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BTS Reacts To You Finding Out They Cheated

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“Y/n wait!” 

“Wait for what?! For you to go see her again? No thanks.” You yelled at him, grabbing the bag from off the couch and storming out the door.

He looked at the picture in the frame that sat on the table, it was you guys kissing in front of fireworks. 

He grabbed it and held it to his chest, sobbing.

Please forgive me.

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You kept eye contact with him as you slid his ring off your finger and sat it on the table. 

“Give it to someone who doesn’t make you want someone else.” You whispered as you walked away from him and left the house.

He stared at the spot where you were just sitting and then down at the ring. 

He picked up his glass and threw it against the wall, shards landing everywhere. 

I’m such an idiot.

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“You’re not going to say anything?” You asked looking at him. 

He stayed silent and you scoffed, “Wow, and to think that I was actually going to get the closure I needed.” You started to cry, “I just want to know why I wasn’t enough..” 

He kept silent so you sniffled, wiped your tears, and walked out the door.

You’re so much more than good enough. I don’t deserve you. 

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“You’re just going to sit there?” You asked, dumbfounded. 

He moved his eyes to look at you, “What do you want me to say?” 

You scoffed and shook your head, “You’re unbelievable, you know that?” 

He stayed silent as you shook with anger. You got up from the table and threw your drink at him before walking out, “Fuck you Park Jimin.”

If me being cold makes this any easier for you, I’ll be the coldest person you know. I’m sorry, Y/n.

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Namjoon comforted him as he cried. 

“She just took her stuff and left?” Suga asked.

Jhope nodded as he sobbed, Namjoon sighed and patted his back, “You fucked up man, she didn’t deserve that.”

I know.

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He chose to walk home that day, wanting to remember all the time he shared with you but with those memories came pain. 

He cried silently as he remembered you catching him with the girl in your bed, how you begged him to have some sort of reasonable reason as to why he would do something like this to you. 

He also remembered you packing your bags that very day and leaving him.

I still don’t have that reason, Y/n but I think about you everyday and how I lost the love of my life over something so stupid.

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Rap Monster:

He listened to you as you expressed how you felt and how hurt you were. 

His heart was filled with shame as the realization of what he did and how badly he hurt you actually clicked in his head. 

“I’m sorry Y/n. “ 

“That’s all you have to say?” You asked, the tears rolling down your cheek, “Okay, I’ll say it. Its over.”

You walked away from him and everything you had together, and he was the one to blame.

I can’t expect you to forgive me when I don’t even forgive myself.

Clay Jensen One Shot

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Hey it’s Clay. Clay Jensen. Don’t adjust your… whatever media you’re reading this on. It’s me, alive and ready. Ready to tell you the story of how I met [your full name]. But let’s start at the beginning, when she first walked into Liberty High. After all, every story has an origin.

Second week into school and I noticed from my locker that everyone was staring at the entrance door. I tilted my head to see what they were all staring at and there she was. Her hair was all wet which I presumed was from the rain. She didn’t acknowledge the stares as she approached Hannah’s locker. Suddenly I got a sense of déjà vu. My heart skipped a beat and my grip on my lock tightened. Well wasn’t the whole situation ironic. I caught a quick glimpse of her and I couldn’t help to think, was this revenge for everything I had done, more so hadn’t done for Hannah? Was this some kind of punishment to just remind me of my failure? I loosened my grip and took in a deep breath. I looked back and caught her staring at me. I closed my locker door and averted my eyes away from her. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. Of course we had a couple of classes together, and I found out her name was [y/n], but I kept my distance. Little did I know, I was eventually going to fall into the trap.

A couple weeks had gone by, and it was raining so much that one couldn’t see where they were headed. I was riding my bike back home and found myself plugged in with my headphones. I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings. I couldn’t hear the loud honk of the car. It’s beaming lights blinded me causing me to hit the sidewalk and hurt myself badly. I pivoted my body to the side to cause less damage. Unfortunately, I felt warm blood slowly trickling down the right side of my head. I touched my forehead and cussed. I looked up and saw [y/n] rushing towards me. I was relieved to see she didn’t look so worried so the damage couldn’t been so bad. Even if she seemed calm, her eyes were saying something else.

                                                        ◆ ◆ ◆

Looking out the window and I just saw it happen so fast. Clay flew from his bike straight to the pavement. The moment he fell the car just drove off. Asshole. I ran out and went to see him. I bend and grabbed his shoulder.

You: “Hey are you…” *looks at his head wound* “Wow that looks bad, umm come inside, I’m sure I can find something…”

Clay: *lifts himself up* “I’m fine, I can go home.”

You: *irritated* “I’m not going to hurt you Clay. Come on, let’s go inside.”

I led him towards the front porch and though the door. I brought him upstairs to my room and told him to stay there while I fetched the first aid kit. I came back to the room and saw him awkwardly standing.

You: “You can sit you know.”

Clay: *hesitates* “Oh um yeah.”

He sat down and I wiggled myself beside him. I opened the kit to see if there would be anything useful. I opened a disinfectant pad and cleaned the trickling blood. Once I finished that, I took a second one and warned him.

You: “This is going to hurt.”

I pressed the pad on his forehead where the injury was and felt him wince, and he cursed under his breath. As I padded the wound, I finally got to look at him in his eyes. Never had I seen him stare at me so intently, and so I was intrigued.

You: *while padding down* “I can’t believe an accident is all it took to finally meet you.”

Clay: *tilts his head* “I’m not a conversationalist, or good with people.”

You: *chuckles* “That makes two of us.”

                                                   ◆ ◆ ◆

I never spoke to her, not once. Now here I was getting nursed by her, what were the odds of that? Was this the world’s twisted way of giving me karma? Would this just end as bad as the last time? I let these thoughts run all over my mind as I stared at her. I looked at her as she finished padding down. I could see why people at school made such a big fuss about her. There was no denying that she was an attractive girl. She then searched for a band-aid, and when she found one, she started undoing it.

Clay: *raises eyebrows* “You? You’re not good with people?“

You: *smiles* “I prefer no contact. Just a few exceptions.”

Clay: *grins* “I don’t believe you.”

You: *patches him up* “It’s true. And look, you’re all good. I’d still go to see someone who actually knows what they’re doing.”

Clay: “Yeah sure, sounds good.”

You: “Don’t hurt yourself again, alright?”

Clay: *gets off from bed* “Ok. Well I should probably be on my way home.”

You: *get’s up* “You can, but you’re more than welcomed to stay.”

Her voice was soothing, and I couldn’t help to hear the hopefulness in her voice. Why was she acting this way around me? I felt my cheeks warm up a little and turned my head around quickly so she wouldn’t notice.

Clay: “Um my parents will probably start worrying about me, so I’ll just head out.”

You: *as he walks away* “I’ll see you around school.”

A few weeks have passed since I was nursed by [y/n]. I thought it was a bad idea, to get close to her. But through out the weeks I stopped to care. She’d choose to sit next to me during lunch and I didn’t mind. She never tried to impose and I never pushed her away. Sometime’s we’d talk, sometimes we’d just sit in silence. I let my anxiety slip away and eventually got close to her. And then, we had finally became friends.

During lunch time, Sky sat beside me and searched the table.

Sky: “Wow your girlfriend isn’t here?”

Clay: “She is not my girlfriend.”

Sky: “But you wish she was.” I fell silent and kept eating my food, “I’m sorry, did I say something wrong?” *smirks* “Didn’t picture you the popular type Jensen.”

Clay: *sighs* “ She is not… I don’t even know why I’m having the conversation with you.”

Sky: “Why don’t you stop being such a wuss and move on.”

Clay: *looks at her* “Do you even remember the last time? What happened when I got close to Hannah?”

Sky: “Oh yeah let’s all pity Clay. Please, the world didn’t revolve around Hannah Baker. She was high school kid with a shitty life and some issues, like the rest of us. Enough of her. It’s time for you to let go. If anyone should have a not so shitty life, it’s you.”

I took in a deep breath and let her words sink in. Oh the irony.

Clay: “Are you getting sappy with me? Did you just try to comfort me?” *laughs*

Sky: *dead serious stare* “Don’t make me regret this.”

Clay: “I heard you.”

Sky: “So what are you still doing here?”

It took me a second to realize what she was insinuating. I got up before she can can physically assault me and went to look for [y/n].

                                                    ◆ ◆ ◆

The library always brought me some kind of peace where I can just manage all my thoughts. I had been invited by several people to Bryce’s party this evening. But I already had made other plans, a surprise actually. And parties weren’t really for me. I wondered though what it’d be like to go with Clay. To finally hold his hand and smile at each other like no one else was in the room. My heart fluttered to the idea but I pushed it away as I thought that would unlikely ever happen. Then I saw him come in the library, he scanned the whole room and smiled when he saw me. He approached me and pulled up a chair to sit beside me.

Clay: “Working on another assignment?”

You: *sighs* “Do they ever end?”

Clay: *smirks* “Do you need help?”

You: “I think I’ve got this, thanks.” *smiles*

I couldn’t help to see that he looked like he was trying to say something but couldn’t form the right words.

You: “Are you okay? You look a little shaken up.”

Clay: “You mean me? I’m fine.”

You: *shrugs* “Alright well did you hear Bryce is having a party tonight?”

Clay: *sarcastically* Yeah I actually heard. It’s not like the whole school knows.“

You: *grins* “Well I was invited by several people.”

Clay:  "So… does that mean you’re going?“

You: "Nah I’m not a party person, and Bryce is an ass. Besides we’ve got plans.”

Clay: *looks nervous* “Um so yeah about… *shakes his head* "Wait we have plans? I wasn’t aware.”

You: “Meet me at the Crestmont for seven. Don’t be late.” *bell rings* “Oh we should be heading to class.”

I packed up all my stuff and tried not to show my excitement as we both left the library. Later that evening I fixed myself a little and made my way to the Crestmont. I got the whole surprise ready, and waited patiently until he came.

                                                      ◆ ◆ ◆

I rode my bike to the theater. I checked my phone and it was just 6:58. I wasn’t sure what to expect, after all the theater was closed tonight for renovation. I left my bike in the back where I knew no one would try to steal it. I came back to the front and there she was. She waved as she put a strand of hair behind her ear. I smiled back, admiring her.

You: *smiles widely* “You made it.”

Clay: *sarcastically* “Actually I had made other plans, but um, I decided to come here.” *shrugs*

You: *rolls eyes playfully* “Well come inside, I’ve got a great surprise.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I followed her in. We walked towards the end of the theater where there was a room being unoccupied due to the renovation. She opened the door and I couldn’t believe it. The room was unfinished, the chairs were put but there was no big screen or curtains. The surround system was already installed but the walls were bland with no light, so it would’ve been completely dark if it weren’t for the light of the projector. Also the image it produced emitted enough light to recognize my surroundings. The projector was set in front of the soon to be large screen. It displayed a menu to play the movie, Lord of the Rings. I looked around the large room and paid attention towards a couple of seats behind the projector. I saw they were being occupied by bags of popcorn and candy. I looked over at her and couldn’t help but to grin like an idiot.

Clay: *surprised* “Wow, this is–”

You: *frowns* “Please don’t say too much.”

Clay: *shakes head* “No, this is pretty cool, but Lord of the Rings? You could have picked a movie we both would have enjoyed.”

You: *shocked* “Are you kidding me? Clay, I didn’t think you out of all people would make such an assumption.”

Clay: *grins* “Well I’m sorry for not knowing you’re a bigger nerd than me.”

You: *playfully elbows his side* “Don’t push it. And for your information, I love these movies. I even got the special edition with the extra content in the film. So it’s going to be a long movie.”

The answer surprised me, and I actually felt some weird feeling in my chest. I felt my nerves kick in and feel it in my stomach. She made her way to the seats and I followed. She picked up the bag of popcorn and I held the bag of skittles. We both sat down beside each other. She pulled out two bottles of ice tea from her bag and offered me one. I grabbed it and placed it in the cup holder. I thought about it, and this whole situation seemed too good for me. With every second I tried to calm myself. I didn’t deserve all of this, and maybe this is the world setting me up for my own self destruction. Or was Sky right and maybe, just maybe I might not have such a shitty life after all.

Clay: *laughs* “You’re still a big nerd. Who would have thought.”

You: “I’m full of secrets. Now let’s enjoy the next 3 hours and 46 minutes of pure greatness.”

She pulled out the remote for the projector and pressed play.

                                                        ◆ ◆ ◆

And that’s what we did, we watched the entire film. Not one single word spoken between us, just the sharing of our snacks. I stared at him a couple of times because he finally looked comfortable. When he’d catch me staring, I’d look away embarrassed. Sometimes, I noticed he was watching me, and that made me a little nervous. At some point I felt tired and placed my head against his shoulder. I think he was taken back because at first he kind of jerked. But seconds after he relaxed.

The movie ended and I lifted my head. I took the remote and went back to the main menu of the movie. I didn’t want to turn it off because then there would be no light in the room. We had finished the popcorn, candy and the drinks so we put them together in one bag. I looked over to see his reaction and he had a neutral look.

You: “I’m sure you’ve seen this many times just like me.”

Clay: “You have no idea…” *looks up at you and looks at phone* “It’s getting late.”

You: “Yeah it is.”

There was an ongoing stare being engaged by both of us, and my heart actually started to race a little. It felt like none of us truly wanted to leave.

Clay: “Well… we can always stay. Actually I’ve got a good place we can hang.”

You: *tries not to sound too excited* “Okay well lead the way.”

I carried the trash outside the room while following him. I threw it away and I was right behind him. He took me up a flight of stairs, until he opened the door and I could feel the cold, fresh breeze hit my face. We were on the roof of the Crestmont. He then sat almost close to the ledge, in front of the building. I joined him and started looking up.

You: “Do you always come up here?”

Clay: “It’s kind of my hang out. When I’m on my lunch I always come up here. Brings me a sense of nostalgia.”

You: “Nostalgic about what?”

He looked at me and looked like he was hesitating. I didn’t want to put him in a difficult position. I guess I asked a hard question, because he started fidgeting with his hands. I didn’t want to pressure him into something he didn’t want to get into. So I put my hand over his and gave him a reassuring nod.

You: “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

He took a deep breath and started telling me the story of Hannah Baker. He cared about her; I could tell by the way he spoke about her. My heart fell while hearing everything that had happened to her. No person ever deserved that. I was able to tell Clay was the only person in her life that shed some light to the darkness she felt. Then he got to the part of the tapes, and clenched my fists of the idea Bryce raping any woman. And his friend Jeff dying, that I could tell was one of the hardest things for him. I encouraged him to keep going my giving his hand a squeeze. Then he looked down talking about his own tape. He didn’t even want to look at me. He was holding in so much guilt and shame; he didn’t think he did enough. I was almost tearing, but I gave his hand a little squeeze again when he was done.

You: “Why isn’t Bryce behind bars?”

Clay: “He’s got people covering his ass; he can basically get away with murder.”

You: “He essentially did, she deserves justice, both her and Jessica.”

Clay: *sighs* “I know but the story is a lot more complicated.”

You: “I see well I hope that son of a bitch does end up going to jail. I’m sorry about Hannah, and Jeff. They deserved better and seemed like really good people. Good to you.”

Clay: *looks at you* “Maybe, if Jessica finally realizes that she should go to the police about her rape. Honestly, sometimes I wish I could have been more involved. I wish I could have told Jeff to stay that night. I wish I could have seen that Hannah was slowly being destroyed by everyone around her. I could have helped her. She was crying for help and no one noticed.”

You: “By the sound of it, she had a lot to deal with it. And most people going through these types of issues would rather let their destruction hit them, like with Jess. And even if they wanted to get help, they don’t know how to approach people about it. So they hope someone might notice, and that person would approach them. And sadly, most of them times it’s not obvious. She made her choice. And in the end, you can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.”

Clay: *sighs* “I haven’t spoken about Hannah in a while.”

You: “It’s obvious you cared for her. And I think it’s really sweet that you have such great memories of her. Just never blame yourself for it. This wasn’t your fault.”

Clay: *looks at you* “Hannah was the first girl, well that I ever had strong feelings for. And I think that’s why it was so hard on me.”

I noticed a little tear coming out of the corner of his eye. I brought my hand to his cheek and wiped it off with my thumb.

You: “You loved her?”

He just nodded his head upon and looked down. I took my hand away from his face. It broke my heart to see him completely vulnerable. But he looked up, with some kind of determination in his face. He looked up at me and said something that surprised me.

Clay: “But I think it’s time for me to move on.”

I saw him take a quick glimpse at my lips and leaned in. I felt his soft lips against mine and my heart was slamming in my chest. I wasn’t expecting it after everything he had just told me. But it felt right, so right. I kissed him in back and wrapped my hands on the the back of his neck to bring him closer. Everything around me seemed to disappear. It was just me and him.

                                                         ◆ ◆ ◆

I swallowed my nerves and went for the kiss. She put her hands on the back of my neck and drew me closer. All my nerves were replaced by adrenaline. I could feel the heat radiate from all over my body. I slipped my hands onto her waist and gave her hips a nice squeeze. I could hear a moan escape from under her breath. My heart started beating really fast. I realized that I was slowly pushing her towards the ground. I kissed her deeper, as she eventually ended up lying on the ground. She pressed her whole body against mine and that drove me crazy. Good crazy. My right hand traced the side of her body, outlining her curves. I got a panic feeling and stopped kissing her. She looked at me confused.

Clay: “I just want to make sure this is all okay with you.”

She looked at me with wonder in her eyes. She gave me light kiss on my lips and told me to get up. I got off her and we sat down again beside each other.

You: “So do I. Listen I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with stuff like this.”

I looked at her for second before I kissed her; a slow, passionate kiss. In that moment, all I wanted was her. It wasn’t the time, and I still felt a bit anxious since the last time I kissed a girl.

Clay: “Just give me time.”

You: *grins and jokingly says* “Don’t make me wait too long alright?”

I chuckled as I gave her a light kiss. My heart was still racing from our intense kiss from before. She moved closer and put her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her waist and smiled at her.

Clay: “In truth, I don’t actually like change, but this change seems cool.”

I saw her smile while I placed a kiss on her forehead.

That is all I’m going to write or type… you know what I mean. This story doesn’t have an ending yet, but I feel the ending to this story will be different from the last. So I guess this is goodbye, for now.

See you soon,

Clay Jensen 🎧

“Cheater Cheater”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky has a feeling you’re cheating on him with Sam. After a lot of brooding and thought, he decides to confront the two of you.

“¿Dónde estás, Yolanda?”

A/N: I can’t do angst to save my life, so this story takes on a very different direction than originally intended. -j xx

“I’m pretty sure she’s cheating on me.”

Bucky grimaces, hating how those words taste on his tongue. He refuses to look at Steve, because he knows the gnawing feeling in his stomach will get only worse once he looks at his friend’s shocked eyes. “Whenever I ask her how her day was or what she did, she clams up and gives me some weird answer or excuse,” he continues.”

Steve rubs his jaw. "Buck, that’s not enough to assume that (Y/N)’s cheating on you,” he hesitantly states.

Bucky fishes his phone out of his leather jacket and pushes it towards Steve. "This is overbearing of me, but I asked Nat to do a little recon,” he sighs. “Whenever I look at these photos, a little voice in my head nags ‘Cheater cheater!’”

Steve uneasily scrolls through the different high-quality photos of you secretively walking out of a suite at the Avengers Tower. “Whose room is she leaving?“ he asks.

"Sam’s. It’s been going for about two weeks now.”

Steve practically spits out his coffee. “WHAT? Sam?”

Bucky feels drained as he takes his phone back. “Nat said that after (Y/N) leaves, Sam’s whistling around the tower. And you know Sam only whistles after one thing.”

Oh, every Avenger in the tower knew what the whistling meant. It was Sam Wilson’s telltale sign that he got lucky with a woman.

Steve shakes his head in disbelief. “(Y/N) and Sam? I mean, you and Sam… but… what?”

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Kicked out

I decided to just write a quick something based on this prompt:

“We are both stuck in the dorm common room because their respective roommates needed ‘alone time’” au.

Will was unhappy. Annoyed. Irritated. Royally pissed off. Something in that category.

Why? Oh yeah, his roommate had kicked him out of their dorm room because he needed some ‘alone time’ with his girlfriend. Sometimes he wished that his roommate and his girlfriend could use another room. But noooo, it always had to be theirs.

And Will wasn’t very happy with this arrangement. Firstly, because he had a shit ton of exams coming up soon. He could have very well studied in the common room because it was empty apart from some other guy he barely knew. But he couldn’t do that either now, because he hadn’t had the opportunity to grab his books before leaving his dorm room. The only thing he had with him was a sketchbook, a pencil case, his phone, earphones, wallet and keys.

He looked down at the sketchbook he had in his lap. He wasn’t quite sure what he had drawn, but he suspected that it was a small doodle of his roommate and his girlfriend together. Based on the pose, he guessed that he had unconsciously taken inspiration from a picture his boyfriend kept at his desk. It was a nice photo too, Will would admit that. But sometimes it made him feel lonely. He didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet.

But times and times again he had reminded himself that he really didn’t have time for a relationship right now. But unfortunately, it didn’t stop him from wishing for one or wanting one.

The guy sitting on the couch opposite him looked up. “I saw you get kicked out a couple minutes ago. Why?”

Will sighed. “The usual. My roommate and his girlfriend needed some ‘alone time’. He could have just told me that they were going to fuck. Like they do about every other day. And usually I’m okay with leaving too, but today I managed to forget my books, and I can’t just walk in there and be like ‘whoops, I forgot my books. Just pretend that I’m not here. I’ll be gone in a minute’, can I?”

The guy let out a small laugh. It sounded a bit hoarse, as if he hadn’t used it in a long time. “Seems like how I have it. I’m a bit luckier than you, though. I’m only victim of getting kicked out about once a week. I’m Nico, by the way. You’re in my History class, right?”

“I’m Will,” Will said. “And yeah, and English. What are you doing here? I mean, field of studying?”

“Art,” Nico said, fumbling with a drawing pencil. He had moved and was sitting so close to Will that he could just see the gold writing on the pen saying 4B.Perfect for shading or light sketching,’ Will thought before catching himself. He wasn’t going to say to an art major something that Nico already would know. “You?”

“Pre-med. I’m taking history for the credits. And English. But I really like those subjects, especially now that we’re working with Greek and Roman Mythology. It’s fascinating.”

“It is,” Nico agreed. “It’s not the worst thing. I’m glad I’m in college right now. High school was a bitch. In several ways.”

“Oh?” Will leant forward in an interested manner. “Why is that?”

Nico didn’t quite meet his eyes. “The teachers didn’t like me. I had just moved to America. I – got bullied a lot. It made everything hard.”

“That’s horrible, Nico,” Will said honestly. “Why would anyone bully you? You’re a good person. I’ve seen how you’ve helped out others with their work.”

“Well … I wasn’t the best person in high school. I was depressed, an anxiety wreck. I had just lost my mother and sister. I smoked some point. And I didn’t really talk to anyone apart from Percy, who’s now my roommate.”

Will sensed that Nico was going to continue, so he kept silent.

“I drew a lot. My drawings got destroyed by others. My locker got damaged and written on. No one wanted to sit next to me in class. I got beat up a couple times.” Nico paused. “Why am I even telling you this? I barely know you.”

“Maybe because you needed to let it out. You haven’t really talked to anyone about it, have you?” Will suggested. He was happy that Nico had opened to him, though it wasn’t a lot. “Do you feel a bit better, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?”

Nico thought a moment before nodding. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

The door to Nico’s door opened and two people walked outside; a guy with dark hair and a girl with blonde curls.

“Hey, Nico? You’re free to be in our dorm room now,” The black-haired guy – had Nico called him Percy? – said. Nico turned around. “You guys done fucking now? I actually have homework to do, you know.”

Will watched Nico disappear into his dorm room and hoped that maybe they would both be kicked out from their rooms again at the same time in the future.

Psalm 32:1-7 (NKJV)
Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,
Whose sin is covered.
Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity,
And in whose spirit there is no deceit.

When I kept silent, my bones grew old
Through my groaning all the day long.
For day and night Your hand was heavy upon me;
My vitality was turned into the drought of summer. Selah
I acknowledged my sin to You,
And my iniquity I have not hidden.
I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,”
And You forgave the iniquity of my sin. Selah

For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You
In a time when You may be found;
Surely in a flood of great waters
They shall not come near him.
You are my hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah

Indecent Proposal - Chapter 7

Read Chapter 6

Reader’s POV

I woke up the next morning, and at first it was weird being in someone else’s bed. I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder to see Jared sitting in the bed and scrolling through his phone. I sighed a little and rubbed my eyes.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” Jared said and chuckled.

“Morning,” I yawned and rolled on my back raising my arms to stretch. The cover was spread only over my knees, and the rest of my body was bear. I’ve always been a restless sleeper, so I hope Jared didn’t feel like he was sleeping through an earthquake.

“Well, I guess you’re pretty comfortable, huh,” he looked at my body and smiled. What I didn’t realized is that my shorts was all the way up, looking like I only had my underwear on, and my shirt barely covered my boobs, slightly showing off the bottom part of them.

“Oh shit!” I gasped and pulled the cover all over me.

“That’s OK, I don’t mind,” Jared was being smug again.

“Yeah, but I do… ugh…” I covered all over my head and huffed under the sheets.

“You should really get out under there, or you’ll suffocate,” Jared said and nudged me a little.

“I can’t I’m embarrassed,” I almost squealed. Jared kept silent, but I could feel him smirking. I peeked over the cover and saw Jared occupied with his phone, not paying attention to me.  “I should get up and dress, we have a long day ahead of us” , I said as I slid off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

After I’ve freshen up I got out and picked out the wardrobe for the day. As I was getting my jeans and black blouse, I looked at Jared hoping he’ll go to the bathroom so I could get dressed, but he just laid on the bed.

“Aren’t you gonna go take a shower,” I said as I looked at him, taking the blouse out of the suitcase.

“I already did. I’ve been up for quite some time, ” he answered not taking his eyes off the phone.

“Oh…OK” I said and walked towards the bathroom again. I couldn’t dress in front of him.

“You do realize I’m gonna have to see you naked eventually, right,” Jared asked and I immediately froze. I took a deep breath and gulped.

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Bad Bob drops his gloves and takes on the press Part 2: Enter, George & Alicia

Well that first part certainly got more attention than I expected! I mean, I’m delighted, but wow!

So here we have the aftermath of Bob’s big interview. Buckle up, everyone, we’re heading to twitter!

(this somehow turned out longer than part 1)

  • The other Falconers are some of the first to respond. Jack is the baby of the team, even if he isn’t technically the youngest. They Adore Him.
  • Guy: “It’s amazing that the press thinks this is acceptable to do to a kid.”
  • Marty: “Bob’s story is haunting. if it were my kid, I’d be angry, too. Jack is a great player and a great person. He doesn’t deserve that treatment”
  • Tater: “my heart breaks for Zimbonni and his family. Jack is good friend and his Bitty Baker is as well.”
  • (this is actually the most pleasant of all his tweets. the rest were mostly him cussing out the press in both English and Russian)
  • (he gets really creative with the character limit, let me tell you)
  • (there may be a few “fuck you” poems in there. gotta love Tater)

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Scars You Don't Know About - Solangelo One Shot

So recently, I remembered that Will was a year rounder at camp and I had vague memory of this headcanon saying that maybe Will was attacked for being gay/bi/pan or either one. So here’s something I wrote;


‘Why don’t you ever visit home?“ Nico had asked one day, out of pure curiosity.

However, the immediate reaction from Will had made him realize he’d made a mistake. The son of Apollo froze, eyes wide and skin pale. He turned to Nico, mouth wavering slightly, and eyes furrowed as if recalling a memory. A bad memory. There was a bit of emotion in his eyes… fear, Nico recognized.

Maybe it had been a monster. Nico didn’t ask further. But the thought was on his mind for a few days, and at the tip of his tongue every time he saw Will bounding across the greens of Camp Half Blood, treating people’s injuries and pains, asking what had caused them while Nico wondered what had caused Will his own pain.

Nico decided to be subtle, “Percy is going home for thanksgiving,”

The autumn leaves were starting to wither. The red was disappearing and the cool breeze was picking up into a wind. Will has stiffened, as if knowing where Nico was leading the conversation.

“Oh,” Will’s voice sounded tense, but he pretended to make it feel breezy and emotionless, “Uh, great,”

“His mom misses him, apparently,” Nico said. Apollo had gone on his quest with Leo and Calypso. They hadn’t been back yet. Will didn’t have any of his family at this point. His siblings were all at home as well.

The camp was eerily quiet.

“Mothers care too much,” Nico said, “That’s what Percy told me. I never knew, I mean,”
Will kept strangely silent, not replying. He continued to wrap the perfectly angled bandages around the sleeping patients wrist. Wrap. Unwrap. Wrap. Unwrap.

The patient had broken his leg. Not wrist. It was obvious Will was distracted, because his performance was great, usually.

Nico stared, “I wish I had someone to spend thanksgiving with,”

Will kept his eyes locked to the ground, giving Nico tentative nods when needed. The son of Hades was trying to get to know Will, but he didn’t realize he was pushing his luck.

“Will,” Nico said, after a moment of awkward silence, “Are you going home for thanksgiving, too?”

Will didn’t meet Nico’s eyes. He didn’t look up from the ground. Just a small shake of his head. It was getting extremely obvious that Nico was trying to ask him why he didn’t go home.

“Oh,” Nico said in a small voice, “Your mom must miss you,”

Nico still didn’t use too many modern terms. Back when he was a child, he called his mother ‘mama’ and simply regarded everyone’s mom’s as 'mothers’. Never the words 'mom’ or 'mum’. But he’d heard Will use them, so he was trying for the son of Apollo.

But the blonde didn’t reply. He gave a small shrug of his shoulders. Nico frowned. This wasn’t getting anywhere.

“You don’t even go back for Christmas, Will,” Nico said, “Your family-”

“My family knows why I’m here,” Will said, finally snapping and looking up at Nico with a look of disgruntlement, “I can’t go back. I have my reasons. I don’t ask you why *you* don’t go back,”

Nico was a little bewildered, “You know I don’t have anyone to go back to!”

“Well, maybe it’s the same for me,” Will chided.

Nico shook his head, “Apollo was talking about your mother,”

“Did he mention whether she was still alive or not?” Will asked, and then shook his head as if ashamed, “Ugh. What am I saying.
Forget I said that, she’s alive and well, thank goodness,”

“She may be alive,” Nico said wearily, “But I doubt she’s too happy being away from her son, for what,” Nico looked at Will’s beaded necklace, “Six years,”

Will looked away, “I wasn’t always an all year rounder, you know,”

Nico rolled his eyes, “You never told me,”

Will rolled his eyes, “For a reason, of course,”

Nico looked at the ground, "Do you think… it’s okay for me to ask?”

Will glanced up at him, “I don’t know. I guess it’s still a sore subject… though it shouldn’t be. I’m very comfortable in my skin,”

Nico frowned. Will wasn’t making much sense.

“Look, when I was ten, I kissed a guy. A boy, a male. A dude,” Will said, laughing emotionlessly, “Wow. I just, it’s really not that surprising or even weird to say now but back then, I just…

Anyway. I was only ten. All I knew was that I could like whoever I wanted and my mother wouldn’t care, but apparently the kids in my school would. And so would the rest of my family. We were in elementary, we got caught, okay? He was a demigod, too. That’s why we were friends. Our mothers knew, and I just took the chance. Someone saw us. The guy escaped. He ran but I didn’t and then… I guess I ended up with way too many scars for my mother to be okay with me staying there. When the word got to my family… we’ll, they weren’t too happy being the Texans they are. I came here, I started to help people fix their scars the way no one did for me… it’s… i don’t think about it anymore,”

Nico stared at Will, his heart beating faster as the minutes went by. So this was what had happened to the upbeat sunshine, Will Solace. The same boy who put everyone’s needs before his. The same boy who was so dedicated to helping everyone. The same boy who would put his trust into everyone. The same boy who was never accepted back at home.

Nico leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Will’s torso, immediately feeling the son of Apollo grip his own body tightly. Will placed his cheek on the top of Nico’s head.

“I… don’t really know what to say,” Nico mumbled into Will’s shoulder, “I wish you didn’t have to tell me this way… I’m sorry,”

Nico felt Will shake his head, “No… I should’ve told you earlier. It’s not like keeping it inside was helping too much. I’m glad I told you,”

“I hope you know that everyone here loves you… and… you’re accepted. You’re amazing, and we all love you,”

A chaste kiss was placed on Nico’s head. The son of Hades felt himself smile into Will’s collarbone. Everything was piecing together after all they had gone through in the past, and he couldn’t have been happier about it.

The Heart Wants What It Wants - Chapter 6

Read Chapter 5

“Is everything OK,” Maya asked me when she saw the look on my face, after I had read the message from Jared.

“No, nothing’s OK,” I sighed and leaned my head against the back of the seat, closing my eyes for a moment.

“What happened,” she was a bit worried.

“Jared just texted me,” I whispered and looked at Rachel, making sure she wouldn’t hear me.

“Wow, he’s apparently interested in you,” Maya nodded and smiled, starting to prepare her headphones to listen to music. Rachel took her headphones and turned the music on, so now Maya and I were able to speak normally.

“That’s not a good thing. He’s not supposed to do that… Plus, how on Earth did he get my…” at one moment as I was speaking, I looked at Maya and by her body language, I could tell she was hiding something, “..phone number,“ I finished, crossed my arms over my chest and turned to face her.

She was silent, kept her head down and took her phone to play music.

“Maya,” I said and expected her to look at me.

“Hmmm,” she played dumb and didn’t look at me.

“How DID Jared get my phone number,” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“I told you that man is more resourceful than CIA,” she still couldn’t look me in the eye.

“Yeah, especially when he knows which source of information to turn to,” I said and raised my eyebrow.

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Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve    Ch. 4

 A/N: Another thank you to my wonderful Momma V!!! @hymnofthevalkyries you rock, girl! 

Notes/ Warnings: -Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise :)-For this chapter: 

- This chapter: It gets really rough okay, it includes emotional and mental abuse, panic attacks and lots of tears. THE ANGST IS REAL Y'ALL!! 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

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   Steve couldn’t get (Y/N) off of his mind. She was beautiful, there was no denying that but there was something that he couldn’t put his finger on. She had seemed so timid and afraid and then in the next moment she was bold and could command an army if she needed to. And her powers? Steve couldn’t even put into words how he felt about that. Terrified? Impressed? Awestruck? They just didn’t seem to explain it.

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Speak Your Love To Me

This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for the awesome @jennybaneni

Prompts: “You’re mine, my treasure. Don’t your understand?” and “Bit I’m not her. I never will be.” [changed slightly for story]


Imagine Kili nicknaming you ‘amralime’ but you don’t know what it means and he convince the company to keep the meaning of the word secret until he feels he can reveal the meaning.

You lay across the stony ground, your arms pulled back, hands supporting your head as you closed your eyes against the burning evening sun. The amber ball of light slowly descended and limned the clouds to a dull coral. Your eyelid shone through a faint golden hue and you basked in the heat of the setting day knowing the cool breeze of the night would soon be upon you.

Whistling sounded in your ears as you thought to unpack your bedroll and ease your discomfort. You ignored your want, too reluctant to move after such a long day of walking and instead bore the ache of back and hips. Footsteps were quiet in the dirt as they neared you but you made no effort to open your eyes. It was likely Bilbo informing you that the potatoes you could smell burning were done or Ori to ask you for another scrap of paper.

“Amralime,” The familiar voice sounded, neither of the ones you had expected, “Are you still awake or have you managed to doze so unceremoniously in the dirt?”

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Just so you know: I was at the premiere night of the #FantasticBeasts in Moscow. But I kept silent all this time, because, well…

I’ve been following the works of Colin Farrell for a rather long while, because, let’s face it, he is a very good actor - yet somehow I’ve never attempted painting him. I kept silent because the monster in me who is always hungry for information was bombarded with tons of various content my feeds provided. The monster consumed. The monster analysed. The monster now has its headcanons and points of view, that don’t really matter.

What matters is that Colin Farrell is both a professional whom I respect, the only person whose sex video helped me overcome a few of my own psychological issues (I’m being quite serious here, you have no idea how helpful that was), and a very complex person.

The latter is mostly based off my perception of his range of movements, because boy did I have the references to study. But then I’m just a Russian insomniac who remembers people by the sound and the motion they produce, so that might just be me noticing things that might not even be there in the first place.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m writing this at 4 AM, but Moscow is covered in snow, and some Russian guys from my playlist are nervously singing about people choosing not to die young, and I’m thinking of smoking and re-reading Dostoyevsky and Philip K. Dick. That’s not some basic fan reactions, but then - I’ve never had a proper fangirling moment over anyone except Rickman and Dance, so there you go.

Oh, and one last thing…

I started the top image as a simple sketch. But now I see Rick Deckard in there, and this makes me feel hollow, because I never planned for this to happen. Howling on the moon while being sober is somehow too relevant.


I’ve kept silent on the topic of natural deodorants bc yall think only smelly yt people use them but.. 10 yrs ago my mom made my whole family switch to natural deodorants after she learned the regular ones are really bad for you. these are the two that I use, and I consistently get told that I smell nice. (I don’t recommend the Tom’s Natural mint deodorant, I used that for a few weeks hoping it would get better but it was terrible & smelly)