i keep just looking over at the picture and smiling

meeting brent in my data cosplay has been a dream of mine for a few years and now it is a dream come true!!!

more about my experience meeting him under the cut

so first i went up to get his autograph on my star trek jacket and a booth picture since it was early in the day and my photo op wasn’t until 5pm

i walk up and he says i look great and the staff lady who was there with him told him i got a picture and an autograph and he says to me “oh yeah of course, baby” just really casually and i was sweating shduejkgsd

so i asked him to sign the jacket and he sighs and says okay, kinda joking, so i was like sorry you don’t have too! and he just told me he doesn’t mind he just doesn’t want to ruin a sharpie lol so he signs it with a silver sharpie and looks at it for a bit and goes “you know what, i really don’t like how that looks. i’m going to sign it again if you don’t mind?” and of course i’m like “i don’t mind, you can do whatever you want!” lol so he asks me to hold the bottom of the jacket tight so it’s easier for him to sign. so he’s right next to me and im holding out the jacket and our hands are touching and my hand it like against his stomach because there wasn’t a lot of space and idk y’all it was just . .. .  amazing .. .  he signed it with a black sharpie and goes “yeah that’s much better! look at that, now you get two for the price of one!” 

he also joked and asked if i’ve ever washed the jacket, which i mean, he’s got me there, but like it’s not at all dirty. i take good care of that jacket so its not smelly or looks gross or anything. also i’d have to take off like all the pins in order to wash it and i have well over 20 pins on that jacket lmao

we then take our booth picture together and after he asks me how old i was lol and then said it was great to meet me yadda yadda 

amazing, dreamy, wonderful!! everything i could’ve hoped for !!!!!! here’s the picture together and of my jacket:


then at the photo op i walked in and he goes “hey lady data!” as i walk up and he wrapped his arm behind me and we took the picture and told me again it was very nice meeting me yadda yadda and i walked out of the tent and took a deep breath and just !!!!!!!!!! freaked out inside!!! he is just so sweet and nice and funny and warm! just a very very good man!! 

i will cherish this experience for the rest of my life lol im just so happy :-)))

Vanity Fair Oscar Party


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A/NThis is my first time writing something in years so pls forgive me if this sucks ass. Let me know if I should continue to the second part. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

“You don’t have to do this, you know?”

You sighed quietly, putting your compact mirror back into the clutch. Her eyes had been glued on you since you both got in the car. There was no denying you’d rather be back home in your pajamas with a face mask on and binge-watching Netflix all night, but that wasn’t the case here. You glanced at her with a lazy smile and shrugged, “It’s too late to back out now. We’re almost there.”

With a deep sigh, she turned to look out the window. Although she was nothing more than just a manager, she worried about you like you were her own daughter, and for that, you were grateful. It’s not every day you end up with a manager that genuinely cares for your well-being before anything else. Closing your eyes, you lean your head back as you think about the past few weeks, trying to recall the last time you had an off-day.

Fashion month was the most exciting, yet hectic and stressful time of the year for the fashion industry. Happening twice a year, the fall/winter collections had been coming to an end, but the last of the shows hadn’t been in your schedule. So here you are, on your way to the annual Vanity Fair Oscar Party, trying to act like you hadn’t just got off an almost 11-hour flight no more than three hours prior to this moment.

Feeling the car come to a stop and hearing the faint sounds of cameras flashing, you opened your eyes and looked out the window. It’s go time.

He had just got done taking pictures on the red carpet and entered the venue where the event was being held. He took out his phone, noticing the multiple texts he received from his little sister. Here she goes again, he thought.

Ever since Aaliyah had found out Shawn was attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, she had been begging him to get a picture with Y/N L/N, her literal icon and obsession for the past year or so. He was surprised, to say the least, at her love for this girl. Aaliyah wasn’t usually one to have any sort of obsession with a person after having experienced others have an obsession with Shawn; she found it odd and a little unsettling. Not to mention the fact that it was her brother, and why would anyone be obsessed with him anyway? He’s just Shawn.

He stepped to the side as he opened her text messages, reassuring her in response that he’ll try his best to get a picture with her beloved, but made no promises. Putting his phone away, he looked around and tried to spot any familiar faces he could socialize with.

Halfway through the carpet, you were over it. Your exhaustion had hit harder at the worst time, making it difficult for you to keep your eyes bright and smile wide for the cameras. But you did your best at hiding it. After making it through the rest of the way, you felt a sense of relief to be inside. At least now you wouldn’t have to worry as much about looking out of it. Hopefully some cold water will wake you up. Walking straight to the bar, you made sure to keep your head low in hopes no one would try to talk to you. It’s not that you hated socializing, but you didn’t know if you could be the usual “bubbly angel” everyone knew you to be. Not that it was a front you put up, but that side of you was nowhere to be found at the moment.

After drinking some water, you leaned against the counter while looking around. You saw a bunch of familiar faces—actors, musicians, other fellow models. The safest bet is to probably stick with the other models. You hesitated as you kept your eyes locked on them, ready to join them. But it just didn’t feel right.

You had made quite a name for yourself in the modeling industry in the past two or so years. It was unusual for someone like you to make it as far as you did without coming from a wealthy family and already having a famous name to go with it, especially in such little time.

You argued with yourself: Would it make me a bitch to not be part of their group? It’s not that you thought you were too good for them; past interactions with one or two of them in particular, however, just made you rethink any decision you’d make of going over to them. Although they weren’t rude to you, their attitudes and treatment towards the people working for them didn’t sit right with you.

Before you could come to a decision, you heard a familiar voice call out your name. Turning around, you saw Hailee Steinfeld, a good friend of yours, approaching you with an excited smile on her face. But she wasn’t alone.

Shawn had eventually found some people to stick around with for a bit as he got into the zone and let loose a bit. He wasn’t one to be a social butterfly at the beginning, but once he finds a set group of people to get him out of his shell, he’ll talk to just about anyone that makes any sort of contact with him. He had been talking to Nina Dobrev for the past ten minutes, being a little too excited that she was Canadian as well. Typical.

“That was a cute stunt you and Zedd pulled on the red carpet.” He turned to see Hailee standing there with a teasing smile on her face. He laughed a little, pulling her into a hug, “You totally enjoyed that. We thought we’d make the pictures come out more appealing.” He laughed some more as she slapped his arm, laughing along with him, but quickly reassured her he was only kidding.

They had caught up on some new things going on in their lives, mainly music talk. He had been rambling about the album he had been working on for the past couple of months that is now finally completed, promising to let her listen to a few of the tracks soon. Their conversation had come to an end, making sure to exchange hugs in case they didn’t see each other some time later in the night. However, something had caught Shawn’s eye from across the room. His voice trailing off as his attention had become focused on you.

He had forgotten all about you after being roped into various conversations with different people, but after this moment, he was sure he could never forget you. He couldn’t pinpoint what it was about you that had him so intrigued so quickly, but he was determined to find out more about you.

Taking notice to his distracted state, Hailee slowly averted her gaze in the direction he was staring. A small smirk formed on her face, glancing back at Shawn.

“Y/N, huh?” she teased. His eyes snapped back to Hailee, a light tint of red forming on his cheeks, “What?”

“Oh c’mon, don’t play dumb,” she said, nudging his side, “I saw you staring.”

“Sorry, I just… my little sister like idolizes her, and she’ll kill me if I don’t at least get a picture with her.”

She snorted, “You’re really using your little sister as an excuse?”

“I’m being serious!” he says defensively, cheeks reddening more. She shook her head and tugged at his arm, “Let’s go.” She walked in your direction, Shawn following close behind.

He felt his hands getting a little sweaty and his heart racing. He wasn’t sure why he was becoming so nervous all of a sudden.

“Y/N!” Hailee shouted. With a slight squint on your face, you turned around, gaze settling on Hailee and Shawn. A sweet smile formed on your face, making Shawn’s heart race even faster. Holy fuck, she’s even more beautiful up close.

Watching the both of you exchange hugs, Shawn quickly wiped the palms of his hands on his dress pants, not wanting to make his sudden nervousness noticeable.

“Shawn?” He glanced between the both of you before realizing it wasn’t Hailee that said his name. It was you.

You held out your hand towards him, waiting for him to shake it as you introduced yourself, “I’m a huge fan of your music.”

He smiled wide at that. Probably wider than necessary, but the compliment made him feel giddy inside for some reason. He blushed slightly as he thanked you while shaking your hand. Jesus, her hands are soft.

You giggled quietly, wondering if he was blushing or if his cheeks were naturally like that. What a cutie, you thought. Little did he know, your heart was racing just as much as his was.

Meanwhile, Hailee stood off to the side, smirking to herself as she watched the two of you interact.

“I’m gonna go grab a drink. I’ll catch up with you guys later,” she said, giving Shawn a look before getting lost in a crowd of people.

You kept your eyes on her before glancing to the left of you where the bar was. The bar you were literally sitting at. You looked at Shawn with a confused smile on your face, laughing a bit.

“Did she not realize…”

He shook his head while laughing a bit shyly and hesitantly took a seat next to you, “Yeah, I don’t know what her deal is.”

“I guess it’s just you and me now then,” you said, giving him a flirty smile.

His eyebrows raised slightly in surprise as a small smirk formed on his face, “I guess so.”

Part 2

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Silly headcanons request: Julian’s reaction to seeing that MC has temporarily replaced their bed with a giant pillow fort.

  • Just imagine he’s just finished up work and he’s tiredly stumbling up to your bedroom and he just sees this huge fort. He just blinks a few times taking in what the fuck you’ve done before laughing softly.
  • His heart melts when he sees you’re smiling face poking out of the fort. 
  • I just picture his legs sticking out of the fort bc he’s too big lmfao.
  • Will comment on the structural integrity of your fort.
  • Honestly, he probably thinks your fort is so comfy that he tries to talk you into keeping it like that permanently. Just imagine Asra, Portia or Mazelinka coming over and looking at your ‘’bed’’ like ????
  • Demands that next time, he gets to build the fort. Or at the very least y’all build it together.
  • Consider this: A tickle fight in the fort that results in y’all laughing with the fort collapsed on top of you.

“What… (what are we doing?)”

“Iza-nii, you’re crushing my head!”

“Sending a heartfelt picture to Kyouko-san and Shirou-san. Images of children on desks tend to make clients feel that the owner of said desk is more human and relatable. That’s why lost wallets are more often returned when there are pictures of babies in the wallet window.”

“Is that good?”

“It means more successful business deals and more money sent to us.”

“!! (More cake for us then?!)”

“Yes. This is also to soothe what minuscule guilt our parents feel for leaving you two brats with me.”

“That’s our line, Iza-nii!!!”


“Exactly. I don’t want them to come back and destroy our complete lack of relationship. Now the picture timer’s going off; keep your arm like that, Mairu, Kururifake-smile!!”


I actually finished this one on time for Christmas, but I didn’t like how it turned out and left it alone for a few days. I looked at it today and went: you know what let’s just post this. How else are people supposed to blackmail me in the future?

Hope everyone’s holidays were lovely. If not, then I’m glad it’s over for you. How was New Years? My New Years resolution was to use more semicolons. I just have to get over the fact that I don’t know how to use them;;;.

Dating Ethan (Featuring Dogs) Would Include

- okay so

- dogs right

- they’re beautiful on their own but with ethan holy ham

- snuggles of freaking course

- imagine chica (assuming she does this) at the office okay

- and ethan doesnt intentionally do it but when hes working and theres no one else around to give chica company she’ll whine at him when he refuses to pet her

- and for a minute he gets frustrated because he cant focus or get anything done because she keeps pushing his chair and trying to put her face in his lap

- but then he looks down at her face and cant help but smile and is reminded as to why he loves dogs so much

- and he just stands up and chica gets all excited and he lays down in the floor with her and they get all cuddle-y

- and you walk in some time later to find him asleep because he desperately needed it and you cannot help yourself from taking a picture and then you carry over a blanket if you can find one

- and you lay down next to him and he automatically wraps up around you in the process leaving chica

- and chica gets jealous and pushes at his back and licks his neck and face and he wakes up

- and hes just laughing and youre just smiling because look at this man he is the most adorable human eiuoshojwda

- tbh chica shipped you two before the gang did

- okay other than that

- when you take chica out for a walk you always ask ethan if he wants to come with

- and he always says yes

- and you walk down the street and have people ask to pet your dog and its just a beautiful experience

- now say you owned dogs

- of course the dogs sleep in your all’s bed

- they eat dinner and breakfast with you

- and they watch movies with you

- though sometimes they can get a bit clingy when you need alone time, having them in the house with you and ethan is more love than you ever could’ve asked for

- naming them together

- them being jealous because you come home smelling like chica

- having them meet chica and it being like a dream come true

- taking them all to the dog park

- the car being packed as heck

- sending the dogs with chica to doggy daycare when you all travel places

- sometimes you hate saying goodbye and you’d rather you stay home and take care of them but you know its good for them and you’d end up hating it too because you’d be away from everyone

- the first time you had to travel since you got them you cried in the uber drive to the airport

cuz i'm a creep

**fic request: AU where Simon stalks Baz on Instagram**

Uni AU / Social Media AU / pining boys

Penny says it’s stalking. But stalking has to be deliberate, right? Stalking has to be malicious and creepy.

Was I stalking him fifth year when I was trying to prove he was selling drugs? No. I was following. I was doing a service. That’s not stalking. And neither is this.

It was an accident, at first. I was scrolling through and I saw one of Agatha’s pictures — she’s always posting, loads of bright pics of beaches and food and dogs and friends — and there, under the photo, was his name. He’d “liked” it.

It pissed me off at first. We finished school. Agatha went to America and he was off studying somewhere posh and exclusive, and he was still trying to pull her? What’s the point of flirting with someone over Instagram?

But then I started thinking further. What could Baz possibly post on Instagram? He was notoriously private during school. We never spoke, except to yell at each other or curse when we swung a punch, and somehow he never struck me as a social media type of guy. A quick scroll proved me right — his account was definitely created sometime after Watford — but my fact finding mission also took me on a tour of the past two years of Baz’s life. 

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Extra G.D

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Summary: Grayson ‘Extra’ Dolan decides to finally tell the fans he’s dating Y/n

Word Count: 2K+

Y/n looked in the mirror, repositioning the strand of hair that didn’t quite want to comply like the others. Her fingers toyed with the strand for what felt like the hundredth time in the past minute. And of course, it still wouldn’t fall in line with the others. Her nerves were getting the best of her despite all of Grayson’s encouraging words from the past week. Every attempt to busy herself to push her mind elsewhere wouldn’t avail the situation.

“It looks perfect princess,” Grayson whispered with a kiss to the shell of her ear- his arms securing their place around her waist. “You look absolutely- .” She hadn’t even noticed him walk up behind her, too engrossed in trying to make sure she looked picture perfect.

“Gorgeous,” Y/n finished his sentence in a defeated voice. “You tell me that everyday Gray. Even when I look like death,” she chuckled dryly. Her eyes shifted to meet his adoring gaze in the mirror.

Grayson laughed quietly, pulling her flush against him, “well I mean it. Every time. You take my breath away every day Y/n. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think you look like an angel- scratch that, a goddess.” His lips curled up into a smile as he watched her roll her eyes and fight the blushy smile begging to come out. “And that’s exactly why I wanted to do this.”

“Are you sure it’s not just ‘cause your that ‘I invented being extra’ headass boyfriend?” Y/n cut in again, loving the small blush that’d bless his cheeks whenever she’d tease him. She squirmed in his grasp as he squeezed her side while glaring at her playfully- causing an awkward giggle mingled with a squeal to escape her lips. “I’m Grayson Bailey Dolan and regular selfies with my girl are too basic for me,” she continued, dropping her voice a few octaves to mimic his.

“You’re damn right they are. Especially when I plan on finally telling the fans you’re so much more than my friend. So, yes, I will be that extra boyfriend until the day you finally marry me.” He left a trail of kisses up from her shoulder to her neck, his plump lips gliding across her skin from one kiss to the next. “And then I’ll be your extra husband,” he added with a cheeky grin that made his whiskey eyes seem more like honey.

Y/n twisted around in his arms quickly before landing her hand on his chest with a quiet smack. Her embarrassed laughter only made his smile grow wider- the melodious tone filling the bathroom quickly.

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Day  Seven: Ugly Sweater Brothers [Batfamily x Reader]

Requested by anon: “How about the reader buying Jason and dick ugly Christmas sweater and the younger batboys laughing at jay and dick not knowing the reader also got them ugly sweater too ?”

A/n: DAY SEVEN! Some batfam fun! Hope you all love this! Happy holidays lovelies!!

You knew they were going to hate them. The minute you set eyes on those sweaters, you knew they would hate them with every fiber of their being. Which made you just had to buy them. How could you resist such a terrible gift? You couldn’t.

That’s why you were currently laughing your ass off at the matching Reindeer sweaters Jason and Dick were wearing. You’re still not sure how, but Alfred convinced them to put them on. Dick, being Dick, loved it with all his heart. But Jason was less than thrilled.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” He sent a glare your way but you simply laughed harder, snapping a picture on your phone. “You guys are so cute.” You cooed at the two brothers, Tim and Damian snickering beside you.

Dick threw an arm around Jason, “Aw come on Jay, show some holiday spirit.” Jason pushed him away, “Get off me dickhead.”

Tim snorted, “Be careful Jason, or you might end up on Santa’s naughty list.” You laughed at the comment before turning back to the scowling Jason in front of you.

Tt you know Todd, I thought your clothes were bad before, but I think this is an upgrade.” Damian smirked and Jason glared at him. “You know what Demon Spawn..” He took a step toward Damian and pointed a finger at him. You quickly stood up and kept him from attacking the young Robin.

“Okay, let’s calm down. It’s not that bad Jason, you and Dick look very adorable. All matchy. Very brotherly.” You grinned and Jason rolled his eyes as Dick threw an arm around you. “Got that right, we’re adorable!”

You giggled before moving back to the Christmas tree. “Okay, these two are for Tim and Damian. I think you guys are gonna love what I got you.”

Both of the boys smiled before taking the gifts from you. Jason sat down in one of the arm chairs as Dick sat on the other side of the couch that Bruce was on. Alfred stood behind the couch smiling as Tim and Damian tore off the paper, revealing clothes boxes. Your smirk widened as they opened the boxes.

“No!” Tim looked up at you, making you laugh. Damian looked from his box to Tim’s and scowled. “[L/n] I will never be seen in this, let alone match with Drake.”

“Aw, come on Dami! You loved Jason and Dick’s so much” You tried to suppress your laughter but were unsuccessful. Alfred’s smile had widened, “Come along Master Timothy, Master Damian, try them on.” Bruce chuckled and nodded, “Yeah boys, [F/n] spent good money on those. And they’re very special.”

Somehow, Bruce and Alfred influenced the boys into changing and when you saw them, you just about lost it. Their sweaters had a Christmas tree surrounded by penguins on them. “You guys look so precious!” Laughing harder.

Jason grinned from the chair. “Yeah, just adorable.” He snorted and Dick laughed too.

“Come on, you guys have to let me take a picture of you four together! Please get along just for one picture!” You pleaded and looked between the boys. Alfred put a hand on your shoulder “I think that is a marvelous idea.”

“Not gonna happen.” Jason shook his head. “After Christmas this sweater is going to mysteriously go missing.” You gasped and threw a pillow at him, “I’m hurt! You’ve actually hurt my feelings!” Trying to say without cracking a smile.

Dick stood up “Come on Jason! Damian! Tim! Just one picture!” He walked over next to you. Tim shook his head, “Not a chance, let me keep some of my pride.” Damian rolled his eyes, “What pride?” Tim glared but Damian was unfazed “But I will not partake in such a ridiculous photograph.”

You pouted and crossed your arms. “Fine, then I’ll just take back your actual presents. These were just gag gifts.” The boys all exchanged a look before sighing, “Fine, one picture.” Jason sighed and stood up.

Looking at Tim and Damian they sighed in defeat before standing up too.

You knew that would work.

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//downs entire cup of coffee ok. ok so uh. au where jeremy is a movie (movie!) actor who just landed his first major break as the male lead in a romcom with fellow co-star christine canigula, part-time actress, part-time broadway star, fulltime america's sweetheart. hollywood LOVES jeremiah heere, even if he's a lil overwhelmed by the sudden red carpets and paparazzi swarms. chloe works as head makeup stylist, brooke is in the costuming department, (CONT)



  • i CANNOT BELIEVE michael mell does not know who jeremy heere Is because everybody knows who he is. the hype for the movie (which is named Play Rehearsal because why the fuck not) is A Lot and jeremy gains a dedicated fanbase who watches every episode of an obscure tv show he’s been in, digs up shots of him doing various theatre productions through college, and one (1) shaky hand camera video of jeremy dressed a door in a pre-school play. jeremy is charming and kind and just the perfect amount of shy that makes people fall in love. when he gets signed on for the movie, everybody goes nuts.
  • jeremy is really fucking happy because here he is!! filming a movie!! (MOVIE!!) with christine canigula (CHRISTINE!!). he really is an incredible actor and he and christine have fantastic comedic and romantic chemistry. he loves acting and he loves his job and usual stress/doubts aside, he’s loving working on this film
  • but also ACK the attention is really overwhelming. logically, he knows that it comes with the job, but he went from basically a nobody to Rising Star. jeremy blended in seamlessly throughout his childhood, almost a professional at being a background character you overlook, and now. he’s getting recognized when he goes out to do groceries. he loves his fans so much!!! but also it’s rather nervewracking!! he didnt think he’d start fantasizing about days where he could go out and not get noticed, but here he is. he just wants a donut.
  • when he brings this up to chloe, she tosses him a pair of sunglasses. brooke takes those sunglasses and gives him a pair of much cheaper much less inconspicuous Not Designer sunglasses. jeremy gets the concept and digs out an old faded hoodie from high school and a cap (because he’s watched the scene in ca:tws. it’s incognito time) and makes that his Going Out And God I Hope Nobody Notices Me outfit. despite making it look like an idiot, it actually works. 
  • until michael mell, the dude who doesn’t know who jeremy heere is cuz his media consumption is stuck several years back and even if he was watching movies from the present, isnt the type to give any fuck over hollywood/actor buzz. he’s just a guy who’s lost on the streets somewhere in los angeles and he’s never gonna make it to—oh nvm yo dude can i have some directions
  • it has been SO LONG since somebody’s looked at jeremy and just kinda looked at him like a normal dude. no eye widening. no asking for a picture. this guy just flashes a bright smile that’s totally movie worthy, thanks jeremy, and leaves.
  • thatd be the end of that but they just keep meeting. 
  • jeremy gets a coffee? oh hey it’s lost guy! (this is where michael introduces himself to jeremy. he’s a programmer and he’s a bit new around here and when michael shakes his hand jeremy swears he understands that bit in the script of Play Rehearsal about heartbeats and hitched breaths. jeremy introduces himself as jeremy. jeremy heere. he waits for the pin to drop, for the recognition to come, but it doesnt. michael just quirks an eyebrow and says, “alright then, james bond.”)
  • (they share a table at the coffee shop and end up talking for the entire afternoon)
  • 3am and jeremy’s at the corner store because Snacks and oh god hey it’s michael with a basket full or energy drinks oh god, what are you DOING. they criticize each other’s 3am food choices and it’s so much fun. the cashier stares at jeremy (Jeremy Heere) a little awestruck, but doesnt say anything. michael doesnt notice.
  • they finally exchange numbers when michael literally fucking runs into jeremy while theyre on location for filming and STILL. NOTHING. jeremy doesnt mind anymore and is just happy he’s got a friend who doesnt know or care about celebrity shit.
  • but then of course you cant get out scot free 100% of the time. paparazzi gets a shot of jeremy, in costume, looking dashing, the perfect romcom lead, laughing and smiling at an Unknown Man.

(”He isn’t my boyfriend, oh my god,” Jeremy says into his hands. “I literally just met Michael a few weeks ago. We’re friends. He’s really nice.”

“And you’re telling me,” Jenna says very slowly. “That he has no idea who you are?”

“I mean, he knows I’m Jeremy Heere but he doesn’t know I’m Jeremy Heere.“ Jeremy’s life is so surreal that that sentence can make sense. 

“Was he living under a rock?” Rich asks, disbelieving.

“Under a Gamecube, probably, I don’t know.”)

  • idk how long i wanna push michael not knowing but my point is that jeremy Really Likes michael and totally doesnt wanna scare him off. the jeremy michael knows is nerdy jeremy who likes video games and not celebrity jeremy who makes people swoon with perfect smiles. 
  • so jeremy doesnt Tell him. and michael says just figures that jeremy likes hanging out at really weird times and loves hoodies and caps and sunglasses and always looks over his shoulder because of his anxiety. oh the fun these two will have…



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Could you picture Harry on the day of your law school graduation and is all cute and proud of you and is going around telling everyone “my wife’s a lawyer” and shit bc he cannot contain his happiness for you and omg this just makes my heart flutter

This is such an adorable concept, omg

He’s beaming with happiness, his cheeks hurting from smiling so much, but he doesn’t care. You have always been the one to support him, cheering the loudest in the crowd at his concerts, attending award shows with him to calm his nerves and always making sure he knows just how proud you are and now it’s his turn.

And Harry is the first to stand up when you walk across the stage, a nervous but excited smile on your face, always having hated to be the centre of attention. Placing his middle and index fingers between his lips, he whistles and cheers, clapping loudly along with your family, the proudest smile tugging on the corners of his lips. 

And he makes sure to be the first to hug you when he sees you after the ceremony, his arms wrapping around your waist as he pulls you close to him, carefully spinning you around. “You did it babe!” he squeals, almost more excited than you, which makes you but also your family laugh. “Can’t believe my wife’s a lawyer,” he says proudly before giving you the first kiss of many that day. 

Throughout the rest of the day, he keeps hugging and kissing you, the smile never fading as he just can’t take his eyes off of you, knowing how hard you’ve worked for this.

Normally Harry is a private man, not sharing much about your marriage as the both of you prefer to keep things to yourself, but today he can’t contain his happiness for you, proudly sharing a picture of the two of you together with the caption: “A lawyer, huh? Never been prouder xx.” 

And over the next couple days, whether you’re cooking, watching a movie, grocery shopping or even during sex, Harry just takes a moment to stop and look at you with a wide smile spread across his face. “I can’t believe my wife’s an actual lawyer,” he says proudly, causing you to chuckle each time.


Imagine: you surprise Bill on the set of Ellen because you haven’t seen each other in months.

What a great life it is to be a famous actor or actress. Never any money troubles, great nightlife, amazing clothes, amazing people and the opportunity to meet celebrity crushes. This was both the case for Bill and you. You met each other when you worked with Bills dad on Thor and The Avengers. You fell for each other within just a few days and had been together ever since.

Many years later, he was out promoting IT and you were out filming another superhero movie. However, due to both of your busy schedules you didn’t get to spend much time together. The last time you saw each other was the IT premier. That was only for one  night before you were off again. That would mean the last time you spent more than two nights together was 5 months ago.

You had been complaining on Twitter recently that you missed Bill and wished that you could spend a few days together. Hell, just one night would do at this point. Luckily for you, the researchers on Ellen had seen your rantings when they were finding out information on Bill for his guest appearance. They had got hold of you and invited you to surprise him on the show. You were filming just a few cities over for three days so you could pop over for a night and do it. You were so excited to finally see him again.

Bill was waiting just off stage, when he heard Ellen introduce himself, followed by a cheering crowd. Bill walked on stage and gave Ellen a quick hug. What he didn’t know, was that you were also back stage watching the show.

The interview started off with the usual. Asking how he was and about his experiences filming IT. The topic then changed over to the topic both you and Ellen were excited about.

‘So Bill, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful you and Y/N look at the premier of IT’. Ellen smiled as a picture of the two of you appeared on screen.

'Well thank you. Y/N, always looks beautiful but that dress…i couldn’t keep my eyes off of her’. Bill smirked.

'You two have been together for a while now. You are so cute together’. Ellen replied.

’ Yeah, we met in 2010 so we have been together for 7 years now. I like to think we are a good couple. She’s incredible. I couldn’t imagine my life without her’. Bill brushed.

'I wish my wife said stuff like that. When was the last time you saw her?’ Ellen enquired.

'Early September was the last time I saw her face to face. I saw her on FaceTime though last week. That was only for 25 minutes, while she was between takes’. Bill stated.

Little to his knowledge, you had walked on stage and was stood behind him. The audience stayed quiet, like they were instructed to before REC.

'When’s the next time you get to see her?’ Ellen smiled.

Before he could answer, you landed on the edge of the sofa and inturrpted the interview.

'Right now’. You shouted.

Bill physically jumped in the air because he wasn’t expecting it. Both Ellen, You and the audience laughed.

Bill stood up and lifted you up in the air. He squeezed you and gave you a quick yet firm kiss on the lips. He pulled away and you both looked at each other with the biggest smiles on your faces.

'Hi babe’ You winked.

'Hey Y/N’ he flirted back.

'Y/N, how are You?’ Ellen asked.

'Very happy now. Thank you for helping me set this up. I owe you one’. You laughed.

'Your welcome’.

As the show broke for adverts, you gave Bill another kiss on the lips and went back stage so Bill could continue with the show.

Bill finished the show and went back to find you. He was guided to a dressing room by one of the runners. You were sat on your phone,scrolling through Tumblr.

'Thank you for the surprise beautiful’. He whispered.

You looked up at him and smiled. You didn’t reply. Instead you got up and pulled his neck in for a passionate and needy kiss. You know that of you didn’t pull away soon, he would end up on top of you so you stopped and stood back. He frowned at you so you grabbed his hand.

'Come on Bill, let’s continue this at the hotel. I only have one night with you and I plan on making every second count’. You bit your lip.

'God I’ve missed You’.

Look at you

Steve Harrington x hopper! reader


Originally posted by livelovecaliforniadreams

Summary: you finally see steve after finding him in the mall and before everything falls apart you two get a moment of bliss

Warning: none/s3 spoilers


You had spent a very long, exhausting day with your father, joyce, a strange man named Murray, who although you hated to admit it, you actually got along with, and a Russian man named Alexie who you prefered not to talk about.

And after running through the fun fair to escape the same fate as Alexie. You sustained a few cuts a brusied from helping your dad, you twisted your ankle and busted your lip, just to name a few.

You’ve had enough and though you knew it wasn’t even close to being over it all made you feel so much better as the four of you entered the mall.

You felt a wave of relife wash over you as you saw your sister surrounded by the other kids, a little beat up but safe.

“El!” you ran too her falling to your knees to hug her, despite the pain in you ankle. “Are you ok?” you felt her nod and hug you back. You pulled away taking her face in your hands, resting you forheads against each other. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you…me and dad ran into some trouble with joyce..” you chuckled through tears and she did the same. “It’s ok..”

You pulled her into another hug. You glanced behind her spotting steve standing there with a warm smile at both of you.

El noticed and let you go allowing hopper to greet her as you got up and made your way to him limping as quickly as you could.

“Steve!” you fell into his arms. He hugged back tightly lifting you from the ground slightly.

You pulled away to look at each other. “Look at you!” you said at the same time. You laughed lightly at each other.

Steve kept his arms safely around your waist as you looked up at him cupping the side of his face that was brusied gingerly, careful not to hurt him.

“God what happened to you?” He smiled at you and sighed. “Its a long story…”

“Are…are you ok?” you chuckled. “Yea just a little scratch here and there…c'mon.”

You nodded your head over to the plant center piece and sat on the edge.

“Stay right here ok?”

“You just got here! You’re gonna leave me already?” you smiled. “I’ll be right back. You pulled off your button up shirt, leaving you in a tank top, you dumped a handful of ice from a kitchen into it making a make shift ice pack.

"Wow you didn’t have go and get undressed on my acount y/n.”

Hopper sent steve a look as he sat next to el on the same platform. Steve coughed. “Sorry I didn’t mean-”

You laughed taking you place next to him again. “You can never keep your mouth shut can you harrington?”

He chuckled lightly as you brushed a strand of hair from his face And slowly placed the ice on his face.

“How does that feel?” he hummed happily. “A lot better…thanks.”

Everyone had taken a moment to cool down and relax while you all devised a plan. Steve sat sideways on the platform, his back against the pillar you sat between his legs, head agains his chest, his arms now wrapped around you, and the ice pack now against your ankle.

“You think maybe when this is all over and we just happen to survive again…we Could take a trip?”

He chuckled. “Where did you have in mind?”

You shrugged shutting your eyes for a little bit. “Any place away from Hawkens… For just a week.”

“How bout Russia?” you both laughed for the first time in What felt like years, when in reality it had been just a couple of days.

“And if we like it enough we’ll live there, no more monsters, or flickering lights, just a normal life.” you said still keeping your eyes shut just picturing it in you mind.

“I love you.” you finally said after a few moments of silence.

“I love you too.” he smiled leaning back. Suddenly you both jumped up and faced each other. “That’s the first time we’ve said that!” steve said surprised.

You held a hand over your mouth and laughed. “Yea it is!” you both looked at each other happily before giving each other a soft kiss.

“Hey love bird’s Dustin needs you two!” you both turned to your dad. He explained everything before tossing the keys to a car to Steve. You said good bye to el before grabbing Steve’s hand and following him, robin, Erica and Dustin out the door.

“And harrington!” you both stopped to face him again. “Keep her safe!”

“Will do sir!”

Happy Together

REQUESTS: Can I request Henry saying he loves you for the first time? I love how you write him it’s amazing and I think you’d be good at showing how he struggles to get his feelings across xxx

Henry and his girlfriend getting into a fight, but Henry fixes things by setting up a super sweet date with a romantic picnic.

A/N: Both of these presented a challenge for Henry’s character but I hope I managed to deliver while staying true to his characterization. Thank you for the requests.

He loves you.

Sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Quarry, the two of you reconcile over crustless ham and cheese sandwiches, a bag Lay’s chips, and cans of off brand versions of 7Up. Neither you nor Henry says a word, comfortable in the silence between you as the wind brushes against your legs.

Henry washes down the rest of his sandwich with his soda and throws the plastic bag over the edge. He watches it ride the wind’s currents, crumbles still trapped near the corners becoming free as the bag shifts direction and positions. Were he a thoughtful man, he might have seen the similarities between him and the bag; a possible poetic meaning hidden deep beneath subtext. But he’s not and the bag was just trash to him.

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Whatever you do don’t imagine Matt Holt carrying a picture of Pidge with him for the journey to Kerberos and it being the only thing he manages to keep after being taken by the Garla.

Don’t imagine him taking it out whenever he feels particulary sad and lonely to look at his sister’s smiling face, counting the days until he can finally see her again.

And most importantly don’t imagine him crying over it when April rolls around, whispering “Happy birthday, Katie”


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PAIRING: Doctor Strange X Reader


WARNINGS: FLUFF. Implied smut. Minor smut. (Can you tell I’m still not comfortable writing smut? Practice makes perfect, eh?)

SUMMARY: A relationship with Stephen is just sassing and pissing each other off then ending the day with I love you’s and really good sex.

A/N: This is a repost due to my blog being deleted, please reblog to signal boost!

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uncaptured : d.d

this is pure fluff, nothing else. thank you to the anon who requested, I hope this is along the lines of what you were hoping for! 

summary: david finally admits how he feels, but it doesn’t go quite as he hoped… 

my *organised* masterlist 


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Hearing a knock on my front door I wander over with a skip in my step and see David stood there with a bright smile on his face. I glance by him, seeing no one else with him for once. “Hey?” I question as he turns around and turns back to me, his smile fading slightly.

“No one else was free to film. But I wanted to hang out if that’s alright?” He shrugs his shoulders lightly, pulling on his bag where I assume he’s keeping his equipment.

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Instagram (D.D)

Warnings: swearing and fluff

Requested: @lolacola01 said

i think there needs to be a story where the reader is Davids gf and shes seeing the new photos for the first time. love your writing

Gif by: @thenwedied


Originally posted by thenwedied

David by far is the hottest guy I have ever dated. And you best know I will always hype him up on his photos. He recently went to a photoshoot to update his old profile pictures.

“Show me show me show me!” I said excited to see the new pics. He hands me his phone and shows me his pictures. I look at his phone.


“HOLY SHIT, BABY!” I scream. (GIF) My mouth falls open. “Look at my baby!” I said to him. I lean towards him and kiss him quickly.

“David, seriously this is literally the hottest picture ever.” I say with my legs draped over his. I literally just can’t stop staring at him and then the picture. I keep looking back and forth.

“Stooooop.” He says as I then straddle him.

“Uh I will not. Look at your hair!” I say zooming in.

“Oh my god, baby. Stop.” He said smiling and throwing his face to the side. I grab his face and kiss him.

“Baby, stop. You look absolutely amazing in these. I will never stop hyping you up because you deserve it all.” I said while playing with his hair. I peck his lips again. I look back at the photo.

“I mean look at the veins in you arms, babe.” I said laughing as he starts to tickle me teasingly. Ugh I could stay like this forever.


Love at First Sight

Summary: Harry is in awe of you.

Warnings: None 

Requested: No. I found a prompt and loved it.

Harry watches as you dance around the room, stopping to talk to a few friends before moving along. By the time you reach him you’ve gotten everybody in the room, including him, awestruck.

“I’m Y/N.” You smile brightly, confidently and he feels a rush of something. “Don’t think we’ve meet before.”

You give him a confused, but welcoming smile and he shakes his head before offering his hand, “’M Harry.” You take his hand and he smiles at how soft your hands are, “A friend of Nick’s. He said it was okay if I come?”

You nod excitedly, “Yes! Of course, I love meeting new people. Nick’s brought some odd one’s around though, gonna have to keep an eye on you.”

“Don’t think I would mind that too much.” Harry smirks and you laugh, making him falter.

“Smooth.” You begin walking away and Harry frowns, he got a minute or two just like everybody else? You’re attention made him feel something and then you disappeared, is this why everybody else looked so awestruck?

“Are you coming?” You turn and give him an expectant look. Harry looks around and you laugh as he asks, “Me?”

“Yes.” You shake your head as you walk back over and wrap your hand around his wrist, “I’ve got to show you around, what host would I be if you didn’t get a tour?

Harry smiles at the ground before looking back up at you, his eyes shining, “You look beautiful, by the way.” He smiles politely, and you nod, realizing he’s not trying to flirt more than he is trying to get in your good graces.

“I know.”

“I-” Before Harry can respond you’ve stopped short in the kitchen. Not many people are in there, just a few gathered around the table.

“This is my kitchen.” You let go of his wrist, Harry frowns missing the warmth of your hand already. “I cook and bake in here. Hang out, this is where most of my drinking happens.”

“I used to bake.” Harry says quietly, immediately regretting the somewhat embarrassing words. “I mean, when I was a teenager I was a cashier in a bakery.”

You raise an eyebrow at him, a smirk slowly forming, “A cashier?”

“Well, yeah. But they taught me how to make stuff! And how to do the intricate frosting!” Harry shuts his eyes as you laugh. It’s a beautiful laugh, but caused by an embarrassing flurry of words.

“I’ll have to hire you for my next party then, what’s your fee?” You begin pulling him away from the kitchen, that part of the tour apparently over.

“No charge for you.” Harry smiles shyly as you stop in the hallway off the living room.

“I just might keep you, Harry.” You smirk as stop in front of a roll of pictures. “I call this my fancy wall. Art and cool pictures of my friends and I, really impressive innit?”

Harry nods, looking at the pictures spread perfectly on your wall. Whoever took pictures for you had an amazing eye, or you were just really photogenic.

“You’re really beautiful.” Harry turns to look at you, before looking back at the picture..

You smile, wrapping your hand around his wrist again, “So are you.” You pull him away before he can respond, dragging him towards your bedroom.

“Don’t get any funny ideas,” You turn and smirk at him as you unlock the door, “Yet.”

You notice a faint blush across his cheeks as you open the door and beckon for him to walk in ahead of you.

He looks around, taking everything in, something you’d notice he did a lot. He walked towards your bed, feeling the plush comforter before making his way towards your desk. He ran his hands over the pages of schoolwork and over photographs of you and friends or family.

“A little touchy aren’t we?” You ask, walking towards the balcony doors he hadn’t seemed to notice yet.

Harry looks at his shoes mumbling a quiet sorry, “Come on, I wanna show you something.” You pull open the balcony doors and step outside.

There’s a soft breeze, but nothing too cold, perks of august weather. The sky is clear and the stars are shining bright, but the real star is the ocean only a few miles away.

“Oh my god.” Harry mutters, stepping up to the railing and looking out. “That’s beautiful.”

You stand beside him but don’t respond, it’s not needed. The both of you stare at the ocean for a little while before Harry turns to you, a confused look on his face.

“Why’d you want to show me this?”

You don’t look at him, continuing to watch the waves crash as you stand there, “I like you.”

“We’ve only just met.” He laughs, but he doesn’t sound too upset about it.

You smile to yourself, “I mean, you’re pretty well known.” Harry immediately frowns, looking down at the rings on his fingers. “You seem genuine and kind, and when I saw you in my living room just, admiring, I knew I had to talk to you.”

You finally look over to him, “My last boyfriend, it was like a year ago,” You laugh noticing his worried look, “Never stopped to admire things, or take them in. He was always in a rush, and I just- I don’t like living that way.”

“And you think I’m never in a rush?” Harry asks, and you notice the curiousness in his eyes, convincing you to barrel on with your thoughts.

“I think you know when to slow down.” You shrug, “And I’d like to show you how to enjoy that too.”

His curious look turns in hope and you smile excitedly at him, “How are you single?” He shakes his head, almost like it stumps him to speechlessness, “How have you been single for a year?”

“My confidence in myself intimidates weak men.” You  shrug, pulling him back inside your room, the sea breeze becoming a bit too chilly for your dress.

“I- alright that makes sense.” Harry nods appreciatively, laughing a little awkwardly after a few seconds.

“Some people think I’m too cocky.” You shake your head sitting on your bed, “Others think I’m putting on a show or want attention. I just know my worth and what I want.”

Harry takes a seat next to you, he doesn’t do anything, just gives you a soft smile. You don’t break eye contact with him, only smiles as he watches you,, “And what do you want?” Harry asks quietly.

He’s giving you all the power, you know that. He doesn’t want to make the first move and be wrong, he doesn’t want to be an awe struck admirer of yours.

He wants you to want him back.

You turn your body towards him, leg coming up onto your bed so you’re more comfortable. You pull him into you by his shirt, wrinkling the soft material in your hands.

“I want you.”

I can’t tell if I love or hate this, but I’m still gonna post it! 

As always, Thank you for reading and have a good day. 

sillysouthernwitch  asked:

Domesticate Nyx Ulric: What does he have in his fridge, his bathroom, his computer, what's his ringtone for his friends, would he have a cat or dog (or something else more exotic) as a pet or all three? Feel free to add your own

Omg yass I love this!

Hmm, I mean my idea of what domestic Nyx is like might be different to what other people think, but my headcanons are below with a bonus of what changes when his S/O (you) steps in!

Nyx’s fridge: Definitely always has beer in it. Like always. If he has only a little money left and nothing in his fridge, he’ll go get some beer to put in there. He goes out to eat more often than not, so maybe there’s only really snacks in the pantry or something. He just doesn’t have much time to cook. Libertus and Crowe are always on his ass about cooking at home more. He can, there’s just not a lot of time.

When you come into his life, he makes a much more conscious effort of keeping at least basic condiments and things like tea, coffee, milk and sugar in the pantry and fridge. Like, just in case you come over for a bit and don’t want a beer, he has other stuff he can give you because he’s a good adult, okay? Eventually he offers to cook for you a lot. He cops a lot of shit from his friends about this; its pretty funny.

Nyx’s bathroom: has more grooming items than you think. Like, he’s kind of scruffy looking, but it’s a well-kept scruffy looking. He has like really good hair care products. He’s got a cologne for like every kind of situation in little bottles. It’s his little luxury. The bathroom is clean too; he hates big clean ups (lazy), so he cleans up a little everyday.

When you come into the picture, his bathroom starts to fill up with some more stuff. You keep some of your things at his place just in case you end up staying over out of the blue. One day he steps in when you aren’t around and just looks at all the little things you have all over the place. It makes him smile. He likes having you around… Maybe you should move in with him? Wouldn’t be a bad thing to talk about.

Nyx’s laptop: he hasn’t got a desktop because he likes the idea that he can carry the laptop when he needs to, but he never really needs to. Lol. Plus it doesn’t take up as much space? He doesn’t use it often, mostly for just emails, storing photos, etc. Libertus sends him cat videos and videos of people doing stupid reckless shit. Nyx likes those videos a little more than he admits because he’s a reckless shit too. There might be a couple of videos of him and Libertus doing something stupid with like Pelna screaming in the background or something.

When you come into the picture there’s loads of stuff on his laptop that’s just all about you. There’s pics of you, videos of you guys derping around, saved email threads, all of that stuff. When you first start dating, his browser history is full of hurried searches like ‘good dating spots in insomnia’, ‘flower bouquets’, ‘what the hell is [something you’re really into and he has no idea]’. After awhile, sometimes the words 'engagement rings’ sits in the search bar, but gets deleted because he hasn’t got the courage to hit enter just yet.

Nyx’s ringtones: he doesn’t care for this stuff much, so he let’s people pick their own tones. Pelna is thankfully very rational and just has a really nice jingle for his ringtone and it never changes, so Nyx always knows when its Pelna calling. Its Crowe and Libertus who are really confusing because sometimes they fight over who gets what song because they have similar tastes. In general Nyx just checks if his phone is ringing if any phone is ringing in the general vicinity.

When you step into the picture, the ringtone that’s set for you is something you made Nyx pick because you realised that no one else really let’s him pick. He changes your ringtone often, but he always knows its you calling. Libertus notes they’re all very Galahd themed. He thinks its probably because you’ve become home to him too.

Nyx’s pets: I think he’s a huge cat person. There’s one cat he gets that everyone is kind of wary of because it has some very similar physical traits to a Coeurl. Maybe its got some of that monster blood in it, but its tame, at least for Nyx. Its a big cat, the size of a smallish dog and very intelligent and independent. It has to be since Nyx is away a lot. Both the cat and owner are very stubborn and headstrong and sometimes they fight, in a fun kind of way. Like, the cat is a little shit and takes over it’s owner’s bed in retaliation to not being fed yummy food or something. On Nyx’s awful days his cat is the perfect companion, curling up against his legs and purring, giving its owner as much affection as he needs.

When you come into the picture, Nyx’s cat is actually very aggressive towards you. Its wary around strangers, but for some reason its very defensive when you’re around. To be honest its probably because its noticed Nyx is around you a lot and its scared you’re going to do a shoddy job of looking after him. You don’t know how to keep him company when he’s sad, not like the cat can. Don’t worry, eventually it warms up to you and it actually likes you better than Nyx. That makes your boyfriend a bit pouty.

If you’re allergic to cats, don’t worry! You won’t be allergic to this one. Its definitely got some monster blood in it and its fur is a special pelt that’s cat-allergy friendly. Snuggle the cat and make Nyx feel bad. Ahaha!

Nyx’s car: I don’t know if he actually has one, but say he does, I reckon hes the kind of person who’s like 'my music or no music’. He won’t let people touch the music unless he trusts their taste (closest friends really). Generally really clean, sometimes it’ll slip when hes got long missions though. Has spare clothes and boots in the trunk just in case.

When you step into the picture, there’s loads of complaints and general freaking out when Nyx just hands you the aux cord or let’s you play with the music without much care. They learn pretty quick to shut up when Nyx gives them a look. Its totally not fair! He must really like you a lot. Sometimes when people really misbehave in the car, Nyx let’s you play really bad music to make them shut up. The car sometimes is supicously clean after date night. Y'know… 'Cause you gotta clean up after some events. >.> There may be spare clothes for you hidden in the car somewhere. Just in case.


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