i keep looking at that post

You know now that I’m almost 100% positive that Cas in in the Empty I can’t help but be thinking of the scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 where they’re all trying to get to Davy Jone’s Locker to rescue Jack Sparrow to bring him back to life and just… 

Imagine Dean and Sam finally figure out how to get into the Empty and It goes down all like

While Winchesters keep looking and we’re sitting there knowing what going to happen and on the edge of our seats before:

and we’re watching from our screens just 

All according to plan 

hey guys. i just had to get a new blog because porn blogs kept reblogging my selfies on my original one, @dodieadeux.
I’m also looking for blogs to follow and trying to regain as many followers as possible (i had to move at 1.9k)
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mutuals can reblog to spread the word; every reblog is appreciated :)


our cheeks are fluffy bc they are full of love 🤧

so like… I was tagged by @amaxing-daes a while ago for this and I think @killeryixing like 84 years ago but I never did it rip. I’m posting this now bc the more I look at that pic of my the more I hate it BUT I also keep getting distracted by look at yixing what an angel

tagging: @1adyluck @yixingsecondalbum @2baekxing @faeryixing @bbhsthighs @squynhty @yixingminseokjongdae @kokobaeq @callmeminseok @my-bobohu @exheaux


Hello and welcome to OSehunNet, a network dedicated to EXO’s maknae, Oh Sehun! We are looking for members to join this network in order to help keep its followers up to date with the latest news and content centered around Sehun. Acceptances will be sporadic after one weeks time until applications are closed. Application Status: Open

Rules to Apply:
i. Must be following the network and check out the admins, Kira and Sona
ii. Reblog this post
iii. Blog must be at least 60% EXO
iv. Creating your own content is not necessary but it is encouraged              
v. Active, respectful, and friendly bloggers! (sideblogs allowed)                  
vi. A love for 💕💕💕💕 Sehun 💕💕💕💕 (does not have to be your bias)

After Acceptance:
i. There will be a sfw chat though Line (please make a LineID if you don’t already have one)
ii. Please tag creations with “OSehunNet” within first 5 tags
iii. Link the network somewhere on your blog    
iv. Each new member will have an acceptance post made for them! So we will ask you more about yourself :)

Other Info:
i. Track “OSehunNet” and follow us for updates
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iii. For other inquiries, please feel free to send us a message :)
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Apply Here

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im not sure if you've answered this before but i was wondering what dimensions do you upload pictures to on tumblr? everytime i upload pixel art it looks odd and so i wanted to know what dimensions are best (also i adore your artwork ^^)


I upload my pixel art as a text post, add it in as a picture, switch the editor type to markdown and then save :) this keeps Tumblr from auto adding in HTML tags that stretch the image.

When you upload as a photo post it automatically stretches to whatever the size of your containers are for your blog layout. Also I think the current dashboard default width is 540px. So some people save their pixel art with margins on either side to equal 540px. But I dunno that always felt more of a pain to do than to post as text posts.. also if tumblr ever changes the dashboard width again then all your past posts will get stretched..

Also when you post your art as a text post and include a caption, people can’t delete the caption in a reblog without deleting the image as well, so that’s a sneaky plus!

Hey guys :D

So this is just in case some of you who don’t know about it yet, that i’ll be taking a break from the 28th of this month to the 15th of August to go on a family vacation :D BUT! Don’t worry this blog will still be very much alive with updates for NSFW alphabet for different characters :D at least once or twice a day they will be posted so be on the look out XD Anyways, i’ll still answer some messages when I can (aka when I find some free wifi XD) just to keep in touch with you all :3 Just a few more hours and i’ll leave and you’ll be able to enjoy some new content on this blog XD WOOOO!!! Until next time!!

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Omg I am looking thought your posts and dying. Thanks these are hilarious and just what I needed!

I’d rather you keep on living so you can keep enjoying the posts :D And I’m glad if they’re just what you needed ♥

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Hey I just wanna know what happened to depressioncherry, I followed you like two years ago and I saw you post on ur insta about a beach house concert, so I decided to look up depression cherry and it literally changed my LIFE, I was so lonely and their music really helped!! I bought all the CDs vinyl cassettes ahh. I actually got to meet victoria and alex in orlando this year so thx for that honestly you changed my life!!!!!! But like really whats the story behind the new name, did I miss it??

i’m still here!! i still love beach house and depression cherry still keeping the url bc i’m attached and i’m seeing them in september :-) this url is the name of an ep by my other faves rilo kiley

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just stop posting on the Colin tag and they won't hate you lol

He’s the thing. I have nothing going on in my life. I actively spent my downtime loathing everything about myself. My friends have moved away. I have no job. I feel unattractive, unappreciated and inferior. There is very little in my life I look forward to seeing when I wake up the next day.

What keeps me going is the idea that I have a community to interact with here. Through the process of trying to distract/entertain myself, I’ve accumulated a sizable amount of followers. For them, I work quite hard- scouring the internet for content, making (evidently sub-par) edits, etc. I find it comforting to believe I’m providing something to a group. 

If someone I have zero relationship to hates me, of course that’s going to hurt my feelings. Should that limit my activity? No.

I don’t tag everything on my blog. I certainly don’t feel I post irrelevant material, either. As another anon said, the tag doesn’t have much content otherwise. 

Basically… I don’t see merit in the complaints about my posts on the hashtag. I’m posting Colin Farrell content… on the Colin Farrell tag… ???

Either way, I’m going to keep posting stuff. If people don’t like it, they can message me. If it seems like the general consensus that I’m poison to the tag I will stop. If it’s just one person who seems to dislike everything I say and do as it is, I’m not going to change my behavior.

Some words on our creative process...

Now as it’s become obvious, we in the MGQ tumblr community edit a lot of the original sprites to suit our needs at the time. It’s come with some very nice new facial expressions that end up looking very natural. For example…

These look great! And they don’t exist prior to us. Pretty cool right? WITH THAT IN MIND. There ARE cases where some sprites just don’t end up making the cut. We run some experiments on how things will look and they just… dooon’t come out the way we wanted. So without further ado, I’ve decided to share one or two of these with you.

THIS was an experiment concerning the LAST post I did for the Granberia frills reply. This did not come out the way we thought it might.

Behold. This lovable mess. That said I MAY actually find a use for this one in the future so keep ready.


Who does art anymore? >.>

I promise I haven’t abandoned this art blog! I’ve been doodling a lot but I’ve never really found anything worthy of posting on here ‘cept for that Lars pic I’ve never finished ;_; I’ve been testing the waters of different techniques and never finding stuff sticking but I promise I’ll keep doing art so long as I’m alive! Thanks for sticking around while I attempt to try new things <3 <3 <3


I saw ur post and I swear this is the last time I’m sorry, but I wanted to share him trying to catch the feather

Never apologize and please do keep on sending your cute cats! He looks so innocent and I love him so much.

aaa i’m late to the party but if anyone would like a random starter from yixing for the eval whether it’s a water bottle or covering them with an umbrella as they pass by, please like this post! 

if you have a preference for one over the other, comment and i’ll make note of it! i should be getting them out later tonight! i’ll be asking later if anyone wants to keep it as a thread and feel free to make any other requests like aegyo or anything else. he’s not the cheerful knight he normally is but he knows that he has to put on a show! he’ll come dancing up to your muse!

((Holy Sh*t I think I went a little coo coo on this - Mun))

**i will post up the shoe design on here so you know what they look like, I didn’t draw it on the computer so i need to take a quick snap of it & I will post it up! : ‘ D**

**P.s. the lines are visible on the red fabric for a reason… you are welcome **

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I just want to say I love your blog, after just finding it a few days ago I've binge read posts and your captions on horse's confirmations have me dying. I also really enjoy reading and seeing what horses with GOOD confirmation are supposed to look like, keep doing what you do.

Thank you ❤❤

kagetsukai replied to your post : I wonder if these video game…

GOOD JOB ON WRITING STRAIGHT CULLEN!!! I mean, he’s so straight I can hang shelves against his straightness. He’s so straight, he puts coat hangers to shame. He’s so straight, a line looks at him and goes ‘damn son!’


I’m dying over here!! 😂😂😂😂

And YESSS VINDICATION! I did a good thing doing my good job of keeping Cullen straight! I did a good thing!!

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Sigh, finally I’m back! I go away and don’t log on for a week and all the good stuff starts happening!

Firstly the blog was nominated for a KC award for Best Overall Blog & Most Dedicated to the Fandom Blog!!! Thanks so much for all the nominations and you can vote here if you want :)

But more importantly we are actually getting Klaroline on our screens again!!!! Personally keeping low expectations due to past experiences but I’m looking forward to what happens.

Anyway I’ll try and catch up with all the posts and queue them up!

College AU! Kim Jaehwan
  • Group Member: Wanna One Kim Jaehwan
  • Type: Fluff
  • Style: Bullet
  • Summary: Overconfident boy on your floor makes your blood boil

a/n: I FINALLY finished all the members!!! Thank you readers for all your time :) Will be posting more scenarios in the AU for a couple other pd101 kiddos! (Shoutout to wannaonescenarios for keeping me alive through this lmao pls read her stuff it’s all sosoSO cute)

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