i kept seeing the other part of this scene

A deleted scene featuring Rowena and Gavin from the Supernatural Season 12 DVD set. All rights belong to the CW (and potentially others, I’m not sure).

Part of me wishes they’d kept this scene in, as not only is it showing Rowena and Gavin bonding a bit, but we also see a bit more of how she actually feels. Towards the end, though, after hearing that Crowley’s been seeing Gavin and that he never told her about him, you can see her mind starting to work through things. I think Ruth even said something along the lines that Rowena was working out how she could use Gavin to her advantage when she found out she had a grandson (I don’t have a direct quote, though). That implication makes it a little less heartfelt. I still enjoy the scene, though. Wonderful acting from Ruth Connell and Theo Devaney.

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Mark Pellegrino @ Asylum 18

A few random bits from his stage talks that I noted down:

* About a Jared fart during filming: “I don’t know what his diet is, but it’s not good!” When asked if he carried on acting the scene in spite of the smell, he replied that he was “too busy trying to get to all the free oxygen”, then added with a smile: “It’s why I enjoy torturing him.”

* “It’s sort of fun jumping Jared.”

* The most Luciferesque comment: “Aww, look at the baby! … I want to eat the baby. *Coos* Hello buddyyyy!” *Mutters darkly* “Their brains are so tender… Did I say that out loud?”

* Alaina and Mark singing happy birthday to an audience member, but in a slightly sinister Abaddon and Lucifer slow and murderous kind of way! xD

* Pelly rubbing the back of his head like ALL THE FREAKIN TIME… until the cute little tuft of hair at the back was sticking up.

* He said that he loves The Beatles (which has given me a headcanon that In My Life is Samifer’s song, because Jared once said that was his fav Beatles song. Aww!)

* If he could possess anyone, it would be Donald Trump, to “make him do things”, though he already thinks Trump is possessed!

* He dislikes the narcissism of Lucifer and the fact that he wants to wipe out humans, because he himself is very pro-humans thriving. But he does relate to the rebellious, anti-authoritarian side of Lucifer; the part that “deliberately stirs up shit” and asks why? “That’s the aspect of his individualism that I really dig”.

* He talked about how it was “heartbreaking” to film the scene where he kills Gabriel, and that he sees parallels between Luci and Gabe’s relationship and that of Sam and Dean’s.

* When someone mentioned the other actors who played Lucifer’s meatsuits, he jokingly refused to even acknowledge Rick Springfield’s existence. He kept scrunching up his face and saying “Who?” repeatedly.

* My favourite part of his talk was when he confessed to being afraid of everything and admitted to feeling “a sense of being less than I am”. He encouraged people to challenge that in themselves and practice going outside of their comfort zone because “Courage is a habit.”

Stefan danced with Elena! Why are the writers forcing Steroline!!!

First of all *sigh* he didn’t say “I never danced until you Caroline” he said

“…of all the ways that loving you has changed my life… you made me dance”

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Elena:

Stefan’s feelings towards dancing with Caroline:

No begging involved. In fact Stefan is the one who often asks Caroline to dance, whereas his girlfriend had to beg him to dance with her.

Here’s Stefan dancing with his other best friend Lexi

Lexi: Okay, I’m gonna need a little more foot movement.
Stefan: I’m not really interested in making a fool out of myself.

Even though…

Yet he’s only known Caroline a couple of years, but he’s about to be himself around her almost instantly. Like it changed his life #justsayin

Stefan not caring about making a fool of himself with Caroline

What’s the phrase oh yes RECEIPTS

Bonus Meta! - Does Stefan still Hate Dancing

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Kalagang #04 (1/2)

1x05 Art Is Like Religion

I’ve decided to divide this episode in to two parts. Partly because I think this episode’s post is going to be freaking long. Might not…but still, just in case, you know. But mostly because it’d be better to have a separate post discussing only about Kala’s wedding montage. The more I watched that whole scene, the more thoughts and symbolism just kept coming up to my mind. I’ll try not to ramble. Other than that, let’s get started.

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So in this scene between Wolfgang and Sergei, we see him suppressing all these emotions inside, again. Wolfgang does that especially when someone talks about his father. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, everything about Anton Bogdanow is still traumatizing Wolfgang. His presence haunts his son.

When Sergei talks about his stolen diamonds, Wolfgang acts innocent – in his own style. When Sergei mentions his deceased brother, Wolfgang still acts innocent but there’s this look in his eyes. We see anger and pain…but mostly anger. And we see a bit of cynicism when Wolfgang raises his eyebrows.

Sergei: Wolfgang? Your father made mistakes. Every man does. You should always remember who you are.

You see how Wolfgang clenches his jaw in order to keep himself from exploding and start killing everyone in that room. Wolfgang doesn’t give a shit about what Sergei or Steiner thinks of his father. That does not affect him at all. What affects him – that hurts him deeply is a reminder that Wolfgang IS the son of his father. So what we see right now from Wolfgang’s face is not an anger towards his uncle, or even his father…

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It is the anger towards himself.

When Wolfgang says that line – I think about that everyday – he looks like he has given up on himself very long time ago. Like, he tried to run away from everything he’s done in his life…from who he is, but the world never gave him a second chance. Instead, it kept pulling him back to where he was. So in the end, he had no other choice than…to just live with it. Which is why Wolfgang says:

“Gods don’t give a shit about us. I speak from experience.” (1x07)

“I wanted to prove something. I wanted to change something that can’t be changed; the past.” (1x08)

Priya: Mehndi represents the outer and the inner sun of your being. It is the awakening of your inner light. It strengthens and deepens the bond between you and the man who’s to be your husband.

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Meanwhile in India, Kala is getting ready for her wedding. Kala being all worried – not sure if this the right thing to do is one thing. I don’t think I need to explain more about why she’s so worried. What grabbed my attention in that scene was Priya’s explanation of Mehndi which is the body art from Ancient India. Remember I said that literally everything around Kala and Wolfgang symbolizes or foreshadows their relationship in some way. This was when my mind started juggling ideas on Kalagang and the elements.

In Kalagang #01 [x], I wrote water is Kalagang’s element; a medium that has connected them since their first births. Well, what if it’s more like Kala is the fire and Wolfgang is the water? What if – each of them represents an element which is totally opposite to one another? Fire dries out the water; water extinguishes the fire. But despite their differences, they can’t help being attracted to each other. It’s not like ‘Oh I take back what I said before. This is the correct theory’. It’s not about which theory is right or wrong. I still think water is the element that connects them; I’m just adding that fire – such as light, sunshine, etc – also connects them.

That being said, I also pointed out in the beginning of Kalagang #01 that Kala is the sunshine (guess what that symbolizes; fire). And now we see all these details sort of emphasize that fire may be what Kala represents. Priya telling Kala how Mehndi on her body represents the outer and inner sun of her being, it awakens inner light. We’re going to see how her inner light – the warmth she brings – affects Wolfgang who’s been under this cold, dark, deep water…filled with pain, anger, and loneliness. AND how the presence of Wolfgang sorta soaks into Kala’s heart.

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Oh, Kala honey, you better call off your wedding. You don’t look happy at all. But don’t worry, even if you can’t call it off, someone will help you out * wink *

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If there’s anything other than the water (and fire) that connects Kalagang is definitely a bathroom. With Kalagang, you can turn anything into something f***ing romantic. THAT’S A FACT PEOPLE.

Just look at Wolfgang’s face. He has this teasing smile on him – so cute. At the same time he looks a little boy who’s about to open up his birthday present and he cannot wait to see what’s in a box; or who’s enjoying this hide-and-seek with a mystery friend. You see how Kala’s presence – just by her voice – affects Wolfgang? She puts him off guard.

Wolfgang: I can’t see you.

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To be honest, in this scene, Wolfgang seems like he’s going to beat the shit out of someone if he doesn’t find this girl. My point is he looks that much disappointed when he says he can’t see Kala. Don’t worry, Wolfie. You will see her soon. Very soon * wink *

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What are some things you hate about Super?

The things I dislike about super so far are: 

1. The story arches are either really boring that I don’t care to watch it. Like for example, Frieza saga. OR the story ideas are good but then executed poorly. I other words I feel they could have done something more interesting. Like for example Black Goku saga, Champa Saga tournament,  and so far the current Universe tournament saga.  Those arches aren’t bad or anything but it’s just not something where I go “Wow!! I want to know what happens next!!” It’s more like “meh, just watch it cause I don’t have any other anime to watch really or I want time to pass by” 

PS: I admit there are some parts that did keep me on my toes but then it’s like the next episode dies and I’m like oh …oh ok never mind. 


((In the anime it’s not too bad because it does make you think that they are having a misunderstanding. In the anime Vegeta does not specify what he is talking about.))

BUT on the manga it does very much sound like Goku never kissed Chichi because this time on the manga Vegeta specifies that he is talking about kissing. And Goku replies with Of course not! 

3. The part where Goku tells Vegeta who cares if you train while Bulma is pregnant. 

And then how he seems not to feel bad at all that he was dead when Chichi was pregnant. (and we know that while he was dead he was training and fighting opponents in other world) So for me, he seems to be like lol, hey vegeta I still trained while Chichi was pregz cause I was dead. She wasn’t mad at all.

4. Half of the fight scenes (or most) are animated very poorly. I just don’t feel the punches and adrenaline like in their old DBZ animated fights…….

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Also, for me personally you could feel the raw emotion more on DBZ

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Than DBS…..

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5. I still dislike how they made this cute scene on the anime (that was both a Briefs and Son family moment) into a Briefs family ONLY moment on the manga.  

6. This is minor, but I just didn’t like how in this scene Goku had Goten on his back and he just gets up very quickly (almost seems like he forgot goten was on his back or he didn’t care) and then you see goten thrown off goku’s back rudely. Personally I just didn’t like it. I can’t remember the episode and can’t find a longer GIF that shows goten getting thrown off but this was part of the scene. 

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7. So far from what I’ve seen on the DBS manga chapters, I feel like it’s mostly about Goku + Vegeta, or Goku + Vegeta + Bulma, or Vegbul, Or Trunks x Mai. than any other characters…

8. When Goku acted kind of annoying on these scenes: 

1. When he kept nagging about whis training him 

2. When he wanted Zeno to hold a universe tournament and kept being a block head. (he was such a shit head on this episode. I know you want to fight but geez goku….) 

Ya for the most part that is what I dislike about DBS. 

I’ve been at 8th & pine for a while now and nothing super interesting. Zero signs of GA or DD right now, though word is that Gillian was here earlier. Looks like her stunt double is here looking unharmed! (… so far. With a better, fuller wig in my opinion.) There are several cars that are part of the crash scene. They keep saying it’s about to happen.

A few ppl waiting around in anticipation. Several gave up.

Ok, black SUV t-boned a blue sedan. Several other cars around but not actually part of the crash (including a white or silver SUV that came close). I was too far back to see, but I suspect GA stunt double was in one on the SUVs. She was wearing knee/shin pads.

They made us watch from ¾ of the way down the street most of the time and kept moving us around. Unfortunately, this is the best photo I could get of anything.

Now I’m headed downtown to see what I can see on thurlow!

Bungou Stray Dogs Event - 2/19 Afternoon Session Fan Report

I went to the Bungou Stray Dogs event held on February 19th in Pacifico Yokohama!

Actually, I hadn’t planned on going but later on, I felt the need to go if possible. XD I really like the series itself! It’s very interesting! I was also heading to Pacifico Yokohama to attend a conference and career fair for the following days so I thought it would be perfect if I could go! It was seriously a last-minute impulse! XD I managed to find someone on Twitter so I was able to go!

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Craving Something Sweet (Part 3)

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Summary: Reader gets spooked when she realizes someone knows about her secret relationship

Warnings: Basically violation of privacy, lots of sobbing and swearing. Also, this might be a little longer that I anticipated so I’m very sorry 

A/N: I had so many requests to write a part 3 of Craving Something Sweet and I might do another one (which will be the final one) if you guys are up for it. Also, if I jumped/forgot about how the original scenes played out in the series I’m sorry. I’m basically depending on two hours of sleep currently and I don’t know how to manage. 

Part 1 | Part 2


The soothing rhythm of the song playing on the radio was the barrier that kept the Lodge family silent while each women got ready for their separate plans that night. Y/N had her usual Pop’s uniform while she finished styling Veronica’s midnight hair for the homecoming dance while their mother was in the other room doing the same. “Sometimes seeing your hair makes me want to chop all of mine, it’s so lightweight and quick to style.”

“Are you kidding? Your long locks are stunning, especially on you.” Veronica complimented her, standing up from the end of her bed to look at herself at the mirror. “Thanks for helping me out with the hair, you always know what looks good.”

“Of course I do.” Y/N chuckled, pressing a kiss at the top of Veronica’s forehead before pilling all the hair equipment from the floor and bed. Y/N’s eyes darted towards an orange envelope with her name at the other side of the bed with the rest of the mail. “Why do you have the mail in here?” Y/N asked, grabbing the fairly large envelope compared to the other ones.

“Oh! I grabbed it before coming in but I must have forgotten to put the rest back on the table.” Veronica shrugged, straightening her dress out.

“Well, have a fun night at the dance and please don’t ruin your hair before the pictures.” Y/N pleaded, pulling the particular envelope close to her chest as she walked towards the bedroom door. “I don’t want the people of Riverdale thinking that I’m a horrible hair stylist.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll let the town know that the best hair stylist here is a Lodge.”

Once by herself, Y/N opened the envelope in her hand and dug her hand in to grab a thick pile of what seem liked photographs. “What the hell?” She whispered to herself as she passed each photograph with anger building up in her veins.

She could recognize the familiar serpent hands roaming every inch of her body in the photographs. All the photographs were her and FP’s intimacy caught in photo by someone who was certainly spying on them. The other photographs caught her making out with FP multiple times at Pop’s, the time they me at the construction site in the middle of the night where she rode him in the driver’s seat of his truck and even the person had caught FP giving her oral in one of the bedrooms in the Andrew’s household the night of Jughead’s birthday party. The sweat dripped down her forehead as she threw the photos back to the envelope angrily. “Y/N, what is it?” Hermione asked, noticing her oldest shaken up by something.

“Nothing, I’m just late for work.” Y/N lied, grabbing her car keys and pressing the envelope hardly to sides. She left the apartment quickly before her mother kept asking questions, especially about the mysterious envelope she kept oddly close to her. What felt like hours, Y/N made it towards her own car and threw the envelope to the passenger seat while she turned on the engine to her car. She knew where she was going, but her mind was in blank. Someone had caught her with FP, clearly an older man and her mother’s biggest enemy.

Y/N hit the brakes once she made it to FP’s trailer and didn’t even bother to lock the car behind her as she made her way up towards the trailer. “FP you better open the door right now.” She shouted, banging and kicking the door without care. It didn’t take him long, but once he opened the door Y/N stormed in the living room and paced around the floor. FP was caught off guard as he was only wearing his jeans and didn’t even bother to put a shirt on.

“What is it? I don’t have time for sex right now, I have to go with Jug-“ FP began, but Y/N slapped the ripped envelope to his chest without giving him a chance to finish his sentence. FP looked at the shaken up Lodge while he pulled out the photographs. “What the hell is this? Who gave this to you?”

“Veronica said it came into the mail and I don’t know, someone knows about us and this is literally going to ruin everything FP! What if my father finds out? He is going to kill me, us!” She shouted, running her hands through her messed up hair.

“Maybe it’s nothing, probably some kid wanting to mess with us.” FP mumbled, throwing the packet of photographs on the coffee table. He was looking for an explanation, he had an idea of who could’ve taken the photos but the idea of it frightened him. “Just relax”

“Nothing? Just relax? FP my baby sister had this in her room with her, imagine if she would’ve opened it and saw her older sister fucking an older man, a man who happens to be the father of one of her friends.”

“We can talk about this later Y/N, I have somewhere important to be.” FP shook his head, leading Y/N to the front door.

“FP, don’t leave me alone right now.” She pleaded, pressing her hands against his chest as tears slid down her now dampened cheeks. He hated seeing her like that, but he couldn’t let his son down once again. “I’m scared.” She sobbed as FP held her close to his hot chest.

“I promised Jug, but once I leave him in the dance I’ll stop by Pop’s. Okay?” FP pulled away slowly, his heart breaking at the sight of her. Her hair was a complete mess, her black mascara was smudged and his poor woman was scared and he couldn’t do anything. In any other situation, she would’ve understood. He fought so hard for his relationship with his son that he couldn’t risk losing him once again. However, she felt threatened and unsafe. Her father had many enemies that would do anything to sabotage the Lodge family at any opportunity they had.

“Please FP.” She cried out, pressing her fists on the closed door in front of her. FP stood on the other side of the door, running his hand through his messed up hair out of frustration. He simply couldn’t let his son down, not at that moment at least. FP slowly backed away from the door, his heart breaking each time her sobs got even heavier. He thought that she would give it up once she realized he wasn’t going to come back.

And she did.

Fidgeting towards her car, Y/N wiped her own tears away from her cheek and aggressively shut her car door once she managed to get in the driver’s seat. Previously, she never needed anyone and especially a man to help her with her issues; she didn’t need him.

“What the hell did we just witness?” Veronica whispered towards a well-dressed Archie, who stood right next to her behind one of FP’s neighbor’s car.

“This town has too many secrets for how little it is.” Archie pointed out as a dressed up FP made his way to his own car a few feet away from the teenagers.

“Now we have two mysteries in our hands Archikins.”  

A few hours later, FP made his way towards the familiar diner and made a sudden halt in the empty parking lot. Strangely, his eyes darted across the lot and didn’t spot her car at her usual parking space while he made his way towards the front door of the diner. “Is Y/N here?” FP asked, startling a waiter he hadn’t seen before in that shift; it was usually Y/N’s shift.

“She called in sick, some food poisoning or something.” The waiter replied without any care of who was asking. FP nodded at the kid and made his way back towards his truck while dialing Y/N’s phone number.

“Hey, it’s Y/N and I can’t come to the phone right now but if you can leave a message I’ll reply as soon as I can.” FP groaned as it went straight to voice mail, knowing she was completely ignoring him.

“I just left Pop’s and you called in sick apparently. I’m going back home, so if you want to talk to me about the photos you know where to find me sweetheart. Also, I’m sorry that I was an asshole. Just please come over so we can talk.” FP sighed, settling the phone down right next to him as the engine roared into the silent dark night. The drive back home was silent and he was definitely not in the mood for some random songs playing on the radio.

He had no other choice, Jughead was his son and his top priority was fixing his relationship with his son. She should’ve understood, but she was falling apart slowly and needed someone to catch her before she lost all hope. Once at home, the red and blue lights flashed as sheriff Keller’s car was parked in front of his trailer.

Once he got out of his truck, with no fear at all he walked towards the cops that were waiting for him. From that moment, it all went by too fast. The neighbors were watching either from outside their homes or hiding behind the cheap curtains that hanged above their windows. Soon, Riverdale would know that FP Jones was arrested and was under investigation on Jason’s murder. Riverdale would change completely on how the saw the people close to FP, especially on his son who fought so hard for his dad. But something that nobody knew about FP Jones, all this time all he did was protect his family. He protected the only person who didn’t give up on him.

After hearing FP’s voicemail, Y/N rushed towards his residence but all she met up with was his trailer full of cops outside and inside the trailer investigating the area labeled as a crime scene. “What happened?” Y/N asked, approaching the small group of elderlies close to her car.

“Didn’t you hear? They arrested Jones for the murder of Jason Blossom.” Y/N’s heart raced a marathon in her chest, her mind going blank as she stepped away from the elderly group who kept on gossiping. It all had to be a mistake, someone had to be framing him. In that moment, the pictures she had left them in his coffee table.

Looking around her surroundings, she slowly made it towards her car. If the cops had found the photos, they might link her into the investigation and even worse, the people of Riverdale would know about the scandalous affair between the two. Not only was her lover being investigated for a murder, but her photos could be laying on a desk back at the station exposed for everyone to see. She needed to get out.

She needed to leave before they got to her.

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I love the parallels froom clois to supercorp but one that no one has picked up is that the LL in the supers life is the only one that takes time for the super to tell them they are a super. They are not boom part of the superfamily. They are the only consistent that is just there for them as eith kara or clark not a super.

YEAH i was just talking about this the other day with some people…. its why as much as i want to see fluffy scenes with lena being accepted as part of the superfriends, and finally gaining the family she never had, i also know why she’s kept separate. it honors that relationship that she shares with kara, which is COMPLETELY set up to be a parallel to clois. the more similarities i see, and the more that are pointed out to me, the more i’m convinced it’s done on purpose. so even though i love her so much and want to see her join the group, i also can respect the fact that she’s been isolated to structure this relationship in a way that makes it more meaningful



This is only a theory/headcanon btw. I can be completely wrong but it would be cool if this happened.

We hear Aunt May talking to Anna Watson on the phone in part 2 and I couldn’t help but notice the hoodie wearing girl in the background of one of the scenes with red eyebrows and what looks like green eyes.

She seems to be slightly more detailed than some other background characters and it got me thinking…could this be Mary Jane Watson? It would be cool if we kept seeing this character in the background, showing that MJ has been near Peter all along and he never realized it until his Aunt set him up on a date that one fateful day.


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 4]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

David Tennant is getting his first peek inside the TARDIS wardrobe. It’s actually the TARDIS control room - here, as always, in a warehouse in Newport - redressed with racks of clothes, a whole load of accessories and some tailor’s mannequins. Oh, and a Doctor Who scarf that Phil Collinson’s gran knitted when he was six! It all looks fab.

“Lots of frocks, aren’t there?” says David, gazing around in delight.

Maybe the Doctor was once a transvestite?

“Yes, somewhere in between his Sixth and Seventh incarnations,” he deadpans, pointing at a mannequin in a bright pink shell suit. “Ooh, I like that. That’s what the Eleventh Doctor will wear!”

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Tomorrow, David will record his ‘rifling through clothes and choosing his new costume’ scene, which is, for those in the know, a bit of a regeneration story tradition.

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Romantic Rambles and Shouldercanons

Now, I’m all for romance not being a part of the original BIONICLE (it’s refreshing to see a story with no romantic sub-plot) but let’s be real, there was just WAY too much flirting for us to believe that romance as a concept did not even exist. I mean I’m sorry Greg, you’re an awesome writer but there’s no way you can win this battle. Putting this under the cut cause it gets long and rambly.

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Kylo Ren/Rey Novelization Quotes

So yesterday I saw The Force Awakens again and finished the novelization. Just another day in the life of a hopeless nerd/trashy shipper. 

I’m sure someone else has done this already, but I gathered all of the Kylo Ren/Rey quotes from the novelization in order to share. I included only what I thought contained insight into their relationship and the way they felt about each other/thought about each other, but that ended up being almost everything. What I excluded was pretty much just clear-cut descriptions of physical actions.

A quick note about the novelization: it’s clear that a lot of last-minute changes were made to the script (maybe during filming) and that A LOT was cut/deleted. So the novelization made for a very interesting read. With the exception of just a couple of things, the changes were definitely for the best. In the quotes below you’ll see a few things that it would have been nice for us shippers if they kept - Snoke accusing Ren of having compassion for Rey, Ren reacting after he leaves Rey’s interrogation, Leia and Rey having a brief discussion of Ren at the very end (which probably would have been the last dialogue exchange of the entire movie though obviously not the last scene, and the novelization’s description of how Leia feels towards Rey during that part is VERY interesting), and other things too. The one thing I didn’t include in the quotes is Ren falling to his knees after he kills Han (but before Chewie shoots him). The novelization makes it pretty clear that Ren has an “Oh f—k what did I just do” moment, and instead of feeling better like he had hoped - having clarity - he feels worse than ever before. 

Without further ado:

Without the slightest hesitation, the cloaked figure of Kylo Ren emerged and strode forward to join the battle. A stunned Rey could only track him with her eyes. She had seen this man before, in a daydream. In a nightmare.

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i can’t take how in this scene the other four are glaring at each other but shiro’s looking down like he regrets every single decision in his life, number one being escaping from the galra prison

Captain America: Civil War (WARNING SPOILERS)

My thoughts:

  • HOLY FRICK, was this a step up above AoU. And when I say step up, I meant…like…10 floors. 

  • Can the Russo Brothers just…direct every Marvel movie…ever? Please? I was worried since this is their second Marvel movie, but HOT DAMN I WANT MORE

  • Did Ant-Man ever get his oranges or Bucky get his plums? 

  • Tom Holland KILLS IT as a Spiderman, period. 

  • Am I the only one who thought it was funny that Nat doesn’t even bat an eye or anything when Bruce’s name gets brought up? 

  • Last third of the movie: OH GOD, I had to look away, it hurt SO bad. Jesus Christ, and when Howard recognized Bucky, uuuugh my heart. 

  • The pacing was SO GOOD. It was neither too fast, but it also was non-stop. Plot just kept going, had no brakes and held no punches.
  • Slight nitpick - I wish there were more scenes with Clint and Natasha together aside from the “Are we still friends?” bit. Although to make up for it, we get to see Natasha loyally support the other Avengers, as well as Clint/Wanda tag team. Part of me just wants to forget the whole AoU farm subplot, but they only brought up his wife/kids twice, so I guess it wasn’t too horrible. 

  • I really liked that Captain America still worried about harming others - even when the Russian police were trying to take down Bucky, Cap kept trying to keep him from accidentally killing others - idk why, but I always like that extra effort heroes put in by not trying to kill everyone. 

  • I was initially Team Cap, but now I’m Team…give-Iron-Man-a-hug-Jesus-Christ. I still think Cap’s ideology is in the right mind, but I understand Iron Man’s as well

  • I def thought this movie was a hard PG-13 - there was more swearing and honestly, if they showed people “actually” shooting others, or showed blood during the car crash scene, it would’ve been R. Not that I wanted it to be R, but good grief, when this movie hits, it hits hard. 

  • Also, am I the only one who thought the Sharon/Steve kiss was cute? I know there are die hard Stucky fans out there, and even I like Steve/Bucky friendship, but c’mon…it was cute. 

  • Two women tag teaming and kicking ass in a fight together > Two women having a non-romantic based conversation. Just sayin’.


  • An actual teenage Spiderman swearing is probably the most hilarious thing ever. 

  • Spiderman vs. Ant-Man basically: 

So yeah. I loved it. Basically anyone who wants to fan girl with me, send me a comment!



There is no denying. The Bamon cliffhanger was BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT AND EPIC. Now, let’s see what really makes it c and what it means.


Bonnie and Damon have come a long way since season 1 so let’s go back to the beginning and in particular 1x09 …

Yes, Damon and Bonnie definitely started off of the wrong foot. What is sad is that Damon didn’t want to hurt Bonnie. He just wanted to get back at Emily who had just betrayed him. When he realized what he did, he felt instant remorse  despite his humanity turned off at the time. After that moment, Bonnie was scared of Damon and made her primal mission to stop Damon from hurting innocent people while Damon searched for a truce with her.

Fast forward this moment to season 5 finale

Damon and Bonnie stood together, hand in hand, awaiting the Other side to disintegrate  and discovering their new fate …

… in a very similar forest-like setting as the one in 1x09.

It only takes these two opposite moments to make the last Bamon scene EPIC.

But that is not all.

Throughout the seasons, Damon has been a PROTECTOR to Bonnie Bennett.

It’s started with Damon’s promise to Emily Bennett to protect the Bennett lineage. 

Then, his promise turned into natural but unconscious prime mission to protect Bonnie.

2x18 - The Last Dance aka the episode that scared the hell out of the network and tvd producers

Bonnie was determined to fight Klaus to protect Elena, even if it meant it would kill her. This was the first time we saw Damon worried about Bonnie dying.

Damon came up with a plan to protect Bonnie from Klaus by faking her death.

Damon was distressed over Bonnie’s body

And he carried her with so much caring and delicacy

In the end, Bonnie was saved thanks to Damon

3x21 - Before Sunset

After Vampire Alaric bit Bonnie and was left dying, Damon fed her his blood and saved her life.

4x15 -  Stand by me

Damon searched Bonnie on the island when she was lost and nobody knew what happened to her.

When he found her, he was so relieved that he wanted to embrace her

Then came the EPIC BAMON HUG

From 5x04 to 5x07

After Damon learned Bonnie was dead, he and only him moved heaven and earth to bring her back to life.

Damon was the most affected by Bonnie’s death

So he came up with a plan to bring her back to life

And Damon didn’t rest or give up until Bonnie was alive again

Throughout season 5, Damon and Bonnie had a pretty similar romantic storyline.

They both started the season with a new relationship. Elena for Damon. Jeremy for Bonnie.

They both had some issues with their partners. Damon had a co-dependency problem which prevented him from completely let go of Elena. As for Bonnie, she had a trusting issue that remained since he cheated on her with Anna. For me neither Damon nor Bonnie found true love and true happiness with the Gilberts.

In the finale, both Damon and Bonnie said goodbye to their respective partners in order to move on.

Contrast between the beginning and the ending of season 5

In the beginning …

Bonnie was dead (in the Other side), alone and not at peace with her death. The only living person she could see and talk to was Jeremy but couldn’t touch him.

Damon was alive and seemed happy with Elena but he didn’t know about Bonnie’s death.

But in the ending …

With the disintegration of the Other side, Bonnie, as the anchor, died again and disappeared into another dimension. But this time, she was not alone. Damon, who just died, was by her side and together they were both at peace with their death and whatever they would encounter.


Bamon’s death is exactly what I call an EPIC DEATH. Both Bonnie and Damon both left the living world being heroes and saving their loved ones and co.

Damon was the one who pushed Bonnie to find a new plan to save their loved ones, in the scene where Damon showed Bonnie total vulnerability. 

They both risked their lives to resurrect their loved ones and co. Damon had to die to trigger the explosion while Bonnie made everyone pass through her to go back to the living world.

When it was time for Damon to pass through Bonnie …

When Bonnie saw Damon, the smile on her face meant everything. She was so happy to bring him back to the living world, like he did her.

Seriously, look at them! Smiling and staring into each other’s eyes. They are so beautiful here.

Instead of rushing to pass through Bonnie, he just stood there in front of her, a few feet away from her, staring into her eyes. It was actually Bonnie who had to come closer and grab his arms. I don’t think that Damon was aware that Bonnie couldn’t be safe. But a part of him didn’t want to leave her behind.

But then, it happened. I love this moment. You can see the sadness, desperation and helplessness on Bonnie’s face as she realized Damon was trapped in the Other side. 


We’ve seen that Damon, throughout the series, has been a faithful and dedicated protector of Bonnie. If he hadn’t died “permanently”, he would have failed and would have forever been separated from her. But destiny kept them together. With the disintegration of the Other side, Bonnie was bound to die. But it was Damon’s destiny to follow her to protect her forever wherever she would go.

Just a few minutes before the disintegration of the Other side, Damon stepped forward and stood by Bonnie’s side.

Perfect Bamon quote

Their exchange here was so fucking beautiful. Let me tell you why.

When Bonnie said ”I’m sure there’s a million people we’d both rather be with right now but…” and Damon replied ”A couple thousand at most.”…

combined with their hand holding …

and their gaze

it is obvious that they both have a deep affection for each other. What they really meant underneath was the opposite. By Bonnie’s side was the one who brought her back to life. By Damon’s side was the woman he brought back to life. They were both at peace with their death and felt safe because of each other.

Knowing the whole meaning behind these quotes, it makes them so beautiful and powerful. Every time, I hear them, I sob like a baby.

Bonnie initiating the hand holding

So far, we had mostly seen Damon caring about Bonnie but we hadn’t often seen Bonnie openly care about Damon. But here, she was the one who reached for his hand which was the perfect continuation of her quote “I’m sure there’s a million people we’d both rather be with right now but…”. For me, her holding his hand meant “I care about you and I feel safe and at peace by your side”.

The magic of “I just wanna be by your side for the rest of our lives”

Not only did they use a perfect song - Wings, by Birdy - but they purposefully modified the lyrics to fit the scene and to convey what they really meant.

In the original song, both verses “I just wanna be by your side” & “for the rest of our lives” don’t go together. It’s:

I just wanna be by your side if these wings could fly”

“We’d remember this night for the rest of our lives

But in the last seconds of the scene when Damon and Bonnie are about to get sucked into this mysterious new place, here is the last verse:

“I just wanna be by your side for the rest of our lives”

They put together those two separate verses to become this beautiful and oh so meaningful line. If it doesn’t mean “Bamon is coming”, I don’t know what it means.

This EPIC Bamon scene makes it clear and obvious to me that Damon is Bonnie’s ETERNAL HERO AND PROTECTOR and Bonnie is Damon’s DESTINY. Damon was bound to die at this moment in order to stand by Bonnie’s side.

The way I see it, their experience, dying and going to the Other dimension together and beyond, will forever change Bonnie and Damon, so will their relationship. They will grow closer and stronger and nothing will ever be able to break their connection. DAMON AND BONNIE WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE CONNECTED, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER AND WHATEVER HAPPENS.

One last thing to say: BAMON IS COMING!


Some xmas gift cards, a magical girl, a tea with moomin papa, and a very special fanart, this is the main characters of a comic made by my (other) bro. Super Sushi Kamikaze ! It was a dragon ball like except they were running after magical sushis instead of balls. 

I kept the comic, i’ll scan it qnd share it ,maybe one day, the battle scene are still hugely great. 

I go back to my chrismas

see u

anonymous asked:

What if Kishimoto feels pressured by the anime team and makes narsak canon? there's even a Japanese program where the mc's are talking about ns in "The Last" movie. Sometimes I think he will make that pairing canon just for these reasons. I'm worried because he can do whatever he wants even if it is illogical.

Why would Kishimoto be pressured by the people who animate HIS work? Even if they were “talking about NS” in the movie (lol) I don’t see why he’d be persuaded by them. Despite having to voice many Saku—>Naru filler scenes, Sakura’s Japanese VA Chie Nakamura still gushes about SasuSaku on her blog, acting out an SS filler scene, with pictures. Do you think Kishimoto would be pressured by that? (The answer is no.) A seiyuu or an anime team may have their preferences, they probably won’t be the ones to change his mind.

Kishimoto has already proven to me that he is not very influenced by the anime team when it comes to pairings. He has had too many chances to let the ‘pressure’ get to him. There are many shippuden NS fillers and yet he still made Hinata confess to Naruto, wrote chapter 469, has consistently shoved Sakura’s romantic love for Sasuke in our faces, kept Saku—>Naru platonic (even when Naruto was dying before Sakura’s eyes, Kishimoto could have drawn from the end of this NS relevant OVA which is basically a rehash of his own canon SasuSaku scene, but he didn’t), wrote chapter 615, 685, and all the other NH and SS related chapters in part II. If he was influenced by the anime, I think we’d see more NS on color covers as well.

Notice how despite the anime team doing things like making Sakura jealous of Hinata or making Sakura try to choose between Naruto and Sasuke, Kishimoto has made sure to never write his Sakura like that. When Sakura witnessed Hinata’s confession or the hand hold in chapter 615, he easily could have thrown in ‘jealousy’ from Sakura, since the anime likes to write her that way. Instead, he stuck true to her character. After all, Sakura’s the one who smiled and said to Naruto in the manga, “[Hinata]’s always watching you.” When Naruto and Sasuke were dying during the war, Kishimoto made sure Sakura didn’t know that both of them were dying. He didn’t put her in a position of trying to ‘choose’ who to save, which the anime team made Sakura think about in a filler. He knows his own characters and that her goal was to save both boys if the situation came up.

Kishimoto has also avoided making Naruto look like a love sick martyr, which the anime team likes to do (“there’s a girl I love named Sakura~ I’ll fight for her as much as I fight for Sasuke” or some nonsense like that). Sai perceived Naruto as that way in the manga, but Naruto shot down his point, saying that he wasn’t only saving Sasuke for Sakura. He knows Naruto’s goal was never to win Sakura over, and he’s stayed true to that despite what the anime team has written in fillers.

There are so many more examples, but long story short, Kishimoto being pressured by the anime team would mean he’d have to make some of his characters OOC.

I guess one can argue that when Kishimoto made Hinata faint around Naruto once in early part II, something that had only happened in the anime at that point, he was influenced by the anime team. Or Hinata’s filler statement “I want to be strong like father, to be kind like mother” mirroring Naruto’s “To become a bigger badass than my father, to become a stronger shinobi than my mother” manga statement. Even though the comparison may be reaching, that was for NH, not NS.

Honestly, it’s like saying Kishimoto can be pressured by what happens in Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth manga. For some reason I don’t think he’s easily swayed by people’s personal fanfictions, even if they are professionals.

Pitch Perfect 2 Review

I wasn’t so sure going into the movie. I was excited for a second one and really wanted one after the first one but I was scared that it wouldn’t be as good. I read other people say it wasn’t as good which made me even more nervous. But me and the friend I went with both thought it was really good and maybe even funnier than the first. We decided we probably liked it as much as the first. I loved this movie so much and soon after we left the theater I asked my friend if the DVD was out yet because I want it right know. I seriously need to see this movie again.


There was a lot less Jessie and Treble makers than I expected. They were barely in it. I thought they’d be in it more. But I guess if we had more of them then we wouldn’t have gotten as much of the other storylines with the new girl Emily, Beca and her internship, and the Bella’s trying to take not DSM. Because this was seriously lacking Jessie we hardly got any Beca and Jessie moments except for them meeting at a part and him coming to see her and the other girls perform at the end. I think the longest scene in which they were together and actually together was when he dropped her off at the internship. They were at the riff off together but they were hardly even together there.

I really liked Das Sound Machine. They were just so much fun and they were really good singers. I loved hearing them sing with their accents. It was hard to understand what they were singing sometimes because of their accents but they were still amazing. They kept bringing it with their trash talk and Beca just kept complimenting them. I kept waiting for at the end for Beca to finally get them good but she didn’t she ended up telling them they smelled like cinnamon. That was my only real disappointment. I just really wanted to see Beca take them down with a good smartass comeback.

In the first movie I totally shipped Jessie and Beca. I just wanted them to get together. Then before I saw the movie I saw all these posts about Bechloe and really liked some quotes I saw. I wanted to see the movie and see what all these Bechloe shippers were seeing. You know part of me thinks that if I hadn’t gotten on Tumblr and saw all those posts then I wouldn’t be shipping Bechloe. Damn you Tumblr. I was just fine before but now you’ve given me a new couple to completely obsess over and ship. After seeing this movie I now ship Beca and Chloe more than Beca and Jessie. I need a third movie so they can finally get together. I need them to be together now. I need to see them actually together as a couple on screen. Because then it will be real and not just a dream. It needs to become real. They kept hinting at them throughout the movie and then that tent scene I just wanted something to happen. We just need to get a third movie, make sure everyone comes back, and at the end Bechloe becomes official. I mean they have to be endgame right? I didn’t catch it in the first movie but there were tiny hints and then this movie there were giant hints everywhere so there needs to be a third movie where it just happens already.

Bumper was so much nicer and not a bad guy in this movie. What happened? I’m not complaining I like this version and the older version of him. It’s just he seemed so different. I loved seeing him and Fat Amy finally become a real couple. One of my favorite parts was her singing to him trying to win him back. I also loved how we got the Beca and Chloe watching and wondering why she didn’t just walk around and then saying she never does anything small. I kept expecting Amy to fall and it never came. Another small thing I was surprised about was that Beca and Fat Amy were roommates. I really thought Beca and Chloe would be. But then we wouldn’t have gotten that lovely scene of Fat Amy telling Beca she knew about the internship and that she also takes $20 from her all the time then completely avoiding it when Beca tried to discuss that. I also loved Amy giving Beca some of her confidence.

I really liked the new girl Emily. She was so fun and weird unlike the other girls who are much more confident. I liked how she always just said the most awkward things. Her and Benji were also just so cute and awkward. I wish we would have seen more of them together. I liked how she wrote Flashlight and then worked with Beca which helped both of them and then they ended up performing it at the competition and everyone held up flashlights.

I thought we’d spend a lot more time on the camping retreat. The trailer just seemed to show so much of them camping so I was expecting for them to be camping like half the movie. The camping scenes we did get though were great. I loved how when Beca got caught in the net everyone freaked out and she and everyone was thinking she was going to die but then when Amy runs off and gets caught in it they all just stay seated and are like walk it off. I also love that they were going to form something to catch Beca but then she was cut down by the quiet girl who I love but who’s name I can’t remember and she just fell on top of Fat Amy. I really liked how Aubrey was In charge of the retreat because she enjoyed controlling people. I like how when they got there they were all happy to see each other and they hugged and everything then a second later she was yelling at them for screwing everything up so badly.

This movie just made me want more. I want a third movie. I have no idea what they could do with it but I want another. I also only want another if everyone will be back mostly Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, and Brittany Snow. I know Rebel Wilson signed on to do a third movie If they do one but no one else has said anything about it. I know this one kind of felt like they were saying goodbye but it also didn’t feel like goodbye. I think the movie will only just as good if they’re all back because they’re the main characters and I don’t want a bunch of new people it would be like starting over. I would also love to see the Germans again. They were just great. Also as I’ve said before I want another movie so we can make Bechloe official.