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I've never related more to Bum then in this chapter...i don't think i can bring myself to even reread this chapter in the future it's just so heart breaking. I hope we don't get a more detailed description of what that disgusting uncle did i can already feel myself getting sick. I also HOPE Sangwoo shows some kind of empathy even if it's just a LITTLE or else it's gonna be like a slap in the face with what this chapter gave us. Crossing my fingers until next week

Oh man, for my sanity, I need Sangwoo to show some empathy. I’m depending on it. I need to see Bum not being ridiculed or insulted for allowing his uncle to do what he did but I just need some closeness between those two.

I need some emotional bonding due to their tragic childhoods.

Look at these vicious, violent hounds

  • james madison during what did i miss: my boyfriend's back and he's cooler than ever

oldish stuff I’ve had on my drafts for months.

He’s some tealblood with a bird dad who uses his spray cans to vandalize other people’s property and also uses it as a weapon, then his bff kills him accidentally because she’s the worst and he ends up becoming a sprite combined with one of her weird bombs [now he’s got 6 arms!!! sort of ]

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted anything with this guy before????