i keep forgetting that i haven't posted this

me at this point in the semester

I’ve begun this post a dozen different ways and nothing seems right to describe the pure visceral devastation of what has happened today. Now normally I keep this blog free of politics, and I still will, I just wanted to give everyone my wishes and blessings for you all that maybe can brighten this horrible, horrible day:

•may every leaf you step on be crunchy
•may you never forget your tea and it remains hot
•may you find a dollar in your pocket
•may you get an extra warm, squishy hug
•may your favorite song come on the radio
•may your toes never get cold
•may someone smile brightly at you
•may you see a fluffy dog
•may everything you eat taste delicious
•may you find the items you’re looking for
•may you speak to someone who makes you happy
•may your day be good

Just a friendly reminder that Earth Hour is a week away, so don’t forget to switch off when the time comes! The official event runs from 8:30-9:30pm, but I encourage everyone to push their limits – lights off for an extra hour, or perhaps an evening without any electronics, and you could always send in a donation to the organisation. What’s that science fiction quote? Come to the dark side… We’re environmentally friendly!