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Hi! I've been kind of stalking your blog for like an hour now and I just really wanted to request a headcanon if that's alright! Could I request like the RFA+Saeran teaching MC how to drive? Thank you!! 💝

Haha, thank you! And yes, of course. Hope you like these! 


  • He offers his car to learn on
  • He still drives stick shift
  • He takes you around his neighborhood
  • Really good at giving directions and explaining things
  • To keep things interesting, he’ll sometimes instruct you with different voices
  • He’ll act like different characters too sometimes
  • When he’s showing you how to change gears, he keeps his hand on top of yours
  • Really just an excuse to hold your hand
  • This guy is the best teacher for parking
  • He can literally park anywhere
  • When you’re learning parallel parking, he will get out of the car and be the cone himself
  • “Don’t run over this pretty face,” he would tease
  • It came close a few times though
  • Dangerously close


  • He’s really good at explaining driving in theory
  • But he tends to mix things up practically
  • “Okay, MC, turn left.”
  • “No! Wait sorry! Go back into the right hand lane! NO!”
  • He’s super protective of you while driving though
  • He’ll tell you you’re going too fast when you’re literally going 5mph
  • You guys got lost a few times because he kept spacing out
  • “Yoosung, where do I turn?”
  • Turns out it was three blocks ago
  • “You’re such a good driver, I got relaxed!”
  • He’s really bad at parking though
  • So you’ll try three times and still be crooked and he just shrugs


  • Worst. Passenger. Ever.
  • She’s freaking out before you even leave the parking lot
  • Also the type of person to slam on invisible breaks when she thinks you’re too close to something
  • Once she’s a bit calmer, she’ll be really good at giving instructions
  • Still calls out red lights from like a mile away
  • “Jaehee, it’s going to turn green by the time we get there!”
  • She really wants you to be an excellent driver
  • So, she’ll bring a ruler along to make sure you’re exactly six inches from the curb
  • Even though she’s antsy, she’s always willing to come with you to practice


  • Ha…hahaha
  • Driver Kim teaches you
  • Jumin is in the backseat for support though


  • He’ll offer one of his babies for you to practice on
  • But you notice he doesn’t offer certain cars…you don’t blame him
  • He’ll always end up taking you to an empty parking lot late at night like you driving is the most illegal thing
  • You think he would be chill, but he’s a really panicky passenger
  • He’s so used to driving himself, it’s hard to get used to
  • He builds you a driving course with various obstacles after awhile, so you can practice
  • There’s cardboard pedestrians that pop up (with his face on them)
  • Like Jaehee, he’s super OCD about parking
  • By the time you’re done, you can practically park anywhere
  • To celebrate you getting your license, he builds you a GPS with his voice
  • “Seven Zero Seven, guiding your way…to my heart.”
  • It’s sweet...but it gives crap directions


  • “So, Saeran, am I doing this right?”
  • “Huh? Oh, I don’t know. I never learned how to drive.”
  • “What?! Then why did you agree to do this?” 

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I secretly think that you must draw stick figures doing the dirty just so you can keep things straight when you write RIDICULOUSLY HOT FILTHY STORIES.

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Maybe I just like drawing filthy stick figures, alright?!

Seriously though, I usually sketch the layout of a room when I start a scene in a new location to help me plan out any action. I’m usually pretty good at mentally keeping track of the filthy stuff because I have to visualize it to write it. If I can’t visualize it, I act out enough of it out to allow me to write a realistic description and then I can usually fill in the rest…

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And that’s how I ended up with a pair of panties stuffed in my mouth last weekend. LOL.

RE:Tell me something you secretly think about me…


Oi, folks. 

I wish your day to have been spent well, or will be. Thanks for sticking with me through winds and tides. It is appreciated.

Found an internship for my 2nd year in animation school ! so that’s dope news. No more mails sent or anything. No calls, no 800th editting of my reel nor nothing. Fhoufhhh 

life kind of sucked emotionally lately and still does, so i’m lacking strength to finish / post much things.

Insomnia my old friend. I should let you go, it isn’t doing me good to keep you for so long. I’m litteraly going to die of a heart attack otherwise.. 


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I just wanted to pop in and say I love your blog just the way it is! That one anti-BTS anon can do what they want but the fact that you blog stuff from all different groups is one of my favorite things about you. Keep up the good work!

I stan so many groups, and have so much love to give. I couldn’t stick to one group/person even if I tired :/ lol I’m doomed to be a multifandom blogger. But thank you for the sweet message. It makes me so happy to hear that you enjoy that about my blog~

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So the past week and a half I've been eating well and feeling good and have even lost a few pounds but then today I just had a huge binge and I feel sick and I'm really disappointed in myself :(

I’m super familiar with the yo-yo trend and you can prevent it by removing guilt from your life. If you haven’t already, check out Kelly U’s videos on YouTube. She has so many helpful videos about binging that don’t just say “just be mindful :^)” because I can tell you that I can be 100% aware that I’m binging and still be emotionally driven to keep going. Part of what drives that emotion is guilt and under that emotion is anger, stress, sadness, and things that you haven’t addressed completely. And that’s okay! You’re not broken or bad for having those emotions.
You can’t be 100% “perfect” forever. In fact, that kind of pressure to stick to a diet or exercise plan builds up stress and your brain WANTS to snap—it’s just a matter of when. This isn’t the case for everyone, but if you struggle with binging you know exactly what I mean. You might not crave a single thing and then all of a sudden you’ve got a handful of saltines or a tub of ice cream or a banana or whatever you’re just picking up to put in your mouth.
The most important thing is to not automatically cut, do more cardio, or make up for it. It just happened so you can’t change it. It’s better to face your body head on and love it unconditionally. Even love your sadness or your guilt as experiences worth being felt, but then don’t encourage them by living in them.
I finally got my binging under control by first not buying foods that triggered the behavior: cereal, ice cream, and rice cakes. Little by little I reintroduced the foods and am proud to say that I have a pint of ice cream in my freezer that has lasted over a week. And I have a bowl of cereal at least four times a week to the point where it’s no longer special for me. I have a rice cake a day.
You are 100% capable of facing this behavior and not allowing it to control you as long as you don’t overcorrect when it happens—just get back on the road.

Looking back on 2016, I’m very glad that I was dragged into Mystic Messenger hell towards the later part of the year. I was able to somehow stick and develop an art style that I really had fun with. I love splashing colors and details around, and I’m glad it fits so well with the crack comics I’ve always been wanting to do. On another note, people say I also look like my art ((im guessing it’s mostly the meme faces maybe HAHA ♥))

I’m very delighted and honored to be able to make you all happier with my art ^__^ Thank you so much for all your support ♥ I hope you will continue supporting me for the next year as well! Happy New Year, everyone, and stay safe!

Some thoughts under the cut to keep things short ♥

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“I want a kpop group that does aggressive concepts” 

“…. But also does soft concepts…”

“… But can still keep their hard image…”


“.. A Group that shows their sensitive side..”


“… But also releases Japanese albums…”

“… A group that doesn’t stick to one concept…” 

“… A Group with deep meaningful lyrics and hard hitting MVs..?” 

“… A group that writes and produces their own music…”

“ A group that no matter how hard they work and how much shit they’ve gone through are still 100% for their fans and only truly care about their passions and life but still keep us updated and make sure we’re happy and continue to support us as much as we support them”

some things i’ve learned along the way
  • don’t go somewhere uninvited. if they didn’t extend an invite, they don’t want you there enough and you don’t want to be somewhere you’re not welcome.
  • always keep chapstick in your bag.
  • when it comes to your employers or teachers, always leave things on a good note. and by that, i mean, write thank you notes. you never know when a contact will come in handy.
  • don’t date a colleague. wherever it is you work, be it dunkin donuts or a big corporate office, it’s not a good idea. you’ll see them all the time - and that’s not a good thing, trust me.
  • stop with the coffee. i know it’s a culture and it keeps you awake but maybe try sticking to a better sleeping schedule or drink some tea.
  • say yes to dates. unless you’re completely repulsed by that person, a first date won’t kill you. at the very least, you’ve got a new friend.
  • admit when you’re wrong. honestly, it’s the mature thing to do and people will respect you more. 
  • some friendships have a timeline. you don’t want to think they do, but sadly, certain people are only in your life for a few chapters. let go when the time has come. 
  • later on, you’ll realize that advice is arbitrary. you listen to people but in the end, it’s all on you. and you’ll be just fine, you’ve figured it out before, you can do it again.

i. write more. reflect more. be unafraid to write what scares you.

ii. keep track of things in your life. make lists and stick to them. schedule and pay attention to deadlines.

iii. work hard and make effective use of your time. learn when to take a break and when not to.

iv. exercise more. eat healthier. drink more water. rest. pay attention to your body and take care of yourself. you only have one body and it’s in your power to make it the best it can be.

v. address issues headfirst. don’t leave them to fester and pile up. the weight off your shoulders will be incredible.

vi. read more. expose yourself to new ideas, facts, and philosophies.

vii. be creative - in your writing, journaling, makeup, wardrobe, and thoughts.

viii. keep it real. life is too short for illusion and deception. be honest. know when to be brutal and when to be tactful.

ix. take no shit but deal no shit. don’t let people treat you badly. don’t cause people harm.

x. eliminate negativity. surround yourself with people who care about you and things that make you happy.

xi. let your friends and family know you love them. affection is not a weakness.

xii. love yourself for who you really are, not for who people think you to be.

xiii. don’t be afraid of having insecurities. you are human.

xiv. be confident. meet new people. try new things. don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. there’s so much out there and you can be a part of it.

xv. talk deeply with people. learn their stories and perspectives. empathize and understand. discuss meaningful things.

xvi. it’s okay if you feel out of place with the religion you once followed. your beliefs are yours and yours alone. think and reflect. expose yourself to different ideas. it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers right now.

xvii. pay attention to you. understand who you are. sympathize with yourself and know your own needs. don’t push yourself into generalized boxes and don’t settle for less.

xviii. you are a work in progress. forgive yourself. your life is yours to create.

—  my goals for this year
Corre (Part 1)

Summary: It was meant to be a one night thing, friends resolving the tension between them. But it turned into so much more.

Word Count: 699

Warnings: None.

A/N: So, I’’m excited! Hope you all enjoy! :D 

Pacing back and forth wasn’t helping, but you knew it was the only thing you could do in order to keep yourself sane. Keep moving, keep going, don’t stop.and stare down at the stick that was either going to give you relief or break you down until you didn’t know what to do with yourself.

Raking a hand down your face, you groaned loudly as you glanced over at your phone. You had set a stopwatch for three minutes and yet only one and a half had gone by. And yet it felt like you had been in here for your whole life.

“Come on!” you screamed at it, knowing how ridiculous you must have looked. But you looked away, head pulled back to look at the ceiling. “Oh God, I can’t. I can’t look. I just can’t.”

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Things Jack has said/ wrote on his whiteboard:


“You’re not a bad person, you can get out of it and I believe in you. If no one else believes in you just trust that I believe in you.”

“Please keep your chin up. You may not see it now but you are a unique beautiful individual in your own way, so keep on fighting and stick in there.”

“I hope I can be there for you, as a voice as a friend while playing games with you. If anyone feels lonley or depressed or anything like that, Jack is here.”

“Sometimes you gotta have downs, to have ups. It’s not always gonna be fucking rainbows and sunshine all the time, that just doesn’t work that’s not life. Life is gonna kick you in the hoochies every now and then you just gotta get up and go ‘Hey! That hurt! That made me cry. But I’m gonna get up stronger from that and not get kicked in the hoochies again.’ ”

“You have to have some of the dark times to be able to experience the light every now and then.”

“Failure is not the end.”

“Sadness isn’t weakness.”

“It’s not about the final product, it’s about the journey, the experience. Being able to look back and say “I did this!”

“Whatever you like to do, whatever you’re good at, DO IT! Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.”

“Do what you do. Do what makes you happy. And stop trying to please everyone else, just be happy.”

“Be true to yourself.”

“Do your best.”

“Be more positive.”

“Sometimes it’s good to take a deeper look at yourself and see the flaws so you can work on them and become a better person.”

“Learn your weaknesses and fears. Embrace them, then no one will be able to use them.”

“People are just gonna hate you for really stupid reasons sometimes. And you just gotta power through it. You just gotta ignore them. Don’t take the haters seriously.”

“You make me smile. Thank you!”

“If I can make one person smile or laugh everyday then I know I’m doing good.”

“Do great things. Work harder.”

“Whatever you’re going through is temporary. Suicide is permanent. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I believe in you and whatever you’re going through you can fight through it.”

“So please, keep on fighting.”

“Go out there and show the world who’s boss!”

"Think before you act.”

I’m sure there are tons more and this doesn’t even include the countless twitter and tumblr inspirations he’s posted as well. It’s also one of the main reasons I respect him so highly and look up to him. Jack if you ever read this, thank you for making my world a little brighter everyday.

I am endlessly troubled by “It’s not your place” rhetoric - you’re too young to be political, shut up. Singers actors artists should stick to what they’re good at and keep their opinions to themselves. How many times do we see “You need to keep to what you’re doing and stay out of politics.”

It is a very strange and yet effective silencing technique. Know your place. You’re not here to have a voice, you’re here to entertain us. You’re too young to understand. You’re a millennial, what do you know?

It’s an odd thing to witness. The assumption that a voting member of society can’t have an opinion because you’d rather ignore it. You’d rather like to picture your actresses as anti-feminist. Your musicians as nonplussed by racism. You believe this media was made for you, specifically, and that they can ruin it when they say unequivocally: no it’s not. You believe that the opinion of the youth is irrelevant even when they inherit the planet. You believe that anyone who speaks up against you is out of line.

Which begs the question. Who is allowed to have a voice? Who is allowed to speak up? You silence those with large platforms and dismiss the small ones. Do we all just turn a our head and stay out of politics? Leave it for the lawyers and politicians?

What’s wild is that the answer isn’t even yes to that. There are people evidently more deserving of office even if they’re unqualified, and we all know what that looks like now. And there are women who should have just stayed out of politics. Know your place.

So. Um. Hmm. 

For the sake of my own personal mental health… At least for a little while, I think I’m going to be putting out supports that personally make me feel nice. Or even like the angsty-but-happy-in-the-end kind of nice. This will probably end up being mostly cute girls falling in love. And it also kind of nukes the idea for a Corrinsexual-exclucively-focused update. Sorry about that. 

I love you all, and please take care of yourselves. If nothing else maybe my blog can become a tiny pool of happy gayness in an ocean of terror. I’m here for you all. We need to stick together.

Can you imagine Fred Andrews coming to demolish the property and he sees the Jughead Wuz Here tag on the side of the wall and inside he sees the bed and the personal things left behind and evidence that someone’s been using that place as a home. Then he remembers Jughead being so desperate in trying to keep him from destroying the drive-thru and finally he puts two and two together.

And that’s how Fred and Archie find out that Jughead is homeless.

Now stick a fork in me cause I am done.

Writing tips #1
  • Set up a sanctuary for your writing, don’t let anyone interrupt you. Listen to music, get a ceremonial drink. And write write write 
  • Don’t edit until the end, if you’re writing a novel. Seriously, you’ll just go back through again and again. Within a years time, you’ll realize you need to edit the entire thing. Just keep writing. 
  • This one is a bit odd, but I don’t believe in keeping a notepad. Stephen King says, “Keeping a notepad with you is a good way, to immortalize bad ideas. If the idea is good enough, it will stick”. (Note* the only thing I put in notes on my phone is character names, I’m bad at remembering long names.) 
  • Every first draft is absolute shit. Ideas will be jumbled, mixed up; not consistent. Don’t fret, it doesn’t matter how rough a rough draft is. 
  •  If you can’t figure out the mood you want for a certain scene, get up, take a breath. Call a friend, walk your dog, read a book, play a video game. Do something to clear your head, don’t worry. Harry Potter wasn’t written in one sitting. 

That’s all for today guys, thanks for all the support on this blog. Let me know if you have any ideas about other writing tips, I’ll try to do this as often as possible. I hope everyone has a great holiday season! 

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Can you walk us through the animation process? I'm trying to learn and I don't know where to start

gif heavy under the cut!! i’ll just breakdown and explain the yugi animation a little more since i have it ready. disclaimer this is just my personal process and wont go too deep since i’m using something pretty simple as an example

also, since people asked, this was done in tvpaint10


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Sketches (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you become Steve’s model when Bucky is nowhere to be found.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,237

A/N: An anon requested “The reader hanging out with Steve until Bucky arrives”, so here it is! This takes place between “The Honeymoon Phase” and “Jealousy”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

@avengerstories - I treasure you and your editing, always

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

“Sit still.”

“I‘m trying,” you counter, fighting the urge to glare at Steve.

“Don’t talk,” He instructs with a click of his tongue, sounding like an impatient mother addressing a misbehaving child.

This time, you have to physically force yourself not to frown or stick your tongue out at him. The only thing that keeps you rooted in place is knowing that if you move now, Steve will have to start all over again and that’s something you don’t want. You don’t even want to be here right now, perched on a stool, trying not to move a muscle to prevent Steve from reprimanding you for the fourth time in half an hour.

This is all Bucky’s fault. He’s the one who told you to stop by the apartment even though he wasn’t there. You were unaware of that fact when you knocked on his door and were greeted by Steve, who looked a little too excited to see you.

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So following on from the widely accepted headcanon that Jack does ridiculous things to make Bitty laugh (read: guessing every artist as T.Swift), I just love the idea of them baking together, and Bitty keeps asking for utensils and Jack keeps handing him the wrong thing, even though they aren’t weird things, like:

BITTY: Jack, honey, can you pass me the peeler please?

JACK: *passes grater*

BITTY: No, honey, the peeler.

JACK: *passes a measuring cup*

BITTY: Jack, the peeler, you know, for the apple skins.

JACK: *passes a stick of butter*

BITTY: Jack!

JACK: *passes an entire pumpkin*

Anyway, Bitty catches on and laughs.

JACK: *passes peeler*

BITTY: *bent over laughing and can’t grab it*

JACK: I thought you wanted the peeler. Bitty? I’ve got the peeler.