i keel you fabio


Screaming Snowmen

So totally inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.

I actually made ‘screaming snowmen’ as a kid, and this was the hardest one to manage - because it involved carving a hole through a ball of snow that had become ice in the middle. 
Making it out of felt wasn’t all that much easier - but I succeeded! Not completely finished - they need to sit and tighten up for a few days before I clean them up with a razor to get rid of all those flyaway bits. 

Next? I don’t know. Probably the melting snowmen of the apocolypse.


Needle Felted Owl

No clue on time. Probably close to 80 hours? Something around that.
He has a magnet in his butt to allow him to sit on a shoulder with help from a metal plate. His eyes are glass animal eyes. His white belly is roving, his back/wings is 4+ shades of brown batting and some roving (most of it local source so no specific colours to quote, but Living Felt Toffee  Corridale is there, and Espresso Bean is one of the base browns I blended everything with.)
His feet are bigger than I’d like, but it was a necessary compromise to make him a proper shoulder sitter at all. His feet are wired for support, and the brass? wire shows through as talons.

This guy is a gift for Colleen, the lovely CTGraphy 

Example of how shoulder sitters work
Scale/wip shots of him on my shoulder.