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Imagine your son watching his daddy, Chris, on TV.

A/N: Helloooooooo, I’m back with the mini series! The last mini left us with Chris and the reader having an adorable little boy; Jackson River Evans. This continues on from there, just a bunch of fics that show their daily adventures that come with parenthood. Hope you enjoy it. X (Here is the mini-series ‘Masterlist’, I’ll link it as soon as I get home.)

It was 11:25PM in the Evans household, after a long day of running errands with your very talkative and excitable son, one would think that you and Chris would be fast asleep. But instead, the two of you were sat on the floor of your living room surrounded by wrapping paper, ribbons, and a buttload of different toys, books, and clothes for your son’s second birthday tomorrow.

You’d planned to start wrapping around 8:30PM- Jack’s bedtime- but as always, neither of you could leave his side until he fell asleep which was three and a half stories later at 9:48PM. What made things worst was that he knew it was his birthday tomorrow and that his parents were staying up to wrap his presents and prepare for his party; the questions he tackled both of you with made for good laughs and weary head shakes.

“Do you want some coffee?” Chris chuckled when another yawn escaped you; you shook your head. “What about Gummi Bears?” You shook your head again. “What about both?” He suggested, smiling when you bit back your smile.

“No, I’m good.” You told him as you returned your attention to the half wrapped ‘Dancing Elmo’ in front of you. “I can’t have caffeine or sugar now, if I do then- I’m going to be up all night.” Chris raised an eyebrow, his facials saying “isn’t that what we want?” You chuckled, “are you that tired that you’ve forgotten what happened the last time I tried to stay up with the help of coffee and Gummi Bears?”

His eyes narrowed slightly as he thought back, it didn’t take long for realization to sweep over his face. “Ah, yes.” He chuckled, nodding. “I believe I called it The Rise and Fall of Y/N.” You nodded with pursed lips. “I honestly thought you broke that day, was going to call Kevin and Robert to set me up with another girl.” You rolled your eyes. “Preferably one that doesn’t go on a caffeine and sugar high so she can pull an all nighter on her script, only to talk my ear off with her random epiphanies instead.”

“Jerk,” you tossed a toddler size version of Chris’ favorite pair of shoes at him. It hit him in the chest and landed in his lap, but he was too busy bellowing with laughter to bother retaliating. “Shut up,” you laughed softly, throwing the other shoe at him. “You’re going to wake Jack up.”

“Okay okay,” he softened his laughter, wiping away the tears that had formed in the corner of his eyes. “Hey, these are cute.” He said when he picked the shoes up off his lap. “They look exactly like mine, how did you-” He looked up at you and you smirked, shrugging. “You’re going to make him so happy.”

“I know,” you smiled. “He keeps asking me to put your shoes aside for him so he can wear them when he’s older, he gets so mad when he sees you wearing them because he thinks they’re his now. He keeps telling me that you’re wearing them out.”

“Trust me, I know,” he chuckled. “He gets so passive-aggressive every time I have those shoes on. Like the other day, he told me my feet are too big for those beautiful shoes.” You both laughed at that. “And just today, I found him hiding them under his bed. Honestly,” he shook his head, smiling, “that boy is an odd one.”

“Children are a reflection of their parents,” you teased.

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded then smirked as he said, “have you met his mom?”

“I’m running out of soft things to throw at you,” you threw a Mickey Mouse plush ball at him. “Can we get back to it now?” You asked, beckoning at the pile of unwrapped gifts; you were starting to regret offering your wrapping services to your family and friends who were out of town and couldn’t make it. “We’re going to need at least some sleep if we want to get through a two year old’s birthday party tomorrow.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The both of you returned to wrapping and a comfortable silence filled the air. It wasn’t until you got through your fifth gift, and Chris his fourth that you both realized there were sounds coming from upstairs. You glanced behind you then turned back to Chris whose narrowed eyes were looking at the archway leading to the hallway where the stairs were.

“Did you leave the TV on upstairs?”

“No,” you shook your head. “I haven’t been upstairs since-”

“Jack,” you both concluded in unison, heaving a heavy sigh.

Chris made his way upstairs with you right on his heel. The closer you got to your bedroom, the louder the TV got. Chris looked over his shoulder at you, mouthing “is that?” You nodded, chuckling when you realized Jack was watching one of his father’s old interviews with Jimmy Fallon. You both poked your head into the room and saw Jack snugged in the middle of your bed with Dodger under his tiny arm. He was always so mesmerized by his dad, or you, being on TV that he’d fail to notice all else, like the two of you in the doorway.

“Bud,” Chris called and Jack flinched, “what are you doing out of bed?”

“I’m not out of bed,” he gestured to the fact that he was in your bed, grinning cheekily.

“Let’s rephrase,” you stepped in, chuckling, “what are you doing out of your bed?”

“Well, I…” he trailed off, turning his attention back to the TV because he didn’t want to miss a second of his dad.

You and Chris shared a weary look then shrugged and joined Jack in your king sized bed, each on either side of him. Dodger shuffled, moving to rest his head on your lap. You smiled and stroked his side, leaning down to whisper into his floppy ear “thanks for looking after of our little handful, sweetheart.”

“Shhh,” Jack pressed his tiny finger to his lips.

“Oh, please.” You chuckled. “Like my whispering-”

“Seriously, shh,” Chris shushed you too, pointing to the TV. “You’ll want to listen to this part, it’s super sweet.” A smug smirk formed on his lips because you’d already seen it before and you already knew it was super sweet. “It’s about his wife and kid.”

“And I’m the kid!” Jack gasped excitedly and climbed out of the covers so he could crawl closer to the TV. You were about to reach and catch him when Chris got to him first; the last thing you needed was your son ruining his eyes like you did as a child.

“You’re not going any closer to the TV, bud.” Chris murmured into his soft locks. “The last thing we need is you wearing glasses too.” Jack still tried to wiggle out of his dad’s strong grip and Chris frowned. “Jack, stop,” he spoke in a firmer tone and Jack immediately stilled. “Either sit here with me or go to bed.”

“I’ll sit here with you,” Jack nodded, leaning back against his dad’s chest.

“Not bad,” you mouthed, smiling at Chris who was tipping his imaginary hat; he was getting a lot better at controlling Jack. Usually Jack would just ignore Chris and continue his defiance until you stepped in and dropped the hammer, but not so much anymore. You turned your attention back to the TV when you heard your name.

“I believe congratulations are in order, you and Y/N are now parents to an adorable boy.” Jimmy said and the audience cheered; Chris smiled as a photo of you carrying Jack, who was only eight months then, popped up on the screen behind him.

“That’s me,” Jack giggled excitedly; both you and Chris chuckled.

“Jack, right?” Jimmy asked and Chris nodded. “He is a beautiful baby.”

“Thank you,” Chris smiled. “Yeah, he is a real looker. His smile just lights up the room and his eyes are bluer than mine,” he chuckled softly. “But I mean-” he glanced back at the photo, his smile growing even wider. “I didn’t really expect anything less. Look at his mom, she’s beautiful and perfect and- he’s just a splitting image of her.”

The interview touched your heart like it did the first time, you smiled and reached over Jack to press your hand against your husband’s face. He smiled and turned his head, kissing the palm of your hand. You pulled your hand away and returned your attention to the TV.

“It must be very hard for you to be away from home at the moment,” Jimmy said and Chris nodded, pouting adorably. “And how is Y/N handling Jack on her own? She’s always said that between the two of you, you’re better with kids.”

“That’s-” Chris chuckled. “No, Y/N is fantastic with children. She just says she’s not because she’s overly modest and she likes her 'I-don’t-want-kids’ reputation, but honestly- if you see her with kids, you can tell that she is nothing like she portrays herself to be. She is just the sweetest, kindest, most gentle person when she’s around kids. Well,” he chuckled, “the good ones anyway.”

“And Jack’s one of the good ones, right?”

“Definitely,” Chris nodded, smiling. “I was FaceTiming with Y/N yesterday and she’s been telling me all about how he just sleeps through the night and eats whatever she gives him. He’s a very easy baby, like she hasn’t even had to call our moms for backup yet.”

“I’m sure you must be very excited to get back home to them,” Jimmy put another photo up on the screen behind Chris; it was one of the three of you and Dodger that Chris tweeted out for Mother’s Day. The whole audience awwwed at the photo, making Chris smile. “I mean- that is a sweet family waiting for you.”

“Yeah, and I’m counting down the days till I see them,” Chris admitted with a soft chuckle. “Only a couple months of press left and then I’m back in Boston for a long break until the next part premieres. But by then, Jack should be old enough to fly so they can come out and visit me while I’m doing press around the world.”

Jimmy smiled, “once again, congratulations. If you’re watching this, Y/N, Jack is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys. The first part of Avengers Infinity War is out in cinemas now, be sure to watch it. Chris Evans, everyone!”

You expected Jack to clap and when he didn’t, you looked over to find him fast asleep in his dad’s arms. “I guess he woke up and just wanted us to keep him company until he fell asleep again,” Chris whispered and you smiled. “I’m going to go put him to bed.” You nodded and yawned as he rose to his feet with Jack in his arms. “And you should go to sleep too, I’ll finish up downstairs.”

“We’re a team,” you told him and rose to your feet, following him with a hand on his lower back. “I don’t sleep until you sleep.” Chris smiled and wrapped one arm around you, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head as the two of you made your way to Jack’s room.

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Part 2 will be up soon.

Dan x reader imagine Warnings- smutish 

Every time you put your hair in a pony Dan automatically thinks dirty thoughts. It’s like pavlova’s dogs. To him you gathering your hair and putting it in a high pony is a signal of you getting ready to give into his needs. It’s not your fault. Honestly, you have to keep your hair out of your face when going down on him. Nothing ruins the mood more than your hair tickling Dan. Or getting your hair in your mouth. As you gather your hair now you can see his little smirk forming on his face.

“Stop what your thinking. We are a couple hours away from getting home and there’s no way I’m getting on my knees in those bathrooms.”

“I can’t help. He has a mind of his own. Besides with your hair up and your pretty little lips wearing that lip colour I love. How does any man not feel his cock twitch around you.” You blush at his words. He knows you like the back of his hand and he is wonderful at using his words to make your mind run with ideas.

“When we get home I’m going to have to teach you a lesson about patience.”

“Hmm, orgasm control. I love the way you think.” Dan places a chaste kiss to your lips grabbing your hand to lead you to the next building your meeting is in.

No one asked for this. My mind just goes places.

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part D)

A/N: Part 5D filled with fluff as always. Epilogue is up next, and wow! Another chapter done and dusted, but fear not- there is still lots to come for these two cutie pies. ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C’)

You stood side stage, smiling as you watched Chris, Anthony, and Sebastian interact with their fans. It was such a joy to be there observing the panel, yet another thing you’d always wanted to do but never thought you would have the chance to. Like befriending Chris, dating Chris, being engaged to Chris, and soon- marrying Chris. You were definitely a lucky one in seven billion; you were slowly checking off everything on your bucket list, both realistic and unrealistic goals. Your gaze refocused on your soon-to-be husband and your smile widened because it was because of him that you were getting everything you’d ever dreamed of.

He carried a love for you so strong, and had so much faith in you that he’d do anything for you. If your dream was to fly to the moon, he’d build a rocket ship and sit alongside you on the journey. He’d told you that a thousand times, and every time you’d believe him. His offer was always genuine, as was his love, faith, trust, and pride. You were a being unlike any other and you possessed a talent he knew would become a world wide phenomenon. It wouldn’t be long until you checked off ‘become a screenwriter’ and 'win an Oscar’, but that was Chris’ words and not yours. You were sure it was going to be ten years at least, considering you were still a student and being recognized as just Chris Evans’ fiancée. Now that wasn’t a bad thing to be recognized as, you were proud to be just Chris Evans’ fiancée; if that was all you could achieve in this lifetime, you’d be absolutely contented and at peace with yourself.

“Chris.” You tuned back into the panel when you heard Max- the host- mention Chris’ name. “I think we owe you a congratulations.” The whole crowd erupted in applause and cheers; both you and Chris immediately smiled, knowing exactly where it was going. “You’re engaged, man. That’s-” The applause and cheers increased in excitement and volume. “Yeah!” Max egged it on, clapping. You chuckled when you saw Anthony and Sebastian do the same, nudging a blushing Chris and patting him on the back. “Congratulations, dude. That is awesome news, we are so happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Chris chuckled into the microphone, dropping his gaze as he grinned to hide his obvious excitement. He may not have enjoyed talking about his relationships before, but with you- he wanted to tell the whole world about you. He was secretly glad Anthony blurted out his engagement news because he didn’t think he could, or wanted to keep it a secret until you graduated. Now as you stood watching him, and seeing how happy he was when they mentioned the engagement- you were glad the world knew too. “It’s exciting, yeah. I’m very, very excited.”

“For those who don’t know who Chris is engaged to, her name is Y/N Y/L/N. I had the pleasure of meeting her backstage,” Max said and Chris nodded, smiling as he threw a quick glance at you; you smiled and gave him a small wave. “And she is lovely, I genuinely enjoyed talking to her.” Chris’ smile widened because he had the same first impression when he met you at the airport. “She’s also very mature for her young age of twenty, I’d even say she’s more mature than you.”

“Max, buddy. You realize she’s watching this right?” Chris laughed, drawing laughter from the whole room. “Yeah, she is. She’s got a very old soul, she’s very old school type of girl. And I love it, it’s one of my favorite things about her.”

“Why’s that?” Max quizzed.

“I just feel like it allows us to have a similar mindset, of what we want in our relationship and in life in general. We don’t have a lot of big disagreements, we argue about stupid things like- who’s the better baseball team. God, I tell you- if she doesn’t ditch her Yankees cap soon,” he glanced over at you and you chuckled, tugging at said Yankees cap.

“The Yankees are the best team,” Sebastian piped up, earning a few cheers and jeers from the audience. “She’s keeping the hat, and I’m sending her a lifetime supply of Yankees merchandise as a wedding gift.” You and Chris laughed. “I’m not kidding, Chris. I will, so prepare yourself.”

“Whatever,” Chris chuckled then continued with his previous statement. “Anyway, as I was saying. It’s hard to find someone who wants the same thing, or just a long term thing in general. I feel like people, especially at her age, they just want something fun and casual. Which yeah, it’s great until you get to my age and find yourself still alone.” The crowd voiced their agreements. “We both agree that relationships these days are moving at a speed we’re not familiar with, or particularly fond of. With modern technology and the evolution that comes with each new generation, there’s a shift in the dynamics of what a relationship should be like. I- we both like to keep things- y'know, traditional. Get married, have kids- the works. It’s nice to meet someone who wants the same thing, it’s refreshing. She’s…” He looked over at you, smiling, “she’s just perfect and I love her.”

The whole crowd lost it at that, letting a wave of “awwww” cascade through the room. Chris grinned as he turned back to the supportive audience. It was nice to be able to share what he thought of you, and his love for you with other people. Yes, he was an incredibly private person who hated talking about his love life. But that was then, he was different now. Now he could’ve talked about you for hours with any fan, or at any interview. He could proudly and assertively tell the world that he was engaged to the most amazing and beautiful girl he’d ever met, as well as help them fall in-love with you as he had.

“Do you think she’ll join us on stage if we ask very nicely?” Max quizzed, and all four guys looked over at you with inviting grins; you shook your head at them with widened eyes. “If you don’t know who we’re looking at, we’re looking at Y/N who is standing side stage. What do you say, guys? Would you like to meet Captain America’s fiancé?”

You felt the butterflies in your stomach get trampled by a herd of elephants when you heard the crowd start cheering, and chanting your name. You shook your head at Chris, who was chuckling. He saw you start to turn and leave, and quickly jumped up and ran to grab you by the waist. He pulled your back into his front and whispered into you ear, “remember on the plane when you said, 'I’ll be there for you if things get too overwhelming’?” You winced, wishing you hadn’t said that; you knew when you said it it would bite you in the butt later. “Things are getting a little overwhelming out there and I’d love it if you joined me,” he told you as he spun you around and took your hand.

“Chris, I don’t want to go out there,” you steadied your stance, fighting against his pull. “Please don’t make me go out there.” You begged then chuckled softly when he did. “There are so many people out there, majority of them are fan girls who probably hate me for marrying their celebrity crush. I can’t go out there, they’re only being nice now because you’re here. I don’t want to say something or do something that will make them attack me when you’re not around.”

“Stop being so paranoid,” he laughed. “I’m always going to be here for you, Y/N. And it’s time you learn how to deal with big crowds, you’re going to have to do that when you enter the Hollywood industry.” You sighed because you knew he was right. “Come on, nothing you do or say will make them hate you. If their celebrity crush adores you then-” he smiled when he saw you smile, “you bet your cute little butt that they’re going to adore you too.”

“Don’t let go of my hand,” you ordered in a tone that told him you were going to join them on stage. Chris chuckled and nodded, entwining his fingers with yours. He walked, gently tugging you alongside him. “Oh my God,” you breathed when you walked into view; the crowd cheered. “I hate you so much.” You murmured to Chris without taking the nervous smile from your face.

“Give the love of my life a hand, everybody,” Chris instructed then kissed the side of your head as the crowd did as he asked. You chuckled softly, taking everything in before you lifted a hand to give the crowd a small wave. “Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?” Chris quizzed, then shared a love-sick smile with you.

Another wave of “awwww” cascaded around the room, which quickly turned into laughter when Anthony called out, “oh, get a room,” in a teasing tone. You and Chris turned to him, laughing softly. Both Anthony and Sebastian, as well as everyone in the room, fell in-love with the two of you. It was so obvious you were irrevocably and irretrievably in-love with the other, so much so that the hatred and the jealousy that some in the crowd possessed faded. Chris was meant to be with you, and you him; one could reject that notion, but there was simply no denying it.

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A/N: Yep, as you can see I took a prompt out. As I said in the ‘ask reply’, I didn’t want to keep repeating myself with that one, however, I have kept the pregnancy theme and it’s sort of linked with 'Pregnant?’ and 'Safe Now’. Though you don’t need to read either of those to get this one. I hope taking a prompt away doesn’t disappoint any of you. Lemme know what ya think peeps! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Sharing The Load

Requested by: @tudorsloth - “56,52,19 with my main man Gibbs please xo”

Word Count: 568

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

19. “Don’t worry about it, I got it.”
56. “I haven’t slept in days.”

It wasn’t Gibbs’s fault that he’d caught two cases on the bounce right after one another but it was easy to put the blame on him when you were this tired and moody and when he wasn’t here to defend himself.

You leant against the counter top after wiping it down, another sharp kick caught you by surprise and took the breath from your lungs, “Whoa.” You mumbled and gently rubbed a hand over the expanse of your large belly, “Easy now. You’ve been so lively lately.”

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Lucifer’s Babe

gif is not mine

Title: Lucifer’s Babe

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word count: 900

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: I hope you’re ready for some more Lucifer love!! This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this!! I love you all so much!! <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 <3

It was thought that Lucifer could love no one.  People used to say that Lucifer was incapable of feeling true love for anyone, let alone a human being.  Then he met you.  When Lucifer first met you, he didn’t understand these feelings.  As time went on he understood just what these feelings were and what they meant.  He would never live without you; you felt the same way for him.

The great thing about dating Lucifer was that every demon in Hell knew who you were.  The demons admired and respected you highly.  You were their queen, with Lucifer as their king.  They liked you and Lucifer as their rulers rather than Crowley.  

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                           KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 2

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Let me just say how fucking amazed I am that so many of you enjoyed/loved part one of soul mate! I honestly did not expect that many of you to, let alone, want another part/mini series! Thank you so much for the support (?) and I truly hope you enjoy this part. I thought to make things a bit slow here since I may just make this into a mini series kind of fic! Let me know what you think! BTW, the temperature is considered to be in fahrenheit (sorry if you use celsius!) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.4K+

Warning: Cursing…that’s about it? Kylo nearly punches a whole in a table, but I think we’re good.


“You are mine.” His last words plagued your thoughts, echoing throughout your mind and sending shivers down your spine. “You are mine.” The force he had put on the word ‘mine’ terrified you, as if you had been some sort of…object? As if you were something that he could keep on display in his room for the galaxy–or just him–to see. “Mine.” You gulped at the way the word rolled off of his tongue, the amount of possession being enforced. Those three words haunted you, your heart now in your throat as the amount of pressure from its pounding vibrated through your ears. I am no ones, but my own.

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A Little Too Late Part 28

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 28

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Balthazar, Sam, Dean, God!Chuck

Word Count: 1,101

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Things aren’t ending here my friends! I hope you enjoy this next part!! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

The Masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

“You Winchesters sure know how to die,” Chuck shook his head with a small chuckle.  “Before you ask Sam and Dean, yes she is a Winchester.  Her real dad was John Winchester.  Her mother was just some girl he slept with,” God rambled.  “Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to happen.  Which seems to be a common occurrence with you Winchesters.”

“So you’ll bring her back,” Sam asked.

“I will, but I hope [Y/N] doesn’t make a habit out of it like you two do,” Chuck raised his eyebrows.  He caught his son Lucifer’s glare.  “It’s nice to see you have respected the rules.  All of you have, and I thank you for that.”  Chuck padded up to Gabriel who held your body in his arms.  “Now things will return back to normal.  She’ll no longer have those pains in her chest.  She’ll be able to heal someone without practically dying.  [Y/N] can only heal to a certain extent, so keep that in mind Sam and Dean.”

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A/N: Okay but this is possibly the cutest chapter yet, or at least towards the end it is, and I’m pretty happy with its outcome and I hope you all are as well! Also, I’m digging all these nicknames the two little shits keep giving each other and it’s probably gonna be a reoccurring theme. I got a bit carried away so sorry that it’s extra long this time around! Enjoy, my lovely readers :)

Word Count: 6K+

Warning: Profanity.

Sneaking out of the resistance hangar wasn’t the easiest thing, let alone, getting to it–especially when your bet friend [Poe] lived and breathed there. It was pretty easy at first, after showering and eating something, you walked along the halls like any other respected Resistance officer. Here and there you were greeted by casual hellos and salutes, you doing the same back before you slid behind one of the back walls that lead to the hallway of the hangar. Of course, there was no real reason to sneak around when you could’ve lied and said you had business to attend to…but you were afraid word was going to reach out to Leia and a whole domino affect would happen and you really weren’t up for that.

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Dance In The Rain (Mike Fuentes) (Pierce The Veil)

Word Count:435


Rain was your favourite weather; it was beautiful to watch hit the window of the coffee shop you worked in. Because of the rain customers were next to none, so you decide to close up the shop early and do something you hadn’t done in a long time.

Dancing was your passion, you use to compete professionally in high school but gave up when you went to college because your parents said it was a hobby that wouldn’t get you anywhere in life.

The streets were empty of cars and people as you step out into the road and let the rain soak you. You tune into the sound of the rain and use that as music. Contemporary was your style of dance.

“Hey miss, why are you dancing in the rain?”

You were bought out of your dance by a male voice, you could just about make out a tall figure stood on the sidewalk under shelter. You throw your head back and laugh.

“Why aren’t you dancing in the rain good sir?”

The tall figure laughs before walking towards you. You start to dance again and put your hand out with he takes before twirling you towards him. He moves your rain plastered hair off of your face and you finally get a first look at the tall figure. Your eyes widen upon seeing Mike Fuentes, the drummer from Pierce The Veil.

“Would you like to get coffee with me and dry off love?”

You nod and chew your lip.

“I own the coffee shop behind us, so the drinks are on me Mike. Call me y/n by the way.”

Mike keeps hold of your hand as you both walk in comfortable silence towards the coffee shop, both of you dripping wet.

“You’re kind of crazy y/n, not many girls dance in the rain.”

“What can I say Mike, I like being different. Now let’s get those coffees.”

Mike nods and shakes his head as you hold open the door for him.

“I like different y/n.”

~1 Year Later~

“Mike, look it’s raining. Come dance with me.”

You and Mike had been together for a year and it was the best year of your life. Today was one of Mike’s rare days off and it had started to rain while you watched TV.

“May I have this dance y/n?”

Mike offers you his hand like a gentleman and you take it and allow him to guide you out of the apartment. You didn’t care if you caught a cold, you were just happy to be able to dance with someone like Mike.

Don’t know if someone has already created a post on this. I’m assuming someone must have. Nonetheless… since I only got to watch the movie today, I thought I should post this anyway.

↑ This adorable pup is from the movie Hot Pursuit. What? “HIS NAME”, you ask? O! His name (in the movie) is HANNIBAL. Now, some of us may be extremely tempted to take him home. But we must all keep in mind that he already has an owner. Are we clear? I said: Are we clear?

What is Project Positivity for Bob Morley: This is basically a project I have been working on! It is a way to let Bob know just how adored and appreciated he is by his fans!! The intention is to compile all things positivity for Bob, which I will then be putting into a scrapbook and giving to him at the Germany Comic Con in June! It is meant to bring  about a dose of positivity to Bob, especially with all the negativity that has been thrown his way! This is meant to make him smile, and to spread the awareness of how LOVED he is by his fans collectively and collaboratively working together to show him how fantastic he is!

How Can I Get Involved: Easy! Any way you like! You can submit a letter to Bob, fanart for Bob (as an actor, as Bellamy, or any other role he has been in), you can present any other form of literary work, you can make a fanvid, the list of endless! Its all up to your own creativity!

What Can I Submit: You can submit letters to Bob (typed or handwritten), Fanart (Bob centric either as the actor himself, or in any other role), poems, fan vids, the list is totally open! I am wary of accepting fanfiction as I know actors have mixed feelings about this!

How Do I Submit Things: You can submit them through many different ways! You can send it to this blog via ask and/or submit! You can email it to me at am.euphoria1001@gmail.com. OR you can mail it to me! If you would like my mailing address please contact me privately and I will give it to you!

What Is The Deadline: The deadline for accepting submissions is June 3rd! This will allow me to put it all nicely in the scrapbook and I will for sure show everyone the completed product!  

100 Reasons We Love Bob Morley: This is a project within the project! Basically, I am trying to collect 100 reasons that we love Bob Morley! They can be a few words, one liners, a couple sentences, etc! You can send in as many as you like! What I intend to do is put them in a small envelope in the scrapbook and he can pull out the reasons one by one to give him a daily dose of positivity! IF I get more than 100 then perhaps I can go with my original plan of doing 365, one for each day of the year! But for now, lets try to get to 100! You can see the list of reasons so far HERE!

How Can I Stay Informed: Track the tag project positivity for bob morley as I use this to keep everyone updated and post reminders and such!

I would like to extend a WHOLE HEARTED THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has contributed and supported this project!! I have over 20 submissions and the list keeps growing!! And my deepest gratitude to those who have helped me promote this project!! Remember, we are doing this for Bob Morley! Lets show him just how much we all love, adore, admire, and respect him!!!

YOU are all AMAZING and I am blessed to be apart of such wonderful fellow Bob fans!! STAY PERFECT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries, suggestions, submissions, etc!

- Euphoria/Amira

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep my promise." 

I could still remember that night when you told me those words before you left and I still can’t forget that moment until now. At first i only see you as someone who will just leave once you already knew me. But you are so determined to show me that you are different, that you’re not like those people who made me thousands of promises but all of them didn’t keep it. You even asked me not to leave you and i just did, i promised it to you cause leaving is not my thing, i’d rather suffer in pain than to let someone i really love. You showed me that you’re the person who can keep his promises no matter what happens. But still you didn’t succeed. You still left. you just disappeared without saying anything, without any explanations, without any valid reasons. It hurts because i know i am worth the explanation. I need at least any word from you that i am going to hold on. You didn’t even bid your good bye. And that’s what hurts me, it made me think that, maybe i’m not worthy of any explanations, i am not worthy to fight for, to hold on. You left and i’m still here waiting for you to fulfill your promise…

“Attacking a largely stationary turret using long-range specialists who do high damage or a guy who can deflect his shots back? Naah, Imma just blunder into his line of fire as Winston five more times.”

Also, to those of us who have been keeping track of this game for a while now- this is pretty funny to see. Blizzard extensively re-worked Bastion to make him less of a Noob-stomper a while back. Didn’t turn out that well eh?

The thorinbilbonet members announcement!

Hi guys! Sorry for the late announcement, but the network is now ready to go! The selection of members was really really difficult, and most of the applications were qualified, but I could not pick everyone. It was actually so difficult that I choose to include more members than planned because I couldn’t file anyone else out at that point. But don’t despair! If you didn’t get in this time, I will probably do a second round in the future, as networks sometimes lose members or get sort of inactive.

The process of choosing members has been as non-biased as possible. I did not look at the urls or personal info when I looked at the applications, I only looked at why you wanted to join, motivation and contributions to make this as fair as possible.

so, the new members of thorinbilbonet are:

As you can see, we are a lot of people, but I think this is gonna be a lot of fun! And for those of you who feel disappointed to be left out, I will most likely choose more members in the future, so just keep looking out for that :-)

Anyway, congratulations to the new members!

Now, before we can get started, I’ll give you some instructions to do.

  • Please submit a short description of yourself, your name and an icon of 150x150px here. This will be put on the network page :-)
  • I will also send you a welcome message with some of the same information in case someone doesn’t see this post 
  • Please send me your email as well, as I can add you to the blog for the network!
  • Please track #thorinbilbonet (and feel free to tag your bagginshield stuff, personal posts and selfies etc with this tag! It’s about sharing after all :))
  • Feel free to check out the other members’ blogs (and maybe follow them). I will personally follow all of you, but I’ll not force you to follow any single blog in this network. But please do check the other blogs out :-)

I’ll also give you a link to the group chat, but I’ll message you with more info about that.

Again, congratulations, and I really hope we’ll have a great time with this network :-)