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My Boys...Part 16

I hope you all have enjoyed this series.  Let me know if you would enjoy an epilogue to this one as well!  I love you all so very much.  Here’s the last chapter, comin’ ‘atcha!

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The next day, trying your best to cover up your limping, both you and Spencer return to work.  The side-glances he keeps giving you in the elevator as you attempt to adjust your work pants make you even more flustered, causing you to pull your hair back into a hair-tie as the elevator doors spring open.

“Y/N!” Garcia squeaks as she shuffles quickly towards you, wrapping you in her arms as she presses her prominent chest deep into you, “Oh my gosh, you’re finally back!  J.J. and I have missed you at girls’ nights.  W-w-…we wanted to call and ask, but-”

Holding up your hand as Morgan approaches your side, you smile lightly as you give him a side-hug, slowly feeling him wrap both around around your shoulders and pull you close.

“How you doin’, pretty girl?” he asks.

You recognized the name-change, similar to Spencer’s nick-name, but still uniquely yours.

“Garcia…it’s fine,” you smile as you turn towards Morgan, his arms falling to his sides.

“You guys already know?” you breathily ask as Rossi approaches you from behind.

“Reid took multiple weeks off to stay and help.  Yes, Y/L/N…we know,” he chuckles as he places his hand between your shoulder blades, patting your back lightly as you shake your head.

“You think Hotch is gonna be against it?” you ask as your eyes drift over to Spencer, his body already standing close to his boss’s as J.J. approaches you and takes your hand.

“I think Reid’s already taking care of that angle,” she smiles lightly as he pulls you from the crowd, pulling you close into a hug.

“How’re those boys?” she asks as she rubs her hands up and down your back.

“Good.  Healing.  Happy to be back at school.  Have some of their independence back,” you sigh as you try to hold back your tears.

“And how’s mom handling that development?” Hotch asks as Spencer and him walk up, Spencer’s hands in his pockets as a wide smile graces his beautiful face.

That face you rode so many times yesterday…


Looking up at the main office, the wide television screen that had first started this entire nightmare of a debacle, you swallow hard as you feel something creep into your hand.

Something that squeezes down…almost in reassurance.

Ripping you from your trance, your eyes pan over to Spencer, his kind features entranced upon your face as his brow lightly furrows as he reaches out his thumb, wiping away a tear that you didn’t realize was slowly making its way down your face.

“Hey,” Hotch coos lowly as he places his hand on your shoulder, your gaze ripping over to him as he looks at you tenderly, his gaze filled with worry and understanding.

“Walking into this office’ll get easier.  I promise,” he reassures you.

“I know it doesn’t feel like that now,” J.J. interjects as he places her hand lightly on your upper arm, “but it will.”

“In the meantime,” Spencer says as he pulls your hand he’s still holding, ushering you over to a computer as he jiggles the mouse, “I have something I want to show you.”

“Wha-…what is it?” you breathe, wiping the tears from your eyes as Spencer grasps you around your waist, tugging you into his lap as you fall with a plop, your eyes widening as they dart over to Aaron.

“It’s alright,” he coos with a gleam in his eye, “…for now.”

Nodding curtly, Garcia reaches over your shoulder and hits the space-bar, playing a video as your jaw unhinges.

It was your boys.

Your two, beautiful boys.

“Hey mom!” Wilder and DeShawn say in unison as they wave at the camera.

“So…Spencer said you’d have a tough time-” Wilder begins as DeShawn nudges him with his elbow.

“He said not to mention that,” DeShawn roughly whispers.

The transaction caused you to giggle lightly as Spencer’s arms slide around your waist, pulling your back close to his chest.

“Alright…” Wilder drawls out, turning his attention back to the camera, “well…we all thought that you might struggle.  You know, going back to work and us back to school, and we want you to know that you don’t have to worry.  The police at the school take really good care of us, and while you are away working, we’ve arranged a system!”

“Yeah, a system,” DeShawn says as he nods.

You feel your brow furrowing as you watch your strong son take over.

“Whenever you’re away on a case, we’re gonna do what your boss and J.J. had their babysitters do.”

Turning your head towards them, they nod their heads back to the computer, urging you to pay attention.

“Every morning we’re gonna text you when we wake up, and every evening once we settle down in bed we will call you on the phone.”

“Even if it’s just to leave a voice message,” Wilder interjects, a broad smile on his face.

His beautiful, unwired face.

“And during the day, every time we eat, we’re gonna shoot you text messages.  You know, pictures of us with open mouths of food, or slathering ketchup on our mashed potatoes.  You know…the good stuff,” DeShawn chuckles, smiling his beautiful, pearly-white smile against his ebony skin.

“And we promise,” DeShawn says.

“No matter what,” Wilder adds.

“That none of this was your fault,” your boys say in unison, their eyes intent on the camera in front of them, envisioning you watching this video, your shaking body on top of the man you love, surrounded by the people who supported you most.

And as you lean your elbows onto the desk, your face covering your hands as you sob into your palms, you feel Spencer lean his body forward, placing his forehead onto your back as he peppers you with kisses, his hands rubbing up and down your achingly sore thighs as he murmurs the one thing you love to hear drip from his lips.

“I love you, Y/N,” he whispers in between his kisses, “and everything’s gonna be alright.”