i kept laughing the whole time

I’m watching Steve Wilkos right now and there’s this guy on his show explaining that he was raped by his girlfriend and the whole time the audience and Steve are laughing??? like??? MEN CAN BE RAPED TOO and the guy was genuinely explaining what happened and that he felt uncomfortable after it happened but Steve kept saying “You’re a 22 year old guy who says ‘no’ to sex?” and he also said “I’m in my 50′s and I still don’t say no to sex!” And he even had the audacity to ask the audience “Do we believe him you guys?” and the audience all shouted “No!”



True story

While I was in the car (waiting for my mom to get back from the store) I totally saw this middle-aged woman taking selfies of herself

and you could totally tell she was feelin’ it

I had nothing better to do so I kinda kept watching her thinking the whole time ‘yas babe you do you be confident own that camera yasss’

but then I got spotted

She looked so embarrassed and I felt bad because I was kinda the one creeping so I gave her a thumbs up and then we started taking selfies together while laughing and it was magical 


     “I got to talk with Matsumoto Jun-kun quite a bit on stage. And also Nino-san. I didn’t get to talk to Ohno-san though. But when PUFFY sang, and all the performers were on stage, you know how there’s this punching move everyone’s supposed to do while they were singing? Well, we all did that move, and beside me, Domoto Koichi-san was punching Ninomiya-san’s back, who was standing right in front of him. And Ninomiya-san kept protesting quietly (so the mic wouldn’t pick up his voice) the whole time. *laughs* That was really funny.”
     “Anyway, Ohno-san was in front of me. I wanted to try doing the same thing! *laughs* As I punched his back, he played along and kept on acting like it hurt the whole time. It didn’t actually hurt though! I was only lightly tapping him. *laughs* It made me realize how nice he is. *laughs* It was really fun!”

     ―Hoshino Gen (All Night Nippon, 2017.01.02)

Rajigaze Dec 30

Ruki: Okay, let’s go….back to….oh wait, we’re not going back to anything! Never mind! Okay! “Ruki-san, Kai-san, good evening”!

(both burst out laughing)

Ruki: This person is clueless! “Ruki-san, Aoi-san, good evening!”

Aoi (still laughing): Yep, good evening~

Ruki: “I always listen to the radio happily in my car. I don’t want anyone at work to know that I listen to VK so I always hid it from them. But I went to my company’s New Year’s party in my usual clothes, which are almost all black, and my usual accessories and makeup, and everyone found out. Then the whole time they kept saying stuff to me like, ’‘can you headbang? do it!” or “you like that kind of music at this age!?” there is no age limit to liking rock! I was angry at my coworkers.“

Aoi: Hmm…

Ruki: I see.

Aoi: Well…

Ruki: This was Anger Mail.

Aoi: Ah…

Ruki: Huhuhu!

Aoi: Is that a thing? Visual Kei makeup…

Ruki: Like fangirl makeup I guess?

Aoi: Yeah

Ruki: Yeah of course it’s a thing?? Like, if someone was walking around with that makeup, you’d know.

Aoi: Oh really!?

Ruki: Like…you’d notice that they’re kinda different.

Aoi: Like their eyeliner looks like Kirisho?

Ruki (laughing): No no


Ruki: But I know what ur talkin about

Aoi: I wonder what [gives it away]…

Ruki: I guess it’s just a vibe?

Aoi: Huh?

Ruki: No? ….no it is! – Like, of course some people wouldn’t be able to tell, but if someone was wearing mostly black clothes, and had on a ton of accessories…like, a normal girl – okay, not 'normal’, but…a girl who doesn’t like rock…probably wouldn’t wear like, a cross necklace or something.

Aoi: Oh yeah, for sure.

Ruki: They don’t wear so many accessories, right?

Aoi: Yeah, definitely.

Ruki: So I think you’d be able to tell.

Aoi: Yeah, I guess so.

Ruki: I mean, we dress like that too…aren’t you always asked if you’re in a

Aoi: I am all the time!

Ruki: You are?

Aoi: I am!

Ruki: Yeah…like if I go to the salon they always ask

Aoi: Yeah they doo~

Ruki: ’'Are you in a band?”

Aoi: Yeah…

Ruki: But I’m always like, “no, I’m not.”

Aoi: Oh really?

Ruki: Yeah.

Aoi: Yeah I’m like “nah I work in a regular company”

(both chuckle)

Aoi: And then they’re like, “oh, they let you have long hair, that’s nice!”

(both laughin)

The One With The Red Sweater

Malec AU drabble based on one of my favourite friends episodes. 


Izzy was worrying about her brother. Although he had never been an overly social person, the amount of time had recently put into work was starting to be ridiculous. He kept coming home late in the evening and sometimes Izzy didn’t see her brother for a whole day.

“I think Alec is working too much”, she told Jace during one their sparring sessions. “He never has time to go clubbing with me anymore and he had to cancel the date I set him up with last week.”

“Yeah?”, Jace answered distractedly, trying to punch her in the side but Izzy managed to block him easily.  “Maybe because he has enough of you trying to find him a boyfriend”, Jace laughed.

“Oh come on, I just want him to be happy! Besides, he didn’t have a proper boyfriend in like, a year and I doubt that he has much else going on right now. He needs some balance in his life.” replied Izzy and brought Jace to his knees by aiming an expertly executed kick at his left calf.  

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Youngjae Smut (Got7) - Games, Not Gifts

Originally posted by jiminthebun


“Oh, you’re done? So soon?” Youngjae spoke to you, but kept his eyes on the TV screen while his fingers did work on the controller.

“I’ve been gone for 45 minutes. Not that short,” you laughed, sitting down on the loveseat across from him as he sat on the sofa.

“Really? Time goes by so fast…”

“Maybe because of that game of yours,” you shook your head, laughing at him.

His own laugh echoed yours and he said, “why are you laughing at me?”

“Nothing. You’re just so cute,” you answered him with a smile on your face, admiring him as a whole. Your eyes scanned his whole body; as innocent as you two seem on the outside, behind closed doors you two are just the opposite.

“How would you feel if this cutie told you to come here, then?” Though his eyes were focused on the screen, you could tell his mind had other things in mind.

“I’d come, of course,” you got up from the loveseat and sat down close to him on the sofa.

“Why did you sit so far anyway? Are we supposed to act traditional or something?” He chuckled.

“That doesn’t matter anymore. Can I play?”

“Sure, I just finished this round anyway,” he said, his hand moving from his controller to running down your bare thigh to grabbing the spare controller on the table. “Ah, you’re wearing my shirt again.”

“It’s comfy.”

“It’s comfy, you look good in it, I love it when you wear it… You should wear it more often.”

“I can’t wear it outside!”

“Of course not! I don’t want other guys to see you. Just wear when it’s just us.”

“What about the other members?”

“They fall under the ‘other guys’ category, you know.”

“But they’re like brothers.”

“Right, but you don’t know what a man’s head is like. I do.”

“Ahhh, so you’re you saying you fantasize about others girls, too?”

“What? No, that’s not-”

“Hey! I was joking–why are you so defensive?”

“Shh, shh,” he interrupted whatever you were going to say next and shoved the controller into your hands.

Pouting, you fixed your grasp on it an idea popped into your head, “do you think we can do it while playing?”

“What?” He looked at you surprised. “How would that even work?” He laughed again.

“I’ll do something with you than no other girl can,” you said seductively, climbing onto his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. Your lips nibbled on his ear, your hot breath grazing against it, slowly grinding your hips against his. His hands let the controller roll off and went to your hips. He buried his face in your neck and took in your scent. “This way, you won’t think about any other girl.”

“Are we going to do it now?” He mumbled as you felt his hard member press against your crotch.

“Mhm,” you hummed as your lips attached to his neck. You told him to sit as he was and that you would do all the work. He quickly unzipped his pants and rolled down his underwear so that his it was popping out. You grabbed the controller, sliding onto his length; you were thankful that the sofa was big enough to support the position you planned out.

“You won’t fall?”

“Hopefully, I won’t,” you giggled. “Okay, let’s play!”

You successfully balanced pleasure and play as you often rode his length. While your fingers focused on the controller, your lower region focused on the other thing. Your hips went in a circular motion, causing Youngjae to weaken in gameplay as there was an increase in friction.

“Watch yourself, baby,” he warned you, pressing the pause button and tapping your ass. “We may be fucking, but I want to win–play fairly.”

“You’re hot when you talk like that,” you smirked, increasing the frequency of movement.

“Oh, fuck this,” Youngjae growled, stripping himself quickly of his clothes and pushing you to the carpeted floor. You squeaked at the sudden force as Youngjae pushed your legs open and rammed into you. His hands gripped onto your arms to hold you in place as he fucked you. His rapid thrusts slowed down and he let go of his hard grip on your arms. Your walls clenched around his member, making him moan.

“Don’t do that,” he panted into your ear. “I want this to last longer.”

You felt him pull out almost completely before ramming into you again. Heat radiated off of his body as he thrusted in and out of you, his lips silencing your gasps. Your moans echoed into the kisses while your thighs squeezed onto his body. With your arms wrapped around his neck, you fingers tangled into his hair and your legs firmly wrapped around his waist.

“This… won’t do,” he breathed, picking you and shoving you against the wall.

The new position let him go deeper. You limply hung on his arms as he roughly moved in and out of you, skin slapping on skin. Your lips gaped, letting screams escape.

“Mmm, Youngjae…”

“Y/N, almost,” he panted.

With one last ram and moan, he finished inside of you. Exhausted, he carried you to the sofa, setting you down gently before flopping down beside you.

“You good?”

“Yeah,” you nodded as your chest heaved. “That felt good. Let’s do that again,” you giggled, your eyes moving from his sweaty and smiling face to the clock. “Oh, it’s midnight.”

“That means…”

“Christmas!” You two chorused.

“I think I already got a good gift, though,” he commented. “You’re the only girl I know.”

“I better be.”

“I better be the only guy you know,” he eyed you.

“Of course! No guy can fuck me that good.”



tbh i want youngjae to bring back that blonde hair

lmao these are getting less and less christmasy oops

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Happykittyshop Story Time!

Inspired by my good friend @pdubbery for sharing his story I like to share mine.

Most people know me as many things, but before I got into my plush making I was big into art. Art was my escape from the real world. I grew up with no friends from middle school to college. I had a lot of people I thought were my “friend” always end up stabbing me in the back and turning against me. My family was no help they have been hard on me my whole life as well.

So I turned to burying myself in Anime and art. Always in my room avoiding my family and kids at school. I was bullied for being a good student I was called “teachers pet” there was even a time I nervously laughed in class and got yelled at by the teacher and the kids said “Bernadette should be yelled at more often” and the teacher agreed. I was just a shy girl and kept to myself. Many times I cry myself to sleep cursing me being born and wished I was dead. There were times where the boys picked on me, spit on me on the bus and throw me into the bus seat.

So I couldn’t take it anymore if no one would fight for me I was on my own. If the boys spat on me I spit back a girl told me to watch my fat ass I take my hat off and slapped her in the face. I was my own fighter because no one else can make your better if you’re not strong willed person. That was my slogan I was on my own no one was there for me I was a loner. Past boyfriends lied to say they loved me but just dated me for my looks not caring about the inside.

I built a wall and full of barriers to not let anymore in. I hated everyone and got mad over stupid shit and was always worry over little things and find things to push people away. The brony fandom didn’t help at all it caused a great deal of more stress on me that I was at the point of still “why do I exist?” I was only making MLP plushies and I was told by other plush makers I will “Never get better” my Mom saying “I will never make it as a full time plush maker you’re better off as a waitress”

Then I found my way into Undertale. I started simple with my plushies and started with my first Temmie plush. People really liked her and someone made a vine video on the post pic I did of her. I have @kyleehenke and @solar-citrus to thank for playing the “Let’s play” and eventually found my now best friend in the world @kimiwillsinforever from just watching my streams and bought her husband Edge plush from me. Then I find @yamsgarden amazing stream were Yam herself was so kind and welcoming as well as her group. Here I’m thinking I was meant to be alone and worthless, but I was too stubborn to give up. As I learned from Undertale “You gotta stay determined!”

Thank you so much for giving me a new hope. I’m learning to trust and love again and thank you for being patient with me guys you been the best!! @lovelyladyartistk @mnstrcndy @v0idless @pyramidheaddezby @kaweii and @cursetale

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dude so i was playing capture the flag and this kid who sounded like he was 8 was screaming swears the whole game and kept yelling at mercy to heal him and res him when he died and he did that the ENTIRE GAME i felt so bad for our mercy but at the same time i couldnt stop laughing (its ok right mercy's one of my mains i would laugh if an 8 year was yelling at me too) also he was playing genji

In case someone wanted to do an English cover on Aleinn Um Jóiln, I went ahead and translated/americanized the lyrics

I kept the spirit and general meaning of the words while making the whole thing rhyme more

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A huge thank you to my very special friend for making this banner.

“Oh my God, Chris! Stop!” Dylan laughed.

“What? You don’t like my moves?” Chris asked while dancing to a song on Hits 1. He was shaking his ass, hat on backwards, totally into the song. They were in the bedroom putting away their folded laundry.

“It’s not that at all. Just stop grabbing your dick!”

“I’m not!” Chris scoffed.

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The first time I watched a proper Jacksepticeye video, I honestly didn’t know what to think. I can’t even really remember what video really got me into him. The one thing that really solidified my love for the channel is Anti’s October though.
October and November are really tough for me. Those were the last months we had with my mom back in 2009. Last October, the whole Anti hype kept me distracted from that and all the other bullshit that was going on. During this time, I also binge-watched a bunch of his other videos and series. My favorite, bar-none, is Undertale. I also enjoyed his more serious vids. I feel like they helped me get to know him more, and touched on subjects that are relevant to me and those videos have helped me so much.
Now that I’m separated and have a job, I come home and watch his vids from the day and just laugh and laugh. He’s one of the few things that help get me through each day. This community has helped me a lot too, and you guys are the kindest, most amazing people I’ve ever met. Like:
@jacksepticeyegifs @jacksepticfly @jack-isms @jacksepticeyeeia @magicmadiplier @martziplier98 @lum1natrix @anti-support-group plus many others I can’t recall of the top of my head.
All the bullshit that’s been going on is just that; bullshit. We love you, @therealjacksepticeye, and we are with you ALL THE WAY!

Emo Kylo Ren (inspired by the twitter account) 

So this happened today. I hate to call this a quick one but I did finish it in just a few hours. My last picture of 2015. Sorry to Adam Driver lmao.

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I need to vent goyim nonsense!At lunch two of my friends (lets call them M and T) were talking about how M has to paint her role model for a class and M was like omg what if i did hitler?And she and T were cracking up for over a minute.I kept trying to say how damn unfunny that is the whole time and they completely ignored me and kept talking/laughing to each other as I talked.They didnt even respond to me at all, just keep on going with the joke.I dont even know how to address it with them now

That’s…extremely insensitive -___- I wish (non-Romani) goyim would understand that the Holocaust is rightfully not funny to many of us? Like our population isn’t even at what it was prior to WW2? What’s even the joke behind Hitler being a role model…? If your friend decided to go through with it, I’d hope the teacher would explain why it’s not at all appropriate.

I’ll Sing You Pretty Sounds (Tyler Joseph)

It wasn’t easy dating someone like him. Half the time he was gone if he wasn’t on the road his was in the studio. Even though it was difficult you loved every minute of it and you loved him to death. He was the whole reason why you kept holding on to the relationship. He was the whole reason why you never gave up, you had fallen for his brown eyes, they way he laughed. His smile was what hooked you but you fell in love with his mind and the way he thinks. 

Everything about him is so complicated but it’s what keeps you hooked. The way his mind works and how he puts everything into his music.  
You heard as the door slammed downstairs, sitting up you set your book down. Making your way down the stairs you gripped the railing.  
“Ty,” you asked as you made your way down the stairs.  
“Not now” you heard him shout from his music room, rolling your eyes you made your way to the room and opened the door slowly. “Maybe you should take a break,” you said, he shook his head and continued writing on the paper in front of him. “Give your mind a rest” you added leaning against the doorway.  
“I don’t need a break” he muttered, you could tell he was getting angry “I need to finish this” he added before he ripped the paper from the notebook and crumbled it up before tossing it on the floor, the ball rolling by your feet.  
You didn’t know what had happened, all you did was pick up the paper and toss it in the trash. He went off, he started yelling about how you got in the way. How he couldn’t even focus with you around the house. Which wasn’t true, considering you were nice enough to stay up in your bedroom reading. You didn’t want to make a noise just so he could focus on his music.  

“Well maybe you should leave then” you yelled, your hands covering your mouth as soon as the words left your lips. He turned around and stared at you, you could tell he looked hurt by what you had said. Tyler had walked out during fights many times but, it was his choice you had never told him to leave. He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair before he turned around and made his way up the stairs. Running up the stairs after him you tugged gently on your shirt.  

Crossing your arms over your chest, leaning against the door frame your eyes focused on him. Following his every move, he mumbled under his breath as he tugged on the clothes that were hanging neatly in the closet. He threw the black shirt on the suitcase and continued moving around the room.  
“Tyler,” you said quietly but loud enough for him to hear, he froze in his spot for a minute.

You watched as he shook his head before he continued walking around the room. Looking down at your shoes you chewed softly on your lip. Hearing a loud thud you looked up and noticed his suitcase was closed and standing up on the floor, he sat on the bed tying his black vans. His eyes focusing on the shoelaces. He stood up and pulled on his suitcase, walking past you his shoulder bumped slightly into your arm. Closing your eyes you tilted your head back, running your fingers through your hair you tugged softly on it.  

You watched as he stood at the front door, double checking his pockets he pulled out his keys and dropped them in the little bowl by the table. He turned around and looked up at you, his opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it. Watching as he gripped the handle of his bag, he slammed the door shut behind him.  

Running your fingers through your hair you looked over at the time and sighed before standing up. Walking towards the window you pulled the curtain back a bit and peeked out.  
“Dammit Tyler” you mumbled under your breath before you walked back towards the couch. Grabbing your phone you quickly dialed the number you had memorized by heart. Hearing it go straight to voicemail you dropped the phone on the couch. Picking it up again you scrolled down your contacts. Biting on your lip your finger hovered over the number  

“No” you mumbled to yourself before hitting the home button. You didn’t want to bother him at two in the morning. Besides if Tyler was with him he would have called already. Sitting back down on the couch you tilted your head back and closed your eyes tightly. Praying that he was okay and not doing something dumb. Rubbing your thighs softly your eyes stayed glued to the wooden door. Hoping that any minute he would walk through that door with that stupid suitcase he packs each time he leaves on tour.  

The door shutting woke you from your semi-sleep. Sitting up quickly you watched as he set the suitcase down. His eyes focused on you, as he walked over and turned the light on in the living room. Looking over at the clock you rubbed your eyes, before looking over at him as he sat down on the coffee table in front of you. 

“Hey” he whispered as he rubbed his arm softly, looking up at him you bit down on your lip and forced a small smile “You didn’t have to stay up” he added as he reached over caressing your cheek softly. Closing your eyes you leaned into his touch and nodded your head a bit  

“You left without saying a word” you looked over at him “What was I suppose to do,” you asked. He shrugged and dropped his arm down to his lap before he stared down at his black jeans. “I worry about you Ty,” you said watching as he nodded his head slightly “Every time you go through that door I wonder if you will come back” you whispered afraid of your own voice. You could feel the knot in your throat getting tighter.  

“You worry I won’t come back,” he asked as he finally looked at you, nodding slightly you played with the hem of your shirt. “Why do you worry about that,” he asked as he tilted his head to the side slightly. Shrugging slightly you stared down at your lap.  

“Tyler you can find someone much better” you replied softly, running your fingers softly over your thigh, he reached over and gently placed his fingers under your chin. Lifting your gaze to meet his, he smiled sweetly and shook his head.  

“There’s nobody I would rather be than with you,” he said as he stared into your eyes “You drive me crazy, you make me want to pull my hair out but, I love every second of it” he whispered pressing his forehead to yours. “I walked out because if we had continued to argue we both would have said things we didn’t mean” he rubbed your cheek softly with his thumb “Will you let me stay,” he asked as he stared into your eyes. Nodding slightly you stood up and put your hand out to him.  

Leading him up the stairs you turned the lights off in your bedroom and walked over to the bed. You felt as he laid down next to you. Staring up at the dark ceiling you played softly with the blanket underneath you. He shifted slightly on the bed, his hand searching for yours, once he found it he laced his fingers with yours. Leaning over his pressed his lips to the side of your head.  
“I’ll sing you pretty sounds” he whispered in your ear, closing your eyes you gave his hand a light squeeze. “What’s on your mind,"he asked, tensing slightly you turned and stared at his silhouette.  

"Nothing” you mumbled quietly, you heard as he sighed before scooting closer to you, his arm snaking around you, he pulled you towards him.

“Why won’t you tell me,” he asked, you could feel his eyes on you, even in the dark, he could read you like a book.  

“Why do you put up with this,” you asked staring at him “If I get in your way why do you stay” you added letting go of his hand. You heard as he sighed before he got up, flinching at the bright lights that went on. You sat up and looked over at him, he leaned against the wall. His eyes focused on you before he crossed his arms over his chest.  

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked raising his eyebrow
“I asked you a question Tyler,” you said scooting to the edge of the bed, he frowned as he walked over towards you. He got down on his knees in front of you, he took your hands into his and looked up at you.”  

“Because I’m crazy for you” he whispered “You have these beautiful eyes that make me fall more and more in love with you. You have this crazy way of looking at the world around you and I love it. I love the way your mind works” he added as he gently touched your temple with his index finger “I wish I knew everything that went on in your head because I could listen to you speak for the rest of my life and I would be on top of the world”. He laced his fingers with yours and sat down next to you.  

“I love how even when I’m wrong you take my side, you worry when I leave. When I go on tour you always check in on me, you don’t need to but you do and I love that” he shrugged a bit “I know I’m not exactly normal” he chuckled a bit “But, for some reason, you stayed” he stared down at his lap. Letting go of his hands you cupped his cheeks and pressed your lips to his  
“I’m crazy about you. All of you, your crazy side, your serious side, I love everything that you are” you said caressing his cheek “That’s why I stay because, I’m madly in love with you and I wouldn’t have it any other way” you whispered, you forehead resting softly against his. 

Closing your eyes you felt as he sighed, his hot breath hitting your face slightly made you relax, something about they way he would breath calmed you. Maybe it was the fact that he was breathing, that he was there in front of you, the way that you would feel his heart beat made you relax. It was the fact that even after you messed up he was still there. 

He held on to you and that made you feel safe and it made you feel loved. He was your reason for waking up every morning, just to see him smile and see the way his eyes would light up when he was on stage. He is the one person you want to grow old with because even though he is difficult in his own way he made your life easy and he made your life worthwhile.  

Laying down you swung your feet slightly off the bed, he laid down next to you and smiled. Leaning over he pressed his lips to the side of your head.  
“If you stick around, ill sing you pretty sounds” he whispered before he hummed quietly into your ear. Closing your eyes you shifted slightly, laying your hand softly on his chest, you smiled as you felt his steady heartbeat

i got home late last night and thought exporting a 30 minute video wouldnt be too bad. it was rly bad. i set my alarm for every hour on the hour throughout the night to check on the rendering status and it kept freezing up but i finally just started the whole damn thing (rip to 2 weeks of work) over at 6am and finished it by 11. now it’s done and i am done and free and paid and free

and i sent it to my boss & he just left a voicemail saying that he’s crying bc i did such a good job and that he appreciates mE 

for something i completely fucked up on!! guess tthe black cat that crossed my path twice this week wont get the last laugh this time

Roast Hare and Back Again

“Yes, it’s true, why would I lie? Especially about this?”

“You really called a dwaven lord ‘Harder’ instead of ‘Hargar’ for an entire council meeting?” You couldn’t get your head around the fact that an especially important dwarf such as Thorin Oakenshield could have a regal mishap.

“It sounded like it, what can I say? Now, I regret telling you this. Though I should have realized my mistake sooner than I did at the time, because my father kept laughing at me the whole time and never said a thing. Both of us were getting the strangest looks.”

Never had you had such a grand idea to put the king on the spot by asking him his most embarrassing memory.

“It seems that messing up names runs in the family. Boggins of all things.You shook your head at the fond memory and lightly elbowed your love.

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He Never Cared 2 ( Sehun x You x Kai )

Weeks have passed by. Soon, months. You couldnt have asked for a different group of best friends. After school, you would meet up at the canteen and have lunch together. During recess as well. It has been quite awkward in class for the first few weeks after the conversation you had with Sehun. Naeun had stopped talking to you as she was occupied with Sehun the whole time. You didn’t mind though, class was class, not talking period.

What hurt you inside was them laughing and hugging when they meet and when they separate ways. Being stubborn, you kept it in and told yourself to forget about it. “(Y/N)! Just the girl I was looking for!” Kai approached you with a big smile on his face. You raised an eyebrow and walked towards him. “What is it?”

Baek is having a party this weekend, it’s at some venue near his place. I was wondering if you wanted to go with me? Like a date kind of thing?“ He ended off awkwardly, his hand at the back of his neck. He started having second thoughts if he should have left the last part out.

A date. You would love to have a date with Sehun.

He’s probably going with Naeun if he’s invited. Sehun and Baekhyun were still pretty close so of course he would be invited. "Sure!” you agreed, “what’s the occasion though?” You said as you both started walking to the canteen. “The end of exams for the semester.” He chuckled. “Way to go Baekhyun."You laughed along.

Kai was with you ever since you and Sehun fought. He knew what you were going through and he made sure he was there through every emotional phase you went through. You were truly grateful to have Kai. "I’ll make sure I dress nice!”

“You’ll look nice even in pajamas. He told you sincerely. You felt a strange feeling, it was familiar though. That feeling when you had lunch with Sehun before. Sehun was always complimenting Naeun, though.

You smiled and nudged him playfully. "Such a flirt.” He laughed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “(Y/n)!” A female voice called after you. You haven’t heard that voice calling you for quite some time. “Naeun ah!”

“It’s been awhile since we’ve talked think I think it’s my fault.” She gave an embarrassed smile. “No it’s my fault too, why did you call me though?” You asked your used-to-be best friend. L;Uh well I was wondering if you were invited to Baekhyun-ssi’s party this weekend?“

"Yea I am. Why?”

“Do you want to hang out—”

LNaeun ah! You told me to meet you outside the female toilet!“ You froze upon hearing that voice. That voice that made your heart thump faster. That voice that made you feel uneasy. Kai subconsciously placed his hand on your left shoulder. A form of protectiveness on his part. ”(Y/N)…“ You hear Sehun mutter your name. You ignored him and faced Naeun. She eyes Kai’s hand on your shoulder and beamed. "Anyway, I was about to ask if we could hang out but now that I think about it, we can have a double date!!”

“Double date?!” You asked, baffled from what she had just said. “You and Kai-ssi and us!” She nodded her head. You cleared your throat awkwardly, “Sorry as much I would love to catch up with you it’s a bit awkward.” You hoped that she quickly got the message. Of course you weren’t surprised when she understood it, she was your best friend for years, you knew her very well.

“(Y/N)-ah, Baek and Chen’s waiting for us.” Kai leaned down to your height to inform you. “Well i’ll see you in class tomorrow.” You smiled at Naeun and left, of course taking a quick glance at Sehun. You weren’t sure what you saw on his face. Irritation? Anger? Hurt? Maybe a mix of all of them.

After having lunch with your three best friends, you all separated to head home. You felt a tap on your shoulder and realised it was Sehun. “Oh hi.”

“Can we talk? In a calm manner this time maybe?” He offered, you sighed and gave in. “Okay sure.” You two walked to the school garden, where very few students went. LListen, I admit I was really rude towards your feelings and I’m really sorry for that. I just didn’t know you liked me and I kept talking about Naeun to you while you had to deal with all of that silently. I realised that after all the moments we spent together, I just feel more comfortable with you. You know?“

"Sehun,” You started off with a soft voice, you cleared your throat and tried to speak more confidently. “You’re making a big mistake. Trust me, I’ve seen the way you look at Naeun. You don’t have to give me a chance just because I like you.”


“Sehun I mean it.”

“But I think I like you (y/n)! Why is it when you hear me say that you reject me?"He practically begged for an explanation, careful for his voice not to raise. "Sehun you have Naeun.” you began to walk back slowly, getting ready to say your goodbyes.

Even though a huge part of you wanted to go alone and give it a shot with Sehun, you knew it wouldn’t last long. Even though you and Naeun weren’t best friends anymore, you couldn’t just hurt her like that. “I’m sorry for telling you how I felt that night, I realised it would’ve been much easier for you than it is now. I’ve confused you.” Your voice broke slightly.

“(Y/n), please? At least can we remain friends?”

You shook your head, eyes glued to the floor, losing all the confidence you initially started off with. “I can’t I’m really sorry..” You turned and headed to the school gates. You sat at the bus stop, looking at your shoes, feeling defeated and miserable.

“Hey there.”

You looked up to see Kai walking towards you. He sat beside you and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him and you allowed it. “I overheard you two talking.” He admitted, actually, he had followed you but he didn’t need to include that part. A lone tear dropped and you pressed your lips into a thin line, doing your best to stop yourself from crying.

The bus came and without saying a word, you both boarded the same bus. “I’m bringing you home.” He smiled at you like a child.

Once you reached home, you turned to thank him for accompanying home. Kai opened his mouth to say something but stopped himself, just as you opened your front door, he spoke. “I like you, (y/n). You don’t have to say or do anything but I just wanted you to know that there is someone there for you and I’m here. If anything, you can call me, even at 2am. I'lll pick up. I just don’t like seeing you hurt anymore, you definitely do not deserve that.”

Seeing that you had no idea how to respond, he flashed you a smile and patted your shoulder, “Well, ’ll see you tomorrow.”

Picking up the courage to look at Kai, you realised. You’ve been feeling this strange feeling time to time with Kai. When no one was there for you, Kai was there. When you were all sad and heart broken, Kai was there. He has always been there for you. Youve been focusing so much on Sehun that you’ve been ignoring the guy right beside.

All along, you were always happy when you were with Kai. When you see Sehun now, you just feel distressed and uncomfortable. It was Kai. It has always been Kai since you’ve become friends.

Extending out your hand to hold his, you pulled yourself close to him and gave him a warm and sincere hug. “Thank you.” You whispered, not trusting your voice after experiencing a roller coaster full of emotions. Kai hugged you back willingly.

You knew you could now move on.


At the party, almost everyone from Baekhyun’s class was there. Just a few from yours. It wasn’t a big party — that was a surprise. It was just a big group of school mates talking and jamming to music.

“(Y/n)! You look so amazing in that dress!” Naeun approached you, pulling you into h hug which you returned. “You look pretty as always!” You sincerely complimented her.

“Where’s Kai?”

“Oh he’s with Chen. I just came to get another drink.”

Naeun nodded her head, “So are you two officially together now? I mean it’s about time, you two are really cute together.” You felt your cheeks heat up and you shook her head, “We aren’t technically together.”

“Well I hope he asks you soon!”

“Where’s Sehun?” You ask this time. “Oh he’s over there,” she pointed over to the couch, “Talking with Lay, you know, he’s a really good dancer?”

You smiled sentimentally at her, “I miss talking with you. I’m sorry I drifted away from you. I think it’s time to be honest with you.”

You wanted to start all over and start afresh. Firstly, you needed to forgive and forget, and he be honest. “What is it?”

“The reason why I didn’t really talk with you was because I liked Sehun before, thinking about it now it’s quite foolish to let a guy ruin our friendship. I’m really sorry.”

Naeun laughed and shook her head, “I also stopped hanging out with you because I kept spending too much time with Sehun. You could’ve told me you liked Sehun! If you did maybe you two would be together now.”

“I think that’s alright. I’m happy with Kai.” You honestly said, a smile naturally appearing on your face. “Im glad you found someone for you.” You two hugged and planned a catch up sleepover together.

Now that was done, the last person would be Sehun. “Hey” You greeted the boy, who returned it with the same level of enthusiasm. “You’re right about what you said the other day, I’m sorry if I hurt you even more.”

“It’s alright.” you shook your head, “the past is the past. I was hoping that we could forget about all that has happened and if your offer is still open I would love to accept it?” You asked sheepishly. Sehun chuckled and nodded his head, patting your back. “Of course we can still be friends!”

“That’s good to know.”

“Anyway, I see Kai over there waiting for you. I should probably patch things up with him too.” Sehun spoke and you both walked over to Kai. He pulled you gently towards his body, hugging you protectively around your waist.

“Kai I hope that we could continue being close friends? I’m sorry I caused (y/n) and you so much trouble and drama.”

Kai shook his head and smiled, “Of course! Brothers forever remember?” They both laughed and Sehun left to hang out with Naeun.

“You know,” Kai started, “ I haven’t really asked you formally yet.”

“Asked me formally?” You teased. He laughed and pressed his forehead against yours, “(y/b), will you be my girlfriend?”

“I’d love you.” You grinned and kissed his lightly on the lips, before resting your head against his chest. “Honestly, I’m happy all these drama happened. If not, I wouldn’t be with you right now.”

“Honestly Kai, you’re so cheesy.l

"Honestly (y/n), I learnt it from you”


“Honestly. You’re the most cheesiest person ever.” He teased.

“Maybe honestly will be our always.”

Kai laughed, “And that just proves my point.”


I hope you liked it (:


(the night)

“if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends…” i sing along dancing away in the hotel room on just dance till i finish and i was about to die 

“your pretty god y/n” i hear thomas say behind me 

“thanks, i didnt even know you where here” i say running my hand though my hair looking for another song to do “oh i had the time of my lifes on here” i smile “oh but its two people” i sigh 

“no problem love” i hear thomas say as hes now beside me having taken off his jacket so we start it and we were pretty good only getting three moves wrong the whole song we even did all the bits like in the movie till we went for the final lift and he dropped me “sorry” he says as we collapse on the floor luckily the song is over 

“its fine thomas” i laugh we kept laughing about it till he leaned up and kissed me after that i pulled away and got back up “uh okay, one more song” i say as he stands up with me and runs his hands all over me one going down my waist the other into my hair as he kisses my neck now removing his shirt and trying to undo mine “oi, one more song then you can have your fun” i tell him 

“fine, gotta work for it i see, what about that?” he asks as the screen was on livin’ la vida loca so i sighed and agreed as it was a very sexual dance between two people we got a maybe half way thought it him constantly having to pull me closer and me having to grind on him alot about one whole minuet to the end he stops it and makes out with me so i turned off the tv and we went to his room…

(end of the premier)

i had just finished watching the movie the credits beging to roll i was kinda sad it was ending everyone was pleased with the movie but the other guys seemed to be laughing how do you laugh after such a sad ending till the credits move to the side of the screen and a video starts of dylan and ki hong “we just got back from set and we can hear music thomas and y/n are dancing in there room” they say and the camera moves to see thought a crack in the door me and thomas dancing to i had the time of my life all the romantic stuff and such it then cuts to all the grinding and such from livin la vida loca

“Dylan im gonna fucking kill you” i hear thomas say as we got outside and i sore Dylan running for his life