i keep hoping for it to get better though

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I’m sorry you ended up getting some anon hate. People… people sure are something. So here’s some anon love! I think you’re a really great person who makes really interesting content, specially that there Pineview drive, even though it had me spooked a bit. <w< Huehue… And you certainly are an amazing creature. So thanks for the great content~! ‘w’ (*coughalsoallthefoodyoureblogmakesmehungryonadailybasis;w;cough*)

I appreciate all of your support, and I hope I can keep making enjoyable content for everyone ;w;

I will consistently work to change the future for the better of as many as I possibly can. I dream of achieving happiness for Lauren, for I, for all of our viewers and families and friends. 

To everyone reading this, I apologize for my mood recently. I’m told I’m experiencing heavy mental trauma from a number of things, primarily regarding the accident a month ago

Realized the person I’ve been replying to isn’t following me anymore and the little voice inside my head starts screaming at me that I fucked up and I’m bothering said person. But really, if I was then they probably wouldn’t be responding and if they’re just responding to me to be polite it’s whatever. I like my logical side, it’s a good side. It’s chill. It just needs to be louder than the emotional side because that fucker is out of control like 9/10.

Writing these things out do help my nerves though. A lot more than trying to be 100% positive does. never used to be that way but it’s the difference between writing to cry and hoping to be pitied and taken care of vs writing down all the bullshit in order to gesture at it like “Don’t fuck with me, I am functioning just fine with all this bullshit you see and I am ready to kill a mofo to keep it that way”

I’m pretty awesome and getting better all the time tbh

the part of me that wants to quit watching arrow is mitigated by the opportunity that finally presents itself with the (hopefully complete) absence of both oliver & felicity at the start of season 4: the other characters (diggle, laurel, lyla, and thea) might actually get screentime and (hopefully) real plots.

but this is arrow so even that could be up for debate.

season 4 could just start off all about domestic olicity and i wouldn’t even be surprised.

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How would Suga and Jimin react if they had just confessed to a girl they like, but they didn't realize that she had her headphones in the whole time until she takes them out and asks them to repeat themselves? I would be so mad in this situation xD

Suga - Suga might get a little angry for lack of a better word– More frustrated than anything. He would keep his cool as soon as she took her headphones off, though, asking her one more time, hoping that his efforts wouldn’t be for nothing.

Jimin - Jimin would be like Suga, being a little frustrated but he would play it off as nothing, asking calmly and normally like he had been for the past few minutes. Like Suga, he’d be hoping to god that she would accept and not just laugh it off and say no.

- Darby

I’m Back!

Not sure if anyone cares but I see y’all reblogging my queue posts so there has to be some of you still around. So anyways, after days of pouting and self loathing I had an epiphany! I realize that even though I may absolutely hate my writing right now, it won’t get any better if I keep it sheltered. Plus, there may be a chance that at least one person will like what I’ve written. And if I was able to make that person happy, then that’s enough to keep me going. So it’s time for a regeneration!

New theme, new icon, new header, and new thingy mabobs coming soon. Thanks for sticking around everyone, hope to talk to you guys a whole lot more now. Oneshots are being tweaked tonight so send in requests and we can get started early tomorrow :)

Final(e) Thoughts...

Okay, all! After coming to terms with the fact that I have well over two hundred messages in my inbox, over a hundred of which are related to the current season, and I simply don’t have the time to answer them all (even if I’m doing it Rapid-Fire style) before the finale, I’m gonna settle for this little final message right here. After this, I’m going to go delete some of the messages currently in here (4B-related). Only some of them, though. There are others in here that would do well as general analysis questions, so I’m keeping those. I’m sorry to all of those who sent me 4B-related asks over the last couple of months that I didn’t have the time to address you personally. I’ve made plenty of posts, and I hope I addressed the general content of your question either in another post prior to this or in this post. I’ll try to do better about getting to messages in a timely manner after this. At some point, I’m going to find the perfect balance between my hobbies (this blog) and my job (that which pays my bills). Until then, I thank you for your patience. You all are simply WONDERFUL people, and I am truly blessed to share my life with all of you! :-)

I’ll just go over my final thoughts on general topics…

Regina and Operation Mongoose

If there are folks out there who think that this episode is going to end well for Emma, Henry and Regina, then you’ve forgotten the title of this episode: “Operation Mongoose”. And you’ve also, apparently, forgotten the name of Henry’s operation with Emma: “Operation Cobra”. Here’s a bit of a zoology lesson: Mongeese and Cobras are mortal enemies in nature. They’ve also become a betting sport in many developing countries. Whatever the circumstance, mongeese and cobras always try to kill each other in the end. They may attempt to coexist for a little while, but throw a little desperation in the picture, starve one of them, and they will turn on each other in an instant. The writers didn’t name Henry’s operation with Regina “mongoose” by happenstance. It’s foreshadowing. It’s bash-you-over-the-head foreshadowing, as a matter of fact. Among Regina, Henry and Emma, one of them is going to try to kill another before the end of the episode. My guess is Regina (Mongoose) will try to kill Emma (Cobra). And she’ll succeed, but only for a little while. Emma’s will be the temporary death.

4A was all about giving Rumple what he wanted (power) at the expense of Killian. Belle was ignorant of it all, choosing to believe in the best of Rumple until faced with evidence she couldn’t deny. Then everything Rumple wanted, everything Killian was giving him (power of the hat), everything that was so close to his grasp he could taste it, was yanked away during the last five(ish) minutes of the winter finale by Belle. Now… I can draw direct parallels with 4B right now.

4B was all about giving Regina what she wanted (her perceived Happy Ending) at the expense of Emma. Henry is ignorant of it all, choosing to believe in the best of Regina until faced with evidence he can’t deny (Mongoose vs. Cobra scene). Then everything Regina wants, everything Emma would be giving her (her perceived Happy Ending), everything that is so close to her grasp she could taste it, will be yanked away during the last five(ish) minutes of the season finale by Henry.

Henry’s Operation Cobra with Emma ended on a happy note. Emma and Regina are foils. They’re opposites. Always were, always will be. Exactly like Cobras and Mongeese. Henry’s operation with Regina is called Operation Mongoose. The opposite of Operation Cobra. Do the math.


I may be in the minority, but I would personally LOVE to see Rumple go completely dark. I mean, the man is already magnificent as he is, but without the ability to love, without that spit of Rumple humanity, can you imagine how much better he would be as a villain? I mean… he’d be that much closer to being like Peter Pan (my personal favorite villain by a wide margin). Pan was absolutely magnificent and a complete sociopath. I bet the boys would have such fun writing Rumple in the exact same vein they wrote Peter Pan.

Rumple losing his magic is not going to save his heart. We saw this in “Heart of Gold”. He didn’t have his magic in New York, and he needed imported magic to survive. Now the man can barely stand. If he loses his Dark One magic, the man is dead. If he keeps his Dark One magic, he becomes the Dark One (and Rumple would still be dead, but at least Bobby would have a character to play). If someone else becomes the Dark One, then Rumple would be dead and Bobby would no longer have a character to play. So the only way I see this ending is with Rumple completely becoming the Dark One. Unless, of course, Belle volunteers to go halfsies on the dark heart thing. Kind of like what Snow and Charming did, but they would split hearts and each carry half a dark heart and half a healthy heart. That’s also a possibility.

But Bobby as a complete sociopathic Dark One is SO appealing, though! It’d be like Peter Pan all over again. I’d want that more.

And as for the spit of humanity behind the Dark One? We turn to this bit of foreshadowing from 4.12:

As I said in my small S5 theory: Rumple becoming the Dark One and Regina getting control of him (and Regina breaking away from the heroes and embracing her Evil Queen side once again), sets up for a S5 of EPIC proportions: Regina/Dark One(Rumple) vs. Emma/Sorcerer(Killian).


Character Taglines this Season

I did this at the beginning of the season (after 4.02), so I’ll do this once again for the end:

EMMA: Happy ending. She sacrifices herself, having faith in someone she loves (Killian). It ends in a TLK that does some epic shit.

KILLIAN: Happy ending. He has to fight like hell to get back to Emma and give her said TLK that does the epic shit.

SNOWING: Happy ending. They have to help Killian find Emma, though, so that he can give her the TLK that does the epic shit.

RUMBELLE: This one is complicated. It’s happy-ish. But probably in a way that will unsettle a lot of people. I foresee some people being frustrated by Belle. Probably.

REGINA: No happy ending. OOOOO!!! She’s wearing her battle armor! I didn’t notice that before! Bring it on, Evil Queen! Bring it on!!! :-D


My Pregnancy Theory

Am I dropping it? Are you kidding?! This is the last episode of the season! You think I’m gonna drop the ball with a potential Hail Mary pass on the horizon?! I don’t think so! :-D

Lol! “Hail Mary” If you’d read my theories, you’d know why that’s funny. ;-)

Final Word

Alright! That’s it. So out go a few of the questions stuffed in my inbox. Once again, I apologize for not being able to find the time to address all of you personally. I’ll see what I can do in the future.

This season was fun! I had a ball theorizing with all of you, and I hope to continue it for S5. I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I put too much faith in the writers. That may or may not be the case. And I do admit there are suitable grounds for that claim. I’ll make up my mind after tonight. Fingers crossed my faith hasn’t been misplaced! I’ve still got some great questions left in my inbox, and they’ll only be answered if I feel the show is salvageable enough for me to spend more time on it than I already have. I really hope that’s the case. My thanks once again to all the fantastic readers of this blog! I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: all my readers and askers, and all your enthusiasm for not only this show, but knowledge and life in general, renew my faith in humanity on a daily basis. I cannot thank everyone enough for that, so once again, THANK YOU!!!

I love all of you! :-)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mothers out there! I hope you enjoy your day! I’m making a paella for my mom tonight. Should be fun! :-D

I hope ya’ll enjoy the episode tonight! :-D

Hope you’re dead cause how could you sleep at a time like this? People they rhyme like this, we’re all impressed by this. They rip it, flip it but these are just triplets. Wrote this in three minutes, three words to a line, it’s just poetry divided. I’m the kind of guy who takes every moment, he knows he can fight it and music to use it, for others to use it, you’re dead cause how could you sleep at a time like this? Life is up here but you comment below, when the comments will always become common motivation to promote you choose next episode, so your brain knows to keep going even though hope is far from this moment, but you would not know it gets better when morning finally rears its head, together we’ll lose this, remember the future, remember that morning is when night is dead.

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SEND ME “INTERRUPTION” and I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-31 to see how your muse interrupts mine! Mixture of safe & nsfw.

(6) Your muse catches mine out whilst they’re climbing a tree

Will very rarely got in touch with his inner child, but something about climbing trees had always beckoned to him. As a boy, he would scale the boundless branches, all the while hoping to touch the sky and just disappear. Though bleak in nature, it had actually been a comforting experience.

That was why, on impulse, Will had hefted himself up onto the lowest branch of his favorite tree on his property. He was about halfway up when he heard a familiar, feminine voice calling to him. He looked down and balked. “Oh, uh…hi, Margot. Um…I’d offer to make a joke about this, but unfortunately I think I am the joke.”

featuringfrankiero replied to your post “.”

tumblr has a real problem with caring (for like of a better word) equally about /everyone/ in the LGBTQIA+ community. It really fucking sucks that pan people dont get shown as much love as other sexual/romantic orientations

definitely. i think tumblr popularises the most common and the most ‘trendy’ (for lack of a better word) to support and i think pansexuality, demisexuality, polysexuality, etc all get lumped together and pretty much forgotten. i hope we manage to find a good community between ourselves, though, from the response i’ve gotten tonight, i think we need it.


WWE pretty much went down the path I assumed it would go down. I am glad, though. Very glad. Even though the Shield wasn’t going to get back together, Dean and Roman are still like brothers. At least one of them, of what use to be the Shield, got the title. As much as I like Randy, the Shield is better. I think Seth finally realizes what he lost. This gives me hope. Can’t expect much. After all, it is WWE. I’m just.. going to ignore Kane and the security and just keep focused on those Ambreigns moments. Cause you know what? There is light in every situation.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

That was a hard match to watch. I’ve been waiting all week for this. Once it came on, I wanted to run out of the room. WWE likes to put people on emotional roller coasters. 

Okay. Now I can relax. Relaaaxxx.. Yeah. No. Impossible. Monday Night Raw is tomorrow. I’m interested in hearing what cat woman has to say.

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Hope things keep getting better. If you need anything, let me know. I'm sending you good thoughts right now. <3

Thank you Jenny <3 I appreciate it. I thought things were getting better but my mom just texted me that my Dad is going in for surgery tomorrow… nothing major thankfullyn(apparently it’s to remove a big kidney stone), but still.

It’s all gotta end at some point though.We struggle so we can appreciate the times when we don’t and not take them for granted.


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Agreed to the last ask... I have nothing against Izabella but she relies too much on her parents and she's definitely NOT an example. Of course she's young and making mistakes but I hope she'll mature and be more responsible.

What’s better for them though? Living at her parents and getting an education to get themselves good jobs and make a good life for their kids or getting no education, living out of home and working for minimum wage barely being able to keep a roof over their heads. There are so many struggling teen mothers and fathers out there because no one was there to help them.

hello little loves,

having a proud moment right now bc i’ve been very strong all week and even though i was stressed and a bit down i stuck it out and it’s saturday night and i’m feeling ok

i hope you are too, and if you’re not, i hope things get better for u and you feel lovely about yourself bc you should but i also know how hard it is to feel self love and to have self care, so keep going and trying, i’ve got faith in you

lots and lots of love and good vibes xxx

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The universe has sent me to your page for a reason. I have envisioned myself in this beautiful apartment I've been trying to get but I'm not sure if I'll be getting it. The person living there now paid the rent this month. I've lost hope and its hard to get back on the positive frequency for the law of attraction to emit but your page is truly giving me reassurance! xo

Awesome! Welcome to the page! Even though you aren’t sure if you’ll be getting the apartment, you still have the option and ability of focusing on the positive aspects of that apartment…

Keep in mind that there are many things that still CAN go right for you, in terms of getting that apartment, or in getting an even better one.

The person could change their mind and back out for some reason…maybe vacating the apartment with a month already paid for…you could come across an even better one that surpasses what you visualized, you could get one that feels better than the one you visualized, maybe a similar apartment in the same building somehow becomes available…

There is lots that can go right. When you consider all the things that could go right, like the things mentioned, you feel better and feel more positive. And however this apartment, or place to live, manifests for you, will be at the perfect timing for you.

So glad that you landed on the page and that you have found some reassurance! Here’s a virtual hug, high-five, and a fist bump!

Visit often, comment, share tips and suggestions, and or just chill…

That’s what the page is here for!

Peace and love to you.

I struggled last year with horrible depression and suicide. When my parents found out they pulled me out of school for two weeks and took away all of my technology, which did nothing but make it worse. I spiraled into a deeper depression than ever, and I often thought of death as the only way out.

It took a long time for me to get better. Months of training myself to smile, to think happy thoughts, to not hate on myself. My friends and my family got me through it, and even though I’m still sad sometimes, I know that there is hope for the future.

I know this because my favorite celebrity in the entire world struggled with depression too, and he conquered it. He came out the other end of it and now he has a beautiful family and millions of adoring fans. He has inspired me to continue to get better, to have hope, and to always keep fighting.

I owe my strength to Jared Padalecki, and I want him to know that he is loved dearly by me and by millions of other people around the world.

After all, “all the girls in the world love Jared Padalecki”

Weekend wrap up.

I still can’t stop thinking about how amazing my date was. I drove to see them and they payed for my dinner, let me spend the night, and took me out to breakfast this morning. This weekend was just extremely perfect. I hope this keeps moving forward because they make me really happy. I wish this weekend never had to end.

Working today though was so bad I had an anxiety attack while at work and this has only happened to me twice and both occurrences have only been at work. I’m doing better now especially that I’m getting ready for bed.

I love you all! Send me anonymous message or regular messages I love receiving them from you guys :))

Yesterday the doctor called me saying they had the results of my second chest x-ray and asked me to come in to see her. So I took some time from work today to go and it’s ok I’m not dying :P but there is still pneumonia in my lungs. My cough has been pretty bad the past couple days, and because of the fever I had last week she wants to keep a close eye on it. At least the fever hasn’t come back though this week.

Anyways she gave me a puffer to help with the coughing fits, and she just wants me to report any new symptoms if they develop or come back, but otherwise she’s hoping it’s just a persistent pneumonia that will just take some time for my body to get rid of. Then another x-ray in 2 weeks to see if it’s gone.

So..here’s hoping in another 2 weeks I’ll be better..

[[ Today was kind of a shitty day for me. I saw my psychiatrist and he’s decided to take me off of two medications in favor of a new one, one being Zoloft and the other being trazadone. I don’t mind losing the Zoloft since I’ve been on it since September and it’s failed to keep my depression down consistently, but I really liked my trazadone. I’m also upset that I’m going though medication change right now.. It’s always been difficult, so if I get emotional over the next week or so, just know I’m not meaning to.

I’m also being referred to another doctor who is going to evaluate me with a psychological assessment. My psychiatrist hopes it’ll help him and my therapist treat me better, since almost all treatment always ends with me being back to square one. (For those who didn’t know I suffer from severe clinical depression, dysthimia, and ptsd for physical and emotional trauma.) 

There’s a whole lot more medically wrong with me, but right now all I want is for my emotional health to be steady. I’ve been working on this for almost a year now and with every success a failure wasn’t far behind and I’m so frustrated and angry and sigh..

Because of the extra stress and unsteady emotions, I’m going to be very selective with my replies, so please don’t feel bad if we started an rp and im doing other things with other people. I love you all. ]]

Anonymous said: I’m dying to watch the “I’m in a box” thing but snapchat keeps crashing on me :( Any ideas on what to do? Thanks!

If you’ve a computer, perhaps give Bluestacks a try (though they’re pretty ad-heavy now). It lets you emulate a phone or tablet, including using apps like Snapchat.

Anonymous said:  how do you download their Snapchat stories?

I don’t, nor do I know how you would. I record the screen.

Anonymous said: Hi, I hope you get better soon.

Thanks, I’m already quite a bit better! And thanks to everyone else that messaged me, I appreciated all the kind thoughts.