i keep the wolf from the door


Pairing: Ivar x Reader
Summary: Reader belongs to Ivar but at night he belongs to her.
Warnings: HOLY SHIT SO NSFW, swearing, submission, praise!kink, explicit
Length: super long!!
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I walked up to the flowering altar, with my hands on my hips, admiring it at first and just the sight of it brought back memories. Ivar and I had been married no more than a few months now, wedded in the same exact spot in the woods.

I smiled, reaching out to touch it and started remembering how handsome he looked, his hair slicked back and resting nicely. His skin aglow from the setting sun, his tunic a strong blue to match his beautiful eyes. Bjorn had helped him find the right angle for his stool while Floki held him up on his back, waiting patiently.

The way my love looked sitting there on his stool when the drums had started, I recalled it clearly, the way he turned his whole body to see me, the sun hitting his face perfectly. How tightly he was holding and then wringing his hands, fidgeting nervously. The stunned smile when he finally saw me for the first time that day, holding an array of foliage in my hands as I made my way towards him.

My smile grew even more when I turned around and saw Ivar was sitting on a well made chair then, brought out special for him so he could watch his older brother be married up close. I walked up to him and smoothed down his hair, tucking it behind one of his ears. He lightly slapped my hand away with a smirk and raked his fingers through it, as if I had messed it up.

I raised an eyebrow, giving him a warning look and instead was about to talk to one of the other Shield-maidens joining the foray, when he caught my wrist and pulled me to sit side-ways in his lap. He cupped my face and kissed me as softly as only Ivar could imagine.

“I would behave myself if I were you, Ivar. You are playing a dangerous game.” I said lowly, nipping at his ear lobe. We were still newlyweds, nothing or no one bothered us. They all knew how in love we were with each other, getting caught fooling around wasn’t that abnormal in the slightest.

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Tony: Did you just try to kiss me?

Bucky: What? No!

Tony: What makes you think I want to date a super soldier again?! That’s not gonna happen! I would never kiss you! Never!

Bucky: Okay, alright, fine, I won’t kiss you either.

Tony: …

Bucky: …

[They approach and kiss each other passionately, taking off they clother quickly]

Rhodey: [Open the door, surprised] Tony, can I see you in mi office [look at Bucky] where I keep my guns?!

Tony: [blushing nods and leaves the room]

Rhodey: [From the hall] ANOTHER SUPER SOLDIER!!??

Their mate in heat but not telling them

Request: How Bts would react when their mate is in heat but doesn’t tell them

They would all know it, even if you didn’t tell them. Their own bodies reacted every time this happened, it was simply nature. They honestly could smell you from miles away and all they wanted to do was wreck you… gently, no, rough, no, gent… argh they couldn’t even think straight. None of them would get sad or mad, it’s your body. They don’t want to force things, even if you are their mate. You own each other’s heart and soul, but you don’t own each others body.

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He would literally be on his fifteenth time cleaning the whole house… in just one day, protesting adamantly that the house could never be clean enough. He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until the house almost glinted, still his thoughts ran rampant with sin as he imagined just how he’d love to mess up the couch, refrigerator, dining table, bed, everything. He stood there drooling at the door to his bedroom, only coming back to earth as he fell to the ground, the vacuum cleaner rolling out from under him. Jin would not address it with you, but you’d more than likely figure it out after his thirteenth “bathroom break” in under an hour.

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Even when you weren’t near him he could feel it. He could feel the pressure, the pulse of his heart pounding, he was sweating as his shaky fingers danced across the keys and mouse of his computer. He pressed his head phones harder to his ears as he tried to drown out the filthy, filthy thoughts that filled his mind and swallowed the lyrics down, twisting them and turning them until they all pointed to you doing a number of different things (jumping up and down in a schoolgirl outfit being the tamest of them). He would angrily send you a text message as he beat himself up over his weakness.

“You smell way too fucking good unless you want to get ruined I’d stay away and lock the doors and shower… like constantly. My room reeks of your scent and I’m literally getting lightheaded because all of my blood rushing south.”

“Also, if you get the time send pics ;)”


“(Do)n’t do that”

“Fuck Y/n”

“I’m dying”

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The boy would try his best. He had done everything he could think of. He washed everything you had ever even glanced at in his room, locked himself in, told you he wasn’t feeling well and that you should stay away for a few days, but it just wasn’t working. He was so on edge he could hear a penny feather drop from miles away. Every creak, every sniffle of his neighbor was grating on his nerves and all he wanted to do was run to you and block out the noises with your moans. But seeing as he didn’t want to overstep any boundaries, he converted his pent up energy and emotions into dance. It’d be the most erotic dance he’d ever done (soooooo many hip thrusts and body touches/rolls). All the while thinking about you.

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Rap Monster

Namjoon would bury himself in his work until he really couldn’t stand being alone with his own thoughts anymore. Only when he was on the verge of ripping himself apart at the seems would he finally come to you to talk about the fact he could smell you and it was driving him crazy.

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He’d still be around you, but he’d start touching you more than normal. He’d brush your skin with his hand, sniff your hair when you cuddled, and if you tried to get up he’d instinctively pull you into him a little tighter before laughing it off and letting you up reluctantly.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


TaeTae would have come straight out about it, making you blush in the process. Taehyung wouldn’t even beat around the bush with this. He’d come up behind you and roll his hips into your butt as his kissed your next and growled out

“Mmm, god you smell so good. Good enough to eat out~” *eyebrow wiggle*

Originally posted by purelyjimin


He would either bury himself in something like work or exercise, or he’d be like Tae and come to you about it pretty frankly. I can’t really decide between the two, but I can definitely see him hearing you in the shower and ending up behind you before he could comprehend what he had done. OR I can’t see him staying away from you viciously working out until you brought it up.

Hey guys, this will be my very last post on here. The owner of these blogs is changing things around, I hope you guys enjoyed the posts us admins worked on, and know that we loved reading and working on them. I’m going to leave my personal account (It might get removed, I don’t really know.) And if you guys want to keep in touch that’d be awesome. I loved being a part of this while it lasted, and I’m really glad I got to make some of you guys happy. Thank you for being you, and for having amazing, fun requests! Bye guys <3


~ Admin Ellie ~


author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 841

warning: public sex, fingering, teasing.

authors note: this is a repost of one of my first smuts so i do apologise for the poor quality lmao. 

request/summary: “hi, can you do one where stiles overhears you talking to lydia about how good he is and he gets really confident and takes control? thanks.”

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Robb x Reader

Robb smiled and lent on the door frame as he watched you and Rickon sword fight with wooden swords. Rickon whooped as he almost made you drop the sword and scrambled onto his bed, dogging your retaliation with a wide grin.


“I am not one to ruin my brother’s fun but Lady Stark sent me to see how Rickon is settling down for the night.” Robb muttered after he cleared his throat.


“My apologies Milord, we got carried away.” You blushed and smiled at Robb when he chuckled.

“I won’t tell anyone, but he needs to rest we have a big day tomorrow.” Robb smiled as you ruffled Rickon’s hair and tucked the boy up.

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Soul Mark

Originally posted by imxginxsforyou

Seth Clearwater x Reader

Soul Mark

Note: So, reader is a witch (idk if those exist in the Twilight universe or not, but…) And yeah, I aged Seth up a little bit, but besides that, there you go.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 2121

The move from Salem to Forks had been rough. As soon as your family stepped into the house, you put lines of salt in front of every door and window. No matter how many candles you lit, you still couldn’t drown out the scent of bloodsucker.

God, there must have been a ton of vampires around here. For good measure, you sprinkled some garlic in the front lawn. It wouldn’t keep them away, but at least they’d know they were unwanted.

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Dating Isaac Lahey would include:

- Lots of really cute cuddling

- Him never using the front door and always sneaking in through your window

- Wrapping his arms around you from behind

- Saying “I love you” all the time.

- Always being there for each other

- Cheesy pick up lines

- Making out in the middle of movie nights

- At first he wanted to keep the supernatural hidden from you

-Him telling you how much he loves you

- Listening to your heartbeat to calm himself down


Awkward Anime Episode 6.2 : Wolf Children - The fading innocence of Ame

Mamoru Hosoda’s 2012 creation has perfected something many modern directors try and fail at: Character Development. Engaging an audience to the point where they feel like they are in the mind of a character; frustration is felt when a mistake is made, satisfaction once the desired direction is taken. In Wolf Children, two of the characters have defined traits, following the path that they paved for themselves as children, yet on the outside, a young child watches and doesn’t speak. The audience is silent when he is. What is he thinking? Why is he doing this? Who do you want to be? That character always stands out to my mind with intrigue, frustration and acceptance filling my head throughout the film. Ame, the child who took it upon himself to grow up without letting anyone know.

Ame the child is easy to define, just like the rest of us, a shy, curious boy afraid of what is out there. Hosoda throughout his major works enjoys producing characters with defined personalities, where the start point creates a straight line to the end point. Before 2012 though, he had never focused on siblings before. The animator turned director decided upon the start of production that a brother and sister would be used. Yuki, the scrappy child turned mature strong teenage girl… And Ame, the erm… Interesting one.

Frustration is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Ame, is that fair of me though? I think the reason so many of us feel frustrated when he creates worrisome times for his Mother is due to one simple fact: We grow with Hana as time passes.

The movie is featured on the strength and persistence of young Hana, setting an image for her kids where they can be wild and free but also at the same time live diligently as humans. Now this raises the question, was Hana right in doing this? Giving the children a small amount of freedom every now and again, where the first view that both Yuki and Ame’s eyes lay on as they walk out the house could plant that seed of freedom in their minds?

Hana from the first moment she gave birth to her children, wanted to give a life of freedom where they can let their wild sides out without judgment and as time passes she would understand whatever path they would take. But as we all know, motherly love is nothing short of unbelievably hard to let go and we see that bond between Ame and his parent become more and more difficult to keep glued together. “the strongest bond on earth is that between a mother and children”

Ame’s transformation from a shy, attentive young boy to a curious silent wolf happened rather quickly in my opinion, but as I rewatch the movie it’s clear to me that his maturity is justified. It all came down to that one scene. The 10-15 minutes where the whole family finally felt what true freedom feels like. “I wasn’t scared. I felt like I could do anything”

“After that moment, Ame seemed like a totally different person”

Snow covers the vast fields and mountains surrounding their home. The door slides open to the family of three gawking in amazement. Here is the first time I see Ame, the Ame that he never showed us. Hosoda wanted to create a character who isn’t defined which is something that is difficult to perfect. Yuki, as she sees the white canvas, her character shines. She jumps out and just frolics in the snow to her delight.

Ame on the other hand… We see a young boy trudging along trying his utmost best to not trip and fall. The young boy is still yet to show his wild side, the freedom that we all as viewers know he craves, shown from the curiosity he has with the prejudice against wolves. He falls. Then something truly remarkable happened. His mother jumped in and hugged both of her children, and then we hear laughter. Ame, the shy little boy is laughing his heart out. What changed in those few seconds from trudging to laughing uncontrollably? I cannot look past Hana. It’s almost as if the mother gave him her approval, as if to say “It’s okay, it’ll be okay” the same words that we hear countless times up to this point. He needed his mum’s guarantee that it is safe to come out and play.

1. The wolves come out to play. Ame and Yuki are let loose, and for the first time in this movie, we see the timid Ame wild and free.

2. Ame and Yuki run down the snow covered fields in parallel fashion, as Hana tumbles down with a smile in her face. This right here, is my favourite scene in the entire film. Ame and Yuki, taking different paths but ultimately ending up in the same place, crossing each other, meeting in the middle. Hana chasing after Ame and Yuki, tumbles, rolls down…but with smiles and laughter. The biggest grins I have seen on her face. Ame is free. Yuki is free. She is grateful and proud that her children are able to let go of the world and be themselves.

3. Ame’s eyes cross a kingfisher bird, and then and there we see a quick movement. Leaping and catching the prey in his mouth, witnessing this weak timid toddler be so vicious in movement, biting down looking for the kill. Though, just as in the snow, he trips and falls. He calls for his mother as he is taken down the stream by the water in what seems like his final moments.

Ame: “Rain” born on a rainy day, and leaves his mother on a rainy day at the conclusion of the animated feature. Crying constantly as child who would always be cradling his mum asking for care. Silent, viewing life from a distance as a young teen where he stands and listens. The sounds of the forest. The wild life. No smile. Just a touch of acceptance is felt by Ame, the Wolf. Hana, is proud and realises his Son’s place in the world is where he wants it to be, not hers. She gave them the taste of freedom while trying her best to direct her children to a peaceful, human life. There is no right and wrong here. There is only life. Complications arise, and when they cannot be repaired, he has to leave. The howl at the end, we all know what he meant by that. Howling for his mother. The howl that reiterated the same words he heard his entire childhood:“It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay”

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Secrets - Derek Hale x Reader

Request: Can I request an imagine from ’Green Eyed Alpha’ before Derek and the reader start dating where they keep looking each other and it’s always fluffy, angsty and awkward between them all the time? - Sorry, I changed it a bit but I hope it’s okay! This is part of my 500 Follower Celebration, feel free to send in some requests!

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

(Y/n) and Derek jumped apart when there was a knock on the door. Their lips were swollen and their clothes were rumbled as they stared at one another in shock. The knocking was persistent as Stiles waited for Derek to open the door.

“Dude, let me in” The werewolf hastily pulled his t-shirt over his head before rushing to greet Stiles.

“Wait, wait” (Y/n) whisper yelled before darting over to her boyfriend. She stood on the tips of her toes and started trying to flatten his hair that was adorably tousled from their somewhat heated make out session. Derek’s hands automatically settled on her hips and he couldn’t stop himself from stealing another kiss.

“Seriously, just let me in, it’s important” He groaned against (y/n)’s lips before forcing himself to step away from her.

“Alright, I’m coming” Derek’s voice was hoarse as (y/n) snickered softly before going into their bedroom so Stiles wouldn’t see her. He pulled the door open, already annoyed with the teen for interrupting the only chance he’d had to see his girlfriend alone all week.

“What took you so long?” Stiles’ eyes analysed Derek’s face but he only scowled as he raised his eyebrows expectantly. Shaking his head, Stiles spoke. “Anyway, do you think Ben Affleck will make a good Batman?”

Derek stared at him blankly before exasperation pulled his face into a frown. “You came all this way to ask me that?”

Stiles was unaware of the werewolf’s aggravation as he nodded his head eagerly. “Yeah, Scott and I have a bet and I just wanted to know what you thought, I’m for batfleck personally but-“

He was cut off by Derek slamming the door shut, barely giving him a chance to move out of the way.

“Dude!” Derek ignored him as he made his way into his bedroom. (Y/n) was leaning against the headboard of the bed with a book in her lap.

“We’re moving” She only laughed as Derek crawled towards her before setting between her legs. Her hands ran through his hair, messing it up all over again.

“We should just tell them because as entertaining as that was, I’m sick of keeping this a secret” Derek nuzzled their noses together before rolling onto his side and bringing her with him so she was snuggled against his chest.

“We will, I promise” (Y/n) furrowed her brow as she traced patterns on his shirt.

“You said that last week when Scott nearly caught us” A heavy sigh escaped Derek’s mouth.

“I know, but now we’re dealing with the alpha pack and I don’t want to distract them, they’ve got enough to deal with already”

“We’re dating Derek, not announcing the start of the apocalypse” He snickered under his breath before pressing a kiss to her lips.

“Next time we see the pack, we’ll tell them” (Y/n) tried to turn away from him, annoyed that they couldn’t just tell them straight away. Before her mood could sour, Derek began to litter kisses across her face, sending her into a fit of giggles as she tried and failed to push him away. She was lying on her back when Derek settled on top of her, pressing a tender, slow kiss to her lips.

“I love you” His voice was soft as his eyes glowed with adoration.

“I love you too” Maybe they couldn’t tell the pack yet, but knowing that he loved her was enough.  

Can You Teach Me [Part 2]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Stiles x Reader


Word Count: 2,717

*Here’s Part Two of the series! I hope you’re enjoying it! You can find Part One here!*          

Originally posted by rockdinleyengorl

          “Stiles I swear to God if you put Star Wars on again I’m going to smother you with this pillow and feed you to Derek.” I say, glaring at him from where he has his hand half frozen between the DVD case and the open slot on the DVD player.

           “Gahh, not the Sour Wolf. Y/N why do you have to be so cruel.”

           “I don’t want to hear any sass from you, Stilinski!” The doorbell rings and I get up off of the couch and start to head towards the front door.

           “Where are you going?” Stiles asks, grabbing my hand and keeping me from continuing to get the door.

           “To get the pizza?” I question, raising an eyebrow at him and he runs a hand through his hair nervously.

           “Umm, like that?” He asks, trailing his gaze down my body and I look down at my simple thin strapped black tank top and short denim shorts.

           “You’re right, so silly of me,” I say and Stiles seems to relax a little, but his expression quickly turns confused as I grab the bottom of my tank top and begin to pull it up, “I meant to go like this…” I start to say but Stiles cuts me off.

           “No, no, no. Y/N stop,” he whines, wrapping his hands around mine and pulling the bottom of my tank top back down by my waist. “You pick the movie, I’ll get the pizza.” He hollers over his should as he scrambles away from me and I laugh.

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Did you just kissed him? {Isaac Lahey}

Gif is not mine.

Summary: In which Isaac and the reader gets stuck in a room, resulting in Isaac fighting to control himself

Prompts: #54:  “Oh my, the world is about to come to an end.” 

#101:  “Your mouth is open, sound is coming from it. This is never good.”

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Warnings: none, I guess

Word Count: 1600+

Requested by i-never-liked-this-apple-much

Request: “Ok so I don’t know if I can combine them but can you do 54 and 101 with Isaac please. Thank you so much!”

Yes, you can combine them! Thank you for requesting, and sorry about the long wait. Hope you like it! ♥♥

You hated Isaac.

He teased you all the time, even in school. You could blame him for your bad grades, because there was no way you could pay attention to class with him always annoying you, poking you and disturbing your concentration.

And wasn’t just that. He had always disagreed with you in front of the pack too, no matter how brilliant your ideas were, or how helpful could you be. In return, you tried to ignore him as much as possibly, but somehow he always found a way to disturb you.

That night wasn’t going to be any different. It was Friday, and Scott had texted you to let you know that the pack would meet at his house. That surprised you, because the pack had reunited only a few days ago, but you decided not to question him anyway. If there was going to be another meeting, something important must be going on.

Obviously, Isaac would be there and, considering that you are also part of the pack, there was no escape. You had to go.


You stood awkwardly in the front door after ringing the bell, waiting for someone to invite you to enter, even knowing that the door wasn’t locked. As you waited, you rubbed the palms of your hands together, trying to warm yourself.  

It was a cold day in Beacon Hills, and like everyone else, you were dying for a good cup of hot chocolate. But guess what? Instead of it, you had to stay outside Scott’s house until he wanted to open the door for you.  

When someone finally came to invite you to enter, though, that someone unluckily wasn’t Scott.  

“Eh, look at what I have outside my door”, Isaac teased, keeping the door open for you. “What are you doing here, little wolf?”  

You hated when he called you like that, and that was probably why he called you like that.

Your mouth is open, sound is coming from it.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes. This is never good.

You didn’t wait for Isaac to answer anything and entered the house, dashing into him on purpose as you passed.  

“So, where’s Scott and everyone?” You asked, sitting down on the sofa.  

Isaac closed the door behind him and sat in the other sofa with a confused expression.  


“Yeah,” you replied, annoyed. “Lydia, Stiles, Derek…How we can make a pack reunion without a pack?”  

“There’s no pack reunion,” Isaac guaranteed, smirking. “You know, if you wanted to see me you didn’t had to invent such excuses, Y/N.”

“Keep dreaming,” you laughed sarcastically and stood up. You were going to call Scott later to make him explain himself, that was for sure. “Well, I have nothing to do here anymore, so I’m going home. I hope Scott have a great excuse to make me came all the way here for nothing.”

You walked towards the door, only to notice that it was locked.

You looked at Isaac. “Why you locked this?”

“It’s not locked,” Isaac pointed.

“It is.”

“It’s not.”

“I’m telling you, it’s locked!” You insisted.

Isaac stood up and tried to open the door too, but, like you said, it was locked.

“It is locked,” Isaac observed reflexively.

“Oh, really, Sherlock?” You retorted, crossing your arms. You sighed. “Do you have the key?”

“Scott probably took it,” he explained. “Unless you want to put down the door, we’re locked in here.”

Isaac opened the other door, which lead to the kitchen, but couldn’t pass through it: someone had made a barrier using mountain ash, keeping you both in the living room. It was everywhere, even in the windows. When Isaac noticed it, he started to try to force his way out of the room desperately, and in matter of seconds he was breathing hardly as if he was suffering of one of Scott’s asthma attacks. You started to feel concerned.

You didn’t had to be a genius to know who did that, and why.

Concentrating a little, you could smell clearly the scent of the twins. Seriously, that alpha pack was starting to annoy you. A lot.

Trying to think about some kind of plan to get out of this situation, you stared at Isaac’s back as he scratched the wall with his werewolf claws, knowing that if you didn’t do anything, he would destruct everything he could see, including yourself. Warily, you stepped forward and carefully put your hand in his shoulder, waiting for him to look at you, but he never did.

“Isaac?” You then called softly, in a tone you thought you would never use with him. “Isaac, calm down.”

He turned his face to look at you, and you noticed that his eyes were already shinning in yellow before he turned forward again.

Bad sign. Very, very bad sign.

You knew about his father, and how he had been abusive with Isaac, keeping him locked for hours. Was obvious that in some minutes he would lost control because of his trauma, even if Scott’s living room wasn’t that small. The problem wasn’t the size of the room, was the pain of remembering, the bad memories that were probably evading his head, and all you could do was watch while Isaac fought for control. You surely weren’t expecting that a pack reunion would end this way.

If you wanted to make it out alive, was better think fast. Very fast.

“Go…go away,” Isaac tried to warn you, breathing visibly hardly. “You have to go.”

You swallowed hard, taking probably the dumbest decision of your life. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Well, you couldn’t even if you wanted to, so instead you picked up your phone and texted Lydia, quickly explaining what happened and hoping she would see the message. The only chance you and Isaac had was her.

Isaac’s hands balled into fists as he lowered his head, never making eye contact with you.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

His voice was low, fragile, but there was an undeniable truth in every word he said. Your heart stirred as Isaac looked at you over his shoulder, his pain clear in his beautiful blue eyes. He was fighting against himself, his instincts, and it was visible that he was in pain while trying to do it.

And it was all because he didn’t wanted to hurt you.

You knew this situation could end very bad to you; Isaac was, in fact, stronger than you. He had more experience, and he was a man while you were still a girl, naturally smaller than him. You couldn’t expect to win against him in a fight.

“Isaac, look at me.”

He hesitated, breathing with difficulty, but did as you told after a few seconds, his eyes fixed on you as he turned to face you.

His heartbeat drummed in your werewolf ears, as well as your own, but you had to ignore them both to concentrate on the right words to say. You took a small, careful step towards him.

“I know you’re not going to hurt me,” you said, braver than you really felt.

“No, stop…” Isaac adverted quietly, his eyes flashing in yellow, and then back to blue again. “Please.”

You ignored his words, taking another step closer to him.

“You’re strong, Isaac, you’re stronger than this.”

He pressed his eyes shut for a moment, trying to resist the transformation, but you could see that his teeth and claws were starting to appear and that he could not tolerate it for too long.

“Stop,” he begged. “Don’t…”

“It’s okay.”

With another step and your heart beating as fast as possible, you stretched your arms and put one hand in each side of Isaac’s face, making his eyes find yours. His skin was warm under your palms, and his breath was now touching your face softly as he watched your movements with attention, not knowing what you were about to do.


Just breathe, Y/N. Just breathe.

You stared at Isaac’s eyes intensely, keeping eye contact as your face approached his, enough for your noses to touch and for you to smell the nice scent coming from him. You saw a look of curiosity in his eyes just before you closed yours, slowly pressing your lips against his softly.

His body tensed up for a moment, surprised, but then Isaac’s lips moved against yours without warning, catching you in a slow and intense kiss that brought butterflies into your stomach. His lips were softer than you imagined, moving in sync with yours, wanting to feel you closer.

And god, Isaac was a damn good kisser.

But then, when your conscience hit you and you were about to break the kiss, Isaac’s hands found their way to your waist, pulling you closer to him until there was no space between your bodies, his chest against yours as your hearts beat in sync.

Somehow, your hands rested at the back of his neck, caressing the warm skin as the kiss deepened and your mind went blank. There was nothing else happening around you two; it was as if the world had stopped as you started to kiss.

You was so involved in the kiss that neither of you noticed your surroundings until you heard someone cough, making you pull away from him, alarmed.

As you opened your eyes, you saw Stiles, Lydia and Scott watching you two, amused. Lydia had the biggest smile of all, at the pace that Scott and Stiles just couldn’t believe their eyes. Not that you could have blamed them; you and Isaac were always arguing.

“We…” you began, uncertain of where to start.

But even before you could think about some explanation, Stiles stepped forward, pointing at Isaac’s direction and looking at you with a funny expression.

“Did you just kissed him?” he asked. Oh my, the world is about to come to an end.”

A/N: Sorry about any errors. Part two maybe? 


Requested by @cutelittlepurplesouls

What they wanted: Reader is best friends with Derek and finds out she’s dating peter

Warning: a bit of angst but not much

Auothers note: I’m just a sucker for Peter and Derek hale


Derek could hear two heartbeats inside of Peter’s apartment. One belonged to his uncle, but the other sounded familiar. Raising his fist up, Derek began banging on the door, “Peter, open up.” he yelled from the other side of the door, hearing a groan and a small gasp he could tell Peter and whoever was inside were shuffling to put on some clothes. Hearing groans and mumbles from the other side, Derek thought the two were whispering towards each other but he couldn’t really hear it.
The door cracked open a bit, “Yes dear nephew of mine?” Derek rolled his eyes and tried looking past Peter’s shoulder.
“Who’s inside?” Derek asked, Peter simply rolled his eyes and told a quick lie, “No one.” Obviously Derek hadn’t believe that lie for one bit because the heartbeat had gotten louder almost as if they were afraid.
“Your lying, I can hear their heartbeating loud.” Derek said standing up straight his arms crossed over his chest.
“If I told you, you would kill me.” Peter said shrugging. “Why would I do that?” Derek asked. Peter raised an eyebrow and opened up the door wider, giving Derek a perfect view of his bestfriend (Y/n) standing in Peter’s large t-shirt and underwear.
“(Y/n)!” Derek shouted, his eyes wide with shock and anger.
“Told you so.” Peter mumbled, dodging the punch that was thrown at his face by Derek.
“Derek! Stop!” yelled (y/n) who ran over to the two werewolfs and pushed Derek away for Peter.
“What is wrong with you?!” She yelled at Derek. Derek turnt his attention towards her a scoff leaving his lips, “Wrong with me, What’s fucking wrong with you?!” Shouted Derek, “Your fucking my uncle. My bestfriend is fucking my uncle!” Derek threw his arms up in the air walking around the room a bit.
“Okay Derek, I get it. Your pissed off, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but honestly would you have accepted up being together.” (Y/n) looked as if she was going to cry at any moment and that broke Derek’s heart, sighing Derek stepped closer to her and pulled her into a hug, her arms immediately wrapping around his larger form. “At first I wouldn’t have.” Derek said, “But, if he makes your really happy I would. I just don’t want you to get hurt by him, your my bestfriend and I don’t wanna lose you.” whispered Derek.
“You won’t.” (Y/n) said pulling back a bit walking into Peter’s arms who pulled her close to him, and then he kissed her forehead.
“Fine then-” Derek pointed to Peter “If you ever hurt her, I will rip your throat apart with my teeth.”
Peter chuckled, “Always so violent nephew, but I promise I won’t. I love her.”
Derek groaned and walked toward the door, “You two disgust me.” He groans closing it behind him.
“Did you mean it?” she asks.
“Mean what?” Peter says.
“That you love me?!” (Y/n) asks.
“Yeah, I do mean it.” Peter says.
“Good, because I love you too.”

My Boyfriend’s Bestfriend - Dylan O’Brien Series

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part 2 - part 3


“hey mami why don’t you come shake those drinks over here” some middle aged asshole said “why don’t you go fuck yourself” I snapped he reached over and grabbed my arm startling me “listen here you little bitch-” the man was interrupted by this cute dark haired man “let go!” he shouted firmly “whose this your boyfriend?” the man asked me “yeah now take your fucking hands off her” the dark haired guy demanded “fine” the man let go of me “she wasnt worth it anyways” he spoke under his breath.

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Scarf Boy

Pairing: Isaac x Reader (Platonic, Best Friends)

Warnings: slight swearing, nothing else just really cute fluff and friendship goals

Summary: Y/N’s best friend, Isaac, returns from Paris, to live with her and her family. The only issue is that she’s a Stilinski, and Stiles takes any moment that he can to show his distaste for Isaac. (Isaac and Y/N have a pizza and Netflix night)

A/N: Thx for requesting this!!! Reminder that my requests are always open :) and I write them asap, so feel free to request whatever with whatever character (even platonic imagines!) Ok, hope you guys like this one :)


I scroll through my Instagram feed on my phone, bored out of my mind, waiting for Isaac to finally get here. I double tap a meme, smiling lightly and sending it to the Pack’s group chat.

“Hey, Y/N,” my dad calls, commanding my attention. I look up at him, clad in his sheriff uniform. “I’m not going to be home for dinner, so I left you and Stiles 20 dollars on the kitchen counter.” I grin, nodding my head.

“Stay safe,” I say, right before he’s about to shut the door.

“Always,” he replies while popping his head out from behind the door frame, blowing me a kiss that I return. “No parties,” he jokes.

“Don’t worry, we’ll only have like 100 people over,” I respond sarcastically. He laughs, closing the door, his car engine sounding and the vehicle soon driving off.

I sigh, going back to my phone and opening twitter to see the newest internet drama.

After a while, I hear the doorbell ring, a smile forcing its way onto my lips. I push off of the couch, throwing the blanket aside and running across the wooden floor. I immediately regret all decisions in life as I slide not-too-graciously across the living room because of my socks.

I shuffle around, trying to gain my balance, but fail miserably. I end up colliding with a wall, muttering incoherent profanities, and making a mental note to never run in socks ever again. “Y/N, do you always have to be so damn clumsy?” I groan.

I can hear the faint chuckle outside, coming from Isaac as he probably heard the whole situation because of his amplified hearing. “Lahey, don’t you dare laugh at me,” I warn, another chuckle ringing from outside.

I stand up, brushing off my sweatpants, and closing the distance between me and the front door. As soon as I can, I swing the door open, pulling my best friend into a hug.

The embrace obviously takes him by surprise as he stiffens when my arms encircle his waist, but soon he relaxes, his arms wrapping around my back.

We pull apart, his smile matching my own. “I missed you so much!” I squeal, taking in how his physical appearance had changed. He had let his facial hair grow out a bit, stubble all around his jaw. His curly locks were also longer, and messier, probably from traveling for so long.

“I missed you too, Clumsy,” he returns, messing with my hair and making me push his shoulder back half-heartedly.

“Stop that,” I mumble, trying to fix the now unruly strands. I back into the living room, opening the door wider for Isaac to come in, lugging his suitcase close behind.

He closes the door, taking in his surroundings. “Hasn’t changed one bit,” he laughs.

“I guess us Stilinskis aren’t too great with home decor,” I joke, realizing that the furniture has literally not changed since I was born. “So how was the flight?” I query.

“Long,” Isaac huffs, plopping onto the couch. “Do you know how long it takes to get here from Paris? Plus, I was sat between a crying baby and a mid-forties guy who has literally the loudest snore in the world,” he recalls. “And there was this kid, oh my god, he would not stop staring at me. I don’t even know why.”

“Even the children can’t get enough of your dashing good looks,” I tease, making him squint his eyes at me.

“Ha ha,” Isaac says while scrunching up his nose. “So, what’ve you been up to since I’ve been gone?”

“Nothing really,” I reply truthfully. My life wasn’t quite as interesting as his or even my brother’s. I wasn’t allowed in on all the missions and such because everyone thought it was ‘too dangerous’ for me, which always made me laugh because my brother was allowed. For goodness sakes, he thought a baseball bat was going to protect him from the supernatural.

“How’s the Pack?” Issac asks, blatant curiosity taking over his features. I shrug, sitting down on the couch next to him and pulling my blanket back over my body.

“Happy that you’re back,” I say while smiling. I mean, except for my brother, but I couldn’t tell him that part.

His brows furrow, probably hearing that tiny extra heart beat when I said those words. “Even Stiles?” He questions.


“I heard my name being called,” my brother shouts, descending the stairs to the living room. Stiles’s eyes narrow once they spot my best friend. “Oh god, please, tell me that’s not scarf boy.”

“Hello to you too, Stiles,” Isaac says, brushing his harsh glare aside.

“Lahey,” Stiles grumbles, walking towards the couch that both of us were sitting on. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“I thought Y/N already told you that I’m bac-”

“No, I know that part, which I’m really not too pleased about for your information, but why are you here?” He asks, his hands gesturing around to the house.

“Dad said he could stay with us,” I jump in, Isaac and I sharing a smile with each other.

“Oh, no he didn’t,” Stiles mutters. “No scarf boy will be living under my roof.”

“First off, this isn’t your roof, it’s dad’s. Second, Isaac isn’t wearing a scarf, so there won’t be a scarf boy living here,” I correct.

“Once a scarf boy, always a scarf boy,” Stiles mumbles, letting out an exasperated sigh before walking out of the room, down the hallway.

“I still can’t believe he despises me so much,” Isaac says with disbelief. “I mean, we’ve known each other our whole lives. Like I’ve been friends with you since second grade. How does he still have this undying hatred for me?”

“I have no idea,” I answer, playing with the two strings at the front of my grey sweats. “But, on a happier note, I bet you’re hungry.”

Isaac rubs his stomach, a growl coming from it at my statement. “Starving.”

“Well, while you unpack, I’ll order pizza and start up a show for us to binge-watch on Netflix,” I proclaim. “For old time’s sake.” I bend forward, grabbing my phone from the coffee table and dialing Domino’s phone number by heart. To say the least, Isaac and I ate pizza a little too much.

“Music to my ears,” he responds. “It would be an atrocity to not jump right back into our cycle of weekly cheesy goodness.”

“I’m so happy to have the one person who truly understands me back,” I say, half jokingly and half seriously. I quickly recite our usual order to the Domino’s employee, along with what Stiles normally got, thanking them, then hanging up.

Isaac just grins at me, standing up from the couch and dragging his luggage behind him. “Guest room, I’m assuming,” he says.

“Yep, hope you remember how to get there.”

“Y/N, this was the home I grew up in,” he states. “I was here more than at my own, because- well you know.” A saddening expression crawls onto his face, bad memories surely fighting their way back into his head.

“Hey,” I whisper, latching onto his arm, his blue eyes finding mine. “My dad even said once that you’re like a son of his. This is your home.”

The grim look on his face disappears, a charming smile and bright eyes taking its place. “Well, I do love you like a sister.”

“Love you too, bro,” I reply, my heart warming at the thought. It was true; he was like another brother to me. Stiles and him even bickered like siblings and the unwavering love in my heart for him, was just like the love I held for my family.

“Hey!” Stiles screams, ruining the heartfelt moment between me and Isaac. “You never tell me that! And I’m your real brother!”

I laugh before yelling down the hallway back to Stiles. “I love you too! By the way, I’m buying pizza with money dad left for us!”

“Sounds good,” he calls back.

I slap Isaac on the butt playfully, urging him to hurry up the stairs. “Go unpack already.”

“Y/N I don’t think siblings are allowed to touch one another like that,” he laughs.

“Well, luckily you’re not actually.”

“Thankfully,” he jokes. “Because then I’d be related to Stiles.”

Stiles walks into the room, his mouth agape, and sporting an offended expression on his face. “Excuse me, Lahey. You’d be honored to be related to me.”

“You’re funny,” Isaac mutters, running up the steps to go get settled into his new life.

“That kid has some nerve moving into my house and being disrespectful towards me,” Stiles rants, grimacing at Isaac’s retreating form with his arms crossed across his torso.

I slap his arm, him reacting by taking a few steps away from me. “Be nice,” I threaten. “He’s family.”

“Well, I’m family too,” Stiles retorts, stomping away from me and into the kitchen.

An amused smirk forms on my lips, wondering how my older brother still acted like an actual 5 year old. I situate myself back on the couch, remote in hand, scrolling through all the tv shows Isaac and I had been forcing one another to not watch until we were together again. It was almost impossible to wait months for it, but somehow both of us pulled through.

I ended up choosing American Horror Story, because we’d been wanting to watch that one for the longest. It’s just we never got around to it, even when Isaac was still in Beacon Hills.

Knuckles sound against the door and I mentally scream, having to get up from my already comfortable position on the couch. I jog to the kitchen, grabbing the 20 dollar bill and opening the door. I greet the scrawny teenager with jet black hair, giving him the money and telling him to keep the change.

“Thanks pretty lady,” he flirts, a cringe-worthy pucker of his lips making my eyes widen.

I snatch the three cans of soda and pizza boxes away from him. “Okaythanksbye,” I rush out, slamming the door on him and trying my best not to throw up.

“Well, that guy was really smooth,” Isaac teases. He’s now in a different set of clothes, a pair of grey sweatpants matching my own and a plain black tee. His curly hair also looked a bit more put together compared to his previous hair that was sticking up in odd places.

“If smooth also means repulsive, then yes, that was very smooth.” Isaac grins, taking the boxes out of my hands and bringing them to the kitchen, the impatience to eat, clear in his action.

I open the cardboard boxes, trying to refrain from moaning at the most amazing smell the world has to offer. Isaac digs right in, not even caring that it was hot. “Fuck,” he groans. “I definitely missed pizza.”

“Didn’t they have pizza in Paris?” I query, grabbing my own slice and taking a bite, the cheese forcing me to reanalyze my life goals. ‘Perhaps, I should work at a pizza place,’ a voice inside me suggested.

“Oh, but nothing beats good ole American 'Za,” Isaac determines, already done with his first slice.

“I highly doubt that,” I state, pushing back the hairs that were falling in my face.

“Believe what you want to, but that doesn’t mean it’s right,” he counters, devouring another slice.

“Let’s take this party in front of the tv,” I nudge, balancing the box in one hand and my slice in the other. Isaac takes our drinks, following my lead.

I put the box down and fall back, sinking into the comfort of the couch. I lean into Isaac, my head laying on his shoulder. This was a normal occurrence that some people felt was weird, but was completely non-romantic to us. We were just cozy like this; there wasn’t another reason for it.

“Good choice,” Isaac compliments, clicking on the first episode, the creepy theme song starting. I snuggle deeper into him, his body heat warming me up. He claps his hands together, brushing off the crumbs, then wrapping his arm around me, moving his legs to rest on the coffee table.

Stiles groans in the background. “Get a room.” I roll my eyes at his nonsense, because he and everyone else knew that neither Isaac nor I felt that way for each other. That spark a person was supposed to feel for someone they like, just wasn’t there, and neither of us cared.

“I’m happy you’re back for good,” I whisper looking up at those blue eyes, a color I only had positive feelings towards.

“Me too.”

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It's Steve's birthday. Dr. Strange's gift to him is to enchant his shield for a day.

Steve reaches over to take the bag of Cheese Puffs from Bucky, his lawn chair creaking ominously. He shoves a couple into his mouth, crunching noisily. Bucky wipes dusty fingers onto a orange stain on the front of his shorts. Steve holds out a napkin along with an opened bottle of coke. There’s a loud pop. A blue glow illuminates their faces and they both look up and smile. They morph from blue to red following another series of pops. Without turning, Bucky takes the bottle leaving the napkin.

As the red fades, Steve leans back in his chair, pushes bare toes at his kicked off boots, moving them closer together in the cool grass. His uniform jacket is unzipped, peeled down, sweaty undershirt exposed to the warm breeze.

“Another piece of cake?” Steve asks, taking Bucky’s empty bottle from the grass. He heads to the table on the deck. Tubs and plates cover the top, left over from the gathering earlier.

“Nah, but bring me another dog, will ya?” Bucky reaches out and snatches a lightning bug from the air, lets it run up his fingertip. It blinks a few times before lifting off, hovering inches from Bucky’s outstretched hand. Steve surprises him by stuffing a hotdog into the hand.

Steve rests an opened coke onto the seat next to Bucky. “Don’t knock that over.” He says dropping into his own lawn chair with a groan. “Today the strangest thing kept happening.”

Wolfing down the hotdog one handed, a blob of relish drips into Bucky’s lap. “Yeah?” he said around a mouth full of dog. His eyes widen as another series of fireworks light the sky.


“Stranger than aliens? Or, just normal strange?” Bucky said between bites.

“I don’t know. I’m out on the mission and I keep hearing the word, No.”

“Just, No?”

“Yeah but at least a couple dozen times.”

Bucky chokes on that last piece of hotdog. “Couple Dozen??” He gasps coughing. Steve leans closer, plucks the spilling soda from where Bucky knocked it as he jerked.  

The back door to the farmhouse clicks open and Doctor Strange steps out, looking damp and freshly clean from the harrowing afternoon. Bucky stands, “I woulda thought a couple times, not a couple dozen.”

Strange chimes in, “I counted twenty-eight times.” He wanders over, holding a plate of potato salad, beans and a burger. “You have something on your shorts.” He points his fork at the blob of relish.

Bucky pushes it onto the grass with an angry swipe, and stomps back into the house with a slam.

Steve stands. “What the heck?” he takes a step towards the back of the house. A loud series of thundering booms signals the grand finale, and the sky turns bright.

“My birthday gift to you, was that your shield would tell you if you were about to put yourself into harm’s way unnecessarily.”

“What?” Steve glances back and forth between the house and Strange. “What?” he repeats.

“I realized it was a futile and distracting gesture, and removed the spell after the enemy was subdued.”

“And Bucky knew?”

“He thought it would be helpful.” Strange watched the fireworks finish up. “It turned out to be distracting for your team. You on the other hand, completely ignored it.”

“I didn’t ignore it. I was focused.”

“You had to realize that every time you did something unnecessarily dangerous, you heard the word, No.”

“Well, everything we did today was dangerous.”

Strange turns and takes his empty plate back to the trash can on the porch. Over his shoulder he adds “The spell is for unnecessarily dangerous activities. Unnecessary being the key word.”

Steve slumped back into his chair as the light to Bucky’s room clicked on.

He sat alone in the lawn and the house grew quiet. Startling as something cold taps his back, he finds Bucky with two beer between his fingers. Taking one, Steve watches Bucky slide back into his seat. Together they stare at the constellations. The smell of honeysuckle drifts in on the warm breeze, and the a fireflies float over the wide field blinking their morse code.

Batting Skills//Scott McCall

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Hey! Can I ask for a Scott imagine? He and y/n had a really bad argument but then he gets hurt during a fight. With a fluffy ending? Thank you so much 💕


Walking around in the woods was not what I had expected when Scott asked me to hang out with him. The normal thing would be dinner, or a movie night, not the woods. Having friends (and a huge crush) that at supernatural is anything but normal.

Scott and I were currently walking in the woods, flashlights (and baseball bat) in hand, as we searched for God knows what. If it were anyone else, I would be at home watching Netflix, but I was such a sucker for Scott’s puppy eyes. They had the power to just reel me in. I’d do anything for him, but right now, walking in the woods was far from my idea of fun.

“What the hell are we even doing out here Scott?” I grumbled.

“I’m trying to pick up a scent of the other towns pack, they came into these woods and I want to know what they’re doing here” he replied.

“Yeah, I get that but it’s not like I can catch a scent or anything, I’m not like you guys” I said, “Stiles is good at investigating and I’m good with computers, so why am I out here? I’m like the least qualified to be out here!”

Just as the words left my mouth, Scott stopped in his tracks. There was the faint rustling of leaves behind us as Scott pushed me to hide behind a tree. When Scott turned around, he immediately got a punch to the stomach. One of the members of the opposite pack began to attack Scott and my blood began to boil. I contained my anger for the time being because I know Scott can handle himself.

That is, until his attacker gashes Scott’s side with his claws. My heart dropped as I saw the blood Scott was losing. The other wolf stood over Scott with pride, about to finish the job when I snapped. I sprang out from behind the tree and swung the bat to his head with all my force. He dropped to the ground, bleeding, as I helped Scott to my car.

I rushed to the clinic as fast as I could, calling Deaton on the way while simultaneously trying to keep Scott’s eyes open. He can’t die one me, he just can’t. The amount of blood he was using was unsettling. I sped my way into the clinic parking lot and ran to Scott’s door. Pulling him out of the car, I see Deaton coming up to Scott’s other side, helping me carry him inside. We lay him down on the cold, silver table as Scott is in and out of consciousness.

“The cut is deep” Deaton said, “I have a medicine I can put on the wound, but he’ll heal by himself. Slowly, but he will”.

Deaton gave me the tube of medicine he used so Scott can keep using it until he’s back to a hundred percent, and wraps up Scott’s leg. Scott falls asleep on the way back to his house, a peaceful look on his face. Once at the McCall home, I help him upstairs and into bed. I left for 2 minutes to run downstairs and get an ice pack for him, and when I return to his room, he’s in sweatpants sprawled across the bed. I give him the pack and hit on the edge of his bed. Our eyes met, and my heart fluttered.

“I’m sorry Scott, about what I said tonight.. I know I’m not really apart of the pack, but I do appreciate being included. Just maybe the next time we hang out, let’s not go into the creepy woods?” I said, ended in a chuckle.

“Of course you’re apart of the pack. I wouldn’t have it any other way” he said with a smile. Things like that reminded me why I liked him so much. “And deal, no more trips to the woods. But, it isn’t that late.. You wanna stay and watch a movie?” he asked.

“Yeah I’d like that” I replied as I sat beside him, nestled against his chest.

“And thanks for totally kicking that guys ass tonight. You’re pretty good with a bat”.

“Why thank you, Stiles taught me some moves” I said with a wink.

Writer’s note: I drifted from the request a little bit, it wasn’t a super big fight but I love bby Scott. I hope you like it anon! Requests are open :) -M

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saphael + “quit staring! they’ll notice us!” :)

“quit staring! they’ll notice us!” Raphael whispers over the greasy menus of the Jade Wolf. Though he couldn’t see it he new Simon was smiling.

“So, let them, I’m tired of keeping us a secret” Simon said not even attempting to keep his voice low, Raphael’s was positive Luke and Maia could hear them from where they stood at the kitchen door. Probably Magnus too, though he didn’t have sensitive hearing, Simon did have a big mouth.

“You wouldn’t mind your little shadowhunter friends finding out that you’ve been sneaking into the hotel DuMort, but for all the right reasons?” Raphael asked with a smirk.

“It’s like I live there” Simon grinned “but bigger bed and more access to your clothes”

“You’re still on probation” Raphael teased and sat the menu aside to lean across the table.

“You love me” Simon whispered and reached Raphael halfway.

“I’m in no position to deny myself from that fact” Raphael smiled and brushed his lips against Simon’s.

“C'mom now pay up Luke” Magnus grinned and extended a hand to Luke with a smirk “told you my boy couldn’t keep his hands off of yours”