i keep telling this to people

From a comrade:

“The Nazis have placed a literal bounty on the person who punched neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. If you know this person, tell them to stay quiet, and keep your own mouth shut. They will murder them.”

Don’t be a snitch, y'all. These are dire times.

Also, @ the people who tried to pull this person’s mask off on camera/pursue them afterward for being a “criminal,” this is the kind of thing you’re facilitating.

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[NOTE: Yes I have a source for this. I saw the bounty myself. It’s not especially hard to find, but I still feel weird linking to it on a public post, so if you really need me to direct you to it, you can PM me]

Folk, I need input. 

I’ve re-written the article on the TMZ dog stuff people keep asking for about six times this week because every time it’s almost ready new information comes out, and I can’t publish it if it’s not accurate (woo perfectionism). 

I’m so immersed in the professional animal world that in my feeds, it’s already old news that people are ready to be done talking about. I can’t tell if that’s the way people not as in the know feel. 

Is it even worth publishing at this point? I’ve been writing up not just what happened but the thought process behind why things occurred and situational context for folk who are not familiar with how training for film or welfare considerations work. It’s getting pretty long. It doesn’t tell you more of the basic ‘here is the story’ than you can find with a quick google, but I tried to help people understand way more than most of the articles bother to go into. 


Shu Headcanon (King Shu 5 Edition)

So close…
‘You smell so good…’ He whispers. 'Better than I remember..’
'Maybe because I’m pregnant?’ You suggest, trying to keep your lips close to his.
'Maybe, you are carrying my child after all…’ He says, you groan softly as his lips brush yours as he speaks.
Was he teasing you?
'Tell me. How are your emotions? Are they erratic as people say?’
You nod, this need for him has always been great but tonight it was a desperate hunger.
'I can be happy one minute and then the next..’
Your hand creeps up and plays with his shirt. Shu notes your eyes are glazed over with lust.
'Be wild with wanting?’ He smirks, 'Lewd woman.’
You smile back at him, his eyes were so beautiful.
'I hope my girl will have your eyes..’
Shu finally dips his head lower, his lips pressed on yours but not kissing you. His head lent on yours.
'OUR daughter..’
'Yes..our baby..’ Saying that made your heart expand.
'Our baby will be beautiful anyway..’ Shu whispers.
You had no idea Shu could be so sweet. How strange.
You moved your lips, lightly kissing him until he took charge and claimed your mouth completely. Giving into that needy hunger.
Breathless gasps and groans filled the room as you both clung onto each other.
'Shu..’ you call his name to help you stay sane as his kisses and touches push you over into a frenzy.

A knock on the door ruined that.
'Ah my lord? You are needed.’ The voice in the other side sounded serious.
Shu sighed heavily and back away.
'I apologise. Go to bed.’ He tells you and soon leaves the room.
It had ended so quickly.
But what surprised you the most was how Shu was acting and treating you. Usually he takes you and you leave, no feelings involved.
That’s how he treats all the girls.

Shu had made his way down the flight of stairs, following the guard who had called for him.
He groaned as he came to the familiar door.
'Why have they sent for me?’
'They wouldn’t tell me my Lord.’
Shu nods and pushes the door open, dreading the sight and sounds he would hear.
'My lord!’
'Master! Come see me!’
'No please I beg you! Take me to your room!’
He rolled his eyes.
'Who sent for me? Who dares interrupt my time?’
A blonde girl steps forward, she bows and smiles at him.
He tries to remember her name.
'It was me my Lord. I’m truly sorry. I just thought I needed to tell you something that you should definitely know.’
'Oh? And?’ Shu leans against the doorframe.
'Y/n your Lord is pregnant. But I can not be sure it is truly yours.’ The blonde plays with her untied shirt.
Shu feels a hard cold shiver down his spine.
'Oh? How do?’
'The girl had been seeing someone else. Another sakamaki. He comes for 'chats’ with her.’
One of his brothers?!
'Subaru my Lord!’ Another girl joins in. 'He comes quite a lot to see her.’
Shu says nothing, he just frowns and leaves.
Leaving the girls giggling and proud of the mess they had made.

You tucked yourself into the luxury sheets and rubbed your belly once again. Remembering his kisses made you blush.
You smiled happily, maybe he would take you as his constant companion?
The door burst open and Shu glared at you.
'Ah? Shu? What was it?’ You gasped sitting up.
'Tell me now. Is that child mine?’ He thundered his voice so dark.
'Of course it is!’ You reply quickly.
'Oh? And Subaru has been taking you for what? For you to rub his feet?’
'W-what?! Subaru? He is nothing but a friend! We go in the garden together! To admire the roses!’
It was true. You was a big fan of roses and found out that Subaru was too. Sometimes when he tended them he came for you to help him. Your mother had spent years raising perfect roses so you knew all about them.
Shu frowned, not sure if to believe you.
'It’s true! Ask him! Why on earth would you think otherwise?!’
He sighed and rubbed his temples.
He was too tired for this.
'Shu..can’t you drink my blood and see?’ You ask him. 'You can do that right?’

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I read about the "hate" reviews you guys have to go through. So it made me want to tell you all something: You guys are awesome. Don't let anyone say otherwise. FYI, every time I see you guys updating your stories makes me do a short jingle. Rest assured I will always be an ardent fan of you guys. You people inspire us to write and read and appreciate the magic of creating worlds with words. Know this, our love will outshine hate's dark clouds. Keep writing. Never Stop

Thank you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Most people (truly, almost all) are incredibly wonderful. And most ‘bad’ reviews are either well intentioned but badly worked (“make this a real story!” On a Drabble, for example) or just kind of annoying. (“This said AU but I didn’t expect it to deviate from canon this much!!!”). But, sheesh, some of the really nasty people are really nasty, and I truly don’t think writers should have to suck this up. We are a community. We can police ourselves and make this culturally unacceptable. Yeah, my skin is pretty thick, but 1) it shouldn’t have to be, and 2) the toxicity drives away people who could contribute more wonderful stories and art to this pairing.

Tell writers you like their work. Encourage people with hardly any reviews so they don’t feel like they are shouting into a void. Don’t bash things you don’t like.

The road to becoming a better writer isn’t paved with learning to endure abuse, so don’t accept the idea that getting the feedback 'yer drako is too lame’ is just a price you have to pay for improvement.

We can make dramione a fandom known for kindness and support. It can be a place that nurtures writers and artists. Ten years from now, book reviews can read, “Another bestselling writer emerges from the dramione part of the Harry Potter online fan fiction community.”

The only thing stopping us is ourselves.

So, I was thinking, here’s how the reveal should go:

Some times in the future, due to an unexpected turn of event, Nino, of all people, discovers that Marinette is Ladybug and Adrien is Chat Noir.

During 2 separate instances tho.

Like, just think about it, Nino knows who Chat Noir is, knows who Ladybug is, They know he knows, but neither Ladybug nor Chat Noir knows who the other is.

And he has to keep his mouth shut about it.


He can’t tell Marinette that her crush is actually in love with her, because Bro Code, can’t tell Adrien that HIS crush is actually in love with him, because otherwise Marinette is gona dropkick him to next sunday, and has to run interference every time Marinette and Adrien have to hide in order to transform FOR BOTH MARINETTE AND ADRIEN, AT THE SAME TIME, WITHOUT THEM SUSPECTING ANYTHING ABOUT THE OTHER.

So, he just has to be there, being the Love Square secret keeper, having to suffer trough it with us.

It would be basically like that one series of episodes of friends where Chandler and Monica are secret dating, Joey knows and can’t do ANYTHING ABOUT IT.


Speaking Truthfully (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Part: 1/1

Word Count: 1,219

Warnings: Angst.

Author’s Note: Inspired by the DNCE song Truthfully. I have had this idea floating around in my head for a while. Super angsty, but I thought it fit really well with the “dating a celeb” trope.

Description: Follows lyrics of the song where Reader is more in love with Seb than Seb is with the reader. Heartbreak follows.

Originally posted by heatherpotter

Love was never something you considered you deserved. Who could love someone like you? You would tell yourself late at night. It was why you preferred to keep people at a distance. At least emotionally. You’d date, but you would always end up dodging their phone calls the next day. Always finding a stupid reason why they were never good enough. To tall, to rude, to conceited, to nice… Your list was long and ridiculous. Until Sebastian walked into your life.

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omg you fanfic where Johnny gets hurt and his dad gets really mad about it I really liked it and i thought that maybe you could do a fan fiction where Johnny gets like hurt but he is trying to be discreet from his dad while he is in jail but every time he visits his dad his dad starts to realize something is wrong and he gets released and he finds out that his son has been getting beat by these guys that his dad has ever done wrong to. I thought that you would be really good at writing this lol

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy!

“You don’t so good.”

“Well people usually tell me I look like you, so watch what you say.”

BD chuckled at his son. Johnny had been coming to visit him every other day and keeping him updated on his life. He was grateful for the time his son took to see him so often, but times like these had him suspecting that Johnny wasn’t always telling the whole story.

“You’re not sleeping well, are you?”

“’Course I am, it’s just…theatre can be exhausting.” Johnny broke eye contact and looked up at the ceiling; BD scowled, that was a telltale sign that Johnny was hiding something.

Leaning closer to the window separating them, BD motioned for Johnny to do the same. Up close, Johnny looked truly tired, bags under red eyes and worn lines in his face.

“What happened to your mouth?”

“Ah, nothing dad.” Another look to the ceiling. “Just been biting my lips again, is all.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” Johnny pulled back and a guilty look crossed his face. “Are you lying to me?”

Johnny hesitated and that was all BD needed to know. “It’s been really hard without having you around, dad.” His voice went soft and BD’s expression followed.

“I know, son, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, dad. That’s just…why everything is… Why it’s all different now.”

“You would tell me if something were troubling you, right?”

Johnny glanced at the ceiling again. “You know I would.”

“Boss!” Barry greeted him as soon as he was back in their shared cell while Doug sat on his cot, avoiding his gaze. “I need to talk to you.”

First, trouble with his son and now his friend’s got something wrong; Big Daddy sighed. Running a hand over his face, he waited for Barry to continue.

“You remember those bulls we had a territorial issue with a few months ago?” He nodded. “They know we’re in jail.”

“The whole city knows that.”

“I mean, they know that Johnny’s alone.”

BD removed his hand from his face and stared at his friend. “What?”

Barry held eye contact and worry was all over his face. “Word on the street is that they’ve been… They’ve been terrorizing him.” Barry exhaled heavily. “Been chasing him home, getting…physical once they’ve caught him.”

“What the hell does that mean?” BD drew to his full height and exposed his canines. He knew that his friend wasn’t a danger, but any threat to his son was a threat to him.

Doug stood beside his friend, they both knew their boss could be scary, but Barry didn’t back down. “It means that our enemies know your boy is all by himself and they’re taking out revenge on him!” He said sternly.

BD moved faster than either of them predicted; he spun around and used his fist to place a nice hole in the wall. Barry waved through the new window to the geese on the other side as Doug grabbed the hand of their partner.

“They want to see what revenge looks like!” BD roared. “I’ll show them my own revenge!” He raced to the window and reached for the bars, but Doug and Barry had beaten him there and blocked him.


“You can’t get out again!” Barry kept his voice low.

It took both of them to wrestle BD away from the window. “I need to see my son!

“We’ve - argh - already called in…some favors!” Doug grunted out, pushing him back.

“We got - ow! - people on the - ugh - outside wa-watching…outforhim!”

“What are you two talking about?” BD snarled, throwing down their hands and remaining still. They had perked his curiosity.

Doug and Barry panted heavily. “We got a hold of some…friends?” Barry’s uncertainty didn’t relax BD at all.

“Who?” They didn’t have friends outside of themselves. It was just the three of them and Johnny.

“The Shepherds.” Doug answered.

“We don’t work with them. We never have. What do they have to do with my son?”

“’The enemy of my enemy is my friend’,” Doug quoted. “They and the bulls have been getting into a lot, we’ve got them on our side. They’re watching out for Johnny.”

At BD’s questioning glance, Barry continued. “On the deal that we release information on the bulls to the police. It’ll get us time off our sentence on top of that.”

The three of them stayed silent. It was an unspoken rule to not rat out other criminals, a weird code of honor.

But another rule was to not go after each others’ kids.

BD still had his teeth bared and was nearly snarling. “How do we know they’ll keep up their end?”

“They’re not big on violence,” Barry reassured. “They weren’t happy hearing about the situation. But, they’ve got to protect Johnny for a full week before we say anything.”

Their boss turned to the door, ready to leave, but Doug’s question stopped him. “Where are you going?”

“Get the word out,” BD growled. “Anyone who lays a finger on Johnny dies. By my hands. Make sure the word gets back to the bulls.”

Barry and Doug nodded silently and watched as he left on his own mission.

I didn’t really know how/where to end this, I might get around to re-writing it. I hope you guys still enjoyed it!

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Can I get your friend to set me up with a guy too? I've been in my fair share of relationships and at first they're great! The guys (and me, don't mean to brag but I'm a fantastic girlfriend) are affectionate, sweet, chivalrous, and do nice things all the time. And after months(even after a year) they just stop and it barely seems like they care at all. Meanwhile I'm still doing all those same things. Is it bad luck with guys or do I just suck at this?

We’re not friends anymore. But anywho.

A lot of relationships wind up like that. People “put in the work,” then once they’ve locked the person down, they stop making an effort. That’s how shit goes stale. The key to a successful relationship is constant effort and communication. You both have to be trying to keep things current, playful, and fresh.

Multiple times a day, every day, I tell Cliff how handsome he is. I pinch his butt, I ask him how he’s feeling, I give him affection, I tell him how happy he makes me, and I thank him for literally every nice thing he does for me. He is the exact same way. No kind act is an expectation. If I bring him coffee, he lights up. “Baby! Thank you so much. How’d I get so lucky?” When you are constantly loving and appreciative, your partner wants to do nice things for you, because they know they’re gonna get rewarded for it.

So I guess these are my thoughts: first, never become “official” with a man that you haven’t known for at least two months (three is better). People can fake it for 2-3 months. Then after that, the truth comes out. You see the real them. And you want to see the real them before you lock yourself into that equation.

Second, communicate. Tell your partner how you’re feeling. You don’t have to fight about it. Just speak openly and honestly. Tell them what you want out of the relationship.

Last, be in the moment with them. Love on them and appreciate all the nice things they do. Verbally. No good deed should go unacknowledged, no matter how small. And obviously, they should be doing the same. And if they’re not, repeat step 2 and communicate. Or if they’re just an asshole, dump ‘em.

I guess when you’re used to being lied to or being kept from the truth you will always have this feeling that something isn’t right. You will always feel that something’s missing or lacking. And I don’t mind you not giving back what I give or not doing anything at all. If they think I don’t deserve to be doing this or that or if I don’t deserve the people I have in my life, I don’t care. I don’t even mind people not sharing everything all at once. You don’t always get friends that are true to you all the time. They will always have a secret to keep, a story they won’t share.But hey, all I am asking is for you to tell the truth because I’ve told you what I’ve told everyone else and that’s the truth. If I don’t like you, I’ll say it. If I am mad or jealous or upset, I’ll say it. If I like you no matter how hard it is for me to admit it, I will tell. If I miss you, or I need you, you will know. If I don’t like your clothes or your hair, I will say it directly because that’s what I am. All I wanted is for you to be honest with me, and yet you make me feel as if I didn’t even deserve that too.

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I know many people tell you this, but you are seriously one of the best people I've seen in the BTS tumblr fandom! Thank you so much for everything you do. It's much appreciated and I always go to your page to keep up with updates and such! :)

thank you so much, i really try my best so this means a lot!!

Tomorrow is an interesting day for me. It’s a busy day in the sense that I need to see the eye doctor (kid broke my glasses), go to the dmv, and meet with my trainer.
But tomorrow is also the 9 year anniversary of losing my mom. That anniversary is always very difficult for me (I’ve only been eating everything in sight for the past month and a half 😕😕) I usually just try to keep to myself and do something that my mom loved doing.
But tomorrow I also need to go to the memorial service for my first girlfriend. She’s the person who tried to pull my mom out of our house fire just over 9 years ago. We didn’t have the greatest relationship after we broke up but she taught me a lot about myself and still always tried to have my back. She was a huge believer in fate and the different ways people connect and I know she would tell me that those dates coincide “for a reason” and I’m trying really hard to view it that way instead of seeing it as cruel. 💙

Reasons why I am pro-choice

-Abortion is safer than childbirth So i don’t have the right to make some risk their life for another “life”.

- Some people miscarriage and I don’t have the right to tell someone to keep hold on to a pregnancy they could very well lose.`

-Some people do drugs/alcohol. Keeping a baby while you are using results in issues for future children and they repeat history. So you end up with generations of addicted/sick/mental handicap children who didn’t get to pick their parents.

-Some babies are sick and i mean deadly sick. I don’t have a right to make a baby suffer to make others feel better.

-Just like I can’t force you to donate blood or an organ to safe someone i can’t force you to sacrifice your body for a “life”.

-Fetuses don’t feel pain the parent does. I don’t have the right to make someone else feel pain.

-Abortions don’t stop because they are illegal anyway just ends in more death and suffering.

-In other words not my life not my choice to make.

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I read about the "hate" reviews you guys have to go through. So it made me want to tell you all something: You guys are awesome. Don't let anyone say otherwise. FYI, every time I see you guys updating your stories makes me do a short jingle. Rest assured I will always be an ardent fan of you guys. You people inspire us to write and read and appreciate the magic of creating worlds with words. Know this, our love will outshine hate's dark clouds. Keep writing. Never Stop

Thank you. I luck out in that I mostly write Marauders and Gryffindors, which seems to be a LOT less nastiness than other ships. People who leave me actual hate are people that pick issues with the sexuality of my characters and just have hate in their hearts. Thankfully, those readers appear to be rare these days. 

Please do share your enthusiastic love with other writers as well. ♥♥♥

Submission: This doesn’t justify shit.

Reply: Huh. Makes me wonder if she’s doing it. Verification that she’s reading though. But anyway, in case she sees this…
Hi Sarah! I just want to let you know I’ve never said anything mean about your appearance. I’ve complimented you a few times though. We try to keep any rudeness to Greg only here. Anyway, you seem pretty upset over some comments people made and happy I’m getting some hate comments. The thing is, I’m not impacted by the hate. I found the attempts at insults legitimately funny. That’s why I made so many jokes about it. Its not the end of the world to me, not even close. If it makes you feel better that I’m being attacked, that’s fine. I learned a long time ago to not put to much thought into what people tell me to think about myself. As long as I have people to support me, I’m okay. I hope you get to that point someday too.

Ever since the election, there’s been a lot of talk of “don’t tell me I’m overreacting or being melodramatic”.  And actually, I really get that, because about 99 times out of 100 calling someone melodramatic is a pretty dickish thing to do.  If indeed we are as close to a fascist dystopia as some people sincerely believe, and especially if they or their loved ones belong to minority groups that seem particularly vulnerable, then their dramatic language in describing their feelings seems pretty reasonable and valid.  And it’s good to keep in mind that when someone is feeling scared and helpless, one of the most guaranteed ways to feel even worse is for them to get the impression that others don’t understand their feelings or believe they’re invalid.  It’s certainly not going to compel them to listen to what you have to say.

So no, I don’t think anyone’s being melodramatic.

On the other hand, when I see my friends going on about how our new president is basically another Hitler who clearly is bound and determined to deny all non-straight-white-male people basic human rights, is evidently gearing up to attack all forms of LGBT rights, actively hates disabled people, is going to destroy the very fabric of our democracy and push it close to dictatorship, might even cause another Civil War, etc. and how many people in certain groups now have to fear for their lives… I really wish I could find a way to comfort them in some way.  I want to tell them that I believe their interpretation of events is melodramatic.  But I’m afraid that will be confused with the former offensive judgment and besides, my reasoning might come across as too relatively calm-sounding for me to have any credibility.

It’s practically a cliche that people tend towards irrationally believing in whatever they find more comforting, but it’s interesting to note how hard people seem to instead resist it in certain types of situations.

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Honestly the worst part about this DiP thing was a while back she was majorly harassing a few people for "being racist to her" and while some ppl told her to stop bc the ppl in question had apologized, others were insisting that it was racist to tell a black woman to shut up and like... finding out she's white is such a slap in the face. She basically lied so she could keep harassing people over issues that weren't even hers to speak on.


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mom i fucked up real bad and i hurt some people along the way and i feel really shitty and the last time this happened i cut and im over 50 days clean and i dont wanna break it. help?

Think about those 50 days. They weren’t easy, but you’ve come this far and i know you can keep fighting it.
Im going to tell you something you already know. Hurting yourself just adds to the problem, it doesn’t solve anything. Think about all the victories you’ve had in the past 50 days, you’ve worked so hard. Don’t let it slip away now. Do your healthy coping skills until you feel safe again and talk to me if you need to, im always here for you.

Dudes, it’s been over 3 years since I’ve been single like this. What am I even supposed to do right now?

Like what do single people do? Cause like talking to people on Tinder is weird, especially if I’m like not ready for another relationship. And just resting keeps me in my head way too much.

And then like how do you deal with like your ex with other people? Cause like we’re still friends and still roommates and I have no idea how to appropriately respond to them telling me about their new prospects.

Urg social skills are so hard.