i keep staring and thinking that if i stare long enough her underwear will disappear


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Pairing: Jin x reader

Genre: Teacher Au! Angst, Smut

Summary: Your brother and his friends won´t let you study so you go to the library where you stumble upon one of your old friends.

Word count: 3052

You were lying on your bed in an awkward yet comfortable position, your head between a bunch of pillows and your feet dangerously resting on your night stand.

Hands lingering on your lap along with your literature book, opened by the exact same page as thirty minutes ago. Your eyes were itchy and you rubbed them in an attempt to relax  just to start reading the paragraph again, concentrating on each word as much as you could: “Soon thereafter, Ophelia rushes to her father, telling him that Hamlet arrived at her door the prior night half-undressed and behaving crazily. Polonius blames love for Hamlet’s madness and resolves to inform…” A loud noise interrupted your study session, once again. You sighed in frustration, furiously closing your book and standing up from your bed, not bothering to put your slippers on or mind what you were wearing.

“Does he fucking think he lives alone?” you muttered to yourself as you went downstairs and straight to the living room, your arms crossed below your chest and your eyebrows quirked up in anger. Each step you took made your indignation grow as the noises were becoming even louder, as if they were challenging you to get as irritated as possible.

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Maybe something where since Lynn is an artist she wants to do a project where she wants to draw/paint/sculpt (idk) a nude woman so she asks her friend (reader) to pose and turns into something more, (either smut wise or relationship wise or both?) idk just a thought

Incase you guys didn’t see, @svnromans bullied me into writing today even tho I told her I was sick. “Are your fingers sick too?” she reckons. ANYWAY, this one ISN’T for you, Miki. But I’m definitely glad I wrote it. This prompt was awesome, anon. So much so, that I got majorly carried away and it turned into one of the longest stories I’ve written on this blog to date. I love prompts like this bc they’re so different. My inbox is packed so you can expect many more fics to come. Thanks, everyone! (Except Miki. Fk you, Miki.) 

Warning: Smut

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You took a sip of your tea, smiling at Lynn when she sat down on the couch opposite you. You’d invited you over to hang out - she was doing press in your home town, something you were very grateful for. You’d been friends for years, but actually laying eyes on her was a rarity. She sighed deeply, fidgeting with the ring that encircled her thumb. You caught her eyes as you put your drink down. 

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Night Swimming

More fluff than smut, honestly.

Parties were often thrown at your house. Your parents were exceptionally wealthy, and loved to flaunt it by inviting as many people over for whatever reasons they could conjure. You weren’t even sure what the occasion was; all you knew was that the day was a hot one, and you were sent to change into your bathing suit.

You hurried to your room, distracted with thoughts of how well he looked today. You didn’t even know he was going to be at this party; FP wasn’t invited to many. You knew it was because of his kid being your friend, and friend of a friend.

But he was here nevertheless, and you felt giddy. There were always long glances and not so innocent touches between the two of you. It had started as a fun game you noticed when you were still in high school, but now you were worried it had become something else.

While at the same time, it was nothing. The two of you were never left in the same place for long, but those few instances were electrifying to you.

You reflected on those times while pulled off your clothes, sticky with sweat. While nude, your reflection caught your attention. Turning towards your dresser mirror, you glance at yourself, walking closer for a better inspection.

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2344

Summary:  Dean watches the reader flirt at the bar and jealousy gets the better of him.

Warnings: Jealous!Dean, Smut, Oral Sex (Female Receiving), Unprotected Sex, Voyeurism, Sex in a public space, Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics,

A/N:  This is the first of a two part miniseries: Jealousy and Acceptance.  I’ve been wanting to explore the concept of jealousy and trust in a series.  It seems like it’s a troupe that’s often used romantically, but I wanted to write it in a more subversive light.  This is a weird one. Special thanks for @deals-with-demons, for being my beta. 

Dean glared at her from across the room, taking another drink from his glass.  She was at the bar, leaning up against a stranger and laughing.  It was the laughter that had Dean bothered.

The stranger crooked his finger, urging her to come closer.  She leaned in, her chest dipping low to bring her head closer to him.  He whispered something in her ear that sent her biting her lip and blushing.

Dean flinched, his demeanor darkening.

Why shouldn’t she be at the bar, meeting someone new, he reasoned with himself.  He’d kept her locked away in the bunker doing research, out of harm’s way, for ages now.  She’d said she needed fresh air.  And Dean had begrudgingly agreed.  Apparently, what she’d meant was she needed to get laid.

Tall, dark stranger traced the edge of her knee with his finger and she giggled.

The sex, he understood.  But it was the laughter that killed him.  One thing he couldn’t provide, but the other, he could; he could make her laugh.  He was fucking amazing at it.  It was up there on his top 10 best skills.

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Pairing: Jin x reader

Genre: Teacher Au! Angst, Smut

Summary: Your brother and his friends won´t let you study so you go to the library where you stumble upon one of your old friends.

Word count: 3052

I swear this idea came out of nowhere sorry but I´m excited about this fic ✿

You were lying on your bed in an awkward yet comfortable position, your head between a bunch of pillows and your feet dangerously resting on your night stand.

Hands lingering on your lap along with your literature book, opened by the exact same page as thirty minutes ago. Your eyes were itchy and you rubbed them in an attempt to relax  just to start reading the paragraph again, concentrating on each word as much as you could: “Soon thereafter, Ophelia rushes to her father, telling him that Hamlet arrived at her door the prior night half-undressed and behaving crazily. Polonius blames love for Hamlet’s madness and resolves to inform…” A loud noise interrupted your study session, once again. You sighed in frustration, furiously closing your book and standing up from your bed, not bothering to put your slippers on or mind what you were wearing.

“Does he fucking think he lives alone?” you muttered to yourself as you went downstairs and straight to the living room, your arms crossed below your chest and your eyebrows quirked up in anger. Each step you took made your indignation grow as the noises were becoming even louder, as if they were challenging you to get as irritated as possible.

“Yah Tae! I´m trying to study and you guys keep shouting. Can you at least lower the volume of the TV?”

You gestured towards your brother and his friends who seemed not to notice your presence. They were all sitting on the couch immerse in a video game, snacks everywhere and their shoes lazily thrown over the carpet. It wasn´t an unfamiliar sight.

Your dog was staring at them and he gave you a guilty look before running away to the garden. You couldn´t blame the poor animal, you yourself wanted to grab your things and move to the other end of the world.

“Ah! Y/n! Why don´t you go to the kitchen and bring us some more drinks?”

You couldn´t believe he had the nerve to ask that when he should be apologizing. That was it. You didn´t think twice before leaning in the sofa and bending over whoever was sitting there to try and grab your brothers remote, but he was much stronger than you and managed to get away with it making you stumble a bit. Too many similar scenarios had been played between the two of you already to know there was nothing you could do against his muscles.

“Yah! You are going to make me lose! If you want to play with my friends just wait until we finish! And why aren´t you wearing pants?”

A roll of your eyes was enough for you to bite on your lip, something you did when you reached your limit, while you tried to understand what he had just said.

“What do you mean with play…?”

You frowned in confusion and froze in place when you realized your brother was the only one still concentrating on the game. On his right, there was his friend Jungkook who was openly staring at your now exposed chest due to your baggy t-shirt and the position you were in. Your hands were placed somewhere in between your brother´s leg and his friend Jimin´s thighs, pressing against his muscles. And the worst part, your legs were on Yoongi´s lap, your ass raised up in the air and threatening to show your underwear because you were, indeed, not wearing pants. You immediately blushed and got up, making the situation even worse as you could´ve sworn you touched something you weren´t supposed to in the process. You didn´t look them in the eyes, although you were a year older than all of them and had known them for a long time, you still were embarrassed. You sighed for what felt like the twentieth time that day.

“I´m going to the library or else I´ll fail if you are planning to continue on being this annoying”

You felt relieved now that their eyes were back on the game again and went upstairs to change and grab your stuff, positive that you´d find the silence you needed in the library. Oh, how wrong you were.

It had been months since the last time you had been there, but nothing had changed during your absence. The same wooden shelves with a slight coat of dust, the same books alphabetically ordered and the same grumpy librarian welcomed you when you closed the door behind you. The room was in complete silence and it felt like a gift to your ears after the concert game your brother had unknowingly invited you to. So annoying. You´d be sure to eat part of his dinner as a punishment.

There was an unoccupied table next to the biggest window and you almost run to it, feeling lucky because of the view you had from your seat. With the atmosphere you wanted finally surrounding you, Hamlet didn´t seem like such a difficult piece to study, so you quickly opened your book and started reading the same sentence you were having trouble with back there in your room. As time passed, you had gotten so deep into the story you didn´t notice a hand tapping your shoulder until they cleared their throat louder than someone would in a normal situation.

“Can I sit here?”

You turned around, almost annoyed by the interruption and to say you almost fell of your chair would be, well, true. You were so shocked by seeing him again that you stumbled with your backpack and fell sideways on the floor.

“Are you okay? I didn´t mean to scare you…Oh”

He had recognized you as well. How could he not? He knew your face and your body just how you knew his. You stared in awe at his features, not believing he had turned even more handsome in only two years. It had been that long since he left, and all the lies you had told yourself about being over it disappeared the moment his hand met yours to help you get up, still feeling the exact same electricity. Kim Seokjin, the love of your life.

 You had met him in one of the parties your parents had organized, your eyes immediately meeting his and knowing there would be something between the two of you. He was the son of one of your dad´s clients, and while they were doing business he had approached you, complimenting your dress and somehow, taking you to the backyard to make out. After that, you never dated, but you often had encounters to talk about life or to have sex. He never asked you to be his girlfriend and you never wanted to, even though you knew you had feelings for him. There was something thrilling about sneaking out to see each other, about going to a room to kiss in the middle of an event knowing both your parents were next door. The only problem had been, and maybe it would always be, that he was seven years older than you. And even though you didn´t hurt anybody, even though you were discrete and careful, people eventually discovered. Your parents didn´t like it at all, yet they made sure everyone knew about it complaining about how rebellious you were. Your relationship became a scandal. Already hating the kind of life he had, the gossiping and his class status, he decided to study abroad. He explained, and you understood. Above everything you were friends. It wouldn´t have been painful for you if he hadn´t said those three shitty little words right before he left. “I love you”.

They had ringed in your head through the sleepless nights, wondering if he meant it, wanting to ask him about it. But he never called, and he never answered your attempts of reaching him. You spent months feeling like you had no energy, wondering if he had met someone else, if he was happy, if he thought about you. He had given you your closest experience to heartbreak yet you stood there, looking at him like he was your whole world again. After two fucking years.

“Long time no see”

His voice was just as sweet as you remembered it, making a shiver go down your spine as you hugged yourself, not sure about how to react. He still looked the same, except that now his hair was a light pink you´d never thought you´d see on him, he smelled the same and he was looking at you the same way he had done the first time you met. As if he could see right through you.

“Y-yeah. How´s Europe been treating you?”

You both sat and now the table felt a lot smaller than it had before, his body invading your personal space. He gave you a gentle smile while running a hand through his hair making your heart skip a bit. It wasn´t fair that you were at the verge of one of your panic attacks while he remained so calmed and confident.

“It was amazing. I saw a lot of places, met a lot of people. My opinions about a lot of things are different now”

But he wasn´t different. He apparently still blinked when he was hungry and he still did that strange yet cute thing with his fingers. He was the same and you hated him for it. Without him, you had turned pretty miserable while he lived his life. But you couldn´t let him know.

“What about you?”

He leaned in closer, as if he was actually interested and not trying to read your body language, something that couldn´t happen. Because if it did, you´d give away how much you had missed him.

“I´ve been doing pretty good. I got into college last year and Tae was accepted too”

All you could think about was bad things that had happened, so you observed as he nodded, deciding you didn´t have anything else to say.

“And are you in a…relationship?”

His blunt question surprised you and you mentally scoffed. Of course he´d be confident enough to ask what he wanted to. You were dying inside to tell him how hurt you were, to ask why he hadn´t answered your e-mails. On the other hand, him mentioning the topic of dating was quite interesting despite making your insides turn.

“Not right now. I´ve met some great guys, but nothing serious. A couple of flings from time to time”

He nodded again, this time clenching his jaw and you wondered if he was jealous, but he didn´t have any right to be. Except, maybe, just maybe, if he had actually meant his words before flying to another continent.

The silence between the two of you was unbearable, and you both opened your mouth at the same time. You laughed, trying to relax while giving him permission to talk first.

“I know I owe you an explanation. I left you without telling you how I truly felt about us. I did say that, but I realized it was a mistake as soon as I stepped on the plane. You obviously didn´t feel the same way. That´s why I never answered any of your calls or anything. I was afraid of rejection”

 You suspected there was more to the story, but he looked vulnerable for once and it made you feel slightly better that he also had doubts about what you used to have.

“It´s okay. Given the circumstances, it would´ve been useless. You know my parents didn´t approve our thing. And they still refuse to acknowledge that it happened”

He grabbed your hand, a brave movement considering how tense the topic was and that it was the first time you were touching each other after two years. It still felt familiar, his warmth making your skin battle and collapse in sensations you didn´t know you could still feel.

“I know. My parents weren´t too keen on it either. That´s one of the reasons why they sent me to study abroad.  They didn´t want me around you”

Oh. So going away wasn´t his own decision? That changed a lot of things. You still were hurt, because all the feelings you had been accumulating couldn´t just disappear in the half an hour you had been talking. But, at the same time, you thought about how a couple of words could clarify a lot of things.

“It wasn´t fair. I-I really enjoyed being with you and they took that away from me”

He gave your hand a tight squeeze, and you could´ve sworn he was getting closer each second that went by.

“Us Y/n. They took it away from us”

The words were so soft on his lips, so delicate and sounding so meaningful you did nothing when they literally collapsed against you. He was kissing you, and you didn´t stop him. Instead, you searched for his neck as you had already done several times before. You caressed his hair, he grabbed your chin and moved his mouth against yours almost expertly. It felt too good, like a little revenge to everyone who had judged you, especially your parents. It felt like giving your body what it had been waiting for, but it still didn´t change anything. You couldn´t be together two years ago and you would definitely not be able to be together again after what had happened. Your brows furrowed as you separated yourself from him, the action almost hurting. He looked at you and you stared back, your doe eyes and parted lips making him understand you were confused, puzzled even.

“I don´t think I´m ready for this”

He let go of your hand as if he had realized just now that he had been holding it all the time. He made you feel things you had tried to suppress so hard you were now scared to let them go. You weren´t ready for him coming back, you weren´t ready for him acting as if everything was still the same even if he gave you a million reasons to.

“What exactly, Y/n? We didn´t even date. I´m not telling you to go back to the casual sex sessions and the stargazing but can´t we at least be friends?”

You felt overwhelmed with memories of the two of you together, of all the things you had lived. Friends? You didn´t even know about that. You´d figure it out on your own, because all you wanted to do was go back home. Frantically picking up your textbooks you merely glanced at him before you were able to mutter some words.

“I´ll see you around. And I´ll let you know… Whatever I decide”

You almost run away from him and sighed loudly when fresh air hit your skin. The walk home was tedious, your hand reaching for the spot on your lips were he had kissed you several times in a masochist routine. By the time you reached your porch, you weren´t even in the mood to pet your dog or steal Tae´s tater tots.

“How was the library Y/n?”

Your brother was in his usual good mood, not having a care in the world except his looks and how many girls he slept with. Still, he was younger than you and you had to protect him. That included not letting him know about your problems.

“Just fine”

That was all you said before going to your room and torturing yourself by watching a video you had recorded with Jin. It was the chubby bunny challenge, which would´ve been funny any other day. You angrily turned off the TV and placed a blanket over your trembling body.  The night was long, and you had a lot to think about.

“I swear Y/n, you have to believe me!”

Your friend, Lauren, was clinging on you like a koala while rambling about who knew what. With barely two hours of sleep to get through the day and zero caffeine, you weren´t in the mood for her talks about the latest episode of whatever Tv series was trendy or about how much weight she had lost in a week.

“What is it this time? The ten bananas a day diet has given you an allergy?”

She pouted but didn´t do anything else to show she was offended, apparently too excited with what she had to tell you.

“The new teacher is extremely hot. I swear he glanced in my direction and I almost passed out. It´s like God himself can´t believe what he has created. Unbelievably handsome. And I think he´s single”

Tae appeared out of nowhere grabbing your shoulders and shaking you a bit. You didn´t know where he got his constant energy from and you weren´t sure if you wanted to know.

“Who´s single?”

You rolled your eyes and pushed him away receiving a fake hurt expression in return, something he did often. Lauren was staring at the both of you in amusement, not knowing what it really was like because she didn´t have any siblings.

“You, for example. Has nobody told you it´s rude to overhear conversations?”

Your brother scoffed and you heard him say something under his breath while Lauren laughed, but he was quick to recompose as the three of you walked down the hall.

“You are in one of those moods, huh? I only heard the last sentence, you witch”

“Yeah, Y/n. You weren´t even listening”

You wanted the both of them to shut up, but your love for them outweighed your bad temper. Plastering a smile on your face you begged Lauren to repeat her words.

“I was telling you about the new drama teacher and how good looking he is. Look! He´s right there!”

You opened your eyes wide as Lauren was uncontrollably shaking your arm and turning you around so that you could see…him. You instantly felt Taehyung´s hand on yours. He knew, the real thing. He knew seeing Jin again, dressed so nicely and so perfectly standing next to a secretary after what had happened was too much. You held him tight, and you wanted earth to swallow you. Not only had the universe given him back to you, but he had placed him in a position where he could control you. Kim Seokjin, your new drama teacher. That was the true scandal.

Lost Time

Can you do a Lynn smut where you’re Brian’ sister and she’s super into you and you’re really shy and she manages to get your o tell her you like her? And maybe the smut is really slow and sweet? Thanks, and I love your blog so much by the way! 💖

Hope this is to your liking, anon. And thanks again for your kind words :’)

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“Oh shit. I literally left my bass at the studio. My whole bass. Who does that? It was the one thing I needed. It would have been more helpful to have left my body there than to have forgotten it. Damn it. Y/N, are you cool to wait here with Lyndsey? I’m probably going to be like two hours. Traffic. Who I am as a person, you know.” You listened to your brother ramble as he scooted around your old bedroom. You’d driven up to see him and the band, but mostly him. You struggled to spend any time with Lynn even when there were another 10 people in the room. And now Brian was suggesting -  telling you that you were going to be subject to two whole hours in each other’s company. Alone. The thought alone made you want to crawl inside of yourself and never come out.
“Wait, she’s the only one here? What about Alex and Justin? Or Matt? Or anyone..” You tried not to sound too pathetic, glaring at Brian as he beamed at you.

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Candid Shot (Olicity AU, One-Shot, T)

A long time ago, the lovely missystherya posted these tags:

#Stephen Amell#my brain is frozen#how dare#so many olicity aus are popping into my head rn#and all of them include felicity getting hot and bothered when she sees this picture of oliver

Summary: Felicity is the assistant to world-famous actor Oliver Queen’s.

A/N: This was supposed to be naughtier, but it wouldn’t go there! “He looked good, like sin in a suit” quote from Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (via @olicitybaby4ever). Do I know anything about being a celebrity? Pffft.

The table was covered in scripts.

She was so sick of reading scripts.

That was a lie. She actually loved reading scripts, but what she didn’t like was reading bad scripts. And about ninety percent of the scripts on this extra-tall table were bad scripts.

“Clichés, character tropes, way too much outer space without actually being in outer space,” Felicity murmured under her breath, giving up on the bundle of papers before her. She opened another sheaf of paper, flipping through it quickly, stopping at a random page. Her eyes scanned over the dialogue - why did anyone think it was a good idea for… “Oh.”

Her eyes caught on the transition scene, the very explicit transition scene. The words ‘Kale takes her panties off, and you get a shadowy glimpse of his hard…’ lit up on the paper like they were actually glowing.

Felicity dropped the script like it was on fire, making a face and shoved it away.

“Does nobody have any respect for a contract anymore? No frontal nudity contract! It’s simple. It’s so simple, it’s even bolded, including hints… and yet…” Felicity tossed the script into the ‘no’ pile. “People still send these to him. Why? Is the butt not enough?”


The butt was enough.

It was more than enough.

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Missing, Part 2, A Sickening Discovery.

Summary: ReidxReader, the team is searching Readers apartment for any sign of where she might be, and find some highly disturbing clues that leave Spencer a sobbing mess.

Warnings: violence, adult/dark themes
Requested by: @bendingovervirginia Hope you guys like it, I’ll likely be posting the final part tomorrow or Monday. -Estelle🌟

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Who Knew?

I love your writing so much! Could you do a Lynn smut where you are Brian’s sister and she has always had a thing for you but she think that you’re straight. But one day they are all hanging out and you talk about a girl you had sex with one time or something like that. You and Lynn eventually get left alone and smut occurs? Sorry it’s so long I kinda got carried away.

Thanks for the prompt, anon! This was fun. And thanks for saying nice things, v kind of you. 

Warning: Smut

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“Hey, I didn’t know you were coming tonight.” Lynn’s soft voice started you, her eyes bright when you turned around to face her. 

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Cleaning up my archive I found this ancient thing I had completely forgotten, one of my first exchanges with @reshopgoufa. Ash, maybe you remember it, the italics part is all yours ;) Unfortunately I lost the first part of the exchange, but I remember what it was about. It went pretty much like this:

Horny Clexa. More specifically, Clarke living for making Lexa horny in the most inappropriate moments. Small, far from innocent touches, a few whispered words against the shell of her ear, and the Commander is a shaking mess. Clarke just loves having this effect on Lexa. Loves teasing the grounder, seeing how far she can push it till Lexa retaliates in the best way. This is what brings Clarke to push her hand between Lexa’s legs, during a formal dinner with all the ambassadors. Just placing her hand there is enough for Lexa to almost choke on the piece of steak she was chewing. When Lexa’s eyes go wide Clarke simply smiles at her, acting as if nothing is happening. She keeps Lexa guessing, never doing the same thing twice: she caresses Lexa’s inner thighs, she rubs circles over the fabric of her pants, grinds down directly against her center. Lexa’s face is on fire in a matter of minutes and her breathing is coming almost in pants, all her energies occupied in trying to appear unbothered. But Clarke is wicked, and right when one of the ambassadors has started a speech to praise his Heda, and the room has gone quiet, she slides her fingers under the waistband of Lexa’s pants and underwear. She stays there only for a moment, the time to swipe her fingertips over a wet, throbbing bundle of nerves, but it’s enough: Lexa goes rigid and a groan escapes from her throat.

With that little bit of alertness she still has left, Lexa manages to mask it with a very unconvincing cough. Clarke is grinning by now. She removes her hand and goes back to enjoying dinner. She can feel Lexa’s stare burning into her, and when she turns around, she indeed finds Lexa shooting daggers at her, her green eyes promising punishment. Clarke’s grin only grows. She cannot wait.

Oh but here’s the thing. The lovely delightful thing. It’s that lexa ignores clarke for the better part of the night. She finishes up some things after the dinner has ended, takes care of some business. Washes her face, unbraids and brushes out her hair, sets out her clothes for tomorrow. Ignores clarke to the point that she’s pouty and petulant at the thought of ‘this’ being her punishment for messing with lexa in public the way she did.

But Lexa’s actual punishment for her is far more wretched. After she backs Clarke against the edge of the bed, voice dangerously low, “don’t you ever do that again” and. The entire rest of the night is torture in the form of ‘not enough’ of lexa bringing clarke to the delicious wonderful blissful edge over and over again and then stopping. Hours pass that way. Of Lexa’s fingers curled around clarke’s wrists and soft firm warnings to behave and a wicked tongue and clever fingers and it feels so so good but clarke just wants to Come.

But she was being a brat at dinner, so just when clarke thinks lexa is finally going to have mercy on her, she stops. Entirely. Sitting back and smirking when clarke curls in on herself and cries snd curses lexas awful wretched name.

“That’ll teach you to fuck with me in public ”

And Lexa is super serious about this 'punishment’ so she actually goes to sleep and tells Clarke to do the same, ignoring the string of curses that Clarke mutters under her breath.

Clarke tries to sleep, she really really tries. But she only gets a few minutes of rest, before waking up again, hot and sweaty. And the cycle repeats itself every time she closes her eyes. No matter what she does, how many times she rolls over in the bed, she just can’t find peace.

She stares at Lexa’s relaxed face, and honestly fuck the grounder, because she is sleeping peacefully, completely unbothered, while Clarke feels literally like one single living, throbbing nerve.

The rest of the night passes pretty much like this, and it’s when Clarke sees the first rays of light shining through the curtains that she realizes she can’t handle this anymore. It’s not physically possible to be brought to the edge as many times as Lexa did with her and remain sane. She. Needs. Release.

She looks over to Lexa, still sound asleep next to her. That’s when she makes up her mind.

Carefully, slowly, so fucking slowly, her left hand slips under the sheets. She lets her fingers dance on her belly for one last eternal moment, then they travel further down and she touches herself where she needs the most.

She has to bite her lip to hold back a moan as pleasure surges in her. Before the last bit of control she has left can slip away, she checks once again if Lexa is still asleep. When she sees no reaction from the brunette next to her, Clarke lets herself go. She spreads her legs and her head falls back on the pillow, as she works between her legs. Her eyes flutter involuntarily close. She has been doing this for barely two minutes and she feels herself already reaching the edge. That’s how much Lexa tortured her the night before, how desperate she left her. Plus, the chance of being caught in the middle of it is unexpectedly thrilling to Clarke. It sends sparks of pleasure right to her core, and it turns her on even more, if possible. At this rate, it’s not gonna be long before she comes undone.

Soon her fingers speed up. Breath catches, mouth falls open, free hand grips tightly the sheets.

She is close, oh so close. The ache in her belly intensifies to the point of becoming almost too much. Her movements become frantic. Everything disappears around her. There is only the unbearable pressure and the heat that threatens to consume her. But she is almost there now. Just a little more… Just a few more seconds… a few more–

And suddenly nothing.

Her mind is so clouded that it takes her a moment to realize that her hand is no longer between her legs, and is now instead pinned right above her head, stuck in an impossibly strong hold.

Clarke’s eyes snap open to find two dark, devilish emeralds staring back at her.

“I thought we’d agreed you needed to be punished…”

No, no, NO! God, please no! She was so close! Clarke feels ready to cry, so frustrated and desperate she is. She thought it was bad before? Well, having Lexa’s perfect naked body pressed against her only makes everything worse. Clarke wriggles underneath Lexa, trying to get free, but all she gets is the brunette grabbing her free hand too and pinning both of her wrist above her head with one hand, trapping her definitively.

“I told you to behave, Clarke,” Lexa whispers in her ear. Fuck, how is it possible for a voice to literally ooze sex?

“And instead I wake up to find you doing this?”

Clarke wants to reply but whatever she was about to say is lost into a whimper when Lexa presses her muscular thigh against her damp center.

“Am I not enough for you, Clarke? My attentions? My… touches?” And Clarke literally gasps when she feels the thigh being replaced by Lexa’s skilled fingers. They are not doing much, barely teasing, AGAIN, but Clarke is so far gone that the light touch is enough to have her hips canting and to turn her into a quivering mess. She is basically drowning in her own arousal when Lexa starts circling her pulsing bundle of nerves.

“I thought you’d understood last night, but maybe to really learn, you need… more.”

Without warning Lexa slides two fingers inside of Clarke. The blonde’s breath slams from her lungs, as Lexa’s name escapes from her lips in the form of a cry.

Lexa shows no mercy. Her movements are fast, unforgiving, so fucking precise, and Clarke can do nothing but writhe and moan and beg. She clamps her eyes shut as she feels the pressure build, build, until she is about to explode. And then Lexa stops.

“Nooooo!” It’s more a whine than a scream, but Clarke literally lacks the strength to scream. She slams repeatedly her head against the pillow and she curses Lexa in all the ways she knows.

“Fuck, Lexa! This isn’t– oh God…”

The curse turns into a sob when Lexa starts moving again, bringing her again closer and closer to the delicious release Clarke is not allowed to reach.

And when she is there, Lexa stops once more. She waits a few minutes, teasing Clarke with her voice and her words, and then she starts again. And then the same, over and over.

There are actual tears in Clarke’s eyes by now. Her need has practically devoured her sanity. She is not even fighting anymore. She is just trembling, overstimulated flesh that can do nothing but moan and whimper and beg. There is not even a resting period now. Her body is stuck in a constant place of delicious agony. She feels like she is going insane.

“P-please…” she tries again, no dignity or pride left. She know that Lexa is skilled enough to keep her in this state pretty much forever, and she just can’t do it anymore.

“Are you sorry for what you did to me, Clarke?” Lexa asks with her sultry voice, and even her hot breath against Clarke’s ear seems a stimulation too intense at this point. Clarke frantically nods.

“Yes! Yes, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for teasing you in p-public…”

“Mmmm, you don’t seem convinced…”

Clarke lets out a strangled sob. “NO! I am, I am so so sorry! P-please… I’ll do anything, Lexa! Please!”

Her entire body is on fire, she is DYING with need.

And suddenly Lexa starts pumping into her relentlessly. Clarke cannot breathe, her brain can’t function, all she feels is unbearable pleasure.

Don'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstop… That’s all there is in her mind as Lexa keeps moving in her. She is so afraid that Lexa might stop again. The release she desperately needs feels so close and yet so far away.

And suddenly Lexa presses the heel of her hand against Clarke’s nub, and her fingers curl up and start tapping against that spot that Clarke, before her first time with Lexa, didn’t even know could bring so much pleasure.

Clarke hangs there, on that delicious, agonizing edge for a few eternal seconds, and then finally, FINALLY, she tumbles over.

The force of her release is mind shattering. Her entire body shakes and her vision goes white. She thinks she screams Lexa’s name, but she cannot be sure. She cannot be sure of anything. Her body goes limp, her mind empty, and her eyes fall closed. She is beautifully destroyed, completely and entirely spent.

She is still busy catching her breath, so she misses a few passages of what happens, but at one point Lexa is not pinning her down anymore. Instead, Clarke finds herself in her arms, as Lexa rubs soothing circles on her back and presses the softest kisses on every inch of her face.

“I am here, ai hodnes. I’ve got you, just breathe… Are you good? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Clarke’s heart swells hearing the love and concern in Lexa’s voice. It’s crazy that this sickly sweet girl holding her is the same sex goddess that was fucking her into oblivion only a few minutes ago. She takes another moment to even her breath, then one corner of her mouth curves into a small smile.

“No, you didn’t. Don’t worry, I loved it…” Her smile widens when she sees the relief on Lexa’s face.

“And maybe we won’t do this every day…” she adds playfully, with a sly glint in her eyes. “but if this is the result, get ready, because I’m probably going to need more of these lessons.”

How Kind of You

This is another short story for a special lady - @waywardjoy. Sweetheart, I had this thought and remembered you liked old films and well… this is for you, you helped me get back into the swing of a series and have been nothing but kind when I pester you, you’re becoming a fast friend! Hope you like this…

Summary: It’s movie time with Sam, you pick your fave movie, little does he know you can recite every line and sing every song … not just when the movie’s on.
Word Count: 1570
Warnings: Fluff and Smut!
A/N: This is unbeat’d and for some reason my mind isn’t playing nice anytime I try and write smut… so apologies if it’s shit.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

The music started and you collapsed back onto the bed, bouncing yourself back to the headboard and under Sam’s arm.
He chuckled, amused at your excitement for the old movie you’d seen hundreds of times before. Little did he know he was in for a show, you knew this movie word for word, song for song, action for action.
You couldn’t help your legs jiggling as the screen faded up from black, rain poured and the cobbled streets of Covent Garden were packed with London, snobs hailing cabs to get out of the miserable weather. Then there was Freddy and his mother. Sam put a large hand on your thigh to settle you.
“Two bunches of violets trod in the mud, a full day’s wages.” you said under your breath as Freddy bumped into Eliza, sending her sprawling, basket and all. Sam thought he knew exactly what he was in for now, you’d say every line… little did he know you’d proudly sing every song!
Minutes later, when Sam had managed to drown out your mutterings, you flung your arm out as you sang the first line,
“Look at her, a prisoner of the gutter!” Your booming English accent scared the younger Winchester half to death, but you didn’t realize, as you went along with the rest of the song much to Sam’s annoyance.

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yesterday spaghettiluek and I had a.. chat and this happened. I realised 1000 words in that I hate this but anyway here you go :)

“Uh, babe?” Luke’s voice sounded from in front of the mirror, his fingers working to do up the buttons of the black shirt he’d slipped over his broad shoulders. “Little bit of a problem in here…”

You poked your head through the bathroom door, fresh red lips pursed in curiosity, “Hmm? What’s up?” He spun around from the mirror, fingers paused two buttons down from finishing, eyes wide, flicking rapidly between you and his exposed chest.

“Oh,” You bit the inside of your cheek to suppress a smirk, noting the panic flashing across his face. “Right… those…” Stepping forward, you brushed your fingertips softly across the cluster of marks you’d left across his collarbones the night before, the scratches inching over his shoulders and across his chest, physical evidence of how much you’d missed him while he was gone.

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Diary (Sam x Reader)

  AN: Hey guys! I originally planned to have Its been awhile part 2, but its not done yet. I apologize. To make up for it, I wrote another oneshot in its place. This one is based on my dreams and another imagine prompt I’ve seen some where. Enjoy!

Imagine Dean finding your diary, reading all your personal thoughts on Sam and accidentally revealing it to him.

Originally posted by ackles

Originally posted by fallingrosesromance

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Wrong Room - Frat Boy!Luke Part 3

Here is part 3, thaaaaanks for requesting it! You’re all really lovely 💕


Part 1

Part 2


“Baby?” You feel a soft pair of lips placing gentle kisses along your neck.

“Why is this the second time you’ve woken me up in less than 12 hours?” You mutter, ignoring his fingers stroking circles on your stomach.

“This time I’m hungry” he kisses your shoulder.

“I was right last time, you are a child.”

“I think I’ve done more than enough to prove to you I’m all man” he scoffs.

“Such a loser” you shake your head, but the memory of last night fills your mind. Turning to face him, his blue eyes meet yours, both of you thinking about the night before.

“Come on, let me take you for breakfast.” He kisses you, gently.

  “Y/N? Have you got my blue sweatshirt?” Y/F/N, who lived in the room next door, knocking on your bedroom door makes you both jump.

“Erm…I…I don’t know!” You stammer back, your voice too high pitched. You scramble out of the bed, grabbing a shirt from the floor, not bothering to look which one it is, “Give me a second!”

“You look worried” Luke frowns, “have you lost her blue sweatshirt?” He’s completely oblivious to the reason behind the panicked expression on your face. You had always been adamant in your hatred of Luke Hemmings to anyone who would listen, Y/F/N was the one who received the brunt of these rants about how idiotic you found Hemmings and his stupid friends. You didn’t want her to see him in your room this morning, both of you naked, with messed up hair and swollen lips.

“Y/N? You okay?” Y/F/N asks, “you sound weird.”

“Hahah no, I’m fine!” Your still squeaky voice does nothing to convince her of your words.

“Is this it?” Luke stands up, pulling the sweatshirt from the back of your desk chair, his voice too loud.

“Shhhhh!” You clamp a hand over his mouth, “yes, it is. Now can you please hide?!”

“Hide?!” He looks at you in disbelief, “Are you ashamed of me?!”

“Yes, now hide somewhere!” You push him out of the view of the door, ignoring his scowl. Trying to tell yourself not to panic, you open the door to find Y/F/N slouched against the door frame.

“Finally! What were you…since when do you have a Nirvana shirt?” She looks down at what you’re wearing.

“She doesn’t, that’s mine” Luke appears at the door, in only his underwear, grin on his face, “Hi!”

“Luke!” you groan at him.

“What?!” He looks to you, “there’s nowhere to hide!”

“Oh my god…it was you!” Y/F/N’s eyes widen, “we figured it was coming from Luke’s room!”

“What are you talking about?” You try to play innocent.

“Love, we weren’t exactly quiet” Luke has a smug grin on his face, “and it wasn’t coming from my room, but it was still me.”

“Please, stop talking” you glare at him. He grins back at you, before leaning down to place a kiss on your shoulder. Y/F/N’s eyes look from you to Luke, not understanding what she’s seeing.

“We’re going for breakfast, if you wanna come?” Luke asks Y/F/N. Her eyes look like they’re about to pop out of their sockets. Luke Hemmings did not take his conquests for breakfast, Luke Hemmings said ‘goodbye’ and sent them on their way. Then again, he’d never been looking at a girl the way he was looking at you right now.

“No, I’ll leave you two to it, thanks though” she manages to reply, after a pause, “I’ll be talking to you later” she adds, her eyes narrowing at you, before walking back to her room. You turn to Luke, your eyebrow raised.

“What?” He plays innocent, “I’m not going to hide us away.” His hands grip hold of your hips, pushing you against the wall, kissing down your neck.


“Mm, baby?”

“As much as I love your mouth, the thought of pancakes is a stronger pull” you giggle as his breath tickles your skin.

“I’ll try not to take offence” he chuckles, taking your hand.


“Everyone is staring” you’re very aware that the people staring were more focused on Luke’s fingers laced through yours than anything else.

“I know, I kinda feel like Bella and Edward in that Twilight scene,” he laughs, “you know when they first arrive at school together?”

“You’ve got to be kidding?” You look up at him.

“What? I’m not a fan! I’ve just seen the film!” He defends himself, “well, we might as well give them more to talk about.” His brings his hand up to your chin, tilting your face upwards until your lips meet his.

“So that’s where you disappeared to last night?” You recognise the voice belonging to Calum, “it was about time he made a move, he’s been talking about you for long enough.”

“Whaaat? Hahaha..I haven’t! Don’t you have somewhere to be, Cal?” a blush creeps onto Luke’s cheeks.

“That’s a bit creepy, Hemmings” you scrunch your nose, making Ashton and Calum laugh.

“Shut up, you” he pulls your face back to his.

“Ugh, I’m sure we’ll meet you properly soon, Y/N” Ashton shakes his head, “when Luke can manage to keep his hands off you for more than 30 seconds.”

“Yeah, I’m sure I’ll see you…” You pull away from Luke to reply, but are quickly interrupted.

“Ignore them, they’re idiots” he murmurs, placing a kiss on your nose. His arms are wrapped around your waist, pulling you close to his chest.

  “I feel like you’re making some kind of point with this display of affection” you lock your fingers in his hair.

“Just making sure everyone knows I’m yours” he smirks.

“Luke!” you hear someone shout from a few feet away. Turning to where the voice came from, you see a incredibly pretty girl stood there. She looks you up and down, focusing on Luke’s hands gripping your waist. In the corner of your eye, you see him frown. You know immediately who she is. Giving her a friendly smile, you begin to rub small circles on his forearm with your thumb.

“Can I help you with something?” the anger in his voice is evident, mainly due to the look she’s giving you.

“I wondered where you’d disappeared to last night, you had your hands full, I see” she bites her lip, in what you assume she believes makes her look sexy, “are you free later?”

“Nope” he shakes his head, “well, it’s been nice talking to you. Bye.” His eyes are cold. She looks confused and pissed off as she walks away. As she turns around to look at you again, you pull his face to yours. There is nothing about this kiss that is appropriate for where you were stood but it made your point well.

“Marking your territory?” Luke pulls away, breathless, to rest his forehead against yours.

“I’m just doing what you said, letting everyone know that you’re mine” You grin.   

“Frank Protecting Karen” prompt SEQUEL!!!!

A week or so ago, someone prompted me to write  Kastle prompt fill “Frank Helping to Protect Karen When Fisk Finds out she Killed Wesley”, and it’s been so well liked (and I was so taken with it myself) that I decided to write a sequel to it! 

The prompt I gave myself? “Frank Comes to Karen Beaten and Bloody and it Becomes Her Turn to Protect Him”

Here’s hoping you enjoy it!

Karen doesn’t often respond to knocks at her door without a gun in her hand anymore. She inches her way toward the peep hole in response to two decided thumps, and one sloppy, muffled one like someone falling against her door—or halfheartedly trying to break it down. She pauses for a moment, waiting for another sound, or gunshots. None come. So she looks.

A head of dark hair is all she can see. Her visitor is, indeed, slumped against the door itself. But she knows that haircut, and she sets the gun aside, and scrambles for the lock.

“Frank?!” she exclaims as she opens the door, and he all but falls into her arms. “What the hell?”

“Need your bathtub,” he grunts.

“What? Why?”

“Better n’ bleeding on the carpet.”

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Relinquish Control

Hey Anon who requested Rae/Rob after-battle sex, I upped it to Rae/Nightwing - I hope that’s okay? Anyway, you made it onto the birthday queue! I was suuuuuuuuper excited for this one, and it was a pain in the arse to keep on the queue and not publish sooner.

Also, a lot of this was inspired by thelastazarathian’s role playing. So… I hope I don’t fuck this up. 



- - -

“Raven! Raven, stop!

Raven barely heard the sound of his screaming over the roar in her ears. The echoing of a million different voices that called out to her in desire and want. Blood rushed through her body, boiling her veins with every passing moment. It was so easy to give in - to give up. She could have let her control shatter underneath the push of her emotions, it would have been so easy. All it took was to give up and let rage and wrath become her guide into the darkness.

Just one small moment to relinquish control.

Raven, stop!

If only that annoying voice would stop insisting she hold on. Hold on to what? There was no point to hold onto. She was going to win this battle with what was at her fingertips - her powers and her life force. She was the spawn of Trigon, stronger than any of her teammates, and far more powerful that any of them had ever perceived. She did not lose to pathetic weaklings like this.  

Raven whipped around in just enough time to see a form of black and blue come ripping from the shadows and into her body. 

Black and blue? Oh, right. That ridiculous upgrade. 

Well. Not so ridiculous. After all, the Kevlar and neoprene certainly showed off his physique, and Raven wasn’t going to complain about that

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