i keep seeing these things floating around


Jynx is a bad design. After seeing it in Moon after transferring from Red, I just couldn’t believe it. Its hair is crazy in the back and it has weird spikes coming out of its dress. In short—it sucks.

I attempted to redesign it focusing on a Norse theme while still keeping its same general color scheme for the most part. The first one is some amorphous blob thing I hate. The second is a snowdrop crystal thing that floats around or whatever. It’d have a third seeing eye form between its two horns like Sauron.

I keep seeing little mumblings and mutterings floating around regarding the possibility that Carol and Daryl are going to have some sort of fight because of Daryl’s choice to lie to her about Glenn and Abe (and everything else awful that happened when the Saviors came).

And here is a thing: there is no way in this universe she will ever be angry with him for lying to her. I mean here is her face while she’s explaining why she had no choice but to leave:

[.gif by poee-dameron]

She’s broken. Sobbing. Destroyed by even the thought of her family being hurt by the Saviors (and she knows what they’re capable of – she’s seen and experienced some of it herself).

So Daryl lies. The truth is that I doubt she even entirely believes him. He hesitates too long and she knows him much too well. But for the moment, she wants to believe because doing anything else might make her shatter.

The very idea that she’s ever going to be anything other than an exploding ball of love and gratitude when she finds out what he did and understands why (like for example the fact that it was all 100% for her, given that I’m sure he could have used some emotional comfort in this moment) is – quite honestly – a ludicrous reach by people who clearly do not watch this show very closely. 

And y’all know I don’t even make predications about this damn show like, ever.

OK guys i’ve been doing some thinking

So I keep seeing this post floating around about how you shouldn’t strip the Gods of their harsh parts or sharp edges. And don’t get me wrong, I agree with that. But I feel like the Gods aren’t the same for every person that worships them. And I do think that they still have their rough edges, it’s just not at the forefront of their being for some people. 

In my case, I’ve been thinking a lot about Ares, who he is to me, and what he means to me. I associate him with things like fighting, blood, fangs, and hardness/toughness, but he also seems to have his gentler side. 

The easiest way for me to describe how he presents to me is to think of someone who teaches a martial arts class. They are obviously very strong, very tough, and know exactly what they’re doing. But they are also the type to help those who are hurt; to pick them up and make sure they are okay before they continue. 

Maybe I see Ares like this because that is the kind of protector I need in my life. Maybe He doesn’t come across like this to other people, and I understand that. I just know how He shows up for me, and I am growing to love Him more and more each day for it. 


mouseymightymarvellous  asked:

Your defensive fury for fanfic writers give me LIFE. I keep imagining you appearing to defend innocent writers everywhere à la "Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind".

So, first, I am so honoured that you would say that. It’s so unbelievably flattering, like you’ve made my month. Too too sweet, I don’t know that I deserve such praise but I’ll take it anyways!

Warning, rant below (I hope this cut works I’m on mobile. Let’s see how good my HTML is)

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Animation Advice Post something or other

So I see a lot of negative stuff about animation and jobs floating around on tumblr lately and I was going to do a post outlining some of the things that can help you out when you’re just starting a job. So I thought I’d do a post of all I tell my students and crew members on a pretty regular basis. 

KEEP IN MIND , THIS IS JUST MY OPINION AND MY EXPERIENCES THUS FAR IN THE INDUSTRY. People will disagree and thats fine , there is no 100% right way to do anything. Feel free to take it with a grain of salt. 

lots of texty advice under the

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A Question

Would anyone be interested in seeing spells/bottles/sachets based off of pop culture things? I know it’s a pretty great niche around the witchy communities and I love seeing things like this, but I’ve got several ideas floating around my head about purposes and intents related to series and movies I’m fond of. That personal connection is something I feel gives a little boost to my magic and I’m sure at least one other person in the world must feel the same way, right?

Mostly I’ve got a few ideas concerning Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series, Harry Potter, American Gods, Tolkien, Welcome to Night Vale, and Stephen King related things, but I’m sure as my ideas keep going, so will my desire to mix my witchy ideas with my nerdy interests while getting my foot in the door of writing spells on my own.

What do you guys think?


It’s been ages since I’ve made a proper character reference, so I finally made one for Rotbox who I keep drawing in things, but I NEVER got around to making a reference for her till now

Rotbox is what Rotbox chooses to be and what she chooses to be is a weird floating face cube that can sprout nonsensical limbs, sometimes those limbs don’t even look like they should be able to bend the way they do which is quite weird to see if you ever meet her. Because of her limbs she has the impression that she’s a great multitasker, but she’s far from it. She gets easily distracted and is more clumsy with more limbs.

Dramatic and rambunctious, RB tends to cause more chaos than good, but her heart is in the right place of wanting to enjoy time with people and be helpful. She pops in and out of existence depending on how much she wants to socialize or not at the moment. The concept of existing is equal to her wanting to stay at home vs. leaving the house.

If you can’t read the sheet with the horrifying and (somewhat) useless facts about her I have them listed under the readmore. There are so many more weird facts and quirks about here I wanted to include, but I could only put so many up without crowding the sheet or this post.

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these are so fun! ;w;

most of these are pretty self explanatory.  tree variants spend most of their time on land climbing stuff.  their skin is slightly poisonous and they tend to keep to themselves.  mud ones (i am tERRIBLE at naming things) like swamps, marshes, and singing.  they’re mostly filled with air, and you can usually see them floating around in the water.  ghost politoeds stay well bellow the surface and are entirely blind and mute.  they create light by inflating their throat pouch.  this is mostly to attract prey, but they’re prone to loneliness and sometimes use their light to help guide pokemon in hope of befriending them

I Can’t Hate You, You’re Too Cute

Word Count: 2.5k

Genre: fluffy, like a marshmallow.

Warnings: none

Summary: Phil caught Dan keying his car, and well, he wasn’t happy. 

A/N: I found this “meet ugly” thing floating around and I decided to do this one–“You’re the bastard who keeps parking right in front of my house so I retaliated by keying your car and you caught me AU” also I dont know what cars are, what are cars? I just chose the first small car I could think off. Anyways this story is a little fast paced and crazy but I hope you enjoy~

Ao3 link: (x )

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Alone, But Together (Closed RP with a-shooting-star-will-fall)

Dipper wandered ahead of Mabel, not even taking steps as he floated through the trees, weaving his way around. It’s been a bit since they got to the Island, around four days, as he recalled. He was doing his best to keep track, but with everything going on, it was hard. He had to let Mabel keep the Journal since he couldn’t carry it.

Mabel?” His melancholy voice echoed out. “You’re still following me, right? I think I see something up ahead here.” He waited a few seconds for his sister to catch up, before he floated further upwards, spotting something. 

It was a skeleton, laying on the ground with a few items scattered around it. He was about to go pick some of the things up, before he remembered: He couldn’t. And so, a frown formed on his face, before he called out to his sister again.

Mabel, there’s a few things over here, do you think you can carry them?” He pointed over to the skeleton, a backpack and a pickaxe lay beside it.

One Year of AKF

So, I wasn’t going to say anything, or post anything, but, I feel like I need to. Especially with all the negativity going on on Tumblr right now.

What Keeps Me Fighting? You lot do. The fact that you show so much love, kindness, support, bravery, courage. You give me hope that things can be better. You boost my morale when I am low. You help me see my relapses as jus that, relapses, and not the end of the world.

Jared may have started the Always Keep Fighting campaign, but it is you that have helped make it what it is. The Supernatural community may have its bad eggs, and there may be days when there is so much fandom wank floating around. BUT, there are MORE days when the community shows love, and kindness, and friendship. I really do see the community as one great big Family, and you are all that family. We may live miles apart, dotted all around the globe, but we are a family. To quote one Robert Singer…

 “Family Doesn’t End With Blood.”

I will Always Keep Fighting, because I have you’s lot behind me, and I know that Jared would want me to keep fighting too. I hope that none of you never feel like you want to give up. Always, Always Remember to ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING

Oh, and also remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Ok so I’ve seen the whole “but gifs anyone can do” “they take no effort” etc etc stuff floating around my dash the last couple of weeks in different fandoms and I was even asked what i thought of people using my gifs.

Simple thing? Uploading them as you own NOPE. Reaction gifs? Feel free.

So I figured I’d like post this. I’m an average Gif maker, I’m more comfortable with static photomanipulation, so it’s something to keep in mind that there are others who will spend even more time then me perfecting their gifsets.

So I made a clip, rendered it. I put it into an online gif maker to get the following:

I didn’t do anything other than upload the video, gave it the correct time length but it auto cut off part of the video anyway and auto made the gif 320px wide to make the above. Estimated time to do 1-2. (3-4 if you include making the video)

Then i imported the video into Photoshop.

No effects, just imported in with a few alterations with the frames and speed to get it to flow. Able to pick my size (495px) already sharper and no cut off parts. Estimated time 4-6 (7-8 with Vid) minutes (depending on how much frame timeline altering you do)

In photoshop again:

This time it has 8 adjustment layers of various levels/Brightness/Color Balance/Vibrance/Curves. It’s also sharpened. Still 495px. Estimated time 20-25 for me in this case (25-28 with video). It may be even more in some cases when you need to keep altering levels to get an awkward gif to pop.

Anyway doing several of the last in a whole gifset can mean it can take me  from 1 hour 30mins to 2 hours sometimes. Obviously these were all estimates for me. Others may be faster, others may take longer but I do know several people who spend way more effort and time on making gifsets for people then I do.

So yes. Gifs can take time and effort and uploading full gifposts as your own is a douchey thing to do. 

Balem's intentions

Since we get no clear indication in the film, what would you say Balem was planning to do with Jupiter prior to Caine’s entry on the scene? When Jupiter asks Balem if he will harvest the Earth, he says (and I paraphrase) “you will never see it” - that, to me, indicates one of two things:

1. After getting her to sign over her inheritance, he kills Jupiter before the harvest.
2. After getting her to sign over her inheritance, he keeps Jupiter around on Jupiter (kaching!), so she’s not on Earth when the harvest happens and dosen’t witness it.
3. Returns Jupiter to Earth after getting her to sign away her inheritance, but waits 100 or so years before enacting the harvest.

(Option 3 added after reading some of the notes, so thanks commentators!)

I lean towards the second option, mainly because Balem is clearly fascinated by Jupiter - to him, she is literally his mother returned from the dead. Perhaps the creepiest scene in the film has him caressing a virtual Jupiter’s face and muttering about his mother, quite oblivious to his advisers, as she is helplessly floating in her clinic gown. It’s not the behaviour of someone who is only interested in getting her out of the way.

While Balem repeatedly attacks Jupiter (strangling, crowbar beating, etc.) he can never seem to bring himself to kill her, and the “YOU MADE ME DO IT!” line at the end indicates, to me, that he didn’t really want to kill his mother at all. When he attacks Jupiter at the end it’s almost as if his psychosis is making him re-stage his mother’s murder, yet he stops, broken by grief and resentment, before he can re-enact it fully.

Balem is a very, very weird villain, and he makes Loki seem like an entirely well-adjusted and socially competent individual by comparison. His very weirdness, though, is what makes him interesting to think about and discuss.

So, people, what are your thoughts? Did Balem have a plan concerning Jupiter, or was he too deranged for that?

Also, when did Balem change his command from “kill her” to “bring her to me”? Was it before or after the trip to the space bureaucracy?

TFTB and "Jack is out of character"

I keep seeing this one floating around, along with speculation on why Jack hasn’t said anything about Angel. People mention different writers, which is the real world explanation, but I think there’s a pretty obvious in-universe reason, too.

The thing is, the AI *isn’t Jack.* It looks like him, it sounds like him, but at the end of the day, it’s a *thing.* It’s an artificial construct made in Jack’s likeness by his most devoted fanboy. Nakayama would have doubtless put exhaustive research into his project- after all, it was his way of trying to give Jack immortality- but real!Jack was disgusted and creeped out by Nakayama. Factor in Jack’s reaction to the original AI in TPS (“The diet soda of immortalities”), it’s unlikely he would’ve helped with the AI project. So what’s a desperate, lovesick scientist to do? Gain access to every scrap of public information about Jack out there. Videos, audio recordings, anecdotes from the guy in the mail room. Fill in the blanks with his own perceptions of the man, and you’ve got the Handsome AI: largely accurate, but with some flaws.

As for Angel, given the lengths Jack went to keep her existence a secret, it’s possible Nakayama never even knew she existed. Can’t program in knowledge you don’t have.