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student stereotypes
  • the "general step-mom": very organised, does things ASAP, constantly reminds you of the work you need to do, loves to say i told you so when your stupid ass keeps on postponing said homework until it's almost too late, also checks in to make sure that you managed on time. quote: "have you started on the homework yet?"
  • the "head-in-the-clouds genius": never knows what the fuck is going on, doesn't come to most classes, always has to get reminded about homework and deadlines (repeatedly for the same thing as well), always manages to pass all the exams with pretty high grades in the end. quote: "homework?????? what homework?????"
  • the "duty-bound procrastinator": knows exactly what the fuck is going on, does nothing about the things that need to be done, always finds something else to do instead, feels anxious for postponing all of it, does everything the last second and says it's never going to happen again (a lie). quote: "fuck, homework. i'll, uh, start right after i finish with this movie marathon."

Warm-up painting from a few days ago. Been really struggling to get my hand to cooperate lately, but finally hitting another good stride.

To all the commissioners still awaiting things - I’m getting through them a little more slowly than I’d like but I should be getting stuff your way soon. I keep doing a dumb thing where I draw the same one over and over and over, but it makes the final that much cooler! Thanks for the patience, y’all!

Dean Winchester x Sister!Winchester Headcanon

*Dean calling you “Shorty” , but when you are hurt “Babygirl”

*Being the only one allowed to call him De besides Sammy

*Looking up to him, and admiring how much he’s been through yet he’s still so strong

*Him being super protective of you, and he always has an idea of where you are at.

*You being as determined as your mother, and Dean always admiring that in you

*Him being your dad and your brother

*Rocking out to 80’s music together.

*Stealing his flannels, when yours are dirty

*Even though he act like your father, you give him and Sam the motherly care they needed

*Him always standing up to John when it comes to you

*Teaching you how to fight monsters

*Crying every night over your brother when he gets taken to Hell

*Trying to find a way to rescue him

*Never leaving his side when he gets back

*Teasing him that him and Cas are a thing

*Him teaching you how to drive the impala, and how to fix her up. You know almost everything about Cars from him

*Grieving and asking yourself again how this happened when he is sent to purgatory

*Scouring the Earth to find something to help get rid of the mark

*Watching your brother slowly become less and less like himself by the day and slowly turning into some sort of monster as time goes on

*Dean trying his damndest not to hurt you when he becomes a demon, but fails miserably.

*“De, please-, this is not who you are!” , “I can’t stop, Y/n! I can’t stop!” “De- please, I will always love you.”

*Him not being able to look you in the eyes weeks after he gets turned back into a human

*Calming him down at night when he gets nightmares of all the things he’s seen

*Him always making you sleep with your door open, or near him at night. He’s always afraid that the same thing will happen to you as it did Mary. It keeps him up late at night

*Loving to eat junk food together, and watch crappy tv shows

*Whenever he pisses you off by bringing you to hookup with ladies, you always go out of your way to ruin his night by him not getting any.

*“Dad! There you are, is this going to be my new mom?”, or… “Babe, why are you flirting with her? You and I are together! How could you do this to me??? *Throws drink in his face*. Personally, your favorite is to go in the bathroom and find the girl he was hitting on. “Hey, that guy you were flirting with back there gave my sister the clap. You might want to steer clear of him!”

*You guys bantering over something that’s nonsense

*Loving your big brothers more than anything in the world

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The white road

I am 24 when my doctor tells me that I was abused. She doesn’t tell me what happened to me, or plant any memories that weren’t already there. She takes what I have told her and she puts it all inside those six letters, that one word.

Before she takes my memories and gives me that word, I tell her that I have made the appointment because I want to know why I can’t stand being touched. I tell her that I’m 24 and I’m sick of flinching when shop assistants hand me my change, just in case their fingers brush against my palm and there is that fire again, the one that rushes up from my bone to the membrane of my skin any time it comes into contact that I wasn’t expecting. I tell her that I have been trying to do this properly, from dating to everything else, and it’s like I’m blocked. It’s like I’m missing a piece of myself that makes me an adult, or perhaps even a human, and I don’t know where it’s gone.

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14 lines from love letters or suicide notes
1. Don’t freak out.
2. We both know this has been coming for a long time.
3. I’ve been staying awake at night wondering if I should tell you.
4. I bought the kind of crackers you can eat, they are in the hall cupboard.
5. Now that we have watched all the episodes of True Blood, I do not know what else to do next.
6. I always imagined this would happen without warning, like suddenly on an ocean cliffside. But this is the kind of thing where waiting for the time to be right, would just mean waiting forever.
7. I’ve just been too afraid for too long.
8. I came home on Tuesday, and found all of the chairs that I own, stacked in a tower in the centre of my kitchen. I don’t know how long they have been like that, but it can only be me that did it. It’s the kind of thing a ghost might do to prove to the living that he is still there. I am haunting my own apartment.
9. My grandmother was still alive when I was five years old and she asked me to check and see if the iron was hot enough yet, so I pressed my hand against it, and it was red, and screaming for hours. 25 years later, she would still sometimes apologise, in the middle of conversations, “I feel so bad about making you touch the iron”, she’d say, as though it had just happened. I cannot imagine how we forgive ourselves for all the things we didn’t say until it was too late. But how else do you tell if something is hot, but to touch it?
10. I keep imagining my furniture in your apartment.
11. I wonder how many likes this will get on Facebook?
12. My dad always used to tell the same joke, but I can’t remember the punchline.
13. I was eight years old and it took three weeks -  three eight year old weeks imagine - to gather everything I would need to become batman - rope, boomerangs, a Mardi Gras mask with the beads cut off. I couldn’t find a cave near my house, so I buried them all in a bundle under the ivy. For years after, I tried to find that spot again. The Ivy grew too fast. I searched in so many spots, it seemed impossible that I had missed one, but I never found it. How can something be there, and then not be there? How do we forgive ourselves for all the things we did not become?
14. I never had the courage to buy bright green sheets. I wanted them, but thought they were too brash, even with no one but me to see them. I bought a set yesterday and put them on the bed. I knew that you would like them.
—  Doc Luben

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm Pan Anon, and I wanted to know why people think having so many different labels in the LGBTQ+ community is bad. I have people I know and adults who always complain and say I should be bi and not pan. What should I do/say?

Hey Pan Anon, I’m sorry your adults keep saying stuff like that. It’s not cool. Lately I’ve been having the same issue, with more people than usual commenting on some of my pages saying the same things… It can be disheartening, for sure.

But here are some things to remember:

• there are loads of people with the same “complicated” or lesser known identity
• you being out and proud about your label makes it a lil bit safer for everyone else to do the same
• you have a huge community of people who DO believe you, accept you, and love you
• calling yourself pansexual or gray-aromantic or a demigirl will not destroy the world. It will not set the queer community back 50 years. It will not steal “resources” from anyone else.
• it’s a perfectly Human thing to do—finding a label that fits you, even if it’s kind of obscure.

We are all just trying to figure out who we are.

Some people need to chill.

I’ve been doing my best to avoid posting in the tags lately because this place has attracted a lot of haters and negative Nancys! But things have gotten a little out of hand in the last few days. I especially did not want to make this post, but too many people keep pestering me with the same questions about Daniella Filler, so I’m just going to address this topic and hopefully people can stop freaking out.
For those of you who don’t know, Daniella Filler is a model who works for an agency called Richards Models. Last March, when Cole was in Vancouver filming the pilot, he and DF did a photoshoot together. If you check out Cole’s IG page, and go to his photos from March 2016, you’ll find them. He’s tagged both Daniella and her agency in these pictures, so it’s strictly a professional shoot. Do people honestly think that Cole would take advantage of a model he was assigned to work with by a company he works for? Cole stayed in Vancouver for less than a month when they did the pilot, so how the hell did he find the time to have a gf, which he clearly abandoned once filming was done and he went back to NY/LA! Please, people, start having some common sense.
Yes, Cole and Daniella are friends. She hung out with him and some of the cast last December when they all went roller skating. However, what you don’t know is that Daniella is also an aspiring photographer. Without disclosing too much personal information about her, because people seem to be going to her pages and sending her hate, which is just WRONG, Daniella has started up a photography portfolio, and Cole has been helping and teaching her photography. She even accompanied him to his photoshoot in February with adeezia_adhel: the one of them in the snow (again, you can find these pictures on his IG). DF also took photos of the model and uploaded them to her own personal photography account. So people seriously need to chill out and stop assuming that every girl Cole is seen out with is a girl he’s banging.
Also, if people look at the photos of DF and Cole hiking the other day, you’ll notice they both have their cameras with them. They were clearly there taking pictures. And if you want even further proof that there is nothing going on between them and nothing ever did, I’ve linked a screenshot of one of Cole’s photo captions where he discusses perverted photographers. Cole is very professional. He did not take up photographer to f*ck models. That would make him a creep! And we all know he’s not. Sorry if this was abrupt.

*Oh, and before I forget - that apparent “hand holding” picture people got worried about was not that at all. Cole went closer to DF because he was moving out of the way to let the other guy through.

Good Girl pt.2 / hybrid!au - Jungkook

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1. 2. 3. 4. | Taehyung | Hoseok

Your ears twitched on top of your head before your eyes flickered open. Your head popped up as your tired eyes looked about, instantly remembering where you were. You looked about the room before looking down realizing you had ended up at the bottom of the bed, thanks to your sleeping habits. You peeked behind you, only for your ears to slump down with a pout on your lips. Your new owner was gone, leaving you without a goodbye and all alone in the apartment. You sat up, letting the cover over your body fall before you stretched out with a yawn.

There wasn’t a name for all these feelings welled up inside you. You felt sick, you couldn’t stop the butterflies fluttering in your stomach as your body heated up. You mushed your face into the cushion underneath you as your tail swished about behind you. You were really here, finally with your owner that you’ve been waiting to meet but it seemed like Jungkook didn’t like you.

You raised your head, a pout on your lips as you groaned. You wanted to pounce on him the moment you saw him but your shyness instantly told you were just all talk. Jungkook was handsome, cute, and oh so very hot. It wasn’t helping that he smelt heavenly, and you wanted nothing but to hold him close and never let go.

You could already tell from the moment Taehyung left the two of you he was uncomfortable. You were too shy to do anything, leaving it up to him to take control. You regretted it, you should have made him comfortable with you and acted the way you were supposed to. All that time preparing to be a pet at the hybrid center and you were doing horrible with your first owner.

You suddenly sat up and smacked your cheeks with your hands. A deep breath in before you got out of bed and squatted down beside your bag. You took out your toothbrush and paste Taehyung packed for you before heading out to the bathroom to get cleaned up. You couldn’t wallow in your nervousness and pity for too long when you were just getting started. You stared at yourself in the mirror with a determined look on your face as you furiously brushed your teeth. He would come back, and you would show him that you were worth keeping.

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10 Transformative Cophine Fics - Fic Recs

This is a smut post. These are smut-centric fics that blew my mind. You have been warned / prepared  for smut. This is the first of many, read these transformative works at your own discretion (I can’t promise that you won’t enjoy them… baha). The Cophine fandom has some of the best transformative works, what can I say.

Repercussions by @thecirclesquare

Cosima likes to keep things from Delphine, and this is one way to get answers. The moments of tenderness and closing line will make you swoon, and it’s all particularly well-told in first-person POV, as per thecirclesquare’s specialty.

Noise Complains by hellafitzgerald

Delphine’s late-night celebrations lead to her disgruntled neighbour Cosima showing up at her door in the middle of the night. Cophine instantly connect, as they are wont to do - funny, cute, and all I can say is Delphine should talk like this all the time.

Cravings by hellafitzgerald

Delphine’s trying to quit smoking. How would you distract her? Yes… Cosima thought the same in this fluffy fic that is also cute and funny and as smutty as smut can be. Del probably went ahead and smoked a cig anyway in an imagined epilogue.

Back to Her, And I Go Back (To Us) by @kind-of-always-late

You know when exes hate each other but also secretly still love each other? This is how that all plays out in Cophine land. Angsty, complex, and really enjoyable two-parter.

Here, Take a Shot by @xthetumblweedx

Obviously. 58 chapters and still going strong, probably every smut scenario you could think of… and if it’s not in there, you can always prompt it ;) Cochlear, Hell of an Encore and Perfect Strangers are my personal favourites - wonderfully-crafted AU scenarios that set the stage for, y’know. The smoot.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by @cophinaphile

This is how you exploit a little opening in the plot. An alternate end to 3x10 that would probably have had me rolling around on the floor and screaming. Spectacular.

The Toy Box by @trylonandperisphere

Cophine trying some new things, getting to know each other a little better… if you’re not dead after the 5th chapter, I don’t know you. A fluffy foray into Cophine’s domestic life with really A+ smut.

Business & Pleasure by @mveloc

Delphine and Cosima make a trade. It’s 10,000 words of why you wish this happened on screen. They live together, they deal with each other’s co-workers, and they have… a wonderfully good smut time that even the most casual Cophine reader will enjoy.

The Stroke of Midnight by @thatscomplex

I think the real Delphine and Cosima would have done this. Romantic, angsty, but also hopeful and good and way better than canon. Here’s how 3x08 should have gone down.

It Showed by @novelconcepts

Back to the start of it all. Cosima’s perspective on the fumbling, new, transcendent experience of taking Delphine to bed for the first time. Really well done, nuanced and perfect.

Expecting a Wolf - Request

Requested by anon: can i ask one reader lupin in which she is pregnant but is affraid of telling him, and he finds out because of her tummy and gets mad cause he thinks she wouldnt tell her and then fluff <3?

Pairing: Remus x reader

Word count: 1.900+

Warnings: Lots of shouting. Terrible ending (I’m very sorry!)

A/N: Ugh baby week is here!
Also, today’s hidden word is courtesy of @valisiofdauntless: Picklesticks - Pickles on a stick (According to the Urban Dictionary) ;)

Thank you to my lovely betas Anna and @withmycharacterstilltheend (Jess) for helping me out with this one. You rock!


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“So if a werewolf was to… let’s say… Impregnate someone…” (Y/N) started, “would that baby be a werewolf too?”

“No dear,” Molly repeated for the umpteenth time, “the baby would be born human.”

“To become a werewolf, one must be bitten by another werewolf. It isn’t dancing around in the genetics of a person,” Hermione explained.

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Did you notice how Aaron was all jittery and his leg was shaking and he wasn’t really concentrating or listening and he couldn’t relax in his therapy session - until Robert walked in??

He looked at his husband like he had just hung the moon and stars and his entire body relaxed and his face completely changed. You actually, visibly saw the tension leave his body. His entire world spins for and around Robert.

And vice versa. Robert being a complete twat to Rebecca is totally IN character for Robert. He has been and always will be a sly little fucker. He has changed - for Aaron. That’s the important thing. When it comes to Aaron he is sensitive and caring and loving and he genuinely wants to make Aaron happy.

Everyone else though - gets the same old Robert. Rebecca included.

Once I realised this last night I sort of made peace with how he has been acting lately.

He made a horrible, huge mistake. The shit will hit the fan eventually because let’s face it it’s unavoidable. But I know he is going to EVERYTHING he can to keep Aaron and try and make it right.

Because he loves him. And Robert Sugden will do anything for the people he cares about.

EXO Reaction when they warned you to not go to a place but you still go and end up hurt

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He knows you’ll still go, so he’ll take you there and pick you up. Probably is going to stay around just in case* “If I’m here… nothing bad will happen. I’ll make sure of it. But be careful… please jagi”


*Shows up five minutes after you called him* “Get in the care, I’ll deal with them. It’s okay baobei, I’m not mad at you… but please. I don’t want things to get worse”


*It’s like seeing an angel in the middle of the darkness* “You thought I would let you come here… alone? I told you not to, not because you need my permission…. but this place is dangerous. Come with me jagi, it’s better if we go… before I find the guy that did that”


*He’ll probably be disappointed but won’t say anything. Won’t make you feel bad for coming, he knows you know you made a mistake and that’s enough. He’ll just stay by your side until you feel better and finally fall asleep* “You scared me to death baobei..”


“Don’t worry about me jagi, I’ll clean my wounds later. But are you okay? Are you hurt? You sure? Maybe we should buy something to eat and drink and try to leave everything behind, yes? Okay, come.”


*He’ll stay with you even after you’ve fallen asleep* “I won’t leave jagi, you are safe. I’m here, it’s okay. We’ll talk about this in the morning okay? Now rest, it was a long night”


*Baekkie baby was already at the party, knowing you wouldn’t listen* “Well jagi.. you won yourself a body guard. Go have fun, but I’ll be around watching. This place is a little dangerous…”


“I’m not mad baobei… I was scared. I really was scared something could happen to you. I thought I wouldn’t make it… I’ve never been so scared in my life. Please… please don’t do that again. Please..” *Tears forming in his eyes*


“I’m just… sad you didn’t ask me to go with you. You know those parties have a bad reputation… I know you wanted to have fun but… at least I could have spared you the bad moment… next time tell me okay? I’ll be your escort”


*As soon as he arrives, the people bothering you leave* “Last time I was here… things didn’t go well… I’m surprised they still do the same things. Are you okay? Let’s go home, I’ll make you some tea. Are you really sure you are okay?” *Probably won’t stop asking*


*Just one call and he’ll be there in no time, to save his girl* “I thought you wouldn’t come here… you could have told me.. but it’s okay now. Nothing bad happen, so… let’s go home. Yours or mine? I’ll stay with you the whole night anyways”


*It doesn’t matter how late it is, he’ll go running for you. He’ll fight the whole world if it’s necessary just to keep you safe* “I won’t fight over this, I won’t say “I told you so”. Just… next time.. at least take one of the bodyguard.. please. Or come with someone that can keep you safe”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

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Maia I'm really scared Michael's left the show. :( Do you have any thoughts on what's going to happen to Shadowhunters and Malec now?

Honestly, I think they’ll be okay. I’m really sad too because he was so important and it does suck to lose someone like him who had been in an executive position.

But we did gain two new women of color in the writers room which I think is just as important. Shadowhunters can and has consulted GLAAD in the past to help with their LGBT+ representation, whereas they have never consulted anyone for their racial representation nor is there some kind of organization in which they could.

So while I would have rather had Michael plus the two new writers of color, I’ll take this, too. I don’t think anything dire will happen and I’ll be honest, I don’t even think Michael was heavily involved in S2 beyond the two episodes he wrote. He’d been working on a movie script at the same time and has recently sold it for production, so it seems like he’s been ready to move on in his career for awhile now.

Hopefully his influence will be retained and hopefully the show will continue to make good use of consulting bodies like GLAAD to keep things on track.

Alexander Nylander - Buffalo Part Seven

Originally posted by motoleafs

Word Count: 1142

Warnings: Cursing? Not sure

A/N: I apologize  this last part is short and kind of sucks. I hit writers block really hard.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven

You woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Well, you couldn’t really say morning anymore because now it was past noon, but either way your mood had changed for the better. Even though your body was still exhausted due to the game last night. A nice, long, morning shower took care of that.

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Thoughts on Chapter 862

Pudding being redeemed was always a possibility, but Oda has chosen to do it by using one of the most inconsistent (and somewhat cliché) ways. Inconsistent because of the story context and cliché because it is overdone throughout media and even in One Piece. When discussing the possibility of Pudding being good again, I once said that Oda should be careful to not lose the grip of the story due to inonsistencies.

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The Lyrics of Lust for Life Album by Lana Del Rey for the Zodiac Signs

Aries: “‘Cause we’re the masters of our own fate we’re the captains of our own souls” // Lust for Life

Taurus: “It hurts to love you, but I still love you It’s just the way I feel” // 13 Beaches

Gemini: “Sometimes it feels like I’ve got a war in my mind I want to get off, but I keep ridin’ the ride” // Get Free

Cancer: “Summer’s meant for lovin’ and leavin’ I was such a fool for believin’ that you could change all the ways you’ve been livin’” // White Mustang 

Leo: “A touch from your real love is like heaven takin’ the place of somethin’ evil” // Cherry

Virgo: “'Cause I adored you and I just wanted things to be the same” // Tomorrow Never Came

Libra: “It’s never too late to be who you wanna be” // Summer Bummer

Scorpio: “Somethin’ 'bout the city don’t know what it is, it make’s my head get crazy oh, makes me feel like I can change oh, ho ho ho, all of my evil ways and shit” // Heroin

Sagittarius: “It don’t matter because it’s enough to be young and in love” // Love

Capricorn: "Change is a powerful thing, people are powerful bein’s tryin’ to find the power in me to be faithful" // Change

Aquarius: “Even with you I’ve got no one to lose so you’d better believe that nobody can make me feel lonely” // God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women In It

Pisces: “I’d trade it all for a stairway to heaven” // Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind

college au prompts (from experience):

  • we have zero classes together but i see you at least five times a day what the fuck????
  • i go on late night walks around campus and apparently you do too
  • you work in the cafeteria on campus and i order the same thing every day so we keep making small talk and wow you actually seem pretty cool???
  • you keep grabbing the biggest group study room but you never have a study group; i actually do have a group and i’m gonna give you a piece of my mind 
  • you work in the starbucks on campus and picked up on my obscure reference/t-shirt from some obscure show/etc. and now i’m determined to talk to you about it
  • we both went to grab the last ice cream and i’m insisting you take it but you’re insisting that i take it (added bonus: hey, why don’t we just share it?)

Baz went to the library and Simon decided spontaneously to go there to. It didn’t have anything to do with Baz, of course. He just had gotten that idea. And he wasn’t eavesdropping behind the corner because he was a stalker or anything. He just happened to be there now and he might as well be listening.

“Baz, what’s wrong with you?” Dev said.

Simon was wondering the same thing. After coming back to school being six weeks late Baz had behaved weird. He was also in a very bad condition. One that might’ve appeared concerning to his friends…

“Yeah,” Niall added. “We didn’t question where you’ve been that whole time because we thought you’d tell us when you were ready.”

“But buddy, months have passed and you’re still damn closed up about everything.”

“I thought we were friends, Baz. Why are you still keeping secrets from us? What’s changed? You used to make fun of Snow and now you just leave him alone.”

“Yeah, that must mean there’s something wrong. And we want to know what it is.”
Simon winced visibly and wondered for a second whether the relationship between him and Baz had changed. Baz still hated him, didn’t he? And Simon hated Baz. That was how it was supposed to be. Wasn’t it? Wasn’t that what Simon was always able to rely on? That he and Simon were enemies? Why did it feel wrong to think of them like that?

There was silence for a few moments. Simon wondered whether Baz was at a loss of words which he had never been before.

“Okay,” Baz agreed silently and he sounded almost guilty. What could Baz possibly feel guilty about? “But we have to talk… somewhere private.”

Was Baz really going to reveal his secrets? Would Simon finally find out what had happened? And Niall and Dev were right… There was something wrong with Baz. And Simon was going to find out what it was.

Baz lead them away and far back into the school cellar. Simon did his best not to get caught, to be sneaky and careful. He stayed always a few metres behind. Eventually Baz came to halt when he was sure to be alone with Dev and Niall. He wasn’t.

“Okay. So first off, I’ve been kidnapped.”

“What?” Niall snapped. “By who? And why? Was it the mage?”

“I don’t know. There were too many of them and I don’t know who sent them.”

“I’m sure it was the mage!”
“I really have no idea. They kept me in a coffin until Fiona found me.”
“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“Is that the only reason you’ve been behaving so weird? What about Simon? Do you have a plan? Is that why you’ve been going easy on him?”
“No, it’s… I… I think…”

Simon held his breath. The corridor was barely lit by a few lamps and there was dust in the air. Simon didn’t dare to turn around the corner to watch Baz’ face, though that was everything he wanted to do.

Why not? Baz thought. It was his last year at Watford. Why not go for it?

“I think I can tell you now. Please don’t freak out or anything.”

Simon didn’t hear anything but he assumed they nodded because Baz spoke on.

“I’m in love with Simon since for ever.”
They didn’t freak out.

Simon did.

“WHAT?!” he yelled out in shock.

Baz rounded the corner, looking horrifically alarmed.

“Fuck,” he hissed when he saw Simon standing there. There was pure horror in his eyes.

For a few seconds, they just stared at each other. Then, Simon ran as fast and as far as he could.

Baz quickly went after him and they left Dev and Niall somewhere down there.

Simon was out of breath from all the running and he was slowing down. Baz caught up with him and pinned him against the wall in a quick movement to prevent him from running away. They were both breathing a heavily and just then Baz realized how horribly close he was to Simon. He still didn’t let go.

“You weren’t meant to hear that,” Baz whispered roughly.

“I know,” Simon whispered back.

“Please don’t run away. Just let me explain,” Baz pleaded and didn’t take his eyes off Simon. He was waiting for a reaction but Simon wasn’t capable of moving an inch. He looked almost fearful. Terror filled Baz’ heart. Quickly the words were stumbling out of his mouth.

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t want to intimidate you. Not that you care. I just… I did my best to keep this from you. And it’s all for nothing.”
He drew in a deep breath. He was flustered and didn’t know how to fix this. Still he held Simon’s wrists beside his head.

“I know you don’t want this and it must appear weird to you, since we’re practically enemies. But you don’t need to worry. There’s no need to run from me. I won’t do anything. I’m well aware that you hate me because I’m a monster and a villain and all that stuff. And that you don’t want that kind of affection from me. Hell, I know that. I’m not an idiot. And if I could change anything about it, I would.”
He spoke so fast, he was tripping over the words.

“You don’t need to be disgusted with me.”
He sounded so desperate.

“Shit, I’ve been trying so hard… You know that I’d never touch you like that. Please don’t tell anyone. I’ll leave you alone. Please, Simon, don’t… Just don’t. I mean, you could. You can punch me if it makes you feel better. You could laugh about me. Tease me about this. Whatever. But please, Simon. If you care about me in any way, just… don’t.”

Baz knew that he couldn’t take it.

“So now you know… I won’t kill you. I couldn’t. I don’t hate you. No matter how much I want you. No matter how hard I tried to make myself believe I could do anything but fall in love with you.”
That was all he had to say. He looked deep into Simon’s eyes, trying to find a trace of an emotion. What was Simon thinking? He waited for him to do anything. Laugh at him. Scream at him. Push him away. Tell him that it was okay, maybe? He didn’t do anything. He just stared. Suddenly his eyes were coming closer. His lips, too. And then they were kissing. It went so fast, so strong. Baz felt like he was falling apart. He let go of Simon’s wrists. Nothing mattered any more. Nothing but Simon’s lips on his.

It was the last thing he’d expected to happen. But also the best.

anonymous asked:

borzois are my dream dogs but their short lifespan worries me. all my dogs lived to their late teens so i'm hesitant to get a large breed with a shorter lifespan. i know silken windhounds live longer but i love borzois for their temperament, not just their appearance. are silken windhounds completely different from borzois temperament-wise? do they have notable similarities?

As far a large/giant breeds go, borzoi have quite long lifespans (compared to Danes and IWs for example). 12-14 isn’t uncommon and the oldest I’ve ever heard of was 17. Sure, silkens tend to live longer, but 10 years is still old for them. You’re definitely more likely to hit age 15 with a silken than you are with a borzoi, but there are no guarantees with dogs. Any dog is very fortunate to make it to their late teens.

Temperament wise, yes they’re quite different! Silkens tend to have higher energy (which is still on the low-medium end, but it’s quite a bit more than a borzoi). They can be a lot barkier than borzoi too (this is really noticeable at performance events). I find borzoi to be a lot more cunning; they are good at figuring out things on their own whereas the silkens I know like more direction. If left to their own devices, Bandit and Galileo are puzzle solvers while Obie is the kind of dog that keeps trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results 😂.

Silkens are a lot more dog-like and are good for people who are used to more common breeds like retrievers or herding dogs, who are eager to please and love to train. Silkens aren’t quite as training happy as retrievers and herders, but definitely more so than your average sighthound (though there are borzoi breeders who select for this temperament too). For people who really really love the sighthound independence, the hunting/working ability, the subtle but intense ways in which they express their love, then the more traditional sighthounds are probably a better match.

And there’s always exceptions; @silver-sivien’s Sivi is the most borzoi-like silken I’ve ever met :)

If you still want a borzoi and want a better shot at a longer lifespan, I’d look for a small female. The girls can be as small as 26" at the shoulder and they tend to live longer.