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Scenario where Akashi's planning a movie night with R18 horror movie so that reader will get scared and cling onto him or smth like that but unfortunately reader is a hardcore horror fan who doesn't get scared easily please. And I reaaaaally love your blog dear~ keep up the great work! :D

oooh thank you, i will :D

Why was this happening? He’d taken everything into consideration. This film (although horribly executed), was supposed to make you cling to him in fear. He’d then proceed to hold you and smirk, because he had achieved his goal.

But you were doing the exact opposite. You were curled in the other corner of the sofa, a huge bowl of popcorn on your lap. Every so often, you’d laugh at an unfortunate death, then scream at the characters, suggesting your own ideas on how they could not get killed.

He was stumped.

“(f/n), why aren’t you scared?”

“Am I supposed to be? It’s not particularly scary. Maybe even funny, if you will.”

That confused him. The reviews had all commented on how scary it was. You were definitely abnormal.

“But, then again, I read lots of horror books, and I do quite like watching horror films from time to time. Why do you ask, anyway? Does it scary you, oh mighty Akashi Seijuurou?”