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How are you? I hope well! Can you do a rfa+v and Saeran having to do seven minutes in heaven? Like honestly not even as drunk just sober. (Requests aren't open;-; but maybe later? Also I rlly love your blog like I'm most done with the masterlist^°^)

Author’s note: I hope you guys like this!!!! i’m still rusty ok it’s been awhile edit: I FORGOT V AGAIN someone please send in a request that says “add v” so I remember to edit him in here


  • “You wanna play cards? I brought them with me so we wouldn’t be bored!!”
  • Does he… Does he really not know what we’re supposed to be doing?
  • You looked down at Yoosung, who was already on sitting on the floor shuffling the deck
  • “Lemme guess… you’ve never played Seven minutes in Heaven.”
  • Yoosung paused for a second before shaking his head
  • You sat down next to him and smiled
  • He’s so cute…
  • “So what game do you wanna play, MC?”
  • But then again, this IS Seven minutes in heaven
  • “Strip Poker.”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “H-Huh? Strip?”
  • You smirked
  • “I’ll start.”
  • In one quick moment, your shirt was thrown across the room
  • “Okay, now you’re turn.”
  • Yoosung who had now achieved a new shade of red blatantly stared at your chest
  • “I-I… uhh, w-well-“
  • What the hell?
  • Yoosung looked behind you
  • “I think it came from the other side of the door.”
  • You stood up and opened the closet door, and in tumbled Zen and Jumin.
  • “So,” you crossed your arm and looked down at the two very guilty looking boys, “You wanna explain yourselves?”
  • The two of them began stuttering out excuses
  • “W-Well Yoosung’s never played before-“
  • “-I heard you were taking off your shirt-“
  • “-And I thought he might need guidance-“
  • “-So I wanted to hear the rest.”
  • You glared at them
  • “First, Jumin don’t be a perv, and second-“
  • “We were in the middle of something.”
  • You looked back at Yoosung, who had taken off his shirt
  • “And now that MC and I are even, I’d like to get back to the game.”
  • Despite the confidence behind Yoosung’s words, his face was as red as ever
  • You turned back around and smirked
  • “You heard the man!”
  • Jumin and Zen slowly got up, both mumbling curses under their breath.
  • You closed the door behind them
  • “Now, where were we?”
  • In the end the two of you ended up stripping to your underwear and then just playing go fish for the rest of the time


  • “W-What? I can’t be in a closet alone with MC!! How will I control myself?”
  • You walked over to the closet and gave Zen a smirk
  • “Who says you need to?”
  • 0.1 seconds later Zen was standing in the closet how the hell did he even get there so fast???
  • You closed the door and turned around
  • “So,” you clapped your hands together, “Show me what you got.”
  • Zen smirked
  • “You sure you can handle it?”
  • You raised an eyebrow, “I think you already know the answer to that.”
  • Zen smiled
  • “This is gonna be-“
  • Was all Zen could get out before hitting his head on the light
  • “Ohhh s-shittt…”
  • You rushed over to Zen, who was now bent over in pain
  • “Are you okay? Do you need ice? How bad does it hurt?”
  • Zen looked up at you with hazy eyes
  • “Slooowww down, youuu’reee talking wayyyy toooo fast!!!”
  • I’m not sure what’s more concerning… Zen’s slurred speech or the giant lump forming on his forehead.
  • “We need to get you out of here right-“
  • “NO! I want to give you… seven minutes…in…….”
  • THUD
  • “He did WHAT?”
  • Jaehee swung to door open, her eyes immediately traveling down to unconscious Zen
  • “What happened to his face? And why is the closet light busted??”
  • The rest of the RFA stood behind her, patiently awaiting your answer
  • “Well,” you looked down at Zen and smirked, “I guess he unleashed the beast a little too early.”


  • As soon as Jaehee closed the door she sunk down to the floor and sighed
  • “Finally… peace and quiet.”
  • You nodded, sitting down next to her
  • “Who the hell let Seven DJ anyways?”
  • Jaehee laughed, “I don’t know, but it was a horrible decision.”
  • It would’ve been fine if he just turned the damn the volume down…
  • You looked over at Jaehee, who was responding to an email on her phone
  • “Work’s got you pretty busy, huh?”
  • She gave you a sarcastic glare
  • “Doesn’t it always?”
  • The two of you began ranting about Jumin and the rest of the RFA
  • “I mean, does he think I’m just made out of cat toys? He can’t keep-“
  • “Wait… Jaehee?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I think our seven minutes are up… Did they forget about us?”
  • Jaehee checked her phone
  • “It’s been 12 minutes,” she looked back over at you and smiled, “so I think it’s safe to say they have.”
  • The two of you exchanged glances
  • It’s so nice in here…
  • “You wanna stay?”
  • Jaehee’s eyes lit up
  • “I thought you’d never ask!”
  • She set her phone down and yawned
  • “I think… I’ll take a nap.”
  • You reached up and turned the lights off
  • “Sounds good to me.”
  • You stared at the ceiling, waiting for the drowsiness to hit you
  • That was when you felt something warm slump on your shoulder
  • You looked over at Jaehee and she gave you a sleepy smile
  • “Do you mind if I use you as a pillow?”
  • Be still my heart.
  • “Y-Yeah!”
  • Jaehee closed her eyes, and within the next five minutes, she was asleep
  • The next morning Seven found both of you sleeping in his closet
  • And yes he was naked 
  • And yes he screamed
  • And yes you and Jaehee both screamed back
  • But it was still the best seven minutes in heaven you’ve ever played even if it wasn’t just seven minutes


  • As SOON as the door closed he had you pinned up against the wall
  • “W-Woah, slow down there bud.”
  • Jumin closed his eyes and sighed, letting go of the grip he had on your hips
  • “Sorry,” he backed up and ran his hands through his hair
  • You practically feel him holding himself back
  • “Why are you so worked up??”
  • Jumin leaned back on the wall opposite of you
  • “It’s just, while we were out there, Zen kept… flirting with you.”
  • His nose crinkled when he said the word flirting, as if it were a disgusting word
  • “I know secretly dating is hard, but I really think its best.”
  • You looked up at him, “Especially with everything happening with your company…”
  • Jumin nodded, taking a step toward you
  • “I suppose I can’t blame Zen. You do look ravishing tonight,” Jumin smirked
  • You smiled back at him, giving him a small twirl
  • “Thank you, my boyfriend helped me pick this out.”
  • “I must say, your boyfriend has great taste. I bet he’s handsome, too.”
  • “Oh yes, extremely.”
  • Seven’s yelling interrupted your conversation
  • “Hmm,” Jumin looked at you, “Do you think five minutes in enough?”
  • You pushed yourself off of the wall and grabbed Jumin by the tie
  • “Won’t know unless we try.”
  • And as it turns out, five minutes was more than enough time to… scroll through Jumin’s pictures of Elly


  • “So.”
  • “Yup.”
  • “This is fun.”
  • “Really fun.”
  • For the first two minutes, those were the only words exchanged between you and Saeran
  • I have to do something to break this silence.
  • You cleared your throat
  • “Uhh… so how are you?”
  • SERIOUSLY??? Is that the best I could come up with?
  • “I’m fine.”
  • “…Cool.”
  • You looked down at your feet
  • I’m good too, thanks for asking.
  • this poor child doesn’t know how to socialize have mercy on him
  • When you looked back up at him, his eyes quickly darted away
  • Was he staring at me?
  • A light blush crossed his face
  • That’s… kinda cute.
  • You bit your lip
  • Well, this is seven minutes in heaven
  • Before your brain could tell you otherwise, you leaned forward and lightly pressed your lips against his
  • After getting over the initial shock that someone was actually kissing him Saeran grabbed your chin and deepened the kiss
  • When you pulled away, both of you were out of breath
  • You leaned back against the wall
  • “…So.”
  • “Yup.”
  • “That was fun.”
  • Really fun.”
  • Seven swung the door open
  • “TIME’S UP!!!”
  • You looked at Saeran and smirked
  • “Let’s do this again sometime.”
  • Saeran followed you out the door and grabbed your wrist
  • He pulled you back and lowered his voice so the other’s couldn’t here
  • “Name the place and I’ll be there.”
  • Oh, this was going to be f u n.


  • You looked back the rest of the group
  • “Please help me.”
  • Jaehee gave you a pitying look and Zen saluted you “in honor of his fallen comrade”
  • Before you could anyone else’s reaction, Seven grabbed your hand and pulled you into the closet
  • “Your closet is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.”
  • Seven let go of your hand and laughed
  • “You do know I wear almost the same thing every day, right?”
  • You reached out to feel one of his shirts
  • “This one is my favorite.”
  • You pointed to the shirt Yoosung had gotten Seven for his birthday
  • It had a picture of the RFA on the front and the word “family” in Arabic on the back
  • “Mine too.”
  • Seven stepped closer to you
  • “You wanna see why I was so excited to get you in here?”
  • You felt your face heat up
  • “W-Well, I mean-“
  • “What?”
  • As soon as the lights went off, Seven turned you around so you were facing the door
  • He wrapped his arms around you, giving you a tight hug from behind
  • “Look up.”
  • You tilted your head to look up at the ceiling
  • “Oh my…”
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars were scattered all over the top of the closest, turning the dull ceiling into a tiny galaxy
  • “It’s beautiful.”
  • Seven buried his face in the crook of your neck
  • “So are you.”
  • And that’s when it hit you
  • You were literally in heaven in with Seven
  • “Thank you.”
epikegster 2k14 “Oh” au
  • in an au where parse never showed up to epikegster, i like to think jack had his “oh” moment in the hazy dark of that cold, loud winter night
  • (like, what could be more different than graduation? in the warm, bright day, scared but certain of his immediate future, speaking to his father in soft french while bells and birds sing overhead?)
  • it’s a different kind of “oh” – it’s not one last shot before everything changes, it’s one more layer of confusion and uncertainty as he enters his final semester at samwell
  • but it’s also…comforting.

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That moment we begged for A Court of Wanting a Rhysand

**meanwhile in ACOTAR**

“What do you want?” I demanded

“A moment of peace and quiet,” he snapped, rubbing his temples.

I paused. “From what?”

He sighed. “From this mess. That damned bitch is running me ragged,” he went on, and dropped his hands from his temples to lean his head against the wall.

Like, can we all appreciate how depressed and drained Rhys is? He has no one to turn to Under the Mountain because pretty much everyone hates him and all his friends are keeping Velaris safe and Rhys has anxieties about them every day and he’s keeping the weight of every member in his Court on his shoulders doing too much, too much, too much…and the only way he feels like he can console himself is to go to this girl who he feels a connection with, who he might suspect is his Mate and be so open and vulnerable with her, on the verge of fucking tears. Rhys was so lonely in ACOTAR, but he found a way.  He found a way. <3

~From Sour to Sweet~

When you find a new friend in the strangest way.

cat hybrid!yoongi/reader

Word Count: 5,704

What were you thinking?

You don’t know what possessed you to go to a hybrid adoption facility and want to pick out a hybrid of your own. You felt bad that you could only choose one of the many hybrids presented before you. All were of various species accentuated with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

“You can go in if you want.” The employee next to you responds, having spotted you looking at the hybrids through the glass window.

The room was pretty spacious but you were afraid that if you went inside you would try and take them all home with you. It looked like a cross between a playground and recreational room. There were beds for them to sleep, a TV off to the side, and lots of blankets and pillows.

“If there’s one you want to interact with personally, we have rooms available for you, if you’re not comfortable going inside with all of them. It can get overwhelming sometimes.”

You watched all the hybrids for a bit. There were a couple of rabbits running around in a game of chase, bounding through the other hybrids as well as hopping over stray toys and scattered furniture pieces. The foxes were playing with a soccer ball, rolling it back and forth and a few of them even went to mess with the other hybrids nearby. Literally all of the dog hybrids were play wrestling each other and you could see tufts of fur flying through the air. Most of the cats were either asleep or lazily tossing balls of yarn here and there.

You notice a small white cat hybrid tucked away from everyone else, including the other cats, curled up in a ball high on top of one of the shelves. He wasn’t sleeping, rather he was lying there and observing all the other hybrids with a smidge of boredom adorning his features, white tail flicking lazily back and forth like a pendulum. His white ears contrasted the black locks of his hair as they twitched to each of the sounds. You noticed that he looked…lonely, yet there was a hint of sadness somewhat hidden in his eyes, and your heart ached at the sight.

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You Dug This Grave Yourself, Sweetie

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Word Count: 2230
Summary: The basic plot of Tony Stark’s daughter gettin’ together with Spider-Man behind his back, that I just can’t get enough of…
Warning: Ya girl didn’t edit this (Please forgive me, I promise I’ll edit the next one)

“You know you’re a deadman, right?” Bucky smirked knowingly, plopping onto the couch beside Peter, a bowl of cereal in his hand.

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My today aesthetic: Polish Eurovision commentator having problem with hiding his massive crush on Salvador Sobral (Portuguese performer)

[Right before Portugal’s performance]

“It’s going to be a very emotional and sweet performance… well, he’s sweet in general”

[After Portugal performance]

“That was amazing and fresh, as expected. Such a charming man, may I say cute even*

[Songs Recap]

*Talking about voting and stuff*

“Please remember we can’t vote for Poland [blah blah blah] the Austria guy looks pretty nice in my opinion [blah blah blah]

[Salvador shows up]

“I’ll keep quiet now”

[Next performer]

*continues babbling*

[Later, the points are being announced, Salvador makes a freaky face]

*chuckles in the most sincere and heart-warming way*

Easy there Salvador… you wild man

The types as how I (an ESTP) know them

Seen this around a lot, thought I’d do my own version.

I don’t know any ISFPs, so that type isn’t represented.

ISTJ- my lab coordinator- Gets off on organizing. Plans her future out to the T, but then a curveball hits and after about a day of freaking out she deals with it. Loves concerts, science, and cats. Organizes my life for me, and we get along very well.

ISFJ- research coworker- I don’t really know her well, but she is pretty quiet. Serious and focused, but not afraid to crack a smile here and there. Somehow remembers everyone’s birthdays despite only knowing us for two months. Also (I think) very scared of me. 

INFJ- friend- I ADMIRE HER AESTHETIC SO MUCH. Seriously, this girl keeps it classy everywhere. Insta? She has a color coordinated layout. Snapchat? Only the most sophisticated snaps any 19 year old I know has every taken. Twitter? Barely touches it. Uses periods at the end of everything, which makes her sound SO COOL. Kinda wanna be her, kinda wanna be dating her. 

INTJ- cousin- most driven person I know. Loves animals more than people. 100% left-brained, and the best person to go to for a logical opinion on anything. Butttt fucks up in her personal life a lot. Clingy as hell (but this is coming from an ESTP so take it with a grain of salt tbh)

ISTP- roommate- the most slytherin of all the slytherins. Super funny, sarcastic, and always down for an adventure. Weird obsession with Garfield. Watches the most TV out of anyone I know.

INFP- friend- the calmest voice EVER. The calmest person, really. A great listener, and always zen @ life. Brilliant at orgo. Surprisingly a very good rapper as well. 

ESTP- myself and my friend- our version of an icebreaker is, “hey, wanna go skydiving?” Surprised when people say no to an adventure. Cannot sit in one place and study for more than 3 hours at a time without doing something crazy, like a push-up contest in the middle of the library, to keep our sanity. 

ESFP- acquaintance- ok the first people to start any drama ever. Extra af but also great to talk to when you need to be extra af and rant/yell/complain/anything. Can go from ‘too cool for you’ to a literal puppy in five seconds. 

ENFP- best friend- A PUPPY IN HUMAN FORM. Most scatterbrained person to exist. Multiple internships, research positions, volunteer obligations, etc. a week and somehow manages to do all of it and still be bored. 

ESTJ- boyfriend- Secretly always in control, even when someone is in control. Has a backup plan for the backup plan. Fun and enthusiastic, but also kind of cautious and takes a step back before he jumps into anything. 

ESFJ- best friend- literally follows through on everything she ever says. “I’m getting lunch with you sometime this week” you bet your ass she is going to schedule this lunch, plan it, color coordinate it in her journal, and show up five minutes early with the menu already looked over online. Pushes you to be the best version of yourself by calling you out on bs you didn’t even realize you had. 

ENFJ- ex boyfriend- cheesy as hell. Loves anime, metal, and Bethoven. Most random, adaptable person I’ve yet to meet. Has a lot of feelings. 

ENTJ- brother- Holds himself with a very naturally intelligent aura. Cares a lot about his reputation and how he appears. Very hardworking and smart. Can be demeaning or rude without realizing it. Bases his self worth on his academic achievements.

ENTP- friend- craziest life story I’ve ever heard. Came over my place after a car crash very casually like ‘yeah my car just got totalled but its whatever so i heard you had pizza’ like what???? Almost always awake at 4 AM and watching the Office. Great ideas, but not enough willpower to execute them. 

INTP- friend- nerdiest person ever. Hates on himself way too much. Intelligent, funny, and sarcastic. Has a lot of emotions but doesn’t know what to do with them so ends up making stupid decisions with girls he likes and then ignoring that person forever.

This Is Why You Woke Me (Peter Quill x reader)

Request: regaltempo said:Hello! My request is a Peter Quill x Reader. The reader is a human too, who likes and plays classical music on violin, and one day when you think everyone is asleep in the ship you practice on your violin, but little do you know Peter is listening to you on the other side of the wall. After you’re finished he shows himself and asks for a dance and you play a cassette tape of classical music and dance the waltz together. Thank you!  Peter probably has never heard of classical music before. That could be why he is so interested in hearing the music at night. And the reader could be surprised that he doesn’t know and they compromise and he teaches you how to dance and you play classical music for him during the night. And maybe some kissing.

Follow up to Why Did You Wake Me?

“I don’t think she likes me,” Peter groaned quietly, sitting in the pilot seat of the ship and swiveling the chair back and forth nervously.  His friends sat behind him, listing to him complain for the last several hours and growing impatient at the incessant whining session.  “She sits in her room all day and barely says two words to me.”

“I agree that she does not like you.  It’s obvious and you are quite right in finally noticing it,” Drax nodded eagerly, reaching out to slap his friend supportively on the arm, only to have him pull it from his reach.  “This makes you sad.  Would you like to me to speak to her for you and find out why her hatred runs so deeply?”

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yorulun  asked:

Prompt 2 for Damian and Jason where Damian got a couple of cracked or broken ribs but decided to keep quiet about it because he think Tim or Dick need to be attended to first but Jason realized it somehow and confronted him about it but Damian just shrugged it off saying that he is used to it. Dami's time in the League reminded me way too much of child abuse and Jason understand that. So he agreed to keep quiet about it and take care of Damian himself. Just general bat bro hurt and comfort.

Anonymous asked: For the angst prompts please? “It’s okay. I’m used to it.” Damian and anybody? I can’t decide..

Thanks for the prompts! I decided to combine them since they were pretty much the same. Also, this somehow got really long.

There’s a knock at the door.

Jason turns over under the blankets grumpily and peers at the clock. 3:14 in the fucking morning. He’s not awake enough to answer the—

There’s a knock at the door.

Jason bolts upright, grabbing the gun underneath his pillow, because as far as he knows, nobody knows where he lives. He’d just moved in last week, and there’s no way that anybody could have gotten a hold of this address. By all rights and purposes, it should still be empty.

It makes him wary, and as he passes the living room couch, he grabs his other gun to shove into his pants waistband. Just for extra protection. Just in case.

The knock comes again, and it’s more insistent this time. “Todd!” the Demon Brat’s voice sounds from the other side. “Todd, I know you’re in there. Open up!”

God dammit.

Jason rolls his eyes, drops his gun on the kitchen counter and makes his way over to the door. Somehow, they’ve found him again. It hadn’t even been a full week, and Damian’s found him.

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How did Keith find the Blue Lion? And what did he find?

Keith had been searching the desert for some “weird energy” for a year before the team assembled, meaning he must’ve found something about Voltron and it’s history while studying the caves. 

Highly recommended you read part 1 before this to get a better understanding!

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Good Kid/Troublemaker AUs
  • You’re a rebel by accident cause you get really animated when you talk and hit people in the face leading to fights. Now you just roll with it. I know the truth though.
  • Totally saw you spray paint the principals car and you’ll have to buy me dinner to keep me quiet.
  • I pretty much live in detention and you’re a straight A student here on your first offense. Wanna add another and skip detention with me?
  • Every time I get in a fight you patch me up but now I’m the one patching you up after your tripped on thin air.
  • I’m a super tough punk who hates authority. Your parents are cops who have met me more than once but I like you a lot.
  • Me and my buddies vandalized your backyard trampling your mini garden in the process. Now I feel really shitty cause you’re really upset about this. Look I’ll help fix it okay just stop with the sad faces.
  • Accidentally knocked you out when you got caught in the middle of a fist fight between me and this other kid during school. So I sat with you in the nurses office. Shut up! Punks like me have consciouses to you know!
  • You’re always picking fights and I’m the one who has to use my charm and way with words to stop them from getting out of hand.
  • You’re a police officer and I’m constantly in and out of holding/jail and we get to know each other well so sometimes you give me my favorite treats when no ones looking.
  • I’m always fighting and getting in trouble at school so people avoid me. You frequent the small ice cream shop my parents own and know how kind I am to children and elderly people but I don’t realize this.
  • You give me a piggy back ride (or ride home) after I got out of a brutal fight and can barely stand.
  • I brought my new kitten to school hold her please while I kick this guys ass. 
  • Punks can get scared of thunder storms to
Don’t make me jealous

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Hey I really love your Lupin one shot (take me) & I wanted to request lupin x reader smut where lupin gets jealous of Sirius purposefully flirting with reader just to wind lupin up (established relationship & can it feature spanking & praise kink please?) (and the reader accidentally calls lupin, daddy by accident if you don’t feel uncomfortable writing that part ofc) thank you xxx

Originally posted by nellaey

Remus was sitting on a couch, reading a book when you arrived back to the common room with Sirius. You had a not so nice conversation with your potions professor, since you both were in a funny mood and laughed through the whole class. You sat down next to your boyfriend kissing, him on the cheek before you took off your cloak.

“That’s an unusually short skirt you wear today. Any special occasion?” Sirius asked, glancing down on your legs. 

“No, I just felt myself good enough for it today.” You shrugged. 

“With those legs you should feel yourself good enough for it every day.” 

You giggled at his comment before Remus spoke up. “Will you stop flirting with my girlfriend, Sirius? Thanks.” It was never easily to upset him, but he had some weakness - like you. He already looked annoyed.

“I just gave her a compliment, Moony. Is that a sin to compliment nice girls?”

Remus sighed and shook his head, looking away from him. You exchanged a quick look with Sirius, trying to suppress a laugh.

You continued your conversation with him as Remus was reading his book, but you knew he hear every word you say. You just talked about his upcoming detention with Slughorn. 

“Of course you got away from it. I bet you looked at him with that pretty face of yours and he’s already forgot his own name.” You giggled again, whilst Remus didn’t look up his book, but placed his hand on your thigh. You could tell he is really close to lose his composure. And Sirius knew that too.

“So tell me, Y/N.” - he started, jumping up and sitting down next to you, running fingers through your hair. “What are you using to keep your hair so shiny? Mine is quiet sallow now in winter.”

You reached out your hand to stroke his hair. “But yours is so soft! I..”

You couldn’t finish your sentence as Remus grabbed your arm, pulling you up from the couch. “Come.” - he managed to say before started to dragging you up to his dorm. 

“Have fun!” - you heard as Sirius yelled after you. 

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” - he asked after he closed the door. 

With crossed arms, you laughed. “Oh, come on Rem. He was just messing with you, he didn’t mean it.”

”Yeah? It looked like you didn’t really mind it.” 

You rolled your eyes and opened your mouth to answer, but he grabbed your arm again, pulling closer to himself and kissing your lips with so much lust, passion and anger. You kissed him back in no time, tugging his hair on the back of his head. He sucked on your neck while he was panting hard, touching every part of your body that he could reach. He slipped his hand up on your thigh, rubbing your core through the light fabric of your knickers. As you let out a whimper, he pressed his face against yours, whispering in your ear as he was still moving his fingers. “I’ll show you who do you belong to.”

He sat down on the bed, patting his leg. “Across my lap. Come.”

You obeyed, and he rolled up your skirt and drew off your panties. He carefully stroked your butt before he gave it a smack. A loud whimper left your mouth before he did it again.

“You think you can going around there, flirting with other men and let them touch you?” He slapped again. “I think I really should teach you a lesson.” He continued spanking you, making you hurt but wet. Your butt burned as he grasping it, right before he smacked again. Loud moans escaped your mouth with every hit, and you felt as he getting harder beneath you. 

He showed a finger inside you as he smacked again. “Getting wet, are we? You want something?”

“Yes. I want you.” - you said and he smacked again before lifted you up from his lap.

“Strip.” You didn’t even think about saying no. His angry, lust filled eyes and the fact he’s being bossy made your legs shaking with anticipation. 

When all of your clothes were on the ground, he pushed you to the wall while pinned your hands up above your head, his other hand slowly sliding down on your side, slipping his fingers between your wet folds. Your breaths became shaky from his touch and from his hot breath tickling on your neck. 

He moved his fingers up and down in a slow place, making feel like your whole body was on fire. 

“Who made you this wet, darling?” He asked, but you only managed to let out a light moan. 

“I asked you a question.”

“Y-you.” - you breathed out, but his movements were still slow. 

“Are you sure? Wasn’t it Sirius? Or somebody else?”

“No, it was you, Remus.” - you said with an almost desperate tone, wanting him to touch you properly. 

“Of course I was.” He shoved his fingers inside you, pumping in and out with a steady pace while his thumb rubbing soft circles around your clit. You moaned lightly, trying to free your hands from his grip so you could tugging his hair, but he held it too strong. He was still sucking bruises on your neck; making sure everybody will see clearly enough tomorrow that you’re his. Your legs started to shake as he fastened his pace. “Rem, I’m close.” -  but in a moment you said that, he pulled out his fingers. You whimpered, looking at him desperately.

“I don’t think you deserve it yet.” - he said, releasing your wrists. “Get on your knees for me.” You obeyed, waiting for him while he took off his clothes. He grasped his hard member, causing you to lick your lips.

“You want it, don’t you? Tell me.”

“Yes.” You already leaned closer, but he took a step back. 

“Ask nicely, then.” He didn’t want just show you belong to him, he want you to beg for him. The thought and his words sent hot waves through you, making you almost dizzy. 

“Please daddy, please. I want to taste you.” - you pleaded, not even realizing what you said.

“What did you just call me?” He asked in amusement, but you just bit your lip, blushing lightly. He smiled, stepped closer to you to shoving his cock in your mouth that you took, as deep as you could. You stroked with your hand that you couldn’t take, making him groaning. 

“You doin’ it so good. Such a good girl, sucking me so well.” - he praised, running his fingers through your hair with strong grips, carefully rocking his hips. “My good girl, am I right? You’re mine. Say it.”

You pulled back, looking up into his eyes. “I’m yours.”

He released your hair, reaching out his hand so you could take it and stood up. “You behaved so well. Do you think you deserve something now?”

“Yes.” - you whimpered, the burning sensations washed over your body. “Please.”

“Lie down.” 

So you did, and he followed, kissing you as he was on top of you. 

“You can call me daddy if you’d like.” He whispered in your ear before he went down on you, kissing your inner thighs gently. Your legs twiched; you wanted more. 

“So frustrated, aren’t you? Want me to take care of you?”

“Yes. Please.” 

“Please who?” - he mumbled against your skin.

“Daddy, please.” Your raspy voice almost turned into crying from so much tension, but in the next moment he licked into you hungrily, with all of his mouth working on you whilst held your hips steady. You were tugging his locks, making him groaning into you; the vibration sent hot waves through you, making you moaning louder.

“My girl is so delicious. Taste so good.” He was rubbing circles on your clit before shoving a finger into you, adding an another a few moments later. You knew you won’t last long after his previous actions, but when he sensed how close so are, he pulled away again, crawling on top of you. 

He kissed you tenderly but still with so much passion before he stopped, looking into your eyes, lips still touched. “See how good you taste? You’re so good.” He was kissing your neck and you felt like if he won’t do something soon, your body will explode; the knot in your stomach growing for so long it physically hurt.

“Remus, please.” - you whined. 

“What do you need, my love?” - he asked, his tip teasing your entrance.

“Anything, I’m all yours, just stop teasing me, please.”

He smiled victoriously before he pushed himself inside of you all the way with one thrust, making you screaming.

“That’s right.” - he grumbled into your ear, while he found a slow, steady pace. “You’re all mine.” You wrapped your legs around him, trying to pushing him deeper and deeper whilst you tugging his hair, scratching his neck and his back with your nails, unable to control your movements anymore. “Feels good, huh?”

“Yes, you feel so good inside me.” You said under your breath, causing him to let out a loud moan. 

“Good girl.” He fastened his pace, growling and cursing in your ear whilst you almost screamed. Tears rolled down on your cheek as he pounded into you so hard, making you feel like you’ll forgot your own name and you’ll only remember his.

You chanted his name into his ears, making him growling louder and louder until you were sure he’s close too. “Cum for me, love. I want to feel it. C’mon, do it for me.” You felt as your walls tightened around him, pulsating along with your whole body as you reached your orgasm, unable to scream or moan anymore as your breath stucked in your throat. He went on even faster for a few seconds longer before you felt as he filled you with his hot cum, loud growls escaping his mouth as he collapsed on top of you.

It took him a long minute before he was able to climb down from you, cupping your cheek.

“Are you alright?” - he asked as your eyes were still closed.

“Mm.. y-yes.” Your voice was a hoarse whisper. 

He whiped your wet cheeks. “Sure? You cried. I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No,” - you said, now with opened eyes. “I just felt so damn good.” 

He smiled before pulled you closer against his chest, arms wrapped around you as he kissed your forehead.

“You shouldn’t make me jealous again.”

“I won’t.” You said, but suppressed a smirk. Oh, you definitely will.


I think Aria was pregnant by Ezra

The video of AD with Aria’s file he said if “Ezra knew what was in your file he would be definitely choosing Nicole and she would visit her him behind bars”

I remember someone asking Marlene about some of Aria behavior in past season. And she said if she could they would go into detail more on the subject if they could.

So they touched on plenty of issues but for some reason couldn’t go into detail about apart of Aria’s story. I think it’s because it was abcfamily they couldn’t touch the HS abortion subject. But I think Aria go pregnant and Ezra never knew and that’s why she so scared. All these years later and she never told him he would be upset and hurt.

AD saw it in her file and knew she would be desperate enough to keep it quiet.

saeyoungsbum  asked:

RFA + Saeran and V finding mc sleeping in very weird places for example they find them sleeping on the kitchen counter bc they were waiting for the water to boil for their coffee xddd Oh and I LOVE YOUR HEAD CANNONS SO MUCH 😍😍😍

IMMEDIATE INSPIRATION FOR THIS ASK. THANKS FOR LOVING THE HEADCANNON S! i’m using your example cause i do what i want~Madre Mod


  • this boy is known for his long gaming sessions
  • this time he promised that he would be done by like….10 pm so you two can go out and about
  • He actually kept his word an logged off LOLOL at 10 pm and went to look for you.
  • An hour prior you told him that you was going to take a bath
  • He thought you would be out by now unless you’re like me and take a two hour bath/shower
  • he steps to the bathroom door and knocks like the polite cutie he is, he waits a bit for your response
  • but you don’t give him one
  • worried he announces that he’s coming in and walks in the bathroom
  • What he finds is chuckle worthy
  • You sitting in the tub asleep. Your neck is laying on the edge of said tub.
  • Yoosung unplugs the tub and wraps you in a fluffy towel before picking you up bridal style and walking to your shared bed
  • He sets you down gently and with a beet red face I might add put some undergarments on you.
  • Your night out is postponed for another night.


  • You both were doing some spring cleaning around the house
  • the chores were split in half so it could be finished by tonite
  • It was pretty fun!
  • Zen had the radio on so once in a while you both would start singing in harmony.
  • Or in Zen’s case. Dance with the broom.
  • near the end of the day You was getting tired from all the cleaning you did, and thankfully the last chore was to do the laundry
  • half way through the laundry you was getting REALLY tired. 
  • So in your sleepy state, you got on top of the dryer and fell asleep.
  • The dryer was really warm.
  • Zen came to get the laundry so he could put them away when he found you on the dryer.
  • He simply shook his head and picked you up.
  • He walked to the living room and grabbed a blanket from nearby. 
  • Laying himself down on the couch with you on top of him, he draped the blanket over you both. There you both took a nice afternoon nap.


  • You were determined.
  • You were determined to make Jaehee a perfect cup of coffee before she left for work.
  • She always gets up early to go to work, but that means you’re either sleeping or JUST waking up when she’s leaving.
  • So when you finally made her go to sleep you set your plan in motion.
  • Grabbing the mixes to make the perfect cup of Coffee full of love, you started preparing.
  • But you underestimated how long it takes to take a perfect cup of coffee
  • it was 3 in the morning when you figured out the measurements for the perfect cup. 
  • You were getting sleepy when the hot contents were being poured into the coffee cup.
  • By the time you got the mug and was ready to pour you fell asleep.
  • Not that, “Imma just slump myself over the counter” kind of fell sleep
  • I mean that you fell asleep WHILE you was doing it. Basically you fell asleep, standing up while pouring a cup of hot coffee.
  • It spilled over the mug when it got full, and started spreading on the counter then finally onto the floor around you. you had slippers on don’t worry
  • Now Jaehee’s alarm woke her up mere seconds after you fell sleep, and when she left the bedroom to find you
  • she was very surprised.
  • Just imagine. Your S/O in the kitchen in their Pjs, standing up asleep while pouring coffee.
  • Her heart melts a little when she realizes that you were making the coffee for her.
  • She quickly cleans the mess and wakes you up a little so she can move you to bed.
  • “Jaehee……what are you doing???” “Dear i’m helping you back to bed, you’re tired.” “????But I was in bedd~” “Sure you were.”
  • She gives you a peck on the cheek before she walks skips to work.


  • It’s not really strange to most people
  • but it is to him
  • You sleep in front of his home office door
  • but you only do it when he’s in the office
  • which is nearly every fucking night jfc
  • he found out when he opened the door to leave his office and you litteraly FELL into the office
  • every time since then he’s been more careful of opening the door
  • he chuckles everytime he sees it though
  • lowkey wonders why you do that
  • jumin go to fucking bed at a decent damn time and we won’t be having this issue


  • His hacking chair
  • This is where he finds you
  • all huddled up in the small chair, wearing his over sized sweater
  • when he realized you had nothing under it except underwear he might’ve popped a boner
  • “Aw my 606 fell asleep in the chair, completely unarmed and vulnerable~”
  • He proceeds to write on any skin he can get without waking you up
  • He writes ‘property of god seven’ on the back of your neck, drew kitty wiskers on your cheek and a little nose on your nose. 
  • After that he moves you to the bed and spoons the shit out of you.
  • Proceeds to be attacked by pillows in the morning when you found out what he wrote and where


  • can’t see for shIT
  • anyway
  • You like to wonder off when you can’t sleep
  • which worries the shit out of V to no end
  • but you usually come back inside and fall asleep next to him.
  • this time you didn’t come back
  • V is very worried
  • starts thinking of the worst
  • V please they won’t leave you
  • With his limited vision he steps out of the house to look for you
  • He looks around the house first
  • when he looks up to see if you are on the roof he can barely make out the colors of your Pjs up there.
  • Blue Bean sighs in relief and carefully makes his way up to wake you up and get you in the house before you hurt yourself.


  • It was a hot day in south(?) korea.
  • And the AC in Saeyoung’s bunker gave out
  • cue you, saeyoung and saeran walking around the house in y’all bathing suits.
  • While Saeyoung went to get a new AC unit, you and Saeran was trying to stay cool in the hot ass bunker
  • Saeran took one of many tubs of ice cream and just lay it on top of him
  • You however went for the next best thing!
  • The deep freezer!
  • You bent into the deep freezer and breathed in that cool air.
  • “Hey MC don’t melt my ice cream!” “And how could I do that??” “Cause you’re pretty hot.” “What?” “NOTHING!”
  • after that it was quiet for about twenty minutes, until saeran spoke up again.
  • “MC don’t freeze to death in there.” He got up and walked to your slumped form, poking you with his spoon.
  • Your response was a jerking motion and a snore.
  • You were asleep.
  • “Geez you fell asleep in the freezer.”
  • He picked you up and set you on the couch so you wouldn’t get sick.
  • To keep you from heating up he put a bag of peas on your stomach.
  • Thank Saeran.
What’s Bred in the Bone: Part I

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part I of ??? - Part II - Part III - Part IV

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anonymous asked:

Trini having a nightmare then protective Kim is protective and they're adorable b/c I'm a sucker for fluff and trimberly

I proofed this twice and it still seems bad, but whatever. Here you go, hope you enjoy!

She could feel the warm saliva hitting her face, the weight of a body over her, inches from her face, the strong odour of rotting fish, the heavy breathing, and then she was being thrown across her room like a rag doll. She saw herself fighting, heaving, spazzing, anything to get out of Rita’s iron grip. She did everything she could, but it all fell short. She waited for Rita to try manipulate her, threatening her friends, threaten her, but this time was different.

“You’ve grown quite fond of those rangers haven’t you, yellow?”

Rita asks, her voice alluring, a threat boiling at the bottom of her throat, waiting to be unleashed. Trini doesn’t respond, she tries to yell, scream, kick, punch, anything, but her body won’t react, her limbs stay limp as Rita tightened her grip around her neck, pushing her harder into the wall, the smell of fish seeping into Trini’s nose, causing her to gag, her body pressing harder against the wall, trying to get away. Rita’s hands are wet and sticky, her face inches from Trini’s, her voice malicious, testing and tempting Trini.

“But I’ve seen how close you’ve grown to a particular one, that Kimberly girl, the pink ranger I believe. Would be a shame if anything happened to her.”

Rita chuckles, her voice low and menacing. Trini’s body finally responds, her legs thrashing, her arms grasping at Rita’s hands. Trini snarls at Rita, her face scrunched up, her nails scratching at Rita, as she threatens.


Trini’s voice is hoarse and strained, her threat falling flat and weak, nothing more than an empty promise. Rita just chuckles, a sly, villainous smirk spreading across her pale, wrinkled face.

“You’re too late, yellow.”

A loud, ear splitting scream pierces the air.


Trini tries thrashing again. Rita’s maniacal laughter washing over Kimberly’s cries for help, Trini’s heart starts racing, her entire body thrashing and spazzing, trying to escape.

“Trin, Trini are you okay? T, are you there? Trini!”

Kimberly’s voice calls out Trini’s dream starts to fade away, the feeling of Kim’s arms shaking Trini, one hand shaking her shoulder, the other softly rubbing her arm, her voice soft, but worried. Trini jolted awake, her entire body shooting forward, head butting Kimberly, knocking her backwards.

“Aah! Fuck!”

Kimberly exclaims, rubbing her forehead. Trini’s eyes race around the room, expecting Rita to jump at her again, her heart still racing, her hands shaking, the ghost of Rita’s hands still grasping at her neck. Trini took a few moments to remember where she was, for her breathing to steady, for her hands to stop shaking, and for her to realize that Kim was sitting right next to her, Kim’s hands softly caressing Trini’s back, her gaze soft, the hints of worry in her eyes, and something that looked all to close to fear.

Once Trini had realized that she was safe, Rita was gone, and that Kimberly was safe, she looked back at Kimberly, who gave her a hint of a smile, reassuring her wordlessly. Trini couldn’t bring herself to say anything, she wanted to say so much, how she was so worried about Kim, how she was so afraid she had lost her, how much Kimberly meant to her, more than she had known before, but the words died in her throat, and all she could do was stare, her hand moving slowly to Kim’s cheek, softly caressing her  face, making sure this wasn’t another nightmare, that Kimberly was here, she was safe, and real.

Kimberly held Trini’s hand on her face, keeping their gazes locked. She didn’t have to know what the nightmare was about, she had a pretty good feeling, but this one was slightly different than Trini’s other dreams, Kim knew that. Kimberly didn’t want to press, so she just spoke gently, her voice calm and quiet, covering layers of worry and fear.

“I’m okay Trin, and so are you. She’s not going to hurt you again, I won’t let her.”

Kimberly said, leaning her head forward, resting it against Trini’s. Kimberly could feel Trini’s voice hitch, Trini wanting to say something, but her words falling short. Trini kept her gaze locked with Kimberly, her emotions running high, she needed to know that she was right there, with Trini, and she needed to know that Kimberly cared. Trini’s eyes dropped to Kimberly’s lips, which Kimberly noticed, licking her lips instinctively, but something was different in Trini’s eyes, and as she pressed their lips together, ever so slowly, ever so gently, Trini could feel her heart flutter, she could feel Kimberly’s lips against hers, soft and warm, her home.

Kimberly pulled away slowly, positioning them back into the bed, knowing how tired Trini was, emotionally and physically. Kimberly pressed her stomach against Trini’s back, wrapping her arm snuggly around Trini’s waist, pulling her closer, her grip tight, scared of letting go, the protectiveness washing over Kim. Kimberly could feel Trini sigh contently, and couldn’t help the smile spread across her face, at how warm and cuddly Trini could be, how she felt comfortable with Kimberly, even after seeing her so afraid, Kimberly felt the same way.

Trini may have felt more safe and content, but something was itching at her, a question, something was keeping her awake. Kimberly always felt awful and guilty after Trini woke from her dreams, although nothing Rita had done was Kimberly’s fault, she always caught herself feeling guilty, blaming herself. So she she asked softly, not wanting to push any boundaries, knowing that Trini would wall up in seconds, so she didn’t demand anything from Trini, she just let the question float in the space around them.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Trini sighed softly at the question, her mouth trying to utter a thousand different words and statements, but just as she had done the entire night, her words fell flat, her voice hitched, and once again, her brain disobeyed her. She desperately tried to say something, to explain her dream, to tell Kim how much she meant to Trini, how Trini couldn’t bare to lose her, how she would feel so lost, but she didn’t want to sound co-dependant or clingy, the lingering fear of Kimberly bolting, but Trini deep down, in her heart, she knew the other girl wouldn’t do that, knowing that they had both become so much to each other, a safe place, a home.

Trini let the question settle in the air for what felt like an eternity, thinking that Kim had already fallen asleep, until the words were bursting in her throat, so she blurted out, her voice strained with emotion, cracking, as she tried to convey her feelings and worry.

“Please…Don’t leave, I don’t….Just don’t leave me, please.”

Trini begged, her voice thick with emotions, past memories of abandonment filling her head, she couldn’t bare Kim leaving too.

Kim heard the emotion in Trini’s voice, she felt it, she felt her heart clench, melting into Trini, wanting to convey all the love she felt for the other girl. But all Kim could do was pull Trini closer, as reassuringly as possible. She whispered lovingly in Trini’s ear, trying to make sure the other girl knew how she felt.

“I’m not leaving Trini, not anytime soon, I won’t let myself, I couldn’t leave. Okay?”

She asks, her voice thick and hoarse, but still trying to put on a brave face. Trini didn’t say anything, she just nodded slowly, pressing her body closer into Kimberly’s, curling up slowly, while Kimberly buried her face into Trini’s neck, hoping that what she said and how she acted, how she held Trini so tightly, how she pressed feather light kisses down Trini’s neck, would be enough, and for now, it seemed like it would be.

Bangtan Reaction: realising they have feelings for you


this little shy ball would probably keep these feelings to himself for a while until he was completely and utterly sure that he was genuinely having a crush on you and even when he was sure, he wouldn’t confess. Jungkook would probably just show his feelings by contributing in more skinship than he usually would (eg. brushing his hand over yours, patting your head etc) 

Originally posted by jibeom

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A-Z NSFW: WinWin

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A = Aftercare 
The sweetest baby boy ever dear god I’m going to hell for writing this…WinWin has to be 100% sure you’re A-Okay afterwards or he can’t even think straight for the rest of the day. He’s really affectionate after sex, lots of cuddling and nuzzling and soft kisses and I love yous. He is almost instantly out the bed to get a warm rag if you turn down the offer for a shower afterwards, and a movie to chill back out is a must with him.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
I think WW is a pretty intimate boy when he’s with you, he’s a touchy guy, he likes holding you. His favorite part of you is your hands, he loves intertwining your fingers together, holding your hands above your head and pinning them to the mattress, feeling your hands grasping at his back and arms, he loves it. On himself, he has to pick his eyes. WinWin has the most beautiful eyes, and if you don’t constantly tell him that, I’m ashamed of you. He’s one that really likes eye contact in the bedroom, while your hands are intertwined, he’ll press his forehead against yours, looking into your eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul, and he loves being able to show you everything he feels through his gaze, his love, lust, adoration, affection, he wants you to know how he feels about you. 

C = Cum 
Weirdly enough, I think he’s a mess when he cums. Between groans and heavy breathing, you certainly have to wash up while he strips the bed, because it’s everywhere…

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Being pretty shy, even in your relationship, he actually has a list of secrets he’s either too embarrassed or think you’ll be weirded out by that he keeps to himself. One of which being a pair of your panties that mysteriously disappeared and is currently tucked away in his luggage for NCT’s trip. What can he say? The lace feels good…

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see WinWin being very experienced of really know much, obviously he’s aware of the basics…how can a 19 year old boy not know how a dick goes in things….but the entire process, you’d have to talk him through it the first time. But he’s a quick learner, all it took was once, and he knows exactly what he’s doing now.

F = Favorite position
Missionary is pretty much the norm with him, he likes the contact and being able to hold you. WinWin is insanely flexible though…so I can see him trying a few different, more adventurous positions because the boy bends like rubber, so he isn’t opposed to trying other positions, but missionary is just way more comfortable tbh.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
He’s kind of goofy by nature because he’s sort of awkward, so it certainly seeps a bit into the bedroom. Not a lot though, because he’s normally very focused on giving you and himself the most pleasure he can manage, he leans more towards serious but it’s WinWin..so a bit goof will leak into the bed.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
He’s a pretty soft baby in general, I don’t even think he has a lot of hair yet, but what he does have he keeps fairly tamed, he’s not bare, but he trims well.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
One of the things with WinWin and your’s relationship, is he can’t stand the idea of ‘fucking’, he is determined to make sure you know he loves you, that you’re making love, not fucking. Sometimes he goes above and beyond with some candles, mood lighting, and music, maybe even tosses some rose petals into the bath if that’s where you’re getting it on that day. He’s sure to talk to you throughout sex, too. Whispering about his love for you and how lucky he is to have you in his life, and he wouldn’t change it for the world.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
WinWin’s like a secret masturbater, he’s one that is locked in his room or that bathroom, sure no one can mistakenly walk in on him with his pants around his ankles. He’s quiet with sex, but he’s even quieter jerking off, he’s almost silent.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He’s not a very kinky one, I don’t think he really has any kinks, but he’s developed a habit of leaving one hickie visible on your collar bone. Always in the same place, it’s his mark, and he loves it.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
The bed is his #1 spot, it’s the most comfortable spot to do it when he knows once you two start, you’ll be there for quite some time. No worries about having to move after you’re done and worn out, you can just lay down and go to sleep. When he’s in one of his overly romantic moods, the large bath is a second best.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
He’s kind of clingy, it’s his way of showing his love, so he loves when you do it back. When you’re together, and all of a sudden you’re attached to his arm, and pressing your lips to his neck, he’s 100% ready to go on the spot.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
While he’s docile, he’s not submissive. He’s not into it, it doesn’t really do anything for him. WinWin likes to think you’re both on the same level, both in your romantic relationship and sexual relationship, no ones dominant over the other.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Since foreplay is a really big part of sex with WinWin, oral plays into it a lot. He’s actually a pro at going down on you, he can and will be there for hours, he loves it. He’ll never turn down a good blowjob either, you two are going to be here all night, if you’re willing to go down on him, he’s ecstatic and lets you have your fun with him.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
I guess you could say he’s a lazy fucker, he’s not a quick pace kind of guy, he’s way on the side of slow and sensual. He really likes to stretch your time together out, so he tends to have a pretty slow, not unbearably slow mind you, but still pretty calm pace.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
WinWin doesn’t really favor quickies, he doesn’t like the messiness and the lack of full satisfaction on both parties that comes with quickies. He normally opts out, he’d rather just jerk off to get the feeling out of his system, and bring it back up when he can give you his undivided attention.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
WinWin is kind of a shy baby, I don’t see him taking many risks, or at least not taking the initiative. It depends on what it is, if you propose any ideas. Whatever it is though, he won’t let it leave the bedroom. No kitchen, living room, public sex, he’d just crawl into a hole and die if someone noticed and called him out, or god forbid one of the members walked in. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
WinWin’s still pretty young, he’s only 19, he hasn’t hit that ‘my knees hurt’ old man phase yet. He’s pretty quiet and docile at most times, almost as if he’s saving his energy so I think he’s pretty hyper in bed. I don’t think he’s a multiple rounds guy, one round is usually it, but he can go for a bit longer than most guys. As for foreplay, that can go on for ever honestly, but the actual sex last anywhere from 10-20 minutes. He’s got a lot of reserved energy…beware of the quiet ones.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Again, he’s pretty docile, I don’t see him straying from average, ‘vanilla’ sex much. He’d probably end up a red blushing mess if you even brought it up just for conversation, let alone toy with the idea of actually buying and using them.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
I don’t see WinWin being a tease since I don’t really see him being very dominant in the bedroom. If you tell him to stop and just fuck you, he’s not going to need to be told twice. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Honestly, WinWin is so quiet as most times, I don’t see him being very loud in bed. He’s vocal, and moans a lot, but the volume doesn’t reach more than it needs to be for you to hear him. No one outside the bedroom is going to hear him, that’s for sure.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
WinWin is a fast learner, so you only got to enjoy it in the moment, because you only have to explain once. Your first time together, the look of adoration and eagerness to learn on his face while you guided him through each new action. His touch was so gentle and sweet, trying to mimic exactly how you showed him how to touch. Sometimes you wish you could go back to the first time, it was definitely a time you’ll never forget.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
hes my son fml Aight it’s always the little guys that fucking your mind when they whip it out and you’re just like ????? where did that come from tf??? And he’s kind of quiet and a sweetie and those boys always got some good shit between their legs. Now I’m not talking the forearm sized monstrosity from fanfiction, about a half to a inch more than the average size(5 inch hard) and just a bit thicker than typical, not much, but enough for you to ask yourself what you did in a past life to deserve this.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
While I think he’s pretty quiet, I think WW is insanely clingy, and literally always wants you but he just keeps it to himself? You really have to pay attention to see how he’s acting because he’ll just not say anything when he’s horny, he waits for you to make the first move. His sex drive is weirdly high, but he keeps it under control.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
My little cuddle bby I can’t, he’s instantly curled up and ready for bed as soon as he can breath and see straight, and aftercare is taken care of. WinWin is gone from the world so fast y’all. Night bby.

Boyfriend Haechan
  • oh boy,,,
  • i’m going to die while writing this
  • but i’m quite excited so i’ll start right away!!!
  • so~~~
  • bf hae, uhm??
  • this guys lives giving you every kind of hugs and kisses and affection basically
  • but he l o v e s giving you backhugs the most, it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short or the same height as him
  • he just really loves to wrap his arms around your waist and kiss your cheeks as he shares his warm
  • he’s like your own small baby koala <3
  • i just googled baby koalas and i wasn’t dissapointed
  • seriously, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to take him off you, he wouldn’t let you go from his embrace under any circunstance
  • and he would remind you every single day how much he loves you and how important you’re to him
  • bc he’s a big softie <3
  • but if you’re the one being soft and clingy he would start teasing you non stop
  • “uhm, y/n, can you stop hugging me so much?? i need to breath”
  • “why are you so obsessed with me? i need some space too”
  • “woah, you must really like me”
  • “well, i can’t judge you tbh, i’m irresistible”
  • he would be constantly saying silly things like this and maybe playing jokes some on you
  • and it would be quite annoying some times but it’s mostly because he wants to keep your pretty smile on your face 24/7
  • but he can also be pretty serious too
  • whenever he’s more relaxed and quiet you guys can easily talk for hours about different subjects, changing opinions, talking about each others future plans and getting to knowing each other a lot more
  • most of your dates are based in that basically, cafe dates in which you have really deep conversations that last forever
  • and talking about dates, he’s the n #1 fan of lazy dates
  • and you’re probably too, let’s be honest
  • but he likes to left those in really necessary moments, like when he’s rlly tired or sad
  • when it comes to searching for comfort, he always goes back to your arms without even doubting about it
  • don’t get surprised if out of the blue you see him in the entrace of your house with a sad face and asking you for a hug with his eyes
  • he wouldn’t ask for much in moment like that, just for you to listen to his problems and comfort him with kisses and hugs
  • and when you’re the one feeling sad he would do the same thing, listen carefully to your words but being a lot more vocal
  • he would ask you lots of things about it and try his best to give you advice that can be helpful for you
  • and once the convo is finished, he would want to distract you by eating snacks and playing videogames for the rest of the day
  • and it really does work <3
  • he may even let you win on purpose, but would deny it at death
  • also, hyuck would be a super protective and jealous boyfriend
  • he may be smol and adorable but someone looks at you in a weird way and rip them
  • and, oh jeno complimented your outfit ?????? then hyuck would be twice as clingy just to rEMIND EVERYONE THAT YOU’RE ONLY HISSSSSS
  • and he would be super obvious about the fact that he’s jealous but wouldn’t admit it too easily??
  • “i’m not jealous, y/n idk what are you saying”
  • “fine then, i’ll go talk with jisung and chenle then”
  • “no, stay here. chenle opened the door for you the last time, i don’t trust him”
  • lots of aegyo
  • like lots, he would use all his cuteness to take advantage of you
  • LOts of compliments and lots of bragging about how beautiful you are to the other members
  • “you look like a queen today, damn bae”
  • “when will you ever get a gf as beautiful as mine, mark? uhm?”
  • “that’s impossible. there’s no other one as gorgeous as her”
  • but he can also be like
  • “lmao, you look dead, i told you to go sleep early”
  • “y/n, that t-shirt is weird, go change”
  • “if you don’t change those ugly shoes i’m not paying for your bubble tea”
  • he’s either super sweet or an asshole, there’s no between
  • loves to take care of you and scolds you when you don’t listen to him
  • you didn’t ate breakfast today??? you didn’t got 8 hs of sleep?? you didn’t bring a sweater with you??? oh boy, rip you
  • lots of selcas in which you look like those cool ulzzangs couples
  • but also him taking ugli snaps of you and being really protective w his collection
  • y’all taking naps together <3
  • and having sleepovers at least once in the week in which you watch a bunch of movies and eat lost of junk food together
  • and if you can’t sleep, he would calmly sing for you as he caresses your skin and hair softly
  • bAsically, a really sweet and dedicated boyfie
  • but also the biggest idiot ever
  • but it’s okay because he loves you endlessly <3
  • fin!!!
  • oh boy, rip my bias list
  • rip my life