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Request by markandjackaremysuperheros: Can I request an x reader where Sherlock and fem!reader are about to have their first time together. She doesn’t tell him she’s a virgin and Sherlock gets a bit too rough for her first. When he realizes it her first he’s freaks out thinking he  hurt her but she’s like: “I’m fine just slow down. I love you.” Than she gets into it and fluff and sweet smut???


Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Gifs aren’t mine.

Warning: SMUT, that is my final warning to you

You put the last of the groceries into the fridge while trying to resist the urge to grab the head in the fridge and throw it out the window. You sighed closing the fridge door and walking over to John’s old spot in the living room and plopping down onto it, since John had moved out and in with Mary.

“Are you ever going to throw that revolting head out?” You asked Sherlock who was sitting down as well while sipping on some tea that you had made him.

Sherlock stopped drinking his tea and stared at you for what felt like a minute till he replied with a stern, “No.”

You only sighed and slumped back into the couch as you took out your phone looking through iFunny (yes I love that app, don’t judge they have great memes) and laughing at a few of the featured posts, but what you didn’t realize was that Sherlock was starring at you in a slight lustful way. A few minutes have passed by with you just scrolling though random things on your phone and Sherlock starring at you with his tea already finished.

“(y/n) I’m bored,” Sherlock whined leaning back in his seat.

You looked over at your boyfriend and sighed shutting off your phone. “What would you like to do then?” You asked, but Sherlock just smirked at you with mischief evident in his eyes.

“We could do something,” Sherlock paused making eye contact with you, “that requires more work.”

“And what would that be?” You asked him tilting your head in fake innocence getting what he meant.

Sherlock’s smirk widened as he stood up while holding his hand out to you, “Follow me and you’ll see.” (Omfg that rhymed! I could be a rapper!)

You took Sherlock’s hand as he lead you to your shared bedroom, and right when you entered Sherlock closed the door behind the two of you and pressed you against the wall. He gently placed his lips onto yours as you melted into it only for the kiss to become more rough and hungry. One of Sherlock’s hands when to your hip while the other to the back of your neck to pull you closer to him. While your hands went into his curly locks pulling him closer to you. But soon the two of you had to part for the lack of air and as your lips parted the both of you panted.

“Are you still bored?” you asked Sherlock, but he just chuckled and leaned down to kiss you again only this one more sloppy, but also more intense. Soon enough you felt something wet gliding across your bottom lip and you didn’t even hesitate to open your mouth and to have Sherlock’s tung dart in to your mouth and explore every inch of it, but not before you tried to fight for dominance only for him to win in the end.

You tugged at his hair which in reply to you got a slight grunt from him. This went on for a few more minutes till you had enough and started to tug at Sherlock’s shirt. Sherlock getting the hint allowed you to unbutton it and pull it off of him. After that he did quick work with getting rid of your shirt. Only for you to lock your lips together again. Sherlock parted from you and trailed kisses down from your jaw to all the way down to your collarbone and he started to suck and lick it harder each time to leave a mark, to show that you were already taken and by who. A moan escaped your lips which just encouraged Sherlock even more. He picked you up slightly squeezing your ass and turning the two of you around with your legs tightly wrapped around his torso. He played you down onto the bed and went back up to your lips.

Grunts and moans came from the both of you. Soon he went back to your neck with his hands roaming your body and going down your back. He bites your neck slightly and you emit a gasp in surprise and arch your back in pleasure. He smirks in victory and unclasps your bra throwing it to the side. All of a sudden you become very subconscious. Since you’ve never done this and you’ve never told anyone you were still a virgin since you didn’t want to be made fun of. Your hands flew up to your exposed breasts with a light tint of pink covering your cheeks.

“Don’t hide yourself,” Sherlock said pulling your hands down revealing your breasts again to him.

He leaned down to your neck and started to kiss down till he reached the valley in between your breasts. His head moved to your right breast first with his tung licking around the bud of your breast till he took it in his mouth sucking on it.

You arched your back as you moaned his name as you arched your back once again in pleasure. You quickly put one hand clutching his hair,again, and one hand clutching the sheets while your eyes closed.

Sherlock rubbed your other breast with his large hands squeezing and pinching your beasts to get more of a reaction from you. After finishing with your right breast he did the same treatment to the other pleasuring you. You could feel Sherlock getting harder and harder by the second.

Soon Sherlock was done and he tugged at your pants as if asking if he could take them off you nodded and he pulled them off with easy. He also started to rub the wet fabric of your underwear. You sighed in pleasure as Sherlock pulled down your underwear with you finally naked. Sherlock than slowly entered a finger in you causing you to whimper as he moved is finger inside of you. He then started to move his finger in and out of you as you just kept on moaning and his name slipping through your lips a few times. Soon he inserted a second finger into you which you moaned out his name at his actions soon his fingers started to quicken the pace with your hips moving in rhythm with his fingers.

“Sh-Sherlock,” you moaned out, “I think I’m going-going to…” You stopped when Sherlock pulled out his fingers from your virgin entrance. You whined and rubbed your thighs together trying to get some friction in between them only for Sherlock to respond with a smirk gracing his lips. He unbuttoned his pants and slid them off only remaining in his boxer which you could see the dent of his boner. Your eyes widened as slight fear hit you and you became nervous. You feared that it would hurt and you became slight panicked about that, but Sherlock had been to over come by just to realize your nervousness. Sherlock slipped off his boxer and aligned himself with your entrance, but not before slipping on a condom. (Rap it before you tap it!) 

Your heart rate quickened as Sherlock slid into you and a few tears brimed your eyes as Sherlock thrusts int you a few times roughly. You let out a slight whimper as a tear slid down your cheek.

Sherlock’s eyes widened as he stared at you in fear, “D-Did I hurt you or anything?” He asked than he quickly realized you must still be a virgin as he mentally slapped himself as he the first time in his life called himself an idiot.

“I-I’m fine, Sherlock,” You said reassuring the male you was starting to slightly panic above you, “I’m fine just slow it down a bit?” Sherlock nodded as you readjusted and nodded at him again to move.

He started with a slow pace rocking his hips into yours, and slowly the two of you were starting to get into a faster and faster pace. Soon Sherlock was fully in you going deeper and deeper into your wet core. You moaned each others names and grunts passed between the two of you. Till at one point Sherlock hit a certain spot inside of you that made you see stars.

“Sherlock, there!” you screamed as he pulled all the way out of you and slammed back into you having then beds head board bang into the wall. You clawed at Sherlock’s back as you got closer and closer to coming. 

“Sherlock, I’m going to,” You grunted and moaned loudly as you came with Sherlock following close behind as the both of you ride out your climax. Sherlock pulls out of you and lays next to you as the both of you pant trying to catch your breaths.

“Keep it down your two!” came the voice of Mrs.Hudson from downstairs. You and Sherlock looked at each other than laughed loudly.

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Thank you, darling nonny.  I set this shortly after they first had sex, so it’s a flashback of sorts.  You can find the rest of Compromised on Ao3.

The Congressional Offices were nearly empty as Clarke stepped off the elevator.  Not many representatives showed up to work on Sunday mornings, preferring to either commute back to their district or go to church as a public sign of piety.  Clarke hadn’t intended to come to her office today, but she was too distracted to get anything done at her apartment and figured a change of scenery might help her concentrate.

But as she walked down the hallway, she noticed a door was ajar and knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the change of scenery would do nothing to alleviate the reason for her distraction.  For the past four days Clarke’s brain kept returning to that moment in her office like a movie with only one reel, unable to shake the memory of his fingers on her skin.

She couldn’t believe it happened and what’s worse, she couldn’t stop reliving it.  It was a stupid, impulsive decision and it would never happen again, because Bellamy hated her and she hated him and having sex with him was one of the worst ideas she had ever had.

Except for the fact that it was maybe the best sex she’d ever had.  

But aside from that, it really was a terrible idea and one that could never be repeated, no matter how potent the memory.  She paused outside his door, listening for signs of life.  “Hey, Miller, come in here for a second,” that unmistakeable voice called, so Clarke scurried past the door as quickly as she could.

Her flats slapped against the floor and the air conditioning swirled around her bare legs, playing with the hem of her black shirtdress.  She unlocked the door to her outer office and flipped on the lights before letting herself into her private office.  Clarke dropped her purse to the floor and huffed out a sigh that sent the wisps of hair falling from her messy bun fluttering.   You’re here to work.  So work, she told herself sternly, and picked up a draft of a bill from her desk.

But it was no use.  Her brain refused to read the words on the page and instead insisted on replaying every single second of her encounter with Bellamy.  She tried to read a paragraph of the draft for the sixth time and then gave up, because she just couldn’t shake the memory of his lips on her throat and his hand in her hair.

She needed to exorcise that memory if she was ever going to be able to work in her office— or anywhere else— ever again, so Clarke dropped the heavy draft onto her desk and stood up.  With Miller in Bellamy’s front office they would have to keep it professional, she reasoned.  She could explain to him that it was a mistake, never to be repeated, and that would be that.  

Clarke breezed into the office and scanned for Miller, drawing up short when she saw that the chief of staff’s desk was empty.  She considered leaving but just then Bellamy opened his door, looking unfairly handsome in his glasses, jeans, and dark blue henley.  “I thought I told you to go home,” Bellamy started, and then he froze like a startled deer.  “Oh, uh, sorry. I thought you were Miller,” he said, his eyes darting to her bare legs.

“Nope, just me,” she said, and they stared awkwardly at each other.  “I realized— um, I realized we never finished our meeting this week.  Would you have some time to talk about it now?”  It was as good a cover story as any, because without Miller in the outer office to keep her baser instincts in check she wasn’t sure she could control herself.  She’d keep it professional and short, and save the let’s forget this talk for some other time.

“Uh, yeah…I’ve got some time now.  Not really working on anything pressing,” he said and stepped aside to let her into his office.  This was probably the most they’d said to each other without arguing, ever, but between bickering and this painful, stilted conversation, she’d take anger any day.  

Bellamy shut the door behind him and moved towards his desk.  “Actually, about— about the other day,” Clarke blurted out, because her brain had a one track mind these days.  Bellamy stopped just a few paces from her.  “It was a mistake.”

“A mistake,” he echoed, and that gave her the courage to muster on.

“Yeah.  A mistake.  A one time— whatever.  Whatever you want to call it,” she stuttered, but even as she said it she found herself drifting towards him.

Bellamy was moving towards her too.  It was like they were being drawn together by a magnet, slow and inexorable.  “A one time thing,” he said, sounding dazed.  His eyes dropped to her mouth and then somehow they were standing in front of each other, just millimeters apart.

“Right,” she said, her voice gone hoarse.  “We shouldn’t do that again.”

“We shouldn’t,” Bellamy agreed, and then they crashed together, their lips meeting frantically.  Clarke wasn’t sure who moved first, she just knew that she didn’t want it to stop.  His lips felt exactly how she remembered, and his hands cupped her face almost delicately.  She sank her teeth into his lower lip and pulled back when he groaned.  Clarke tugged up the hem of his shirt, his skin hot to the touch as her hands roamed his back, and then arched her neck so she could kiss down his jaw.

She could feel his moan rumble deep in his chest and Bellamy raised the bottom of her dress to slip his hand inside her panties.  Clarke’s knees threatened to buckle when he pressed down on her clit but his other arm was around her back, holding her up.  She pulled his face down to kiss her again and his finger eased inside of her, but it wasn’t enough— nothing would ever be enough unless he was inside of her, filling her completely.  “Do you— do you have—” she gasped, her mind hazy with need.

Bellamy broke away from her and nodded, and when his fingers left her she whimpered.  He pulled out his wallet and plucked a condom from it, laying it on his desk.  Clarke hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and let them slide down her calves before spinning around and planting her hands on his desk.

Bellamy made a noise somewhere between a groan and a laugh, and Clarke smirked at him over her shoulder while he unbuckled his pants and rolled on the condom.  But she stopped grinning after he playfully swatted her ass and pushed inside of her.  Clarke dropped her forehead to the desk and he started thrusting, his hand curling around the nape of her neck.  She braced against his rhythm and Bellamy leaned over her, pressing a sloppy kiss to the corner of her mouth.  She craned her neck so their lips met, messy and needy.  Files and drafts of bills started falling and her thighs were hitting the hard edge of the desk but she didn’t care, because he was inside of her, hitting a spot that made her want to keen.

Bellamy slid his hand between her thighs and found her clit again, and Clarke had to break away from his kiss to muffle her moans with her arm.  Heat surged through her veins and her muscles started to quiver, Bellamy’s breath hot in her ear, and then she was tumbling over the edge.  Bellamy swore, holding still while her orgasm rocked through her, and then started again, rough and deep until he was coming, whispering something that sounded suspiciously like her name.

Just like the first time, panic seized her. Did I really just fuck him again?  Am I really unable to control myself? Bellamy pulled out and threw away the condom, but before she could slip out of his office he grabbed her arm.  “Hey,” he started, but then he seemed at a loss for words.

The first time in her office Clarke could barely bring herself to look at him when he straightened his clothes out and left, but this time she couldn’t stop looking at him.   Let’s just pretend this never happened was on the tip of her tongue, but his eyes were soft and maybe she was still fuzzy from the orgasm but she just couldn’t bring herself to say it.  She gave him a half smile instead.  “I’ll see you around, okay?” she said, and then left before she could do anything monumentally stupid, like kiss him goodbye.

Catch Me If You Can Pt.5 *Psycho! Luke*

so this is just gonna be a fanfic now and I thank everyone for requesting and the birthday wishes ilysm omfg

We remained at the mall, walking around. He felt more comfortable as we took the hoodies off. We were currently in another store, getting you some clothes that would actually fit. You heard him knock on the dressing room door, “Let me see, babe.” Every time he called you one of those pet names you wanted to get sick. You slowly opened the door and walked out, revealing the new outfit to Luke. It was a simple choice, nothing you thought was too out there. Until you heard the familiar sound of him trying to catch his breath. “You, look absolutely stunning.” He got out, just above a whisper. “Thanks.” You mumbled, looking down at your feet. “He’s right, you know.” Your head shot up and saw a dark skinned boy, who held tattoos as well up his forearm. He was very attractive, his hair was a bit messy with blond streaks up the front. You blushed and spoke, “Thanks, it’s not too much is it?” You asked the cute boy, smoothing out invisible wrinkles. He walked over as he shook his head, “Oh no, it’s perfect. Well, maybe just add this.” He took off his red and black flannel, placing it around your shoulders. “There, now it’s perfect.” He said, stepping back to admire his work. You two didn’t notice Luke until you heard him clear his throat. Taking a step back from the boy, you looked up and saw his eyes grow darker by each passing second. “Oh I’m sorry, this is Luke -” He wouldn’t let you finish you’re statement as he grabbed your waist, pulling you close to him. “Her boyfriend.” Anger clear in his words the other boy backed off. “Hey man, I wasn’t trying to take her.” He joked and held out his hand, “I’m Calum.” Luke just looked at the boy, ignoring the outstretched hand. “I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you, Calum.” You shook his hand, so he didn’t feel to much like an ass. “Look man, I’m sorry. I’m leaving.” He said beginning to walk away. You remembered you were still wearing his flannel. “Wait, you’re shirt?” You called out to him. He waved you off, “Keep it. Looks great on you.” He winked and turned the.corner. Leaving you with a red and burning face.

“Go change. We’re going home.” Luke pushed you back in the dressing room. “Hurry.” You quickly changed back into regular clothes. You buttoned up the flannel and walked back out so see him on the phone. He saw you and quickly hung up. He grabbed your and pulled you to the cashiers. Turns out the cashier was the same boy from before. “Oh hey again.” He smiled, scanning the clothes. Luke gripped tighter on your arm, surely leaving a bruise. You winced in pain, and prayed no one noticed. That wasn’t how your luck worked though. Calum looked between you and Luke and then down to where he was grabbing. He furrowed his brows and looked you in the eyes. It looked as if he was trying to send you a message without words. “Hurry up, we have places to be.” Luke rushed the tan boy behind the counter. He put everything in the bag and looked at you once more, he gave you a sympathetic one. ‘Sorry’ he mouthed as you were pulled away.

Back in the parking lot, it was near empty, and it was dark. Suddenly you felt hands on your back and you were on the ground. Hitting your knee the wrong way, you groaned in pain, rolling over. Luke was standing over you, eyes red and chest heaving. “What the hell, Luke?” You screamed. He said nothing as he grabbed you by your collar, lifting you up with no effort at all. He stared at you before forcefully crashing his lips onto yours. It was rough and sloppy. His lips were chapped and you tried everything to get him off of you. It wasn’t working. You gave in and tried kissing him back, maybe if you went along with it, he would stop. When he realized you were kissing back, he eased up. It wasn’t as rough, it have even been passionate if it was under the right circumstances. He pulled away, attempting to regain air to his lungs. You did the same as he slowly put you down, feet back on the ground. “Y/N.” He breathed out. “That was the best kiss I’ve ever had.” He moved his hands, and rested them on your hips. He pulled you close, and kissed the top of your head. You were confused, he had just shoved you onto the concrete, and now he was kissing and hugging you. You didn’t get it, he had more mood swings than your mother during the holidays. Oh no, the holidays. They were coming up in a few weeks. Would you be home in time to celebrate? “Y/N.” He just kept repeating your name into your hair.

He seemed so vulnerable, obviously you had to take advantage. You slowly raised up your good knee, and hit him hard in the crotch. He fell back, groaning as you took off in a sprint towards the open doors. You didn’t think twice before running back to the store where Calum had been working. Your knee was shooting pain up through your entire body, but you ignored it. Making your way up the stairs and running into Calum in the process. The mall was empty, amen. He seemed to be the only one left. “Calum, thank God you’re still here.” You tried catching your breath when Luke came barreling through the mall doors. He looked around and his eyes met yours. Grabbing Calums wrist you pulled him to the nearest store, which happened to be his. Running around to find a hiding place, the only one seemed to be a dressing room. “Do you mind telling me, what the fuck is happening?” He asked, looking at your wide eyes and skinned up knee. “Luke is the guy who escaped from prison, he kidnapped me last night.” You explained quickly putting your finger up, signaling to be quiet. His eyes were as big as saucers when you finished and saw his face lose all color. His hands began to shake, and you grabbed them in an attempt to calm him down. “Y/N.” You heard Lukes menacing voice travel through the store. He was near and it sent chills down your spine. “Come out, come out wherever you are.” He taunted, hearing the footsteps get closer to the dressing room. “I won’t hurt you baby. Just your new friend.” You held on to Calums hand tighter, “He won’t hurt you.” You promised him. Knowing in the back of your mind that you probably couldn’t keep this promise. “Where could you be?” His voice was right out side the small rooms. “Maybe here.” He said as he kicked the door in. Making you scream and Calum jump. You protectively stood up in front of Calum. “Don’t hurt him.” You warned.

“Baby, get out of the way. I’ll deal with you next.” He held the gun tightly at his side. “No, I’m not moving. If you hurt him, you hurt me.” You stood your ground, refusing to let this innocent boy get hurt because of your stupid choices. “Believe me, I will hurt you. You crossed a line tonight, honey. You will be taught a lesson tonight.” Calum stood up next to you. “I,already called the police. They’re on their way.” Luke laughed and raised the gun to his head. “Too bad they’ll be late.” He pulled the trigger and Calum dropped, his blood splattering onto you and your clothes. You let out a loud, shrill scream and dropped to your knees. You grabbed at his lifeless body, begging him to open his eyes. You,knew he wouldn’t wake up. You just witnessed him be killed. You didn’t notice Luke pick you up and take you back to the car. You were buckled and back on the highway in minutes. You saw numerous police vehicles pass by, lights and sirens going. You had just witnessed your first murder.

part 6? request it holla cx xox ilysm

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Joshaya and The Road Trip Life headcanons?

  • omg okay so like the second Maya graduated college, Josh was like “what are your plans now?” or something, and she was like “I mean, I can paint anywhere, really” so he got the message and let his band know she was absolutely coming with them on ‘tour’ from now on
  • Once again tho it’s not a real tour they are literally homeless and just road tripping across America trying to find gigs lmao
  • But as much fun as they had with the long distance thing, Maya is fucking done with that and Josh is thrilled she’s done with that so like the day after she graduates she starts packing up all the stuff she absolutely needs and prepares to set off
  • They encounter their first problem almost immediately: There is literally no room for Maya in the bands van omfg
  • All this time it’s just been Josh and his four best friends living in a shitty beat up dark green van that looks like it will fall apart any second and has their band name and logo spray painted on the side (curtesy of Maya)
  • Like sure they’d some times get motel rooms and whatnot but it’s mostly just the van. The five of them barely fit omfg
  • And now Josh wants to bring his girlfriend into this mix-and don’t get it wrong, his friends ADORE Maya. They probably like her more than him lmao- but there’s literally just no way for her to fit omfg so Andrew(Josh’s closest bestie/back up singer)’s like ‘you gotta find another car it’s the only way”
  • And now they p a n i c bc wtf they are starving artists with student loans how tf they gonna get a car
  • They mope around for a few days and when Shawn finally asks Maya whats wrong she tells him and he just. turns pale
  • “Shawn something up?”
  • “You want to live in a car with Joshua???”
  • “I mean, that’s one way to simplify it I guess. But we don’t have a car so calm down.”
  • But he just g r o a n s and she’s like??? What???
  • “Your mother and I bought you a car as a graduation present she’s picking it up as we speak but now I REALLY DON’T WANT TO GIVE IT TO YOU”
  • Too late, Maya’s already squealing in excitement and hugging Shawn and calling Josh to tell him the good news
  • Katy’s pulling up in a dark blue pick up truck and Maya’s running outside screaming and Shawn just sighs sadly and makes himself a strong cup of tea bc he obviously can’t prevent this
  • So like…3 days later they are fucking set to go omfg
  • Shawn’s having a heart attack he thought they’d at least stay the summer or something
  • But nope, he’s helping Maya load whatever she packed into the truck and he’s just. so distraught
  • Cory’s being an ass lmao “Hey Shawnie remember that time you just up and left all of us to live on the open roads for a few months?”
  • Obviously he knows Josh and Maya actually love each other but he’s upset so we’re gonna cut him a break lol
  • So Josh and Maya say their goodbyes and hop in the car and follow the shitty green van off into the sunset
  • Maya honestly wasn’t expecting to enjoy hobo-ish life that much
  • Like honestly she was expecting to hate it but put up with it for Josh
  • But no she fucking loves this she’s never felt more free in her life
  • They take turns driving every few hours, and when he’s at the wheel she’s either sketching things she might want to paint later, writing in a journal, taking pictures of cool things she sees, blasting music, playing stupid road trip games with Josh
  • They take backroads and scenic routes because who’s gonna fucking stop them
  • They never really plan what town or city they should stop in, they’re usually just like ‘okay today we’ll drive until 6:00 pm and then look around wherever we end up for gigs” and they barely map out what direction they wanna drive in so often times they barely know where they are
  • They’ll do motels like every other day so they can shower and everything but at some point they start enjoying sleeping in cars??? Maya never expected that
  • Whenever they officially stop to look for work, Maya will just set up her easel next to the car and paint while the band is gone. She finds she really enjoys painting outside omg
  • After she paints quite a few, like, to the point that they can barely fit them in the truck bed, she starts taking them around to different places to see if she can sell any
  • Like either just park the truck in plain site and have a little sign up saying she’s selling, or finding cute little indie bookshops and coffee shops and seeing if they wanna buy art to hang up or something
  • She’ll also occasionally make money doing sketches of people on the spot
  • And for the paintings, all the driving around and traveling is allowing her to see more of the world than ever before. So she’s CONSTANTLY inspired omfg
  • Whenever the band does land a gig, she helps them set up their gear and basically runs their set and then eventually ends up accidentally becoming more or less their manager
  • And she has so much fun at all their shows omfg you’d think after a while she’d get sick of hearing them like every day, but no. She loves them
  • It doesn’t hurt that Josh keeps writing more and more songs about her
  • The first one he ever wrote for her is still her favorite, but hey it feels nice being someone’s muse!
  • Speaking of which, her sketch book has way too many sketches of Josh now omfg she’s gotten so photorealistic too they’re great
  • He always feels a little weirded out because he’ll be driving and singing along to Elvis songs and he knows she’s staring at him so intensely and drawing him but the level of detail in them is so amazing and touching like how tf does she do that
  • Also they make out so much
  • Like they spent two years being long distance they are very unaccustomed and excited to see each other every single day omfg
  • The first time it rained and stormed all night while they were in the car Maya was entranced  by how everything looked (because they were basically in the middle of nowhere) and took so many pictures and Josh kept laughing about how excited she was but inside he was like ‘hot damn am I in love with this girl she’s perfect’ omg
  • Seriously he had to steal her camera and get some shots of her looking so wide-eyed and excited and filled with wonder over the storm he never wanted to forget this expression on her face
  • When he tells her as much she calls him a dork but she’s blushing and they start making out and that’s their first time~
  • Absolutely stuff blankets in the truck bed and stargaze are you kidding me
  • Sometimes if they’re all low on money and can’t find work, Maya and the band will literally convince town locals they’re basically the X-Files and will investigate paranormal bullshit for money
  • That surprisingly??? Works well??? And they get into a lot of very strange misadventures that can barely be explained
  • She’ll be relaying the stories back to Riley and Farkle (who she calls every day) and Farkle is so convinced she’s lying but no Farkle seriously I swear I had to help exorcise a cat today shit happens
  • Josh is 100% convinced one of these things got him abducted by aliens but the memories are blocked and he’s like…You know what, I don’t think I wanna know
  • omfg
  • Josh’s bandmate Kira (who’s on drums) is literally always flirting with Maya and Maya is so flattered and likes to rile Josh’s feathers so she tends to flirt back lo
  • (She’s not messing with Kira’s feelings or anything the girl 100% just does it to mess with Josh)
  • Maya wants to hit up EVERY stupid tourist trap she sees.
  • The world’s largest rubber band ball is important, Joshua!
  • Maya learns high heels are not exactly comfortable or practical for this way of life and gets into converse
  • She’s mostly okay with her height at this stage of life but like??? Does Josh have to be more than a foot taller than her??? So rude,
  • Josh takes after Alan with his love of the outdoors and makes everyone go camping every chance they get
  • He’s got a worn out tent that’s just big enough for the 6 of them if the squeeze
  • So like every single time they end up in a place near woods he’s like LESSGO and everyone else responds with varying degrees of enthusiasm and dread
  • His friends Andrew and Brandon make it their goal to find Bigfoot on one of these camping trips though. Maya is always trying to prank them lol
  • TJ, the Stoner Friend™, has managed to find a way to grow weed inside their shitty band van and Maya’s so impressed and feels like they need to find a legal state so he can spread his knowledge and make major bank
  • Okay so after a few months of this it’s getting to be the holiday season
  • They make it to New York for Thanksgiving, and then try their luck in Florida until Christmas time, when they go to Amy and Alan’s
  • That’s when Josh ends up proposing!!!
  • So they’re still on the road during the engagement, but they’re sticking to the East coast because Riley, Amy and Morgan are trying to plan the fuck out of this wedding for Maya
  • And then one weekend in April when they happen to be in Philly for a gig, they end up having their great quickie wedding and promptly get sent to Disney for a week-and-a-half long honeymoon thanks to Minkus
  • So they have a total blast there but when the trips up it’s back on the roads!!!
  • And Amy and Alan were trying to be all ‘now that you’re married you’ll probably wanna settle down a little more permanently’ but NOPE Maya’s still loving the feeling of driving down open back roads and letting wind blow threw her hair and sleeping under the stars
  • Doesn’t mean she doesn’t get a total kick out of telling all the nice diner waitresses about their wedding or showing off her JCPenny pearl wedding ring or introducing herself as ‘Mrs. Matthews-Hart’ or giggling happily when Josh dedicates songs to ‘my amazing wife’ and all the girls in the bar groan
  • And they keep up with this for like 2 more years omg
  • The band gets a little more notoriety on social media (since Maya decided to handle all of that when she named herself their Sorta Manager) and get more of a fan following. Suddenly it’s not super hard for them to get gigs and people are actually recognizing them on the street
  • Maya’s paintings are starting to get a quiet buzz in the art world too
  • They have actual money regularly now which is exciting but they don’t change the lifestyle they were already living
  • Because they were never really ‘in it’ for money ya know? Like yay now they have security to use in an emergency but cars and motels are still good enough for everyone
  • Maya’s 24th birthday is spent alone with Josh in a shady hotel room during a thunderstorm/blizzard combo. He managed to get her some birthday chimichangas just like her had done during her freshman year of college, they watched soap operas on the static-y tv and made out a lot. She had an absolute blast tbh
  • They keep in contact with everyone else very well so they always know what’s going on
  • Every time they are remotely near where Riley and Farkle live they are prone to kidnapping their goddaughter Penny because SHE’S GETTING SO BIG
  • Josh always insists on driving with one hand bc he needs to look cool at all times but anyway his other hand it always messing with Maya’s hair as she draws
  • He l o v e s messing with her hair bc 1) it’s great hair and 2) she’s always so focused on work she barely notices it’s v cute
  • They aren’t exactly pda monsters but they’re usually touching each other somehow, if it’s just hand holding or wrapping an arm around the other’s waist
  • Since like 90% of what they own is in the back seat of the car, you’d expect it to be organized but. no. they are such a mess omfg
  • A lot of Josh’s clothes end up with paint stains just because he gets too close to Maya before realizing she’s wet lol
  • They argue about what music to listen to in the car all the time omfg because Maya will be like “I want some rock!!”
  • And Josh will just put on the Next to Normal soundtrack
  • Or Maya will wanna listen to something super pop-y
  • So Josh is like “Mamma Mia!!!!”
  • And like Maya likes musicals and all but this boy always does this he needs to chill
  • She’ll take videos of him passionately belting out showtunes and post them on the bands social media pages like “Quality lead singer of an indie rock band right here” lmao they always get a lot of likes
  • The more art Maya sells the bigger she gets
  • She starts to be known as ‘The Traveling Artist’ and she has so many twitter followers just because people wanna know where tf she is so they can buy something from her
  • Josh is lowkey a vine star and she hates him for it
  • After really good shows the whole gang will go out to the best restaurant they can find and celebrate the fact they don’t suck
  • Band starts getting bigger and bigger
  • Articles are being written about them and ‘music world’s newest hunk’ Joshua Matthews-Hart keeps getting phone interviews and stuff
  • So Maya’s…a little panicky when she finds out she’s pregnant
  • Like she’s happy and excited but also worried either 1) it’ll put an end to the band and Josh will forever resent her or 2) he’ll choose the band over her and she’ll be left alone with this kid
  • And like she knows neither of those things will actually happen but she’s emotional and worried about the future give her a break
  • So she hides this pregnancy for like 3 months omfg
  • Now that they aren’t traveling to random locations, she’s able to search up clinics near where they’re heading and gets any ultrasounds or refills on prenatals there
  • And after Josh (and everyone) finds out she’s pregnant and has been hiding it (in front of everyone they know at Riley’s wedding), of course he’s fucking ecstatic omfg
  • Reassuring her she has nothing to panic about and not 20 minutes later he’s googling how to buy a house lmao
  • He figures a permanent address would be a little helpful lol
  • So they end up deciding to head for Seattle, and get this g o r g e o u s house and get everything set up for the baby
  • Josh and his band get signed by an actual record label there and record their very first album!!!
  • But he still managed to be there for every big pregnancy step and Sebastian being born was obvi one of the best moments of their life
  • When the kid is about 3, the band books their actual first tour, like a real tour that’s preplanned and in actual concert halls and tickets are sold before hand they are SO PUMPED
  • And Maya brings the baby with them because fuck she ain’t missing this
  • So now even tho it’s a bus and there’s occasionally planes and everything is planned and organized, they’re still technically living on the road again and Maya and Josh still love it and they love having Sebastian there with them awww
  • They stay traveling (the band just keeps getting booked they’re pretty huge) for a while
  • Once Sebastian is like, school aged tho, they head back to their house in Seattle and officially kinda sorta settle down lol
  • Like the band doesn’t break up, but now they only agree to tour in the summer time when Josh (and a couple other members have started settling down) can bring the fam
  • So during the school year he works at a recording studio near the house while Maya stays at home because she has this huge art studio in their attic
  • And they basically just fucking love their life, especially after Violet’s born too
  • Sometimes they can get a little stir crazy but it’s like ‘hey it’s the weekend let’s load up the kids and drive to the nearest camping spot’
  • And every summer it’s another tour
  • So they never reeeeally give up on the road trip life and they never really want to.
  • It’s too much fun for them and it’s where they really feel at home, it only gets 1000% better with the kids there
  • J o s h a y a