i keep forgetting

You all already know this, but Hanyu is just amazing. He made mistakes on previous jumps so he makes an all-new layout on the spot. Still, he maintains the quality and calm throughout. Imagine the mental strength that requires.

And guess what? He was still number one in the free. Just incredible.

I never thought I could respect and admire Hanyu even more than I did before this, but he is really something else. Not just as a skater but also as a sportsman.

I SWEAR the Valentine’s Day cards are heading out tomorrow. I’ve been in a bit of a funk, spending a lot of time bonding with my bed, avoiding things like showers, toothbrushes and hairbrushes and glasses of water. So, that’s the reason why I’ve not done the response videos I promised. I swear, I will get up at some point, cling to the shower wall as water cascades down onto my body and put on a clean shirt and get shit done. 👍


oldish stuff I’ve had on my drafts for months.

He’s some tealblood with a bird dad who uses his spray cans to vandalize other people’s property and also uses it as a weapon, then his bff kills him accidentally because she’s the worst and he ends up becoming a sprite combined with one of her weird bombs [now he’s got 6 arms!!! sort of ]

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted anything with this guy before????