i keep procrastinating and drawing stuff like this

So, I’m actually behind on stuff I’m suppose to be doing, but my lazy ass keeps procrastinating and drawing whatever I want. So.. I’m gonna go ahead and start doin’ what I’m suppose to be doin’. Of course I do not intend to just like.. obliterate my effing wrist just getting these done. I’ll do some today and some tomorrow. So, I’ll keep updating this pic as I get some of these done by counting down the numbers and crossing them off my list if I finished that project. So, feel free to keep watch on how much stuff I’m getting done. 

Thank you all for being very patient with me. Now prepare for the ultimate art spam. :v

anonymous asked:

That animation came out really well. That's 2 for 2 on great Bendy stuff you've made

hey! I’m glad ya liked it! I like trying to experiment with new stuff, and I’m happy with how it came out. 

anyways, here’s a wip of what i’m working on right now that i was procrastinating on for like two weeks now and finally got around to working on it hahah


there you go :D sorry it took a while i was busy with some school stuff 

i realized i had never drawn rhys before wow
but Jack was still as hard to draw as ever. 

Requests are still open! :D