sam, put on a game or something." 

  Derek heads to the kitchen as Sammy headed towards the dvd rack, looking for a game to play. He picked up a random disc and put it in the Xbox. He walked over and sat next to me with a controller in his hand. 

   "first time you’ve been over here before?” He asked. I nodded nervously. 

  “It’s nice in here isn’t it?” He asks, laughing. I nodded once again with a polite smile. 

  “You can talk to me you know, you don’t have to keep nodding and what not." 

  "I’m sorry, I’m just not used to… This.” I said motioning with my hands, the area of the living room. 

  “You’re not used to nice things?” He asks curiously, I giggle at his confusion. 

  “No, not that. I’m not used to, you know, hanging out with guys all by myself.” I state nervously. He laughs. 

  “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you.” He pats my knee, his hand going up a bit as he rubs it a little. I don’t think much of it as I continue to look around.

  “Okay, I’ve got some Doritos and sprite.” Derek walks in, placing the food on the coffee table. I thank him quietly and reach for the chips in an attempt to drown out the awkward with food.

  Derek sits down next to me, sandwiching me between him and Sam. About fifteen minutes later, as they’re still playing their game, my friend texted me.

   ‘Where are you?’ she asked

‘I’m with Derek and Sam.’ i replied, looking over to see if either of them were watching me, they weren’t so i kept texting.

  ‘Oooh get some’ she texted back. I blushed and my eyes widened as I tried to hide my screen. I looked to see Sam looking at my screen with a smirk on his face.

  “What does that say babe?” he asks slyly, reaching for my phone.

   “Nothing!” I yell out, moving my phone to my other side to just have it taken away by Derek. I sigh at my stupidity. He grabs my hand and unlocks my phone using my thumb print before I could move or protest. 

  “Get some? What exactly do you want?” He laughs out. I blush even harder. My head rolls back with my eyes at the same time.

  “Don’t mind her, she’s just joking. Please give me my phone back.” I plead.

  He moves it higher, above his head. I sigh and reach for it, failing miserably.

  “Ugh, don’t make me beg for it.” I mentally curse myself for my choice of words, knowing that it would bite me in the ass.

  “Mm, I’d love to hear you beg.” He purrs and tosses my phone to Sam. I look towards Sam as he catches it and shoves it in his back pocket. I was about to ask for it again but I was interrupted by Derek’s wet lips on my neck.

  “What are you doing?” I gasp in surprise. Sam laughs and moves closer towards me. 

  “We made a deal that we could both get to have you a the same time because we’re both desperate to have you. All we need is your approval.” Sam explains quickly, not wasting anytime. 

  I think about it for a second. A threesome? I’m not as experienced as the rest of the girls they’ve been with, I  don’t know if I can handle a threesome. But look at them, they’re so hot and oh my God, Derek’s lips feel so good on my neck. My eyes flutter shut and I moan a bit, causing them both to chuckle. Fuck it.

  “Okay” I agree. They both look at each other in shock of my answer. They both give each other a few looks, talking silently, as I sit there completely lost.

   Derek throws me back on the couch and crawls over to kiss me roughly on the lips. I feel a tug on my jeans and the cool air embraces my legs making me shiver. Derek’s tongue licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I open up for him and his tongue slowly caressing mine. All the while, Sam rubs my clit in small figure 8s through my panties.

  I moan into Derek’s mouth and he pulls back to take both of our tops off. I look to see that Sammy has already taken his off and he drags my panties down my legs. 

   I look over to see Derek’s length in front of me. I look up at his smug face and smile. I happily take his hard member into my mouth. He hisses as my wet mouth wraps around him tightly. I bob my head back and forth and he wraps his long fingers into my soft hair, guiding me back and forth at his desired pace.

  “Ugh fuck Y/N just like that. You like that huh? You like being choked by my big cock?” He asks seductively and I hum in approval, the vibrations from my mouth causing him to moan as they buzz around his cock. 

  Preoccupied with Derek, I totally forgot about Sammy in-between my legs. I moan as I focus on his plump lips sucking my swollen clit. He laughs and pushes a digit into my wet heat.

  My breathing picks up as I continue to moan with Derek in my mouth. My moaning getting the best of him, his moans increase in volume, making me wetter if even possible.

  “Oh my fuck- Y/N, just like that, oh my God!” He yells as he releases his warm load in my mouth. I look up at his face, twisting in pleasure. God he’s perfect.

   I struggle to swallow his load as Sam goes to work on my pussy. Derek lifts my chin up with his thumb and forefinger, forcing me to look at him.

  “Swallow,” he commands and I quickly oblige. I open my mouth to prove it to him.

  “Good girl” he coos. I throw my head back and moan as Sam pushes me closer to the edge. 

  “Is he making you feel good baby?” Derek whispers in my ear. 

  “Yes!” I holler, my legs shaking in pleasure. As soon as I was about to cum, he pulls back. I was about to complain until he stood up, pulling down his boxers, and shoving himself inside of me.

  I moan loudly at the size of his erection inside of my tight heat. He groans and thrusts slowly, gaining speed every second.

  “That feel good baby?” Sam asks, breathless. He slaps my thigh when I fail to respond.

  “Yes, yes, yes!” I scream out and they look at each other, laughing.

 He lifts my leg over his shoulder, fucking me harder and faster than before, causing me to unintentionally clench around him. 

  “Oh fuck, do that again please,” He moans and I obey, clenching around him as I feel the heat in my lower body getting more intense and soon I come undone, yelling profanities. He soon follows, summing inside of me, filling me up with his hot liquid. I pulls out, making me twitch at the sensation. He lays back on the other side of the couch. I squeeze my legs together as my high blows over.

  “I hope you didn’t think you were done. I didn’t get to feel your pussy yet.” Derek sits on the couch, sitting me on his lap. He gives my swollen lips a soft kiss and spanks my ass, causing me to jump slightly.

   He reaches down to grab his hardened cock and guides me down onto it slowly, allowing to adjust to his new size. He was just as long as Sammy but he was definitely thicker, causing to wince in uncomfort. 

  “Shhh” he helps soothe the pain by rubbing my clit and kissing me softly. I calm down, he notices and starts to bounce me up and down slowly on his cock. I moan and bite my lip, closing my eyes. He moans as I bounce faster. His size giving me exactly what I needed.

  “Right there mami.” I moan at the nickname, scratching his shoulders. He grabs my ass with his big hands and bounces me harder on his cock. My eyes roll back in pleasure, still sensitive from my last orgasm.

  I clench over and over and twitch as I feel my high dangerously approaching. I let out a small moan as I let go.

  “That’s right mami, cum for me.” He rubs my clit, riding out my high.

  He lifts me off of him as he feels himself getting close, I grab him in my hands, pumping him up and down as fast as I can. He moans and grabs my ass in both his hands. His head rolls back, revealing his sweaty neck as his dick twitches in my small hands, shooting out his cum on his stomach and my hands.

  I giggle as he ride out his high, he looks at me and laughs with me.

   I roll over to sit in between him and Sammy.

    “Holy shit,” I sigh, breathing calming down slowly. Sammy laughs and looks over to me. 

“I told you, we would take care of you.”