i kept staring at it for minutes

i was playing mercy today, and the soldier:76 on my team kept putting his spray overtop of mine. i gave up with salt in my little healer soul. cut to about two minutes later when he’s at critical health and im staring him down with my pistol out. i put my spray down and switch to my caduceus staff. still dont heal him. he looks at my spray, looks at me, puts his spray next to mine instead of of top. i heal him, emote, and thank him before moving on.

playing the healer turns you into a vengeful, powerful god. you hold their lives in your hands and if they do not respect you, you leave them for the fucking wolves.

ok so a white woman kept staring at me on the bus and I was super anxious and annoyed about it because I thought it was because I’m brown and so I tried to ignore her and continue scrolling through my phone even though I could sense her stare. after like 15 minutes, she got up because she was about to get off and she came over to me and said “hello dear, I wanted to say you’re very beautiful and have gorgeous hair” and my heart melted asdfghjkl

We returned to the gallery and Sherlock confronted the curator. She denied everything at first and she kept insisting that the painting was real. There didn’t seem to be much we could do. Then the phone rang once more.

It was a child.

A child!

The bomber had a child – a little boy – strapped to bombs!

The child started to count down from ten. Sherlock was screaming into the phone that the painting was a fake but the killer clearly wanted proof. Sherlock stared at the painting as the child continued to count down to his own death. Sherlock kept yelling, demanding the boy to stop, he kept insisting that it had to be a fake. For a moment I thought…

And then Sherlock, at the very last minute, brilliantly worked it out. It was how the security guard had guessed it was a fake and why he’d phoned a professor at a planetarium. There was a supernova in the painting that didn’t appear in our skies until 1858. Therefore, the painting couldn’t have been painted by an artist living in the 1640s. The child stopped counting.

The curator admitted that she’d arranged for the painting to be created. She’d been put in touch with various people and they’d all seemed to be working for one man. You’ve guessed it. Moriarty.

Moriarty has been behind all of this. Somehow, knowing this does not make things better or easier. From what I’ve heard, that man is a psychopath.

Yesterday, at that horror con I was working, someone anonymously sent me coffee, and it just now occurred to me that I probably shouldn’t have chugged it. I figured it was the shy dude who kept smiling at me and miraculously needing to use the garbage can by our booth every fifteen minutes, but it also could’ve been the dude who was just sitting in a chair and staring at me for an hour.

But I got two girls’ phone numbers (on accident, I swear), made two cool new taxidermy connections, got three job offers, and (lovingly) called one of my favourite sculptors a fuckface. So, hey.

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this is a fuck coworkers story. Our store is known for fat and friendly service, but there's this one girl who got hired who has just been a PAIN. She's been working for about a year now, but insists she can't pour coffee. She literally had 10 people waiting for coffee, one for 20 minutes!!! When she first said it, I just stared at her. I thought she was joking! I corrected her over and over but she never listened. The other day my boss corrected her, and she kept saying "no one told me!" UGH

Little Things

Word Count: 4876

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Pure fluff. Little bit of angst. But pure fluff. 

A/N: I don’t really know how this happened. It’s pretty bad but @nichelle-my-belle @impala-dreamer and @bringmesomepie56 told me to keep going with it so I did. I apologize in advance for this mess. 

Written for @redlipstickandplaid ‘s birthday challenge. My prompt was hangover. 

“De?” You padded your way into Dean’s room, blanket clutched tightly in one hand, your eyes filled with tears and your thumb in your mouth. “De.” You shook him and he groaned, blinking awake, seeing you standing there.

“Y/N? What is it?” He mumbled sleepily, taking in your state.

“I…I…” You kept stuttering, unable to get the words out through your fear for a minute. Dean just stared at you, trying to wake up and take it all in. “I had a bad dream. Can I sleep here?” It wasn’t uncommon for your nightmares to bring you to Dean’s room, but you generally just threw yourself into bed with him and cuddled up. Something was off about you. Your mannerisms were weird. Your voice was higher pitched. He just couldn’t place exactly what was going on.

“Yeah, of course. Get in.” He pulled back the blankets and scooted over for you and you crawled into bed, much like a child would have, snuggling up against him and putting your head on his chest. That’s when it hit him. The witch. She’d muttered some bullshit at you earlier that day and nothing happened. You’d insisted you were fine but you’d been acting weird ever since.

“Y/N…sweetheart? How old are you?” Dean questioned.

“Four.” You sniffled.

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i sneezed and some kid next to me said god bless you, but i didn’t feel like saying anything, so i didn’t. thirty minutes later i sneezed again and this time she legit looked RIGHT at me and said bless you and she literally just kept staring at me until I begrudingly mumured thanks, like this is why human beings deserve to be annihilated.

What am I even fucking thanking you for, you could’ve just kept your trap shut and i would’ve continued on with my day without interruption. 

I’m so pissed, I hate this “say bless you when someone sneezes” thing, it’s bullshit, you’re not doing anything for me, you’re just succumbing to social pressure and expecting me to do the same 

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Jikook or taegi 5 plz :3

I don’t ship taegi, sorry, but I’ll write jikook with pleasure :D
5.“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Jimin has been spending a lot of time with Taehyung lately, completly ingoring the maknae who kept staring at him with a permanent pout on his lips. He just wanted some attention from his favourite hyung, was that too much? Maybe it was.  
Another day Jimin was finally alone in his room so Jungkook padded there, wanting to play a game with him. “Hyung, are you free?” he asked, entering the room. Jimin was just putting on his sweater, was he going out again? “Sorry Kookie, TaeTae asked me to go shopping with him” Jimin replied, grabbing his phone. “Why are you spending so much time with him? Do you not like me anymore? Were you just joking this whole time?” Jungkook whined, surprising the elder. “I thought……wait a minute. Are you jealous?” Jimin couldn’t believe what he just heard. Kookie was jealous of Taehyung? Jungkook actually like him? Whoa. “I’m not jealous, who’s jealous, definitely not me” the maknae mumbled, a blush settling on his cheeks. “Cute. Wait a sec” Jimin quickly typed a message to Tae that he won’t make it today and put his phone away. “Okay, plans cancelled, we can do whatever you want the whole day” Jimin announced. “Do what, I’m leaving, go with Taehyung hyung if you like him that much” Jungkook muttered and turned on his heel to leave. He manged to take when step before Jimin grabbed his hand, pulled him back and pushed onto his bed. The maknae made a surprised yelp that turned into a gasp when Jimin straddled his hips. “I don’t like Taehyung that way, I like you Jungkookie” the elder said. “I don’t believe you” Kook refused, still pouting like a child. “I’m going to kiss you if you’re going to be this cute” Jimin warned. “Do it” Jungkook challenged him with narrowed eyes. “As my baby wishes” the elder said with a smile and leaned down to do what his maknae wanted.

(Sorry it took so long, I’m watching some League vids in the meantime)

Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble!
(No 27 pls)
(I’ll stay up for like an hour more, if I don’t reply then no worries, I’ll answer the asks tomorrow)

Got a hardcore case of the morbs this morning, and I spent a fair few minutes staring out the window, watching trees being shaken in the storm that’s currently soaking Los Angeles, feeling very low. Then I watched a tiny, drenched hummingbird wrestle through the wind to get to our feeder. He kept getting knocked back, but he got there and got some breakfast anyway. I kind of assumed hummingbirds would take the day off and huddle up in this weather, but I guess not.

I know, it’s a cheesy metaphor, but it happened, and I probably needed something exactly that obvious to get me to go sit down and get to goddamn work. Because if hummingbird isn’t taking a day off when the world is going to shit, neither am I, I guess.


*** Day 4 ✨ Happy’s voice is one of the most beautiful, sexy sounds there is. Not like y'all didn’t know that. ***

“Hey, you you seen my girl?”

Juice shook his head at Happy, looking around the clubhouse for you but like Hap, he’d come up empty.

“Sorry brother. Last I saw, she was with Gemma in the kitchen.”

Happy growled and kept walking around, searching through the bodies for you. He’s been looking for you for 10 minutes and still hadn’t been able to find you. As his eyes kept raking the crowd, he caught sight of your hair across the way. With pep in his step , he bounded over to you, his jaw clenching as he noticed the new prospect Ryan sitting with you. The prospect that he had caught on multiple occasions staring you down, his eyes glazed over with hunger. The prospect that he’d already warned you to stay away from. Happy pushed his way through people, not bothering to say excuse me. When he finally broke through the crowd and was standing in front of the both of you, it was only then that he realized the prospect had his arm wrapped around the back of the couch, his thumb gently grazing your hair. Happy knew it would’ve been any second that he would’ve made the move and slid his arm down around your shoulders.


Happy’s gravelly voice is what pulled you out of the conversation you were having with Ryan. You smiled immediately as your eyes landed on him but he didn’t return the gesture, his eyes on fire as they stared Ryan down. You stood up and kept your smile, reaching for Happy’s hand to soothe him. You just wanted to diffuse the situation.

“Hey baby.”

You slipped your hand into his but he made no move to hold yours, his fingers staying limp.

“What have I told you about going after my girl?”

You sighed and closed your eyes, knowing there was no way the prospect would get out of this. You knew you should’ve tried to get somewhere else when Ryan had sat next to you but Hap had been too busy talking with his brothers at the bar to pay any attention to you the whole night. Ryan was young and confident, bordering on cocky. He’d made plenty of insinuations that he believed you were too good for Happy and if you were being honestly you really didn’t like the guy. He was just something to pass the time with until Hap noticed you. Ryan didn’t see it that way though. He shrugged and stood as well, his hands hanging loosely at his sides.

“We were just talking. Nothing wrong with having a chat with a friend.”

“I told you to stay away from her.”

“Yeah well, I don’t see a ring on her finger and she doesn’t have your crow either. Is she really even yours? She seems open to me.” Happy’s left hand wrapped around your waist and pulled you to the side while his right swung out, clocking Ryan right in the jaw. The kid dropped down to the floor, unconscious. The people closest to the altercation took a quick glance then went back to their business but Happy’s eyes were trained on you. You felt small under his gaze and immediately looked down to your shoes.

“I’m sorry.”

He snorted and you winced, trying to grab for his hand again. He yanked it out of your reach though and instead tightly wrapped his fingers around your forearm, dragging you off through the crowd. You struggled to keep up with him, your feet shuffling quickly to match his angry strides as he pushed past people and made his way toward the dorms. When you finally broke through, he pushed you in front of him towards the door to his room.

“Let’s go.”

You looked back at him to plead your case but his hand reached out and shoved you forward again.

“Now little girl.”

You bit your lip and nodded, grasping the handle and twisting, walking into his dorm. He was right behind you, pushing you once more and slamming the door behind him, the sound of the lock clicking and making you gulp. You knew you were in for it now.

As soon as he was facing your again, he stared you down. You hung your head, trying to avoid his eyes but he put a stop to that quickly, grasping your face in his hand, your cheeks squished together as you were forced to look up at him.

“What did I tell you about hanging around that fucking prospect?”

You hesitated for a second but his grip tightening in your cheeks made you speak.

“Not to.”

“And what do you do? You go and spend the night with him on the couch, letting him sweet talk you. Letting him think he has a chance with you.”

“He wasn’t-”

You don’t get to finish as he’s got his hand around your forearm again, except this time he’s dragging you to the bed. He sat down himself, right on the edge as he reached forward, pulling you to stand between his legs. He wasted no time in sinking his fingers into the waistband of your jeans and panties, yanking them both down your legs at once. He left them pooled around your knees and roughly pulled you over his lap. A shiver went down your spine as you knew what what coming next.

“Please daddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean-”

“It’s too late for that little girl. You should’ve thought about it before you went and disobeyed me.”

You nodded and left it at that. Truth was, you loved Happy’s spankings. They were rough and harsh and caused just the perfect amount of pain to have you soaked with arousal and needing him desperately. You’d actually secretly been hoping to get caught by him tonight in hopes that you would get punished.

A light whimper left your lips as you felt his rough but warm hand slide over the crow tattooed on your lower back then over your ass. He was being gentle but you knew that was all part of the game. He’d be soft and gentle at first, somewhat relaxing you so that the first spank had an even more pronounced effect.

“You’re such a bad fucking girl, entertaining other men. You didn’t even bother telling him you had my crow. You’re mine.”

The gasp ripped through your throat as his hand came down, a loud crack resonating through the room. You caught your lip between your teeth just as the next one came, landing right in the exact same spot. You squirmed around but your jeans formed a restraint in your legs and you couldn’t help but think that that was why Happy had left them on in the first place. His hand ran over the slowly growing red mark and soothed the sting but your mind was focusing on the feel of his cock starting to poke into your tummy as you lay across his lap. It was tough to say who enjoyed these spankings more, you or him. You were betting on yourself though.

His hand came down again and you couldn’t help the low, needy moan that fell from your lips.

“Daddy…daddy please…”

“Be quiet.”

You reluctantly shut up but shifted your hips, unable to contain yourself. Happy noticed the movement and slid his hand between your thighs, spreading your legs before sliding a finger between your slick lips.

“You love this shit don’t you?”

You moaned in response but Happy wasn’t having it. His hand slipped down into your hair and he pulled your head back, his voice growling into your ear.

“I asked you a question.”

“Yes daddy. I love it.”

With that, he let your hair go and slipped a second finger into you, stretching you.

“If I see you talking to him again…”

“I won’t. I promise.”

You couldn’t see it but he nodded and landed one more smack to your ass before he pulled you to sit up and stand. You looked down at him with desperation, waiting for him to tell you what to do next. He said nothing though, simply stood as well and gripped his kutte, beginning to slid it off of his shoulders.

“On the bed. Hands and knees, little girl.”

You grinned and nodded, pulling off your pants the rest of the way and climbing on the bed.

“Yes Sir.”

Leaves, Kushtrim Thaqi

Yes! Yes! Yes!
30 minutes are enough, I guess.
to take off this mask,
to take off these colors
with which
I have covered my face
and painted myself,
30 minutes will do, I guess.

Yes! 30 minutes are enough
to recall what has passed,
to remember how you looked,
how you smelled,
to remember the times
I kept you high
when you were to tired to rest,
Yes! 30 minutes are enough, I guess.

Yes! 30 minutes will do,
so take my hand and let me lead you–
there, where you were you
and I was I
each time I looked at you.
Yes! 30 minutes will do
to look, to stare at you,
before I forget me, and you forget you.

Sick Days

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Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 1.7K

Your day had started out like the usual routine you had on your weekdays, you woke up Parker and got him ready for his school, and also Jae-eun for her kindergarten, you dropped them off and headed to work. An hour later your head stared aching and your body felt super hot, and it kept getting worst by the minute, you knew you were coming down with a cold.

You couldn’t stay longer at work so you had to clock out and head home. You texted Jay and asked him if he could bring the kids home

-Babe, can you brings the kids home, I’m not feeling really well

-yeah of course, what’s wrong where does it hurt

-I think I’m coming down with a cold or something.

-do you want me to bring you soup or anything I’m not really busy right now

-no, thank you

-get better babe, I’ll keep the kids with me today so you could rest, love you

-thank you, I love you too

After you texted him you made sure to call the kindergarten and let them know Jay was going to pick up Jae-eun. As soon as you were done with all that you changed into Jays comfy big shirt and shorts, as soon as your head touched the pillow you fell asleep.

It was time for Jay to pick up Jae-eun first since she gets out before Parker does. Jae-eun was waiting patiently for you to show up and pick her like usual, but the minute she saw her Dad show up she was going crazy of happiness. 

“Daddyyyyy” she screamed and went running to him.

“Hey princess” he said, took her in his arms and lifted her kissing her cheek.

“Where’s mommy” she said after she remembered that you usually pick her up

“Mommy’s home and she’s a little sick, so we’re gonna let her rest and your spending the day with me, do you like that” he asked her

“Yesss, will I see uncle Sunghwa” she asked since she loved Gray and was always with him when she was at the office.

“Yeah, you will see him, he said he misses you” he said and then showered her with kisses, she started giggling from the affection she was getting.

Jay strapped her in her car seat and headed to Parkers school which wasn’t pretty far. Jae-eun didn’t stop talking about her day and her adventures at the kindergarten, which Jay didn’t mind at all, he loved it, and he would entertain her with ohhh’s ahhhh’, and reallyyy, which made her happy because of the attention she was getting.

They soon got to Parkers school, and Jae-eun was excited to see her brother. When Parker saw his Dad car, he went running to him,


“Hey little man” Jay said, then him and Parker did this little handshake that was between them

“Me, me” came Jae-eun small voice and Jay started laughing but still did it with her too.

“Daddy, I’m hungry” Parker started whining

“We’re going to get food for you and the guys at the office, okay”

“Yaaay, okay” Parker and Jae-eun agreed. When they got to the office, Parker and Jae-eun left Jays hands and started running around excited to be there.

“Uncle sunghwaaa~” Jae-eun started calling out for Gray, and few second later you saw his head peeking from his studio when he heard Jae-eun’s little voice.

“I found you~~~” she screamed in joy and went running to him, he caught her in his arms and started spinning her in circles and she was screaming and giggling at the same time. When he stopped she held his face and started showering him with kissed, which he was pretty much used to and didn’t mind

“What are you doing here princess”

“I came with Daddy” she said

“And where’s your Mommy” he asked since you were very close with Gray

“Mommy is sick at home” she said and started pouting when she knew you were pain

“Don’t worry, she’s just probably resting” he said and started smiling at her trying to cheer her up, she nodded and her big smile came back

“Let’s go see what everyone is doing” When Gray went to the lounge room, it was a chaos, everyone was talking and laughing and enjoying their time with the kids around. It was like an excuse to leave work so they could play with them.

“Who’s hungry” Jay asked and almost everyone said me, Jae-eun of course stayed sitting in Grays lap and they ended up sharing the food.

“Jae-eun baby, get down from Sunghwa’s lap so he could eat” Jay told her

“Daddyy” she started whining not wanting to leave his lap

“It’s fine, I’m not bothered” Gray said, and she smirked in victory and snuggled even closer to Gray,

The kids spent the day running around from one studio to the other, no one was really bothered since they don’t get to see them that much. Jae-eun was feeling tired and wanted to nap, she went to Sunghwa’s studio, he didn’t hear her coming in since he had his headphones on,

“Uncle Sunghwa” she called out but he didn’t hear her, so she held on his shirt and started shaking it trying to get his attention

“What’s wrong princess” he said when he noticed her, she put her arms up indicating that she wanted him to lift her onto his lap, and he just laughed light and picked her up. She snuggled to him and then her eyelid closed and she slept, sunghwa was watching her and couldn’t believe how adorable she is and he loved how she favored him the most.

On the other side Parker was with Jay and they were watching TV since Jay didn’t have that much work to do he didn’t mind spending time and watching TV with him. Soon both of them fell asleep on the sofa and drifted to dream land, Simon came out and saw them and couldn’t contain his smiles from seeing this father and son moment. It was quite in the office while Jay and the kids slept and the others were working. Jae-eun woke up first after and hour or so, she went to Jay and started waking him up.

“Daddy, wake up”

“Hmm, I’m up” Jay said and stretched his body.

“Parker wake up so we could go and see Mommy” when he said Mommy, he jumped from his sleeping position and started getting his stuff ready so he could leave.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow” Jay said after he got the kids backpacks and was ready to leave.

“Bye uncle sunghwa “ Jae-eun said and waved her little hand

“Bye princess”  Jay had the kids buckled in their seats and headed home. When they got into the house it was dark and there was not even one light that’s on, so Jay figured you were asleep all day.

“You guys be quit so we don’t bother mommy okay” Jay said and they nodded. Jay went into your shared bedroom and turned on the side lamb instead of the light in the bedroom so he wont disturb you.

“Baby” he called, you just stirred but didn’t wake up
He didn’t want to shock you so he shook lightly so he could wake you up

“Baby, get up so you could eat something and take medicine”

“Hmmm, I’m tired”

“I know, but you need to eat so I could give you the medicine”

“Okay” you said and pulled yourself up and leaned on the headboard, your eyes started closing again from how exhausted your body was, when Jay came back into the room with soup, water and medicine he saw how fell back asleep, he felt super bad for how exhausted you looked.

“I got the food, wake up baby” Jay said. you ate the soup in silence and Jay was sitting next to you making sure your fine and kept kissing your forehead, but you kept whining because you didn’t want to get him sick. Parker and Jae-eun then came into the room after a while.

“Mommy” they both came screaming for you.

“Don’t get too close I don’t want to get you sick”

“Mommy are you okay” Parker said because he was so worried about you, you then heard Jae-eun crying, you looked at her and tears were just going down her face, you were worried

 “what’s wrong, why are you crying” Jay said and took her in his arms

“Mommy is sick~~~” she said and sobbed into his chest

“She’s fine mommy, don’t cry, look she ate and took her medicine, she’s going to be fine”

“Baby, I’m fine don’t cry “ you said trying to reassure her your okay, it was a little cold that you came down with, which to you wasn’t a big deal.

“Tell me, did you guys have fun with daddy today” you asked and tried to change up the subject so your daughter would stop crying

“Yeah, I saw uncle sunghwa” Jae-eun said so excited, then they went on telling about everything. Jay ended up changing them into their PJ’s and put them to sleep.

He came back into the bedroom, you had your back leaned against the headboard sipping on your tea that Jay made for you “

Are you feeling better” he asked

“A little, I think this tea will help me sleep” He came closer and cuddled your side, he hated seeing you this sick and no energy, your face was yellow and he know you were in so much pain but wouldn’t say anything so you don’t worry him.



“Thank you for taking care of the kids”

“Babe, you don’t have to thank me, I should be doing it more often, you work and then your also working at home and taking care of our kids, I want to let them know that I’m also there for them, and I wouldn’t mind having them with me when I don’t have a lot of work” he said and kissed your forehead for the tenth time that day, you snuggled to him but made sure your face wasn’t close to his, so he wouldn’t get sick.

“I love you” you said in a sleep voice

“I love you more” 

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❝ I can feel you staring at me, why don’t you just come in? ❞ She kept her face glued to her book. "The window is wide open," Virginia knew that he could clearly see her from his room. "I don't bite," she teased.

John wrinkled his nose in a vaguely chagrined expression that quickly turned into a smile. What if I ask nicely?He teased back. John had been trying to do some reading, too, but both of their windows were open, and John couldn’t help but steal glances every few minutes. If he was being grossly honest, he was still on the same paragraph he started more than half an hour ago. 

So he scooped up the papers and climbed through his own window, across the roof, and into hers in a few practiced movements. When he was close enough, he pressed a soft kiss to her cheek before sitting himself down on her bed facing her- staring openly, now. You know, you have a pretty unfair advantage when it comes to this concentrating stuff. You don’t have to sit across from you all the time.


Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 371

Warnings: none?

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can you do a join Lauren’s x reader, where the reader is hurt, but stubborn about letting him help her.

Tears flowed down your face, dripping onto the bed sheets you sat on. You gripped the sheets around you until your knuckles turned white as you stared at the empty wall. Your mind kept drifting to memories where you could’ve done better, thinking of all the times you messed up.

A sudden knock at your bedroom door startled you out of your daze.

“Y/N, you’ve been holed up in your room all day. Are you ok?” John’s voice was muffled as he knocked urgently.

“I-I’m ok.” You stuttered, slowly lifting yourself to your feet. The knocks stopped, the only sound in the room being the faint footsteps disappearing down the hallway.

You collapsed onto the bed once more, sighing heavily.

A few minutes passed before the knocking came back, violently banging against the door.

“Y/N, can you let me in?” John’s voice was laced with concern, the knocking becoming more urgent.

Slowly, you stood, walking to the door. You pulled it open, revealing a disheveled John Laurens.

He stared at you for a moment, taking in your tired eyes and tear stained cheeks.

“Oh my god.” He breathed. “Are you ok?”

You frowned. “I’m fine.

John continued to stare at you for a moment, before quickly rushing out of the apartment. You were left alone in the apartment, tears stinging your eyes once more.

Thoughts swarmed your brain, worry flowing through you.

He left because he didn’t want to help you.

He doesn’t want to be around you.

He hates you.

Almost half an hour passed by as you sat on your bed, tears flowing freely down your face.

As you sobbed quietly, you were oblivious to the door slowly creaking open. You didn’t hear John’s quiet footsteps followed by the rest of the group.

A pair of arms wrapped around you, causing you to turn around in surprise.

“John..? Why’d you come back I thought you-” John cut you off, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Y/N… I love you. I couldn’t just leave you alone.”


On thanksgiving, I attended dinner with my best friend’s family. Just out side of their townhouse was a large train track who’s train came by every fifteen minutes or so. I, convinced to take ironic train track selfies, took a walk with her and sprinted towards the train tracks. She began to stare at me, wide eyed, mouth agape with horror. “Eva, no,” she said to me. Of course, being hellbent, I kept asking “Why not?” before taking a step closer. She just kept saying No. I look back on this and wish I’d stopped. No means no. After a while of asking, she cracked, telling me that her friend, Davie, had gotten killed walking besides her on those tracks. She had just left the path to go home and he put in his earbuds, preventing him from hearing the train behind him. I stepped back to her and just continued to walk. We went to a pet shop down the street, and by the time we were on our way home, it was dark. It isn’t exactly a pleasant city. You might just be more lucky with keeping your life in west philadelphia. When we got to the spot on the tracks it had happened, she immediately fell silent. I told her to ask if he was still there. She said the typical things. “Please, if you’re there, show yourself.” Nothing happened and the both of us stood rather sad and disappointed. Then, the street gates closed and we looked at eachother, then the bend in the tracks and tree line that concealed the train until i was only 100 meters or so away. We stopped in our tracks out of fear. This train went by FAST, and between cars I could see a man standing on the other side of the tracks. I stared into his shadowed face and dark eyes for a moment. My eyes began to water for both him and my friend. Church bells began to ring in the distance, and I felt touched by an outstanding friendship. Then, from behind me, my best friend whispered. “That wasn’t Davie.”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 There are questions that I have.  This one got hella creepy at the end.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

I Missed You ~Ian Hecox Imagine~

Hellooooo soo this wasn’t requested but I wanted to post this because i’ve never posted an imagine with Ian and he’s so adorable soo I hope you guys like this c:

*Not My Picture*

I sat on my suitcase in front of the airport waiting for Anthony to come pick me up. I had just gotten off a plane and I was pretty much the only person outside, due to how cold and rainy it was.  My mind started to wander as I stared at the street. I kept thinking about Ian. I missed him like crazy. We had broke up about a week or two prior, due to some stupid argument or whatever. All I know is that I missed him. After a couple minutes of me daydreaming, Anthony pulled up in front of me.
I stood up and grabbed my suitcase as the trunk opened and Anthony got out. I put my suitcase in the trunk and closed it back.
“Heyy gurl, give me a hug. I missed you!” Anthony said playfully as he held his arms out.
I smiled and put my arms around him.
“I missed you too.” I said.
After a minute, we pulled away and got into the car.
He pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards my house.
“So how was the trip?” Anthony asked.
“I had alot of fun seeing my family. It’s been awhile.” I said.
“Good. Well we missed you.” He said.
‘We’ struck a cord with me. What did he mean 'we’? Ian didn’t miss me.
“We?” I asked, curiously.
He looked over at me and smiled lightly.
“I’m sorry, I’m not used to you guys being broken up.” He said.
The words 'broken up’ felt like a kick to the stomach. Anthony didn’t mean to though.
“It’s fine.” I said putting on a kind of real, kind of fake smile.
“He did miss you though. He kept talking about you.” He said quietly.
I looked over at Anthony.
“What did he say?” I asked.
“He kept asking how you were doing and if you were okay.” He said.
I nodded and stared out the window.
He pulled up to my house and smiled widely at me.
“What?” I asked giggling a bit.
“I think someone’s been waiting for you.” He said, still smiling.
“Who?” I asked as I turned around and looked at my house.
There he was sitting on my porch with a blanket wrapped around him. The sprinkles from the rain dripping down on him. It had been weeks since I had seen him. His eyes still sparkled the prettiest shade of blue and I felt my heart drop to my stomach. There was my Ian. Without a word, I opened the car door slowly and got out. Our eyes met and I felt butterflies. He stood up and stared at me.
“Y/N..” he breathed out.
We both walked, meeting each other half way, and hugged each other tightly.
Tears started pouring down my cheeks and onto his shoulder.
“I’m sorry Ian. I’m so so so stupid. I miss you so frickin much.” I cried into his shirt.
Before I could say anything else, Ian pulled back and kissed me. I felt all my worries and sadness go away.
After what felt like forever, we pulled away from each other, breathless.
“No. You don’t apologize. I was the one that was stupid and said we were over. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I’m sorry. I love you so much Y/N and I just want you back.” He said with tear stained cheeks.
“I love you too Ian.” I said as I smiled through my tears.
“Will you take me back?” He asked.
“Of course.” I said, kissing his lips sweetly.
“I love you.” He said as he rested his forhead on mine.
“I love you too.” I said, looking into his eyes.
“Soooo are you gunna get your bag or what?” Anthony hollered from the car as he laughed.

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How about Kageyama, tsukishima, akaashi, and Tanaka seeing their s/o in a bathing suit for the first time???

I’m just going to write this as headcanons if that’s okay?

Kageyama: He would definitely blush. There wouldn’t be anything to stop it as you came to stop in front of him. The first-year wouldn’t be able to produce a coherent sentence and would probably stutter out a response to your question of “How do I look?”.  As the day at the pool continued, he wouldn’t be able to stop stealing glances at you, fixated on how amazing you looked in your bathing suit. When you’d ask why he kept staring, he’d reply that it’s because of how you look; the tone of his voice may be on the hostile side and it would be several minutes later that he’d admit in a gruff voice that it’s because of how cute you look.

Tsukishima: He wouldn’t say much. No matter how many times you caught him glancing at you through the day, he would simply shrug and go back to what he was doing. As the day passed and you began to wonder if he was unimpressed at the sight, he would finally caved and pull you aside into a secluded part of the beach. He would glare down at you before sighing and explaining that “you look good.” There are no high words of praise but you knew what he meant when a small tint of blush made its way across his face.

Akaashi: The sight of seeing you in a bathing suit would have him trying to figure out how to get you someplace private. He might not say much during your trip to the pool but you’d know his intentions when you’d catch him continuously eyeing you up and down while he talked with Bokuto. He’d constantly be giving you small indicators, a brush of fingers against your back or a small, almost indecipherable grin, as you two made eye contact. Once the trip to the pool ended, he’d grab you by the hand and state you were going back to his house.

Tanaka: He would be all over the place in excitement. The sight of you in a bathing suit would have in by your side in a second, singing praise left and right. It may be a bit embarrassing because he would bring it up in front of his teammates and while you’re walking around the beach, but he doesn’t mean for it to be, he’s simply in awe at your beauty He would tone in down as the day grows to and end but as you’re packing up, he would pull you aside and tell you privately that he thought you were “really beautiful”.  

Little spoon- Nash Grier

Anonymous: hi love xx can you do a Nash imagine where he wants to be the little spoon? lol

“Nash stopppp” you whined as your boyfriend of 1 year Nash kept on trying to tickle you.

“But I’m tireedddd” he whined right back at you with his bright blue eyes staring at you.

“Okay, after this finishes, just wait 5 minutes”

“Fine.” he huffed and sat with his arms crossed over his chest.

After five minutes your show had finished and Nash eagerly jumped off the couch his hand pulling yours.

“Finally! That show looked like it was never going to end.” he told you as he dragged you up the stairs.

“Aw poor baby” you teased him.

You both changed into your pyjamas, your pyjamas consisting of one of his long t-shirts and your undergarments. Nash on the other hand was just wearing a pair of boxers.

You both climbed into bed and resumed to your normal cuddling position which was you both facing each other and his arms wrapped around your waist while your head was on his chest. Both of your legs tangled together.

“Goodnight baby” you whispered to him in the darkness that surrounded the room.

“Goodnight princess, I love you”

“I love you too”

Just as you were about to drift off to the steady beat of Nash’s heart you heard him speak up.

“Baby?” he asked.

“What Nash?” you grumbled.

“I don’t like this position, can we spoon?” he asked somewhat nervously.

You groaned before turning on your side facing the wall while Nash curled up behind you, both of you spooning.

“Night, Nashie, I love you” you whispered once again.

“I love you too” he mumbled again.

As you were about to drift off to sleep to the way Nash held you carefully he once again spoke up.

“(y/n)?” he mumbled.

“What do you want Nash?” you groaned sleepily.

“I don’t like this position-” but you cut him off.

“Hamilton Nash Grier, I swear I’m going to kill you” you said threateningly.

“But I just want to be the little spoon” he said embarrassed.

You giggled quietly at him while you flipped over to face him.

“Okay baby, then you can be the little spoon”

He grinned and turned around to face the wall as you curled up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist.

You were just about to fall asleep when Nash interrupted yet again, you were furious now.

“Sweetheart?” he mumbled.

“What the fuck do you want?” you growled wanting to go to sleep.

“I just wanted to say I love you.”

“I love you too baby but please let me sleep”

And so he did let you sleep peacefully after that but the next morning you made sure of to embarrass him, after all he did interrupt your sleep.