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HOLD THE PHONE I'm new so can u please explain the beef situation with dalton/Dana/the boys and just like other important things, please? Thank you!

Soooo here’s the breakdown. This is going to be a long read so brace yourselves.

Dalton left because of health issues but then he also decided to get back together with his original band, Fly Away Hero, after that. This is why towards the end of Dalton’s time with IM5, he looks like he’s put on more weight than before. He had been in and out of the hospital frequently. Originally, he received full support from the other boys, with their main concern being for his health and well-being. They all tweeted heartfelt messages to him when the announcement was made. But eventually, some shade was thrown out. Whether it was intentionally malicious or not, it happened. It was a throwback post on the band Instagram account that was a picture of the boys performing at one of their shows, but Dalton was cropped out. He then posted the picture on his own account captioned something to the effect of, “i guess i remember this day a little differently…”. And after that I believe the animosity between Dalton and everyone (excluding Will) just continued to escalate. Like Dalton himself confirmed, Will is really the only one who still keeps in contact with him. None of them still follow him on social media other than Will.

Then you have David. He was friends with all five of the original members before he took Dalton’s place. In fact, in an old interview with Eva Amantea (@OnTheSpotEva), she asks the group who they would choose as a sixth member if they were IM6 instead of IM5. In a heartbeat, they all agreed that they would call up David Scarzone. David was with the band for only about 5-6 months before deciding to leave. When the announcement was made, released only via tweet, none of the boys responded other than by retweeting the band account’s version of the announcement. David changed his user almost immediately and the band account’s twitter layout and bio was edited soon thereafter as well. Dalton also tweeted soon after David’s announcement saying, “all the cool kids are doing it ;)”. Not long after that, Gabe and Dana were discovered to have unfollowed David already, before he unfollowed them back. Within that week, Cole, Will and David were seen spending time together while Dana and Gabe hung out separately.

Far before David’s announcement, a little after the “IM5 is under reconstruction” tweet, he and Will went to watch Dalton perform in LA while he was in town. This however, did not sit well with the band. It is implied by some of Dalton’s answers to anons that it was not the management, but rather the other boys, who gave David and Will a hard time for going to support their friend. From here on, the story is my theory but many other 5ers agree with me on this completely. Lots of talk goes around about the band’s management not being the best and how they don’t treat the boys in the right way. But if you think about it, it’s the other band members, not the management, who you would spend the most time with. I believe that David didn’t like the way the boys gave him a hard time for wanting to support a friend, and that he didn’t feel quite a part of the band, even after some months. According to a primary source of mine who shall remain unnamed, at a performance the boys had about a month before David decided to leave (which I myself was at), Dana and David had an argument behind the scenes. This, to me, seems completely possible seeing as the Meet and Greet started much later than was advertised. Ultimately, everything seems to all go back to the beef that the boys have with Dalton, which in my humble opinion, is pretty childish and unnecessary. They hold grudges like stereotypical high school girls.

In the weeks preceding David’s announcement, he had numerous tweet and follow sprees. The 5amily appreciated it a LOT. We soon came to understand that he had done it because he knew that he would be making his announcement soon. After he left, the IM5 shirt including David’s name was taken down, and his portions of the website were taken down as well. In addition, the band started having merch sales in which they were very generous giving away things that had David on them (magnets and postcards). This may have also been prompted in preparation for Will’s announcement.

In regards to Will leaving, going back to the night of Dalton’s performance, a fan had asked him what the reconstruction tweet meant. He told them that he didn’t know, which we now know was a blatant lie. After David announced that he was leaving, everyone assumed that the reconstruction tweet referred to that because he said that he made his decision on 10/20/14, with the tweet being sent out that same day. The Ustream revealed that this was not the case, yielding varied degrees of surprise from 5ers all throughout the fandom. I myself was not terribly surprised because I had a strong gut feeling that the news could not be very good if they announced two days before that they would discuss the reconstruction tweet. Because everyone had assumed the tweet was about David, we didn’t understand why they wanted to talk about it if David has already been absent for about a month now. And the rest is history.

This again, is theory, especially because Will said that he did not have any bad blood with the other boys. But according to another primary source of mine, at last month’s Event Fusion Live performance in LA, Will didn’t seem very happy. It was a very laid back event, and 5ers got a considerable amount of time with the boys, especially because they were all just wandering around. Except for Will, that is. Will didn’t seem in the mood to talk to people too much. He did talk to fans but no conversation was very long. While the other boys were roaming around the venue during soundcheck, Will stayed upstairs. He was also the first to leave. He was obviously upset this day. This again, is speculation, but Will has a very different vibe than Dana, Cole, and Gabe. Those boys are very effortlessly cool, and you have Will in all his adorable awkwardness. In interviews, the boys are known to poke fun at Will. Of course, they mean to do so in a loving and brotherly way, but some believe that deep down, Will never liked it, and eventually he had enough. This is up to you to decide but that’s something that’s been thrown out there.

So yeah I think that’s everything I’ve pieced together about this story. I hope I wasn’t too confusing or anything haha. Don’t get me wrong, all of these boys are wonderful and talented, there’s just some unfortunate drama floating around out there.