i kept pretending


The Fanon Adventures of Steve Rogers (and friends)

MICHAEL: Didn’t I say we don’t talk about Pete?

RUBY: You mean Mike Makowski? That guy that used to pretend he’s a vampire?
RUBY: Haha, no. I’d know about something like that and would’ve reported it already!
RUBY: You know, I’m the eyes and ears of South Park!
RUBY: Wait. Really?!

RUBY: Seriously? I thought you guys hate each other.

man don’t u love it when you stop talking to someone bc you’re done putting up w their bs and then they message you months later being like haha hey what’s up it’s been a while
like do u really think we are cool still

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Forever this time.

littlemissgrimrose  asked:

Okay, how long would you fare if you were trapped in an elevator with Joker, Jasper and Nui for three days?

Jasper by herself I could possibly stand, if only because Jasper doesn’t seem to know or care much about humans… it’s Earth she hates. So if I kept to myself and pretended not to exist, there’s a possibility I could survive.

With the Evil Pastel Brainwashing Shit Duo, though? (NOTE: THAT NAME IS NOT MINE)

I wouldn’t last thirty seconds, most likely. Your BHS may project the image of a confident, witty, and courageous author fearlessly fighting against evil, and that’s an image I’ll do little to dispel, but when it comes to actual conflict, I-


“What Monsieur S is trying to say, I believe, is that he’s a huge coward. Isn’t that right, my darling?”

Oui, oui, Monsieur Joker. A most despicable coward indeed. Spending a few days playing with him would be ever so much fun, non?

“Of course, cherie. A veritable feast of joy, I’m sure.”

there were like 10 hornets drinking this liquid on the ground and i didnt notice until it was too late and i stepped right in the middle of them and they all swarmed around me while i kept on walking pretending not to notice them but it was the most intense & nerve-racking 10 seconds of my life

one time an innocent older lady showed me pics of her vacation on her phone and she kept swiping and a nude selfie popped up and she was so embarrassed and i wanted to disappear and ever since i get really nervous when people show me pics in their phone

I had a dream that Rami Malek worked at a grocery store and I kept going back and pretending to shop so I could see him and someone else who worked there saw me standing around and said “are you looking for marinara sauce???” and I was like “???sure???” so he shouted “RAMI – MARINARA!” and Rami came bursting through the doors to escort me to the marinara sauce and we had a lengthy discussion about which one I should buy even tho I wasn’t planning on buying any at all

Was my deaf baby 'disabled'? If so, I felt an overwhelming urge to fix her | Belinda Barnet
The deaf community doesn’t see deafness as pathology in need of a cure which, as an Australian mother writes, creates a terrible conflict for parents wanting to ‘fix’ a child
By Belinda Barnet

Jesus fucking Christ, projecting your deaf child as a hearing person does far more damage to them, and the icing on the cake is claiming that the child will not be properly developed if they don’t receive cochlear implants ASAP is full of fucking bullshit. 

I learnt this the hard way, I spend nearly half my life working hard to accommodate the hearing people that it reach to the point that I got fired from my job because I kept pretending to be a hearing person, rather than an actual deaf person (fired due to making too many misunderstanding, which result in making too many mistake, not because of discrimination).

I sincerely hope that this child will not face the issues that I (and many others I’m sure) had laters in life because their parents want to make them into a hearing person.

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I remember grabbing your hand for the first time and my body shook like i had just taken my first breath and i was struggling to take another one

i havent been able to stop playing with my fingers since you left, i kept my eyes closed pretending you’re still around and i keep telling myself you’ll be back 

i stare into an oblivion trying to remember what i did with my hands before i grabbed onto yours because for the past few months they were the closest thing to home i had ever known

its been almost 3 months and im still not sure what i did but i can promise you it wasnt me, it was you. it took me awhile to realize it but after crying until i puked and kicking trees until my toes were bruised i realized i didnt need to fix myself

I know what to do with my hands now. 
—  treezus