i keep trying to find a right coloring for it

 So, I’ve been getting recently tons of questions regarding my notes, and today I decided to make a post about it. If you find it useful make sure to reblog it! 

First of all lets talk about supplies. 

Should you invest or stick to your regular supplies?

We’re all different and we all have different needs and economy. In my case, I love stationery but my economy right now isn’t that high to buy all of the cute stationery in the world. I’m always trying to find dupes, or products that work similar to expensive ones (i’m also guilty of doing this with makeup oops). Here goes a list of the essentials I keep on my pencil pouch. 

  • Pens in different colors - I like to give a color to every single element on my notes. Kinda like a color scheme. Blue = definitions , Black = general content. My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 Gel pens, they’re just a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
  • Fineliners - Fineliners are by far, one of my must haves. I used to use papermate color pens, but when I bought my first pack of Stabilo’s, It was love at first sight. The two most popular brands are Stabilo and Staedtler. Both of them have their pros and cons, so here i’ll leave you a video of a battle between them. I’ve never tried the Staedtler ones, so I wouldn’t know if they’re better or not. They’re really useful for mind maps, subtitles, decorating, titles, etc. You should totally save some money and buy ones!
  • Mechanical pencils - I stopped using regular pencils because sharpening them was just pissing me off. My favorite ones are by papermate.
  • Markers - this ones to me are pretty optional, but I decided to go for some Crayola ones to make some tabs or titles. I would say they’re useful, but only if you feel like buying them. 
  • Highlighters - There are thousands of types, and thousands of brands. But it’s all about your needs. If the reason you want highlighters is to highlight on books, I would really recommend Sharpies and Stabilos. I have both of them, they work pretty well. And here we go with one of the most popular products around tumblr: mildliners. I have to admit it:  they’re beautiful. They come in different colors and they’re just gorgeous! The only problem to me is the price. They don’t sell mildliners here in my country, so I have to order them from Amazon, and it’s just really expensive. Are they worth it? To me, yes. But if you don’t want to spend that much money on highlighters, you can also try the Pilot Frixion Light ones. Anyways, here’s a video comparing many of these popular brands. 

Now that you have your stationery set and ready, is time to get started with the hardest part : taking notes. One thing you need to know is, I take many of my notes in class time, which means I have to come up with a plan and a color scheme in a matter of seconds to get started when the teacher starts giving class. 

My note taking process:

  1. Set a color scheme - You can make it all pink, all blue, all warm colors, all violets, etc. I always try to alternate and use a different color for every topic, so you should try it out. 
  2. Different fonts - I use cursive for subtitles and my normal handwriting for the rest of the text. I always get asked: What did you do to get such a neat handwriting? My answer is: practice. I used to have a really horrible handwriting when I started high school, but once I discovered studyblrs, I began to copy some of the handwriting on pictures. I came up with my own font and i’m really happy with it! So dont be afraid to copy some handwriting you like, in the end you can always add your style to it. 
  3. Organize your information - Many times teachers ask you to make mind maps, diagrams, charts, etc. Choose the one that fits your information. I’m a huge fan of diagrams, but I also like to use charts a lot. Its all about your personal opinion. Most of the times teachers give me paper sheets with al the information on them, so the next thing I do is to highlight definitions. Once I’m done with definitions, I start highlighting with a different color the rest of the text. 
  4. Start writing - This is my last step, and its pretty simple. Once I have all of my information sorted and organized, I can get writing! I spend a lot of time doing it so I really commend you to find a good and relaxing playlist to have fun while doing it and a bottle of water.

I hope you found this post useful! Love, Dani.

Advice For Littles Who Miss their Caregivers

Not being around your caregiver can really be a bummer. I have really bad anxiety and depression so not being around my caregiver sometimes makes me feel *sad dinosaur noise*.

After thinking about it I thought it would’ve been a good idea to make a post about different things that might help other littles to not feel so *sad dinosaur noise*.

• Hum your favourite song
• Draw a picture
• Paint something
• Take a nap
• Make sure to eat
• Make sure to drink the right amount of water
• Color
• Cuddle with your blanket/ stuffies
• Go for a walk
• Play video games
• Exercise
• Do your nails
• Watch videos
• Cook/ Bake something
• Find a new hobby
• Catch up on any work that you missed out on/ is due soon
• Write a poem/ song
• Make silly faces
• Dance around
• Watch a movie
• Do your makeup (even if you’re not going anywhere)
• Sort out your room, a clean space is a happy space
• Make a collage of your aesthetic
• Keep yourself occupied

I find these things work for me, you could give them a try and see what works for you. The key is to keep yourself occupied until you can get to see or talk to your caregiver again. This list is just to give ideas on what to do. Please do not feel like you have to do all of these, if none of them work don’t feel bad, do what works for you.

I hope this helps ^-^)/ I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Remember to smile.

anonymous asked:

Hi Kuro! I have a question about art, if you don't mind? When you paint something (like for example the picture of Fael and Dorian as desire demons, or the reunion after the final battle, or also the replies to some asks), do you work with lineart? Like, do you sketch your idea with lines first and then paint over it or do you go right into painting? I love your style and I want to improve my own, but I'm not sure where to start ;_;

So, I most of the times always do the lines first. They can be more or less defined and more or less detailed, but I personally need a base to work on to. Some people can do without and they’re like, magicians to me. 
Anyway, my process in detail is: 

  • Linearts/sketch on multiply
  • Underneath the lineart, block Base colors + color adjustements + eventual shadows on overlay/multiply if there are very peculiar ones.
  • Play with the hue/saturation of the linearts to get nice color effects! I usually go for a purple/pinkish tone but it’s up to you 
  • eventually more color adjustements
  • FLATTEN EVERYTHING (make a copy of the levels you’re flattening just in case, and keep the background separated possibly). when flattened, the lineart color will change probably. Some parts will look more saturated. It’s ok, play with that to get some nice colors.
  • Paint over! Color pick away! I usually work on the same layer, so I can use the smudge tools in places (I use me-za-me-ro’s) This is the longest part of the process. You can decide to leave it more or less sketchy, or paint everything to get a nice smooth feeling, it’s really up to your taste and how much time you want to spend on a painting. As for the blending tecnique, I personally, I use hard, square-ish brushes, 100% opacity, no pen pressure active on their size but  but with the opacity one active, and blend them together using the color picker and light-pressure strokes.
  • And then go nuts with overlay layers, more adjustements, cool lights, and everything cool photoshop has to offer!

A small tip is also to set the color picker mode to “Current level and underneath” (I think this is the english setting, I have the italian version of the programm sorry), that way you can use adjustements layer without messing up the color picking (remember to keep them over the painting level though.

And another thing: it’s not easy. You need time to get the feeling of the process, find what kind of brush or style works best for you, find a way to blend colors that you find comfortable. It’ll need a lot of trying and failing, and you might feel like you’re not accomplishing anything, but it’s ok! You are! Every mistake is a step towards the right direction. Use references from photos or other artworks you like to try and get the feeling of the color, paint things that you love so you won’t get bored and most importantly don’t give up! :D  

I hope it helped! 

Disclaimer; This tutorial is under the assumption you know how to/have the following:
- Use S4S
- Export textures with S4S
- Have the DDS plugin installed
- And have some kind of photo editing software

If you are starting out recoloring with no clue how to start, please message me! I’m more than happy to help you in any way! But, this tutorial was made for people with the knowledge of recoloring who’d like to try a different technique.

The rest of the info/tutorial is under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

I find often can't get myself to draw or paint anymore. How do you deal with artist's block?

hm hmm this one is always tough to answer! 

i haven’t been stuck in an art block for a very very long time now because my schedule is so packed that when i actually get the chance to draw for myself i have a million ideas and i want to get right down to work!

but i think fixing it depends on the cause of your artist’s block. if it’s a matter of feeling a lack of inspiration, then i would recommend looking at art that you love. scroll through some art blogs that you love to inspire you, watch shows or movies that make you want to draw or give you ideas for characters or stories or backgrounds or anything! read a novel or a comic or brainstorm with someone to come up with some ideas. look at sculptures or sewn things or felted things. often what inspires me most is looking at people’s sketchbooks or messy in-progress work. sometimes looking at finished art is like looking at something a million steps away. so looking at stuff in progress is more inspiring because it seems more attainable

if it’s a matter of you being unable to make stuff that you like, then try and change things up a little! switch mediums, switch art styles, look at other people’s work and ask yourself what you like about their work that you find is lacking in your own. to keep yourself from growing bored or feeling like you’re not making progress i’ve found that switching mediums really does the trick! right now i’m starting sewing again :) but if you can’t go that far away from your trade like if you can’t sew or do sculpture, if drawing is your THING, then instead of ink or pencil, try watercolor! or crayon! or colored pencil!

another IMPORANT thing is just not caring anymore! it’s easier said than done but i think sometimes art block can be a perfectionist issue that can turn making art into a stressful thing. it should not be stressful! so just doodle! make anything at all, even if it’s ugly. you could even start a sketchbook that you use just for art block times that you can be ugly in and when the sketchbook is finished you’ll have a beautifully ugly book. or you can just be ugly in your normal sketchbook or on paper anywhere or whatever! don’t afraid to make yucky lines or bad work. who cares! not you! 

whatever you do just keep drawing and making art! it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be finished, but once you stop making things because of art block it gets harder and harder to start up again the longer you go without making something!

i hope this could help!!! good luck with your work and getting out of that nasty art block!! kick its BUTT

In Print

Daily prompt fill: “someone keeps printing cute animal pictures/cryptic messages from my wireless printer n im determined to find out who it is” I thought of Nico and I had to write it! Enjoy!

The first time it happens, it’s weird, but Nico doesn’t really think anything of it. She figures some kid in her building was trying to print out a picture of what is really an adorable dog and just had the wrong printer. She wishes they hadn’t printed it in color, but she figures no harm, no foul, and just recycles it. 

 The second time it happens, Nico almost packs up and moves right then and there. This time, it’s not a picture of a cute dog, no, it’s a message, and it seems like someone’s hell-bent on spooking her. That, or her printer really is sentient, like the message proclaims. But, it’s a prank, right? It has to be! It has to be. 

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Title: Fairy

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 3,629


Dean could still fucking hear his brother laughing in the motel room. He’s shut up in the bathroom and the space is feeling a lot more cramped and tiny due to his very unwelcome new appendages.

“I swear to God Sammy I am going to fucking kill you if you don’t stop laughing.”

A laugh tapers off breathlessly. “I’m sorry - ” , no he’s fucking not, “- I’m so sorry I swear I’m going to check a few things and I’ll leave you alone and go research at a diner or something ok. Are you sure you’ll be fine alone?”

Dean scowls at the reflection he can’t avoid in the bathroom mirror. “Fucking peachy.”

He’s naked from the waist up. Sure, he’s maybe put on a little pudge around his waist - he’s never going to give up pie - but he’s muscular and stocky, broad, tanned - perfectly fucking masculine thank you very much.

The sparkly pink fucking fairy wings on his back kind of ruin that.

Dean tries to turn around and catches the tip of one of his thin wings against a towel rack, cursing and tugging back around. Leaning against the door with his shoulder blades, back arching out from it, he scrubs a hand over his face and looks at himself again.

They’re kind of like butterfly wings but the edges aren’t smooth, they ruffle with curly little frills. The pink is darker around the edges, magenta or some shit, fading to a light kind of pink in the middle. Like a good rare steak. But fucking wings. They shimmer iridescently like oil in sunlight, all fucking sparkly and pink.

That witch was just dicking with him to give him pink wings, and Dean is going to make sure the bitch pays for it.

After he gets rid of the wings.

Sam’s voice is near to the other side of the door when he says, “Dude we really should call Cas in on this one. He could probably - ”

“No! Hell no. Not happening.“

"Dean he might be able to fix this with his mojo or whatever and spare me a night of research, and you a night of moping.”

“I don’t mope.”

“Whatever. I’m calling Cas.”

Dean gives up ‘assessing his situation’ - hiding, wallowing, moping - to fling open the bathroom door.

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“What’s your problem? You know Cas isn’t going to judge you for those, or whatever.”

“I said no.”

Sam rolls his eyes and gives a 'supreme’ bitch face to Dean before he opens his big Sasquatch mouth, “I pray to Castiel -”

His high pitched squawk is satisfying when Dean tackles him to the ground.

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“See? I told you.” The Boss said to Charles . “Cute thing isn’t it? How could I want to bother it by putting money in the register? It might stop reproducing.”

“That is absurd. Just get another cash register! But until you decide to run this place like a normal business, I guess I have to keep trying to find a real job someplace else. I’m not taking handouts from you. And, your festival is NOT helping things.”

Just then, Ahnoui came in.

He had been wondering how to to hire a Trip-Sitter, as his Daddy had suggested. The plants outside ALL changed color. Whoa..too intense. Maybe his money managers knew some Trip-Sitters? 

But wait…here was Charles, in need of a job.

The Boss was right, Ahnoui thought. The Parent provides. Have faith in The Parent. 

“Charles, ghost-dude, I’m hiring! I need a Trip-Sitter, like NOW.”


I can’t decide… save it or ship it?

Finding dresses that fit me is a challenge. That is why I usually stick with skirts (which I love) so I am not sure why I keep trying dresses. I always buy on sale and from places that have liberal return policies, I cant tell you how many I have sent back.

I chose this dress because it’s classic and a safe bet. I figured the color blocking would help my figure, which it does if it is the right angle. Unfortunately, if I am not at that perfect angle it has the reverse effect. I think it makes me look a bit chunky, kind of adorable though, but heavier than I actually am.

So what do you think? Keep in mind the photos above are the best ones, others make me look heavier. Should I save it or ship it?

ashwolfcub  asked:

Do you have any tips for creating a colour scheme for a character? I have a design for my character but I can't seem to get his colour scheme right ^^;

Finding a good color scheme is a lot of trial and error
try to limit your initial color palette to 2 to 3 colors and then build from there

try different color combinations by messing with hue and saturation

In the end I find it more of a gut feeling. And even then, allow for the chance of change. 

Also keep in mind your inspiration.

For example with Lucida in UnderHeaven
UH was originally a post apocalyptic timeline. So keeping mind various ways I could destroy the word I chose a nuclear fallout theme for Luci. So neon green and black. Additionally, Luci was part of a military experiment, so an army green jacket worked well enough. Later on I changed the black high-water pants and shirt to a dark blue.

Hope this helps

Well, I haven´t upload anything in a while (like 4 months or so) so now that classes are over I´ll start making more shitty and probably illegal things, but this time I´m uploading a serious drawing. This is Nelly, my OC. It´s one of the characters that I´m drawing the most right now, but I´ll upload other OCs and anything that I find fun to draw. Also, I still have to practice coloring, specially with the skin tone, because I find it a bit strange in this one, so I´ll keep looking for reference and trying with different skin tones for the next one.

anonymous asked:

I remember you said your eyebrows weren't as thick naturally. How do you get them to look so natural filled in??? When I try to make mine a little thicker it looks fake. Thank

I just luck out sometimes lol it’s taken a long time to find a shape that won’t look unnatural on me when I fill them in and tbh they’re still not all that some days bc the pencil or pomade can look too heavy or the color may be too warm for my brows. finding the right shade is key and being lighthanded and building up the product is important. just keep practicing and experimenting on your own and you’ll find what works for you. also, remember that there’s no one way for a brow to look! everyone’s hairs grow out different and we have different sparseness on each brow. brows are hella personal lol but you can definitely come up with a routine that works with products you can depend on and a shape that suits your face.


7:05 AM

You’re stirred from your Saturday morning slumber by a light buzzing coming from the other side of the room. Almost instinctively, you dash across the room to turn off your vibrating phone. The phone shows one unread text message, from a number you don’t recognize.

Received: 7:05

I’m not really sure what’s going on. I’m scared — alone. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve decided to document what happens with these text messages in the unfortunate event that I am unable to tell the story myself.

You’re struck with an unnerving feeling, but your mind isn’t clear enough to fully comprehend what you’ve just read. It’s too early for this. You decide to head back to bed and deal with all this later.

9:10 AM

Your phone’s familiar buzz rings through your head as you wake up to find another unread message. The number is the same as the first message, and the feeling the words give you isn’t much different either.

Received: 9:10

I’ve decided the bathroom would be a good place to hide. I swear I can hear footsteps coming toward me. I’ve heard them for hours. I need to find a way out, but I’m too afraid to move. It feels like the walls are closing in on me. All I know is that I need to get out of here. It’s not safe.

You’re starting to get worried. You want to help, and you try to reply, but you’re unsure of what to say. You try to shrug the messages off as some kind of prank, but doing so doesn’t seem to make the anxious feelings go away. For now, you decide to go about your day as you normally would.

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Request: Can I please have a Newt x reader imagine where the reader shows up arrives in the Glade and is really punk rock and has a bunch of tattoos and fair ombré hair (which is really cool, look it up!) and all the guys really like her and try to hit on her and flirt with her, since she’s the only girl in the glade and she doesn’t really care but Newt tries to protect her and tell them to back off because he secretly has feelings for her. Thanks so much! So that its long. (A/N: long is fine! So I looked it up and it was mostly red brown fading into white blonde, but then I’d occasionally find ones that was basically bright colors so I hope I got the hair right! Might have gotten a bit carried away with tattoos. None of the pics are mine :))

Try Hard ~ because she’s got a rose tattoo, but she keeps it covered(sorry, had to)

The day you came in the box shocked everyone. Partly because you were a girl, but mostly because of how different you looked. Your hair was two colors. It started as a dark brown before turning into a more reddish brown. Like a fire, it moved to a light orange and blonde towards the ends.

You had some tattoos, like the arrow on your forearm and the birds on your shoulder blade. The Gladers particularly liked the one on your ankle. It said that the only way from out is through. It was kind of like the Maze to them.

Seeing as you were the only girl, most guys tried to flirt with you, but you always brushed it off. You didn’t have a job since Alby had no idea what to do with you, so you just helped around.

One of the only boys that didn’t flirt with you was more subtle when he looked at you. Newt couldn’t help it. In the morning, you simply didn’t care if you were still in your sleepwear and you still looked breathtaking to him.

Unlike the other boys who were just flirting with you for a quick shuck, Newt felt himself quickly getting feelings for you. There was serious competition for your attention.

In the morning, Newt knew you were coming since he could hear the wolf whistles. You wore a pair of shorts and tank top, not really caring that you were the only girl with a bunch of hormonal boy teenagers. “You know, one of these days, you’ll succumb to one of us,” Frank flirted, “And you know where I’ll be.”

“Yeah, you’ll be able to help me find a boy to fu-” you paused. The last time you actually swore, Alby almost yelled. “-shuck.” After that, you casually walked to Newt’s table. “Hey, Newt,” you said.

“Someday, we’ll have to stop you from killing one of these boys,” he imitated Frank.

You scoffed, “That’ll be the day I actually care what you guys do. I just came over to ask if you needed any help in the Gardens today.”

“Yeah, sure,” Newt stuttered as he thought of staying with you for the whole day, “Harvest season and all that.”

“Good that,” you replied, “I’ll get changed and meet you there.” He just nodded.

Zart appeared next to him after you left. “Nice, Newt,” he complimented, “We have Y/N for the day.”

Another Track Hoe agreed, “Maybe she’ll be impressed by our strength. Realize how well some of us could please her.”

“Don’t talk about her that way,” Newt warned, “She’s not looking for that.”

“As if,” the boy stated, “A girl like that is only looking for the right person to satisfy her needs in the bedroom. Herb’s right. One of these days, she’ll choose one of us.” Newt’s eyebrows scrunched up and he glared to the ground.

“You guys are bloody disgusting,” he decided, “And if I hear any of you talking about her like that again, I won’t hesitate to lock you in the Slammer.” With that, he stalked away to the Gardens to wait for you.

When you came, his eyes widened at your outfit. Newt remembered thinking about you when he decided what to wear. You seemed to be able throw on anything and still make Newt stare at you. “Hello, Newt,” you greeted, “So, Track Hoeing. What do I need to do?”

“Well, we need to just get the produce off the stalks and bushes for now.” Newt gulped when you turned around and your shirt rode up. You didn’t really care if it rode up when you bent down to get the fruits and vegetables.

You put your hair in a hair tie. Newt could see another tattoo that no one else knew about. It looked like a rose, but before he could make sure, you remembered and pulled your hair down a bit.

The stares of the other Track Hoes were obvious so Newt just approached them. “I’m sure that you’re not talking about Y/N, right?” He knew that his punishment for talking about you like that would spread. The group nodded innocently. “Good. Now get to work.”

Newt came back to you. Your shirt was still riding up with you lazily pulling it down occasionally. “Uh, you can have my hoodie, if you want,” he offered while taking it off, leaving him in just his orange vest.

Your eyes went to his arms. Newt regretted it since he obviously wasn’t as strong as other Gladers. Your grin widened. “Sure, Newt. Why not?” Still a bit uncomfortable with his arms exposed, Newt handed you the hoodie. You pulled it over your head and turned around. “How do I look?” You struck a pose.

“Really good,” he admitted, “You should keep it.”

“I think I will,” you teased. Getting back to work, you kept sneaking glances at Newt’s arms. Where had he’d been hiding those? Even though the Builders obviously were stronger, gardening had built up his strength.

Newt didn’t see it, but the Track Hoes noticed that you were looking at Newt considerably more. Word spread around the Glade and Newt found himself being congratulated. He had no idea what they were talking about.

“You sneaky little shank,” Minho joked, making him jump, “Was your plan to not flirt with her so she thought you didn’t care?”

“What?” He was obviously talking about you. Other than that, Newt didn’t understand any of what Minho said.

“All the Track Hoes say that Y/N was staring at you when you took your hoodie off,” Minho explained, “They’re saying that she wants you!” To him, it was awesome.

Newt frowned, even though the news made him want to smile. He didn’t want you to want him. He wanted for you to have feelings for him. Wanting him was nice, but it wasn’t everything. “They’re just kidding. I didn’t see her staring at me.”

At the end of dinner, you sat with Newt and Minho, which made some of the boys grumbled a bit. Minho nudged Newt to talk to you. “Uh, hi,” he stuttered.

You smiled. “Hi.” You handed him his hoodie. “Here. Although, I’m still considering.” Newt grabbed it and accidentally brushed his hand with yours. You simply smirked at his red face. Slyly, you leaned over to whisper, “I’ll see you at the Bonfire.” Newt shivered slightly. Winking, you left the two shocked boys.

On the way out, boys who haven’t heard tried to flirt with you, but you just waved at Newt who waved back nervously. “It’s like she doesn’t even notice the other guys,” Minho whispered in awe, “How’d you do that?”

“I-I-I didn’t do anything.” He kept eating Dinner.

“Well, she’s eating out of the palm of your hand.”

“It’s opposite, really,” he corrected while taking his empty plate up. The Bonfire was fun and once everyone was asleep, only you and Newt were awake.

“Newt, what happened?” Minho pleaded the next day, “Did you guys do anything?” Newt smiled a bit, but insisted, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Minho persisted. He thought that sooner or later, Newt would break. What he didn’t know was that Newt wasn’t one to kiss and tell.

I can’t seem to remain active here and on my instagram because I’m having problems trying to find motivation to keep on making art. Yeah, I do get motivated from time to time but it’s just not enough for me to produce art. It’s hard to keep myself from having flames because it keeps dying and it feels so cold. I have a lot of ideas in my head right now and I don’t want to keep it in until I forget about it. But I’m fine, not so fine but I still am. Although I’m pretty sure I’m only once percent fine but there’s still left and I hope I can save myself before the fire burns out again.
Welp, at least there’s Paramore’s new album After Laughter and it’s keeping me from having another shitty mental breakdown. Oh well.


Music Player 1 - 钻石 - Preview

So I wanted to try my hand at making a music player, and it’s pretty simple but I guess it came out alright.

Liking this post if you use it would be appreciated, as it keeps me motivated to continue coding. Giving credit if you use the player would be wonderful, but is in no way mandatory!

To install is fairly simple, just follow the instructions under the cut.

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I’m reposting this guide thing so that I can keep formatting and tag it and stuff. So again…



Time Management and Organization

  • Don’t procrastinate your stuff. We all say that we won’t, and then it’s three in the morning the night before your Extended Essay is due.
  • Make a plan for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. If you set a schedule for a project (especially if it’s a group project) it will be ten times easier to complete. This is especially useful if the project is your Extended Essay.
  • This tip is especially useful if the project is your Extended Essay.
  • Keeping a planner is critical unless you’re the kind of person who can remember literally everything. In that case, why even study? But in all seriousness, you will forget things and there will be consequences. You can minimize the occurrence by writing everything down in your planner that you have to do.
  • On the subject of planners, I would suggest one that has enough room for each individual day but also has a calendar page for each month. This way, you can write down important dates on the calendar, and plans for each night on the days.
  • Stay organized. Get folders, binders, Lisa Frank trapper keepers - whatever. As long as it holds your stuff and keeps it together and organized. You need things to be in the right place when you need them. Realizing that you lost your history syllabus three days before the final is not something that you want to experience.
  • Personally, I like to color code. It keeps everything according to a certain color and you can match your notebooks with your folders. It also makes things easy to find and associate and just helps generally with organization. Plus, I’m anal retentive and won’t take my history notes in any notebook that isn’t blue. 
  • Try generally not to waste time. I am 100% guilty of this - let’s get real, I run an IB blog. If you need to blacklist sites like tumblr or twitter or whatever, do it. We all say that we’re going to be productive, and then realize that we’ve tweeted more words than we’ve written in our essays. Oops.
  • That being said, take breaks. Staring a computer screen for four hours isn’t going to write that essay any faster. If you’re getting burnt out, take a small break. Don’t get carried away, but let yourself recollect. 
  • Plan ahead and all that jazz. If you know you have a debate tournament Saturday and a Biology lab due Monday, build in some time to do things.
  • Try not to shut down when everything comes crashing in. Just sit down, take a mental break, and get to work. Just do it, don’t complain. Okay, complain a little, but then get to work. The faster you do it, the faster you can go to sleep.
  • Speaking of, build in time for sleep. It’s important. Sure, it becomes a little bit of a contest to see who can run off of the smallest amount of sleep, but really everyone just ends up crabby and then you get sick. Manage your time effectively so you can sleep, because it is hella important.

Class Help

  • Use your resources. There are a ton of things out there that you can use to help you. These include but are not limited to: sample EE’s/IA’s/Papers/Essays, guides from IB survivors graduates, textbooks, IB study guides, IB forums, other IB students, and Wikipedia.
  • IB Survival: http://www.ibsurvival.com
  • (if you’re Biology) Bio Ninja: http://www.ib.bioninja.com.au/ib-home/ (there’s an app too, and let whatever higher power there may be smite me where I stand if it isn’t what got me through IB Bio HL I)
  • There’s a bunch of other things too: ask, and you shall receive. Those are what I’ve mostly used. You can look up tons of past papers and stuff. Just google “sample [insert subject] Extended Essays” or “good Musical Investigations” or whatever you need and things should pop up.
  • (If someone knows more about websites/other help resources than me, please add to this list.)
  • Message or talk to other people in IB or those that have gone through what you’re doing. I am always open for questions, although this blog may not always be active once I enter college next year. People know tricks, and everyone has different methods. It helps, really, and most people will be cool answering questions and stuff.
  • Make friends with your teachers. Do your best not to get on their bad side, because the more they like you, the more lenient they will be to help you out in your time of need. Plus, they can be pretty awesome people.


  • Stay on top of your stuff. CAS is hella easy to forget about in the midst of classes, especially in your first semester of IB. However, if you don’t do it and stay on top of it, depending on how lenient your CAS supervisor people are and your school is, there is a chance that you could be barred from getting your diploma as early as the end of your first semester of IB. Just do it.
  • You can use weird stuff for CAS. If you wonder if you can propose it, you probably can. You can also create activities. For example, a couple of years ago an IB class at my school created an IB Kickball league for CAS and some of them proposed it as “Planned and Initiated Activities” and it counted as Activity. 
  • Literally, if you think it, you can propose it.
  • You can also use normal stuff that you do. Like I’ve been involved in Band since my freshman year and the past two years I’ve used Band Camp as Creativity and Action. It doesn’t have to be some outrageous project.
  • Don’t get behind on CAS.
  • Ever.
  • You will regret it.

The Extended Essay

  • Get this thing done over the summer.I cannot stress this enough. You are going to be dealing with things like college applications and senior year things in your senior year. You do not want have the EE hanging over you like a sword through all of this.
  • I did not do my EE over the summer. I regretted it for the majority of my first semester of senior year.
  • Pick something that you know you will like. Don’t pick a topic because it sounds “easy”. Protip: It’s going to be work anyways. Might as well do something that you at least somewhat enjoy. It’ll make immersing yourself in it for 6+ months a lot less painful.
  • You know, you should really work on it finish it over the summer.
  • Play to your strengths. Choose a subject area that you know you’re good it. Maybe you think that modular forms and the Taniyama-Shimura-Weil conjecture in mathematics is super cool, but your English teacher just said that your last essay was a 7 on the IB scale and you’re struggling to keep your math grade at a C. It might be wiser to choose the subject area that you’re stronger in. 
  • Plus, modular forms and Taniyama-Shimura-Weil are super cool, but…yeesh. That’s so over my head it’s in orbit.
  • That being said, if you have a passion for something, pursue it. You have the choice of what you want to make happen and how much you’re going to put into it.
  • Make a plan. Setting deadlines for yourself and sticking to them will keep you honest and keep you on track. It is a whole lot easier to do your EE in pieces rather than trying to cram the entire process into the last two weeks before the deadline.
  • Do the gosh-darn thing over the summer.
  • Choose a supervisor that you like and who will be helpful to you in your process. Mine was super cool, and I got lucky. A good supervisor can help you out so, so, so much especially if they specialize in your topic area. We have one teacher at my school that is super good with Latin/Roman history, and so most of the essays under that subject will go to him for supervision.
  • Make sure that you have a good research base for your essay. For me, I didn’t really realize what I needed research-wise until I made a basic outline for my essay. But whatever you need, make sure you get it. Outline what you are going to cover and what you will need for it. Filling personal requirements is easier than searching blindly in the dark for possibly useful sources.
  • Get your research done, then start writing your essay. Then you can just write, and not be searching for more information in the process.
  • You know what you’re going to love? Having your EE done because you finished it over the summer.
  • Do your best to get as close to 4,000 words as you can, but don’t have tons of word filler or superfluous information. The less fluff, the more good stuff and the more bonus points you’ll get with your grader.
  • Compare to the rubric. It exists. You should know it and reference it because it tells you exactly what you need.
  • Read a lot of really good EE’s in your subject area. It shows you what the best look like, and gives you an example to follow.
  • Peer edit, and tell them to be brutally honest.
  • Did I mention that you should do it over the summer?
  • Ultimately though, the endgame is that you just need to pass your EE. It doesn’t have to be an A, although you should strive for that. All that matters is that you pass it and pass ToK and then neither of those will keep you from getting your diploma.
  • Also, even if you do fail your EE or ToK, what you’ll get is the failing condition. What this means is that you need 28 diploma points from your exams and all that to get your diploma instead of 24. So you still could get your diploma, but it’ll be harder. 
  • So really, even if you’re finishing your EE at 4 a.m. the night before it’s due, you’re not completely sunk.
  • That won’t matter though, because you did it over the summer.

Being a part of IB

  • This is where IB gets pretty nifty. When you become an IB student, you are becoming part of a worldwide community of people that are doing the same thing that you are.
  • It’s pretty freaking cool.
  • The IB community is real, whether you’re on tumblr, a forum, or going to college. I had an interviewer on a college visit that was from a country other than my own and had graduated IB in 2008. We were  able to talk about IB at great length, and it was a great common ground.
  • It’s important to get to know the other people in your class as well. Depending on your school situation, the size of your IB class can vary. Some schools around the world are entirely IB. Others have IB classes that have less than 10 people. Personally, my IB class has about 40 people in it. We’ve all had the same classes with each other for the past year and a half, and we all got to know each other pretty well.
  • Be friends with the people in your class and work together. This thing is so much easier when you are working through it with other people, and I cannot stress this enough. Being able to work with others and share resources is invaluable. Someone makes a Quizlet for the biology quiz? Be the one to step up next time and share your history study guide.
  • I’m not saying cheat. I’m saying don’t leave a man behind and help each other out. You’re going to need one of your classmates sometime, and they’re going to be more willing you help you out if you’ve helped them out of a tight spot in the past.
  • Plus, it’s a lot of fun to have classes with the same people if you actually like them and get along with them. It makes for some good times and lasting friendships.
  • Basically, collaborate and enjoy the fact that you are a part of a global community. This is my favorite part about IB. The fact that I can run a dumb blog and have 250 people read it that understand exactly what I’m talking about is something that astounds me. It’s incredible, and has expanded my world view so much. I live in the middle of the freaking US, but I’ve had conversations with people from all over the world. It’s pretty awesome, and that’s something you should be aware of and appreciate.

Trust me, you like Google a whole lot

  • Google Drive is your best friend. Drive has saved my butt so many times. 
  • If you don’t know about it, it’s this funky little thing that Google has made that allows you to save documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. online on your account. 
  • You can share documents and stuff with other people super easily, and the best part?
  • You can edit them together in real time.
  • Four people could be working on the same outline on the same, and if one person types something, it would show up on the other three people’s screens as they type it. It’s awesome for group projects.
  • Plus, Google+ hangouts are basically Skype but with multiple people and collaborative Sporcle. It’s especially useful when it’s midnight and you have a project due the next day that is only half finished. You can all be video chatting while you work on a presentation together on Google Drive!
  • If you don’t have a Google Drive or a Google account, you should do that and tell your entire class to do it. It makes sharing resources so much easier and working a whole lot less painful. It will be a very good decision.

Final tips

  • Push through it! Things will get tough. You might experience some tough times, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard. You can do it. Really.
  • Stay organized. Stay organized. Stay organized. This is critical. Doing your assignments and studying is a lot easier for you to do if you have your materials on hand.
  • Be friends with your class. It makes this whole two year thing more fun.
  • Stay on top of your stuff. Staying ahead is better than trying to play catch up.
  • Do your EE over the summer.
  • Reach out to others who have gone through IB or have some experience in whatever subject area you need help in. In my experience, most people have been pretty cool about answering questions.
  • Do things that you enjoy as well. Try not to be the person that is only school and no fun. Stay focused, but let yourself do you every once and a while. We all need a weekend where we binge watch something on Netflix or write an entire album’s worth of songs. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Try to have fun! 
  • Did I just say have fun?
  • Yeah, I did. If you’re going into IB, chances are that you’re up to the challenge and probably haven’t been super challenged before (Ayyyyyyy, the majority of the US public education system represent!). Embrace the challenge, and do your best. Working hard can be fun. Try to enjoy yourself. It makes everything a lot less painless, and to some degree it is a conscious effort.
  • You can do it! I promise!

This was a super long thing that doesn’t have probably nearly enough, and I’ll probably add to it or make another one in the future. But this is what has come out of my experience, and most of what I have to offer. I really hope that it helps people out! As always, I am always available for questions even if this blog isn’t actively being run like eight months from now. 

Best of luck!

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could help me out with the style of steven universe, I keep trying to make gemsonas but I feel like they aren't close enough to the style of it or that they look too similar to other gemsonas :(

I’ve had similar difficulties anon! What you need to keep in mind is how lines and shapes are used in Steven Universe.

Simplistic shapes and line shape / size are the most important things to consider when trying to emulate the Steven Universe style. (I remember Ian JQ did a mini tutorial on how the crew used lines as emphasis but I’m afraid I can’t find it right now).

What I’ve found most helpful is studying the SU Distance Models. Try sticking to only 3-4 colors and break your gemsona down into shapes! See what you can exaggerate, what details are most important, and emphasize those. 

What it really boils down to after that is practice! Keep drawing anon. 

Campaign Preferences Survey

[This is an exact COPY/PASTE from one of the first posts I add to my forum on my Obsidian Portal Campaign pages. I do not claim rights to the questions as I’m relatively certain the ideas were borrowed from other players on other websites, I just used or added the parts I needed. I have left it in its original form seen on my OP so it may reference things that will need to be edited to suit your needs. Feel free to do so. Do what you want with it, I believe in sharing with the community and I hope you do too.]

The following survey is meant to both help determine if new players will enjoy our campaign and also to ensure we’re getting the most out of our sessions. 

One of the big three rules of DMing (and playing really) is to Know Your Players. This survey helps a DM understand what others desire most in their games.

Done in the reverse, with the answers provided by the DM as he sees a campaign’s history, it can also offer potential players entering a long-standing group a glimpse into what the group prefers and so they might quickly see that a game is or is not for them.  

NOTE: Most players will inevitably feel that they hover between one or more of the options. If you do, but you can only select one, choose the preference that comes closest to your desire. It’s better that way. The comment section can be used to offer further explanation. 


Player Name: 
Email or OP Username: 
Preferred Starting Character Level: 

1. Combat’s place in a campaign:

a] Most of my enjoyment comes from the story and role-playing, and combat can be a distraction.

b] I like some combat, but too much can be a speed bump in the story and role-playing.

c] A good storyline is fun, but the game can drag on without plenty of combat.

d] My character lives to fight monsters and thugs; the more combat, the better.


2. Challenge level of combat:

a] I prefer stomping on the weak. If a fight is difficult, we’re probably in over our heads.

b] I expect to win most fights handily, with difficult fights coming at dramatic moments.

c] Most combats should be hard, where we frequently win only by the skin of our teeth.

d] Death of our characters should be common place unless we stand together and use brilliant tactics.


3. Character wealth and magic items, assuming game balance was not an issue:

a] An abundance of magical gear lets me customize my character beyond its abilities and background.

b] By the time we’re powerful enough to use it, powerful equipment should be more common.

c] Some magical items should be attainable if we’re successful, but powerful gear should be rare.

d] All magical gear should be rare, even among experienced adventurers, making every piece special.


4. The storyline should have mostly…

a] … straight forward enemies with clear goals and methods of operation.

b] … complicated enemies but with clearly highlighted objectives and solutions.

c] … twists at every turn, never sure of friend or foe, players sometimes left to puzzle over challenges and solutions almost entirely on their own.


5. Characters should have to make mostly…

a] … clear moral choices between right and wrong. Ambiguity should be rare.

b] … morally conflicting choices with unforeseen consequences. The world is rarely black and white.


6. I’d prefer the DM to follow the rules…

a] … to the letter, and he should not change or substitute any of the written rules for any reason.

b] … mostly as written and only bend the rules for expediency when unexpected situations arise.

c] … wisely, but bend rules and add some elements where it may make the game more colorful.

d] … as loose guidelines, left to make some things up as he goes, but still keeping to the spirit of the game.


7. I’d prefer the campaign’s plot to…

a] … play out like a novel where I and the party are the main protagonists and making the right decisions will advance us to the next chapters that the DM has written out. If the PC’s fail in a decision they will have to try a new tactic until they find the correct way for the plot to continue. The game will be like a book with a fixed plot that the players advance through with each session.

b] … take the PC’s decisions and actions into account, adjusting constantly to ensure the party gets from point A to point B in the story. The DM will place the correct hooks before the PC’s wherever they choose to go. The game will be like a book with a fixed plot but the events and locations change to some degree to align to the actions of the PC’s.

c] … build around the PC’s actions. As some doorways close, others open. The PC’s decisions and actions will make differences to the plot so much that they can affect the decisions and actions of the NPC’s they encounter. The game will be like a book that is writing itself with each session based on what the PC’s and NPC’s do.


8. I’d like a mix of these themes (pick three that most interest you to be included in a DnD campaign):

a] Tolkien style fantasy
b] Strategic warfare
c] Hack ‘n’ slash
d] Comedy and humor
e] Horror and tension
f] Dungeon crawl
g] Pirates and swashbuckling 
h] Intrigue and subterfuge
i] Laws and justice
j] Investigation of mysteries
k] Exotic travel/exploration
l] Nation building
m] Treasure hunting
n] Steam-punk fantasy
o] Dark/gritty fantasy
p] Monster hunting
q] Post apocalypse survival
r] Other: (please specify)


9. I’m comfortable with the following elements and feel they can positively contribute to, or at least do not negatively impact, the game (pick all that apply):

a] Sexual themes, encounters (described only)
b] Sexual themes, encounters (sometimes visually represented, PG-rated visuals only)
c] Sexual themes, encounters (used when applicable, visuals can be R-rated)
d] Racism demonstrated by in-game characters
e] Sexism demonstrated by in-game characters
f] Sexual Orientation discrimination demonstrated by in-game characters
g] In-game use of drugs and alcohol 
h] Player use of drugs or alcohol during play
i] Player use of electronic devices for activities related to the game
j] Player use of electronic devices for activities not related to the game
k] Profanity (out of game)
l] Profanity (in-game)
m] Themes related to demons, devils, or the occult
n] Themes related to murder
o] Themes related to rape
p] Themes related to stealing
q] Themes related to abuse or murder of children or innocents
r] Conflict between characters of different players
s] Apparent conflict between players that they manage to funnel into the narrative of the game
t] Playing for 2-4 hours at a time
u] Playing for 4-6 hours at a time
v] Playing for 6-8 hours at a time
w] Playing for longer than 8 hours (marathon games)
x] Playing during the morning
y] Playing during the afternoon
z] Playing during the evening
-] Playing late nights, possibly into morning



Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips and tools for your game!

anonymous asked:

I want to get a baby ball python soon but i dont know how to take care of them so i was wondering if you could tell me what i need to do?


Thanks for the inquiry, and I hope all is well.

As far as Ball Pythons go, a good ‘ol “ball python care” Google search will always be helpful. However, I can understand how all the different approaches and opinions can be a bit overwhelming. I will try to sum everything up for you, but please keep all opinions/strategies in mind - it is not an exact science :)

Buying the Right Animal

I always recommend NOT buying from big-chain pet stores. They usually get animals from large distributors, where health is not a priority, and more often than not, they don’t survive very long due to parasites/diseases. There are plenty of captive bred animals that you can buy directly from breeders, and you can sometimes find them at reptile expos and shows in your area. Look for bright eyes, healthy skin and body shape, proper hydration, correct color inside mouth and lack of mucus, and check for external parasites. You can always get your animal checked out by an exotic vet to get a clean bill of health.


A 20-gallon long tank with a sliding, locking lid will work great until the snake is 3-4ft long. On one end you should have a head pad under the tank, and plugged in to a rheostat, so you can adjust the heat output of the pad. The ground temperature on top of the pad should be about 90 degrees F, and the cooler end should be around 75F. The ambient air temperature should remain around 75, and can cool to 70F (no less) at night. You can supplement the heat pad with a white bulb during the day, or a red bulb 24/7, however there needs to be belly heat. There are “temp guns” you can purchase for pretty cheap that are super easy to use and give you an accurate temperature reading. 

The best bedding to use is aspen chips, however you can also use cypress mulch, paper towels, or newspaper. There should be some sort of hide box on either end of the tank, a water bowl , and some ‘furniture’ for it to climb on. As long as you are cleaning out poos regularly, you should only have to replace bedding every 4 months or so, or until it runs low.


The general rule of thumb is you can feed your python anything up to a third larger than the thickest part of it’s body. If it is young and growing, you should feed it every 7-10 days. Once it has reached it’s adult size, once every 14 days will be plenty. Using frozen/thawed rodents is preferred, as it’s safer for the snake. Sometimes ball pythons are picky eaters, so experimentation with food items. place of feeding, time of feeding may need to happen. They also may go on a hunger strike for months at a time, but there’s no need to worry until it gets to 6 months or so - just keep an eye on their body condition.


Being a burrowing python, these guys are usually in a fairly humid environment. When in an open-top tank, it is hard to keep the humidity up to the proper level. Without proper humidity, ball pythons have a hard time shedding in one piece. You can either provide a “humid hide” filled with coco core or sphagnum moss they can to in to, or soak them when they are blue (getting ready to shed).

Again, please do some outside research, and be as prepared as possible. A Ball Python has the potential to live 20-30 years, they are very docile, and come in lots of cool colors these days. I actually breed them myself, and I’d be more than happy to let you know what I have available.

If there’s anything I missed, or if you have any other questions, please let me know!

Thanks again,