i keep messing with the bg


Chibi TH Boys with their favorite treats

Yea, I know I reposted this a million times XD Because why not? 

Anyhow I won’t repost the whole context of the drawing because somehow I messed up the BG ? and I do not like it XD So yea, I post this instead of with me and Niel.

TH AU belong to me

Palette belong to @angexci

Goth belong to @nekophy

Scary belong to @finfileors

PJ belong to @7goodangel

because the ladies need captain time too

not shown: usopp making better formulas for nail polish so they don’t chip during battle

sanji making snacks that won’t mess up their drying polish

and zoro who is sleeping yet also expecting luffy to jump on him and show off his nails

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The bigger contrast to Liam's sweet 4 am quote is Louis saying during JHO promo that he's not a morning person and never wakes up early... Like, NOPE. Kids wake up at the crack of dawn and you wake up with them (obviously) PLUS when they're little they wake up in the middle of the night like Liam described... When they get bigger they don't eat at night anymore but many many kids still keep waking up &the parent takes them next to them or otherwise calms them down. No peep from Louis about that.

if bg 2.0 is fake then i’ve gotta give it to em it’s a big step up from the hot mess 1.0 is

suho, on mv set: ok does everyone know their parts?


suho: i know you can all hear me you’re literally five feet away…

sehun, in the bg messing with a slot machine: hyung how does this thing even work

baekhyun: idk just keep pulling that lever down until stuff comes out :) *kicks the power cord he just unplugged under the machine*

chanyeol: *slams cards on the table* ha i beat you! give me all your chips!

chen: damn it! next round of go fish will be mine i can feel it!

jongin: did someone say chips?

yixing: chanyeol has some!

suho:…guys we’re supposed to be rehearsing for the mv now I don’t really think it’s the right time to be-

kyungsoo: *taps suho’s shoulder* um so jongin swallowed a poker chip.

suho: HE DID WHAT?!

xiumin: don’t worry i already called the doctor they said this happens all the time with little kids he just has to drink a lot of fluids and it should be out in a few days

jongin: *sniffles as yixing rubs his back* it didn’t even taste good i should have tried the red one…

kyungsoo: *fanning a red faced suho* uh minseok hyung you might want to call the doctor again this one’s not looking too good

suho: istg it’s like you kids are trying to give me a heart attack

sehun: *looks up from slot machine* what was that? do you want us to sing heart attack for you?

suho: NO gdi why did you all wait until now to pay attention to me

20 days ootd, day 4: fall inspired

only Valerie this time, mainly bc i didn’t know what to do w Madeline?? i kept thinking fall !! coLORS !! LEAVES!!! but also warmth, it gets cold here pretty early and i felt like i had to dress her in something that would keep her warm. and it just,, it didn’t work out for madeline

valerie: hat / hair @simsontherope / sweater @spectacledchic / skirt @sentate / boots @madlensims

poses: 1 @vibrantpixels / 2 @helgatisha

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All of this keeps making me think that Louis pulled a "you started this, you finish it" with SJPR because we all Louis is smart and career driven and he would not allow the promo for his first solo song to be like this. I feel like maybe he didn't want to put BG on another PR agency because it's gotten really Yikes! so he left it all to the one who started it. That also makes me think all this is going to be a build up towards the end and that's what it keeps getting brought up in anyway +

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If you’re currently watching We Bare Bears at the moment…keep an eye out in the background. I found out that Mike has been messing with the “inter-transdimensional portal to dimensions of 2D of whence there are no comprehension of”

So he’s been popping up in WBB and I’ve started to document his apperances thus far:

“Our Stuff”: Seen in street

“Everyday Bears”: Blocked Panda on “Facebook” (Unknown he if added him back)

“Burrito”: Spotted in Purrito Burritos

“Nom Nom vs Hamster” (Short): Spotted in BG as boom mic operator.

Keep an eye out in future eps in the background for Mike…he does not show in all episodes and is a “Where’s Wally” type guy.

We will come together to bring this man back into the real world.

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Julia, my darling, is it me or Yolanda's scrambling to prove that Harry is not living in Louis' 10M mansion could be some hint that this mess is ending ? I'm assuming, for some reason, that a CO is not immediate but BG ending could point the GP to that conclusion. So maybe NT is covering their asses by separating H&L on the real estate plan ? Just my theory, but I hope that Harry enjoys his mediation tea room this morning. LJA

hey my darling! i don’t think yolanda’s real estate gossip has anything to do with babygate per se but we know she was bombarded by one direction fans when someone found her post about the $10 million house and now she knows we’re keeping our eyes on her blog.

it seems natural for her to investigate some more after finding out harry sold that other property but i’m reluctant to jump to the same conclusions here because she left out a few details:

in her blog post she writes “It should also be noted that the stated mailing address for this new house’s tax documents is the exact same LA law office to which his old property was also registered. But even more damning then that is the fact the seller of this house was a guy named Drew Fenton. Our Mr. Fenton, bless his heart, happens to be employed as a real estate agent with a boutique firm called Hilton & Hyland. And Mr. Styles’ longtime real estate agent is a guy named Branden Williams who also just happens to be employed at the very same estate agency

which means yolanda’s thought process was: branden williams is harry’s real estate guy -> said real estate guy works at the same firm (hilton & hyland) as other real estate guy (drew fenton) -> there was an intra-h&h deal -> it MUST have included branden williams and harry styles

and that last conclusion is all speculation on her part. she says her evidence is circumstantial at best in the next paragraph but the blog post is still titled “harry styles pays $7 million […]”. she knows she’s jumping to conclusions and she conveniently forgot to mention that hilton & hyland have been in charge of that property for as long as seven years according to zillow. 

i don’t want to say she is wrong because she’s clearly connected in LA’s real estate circles and maybe needed to substantiate her insider gossip knowledge, but the “facts” she is presenting merely state that harry’s go-to real estate firm made a deal on the downlow for someone. and that’s all there is from what she’s presenting. she may know more and not be able to say.

You guys do what is best for your own sake, for your physical and mental health, because I know this fandom is toxic and I know that sometimes we all need to take a breather and ignore this whole mess. That said, personally, I will keep blogging about babygate, because I’ve been here since March 2014, and like hell I will make them succeed in what they have been trying to do since bullshit tweet 1.0 — figuratively wiping this side of the fandom out. I don’t believe what they’re selling us and I don’t want anyone to get the feeling that I do. Call me a masochist. Call me salty. This is a warning that you might want to unfollow me if you don’t want any bg related posts, although I might disappear or avoid certain topics, sometimes, because of real life duties and my own mental health. Wish you the best anyway. I don’t want to fight with anyone over this.  

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"im on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did" with single dad Sirius who just got custody of Harry after his parents died and he was stuck with the Dursley's for a few months

note: if this ends at “to end the war altogether” the keep reading isn’t working, but you can see the whole fic on my blog

Sirius is exhausted. He’s sitting at the back of a muggle bus and the boy on his lap won’t stop whining. Sirius can just barely keep him from full-on sobbing, and the closer they get to their stop the less he can do. He fully realizes that the rest of the bus hates him, and all he wants to do is apparate to his flat, where he doesn’t have to concentrate on holding a Disillusionment Charm over Harry, or have to worry about Death Eaters sitting next to them.

In all honesty, what he really wants to do is get to the flat and sleep, but by the way Harry’s hiccuping like he does before he starts to bawl he knows he won’t have that luxury. He just hopes they make it home before the inevitable happens.

He’s sitting next to the window, wedged into the corner and holding Harry to his body. He has Harry facing out into the aisle, hoping that he’ll see something that will distract him.

He doesn’t actually expect it to work, but when Harry catches a glance of the man sitting in the seat across from theirs he quiets. It’s nothing short of a miracle, and Sirius has to stop himself from gaping at the man.

I mean, he gets it. The way lanky limbs are leaning around a  book that’s falling to pieces is absolutely gorgeous, but the fact that it’s enough to keep Harry content is astounding. Then again, the way the man’s patched-up jacket is spread across his shoulders might just be enough to end the war altogether.

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I think that the push in anti Larry press may be OT still trying to mess with the timeline for the CO. I mean, I don't agree with the idea "they are denying Larry for when bg ends", I never believed that they'd want to keep on with the lies and the bullshit when they'd finally get the chance to be free (and I think they'Il end things only when whatever is going on bts is over). I might be wrong, but I just think this is Simon being petty and trying to hurt H&L till he still has the power.

“I might be wrong, but I just think this is Simon being petty and trying to hurt H&L till he still has the power.” Which he has been trying to do since last year, so that’s an established pattern of behavior. What Simon has been doing since then is to try to hurt their ability to come out. We’ve seen such an enormous battle over this, I don’t know if people were hit with forgetting sticks or what.