i keep seeing these things floating around

I keep seeing that one post float around about how liz didn’t really like peter romantically and how she kept inviting him to things at the last minute and only invited him bc Flash mentioned the party and only invited him to go swimming bc she ran into him in the hallway but like…she mentions that he’s “way too busy for parties” so maybe she doesn’t tend to invite him to things bc she figures he won’t go?? Maybe she’d gotten so used to him flaking on plans for spidey stuff that she stopped inviting him?? Why do y'all wanna hate liz so bad??

DIR EN GREY Kyo [2017.08.04 - MIND-V Vol 4- Interview]

“Which is why, I am simply, a voice and nothing more. “ - Kyo

Vocalist Kyo’s identity is something that has received high appreciation not only in Japan, but the world over. But, according to the man himself, just to what esteem does he hold himself?

Regardless, to solely believe in oneself self alone is the peek of self confidence.

But to the Kyo san who continues throwing his voice out into the world through DIR EN GREY and sukekiyo, just what is his reason to continue?

His visually shocking front page spread together with his thoughts and imagination, Kyo san shares all.

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Elriel thoughts.

Okay, I honestly don’t know who I ship Elain with yet. However, I keep seeing things floating around about how shes got a mate so that’s got to be the end game. Honestly it annoys me that we as a fandom are trying to force a character into this box. Sarah is all about feminism and how women can, will, and need to make their own choices. If Elain chooses to ignore the mating bond then dammit I support that 100%.

I also feel strongly that soul mates aren’t always our romantic partners. I believe that sometimes we need our soul bonded to be a friend, a mentor, a sibling, and so on. Perhaps Elains purpose will be to show the world that mates can be more than romantic. They can share a friendship so deep nothing compares, while also having romantic partners with whom they share a completely different and equally unbreakable bond.

I’m not saying this is what I want to happen, becuase truthfully I’m not sure. However I refuse to put all of her worth as a character in her mating bond.

-Kinesis Prompts


  • I can control the air but that doesn’t do a lot so I just got a few wind turbines for my property, so I get power for free. It’s a small win, but I like it. 


  • I can control what happens inside human bodies so I frequent the hospital in my area, trying to fix imbalances in people’s bodies. You’re a nice med student who helps me pinpoint what the thing is and what it should be doing. 


  • I can control cold temperatures and what forms they take so I make really detailed ice sculptures that last well into parties to supplement my income. I’ve been in your neighborhood for a while and your pet recently passed so I leave a really detailed one on your porch so you can hug it.


  • I can control electricity so I make electrical storms build up in my area a lot but never cause any outages, mostly because I’m really calm whenever there’s a thunderstorm. Scientists everywhere are flocking to my city to see this new electrical storm phenomena. 


  • I can control all metals with my mind so I use it to melt down the old junk metal stuff that I buy to make really cool crafts. I can make a life size bust in about 3 days, depending if my friend at the junk yard has a lot of your wanted metal in.


  • I can control every kind of mineral so I like to compress some minerals together to imitate finding deposits of gemstones while digging to make a living but recently, I keep making a bunch in your window garden and house plants because I want you to think of me.  


  • I can control water so I use it to break away around me so I can explore shallow to deep seas in the comfort of my car like on a road trip. I bring you around because the giant squids and lions mane jellyfish freak me out and you’re good at scaring them off.


  • I can control magnetic fields so I can easily just remove gravity from a specific area so I use it to make a low gravity room for myself and sometimes I invite you over for ‘moon tea’ (where we have tea and snacks, but as if we’re on the moon).


  • I can make things very small and then back to original size, but not bigger, so I just sneak things in and out of places in microscopic sizes. Animals? People? Foods? Money? Any and all of these things. Because of that I’m a high profile deliveryman and I can keep sensitive items in the comfort of my shirt pocket.  


  • I can control light, but I haven’t found a really practical use, so I like to make lighting really dramatic for me so whenever someone sees me I’m always back-lit with heaven-like rays blurring the lines around me. Sometimes I use it to keep my plants in perfect lighting conditions or to aid in other’s aspirations to be dramatically back-lit.


  • I can control fire but I’m always very scared about it because it can still hurt me. So I spend my time listening in to fire calls and driving past, making the fires diminish dramatically so that damage is minimized. 


  • I can move things with my mind so whenever I want to think really hard about something I make everything in the room float around and you don’t even care. You just walk in, sit by me, and attempt to keep your drink in your cup while we sit in pleasant silence. 


  • I can control temperatures so I like to spend absolutely no money on heating or cooling, especially with temperature sensitive pets and people around me. Everywhere around me is just the right temperature for snuggling.

I keep seeing little mumblings and mutterings floating around regarding the possibility that Carol and Daryl are going to have some sort of fight because of Daryl’s choice to lie to her about Glenn and Abe (and everything else awful that happened when the Saviors came).

And here is a thing: there is no way in this universe she will ever be angry with him for lying to her. I mean here is her face while she’s explaining why she had no choice but to leave:

[.gif by poee-dameron]

She’s broken. Sobbing. Destroyed by even the thought of her family being hurt by the Saviors (and she knows what they’re capable of – she’s seen and experienced some of it herself).

So Daryl lies. The truth is that I doubt she even entirely believes him. He hesitates too long and she knows him much too well. But for the moment, she wants to believe because doing anything else might make her shatter.

The very idea that she’s ever going to be anything other than an exploding ball of love and gratitude when she finds out what he did and understands why (like for example the fact that it was all 100% for her, given that I’m sure he could have used some emotional comfort in this moment) is – quite honestly – a ludicrous reach by people who clearly do not watch this show very closely. 

And y’all know I don’t even make predications about this damn show like, ever.

Operation OTP

A/N: A request from @minim236 for a Spencer x Reader where they are secretly dating, but the team doesn’t know and are still trying to get them together. @coveofmemories


“Should we tell them?” Spencer asked you, after reading the message on his phone. 

It was 8 AM and you were on your way upstairs. Since you’d started at the BAU, and realized how close you lived to Spencer, you’d carpooled in each morning. After about six months, you realized how much you liked each other and started dating, but you’d been carrying on your relationship right under the noses of your friends and co-workers. Apparently, they also thought you were a match, because they had been trying to get you together for months. “Nah,” you replied, “It’s too much fun seeing how they’ll try to get us together next.”

“Well, tonight, Morgan’s plan is to get us all to go out drinking,” he laughed, taking another look at his phone. “He claims that if I get drunk, I’ll work up the courage to tell you how much I like you.”

Spencer didn’t need any alcohol. He’d revealed to you after a particularly rough case what you meant to him, and you told him you felt the same. At the time, he had been a little shy, but that all fell to the wayside when you kissed him. That night had ended with some heavy making out on your couch. “If he only knew,” you laughed.


As they walked off the elevator, Emily, Morgan, Garcia and JJ sat against their desks trying to figure out how Spencer and Y/N hadn’t started dating. “They are meant for each other,” Garcia exclaimed, throwing her ring-clad hands in the air. “He’s a genius, she’s a genius. They are both the sweetest people in the world. They’re both cute, why aren’t they dating?” 

“You’re a little too invested,” JJ laughed. “I agree, but breathe. It will all happen in time. We’re gonna make it happen.”

Garcia sighed dreamily, craning her head in the direction of the hallway that led to the coffee shrine, which is where they were undoubtedly headed. “I know. It’s just…they’re my real life OTP, and I wanna make it happen.”

“OTP?” Morgan asked. “What the hell does that mean?”

“One True Pairing,” Emily, JJ and Garcia said simultaneously. 

While Spencer and Y/N grabbed their morning coffees, undoubtedly downing one a piece even before leaving the room, Emily made sure that she, JJ, Garcia and Morgan were in a separate text feed. They needed to make sure one of them didn’t accidentally let either one of them know that the whole team, including Hotch and Rossi (to much lesser degrees) were rooting for them to get together. “I think they’re coming back,” she said quickly. “Abort mission. Fan out. Stay tuned.” As they all walked back to their desks, Emily waved her phone in the air. They had tried to push the two of them together on a couple of different occasions recently, but they were getting closer. Just another little push or two…


Throughout the day, the four matchmakers exchanged a string of texts, trading ideas and attempting to figure out which one would work best for their one true pairing. 

M: These two are getting on my last nerve.

JJ: Why?

G: Because we’re pulling out all our best matchmaking moves and nothing is working.

M: Exactly.

E: Something has to work. We know they love each other. They know they love each other. It’s just going to take something really romantic to get things going. I can feel it.

JJ: They definitely are the romantic types. Okay, so let’s float around some ideas. What are Spence and Y/N’s favorite things?

M: Books.

G: Coffee.

E: Chocolate.

JJ: Star Wars.

G: Good, let’s work with this. What can we set up, involving one or more of these things, that might get the two of them to come out? And I suggest that we make it a group thing and the six of us will conveniently be late.

E: Agreed.

M: Wait…there’s a chocolate expo coming into town for a limited time.

JJ: How the hell do you know that?

M: I keep seeing flyers in my neighborhood. There’ll be sculptures and tastings and all that shit. What if we get them to go there?

G: Omg yes, and those expos normally have private viewings or classes, so we can book one of those for the two of them, say it’s for all of us and then wait in the background and watch the sparks fly. This is totally going to work. Look at my Statuesque God of Chocolate Thunder bringing out the chocolate expo!

M: I’ve always got your back, babygirl. 

G: I know you do, baby.

E: Down, children. Okay, so Garcia, you okay with looking into what kind of viewing or class we can book for them?

G: It would be my honor to be the catalyst of my OTP’s first kiss.

JJ: Smh

JJ: I think we’ve finally nailed down a fail-proof plan. Commence Operation OTP.


“So what do you guys think?” Garcia asked you and Spencer. “We’ve all been under so much stress lately, and who doesn’t love chocolate? They have this chocolate making class you can go to. We can all go and learn how to make chocolate and then we can eat the chocolate. It’ll be so much fun.”

“I’m in,” you replied, knowing this was another one of their elaborate plans. “I could eat chocolate all day every day, so I’m definitely in if I get to eat some of the chocolate.”

Spencer swallowed, barely noticeable to anyone but you. He knew what they were trying to do. “Yea, I guess so. What time is it though? Because it’s on a Saturday, and we’ll be off from work, which means if I can’t sleep late, I’m not going,” he laughed. 

“You’re safe, Spence,” JJ replied, knowing how late he liked to sleep on the weekend. He was normally in a coma when he walked in no matter the day, prior to having his morning cup of coffee that is. “It starts at noon and goes until 6. The expo does. The class is only a couple hours.”

“Then I’m in,” he said, taking another swig of his coffee. “It’s next Saturday? Not this Saturday?” Emily nodded, taking solace in the fact that they’d come this far in their plan. “Dammit, now I want chocolate. To the vending machine I go…”


One Saturday passed and the next arrived, which meant it was the day that Emily, JJ, Garcia and Morgan would execute their perfect plan. “This is so going to work,” Garcia clapped as they walked into the expo. Spencer and Y/N had already texted that they were waiting in class. “I can feel it this time.”

As they made their way into the convention center, flashing their badges, which served as their tickets, they scanned the masses of people to see if they spotted the soon-to-be lovebirds. “There’s the area for the cooking class,” Rossi said. “I can’t believe you managed to put this together.”

“I mean, I know we’ve all been hoping for them to get together,” Hotch laughed, “But this is dedication.”

“You know I am nothing if not dedicated, sir,” Garcia replied. “There they are!” She splayed her hands outward, keeping everyone from moving another step. “Let’s observe.”


“They really have gone to amazing lengths to get us together over the past few months,” you said, turning your back to Spencer so he could tie your apron behind your back. “Maybe we should finally give them the satisfaction of knowing we’re together. I think they ship us.”

“Ship?” he asked bewildered. 

“To ship means to endorse a romantic relationship,” you replied.

Spencer raised on eyebrow. “I was just starting to pick up on slang from the 80s and 90s,” he said. “I’m so lost…but if that’s what it means then I definitely ship us.”

“I ship us too.” You could see the team out of the corner of your eye and told Spencer as much. “Gimme a little kiss.”

With a smile, he leaned up against the counter just as the teacher of the class said they’d start in ten minutes, and planted a chaste kiss on your lips, before jutting the tip of of tongue out ever so slightly. When you opened your eyes again, you smirked, silently telling Spencer to look back and give the team a wave.


“Operation OTP is a success!” Garcia cried, clapping wildly as the rest of the team said it was about damn time. 

“Wait?” Morgan said. “Those sneaky…”

“What is it?” she asked. Morgan took her head in both hands and turned it back toward Spencer and Y/N. They were waving back at them. Everyone’s mouths had dropped open in disbelief. How had they not picked up on that?

“They’re already dating?!” Garcia screamed.

6k of you? Seriously?!

So, you guys did it! Today I reached 6k, three days before my one year on Tumblr. You guys are fucking incredible. I DO NOT deserve you at all.

So, to celebrate one year on tumblr AND more than 6k of you following, you crazy loons… I’m going to do 30 days of Jensen and Dean Drabbles/Blurbs/One Shots.

So here are them rules…

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okay do you think Rhodey and Tony send each other terrible birthday cards?? Like it started in MIT, and it's progressed to the point where they kind of forgot how old Tony is turning? How old Rhodey is? "Tony u absolute slut are u turning forty-seven or forty-eight" "I'm turning thirty, bitch." Like would that be a thing??? I don't know

You know that pic that is floating around the internet of these two brothers who never got eachother new cards in the thirty years of birthdays they had, and just wrote different captions in the same one? 

Yeah that’s inspired by Tony and Rhodey. 

There’s just,,, a card absolutely full of insults and swear words and thinly veiled displays of affection, and whoever has it for that year keeps it proudly on their mantlepiece for all to see. 

Because hell yeah that’s my best friend. The asshole.

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Hey, congrats on 2, 000 followers! :) Can I maybe have a drabble with 65. "I don't want you to stop" and 6. “I need a place to stay.”? Thanks!

(cont.) for the 65 and 6 request can I have Jughead x Reader?

Thank you so much! and of course!

You chase Jughead to the back of the drive-in theatre, and when you walk in you stop in your tracks.

“What the hell?” you say quietly, but he still hears you.

“(Y/N), I told you not to follow me, why didn’t you stop when I told you to out there?” He turns to face you, taking a few steps towards you. 

“I’m your girlfriend, Juggie, I wanted to know why you got so upset at Archie out there. I didn’t know that there would be a mattress in the middle of the room.” You gesture to the said mattress, laying on the floor with a simple blanket laying over it. 

“It’s not like many people have ever come back here.” he scoffs, not able to look you in the eyes.

“Why is it here? What’s going on?” You question him further, taking more steps closer. 

There’s a silence that hangs in the air for what seems like hours. It’s unbearable. Only when the light from the movie flips on do I see that his eyes are misting over. 

“Jug…” you say calmly, finally closing the gap between you and encasing him in your arms.

“I need a place to stay.” he whispers, and it feels like it took all of his strength to say those words.

“What?” you ask, your hand going to hold the back of his neck, fiddling with the loose ends of his hair as you hold him. 

“The drive-in is closing, and I need a place to stay.” His arms finally wrap around yours, and he pulls you in so close. It’s like he’s floating out to see, and you are his life vest keeping him afloat. 

“Jughead, why didn’t you tell me any of this?” you close your eyes, trying to focus on his heartbeat, trying to calm him. 

“I didn’t want you to think… I don’t know.” he shakes his head, and you pull back from one another. You wipe a wetness from under his eyes with your thumbs. You’ve never seen him this emotional about something, but yet again, the drive-in is one of Jughead’s favorite things. 

“Stay with me.” you say. 

He looks at me, stunned, “Your parents would let me?”

“They love you, of course they would.” you say to him, reassuring him with just a look that everything would be okay now. 

Your hand cups his chin and you place a kiss on his lips. His hands find your waist and you just stand there like this for a few minutes, lips touching, hands on each other. 

“I’m sorry.” he says afterwards, your foreheads still touching.

“Why?” you question.

“I don’t want you to stop. Please never stop being you.” he says. 

Hope this is okay!

Ravengirl’s 1.5K Challenge

I cannot believe that I am OFFICIALLY AT 1,500 FOLLOWERS, guys. This is absolutely mind-blowing and incredible. I never imagined I would get this far, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. To show my appreciation, I want to do a little challenge for you all. Figured it’s a good way to get to know some of you as writers, which I’d love to do.

Originally posted by sammy-shut-ur-cakehole


1. Send me an ASK with your top three choices of prompts and character. The prompts will be crossed out as they are taken, but still send me at least one backup choice just in case. One prompt per person, at least for now. Any SPN CHARACTERS OR ACTORS are welcome, but…

2. READER INSERTS ONLY - sorry, but this is a ship-free blog, and that’s the way things are rolling this time around. 

3. No word limits, but if it’s over 500 words PLEASE include the keep reading link. It can be a drabble, an imagine, a one-shot or the first part of a series. Fluff, smut, angst, AU - whatever floats your boat.

4. Tag me and include Ravengirl’s 1.5K Challenge in the first 5 tags. (If you tag me and I don’t like it within a couple days, please feel free to prod me along) I’ll compile a masterpost at the end with all the submissions so everyone can see everything! Also- include the prompt in your fic! Doesn’t have to be the exact wording, but it should still be recognizable!

5. Fics are due August 1, 2017 at 12 pm ET (I’m flexible though, so shoot me an ask if you need more time or anything)

Dialogue Prompts:

1.       “I was worried.” “Well that was stupid of you.” @whatareyousearchingfordean

2.       “Yeah, well I’ll have you know that this princess saves herself.” @docharleythegeekqueen

3.       “That’s stupid and you’re stupid.” “Impressive rhetoric as always…” @september-daydream (Benny x Reader)

4.       “What a fantastic suggestion. We’re not doing that. Anybody else got any ideas?” @super-nap-cen-tural

5.       “Why’d you say that like you’re blaming me for this?” @alangel1895

6.       “You don’t have any weapons?” “I am a weapon.” @ithinkimadorable-67

7.       “I didn’t think you’d be stupid enough to try to rescue me.” “Yeah, well, I have a thing for obvious traps. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” @deanssweetheart23 (Dean x Reader)

8.       “I make bad decisions when I’m tired.” “You’re always tired.” “Exactly.” @emilywritesaboutdean

9.       “I can’t believe you managed to make ‘no man left behind’ sound threatening.” @wellimaginethat

10.   “Your inability to say no to a friend is gonna get us all killed someday” @hannahindie

11.   “What are you gonna do, blow it up? Wait- that was a joke. Please don’t blow anything up.” @melissaj616

12.   “Half the time you’re fine, but the other half you get on my nerves like it’s some fun game to play!” @sleep-silent-angel

13.   “Please stop calling it your lair.” @attractiverandomness

14.   “I want a lion.” @sassy-losechester (Gabriel x Reader)

15.   “Could you at least breathe between bites?” @abbessolute

16.   “You’re strangely nonchalant for someone who almost died a minute ago.” @onetwothreefuckmeplease (Sam x Reader)

17.   “Was that supposed to change my mind? Because it didn’t.” @wideawakeandwriting (Crowley x Reader)

18.   “Do you pester everyone or am I just your special target?@aiaranradnay

19.   “Ah, yes. The classic bucket on top of the door prank. You have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into.” @captainemwinchester

20.   “Not to be sappy, but you have a gorgeous laugh and I’d do anything to hear it.” @emoryhemsworth

21.   “Just… just tell me that it didn’t mean anything and this can all go back to normal.” “I can’t.” @thedevilinthedetails

22.   “It’s incredibly easy to bribe me, actually. Sometimes I wonder why you don’t try it more often.” @canadianjelly

23.   “How did I not notice that you two were going out? Seems so obvious now…” @wonderlandforthemisfits (Gabriel x Reader)

24.   “We need to fix this before it gets worse. I really don’t want to hear about it for the next six months.” @wayward-marvel-sommer1196 (Jensen x Reader)

25.   “This was so important that you had to wake me up in the middle of the night?” @imweirdandobsessed (Sam x Reader)

26.   “She steals your stuff and it doesn’t bother you. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.” @kathaswings

27.   “I’m too sober for this.@jarpadandjensenaremyheroes

28.   “You are seriously like a man-child.” @purplejellybean

29.   “You can’t banish me, this is my bed, too!” @atari-writes

30.   “I’d kill for a coffee… literally.” @roxy-davenport (Crowley x Reader)

31.   “Did you just… hiss at me?@trexrambling

32.   “How is my wife more badass than me?” @roxyspearing

33.   “I refuse to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.” @daydreamingintheimpala

34.   “Hold still!”  @acreativelydifferentlove

35.   “You’re not interested, are you?@theapplepiewasworthit (Gabriel x Reader)

36.   “I love you, you idiot.” @jayankles

37.   “Hey! You can’t do that to me!” @erule 

38.   “Then come over here and make me.” @bringmesomepie56

39.   “Oh bite me…” “Don’t tempt me.@lipstickandwhiskey (Benny x Reader)

40.   “Wait… is this a date?” @supernatural-jackles

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In a strange turn of events I actually finished two shows in two days. Not that I started them both in two days, but I actually finished them. So I will now review them because I haven’t done that in awhile. 

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

This is a bit of an odd adaption to start with. The source material is a card game with not much story going for it which makes the anime a very dangerous game of showing off the cool world and everyone’s favorite characters and actually trying to have a story for the anime. I think it actually turned out pretty well. The story follows the lackadaisical scoundrel Favaro as he is pursued by his rival/friend the chivalrous knight Kaissar. I honestly have no idea if these characters are in the game since I didn’t play RoB, but they work really well as a lead pair. 

Originally posted by eevaleev

The show starts off as a fun romp through an exciting fantasy world of magic and wonder. Demons plot nefarious deeds as they float around in giant flying eldrazi fortress things, Angels scheme from heaven on how to keep the world balance in order, etc. etc. The show is really about showing off the world and the characters as glorified advertisement and it does a great job of that. After seeing it you can’t help but want to go learn more about the world and all the fun characters in it. 

The story isn’t anything to write home about in my opinion, but it works as a vehicle to move the main characters around and show the audience new things. It’s on the passable side and really is more than I ever expected from this kind of adaption. It had some twists and turns along the way, but when dealing with this sort of story you usually know what’s going to happen by the end before you get there. 

The main appeal of this show to me was the art style and character design. The character design stands out from contemporary designs because it lacks a lot of the moe influence and goes for a somewhat realistic approach to the designs. (Kaisser also has the best hair)

It’s also worth noting that in many parts where 3DCG was used it matched the frame rate of the rest of the show and didn’t look super clunky. Though it wasn’t consistent in doing this so a few things like Bacchus’s carriage and the forest dragon didn’t quite mesh as well. But those are small nitpicks. 

I also like that Cygames itself is producing the adaptions of their games which gives them control over what goes. They’ve made a Granblue Fantasy anime, and Rage of Bahamut currently has a second season airing (2 cour even!) that seems to be well received. 

All in all I gave it a 6/10. It’s an above average fantasy show with some exciting action and great art style/designs. It lacks in story so it doesn’t quite stack up to some of the better fantasy shows, but it’s definitely worth your time. S2 is supposedly shaping up quite well, so maybe it will deliver a bit more on the story. (Also more Cerberus please)

Originally posted by nishimi

Next up is…

Humanity has Declined

This show stands as one of the most uniquely strange things that I have ever seen, but it’s in a wonderful way. The premise is that well humanity has declined and that the human race is on a one way ticket to extinction. However, the show does not focus on the impending doom of the human race but on the “new humanity” the fairies. Fairies are tiny little creatures of extraordinary power that will one day inherit the earth. For the most part they are harmless creatures that really only do things that they think are fun, and multiply in numbers when they are having fun. The show features Watashi who is a mediator between her village and the fairies that they encounter. 

Originally posted by benjandan

The show is very surreal and it often gets really weird. A lot of different themes are explored through the misadventures of the fairies from figuring out who you are to satirizing society as a whole. What makes the substance of the show so great is that you can watch the show and be fully immersed in the experience and not once feel like you just had a theme pushed at you. They are supported by the show and are the root of the episodes, but the entertainment value is capitalized also. For me this is one of the best ways that entertainment can present themes and commentary. 

The art of the show is filled with bold bright colors that accentuate a lot of the bizarreness of the show. Lighting is done with sharp lines between different shades of light and dark creating a very stylized feel in shots with lower light. The backgrounds are often a little abstract, or at the least not cleanly defined which also help to build the surreal experience that is the show. 

The actual subject matter of the episodes is what makes the show truly bizarre, but also so wonderful. You can go from an episode where the characters are stuck inside the pages of a manga and have to write to the satisfaction of the fairies, to touring a factory that makes food that is run by sentient food. Humanity has Declined constantly goes out of the box (often quite literally goes outside of the bounds of where they are) and presents themes in ways that they aren’t typically. 

Humanity has Declined will likely stay high up on the list of strange things that I’ve seen for a long time. When all is said and done it’s a well made show that incorporates both strong entertainment value and good substance. I give it a 7-8/10. Definitely recommend giving this one a shot. I don’t think it’s the show for everyone, but if you want something uniquely strange and slower paced you’ll want to give it a shot. Also where else are you going to watch chickens jumping off a cliff all set to Ave Maria.

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A little rant about the weight thing :)

Wow. I can’t believe that there are actually people who claim to love Chanyeol and then bodyshame him. Why do I see comments floating around his IG telling him to lose weight? Why? What did he do to deserve that kind of treatment? He writes songs for us and tries to be happy for us and all some people do is give him sh’t. I am not only saying this because he is my ultimate bias and this group is the only thing that keeps me going on these days, but also beause I know how it feels to struggle with extremely fluctuating weight since my early childhood. Why do some people always try to get involved in other peoples business? It’s his body and he owes you nothing! Just because he is a celeb and you like to look at him does not mean he needs to starve himself in order to please you. He looks totally healthy and handsome and he does not need abs to do so. I really hope that he does not see the comments asking him to lose weight but the words of support from the people who actually love him.

You are not a fan if you are only focusing on his stomach and not on the art he is creating for himself and us.

I am sorry for the long rant but I needed to let this go off my chest.

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What's so bad about SWDBS? I mean, obviously the (hopefully unintentional) homophobia is Less Than Ideal, but other than that I'm quite enjoying it? (Just curious of your opinion because I really respect it)

It’s funny that you should ask, because I was just re-reading an old @dramatic-gwynne post that discussed enjoying problematic dramas. She had a lot of good, truthful things to say, and compared watching morally tricky shows to finding a cockroach in a bowl of ice cream. You can overlook the cockroach, you can mitigate the damage it caused by scooping out of the ice cream around it, or you can throw away the whole bowl. I’ve loved lots of shows that were deeply problematic, and I sometimes even found writing about their problematic aspects to be a pleasure. But there are just one too many cockroaches floating around in this particular bowl of ice cream for me to keep watching.

SWDBS is cute, and I can see why people like it so much. I even kind of regret dropping it now that it’s clearly hit peak cute. But from spousal abuse to cartoony brawls with gangs of thugs to crazy, mask-wearing kidnappers, there is no aspect of this show that is free from the taint of casual violence. The only thing more pervasive in it is misogyny—the second male lead is a controlling jerk, and Bong Soon interprets his condescending disregard of her agency as a sign of his affection. I thought we’d gotten past the belief that boys being mean to you on the playground was proof that they liked you, but I guess not. 

The male lead isn’t free of sin, either. First he teaches Bong Soon to control her power, because presumably in like three days of knowing her, he somehow developed insight into her condition that generations of women in her family couldn’t suss out for themselves. How did that happen, again? And then he actively hindered Boon Soon’s professional growth so he could continue to lord his chaebol power over her. There’s a reason bosses shouldn’t date their subordinates, and that is it. And while I suspect this gets better in later episodes, his first response to Bong Soon’s attempt at creating a game is to utterly dismiss everything she has to say. The girl summed up casual gaming, you lout! That’s an enormous engine in the global gaming market today, and you could learn a little something about it by listening to her. Not every game needs to include a big-breasted woman with a sword. (As unlikely as that may seem, based on the signage in your gamer-gate-friendly workplace.)

And let’s not even get started on the face-twisting horror every single character experiences at the thought of homosexuality, or the swishy stereotype of a gay man introduced as one of Bong Soon’s coworkers in episode 10. I know this show wasn’t created for me and I shouldn’t judge it as if it were part of my culture, but to me this represents plain old hate speech, and I won’t be a party to it.

Before I started writing this post, even I didn’t realize how much simmering hatred I had for this show. The final verdict, though, is that there’s just nothing for me to enjoy here. The deeper I look, the more problems I find. Even Bong Soon’s special powers—the conceit the entire series is built around—are carefully engineered to make her something other than a regular girl. While being a regular girl isn’t enough for this production team, it is enough for me.

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Honestly I really value your platonic art and it was so nice to see on my dash??? I really like seeing just platonic stuff floating around keep it up 👍

thank you so much!!!

i have shipped things in the past, but bnha is just… too dear and too important to me and i honestly don’t want to see anything shippy. this is not to say shippers are bad people, but it’s not something i want to engage with and ship tags on my art make me honest to god uncomfortable u_u

i don’t go after people expecting them to remove the tags or expecting everyone to know i don’t like it but i do have a right to voice my dislike for it on my blog lmao and hope my followers will respect it

Addressing a Few Things.

Hi loves~ I hope you’re doing well! I’ll try to make this little post as brief as possible while still addressing some concerns people have, so everybody can see where I’m coming from and I can set some records straight in reply to some of the rumors that have been floating around as of late. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more, if not have a lovely night~ <3

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I close my eyes
and take a deep breath.
“It’s time,” I tell myself
as I wipe my tears away.
This is not the time for crying.
Everything around me is
already too unbearable
and it’s useless to keep
on holding on,
it’s useless to fool myself
that everything’s going to be alright
and the only thing I know
at this moment
is to let go
and that’s how I fall down.
As I stare at the water
below me,
I wish I can see my face
one last time
so at least I will remember
how miserable I look
at this moment
because it reflects how
miserable my life is.
I wonder if after this
someone will bother
to look for me
only to find me floating
on this water
as cold and as hollow
as my soul.
Alas, the cold wind brushes off
my face
as if telling me to go
to stop hesitating
to let go.
I close my eyes
to stop my tears from falling
and I breathe in.
As I let go of my grip
from the only iron post
that is supporting me,
I hear your voice
calling my name.
I look at the direction
where your voice is coming from
and I see you
running as fast as you can
towards me
even though you know after this
you’ll surely have
an asthma attack.
As you keep on shouting
my name,
the tears begin to fall again
and I want to jump off
this railing
and run towards you
but the cold wind comes again
and I lose my footing
and on that moment
I realize that
I still want to hold on
I still want to be with you
but it’s already too late.
Before the cold water
hits my face,
our eyes lock
and I want to tell you
to stop crying
even though I know
I am the reason
for your tears.
Just when I finally accepted
my fate,
I feel someone’s hands
grasping mine
and pulling me out of the water
and it is you
the most wonderful and selfless
person I’ve ever met,
the only one who bothered
to talk to someone like me,
the only friend I have
and the only person who
look past
the broken girl
everyone else sees
and you see something in me
that I and other people
will never see.
And this is how we both fell down.
You scream at me as soon
as we get to the surface
asking me why I did that
and all I can do is cry and cry
and cry and tell you how sorry I am
then you pull me towards you
and hug me tight
and that’s when I realize
how cold the water is
how cold I feel
and how warm you are
and you tell me,
“Every time you think
there’s no one for you
I’ll be here for you
to remind you you’re not alone.
Every time you feel like
jumping off the bridge again,
I’ll jump off with you.
And every time you think
you are going to fall,
I’ll always be here to catch you.
It’s not yet too late.”

I’m in the middle of rewatching 2x03 “Better Angels” and I wanted to delve into a particular exchange between Peggy and Daniel without sticking a piece of meta in the middle of a long reactionary post:

Peggy: “If he thinks I’m just gonna drop this, he has -”
Daniel: “He’s not wrong.”
Peggy: “Are you on his side?!”
Daniel: “You know I’m on your side. I believe you. But you’re kicking yourself so hard for what happened to Wilkes -”
Peggy: “I got him killed, Daniel.”
Daniel: “He went into that lab of his own free will.”
Peggy: “He was a civilian, a rare bird trying to do right in the world, and I treated him like a soldier.”
Daniel: “All I’m saying is, I think you’re on to something with the Arena Club, but if you keep acting like the Lone Ranger, I cannot help you.” 
Peggy: “I’m doing what needs to be done. If you’re unwilling and unable to help -”

I’ve noticed that commentary on this particular interaction tends to begin with “You know I’m on your side” and end with “I believe you.” But I think it’s really the beginnings of the major emotional (and, yeah, romantic) arc of the season: Peggy’s often volatile response to guilt and grief and how Daniel plays a role in balancing, tempering that. 

I think that whole arc was a risky, albeit successful, move on the writers’ part: it’s very real-life, people’s strengths and weaknesses balancing the other’s when they’re well-suited to each other - but it’s also the kind of territory that so-called “strong female characters” are rarely allowed to step into. There’s so much focus on creating women-who-don’t-need-men that a glaring reality is often ignored: people are never at their best when they are without support. It’s one of the things that has made Agent Carter so unique - it’s acknowledged from the very first episode that Peggy’s greatest need is support, and that her greatest fault is having a difficult time accepting that support, especially when she needs it. The show has done a wonderful job of showing that and showing how others have rallied around her and supported her.

But it’s Daniel’s response to her volatility here that is, I think, one of the healthiest responses to it we’ve seen on the show. He tells her that he’s behind her, that he supports her, but he’s not going to get caught in the havoc she’ll wreak if she doesn’t stop with the self-destructive behavior. And while that’s a hard pill to swallow - we all want to be supported no matter what - it isn’t fair to ask that he let himself get caught in the wreckage. Fiction is full of characters who do, and it never ends well. It’s an undeniably reasonable and mature response for him to say “You know I’m on your side. I believe you.” but qualify that with, basically, “If you keep acting like you have no support, no people who care about the work you’re doing, then I can’t be on your side.” Self-preservation, maybe, but the good kind.

We never get the end of Peggy’s response, as things start floating around her, but that whole conversation does a really nice job of setting up the way they gradually shift into being a stronger team throughout the season - supporting each other, calling each other out, establishing boundaries. It’s lovely relationship setup, really, and I hope the show comes back someday so we can see the results of it. 


Oh, hey I wrote a fic again. It’s been ages since I last wrote anything, but that theory about Infinite’s origins inspired me I guess.

Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Forces)

Characters: Custom Hero (Gadget the Wolf), Infinite, Knuckles the Echidna

Pairing: Not really any. It’s fairly platonic to tell you the truth, but you can take as you want.

Rating: PG

Summary:  While on a recon mission for the resistance. The custom hero finds himself lost in the memory of an old friend.

Warnings: Written based a fan theory for an unreleased game, so it’s likely going to be rendered AU once the game comes out. Also headcanon “real” name for Infinite that is definitely going to get disproven by canon when the game comes out. Unbeta’d.

“Nothing ever happens in this sleepy little town.”

Gadget glanced over at his companion from his perch on the bench, blinking. “I guess not… but isn’t that a good thing?" 

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Do you still believe there is more to Robron's story?even after hearing about boring twists like Adam making a move on Vanessa again. Everything seems really predictable right now.

Hi anon, 

Yeah I have to say I am a little disappointed that they’re going there with the Adam/Vanessa thing again. I’m going to hold out judgement on it until I actually see it though. I hope it’s just a kiss and that they don’t actually end up sleeping together because Vic really does deserve better than that. But both Adam and Vanessa are going to be in pretty bad places so it could happen. 

As for Robron, I am still convinced that there is more coming. I’ve seen a lot of theories floating around, and to be honest I’ve been able to see parts of most of them working at one point or another. I keep bouncing between theories right now so I’m not going to hang my hat on any of them as being ‘the one.’ I’ve done that too many times now and always been wrong, lol.

But whilst I don’t know which theory I am most on board with right now I am pretty certain there is more to this SL than we are seeing right now. There are just too many inconsistencies for me. I can understand a couple of things just not adding up, with the amount of people that work on the show I can see how easy it is for things to slip through the cracks, writers not knowing the characters, or just forgetting things (Kerry and her diabetes) but it’s been a continuous stream of things that just don’t add up. Characters doing/saying things that just seem off. Things being said one day, and then the opposite coming out the next. 

I know a lot of people will say ‘it’s a soap’ we’ve got to expect this kind of thing, as I said before it’s going to happen occasionally with so many different writers but it’s the whole SL that just doesn’t add up. Add to that the fact that we have heard nothing from anyone about this SL. We always get actor interviews after a major story development, but we’ve had nothing from Ryan or Emily, which is another thing that makes me think that we haven’t had the twist yet. 

Personally I believe that there’s more because I refuse to believe that the people that brought us the amazing SL’s we’ve had this past year would be so lazy and sloppy as to give us this tired cheating, baby daddy SL where nothing actually makes any sense. We know they can write amazing stories; Ashley, SSW, Belle and her mental health, Aaron and his abuse SL, Pierce and Rhona. Yep, they do miss the boat sometimes with their smaller, shorter SL’s but with the big stuff, the long running SL’s they get it right. I have to believe that there’s more to this, and they’re going to deliver again.