i kept rubbing my eyes lol

Sooo…I’ve met Papa, Fire and Aether after the show…aka the story how I died.
We were standing next to the tour bus and there where like..maybe 20 people (or maybe more I don’t remember) and my father was with us because he wanted to drive us home. So we told him that we want to wait for the Band to come out to sign things. He didn’t believed me that they will come out and he also kept telling us that we don’t know how they look anyways (lol if you knew). So my father was quite pissed cause he wanted to go home. That was so embarrassing because it felt like everyone was staring at us. We kept telling him that this is very important to us and that we know how they look. But he kept yelling at us lmao.

So after maybe 20 minutes or so Fire comes out. And let me just tell ya…he looks like a greek god. My heart was racing. I asked him to sign my ticket and he wrote my name on it. He signed the ticket on my shoulder and stole my fucking edding😂

After that Aether came out. He’s such a sweetheart and so funny. @ghuleh-101 showed him a picture where he jumped and he just screamed: look at my arse!!😂😂 He told me that I have a beautiful name and that I should check out a song by a certain band but I forgot the name of the band (god damnit).
I think after that Air came out. He looked a lil bit angry and went right into the tour bus.
Then theres Earth..he waved at us but also went right into the tour bus. I haven’t seen water at all lol.

And then…Papa came out. I was trembling like a little bitch. HE LOOKS EVEN MORE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON. And there was still make up around his eyes.
He’s so intimidating without even trying lol.
So he came up to me and I still don’t know how I managed to talk to him without sounding so scared. I asked him if he could sign my ticket and he saw my name looked me into the eyes and just said: Josephine, hm? HE KILLED ME. I CAME SO FUCKING HARD.
So yeah…he signed my ticket and I asked him for a hug. He gives the best hugs ever but I mentioned before that I’m very clumsy so I think I accidentally hit his nose with my arm while hugging him???
I thanked him for coming to Wiesbaden and that this was the best concert I’ve ever been to. He kept eye contact all the time and just smiled at me. Again…is he trying to kill me?
But after that my father dragged us away because he was so tired. I hope Papa didn’t noticed that, I mean I didn’t had the opportunity to say goodbye.
When we where at our car me and my best friend just started to scream lol. I really really hope that he didn’t heard that.
So yeah…That’s the story how I got brutally murdered.
(And sorry for grammatical errors. I’m too lazy right now to correct them).

Okay- hello. I really have been thinking about this one idea for a fic and I needed to try it.  (bonus: this was supposed to be a smut but it just turned fluffy, LMAO OH WELL. Maybe some other time. I am planning on writing my headcanon Gray A-Spectrum Juggie fic soon) (enjoy this flop) (ALSO PLEASE DONT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM W SWITCHING POVS LOL I KEPT SWITCHING FOR SOME REASON?? IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE IM TIRED AS FUCK BUT YEAH MY BAD.)

A knock abruptly woke Betty up from a little afternoon nap she had decided to take. She sat up in confusion and rubbed a hand over her eyes before settling them on Jughead who was giving her a cheesy smile from the other side of her window.

A smile spread across her face as she clambered off the bed and to the window, pulling it open without a second thought “Hey, Juggie.” Betty greeted, Jughead handed her a box quickly before swinging his leg up into the window, she backed up to give him some room to climb in. 

Her eyes lowered to the big box in her hand curiously, “I missed you.” was Jugheads simple greeting which made her heart flutter, as well as making her laugh. His beanie looked as if it was about to slide off of his head and his raven hair looked more unruly than usual.

“I saw you yesterday, Jug.” The cold from the box that seeped through the bottom bit at her hands, only making her more curious to take a peek. 

“Too long for my liking,” He sighed, taking the box from her hand and sitting on her bed, placing the box next to him “I got you your favorite!” Jughead announced, taking a hold of her wrist and tugging her gently towards him. This made her excited. My favorite? She thought.

With the other hand that was not holding onto Betty’s wrist, he lifted the lid of the box to reveal a vanilla ice cream cake with cute flower designs covering the top. 

Betty gasped and quickly ran out of the room leaving Jughead speechless. Had he done something wrong? He could have sworn ice cream cake was her favorite since they were kids…

Betty surprised Jughead when she appeared in the doorway with spoons, “How did you remember?” she asked softly, handing him a spoon before sitting on the bed across from him, the ice cream cake between them. 

Jughead had a bashful look on his face “I remember a lot of things, Bett’s.” He responded dipping the spoon into the cake and taking a huge bite to change the subject. At this, Betty just smirked and took her on spoonful, savoring the sweet dessert she hadn’t had in ages; without thinking she let out a satisfied moan and flopped onto her back. Jughead almost choked on the ton of ice cream in his mouth and his cheeks flushed at the noise, it sounded like she enjoyed food almost as much as he did.

“Thank you, Juggie.” Betty said while sitting up and getting more ice cream on her spoon. Her ocean green eye’s glanced up at him from under her lashes causing Jughead’s breath to catch, “N-no problem Betty.” he responded while distracting himself with putting the spoon down into the box.

She frowned at the clear nervousness he had, “I honestly need to keep saying ‘thank's’ to you,” She let out with a sigh. 

Jughead glanced up at her with confusion “Without you, I would probably be a bigger mess than I already am, and you just make me so extremely happy, Jug. I just don’t know what I would do if something ever happened to you-” she had to stop short because she felt that stupid lump that meant she was on the verge of crying enter her throat, “What I’m trying to say is, I’m just really thankful you are in my life.” 

Jughead felt his insides melt at her words and he quickly moved the ice cream cake box out of the way so he could scoot over to where she sat against the head board.He wrapped an arm around her waist and Betty rested her head on his shoulder “Hey, I’m more than thankful you are in my life as well, Betty.” He stated with a light kiss to her temple.

Betty looked up at him with a smile, she placed a kiss at the corner of his mouth before sliding down and nuzzling her head into his chest to get comfortable “I like you a lot Forsythe P. Jones.” She said with a giggle, raising up three fingers to add on to his name.

At the use of his full name he rolled his eyes and tickled her waist with his fingers receiving a loud squeak from her “Juggie stop!” Betty laughed breathlessly trying to pull away but he flipped her over so he was laying on top (also attempting not to crush her) giving himself the advantage. He stopped tickling her but she was pouting and crossing her arms like a child. 

He couldn’t help but think about the two time’s they have kissed when he glanced down at her soft pink lips that were pouted in false anger. Throwing caution to the wind Jughead lowered his lip’s down to meet her’s, that tasted strongly of ice cream cake (which he decided was his favorite now too.). He felt Betty gasp slightly but the kiss was soon returned and her arms uncrossed and went to Jughead’s shoulders. 

She was running her fingers into his hair. knocking his prized beanie off in the process but he didn’t notice. Their lips were gentle against each others, fitting perfectly and moving in sync. There was no ferociousness in this kiss, just softness. He had never imagined he would be kissing someone, these feelings were all new to him. This kiss felt like it held actual meaning compared to all the stories he heard from guys at school talking about ‘hook-ups’ and ‘make out sessions’ that apparently were the best, but he never saw the appeal. He never saw the appeal in kissing until Betty.

When Jughead pulled away Betty had a flustered look on her face, her lips were parted in awe at what just happened. He just grinned at her reaction and pecked her on the lips again, then the forehead, and then her nose.

“I like you a lot too Elizabeth Cooper.”

(lol I wanna stab myself wtf??? my eyes are burning, if there are spelling errors oH WELL BECAUSE NO ONE IS PROB GONNA TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS SHIT ANYWAYS)

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So this really cute guy became friends. One day he had on basketball shorts and our class was watching a movie so they were distracted I decided to rub his thigh and slide my hands up his shorts near his dick I could feel his thigh tense up lol I kept doing it until he got tired of it and he put his head up and pulled my chair near him and started kissed my neck and trying to rub my pussy, his eyes turned into something different like he wanted to fuck me so badly and he couldn't, he made me wet

The riskier the hookup, the hotter it is 🔥


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I went hiking today. My first exercise activity in months. My legs were shaking in between breaks and sweat kept getting in my eyes. It was hellish. Especially in this heat. Do you think Bucky would offer to carry me back the rest of the way? Omg no poor baby! At the very least rub my feet and legs when we get home lol?

Oh he’d totally give you a piggy back ride!!

Fluffy Friday™

i met the sweetest little cat today and im in love. she was really small (probably not a full adult cat yet but idk) and all white with one blue eye and one yellow/green eye and she was so so soft

i saw her as we were driving past right near where we’re staying atm so i got my dad to stop the car so i could get out to pet her lol. she was so soppy and cuddly omg. she had her front paws on my lap the whole time and kept rubbing her lil nose and cheek on my chin :’) im in love