i keep replaying this part over and over

I just keep replaying the “Hey, Phil. Let’s go home.” Part over and over because you can hear the fondness and happiness in his voice and I love it.

Temporary Bliss (Part 2)

Back by popular demand here’s chapter two for all you lovelies out there that read the first part! This one is less about marichat and more Marinette figuring things out with Alya, but trust me the shipping trash will return in later chapters. I’m going to try to finish this before the end of break so stay tuned.

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Day one.

Marinette walks into class the next day with her head still spinning over the night’s events as she messes with the scarf she has tied securely around her neck. She doesn’t  know what to do as his words keep replaying in her head over and over along with the little red mark he made on her neck that keeps itching in order to gain her attention. Looking up she sees Alya waiting for her at their desk and rushes over to her friend’s side.

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I’m still working on my M&G report from what Jared and Jensen had to say to my question to them, but this is the part I keep replaying in my head over and over again, from Jensen’s M&G:

According to Jensen, Jared’s talent has grown increasingly since season one, and with that Sam has become a much more complex character because, in his opinion,Gilmore Girls wasn’t challenging him as an artist. He was twenty-two years old, and he was sill trying to figure out who he wanted to be as a man, and still trying to figure out what this job was that he was hired for and how to do it properly.

Jensen, even being four years older than him, was still trying to figure it out as well. Neither of them went to drama or theatre school, so this has all been things they’ve been learning on the job. Jensen has been able to watch him grow as an actor and in doing so his character has become so complex and nuanced. That’s one of the real treats he’s had over the past ten years – watching both the character of Sam grow and also the relationship Sam has with Jensen’s character Dean, and how much more intricate and layered that has become.