i kept getting the error upload message

I kept on getting an error message for the video of the Fallon performance on Louis’ official VEVO, saying the uploader hasn’t made it available in my country (I’m in the US.) i go to Louis’ Vevo page, and truly, the only video that I can see is the BTY music video.

So I turn my VPN on for the UK and voila - I can see both videos on Louis’ Vevo channel. Is this happening to anyone else from the US? I tried it on my mobile and laptop, and it can’t be viewed from the US for some reason. 

anonymous asked:

hey just curious but why are you posting these stim boards now if it's reallybeen so long since they were requested ?

I have a really shitty internet connection at home, so when I would try to upload a bunch of gifs at once for a stimboard, it just kind of … vanished. Into the void. Sometimes I would get a message saying “upload error” but more often than not they just disappeared. the reason I can do it now is because I figured out that if I save all the gifs to my phone, I can upload sets of them from the internet at my work, and then just source them from my laptop when I get home. It’s a bit of a pain, but I didn’t want to neglect the requests any longer. I’m just glad I kept them all in my inbox this whole time.