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Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity; I’ve been super busy the past week organizing a student council event, but I’ve finally gotten around to making printables for April. This time, I also made a monthly organizer sort of thing, which has the following features:

A goals list to list down your goals for this month.
A section for major events so that you may plan for them ahead of time. This would also be convenient if you have trouble sorting out your events on a calendar planner.
A vision box for you to write your, well, vision for this coming month, such as how you wish to change, what you can improve, what you should stop doing, etc.
New habits you’d like to try out this month, or even old ones you want to keep doing.
A space for notes
A quote by Albert Einstein (which frankly I spelled wrong at first because of my blog’s name hehe)

The calendar planner is the same as other months, but I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me how I can improve it or what features I should add.

Download them here in my studyblr google drive!

Don’t forget to tag me (#eintsein) when you use them :)

Hi I would just like to remind everyone that if your an adult (18+) and sending minors on here hate because of what they ship/characters they like, you need to stop immediately. Not only is it wrong but also can get you into legal trouble for cyberbullying/harassment. Also if any minors feel uncomfortable with an adult (like me) following them/reblogging their edits/commenting on their posts, please let us know and we will unfollow/stop. I understand people are frustrated with the writers and the characters story lines but some of you are crossing the line between stating an opinion and verbal abuse. Also minors please feel free to block/report anyone spewing this hate. Keep a record of what they post but do NOT engage. Stay in your lanes people. Especially if you’re an adult.

in the woods

he sets a steaming mug on the coffee-table beside her, the scent of hot chocolate curling her lips up. last night, he made them rib-eyes with spinach and mashed potatoes, used that ridiculously expensive grass-fed butter and everything; she picks up the mug, takes a creamy sip, and decides that she can summarize this weekend with the word rich. though they only have two space-heaters in this little cabin, the room feels cozy nonetheless. she lounges on the couch, the secret history on her pajamaed lap, her legs up on the cushions while he sits down at her feet, lifts her toes up onto his lap. she sets the mug back down, returns to her words while he takes one of her wool socks into his hands and rubs his thumb along her arch. yes, she thinks; rich is the correct term.

though she’s unsure as to whose cabin this is, she knows it belongs to an old friend of mulder’s, some guy whose wife or daughter or other relative had been abducted, and due to mulder’s brash heroism - she stopped listening as soon as he began the story, for she figured it wouldn’t be true or that the true version would be far less exhilarating than mulder’s rendition - and she doesn’t want to question the ownership, not when it’s ever-so-softly snowing outside and not while their little space of the adirondacks is so blissfully, wonderfully quiet. according to the true locals, this is off-season, and they’re in a portion of the state that’s been owned by a specific family for years; the lake water, apparently, is safe to drink though she made sure mulder boiled it anyway. nonetheless, it’s just them and the neighboring cabin’s occupants out here for the weekend, the nearest paved road being thirty miles away, the closest gas station probably thirty-five. 

“are we staying in today?” he asks as he rubs her feet, still tired from their past week of nonstop paperwork. to skinner on friday, mulder claimed that he would have a twenty-four hour virus starting on that coming monday, a lie that skinner grinned and bore; as for her excuse to spend the weekend away, she was registered to attend a conference in alexandria that she’d intended to attend though mulder’s mentioned it hundreds of times that, technically speaking, they’re both playing hooky. yesterday, they spent the morning snowshoeing the property and hiking the short path down to the frozen-over lake, but today, life sounds best when her book, a blanket, and mulder are involved.

glancing out the window, she watches as an evergreen folds heavily beneath the falling snow; outside, the world is silent but full of change, the gravity shifting as it does with every storm. to herself, she wonders if they might end up snowed in and finds she doesn’t mind that prospect. 

“i’d like to,” she says as he switches to her other foot. 

of course, she’d been resistant at his first mention of a weekend like this, one planned out and researched and intended for - she nearly cringes at the word - romance.

“just wait for a holiday weekend instead,” she insisted as they sat together in the basement office, as she flicked through some new file, as she remained friendly but indifferent toward him in the way she’d mastered at work over the years. though their relationship had changed drastically - in a good way, in the best of ways - since he kissed her on the first, she still needed to be professional. “i’d rather not take time off.”

“but it is a holiday weekend,” he gave softly, his eyes puppying and his gaze silently hurt. 

“mulder, martin luther king day is in january, not february.”

“yeah, i know that.”

“then what holiday are you talking about?”

and though she knew that their territory since he kissed her on the first was uncharted, and though she knew that her priorities didn’t tend toward hallmark holidays, and though she knew better than to think he would overlook such a thing, she stared incredulously at him, couldn’t remember any february holiday other than her birthday though even that one was hardly worth celebrating.

“that’s the weekend of valentine’s day,” he explained, his eyes downcast, his ribs still as he waited for the inevitable rejection. “the fourteenth’s that monday.”

and now, she’s playing hooky for the first time in her career, and she’s wearing his thermal shirt, and he made her belgian waffles for breakfast, the world beyond them is a mess of bright white, and work is the last thing on her mind.

“i think there’s a scrabble board on the bookshelf,” he says, glancing back at the dusty, faded stack of almanacs; this place, all gas-powered and wooden, looks exactly the way a cabin should look, the decor straight out of the 1960s, the mugs in the cabinet all fading shades of green and yellow, all of the furniture holding the scent of pine. if there’s a box of scrabble in here, it’ll be an old version, the rulebook fading and three or four of the pieces missing. looking to him, she smiles softly, figures that everything’s more alluring when it has a quirk or two.

“yeah,” she offers, folding her pages over her bookmark, setting the novel down on the coffee-table. then, she shimmies down against the couch, her knees falling over his lap, and motions for him to come closer. though the word of the weekend is rich, she figures contact would also suffice.

“we’re not going to fit,” he warns but leans down alongside her anyway; with his folded legs draping across her hips and his arm steadying himself around her stomach, she exhales, her mind blanking meditatively, her heartbeat slow and soft. 

“i’m sorry that there’s not much to do around here,” he whispers against her skin, his lips ghosting against her collarbone. “i should’ve planned something else. though i know you like quiet places, this might be a little too quiet.”

“no, no,” she says, shaking her head as she twines his fingers through his hair. then, she quirks a lip, says, “a calm, quiet weekend with you is a rare treat.”

“we could’ve gone to san jose,” he muses; though she’s not entirely sure, she thinks he’s joking. “i heard that there have been sightings there. we could’ve stayed up until four in the morning, looked for flying saucers, and eaten junk food all weekend.”

“how romantic,” she deadpans. 

“this hasn’t been romantic at all,” he grumbles, the statement self-deprecating, his words intended for himself only.

on the drive from some tiny rural airport in vermont to this cabin, he brought out his blues brothers cd to keep them entertained while the radio stations went in and out; he imitated the guys on npr for a certain stretch of miles, each quip being met with a smile from her. though they arrived too late on friday night to see much of the property, he offered her a ski mask and sat on the cabin’s porch with her, pointed out the seven sisters constellation and labeled it the smudge in the sky. that night, she took his sleep-shirt out of his duffel, put it on before he could, and the incredulous but deeply satisfied look he gave her for that - and the mild-mannered but insistent way he managed to get it back, or at least to let it reside on the bedroom’s floor for the remainder of the evening - was worth any backroad boredom they could’ve had. though she always knew he was loving, could discern his intelligent passion from the moment she first met him, she’s still shocked with every extraneous touch, with every unnecessary caress, with the way he’ll stop stirring risotto just so he can bring her into his arms, and she’s far more shocked with how at ease she feels with him. when he makes her dinner, when he borrows her chapstick though she insists that he shouldn’t, when he spoons up against her in bed as though he could read her mind and sense that she felt cold, she feels her mind soften, her muscles relax; simultaneously, they’re honeymooners and best friends, and as she turns her head, kisses his forehead, she whispers, “it’s been romantic.”

“but has it been a valentine’s day kind of romantic?” he asks. 

“of course it has,” she laughs. 


“you’re asking someone who forgot about the holiday altogether.”

“so i should’ve made this year so memorable that you would never forget it.”

she closes her eyes, breathes him in, thinks of how many hours they have to themselves, just the two of them in the middle of nowhere on a snowy day, books and scrabble keeping them company, this cabin making them feel as though they’re the only people left on earth.

“i’ll never forget it,” she whispers to him. “i promise.”


About the Mun

Q: Where do you come from ? 

A: Canada ! More precisely from Quebec !

Q: What do you speak ?

A: My main language is French, and obviously I learned (and still learn) English.

Q: How long have you been drawing ? What material/Art program do you use ?

A: Since forever. I’ve never really stopped since the age I managed to hold a pen. I also use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Paint Tool Sai for most of my work. But I do like to work on traditional paper as well now and then.

Q: Can we be friend?

A: Yes. No. Maybe ? I cannot tell… it takes time for me to bond with someone, especially since people mostly befriended me for my art in the past. It doesn’t mean I cannot befriend someone however, and I’m honestly not someone who will bite you. Just be considerate and patient and MAYBE friendship would bloom. Who knows.

Q: When do you stream ? 

A: Sometimes. I can’t really tell because it depend of my mood, my health and my internet since it’s really unstable where I live.

Q: Can I rp with you ? 

A: No. As much as I would love to, my energy is limited and I’m REALLY selective. Rp is an activity I do with my close friends only.

About UnderDecay

Q: What’s UnderDecay ?

A: Dear follower, I have this lovely tag called UnderDecay Official that will provide you all the answers that you need that are canon. If you still got question, I’m always free to reply to them through ask.

Q: Is there a comic or a story that I can read ? 

A: Not yet. I still need to finish my current one first.

Q: Can we ask question to the characters ?

A: Of course ! For now it’s only with Decans but once the project start you might get the chance to interact to other’s !

About Paper Crane

Q: Who is Paper Crane ? 

A: Paper Crane is an amalgamation of dead Sanses from different timelines and universe and drain magic to survive. For more information you can go over here.

Q: Is Paper Crane a Sans ?

A: No. He might be made of Sanses, but he is his own independent character.

Q: When will you update his comic ?

A: Since it a stand alone project I’m doing during my free time there’s no schedule. But I try to make at least one page every 2 weeks.

Q: Can we ask question to him ?

A: Of course ! He got his own ask blog over here @papercranesnas.

Frequent Questions

Q: Can I draw you characters ? 

A: Yes! Don’t be shy, I’m always ready to encourage artist of any age or talent to show what they can do ! Just don’t forget to submit it to me since it gets really hard to keep track of every single tagging I got in one day.

Q: Could you draw  [Insert Character name here] ?

A: I don’t take request. I’m sorry, but I can’t. As much as I would love to draw everything  that you guys propose to me. I can’t. Especially since I have to think about my health first.

Q: I really love your character and I would love to rp them !!! Can I ?

A: No. As much as it sound like a bummer, there is still lots of information that I haven’t release about my characters and I don’t want people to spread misinformation about them. I saw this happen way to often.

Q: Can I make a Fanchild of your character ?

A: Sure ! I see no harm with that. Don’t forget that those wouldn’t be considered canon however !

Q: I have submitted you something and you haven’t responded to it yet… Are you ignoring me ? 

A: No. I take my time to reblog art because I often write comment to show how much I appreciate your work. Just a little patience, it will be reblogged.

Q: Can we use your art ?

A: Sure ! As long you credit me for it ! If you see art from me that isn’t credited, please contact me. There’s no need to bring any kind of justice and I honestly prefer to handle the situation on my own.

Announcement Time!!!

Hey, HEY, it’s your faaaaaaavourite Rob-writer popping by to drop a few important notices, in case anyone actually cares if I post stuff or not…!

Originally posted by m00ndanse

  • First up…I’m grounded. My mom grounded me for my horrible grades (I failed a Math subject, yes) so my writing process is delayed and I can’t be dropping new stories as frequently as I hoped…This punishment’s probably gonna last until August, so there’s a really bad thing right there. But fear not, I’m still writing, which brings me to point number 2! 
  • I’m currently focusing on writing a massively angsty Chuck Shurley x Reader series based off the 2016 Bastille album Wild World! There are 19 songs in the album, which means I have 19 parts to write, and I’ve already gotten a few done with, so there’s that. IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED, REBLOG THIS POST AND TELL ME lol.
  • For those of you who have submitted requests, don’t worry, I didn’t forget, I’m on top of it, I made notes and I already planned out most of them in advance. Just…y’know. Don’t send in any more, I have a lot in my plate as it is, what with trying to keep my grades afloat…
  • Also, is anyone interested in writing a super-cute Rob series, please let me know, I have an idea for you that I don’t exactly have the time to write…

So, tagging my usual suspects for this head’s up…

@i-dont-understand-that-url @your-not-invisible-to-me @waywardswain @88dragon06 @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll @spnackleholicswainer @bananakid42 @shanghai88 @liveandletship @ashiewesker @crowleysprincess159 @thatone67chevyimpala @fangirl-faye @nekodresden85 @hudine @laffytaffyhumor @feelmyroarrrr @a-typical-oli @magpiegirl80 @kanadianwithashippingproblem @riversong-sam @girl-next-door-writes @gabriels-trix @amazinggraceinwonderland @the-latina-trickster @nerdyforyourbooks @claraoswald81 @thehowling1234 @multi-fan-dom-madness @zymmas @jannalionheart @ravenclawkittyninja @lizzy077 @myreyisbae @chelseypaigeake @fand0maniac @thewhiterabbit42 @definiteoptimist @fizonafan @bloodstained-porcelain-doll @olgaplaygames @evyiione @cutierobandrich @b-northington @snickersforangelica @swainchestr @super–who–locked @totallysupernaturaloneshots @robbenedictandco @lucifersxvessel 

       Sooo, in case ya’ll haven’t already noticed, I haven’t been queuing replies to threads since my return from vacation. But! For good reasons! I’ve been working on some major changes to this blog ( it’s a big ol’ mess rn ), so threads in my drafts will be on hold for a bit. Sorry for the wait !!

anonymous asked:

I don't know how you can be bothered to tag so many people lol, you're a stronger person than me, I'm way too lazy 😅 I'm so glad you do though your stuff is awesome

Oh my gosh tagging is legit a pain in the ass lol but I will always do it!! All of my readers are so sweet and comment and like and reblog the hell out of what I write, so of course I try to keep up on my tags so they can keep reading it!!

Besides, like the WORST is to stumble across a chapter of a fic you want to keep reading, but getting distracted or forgetting to reblog/save it and when you finally get back on tumblr good luck finding the Author/fic again lol so at least if I tag people it shows up there in the notifications!

Sometimes I worry that I’m annoying people by tagging them?? But for the most part everyone seems to appreciate it :)

cartoon  asked:

Hey!! I'm a new follower and I'm really loving you blog --- all the hard work you've put into it is really inspiring!!! I have one questions: What are the tags you use to organize your posts? [So I can look them up on your page!]. Thanks so much for all of your in-depth analysis, information, and such!!! Its fabulous!

Thank you so much!  A lot of this blog is untagged asks because I forget to go back and edit those… so if I’m looking for something specific and the tags are turning up short, I usually just put a keyword in the search bar in my menu.  But for my own posts and special asks I actually remember to tag, I try to keep it straight forward. 

(hopefully I remember to add this to my FAQ… 18 hours from now)

Pretty much everything goes into “Ed Edd n Eddy,” with some notable tags being:

Production Art

Model Sheets


House References

Reference Material


Background Discussion


Rolf’s Country / Rolf’s Country Info

The Static


Danny Antonucci

AKA cartoons/AKA cartoon

Snotrocket (Danny’s latest cartoon short)

Cartoon Network

And most characters have a “[name] discussion” tag if I went off on a rant.

Buttons on the side menu link to the season 1 and 2 episode analysis guides– I have only analyzed two season 3 episodes, which are the most recent in the “Episode Analysis” tag. I tag those by episode names and storyboard artists, as well as by season, by characters that feature heavily, by new characters or locations or information on the parents, and I also try to group the analyses by “good,” “neutral” or “bad” ending tags.  

hey, wrestling peeps: I’m shamefully out-of-touch with puroresu. I haven’t kept up siiiince…. pretty much 1.5 years ago, outside of hearing things on here and occasionally watching a match.

I’ve had… a pretty rough/weird calendar year, if we’re being honest.

What Japanese companies are relevant or semi-relevant besides NJPW, AJPW (getting there), Stardom, BJW, Dragon Gate, DDT (kind of)? Who are CAN’T-MISS big talents in all of these companies*?

More specifically, should I be paying attention to/what wrestlers should I be paying attention to in the above, plus:

… SenJo, REINA, Ice Ribbon, FREEDOMS, Michinoku Pro, FREEDOMS, NOAH, Wrestle-1, IGF, Kaeintai Dojo, ZERO1, JWP, etc.

I’d add Super Battle FMW and Tokyo Gurentai to that list, but I kind of doubt that there’s any big-timers in those feds that aren’t already known for being somewhere else.

Any freelancers of note are also worth noting.

* = I mostly keep up with NJPW just because of what people keep posting about them, but consider me TOTALLY clueless about all of the other companies I list besides maybe BJW, just in case.

This is for a project in addition to being for kicks, so I’d like to have a decent list going.

@mengs-mullet@nuclearbummer @iqwrestler @bruiserminody @choujyu@lightonmethjr @yungcrybby-anonymousbosch​ (FINALLY I can tag you, jesus, took long enough) (also your long-ass name is breaking the tag system still) and, uh, sorry if I’m forgetting anyone.

e: also I’ve got TripleSix covered, because I’m awful and I really have a soft spot for that company even though they’re kind of lacking on the whole “watchable wrestling” front. 

… I’m VERY GOOD at skipping around, okay?

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YO, have you got any more Angel/Demon prompts? Idk how old that last post was but it was like a gift from God (no pun intended)! I'm writing an angel-on-demon fic and am totally stuck for interaction ideas between them? And if you really are a bunch of cats inside a trench coat then you must have like twenty brains x9 which is way more creativity than I can even comprehend please help iloveyou

I hadn’t planned on a part two but here goes! I saw your message when you sent it thought all of these up then went back to bed. The downside to being a bunch of cats in a trench coat is we need to sleep longer than most humans do.

I hope these can help you~ I love you to anon-dear!

Aaayy I like seeing what y'all create! Tag me please?


  • I sorta kinda hate the human I’m supposed to be watching over??
  • You can’t keep asking God to damn me after every little argument we have
  • Look I know you’re worried about your cat back on earth but I can’t just-! Fine we’ll go check on them one last time…..
  • I forget how large my wings are sometimes and knock things (mostly you though) over all the time.
  • I sorta people watch a lot and you human are up there in my list of weird people. Please explain that time you tried to eat a pinecone.
  • God…. This human upon figuring out they were dead promptly bent down and ripped up some of the ground and ate it. When I asked why they said “I wanted to see what heaven tastes like, y'know the saying ‘tastes like heaven’? Well heaven tastes gross as fuck” can I keep them?


  • The first thing you asked me is if there are cats in hell and I’m quite sure that’s when I fell in love
  • You sold your soul to me to find your soul mate and now I can’t leave. What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fu-
  • I found out that this demon has a thing for praise so I keep them in line by praising them for all the good they do.
  • Hell is a lot more chill then I thought it’d be…. Wanna share an apartment together?
  • You keep getting your horns stuck in stuff. One if these days I’m going to just leave you there.
  • There are no substitutes for a human soul either you pay up now or I’m taking your cat back to the grave with me


  • I had planned on harassing this angel but they look so sad I don’t have the heart for it anymore
  • Demon! What you doing h- Oh…? You’re just petting cats…. Mind if I join you?
  • How am I, an angel, supposed to keep this demon in check when they can just smile and turn my brain to mush?
  • Honestly I’m kinda sick of heaven take me to hell I wanna see what it’s like.
  • Awkward family dinner date with literal God and the Devil cause their kids fell in love.
  • Stop pointing to hallmark Angel cards and saying “that looks like you"
  • This human isn’t at all amazed by finding out that angels and demons are real. I will put my differences aside if you will to so we can show them how awesome we are.
  • I got kicked out of heaven you got kicked out of hell… Wanna like get an apartment together and not die on Earth miserable?
  • Every time I see this demon we end up in a fist fight but now I’m kinda looking forward to these fights? Plus it doesn’t help the demon is super attractive
  • Will you stop with the heaven/hell puns already

tagged by @sadiemillers who is still pretending we’re ~~~~bEsT fRiEnDs bc i guess i’m just supposed to forget about bara dick shoe

Rules: Tag 20 people

Nickname: jessi, kit, kitty

Zodiac: virgo

Height: 5′3

Last thing i Googled: how to stop my venus fly trap from dying T_T

Favorite music artist: the front bottoms, the vaccines, alvvays, modern baseball, alkaline trio, amanda palmer

Song stuck in my head: idk what its called but taylor keeps playing it on repeat

Last movie i saw: fantastic beasts and where to find them

Why did i choose my url: taylor said it would be funny bc i was sick of being unclejessi

Do i have any other blogs: ya. @aoyagay is my aoyagi kin aesthetic blog and @trvlygross is my midousuji kin aesthetic blog but i always forget they exist 

What did your last relationship teach you: that i’m 100% a lesbian and also that if you’re 19 years old and your boyfriend/partner/whatever is 25 he is probably taking advantage of you and also that 19 is way too young of an age to be engaged to someone lol 

Religious or spiritual: i mean, i believe in ghosts and in the power of human energy and in reincarnation so i guess spiritual? 

Favorite color: blue

Average hours of sleep: idk i dont sleep very well 

Lucky number: 5

Favorite characters: t2, keith kogane, garnet/ruby & sapphire, lapis lazuli, miharu & yoite

How many blankets do i sleep with: many blankets

Dream job: english professor with tenure 

i tag: @blessedthrice @larsbarrigaofficial @izumiduh @kuroda-yuki @quarknova @gallifreyanphd @sangakumanami @gnorcgnexus @arakitayasuthomo @zeezeepearl @missblackribbon @goth-velma and whoever else wants to do this bc im sick of tagging

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softshumjr alexanderbaens magnuslights

anonymously send me a url, and i’ll tell you what i think of them

@softshumjr - listen i love marta so much she’s so good and so easy to get along with?? i could talk to her for hours tbh
@alexanderbaens -  ayelén is amazing and so talented!!! her malec textposts gifsests always make me laugh and they’re so good
@magnuslights - meral is the most hardworking person i know, i always forget that she’s only 17, she’s so mature and nice and i love how she doesn’t let anything stop her?? she’s amazing ok and i love her a lot

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Did you ever find out who NASCAR was? Are you friends? Who are they? What's there tumblr? and how many of your Fanfics are from ideas by NC you are very talented to be able to create stories from the prompts.

I actually do know who my NASCAR anon is, yes, but I’m keeping their identity secret. Where would be the fun in disclosing it?

As for the fics based on NASCAR anon … Here’s the list as far as I know :

  • Crash into me X
  • Safe & Sound X - (part 2 to come)
  • Runnin’ home to you X
  • Funeral Blue X - X
  • Burn X
  • Writing’s on the wall X
  • Oh let’s go back to the start X
  • Castle on the hill X
  • Short prompts X - X 

Now, I suspect my NASCAR anon sent me other prompts before I tagged them as NASCAR, so maybe if they are so inclined, they’ll tell me wich of those not listed here are from them too. 

They are, with a few other very precious people, my main source of inspiration for prompts and ideas. I also have a few prompts left to fill, from them, in my inbox!

Thanks for asking, dear Anon ♥

tagged by @pureren ​ 

sorry i keep forgetting to do these things :(

1. Always post the rules
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you
3. Write 11 questions of your own
4. Tag 11 people

@pureren​‘s questions !

1. What’s a ridiculous thing you remember doing, and why did you do it

when i was little my parents used to make us take supplements like fish oil capsules for omega 3 etc etc except these capsules were literally repulsive and i could barely bring myself to swallow them and the taste was so bad

so anyway because i hA tED these things one day i had the fuckn epiphany that i could avoid the grossness while getting the goodness by eating the oil tablets IN something else ! like to conceal the taste and texture.. so my bright idea was to cut open the top of the capsules and pour the fish flavoured liquid shit into a couple of fresh bottles of milk so i could get my omega 3 on my cornflakes or whatever

but anyway the issue was the milk now tasted and smelled like an absolute fuckn abomination and my mum was all WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE MILK and bc i didnt wanna get my ass whooped i kept silent and so my mum thought the milk was like…. defective ? i guess? idk ? but anyway she STORmed back to the store to COMPLain to th e manager and demand money back and vow to never shop there again and thats the baddest and most ridiculous thing i did

2. What kind of clothes do you always wear?

i only wear one outfit (i left my tablet at uni ;n; but heres a sktch)

3. If you were one of the choices on a ‘tag yourself’ meme, what would be written under your picture?

i think on the group chat i said i would b labelled ‘ aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’

4. If you could choose to live the life of any fictional character, who would you choose and why?

barbie bc she has aLL of the outits and also a dreamhouse and no responsibilities apart from look gr9 and have a perf life ?

5. How easy is it to impress you or sweep you off your feet?

too easy and i hate it.

that’s if i ever notice that you’re trying to impress mebut thats a problem for later i guess lol

6. What did the last person to get on your nerves do to piss you off?

treat me like #2 always and then turn around and give me like intensly overwhelming compliments ? like ? pls ? im actively trying to hate you again don’t do this to me

7. Is there anyone you have a crush or someone you would like to know more about at the moment?

no i want him to die

8. When was the last time you had fun with your friends or family, and what did you do?

uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm i cant remember :(

ohh actually my sister and i went to see wonder woman it was great ahah

9. What are some of your guilty pleasures?

salted popcorn ! painting my nails while watching a movie or listening to music, spending all day without getting dressed, doing my makeup

10. Can you think of any compliment, gesture, or feedback that made you feel good about yourself?

u always make me feel 100% babe

11. What’s the last show you watched?

Leverage !

Im rlly tired so im not gonna do my own questions but if you see this on your dash etc and u wanna do these questions then consider yourself tagged by me !! :) thx sorry 

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bearded dragon, nile crocodile, common toad, green tree boa!!

BEARDED DRAGON: What is your favourite flower?

forget-me-nots! cute lil blue flowers ; u ; but I do love other flowers too, ofc. [answer copied from here]

NILE CROCODILE: What kind of things do you collect/ want to collect?

oh go s  h. when I was younger I would love to collect rings. you know those dispensers for 25 cents that give you some cheap plastic something? I would always get rings and collect them. same kind of idea, I would collect sticker dress up dolls too. (I would also keep all my teeth after the tooth fairy came for a visit but that’s kind of creepy?). also name tags from elementary school and miscellaneous school things I wanted to hold on to. I can’t remember much else I collected, but I was definitely a hoarder.

however, now … I collect movie tickets and my fortunes from fortune cookies. I have a little jar that I shove them all in. but as of late I have been collecting more stationery. the studyblr community has got me hooked !!!! 

COMMON TOAD: What kind of clothes do you typically wear?

hmm. the majority of my closet is filled with skinny jeans and t-shirts (mainly from schools and camping trips - none are graphic t’s). I do like to wear simple/plain v necks or shirts that are long and drape. I dress as modestly (have my shoulders covered, and make sure my shorts go ¾ down my thighs) as possible. I enjoy wearing sandals over closed toed shoes, and have a pair I’ve worn so much my footprint has been worn into the shoe haha. I like to wear studded earrings a lot, but usually only have one or two pairs I switch between. for pajamas I usually wear jogger pants or basketball shorts and one of my many t-shirts. I’d say my style is more on the casual end and isn’t all that unique. but it is comfortable! maybe someday I’ll find the strength to post a selfie or something. [answer copied from here]

GREEN TREE BOA: Where do you spend most of your time?

recently? I’m usually at one of three places. work, home - or, during school time, on campus. I don’t really have friends to do anything with, so :’’) the other places I would really be would be like….in a car, at my mom’s, or at the grocery store. I’m kinda boring haha.

send me a reptile!

I fucking hate how some dates and names still keeps popping up in my mind making me remember traumatic events. But still I try to keep them around?
I mean, for example for the dates, I try to make something for that day so I can think of it as the new, and better, thing, but still it’s a way to not forget at all?

Is it just me? I hate it so much lol why can’t I just forget everything instead of having random thoughts about it and feeling like shit.

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Hi guys! 1) This is my absolute favorite blog! All four of you make my day. 2) Do you happen to know of any sterek stories where pack dynamics/relationships are featured heavily? Idk if that makes sense or not. Like I guess something where the parents are also a part of the pack and basically all parent the kids, I guess? I got like hella into the Haglaz series by TheHatterTheory then quietly started to internally weep when I realized it hadn't been updated in over a year.

Oh man. I hate when I forget to check if it’s a WIP first and get all invested and then discover it is. Really bums me out. But I do really love pack dynamic fics. It’s brilliant that authors have taken what little we know about the pack world in the TW universe and have created entire systems of heirarchies and structure. I love this fandom. And you nonny. So here’s some fic. I made the executive decision to have them all complete. Just to keep you from weeping. We don’t condone that here, internally or otherwise. - Anastasia 

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(we also have a pack dynamics tag if you need more.)

This isn’t a fic but I still thought it was interesting.  Real Wolf Packs and How They Relate to Teen Wolf Werewolves by burntotears

Feels Like Belonging by nan

(1/1 I  2,513 I Teen I Sterek I Puppy Piles)

Stiles isn’t sure why all these werewolves think they have access to his bed. The explanation is just. Weird.

So Shed Your Skin and Lets Get Started by halfhardtorock

(2/2 I  21,801 I Explicit I Sterek I Mates)

He’s sixteen and in the woods on the wrong side of the town-line and he’s so fucking fucked.

He knows he’s not supposed to run, they teach that to you in preschool (don’t run from a Were, back away slowly and walk with care), but they never told you how it would feel, standing alone in the dark with your heart beating in your throat as those glowing eyes tracked you from the shadows.

Where The Wild Things Are by DeadWalker

(4/4 I  30,049 I Teen I Sterek, Berica, Scallison I Alive Hale Family)

Derek finds a boy in the woods. He might not have realized it then, but that was the moment his whole life changed.

Little Wild Animal by DiscontentedWinter

(23/23 I 61,036 I Explicit I Sterek I Feral!Stiles)

Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack’s property.
Humans are supposed to be extinct.
But then, Stiles is full of surprises.

With or Without You by KouriArashi

(13/13 I  62,556 I Teen I Sterek, Berica, Cora/Isaac I Mates)

Derek thinks that the mating rituals are overly romanticized bullshit, but claiming a mate and defending them from challengers is something werewolves do, and his pack can’t afford to appear weak after the fire. Especially not when Deucalion and his friends are in town for the rituals. Enter Stiles Stilinski, who offers to let Derek claim him so he won’t be overrun at the ceremonies. Nothing goes as expected.

There’s Monsters at Home by calrissian18

(6/6 I  83,575 I Explicit I Sterek I Magic!Stiles)

“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.

Commands and Contrasts by ravingrevolution

(30/30 I  88,377 I Mature I Sterek I ABO)

“Collared Alphas are Careful Alphas”

Seriously? What the hell was that? Because putting a collar on someone was supposed to make them manageable or something? Sure thing.

Or: “Mated Betas are Better Betas”

Again with the control issues. But then again betas were by far the most common classification type, so Stiles assumed that was mainly posted to keep things kind of even.

His least favorite was definitely: “Keep Omegas Pure - Report Uncollared Unmated Alphas Always”

Just wow.

Stiles attended all the home economics classes, like a good omega, and took all his pills, like a good omega, and outwardly submitted to authority, like a good omega, but he didn’t buy into the whole structure dynamic thing. He just didn’t.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation by grimm

(4/4 I 118,749 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Berica, )

 There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Enemy Lines by qhuinn (tekla)

(17/17 I  149,179 I Explicit I Sterek I Dystopian AU)

This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves.

Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles.

Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

Divided We Stand by KouriArashi

(29/29 I  156,742 I Mature I Sterek I Mates)

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

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