i keep hoping for it to get better though

Chapter 428 review

Okay, Juvia wasn’t wearing Gray’s necklace as I hoped. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. I wanted more than mere boob fanservice and from the looks of it, Juvia won’t be getting action anytime soon. I’ll keep hoping she’s the one keeping his necklace somewhere and Mashima didn’t want to let us know yet though. I know it’s quite possible that Gray might not be wearing it anymore to symbolize the fact that he’s left a big part of himself behind but, dunno, somehow it seems a bit odd to me given that he’s never taken it off before. Buuut it might just be my wishful thinking.

Off to more important parts.

Gray’s attitude towards Natsu as well as his comment about Juvia was much better than I feared to be honest. I expected something along the lines of “Juvia huh? Like I care about her anymore.” or “I don’t give a damn about you guys anymore” and “You’re wasting my time. I have much greater things to do”.

Now, I might be looking to much into it, but from Gray’s expression I’d say that Natsu’s comment did have some impact on him. He could have said something but he didn’t, as though he took a moment to contemplate about her, worrying and waiting for him.


I enjoyed this a little too much! He deserved that slap, you go Lucy! I’m glad Mashima gave us a bit of this brOTP again, we hadn’t seen it in a while and it’s quite underrated IMO. This must have been painful for Lucy, she’s been thinking about them, searching for them for a whole year and there he is acting like they don’t need his friendship and vice versa. She has suffered a lot all these months, trying to cope with her loneliness, her bitterness about Natsu leaving has been penting up, and Gray’s words were the last straw that made her burst. I find this so bittersweet, for the person who said he would show no mercy to any woman or child who tries to hurt Lucy and that he won’t hand her over to evil hands even if he had to die, to be the one who needs a wake up call by her right now.

What’s really interesting though is Gray’s expressions:

I don’t know about you, but he looks reluctant to me. I’m not doubting that he’s been swayed by the darkness at this point, but he does seem like he’s forcing himself to act tough and like this family doesn’t matter to him anymore. He didn’t want them to get into trouble, or fight them seriously.

No matter what he says, I won’t believe he’s completely sane, that his frame of mind hasn’t been affected by the malice of those black marks.

This is the real Gray:

This isn’t:

Gray wouldn’t allow innnocent people to die for his own deeds. He’s either been corrupted by dark magic, or he needs an Oscar ‘cause if there’s a slightest chance this is just an act, then it’s too damn good.

Also, is that an earring on his left ear or it’s just hair? I can’t tell lol.

On the bright side of things though:

Aaaw yiss Council!Gajevy is officially a thing!!! Who’s dying to know the details? *happily raises hand*

Finally, can we take a moment to appreciate how far Gajeel has come?

From a broken young man who didn’t care about anything to this admirable sense of justice. So proud of you Gajeel!

Sunday Funday!

I’ve been keeping a low profile lately on here. There’s just so much I want to tell you all, but can’t yet! Don’t worry.. good things come to those who wait. Just keep your fingers crossed for me and if you need a little extra luck thrown your way, I’ll do the same for you. It’s that time of year. ;]

Other than that, life is good! Teaching, grad work (done in AUGUST hallelujah), moving when it’s all done, wedding planning, and trying to keep some semblance of sanity in my life! Oh.. and I’m turning THIRTY in 2 months, so there’s that!

For today, though, there’s no better feeling than having all your grad work done, lessons planned, house cleaned, and getting to go spend a stress-free day with your fam. Beyond grateful for this little respite from reality.

Happy Sunday, Educhums. I hope you all are having a positive and productive day. Xo.

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How do you get better at controlling your tension when you crochet?

I honestly don’t know, because I feel like I have gotten worse at this. My stitches used to be smaller and kept together when I first started crocheting. Now, my stitches are larger and outrageous. XD

Here are some helpful links I found for this though:




I hope these help you! :D

tigro-spottystripes asked: You think you’re a human? No, I’m sorry; technology is not that advanced just yet. Right now, you’re just a computer program; you’re not human. You’re getting better and better, but there is still a long way to go before you can be made human. That is a nice goal to have, though. Keep dreaming little one, maybe one day you’ll get there :)

Now but im you take him if i hope kind of music you then said one that i bees who you might skylar egg you feeling skylar egg said scrooge.

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K u post so much positive stuff but like u say ur depressed and stuff it kinda makes no sense. THERE ARE REAL DEPRESSED PEOPLE OUT THERE!

Fools speak with no knowledge.
Wisdom is keeping your mouth shut about things you do not understand.

I’m fortunate to have a great support system. I also have a drive to see better days and change my life. Others are not so fortunate, it took me a long time to find a peaceable place in my life and everyone else can get here too..that’s what I hope to inspire, that even though depression will always weigh on me I am stronger than it. I have found things that work and I pray and hope others will too..it’s a process and an ongoing battle but I refuse to lose.

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Everyone else who's vegan seems to have perfect digestion? & great skin? And everything? & I'm over here, being all messed up. My stomach has gotten SO messed up since I've gone vegan, ( for the animals ) I keep a food diary & found out what foods are great for perfect digestion and what works for me, and I do that, and after awhile it just stops working I'm horribly bloated to the point where I look prego. I was vegetarian before, and I was ok, and now my body has just turned to shit ):

Awe :( what exactly are you eating? I don’t have perfect skin but my digestion has improved 1000%, that is really good that you keep a food diary though to see what foods make it better and worse, I hope your digestion will get better for you soon <3

At the end of a relationship I once built walls around myself to keep people out and in the process inadvertently blocked out the sun. Plaguing myself with my own fears. This time around though I am planting a garden amidst the rubble, in the hopes that these flower will bring back the light I once had.

You are all that matters AND IT IS YOU THAT IS ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD. Remember that in the end, you are your biggest supporter. Give yourself a chance to care for yourself. Be gentle the world is hard enough on you as it is. Things get better, I promise. 

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well i had a dream the other night where nussel and noodle convinced 2d to get braces???? and he was really pissed because you know braces hurt like hell and russel had to keep him from pulling them off of his teeth and it was weird idk i thought you might get a kick out of it though? i hope you have a better day!!

Can you imagine 2D after gorillaz like finally going to get his teeth fixed and he’s an adult with braces and he can’t get a girl

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Heeeyo, been a while! Remember me? I'm your precious Kitsune, but with a different name! How's it going *pats head* I wanted to know what you did to become so good at using the graphics tablet, I recently got my own and I am really trying to figure out how everything works and how to put more detail in things, could you tell me what tools in the clip paint pro program that you use for your drawings?

Yeah I remember ya budd haha, hope you’re doing well

To get better:
I literally can’t stress it enough that practice makes perfect. Even if something comes out not looking right, KEEP DRAWING. There’s also tutorials all over youtube & deviantart I would constantly look up. Lately though I’ve been finding mini tutorials here on tumblr that’ve been helping me out.


I use Paint tool SAI since it’s easiest to operate with for me. I’ll post my setting below, and as for links to get SAI full version:


As for setting up new tools theres tons of settings available on deviantart and other sites. Its a rough thing starting out with graphics tablets and getting the hang of them, but you eventually figure out really cool tips if you look up enough tutorials and such, and you even begin to develop your own.

Now for my settings, I’m still bad about generating brushes so I use three artists brush settings I really enjoy so my main brushes for lineart and coloring are:


You guys remember how I said I had a very clingy respiratory infection and I was gonna finally kick its butt real soon?

Whelp, I got the flu on top of that :’) Been down for a week now hahahah. orz Feels a lil bit more nasty than it usually does.

This isn’t gonna keep me down though! I’m getting better so soon I’ll finally be able to go down to the institute of immunology and get my infection treatment prescription (hoping for antibiotics bc they’ve worked the best so far, and now I got v special broad spectrum cultures so we’ve found out more about what needs killing in there).

Hopefully this will be my last little hurdle on the way to feeling great again and getting back to work and being an actual functional human being : )

It may not be one of my best drawings but it is my first attempt on digital drawing and I felt like I need to draw Jacksepticeye so this happened. I hope you like it anyways, even though it’s not the greatest one out there I think it turned out to be ok. Also I drew this on my tablet so don’t judge xD Don’t worry, I’ll keep on practicing and will hopefully get better at this :D

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I think people need to just leave her alone! She is a 17 year old teenage girl who just follows trends. I admit, I do that too! I feel may teenage girls do that. Do we get as much hate as Acacia? (I hope not!) But people, mostly people who don't even know her, are so cruel to her. It's sickening. It truly is sickening. It just shows how society acts towards a young women who is just trying to express herself and who is trying to be a better person. People make mistakes, don't judge them for it!


Keep in mind though if a person makes the same mistake twice, it’s no longer a mistake or accident

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I dont know who else to tell this but I dont feel a real connection with my boyfriend. I feel as though he is just settling on me, he keeps all of his worlds seperate, when we hangout he always sleeps because he exhausts himself. He says he needs me. I dont know how to help

No matter how much help a person needs, you are never obligated to stay in a relationship with them. If you don’t feel a real connection with your boyfriend, it’s time to end it with him and give both of you the opportunity to find a better fit. Have a serious talk with him, tell him you hope things get better for him and (if you want to) that you’ll stay in contact, but it’s time for the two of you to not be together anymore. That’s what I think the most reasonable and beneficial solution to this is. Wishing you the best x

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I'm a girl and I have a huge crush on my friend, I already told her I like her then I told her again that I like her in a way that is a lot more than like but now I'm seriously considering I'm in love with her now and I've already made things awkward and I cannot stop thinking about her and she doesn't even try to be my friend, she keeps making excuses so she doesn't have to hang with me when I ask her to and ignores me on social media and doesn't reply to anything. I have no idea what to do D:

ohhhh my thats difficult :((( if she really really doesnt reciprocate or doesn’t feel comfortable though then i’m so sorry but it  probably won’t work out and the best thing to do would be to try getting over her (which seems impossible i know, but eventually you will and things will be better) <33333 i hope you work things out and im sorry its a horrid situation 

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Idk man you're just an amazing human being and if you haven't I hope someday you meet Mark and you get a big hug from him. You definitely deserve it, keep doing what you're doing friend!

You wanna meet me?? Lol no way. Mark is much better. Trust me. I’m awkward and a dork in real life. Thank you though!

Numbers warning

I have a therapist appointment tomorrow and my goal was to gain 2kg in five days and it took me 3 weeks to gain 0.2 (I was actually aiming for 5) last time. I’ve had so much protein in the last few days, so I hope I’ve done it, though in a messed-up way, thinking that I have gained is causing so much negative body image and body checking, because although I want to get better, the idea of seeing my body change and lumps and bumps appearing is so scary 😪 my mind keeps telling me that I’ve gained waayyyy over 2kg in the last five days and that it’s really visible, even though I know that’s stupid. I’m sorry, I just needed a little vent, I’m trying to be positive about the unrealistic distortion my ed is conjuring up.

Let’s talk about TV

Lately there’s been so many TV shows about comic books that it’s hard to keep up. So today when I had nothing else to do I watched the first episodes of three interesting TV shows (and I’d happily take recommendations what to watch next).

1. Gotham: Pilot

The best thing I watched today was Gotham. I have actually already seen one episode (I’m not sure which episode it is) and I immediately fell in love with Jim. And Alfred is so fucking cool, though I think he only said about two sentences in this first episode. There are some great actors in this show and I hope it gets even better.

2. Daredevil: Into the Ring

Daredevil was almost as interesting as Gotham. The thing I liked the most was how funny Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson are when they’re in the same scene. And they’re actually pretty damn cool lawyers. I liked the fighting scenes too because Daredevil has a great fighting style.

3. The Flash: Pilot

Compared to Gotham and Daredevil The Flash was kind of boring. His outfit is boring, there’s this stupid obvious crush and he’s kind of like Peter Parker. I’m not saying this is the worst thing I have ever watched but I really hope this gets better. Does it?

Keep Believing In Yourself

For my lovely brother, who’s going through a rough patch right now and could really use some encouragement. Though I did not write this, it does come from the bottom of my heart. I love you, kiddo.

There may be days when
you get up in the morning
and things aren’t the way
you had hoped they would be.
That’s when you have to tell yourself
that things will get better.

There are times when people
disappoint you and let you down,
but those are the times
when you must remind yourself
to trust your own judgments and opinions,
and to keep your life focused
on believing in yourself
and all that you are capable of.

There will be challenges to face
and changes to make in your life,
and it is up to you to accept them.
Constantly keep yourself headed
in the right directions for you.
It may not be easy at times,
but in those times of struggle
you will find a stronger sense
of who you are,
and you will also see yourself
developing into the person
you have always wanted to be.

Life is a journey through time,
filled with many choices;
each of us will experience life
in our own special way.

So when the days come
that are filled with frustration
and unexpected responsibilities,
remember to believe in yourself
and all you want your life to be,
because the challenges and changes
will only help you to find
the dreams that you know
are meant to come true for you.

Post op day 2

Well I’ve well and truly made it through the first 24 hours. I was so knocked out yesterday with nausea and pain that I slept most of the day and wasn’t able to keep much down. I’m feeling better today though and am already sipping on my water. Hoping the nausea settles as my pain meds decrease and my stomach settles down.

Had a goodish nights sleep last night, only woke up every 3 or so hours but managed to get back to sleep through some pretty weird and wacky dreams!

Hope you are all well, looking forward to feeling better slowly and keeping more liquids down!