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full body concept of my newest child, Chi
they’re so sassy, i love them
they try to be cold and all, and they are at first, but once they get used to you, they will show a soft side
not a super soft side, they will never be the parent friend, but they will do little things like ask if you’ve eaten already, stuff like that

they’re not the best at mortal combat, but they use their small height (4'11) to their advantage, and they can be pretty fast
the downside to their speed is that they are clumsy, so most of the time, they trip. and that’s why they wear boots
without their boots, they can trip over nothing (like me LOL)

they try to look smart by using big words– actually, their IQ is pretty high, but not high enough to outsmart a valedictorian

sassy lost child™

(idfk how to make ocs, am i doing this right??)

a very late inktober commission- day 25 for @seasonofthegeek <3

not a scene from her fic bread makes you fat, but something i’d imagine happening in the story- cuddling in bed and nino trying to get a bite of marinette’s bread turtle 

  • Lance: I need to be loved, like right now.
  • Hunk [with open arms]: What happened?
  • Lance: I tried to tell Keith a joke and he didn't get it.
  • Hunk: What was the joke?
  • Lance: Me. I'm the joke.

anonymous asked:

I am happy I'm not the only one who noticed Kaneki "I did it for everyone" was him lying to himself. Hopefully "Rize" will confront him about it next chapter. And hopefully also abt the fact he has been Killing ghouls since part 1 and so that he has been a murderer for a while now. We'll see. I love your blog and you are Always very kind! <3

YES EXACTLY ANON! I mean, first of all thank you so much for the nice words, you’re adorable kajebkjbe <3 but yes, I hope that “Rize” will make him realize all of this soon, because…

the term “murderer” indeed could have been used a while ago already to define him, since he used to kill ghouls and even eat them. 

I mean, in this manga everyone (except for Yoriko) did morally reprehensive stuff, so it’s not that Kaneki has to take it harder upon himself or that he’s worse than other characters, but all in all, it’s as @randomthoughtpatterns​ explained here: so far apparently, only humans are “people” for Kaneki, he doesn’t see ghouls as their equal, which is why he never used to see himself as a murderer, that is until he started killing humans in ch144. 

So I really hope “Rize” will call him out on this big hypocrisy of his (or maybe it will be for a later character development and he’ll hate himself for killing humans first until he realizes it’s way too hypocritical?), because it’s highly passed the time for Kaneki to start considering humans and ghouls as equal, especially since he is in love with a ghoul + he’s supposed to help bringing coexistence. 

The biggest irony of it all is that, on this aspect just like on many others, he and Touka are a set too, since even as a ghoul Touka has the mentality that her species is worth less than humankind:

And Dragoneki’s rampage is definitely not helping this mentality…

So, whether this important realization is for next week or slightly later, I hope one day Kaneki & Touka (as well as Amon and a few others) will understand that…

…this world only has a future if they stop lying to themselves about one species being better than another (which is overall illustrated by Touka expecting their hybrid baby in a world that currently holds no chance of a happy future for it).

So I love that there is a strong connotation behind “Rize” calling Kaneki by a term that defines him but that no one ever used to refer to him before…

and I’m hoping that this will be because he realized he’s been a murderer for a while now, since he had no mercy for ghouls either at some earlier point in the story.

But yeah, we’ll see next week. Thank you again so much for the nice words Anon <3 Wishing you a lovely day!

i mean we arent safe, they celebrated his birthday a day early and b and ashy made it seem like they did a drop off, the family also posted nothing from yesterday of them celebrating making it seem like louis celebrated with him all day … yeah so i guess we wait for whatever bullshit they are gonna throw at us lol

Sooooooo Uhhhh I’m gonna fall off the face of the planet for… A bit. 

Nothings wrong! I’m fine, feeling much better from my cold although its still around. The thing is, my brain does this thing where at 3am, when I’m completely unconscious because I’ve been running around all day, I wake up for no reasons other than my brain wanting me to remember I have a millions things I need and want to do. And uhhh, I just have a whole lot I need to do art wise. Stuff that I’ve been trying to do, but because of my habit of getting easily distracted or caught up in other things, I have a literal BOOKLET of ideas that are just sitting on my nightstand wasting away. SO, to combat my very easily distracted nature, I’m going to just shut off everything that might distract me and focus on getting a few things done and then I’ll come back in a couple of days and overload you guys with content. 

Just wanted to let all ya’ll know, because I really don’t like leaving you in the dark or making you guys feel like I’m ignoring you when I’m just being a antisocial art obsessed nut. 

Okay, so I’m gonna attempt to go back to sleep. I love you guys, I hope your days are well, and you’re all feeling okay. I can’t wait to put out some stuff for you!!! 

- Mun.

May I just add that Tokyo’s choice of footwear for snow never ceases to amaze? Stilettos? (I saw one woman in stilettos with plastic bags tied around them.) Flip-flops? Soaking wet canvas sneakers? Heelless wedges?!

No thank you. I’ll wear my beloved hiking boots and if management has a problem with my dress code, ah well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what can you do #I’masouthernbarbarian.

“The Courtesan”

Ugh. I adore John Laurens’s design as much as Alexander honestly. Both are freaking amazing. I wanted to draw him, naturally, though I admit I kinda made him too feminine? ;v; welp. What’s done is done!

Of course, this follows the wonderful perfume AU created by @reshille and @tiashipyon. :)