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Bad Day: Poly Hamilsquad x reader

Warnings: Mentions of Bird waste products, group hugs

You sat on the couch, eyes glued to the tv. You’d been crying earlier but it had calmed down to hiccups and almost-sobs. You would have cried more, if you had any energy left.

It took a lot of energy just to raise the spoonful of ice cream to your mouth.

Tissues surrounded you, wrapping around you like a blanket.

You did have a blanket around you under the tissues but there were so many tissues that you weren’t sure if you could see the blanket.

It didn’t matter to you much anyway. Nothing seemed to be going right today and you just couldn’t handle anything else going wrong. So you called in sick and stayed home, your boyfriends unaware that you hadn’t left the house. Yeah, you heard that right. Boyfriends! Yes, you were all dating each other and no, no one was cheating on anyone.

You’d met Alex first and only learned of the other’s relationships when Alex introduced you to them.

You hadn’t been scared off like so many people before you. Instead, you had smiled at them and said, “I’m so happy you could find three other people who will love and support you! Sometimes it’s hard to just find one person that will do that. Thanks for telling me, I know this couldn’t have been easy for you all.”

That ended in a group hug session and from then on, you loved hanging out with them.

Over time, you started to develop feelings for the Hamilsquad and they felt the same way toward you.

The day that they told you that they wanted you to join in on their relationship was one of the happiest times you could remember. You were so happy to find such loving and supportive people.

Even that happy memory wasn’t enough to block out your sadness and stress.

That’s exactly where your boyfriends found you when they walked in the door.

They had all went grocery shopping after they could go home as a surprise to you, because they knew you were stressed. They didn’t quite realized how stressed you were until they walked in through their front door to see you, covered in tissues, not even looking up toward them.

Their laughter immediately died off as they saw you, quickly walking through the front door of the house you all shared.

They put the grocery bags on the table, quickly putting the things that needed to be frozen or refrigerated away before they rushed over to you.

John sat to your right, while Hercules sat to your left. Alex sat in front of John, on the floor, making sure to leave room for your legs. Lafayette did the same thing and sat in front of Hercules.

You still hadn’t realized they were there, still staring blankly at the television screen.

John, worried, said, “Y/N? Y/N? Are you ok? Y/N?” The last Y/N caught your attention and you looked up toward John, only now noticing that he was there.

You glanced around you, seeing that Laf, Alex, and Hercules was there as well. They all looked concerned and slightly worried.

Their looks of concern, worry and love only brought the tears back full force and you fell into John’s arms, sobbing. You quickly became the center of a group hug. John kept his arms around you, while Hercules gently ran his hands through your hair in an effort to calm you down. Lafayette gently rubbed your back and Alex was talking to you in a soothing tone.
In that instance, you were incredibly happy that he could talk nonstop.

It took a few minutes but slowly, you had calmed down enough to sort of be able to breath in without setting off another round of hiccup-sobs.

Still hiding your face against John’s chest, your “I’m sorry” came out muffled but they all heard it.

Various “it’s ok” and “what’s wrong?” echoed throughout the room.

Gently sitting up, trying not to startle anyone, you took a deep breath and glanced at their faces, tears blurring your vision.

“I had a really crappy day. You all were gone before I woke up, like normal, but my alarm didn’t go off so I slept in for two hours past my alarm. I spilled coffee all over my favorite shirt” you sniffled here and Alex handed you a tissue. You muttered a thanks before blowing your nose. “It’s the shirt you made me Hercules. I tried to get the coffee out but it’s stuck!” You started crying again, wishing that you had worn any shirt but that one. It unfortunately was the first top your hands had landed on. Then I tried to make more coffee, because all of it was on the shirt, but then the coffee maker broke! And then on my way out to my car, some stupid bird pooped on my car door handle and I didn’t see it in time. Plus, I keep getting projects and I just can’t finish all of them! They aren’t giving me any time between projects and I just can’t do that anymore.“ The group had pulled you into another group hug, wishing they could do something to help.

“I called in as sick, I just couldn’t handle something else going wrong.” The words were mumbled as yet again, your face was pressed against someone’s chest.

You let out a small laugh, saying, “Um, guys? A little squished here!”

Instantly, they pulled back from the group hug, smiling toward you. They were glad that you were feeling a bit better.

Suddenly, Lafayette’s eyes widened and he said, “pourquoi don’t we help you with your projets?” (Why don’t we help you with your projects?)

Hercules chimed in next, “I can always make you another shirt out of the same fabric. I still have a lot left over from making your other shirt.”

John said next, “I can help you with your alarm! I think I accidentally bumped into the power outlet the other day and I don’t think it’s quite plugged all the way into the wall.” He sheepishly smiled toward you and you shook your head, a small smile on your face.

Alex, the last of the group, said, “I can run to the store and buy another coffeemaker. Our old one definitely needed replacing. I can also run your car through the car wash on my way back.”

They looked up at you, waiting to see your reaction.

A large smile spread across your face as happy tears fell from your eyes.

“You are the best boyfriends in the entire world. I love you all so much!”

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Prompt: I remember seeing a post going around about Garak repairing Kukalaka, maybe something along those lines? Or Garak teasing Julian about his attachment to the toy, but he's secretly fond of it, maybe making sure the bear is well kept, or making clothes for him? I dunno, anything with Garak and Kukalaka, the fluffier the better!

I believe you’re talking about this post. If that’s the case, that’s awesome because I actually made that post. And it’s double awesome because I actually wrote a story based off that post already called Barely Together. It’s cute but also sad, so be prepared.

But I love Garak and Kukalaka stuff so I’m going to write another one. Plus I saw this fan art and I really wanted to write something based off of it.

Not So Lonely

“How could you carry such sentiment for an inanimate object?”

Garak had asked that when he picked up Kukalaka for the first time. Julian remember feeling hurt, almost betrayed, by the words and tone. But there were cultural differences between them. There were no doubt going to be some questioned motives and choices on both sides. So he explained, in a rather inflexible tone of his own, that Kukalaka was with him all his life and that he’d gone with him to the hospital when he was genetically engineered. Garak accepted that answer, though it was clear the Cardassian still didn’t quite understand.

“How is that bear of yours?”

It cut into conversation in random once, a few weeks later. Julian was jarred by it. He almost dropped his fork on the floor. But he’d answered, in an albeit puzzled tone, that Kukalaka was fine and still sitting on the shelf where Garak had left it.

“So you don’t make a habit of hugging your oldest companion?” Garak asked. “That really is such a shame, my dear.”

Julian carried Kukalaka to bed with him that night.

Kukalaka was mentioned in conversations periodically after that. It was never anything major; hints and sparks of polite conversation intermingled within their usually literary squabbles. Julian didn’t think much of it then but now that he considered these moments, he believed that there was something glistening in Garak’s eyes every time he spoke of his old companion.

Julian had been off the station for four days for a medical conference. He’d asked Kukalaka to hold down the fort while he was away. He doubt the stuffed bear would have to resort to any violent measures. In truth, the little thing could hardly lift a finger, let alone fight any being. If he had to fight, he was likely going to be destroyed. A rather heartbreaking concept. One that Julian suspected was far too real when he returned to his quarters and Kukalaka was absent from his spot on the shelf. His alarm, though, was quelled by the tiniest noise. One he’d heard before, during darkened nights when Garak was by his side and sleep was still too far away.

He slipped across the sitting room and peered into his bedroom. Garak was asleep on his bed, covers wrapped around him. Julian wasn’t sure how Garak got into his quarters. He wasn’t sure he cared. All that mattered to him was the fact that his darling Cardassian was asleep and Kukalaka was in his arms, the little bear giving just a small wave to Julian in earnest.

Julian crossed the room, placed his bag next to his bed, and gave the man a gentle shake. Garak’s eyes opened almost immediately and searched, almost frantically, before falling on him. Julian smiled.

“You’re home early, my dear,” Garak murmured, the surprise wiped from his face as that tired aura seeped back in.

“I didn’t want to stay another night,” Julian said. Garak’s hands reached for him. Kukalaka tumbled free. It lay abandoned but acknowledged at Garak’s side. Julian watched Kukalaka’s still form before looking back at Garak’s face.

“He was quite lonely,” Garak said, “And insisted that I keep him company while you were away.”

“Maybe he wasn’t the only lonely one,” Julian answered.

“Yes, I imagine you were quite lonely as well.”

A coy smile brushed onto Garak’s face. Julian shook his head as his smile grew. Then he let himself all into Garak’s arms and allowed the Cardassian to pull him under the covers. Julian salvaged Kukalaka and placed him between them, it’s tiny frame squished between them.

“You haven’t even changed your clothes, my dear,” Garak said. A kiss pressed against Julian’s forehead.

“It can wait until morning.”

Julian closed his eyes and snuggled into his partner while Kukalaka stayed poised between their arms.

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Hello. This is my first ask so I apologize in advance if I do something wrong. Perhaps, RFA's reaction to an MC who worked as a butler/maid/servant ?

Ah no need to apologise! Haha thank you for the request 💖 so happy!!!

This seems like a fun prompt so I shall try my best 😄



• at first when MC told him, he didn’t believe her. He thought she was joking.
• She didn’t seem like the type to go around cleaning everyone’s messes.
• but when he looked around his own apartment, all the mess that he made, being a young college student and all, was all gone. His room was cleaned up within just half an hour. With this realisation, he was starting to doubt his own resolve.
• “You’re joking, right MC?” He asks her with wide eyes, as bright as the clear morning skies.

“Uhh, not really. My family and I didn’t get along very well… and that seemed to be the only good paying job I could find when I moved out.” MC shrugs in her attempts to avoid making Yoosung worry unnecessarily.
• MC expect Yoosung to feel sorry for her, to get teary eyed and give her a big hug out of pity.
• But instead; when she looked up at Yoosungs face, she found the most warmest of smiles that melted the icy layer around MC’s heart.
•Yes, this was why she fell in love with him.
• “That’s incredible!” Yoosung chimed. “You became independent at such a young age, and learned an amazing life skill. Honestly, is there anything you can’t do?!”
• MC blushed, feeling like her heart was being tickled.
• “Well…” she said, “I can’t cook.”

JAEHEE: (a.n: I haven’t done her route yet so you’ll have to bare with me!!)

• Jaehee got home from a long day at work, expecting it to be just as she had left it in the early hours of the morning: like a hurricane had just given birth in her living room.
(it would’ve been organised with Mr. Han hadn’t left his cat with her whilst on his business trip… AGAIN!)
•However what Jaehee came home was not a hurricane of cat hair and shredded couches, but to a delicious smell of homemade food and a spotless apartment.
• Jaehee walked into the kitchen where MC was, dragging her feet in exhaustion as she found Elizabeth 3rd resting under the dining room table.
•"HOW?!?“ She exasperated, wondering whether this was a dream or reality.
• MC turned around from the stove and smiled, “welcome home!”
• Jaehee smiled apologetically, “MC, you really shouldn’t have gone through all this trouble!”
• “It’s no big deal, I’ve dealt with worse.”

“What? What do you mean?” Jaehee responded, stealing a taste of the marinated chicken from the kitchen counter.

“Oh, did I tell you? I used to work as a cleaner.”
•Jaehee paused and looked at her as if she was an angel sent from the heavens above.

“I love you, but please never feel like you have to clean up after me.”


• He was shocked.
• like legitimately stunned to outer worldly shock that he couldn’t even register what he was doing.
• his angel used to work as a maid for those rich filthy bastards?!??!?
• just thinking about MC cleaning for people like the Trust Fund Kid had his head spinning in circles and him seeing red.
•"Why would you work for bastards like them?!“

“It gave me a source of income.”
• that made him freeze. He knew the struggles of the capitalist society very well himself.
• he attacked MC right then and there with the biggest bear hug he could provide.
• MC squealed in surprise not expect such a sudden change in mood.
• “My princess, I understand you completely.”
• MC felt her face heat up as Zen squished her against his chest.
• after that, Zen made sure to keep their house spotless - that MC never no much as touched a dustpan again in her life.
• whenever she would see a mess and try to clean it up, he would appear beside her like a genie and take the washcloth right out of her hands.
“No, m'lady, allow me.” He would bow in a princely manner.
• and oh how MC loved it.

• well damn, how. The. FuCK. Do. You. Think. DADDY WOULD RESPOND?!?!?!
• He grabs his phone straight away, much to MC’s confusion.

“What? Why the cleaning compa-”


“But it’s 3 in the morn-”


• MC sighs, trying to get her husband under control.
“Jumin, please. You’re over reacting.”
Jumin turns around to his beloved, ending the call.
• Jumin places a hand on MC’s cheek, lightly rubbing her cheekbones with his thumb.
“My princess, your circumstances must’ve been grave for you to even consider such a profession.”
• MC huffed, much to Jumins adoration.
“Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Besides who would be there to clean up your mess if not your maids… and me?”
• Jumin was taken aback. He recalls every time he treated one of his maids poorly and instantly feels guilt engulf his stomach. Then he felt rage.
• he takes both of MC’s hands, his eyes boring in hers, trying to search the endless dark chocolates of her Irises.
“No one… treated you poorly… did they?”
•MC knew exactly what was going on in his mind, the guilt he may be feeling.
• Jumins hands tightened around hers. He was shaking.
• No one could treat his princess poorly. Not even him.
• “Who were they?”
“Jumin, please.”
“I want names now.”
“It was a long time ago!”
“I don’t care, I need to know who they are”
“So I can destroy their lives.”
• let’s just say the love birds carried on bickering the whole night
•Jumin ended up doubling all of his maids salaries
• and he has never been more than polite to them from that moment on.


• they were cuddling in bed, laughing at old stories when MC started telling Seven a story about a customer who she once served when she used to work in a maid cafe.
• Saeyoung froze.
• “Wait, what?! Did you just say maid cafe?”
• MC paused. “What? Didn’t I tell you?”
• they both just stared at each other in three seconds of silence.
• then Saeyoung exploded.
“What isn’t?”
“Saeyoung, please. I haven’t been in one since I was 18.”
• Saeyoung stops, and turns to his wife with a sinister gleam in the corner of his gorgeous golden eyes. MC knew that look well.
• “oh, no.”
“Oh, YES!” Saeyoung exclaims as he jumps up and out of bed in the speed of light despite it being almost two in the morning.
• he runs into his closet and before you know it, he comes out with a spotless maid costume that she was too familiar with for her liking. His evil smile exposing it all.
“Saeyoung, no!” MC protested, face palming herself.
“MC, YES!” Saeyoung exclaims.
“It’s two in the morning.”
“I will join you.”
That made MC pause.
“Wait what?” Did he just say he would double cosplay with her as maids at two in the morning?
• they both ended up cosplaying as maids at two in the morning
• you best know it that they took a lot of selfies.
• you best know it Saeyoung wore his wig
• and you best know it that they fucking ENJOYED IT.


And you best know it that I hope you guys enjoyed this!!!! First imagines are nerve wrecking :D