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so @misspaperjoker made this incredibly hot western!au steve, and I IMMEDIATELY needed to draw a matching bucky!!!

here is mercenary!bucky, gunslinger extraordinaire

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the moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.

There’s always a good reason why someone acts like besties with someone else they apparently should have NOTHING in common with. What would Jesse Williams have in common with the Nnobody?

Well… both Mediatakeout and Enty today are saying that dear Jesse Williams is on the down low. On top of the fact he doesn’t want to pay alimony to his ex wife. NOW THESE two things make him a PERFECT MATCH with the Nnobody whom he has known for years, since LONG before Kerry was EVER associated with the Nnobody (there are multiple photos of Jesse Williams at “foundation” events, and he’s posted more than once on social media calling the Nnobody his “homie”, they go to basketball games together).

Everything all of a sudden makes PERFECT sense.

it’s just interesting to me how in mac and dennis’ relationship it seems to be an unspoken rule that whoever is perceived as the most heterosexual is the one with the most power over the other??

like, i’ve seen many people discuss how around season 8-10 there seemed to be a shift from there being more hints toward dennis being gay and into mac to more outright statements about mac being gay and into dennis, but what i haven’t seen as much about is how that correlates with who’s, for lack of a better word, in charge between them

like in mac and charlie die part 1 (season 4) dennis says “mac is dead and he’s still bossing me around”, and then in mac and dennis break up in the next season we see the whole apple-peeling thing. at this point in the series it’s clear that dennis listens to what mac has to says, he highly regards mac’s opinions and can be almost naive when it comes to mac

but then as the series progresses we see things like dennis giving mac “size pills”, dennis saying on multiple occasions that he doesn’t like mac, mac talking to frank about how much he puts into he and dennis’ relationship, etc

and it is… Super Fucking Painful to think about how both of them having internalized so much homophobia and hypermasculinity that they each subconsciously view the idea of being attracted to the other as vulnerable, which has to mean weak, which has to mean bad and wrong

and then in season 12 we finally get to see mac saying fuck you to all of this and having the strength to do what he knows is perceived as a weakness and dennis? dennis can’t do the same and instead he runs away because he knows and he knows that mac knows and he doesn’t want anything to change he can’t have things change because if he isn’t winning then he has to admit that winning isn’t what he cares about

all of y’all with your kj apa discourse are exhausting, wanting to excuse his behavior because of his age. like…. y’all, he ain’t a baby. he’s an adult. if it was a mistake, own up to it. if it wasn’t, learn from the shit you’ve done, recognize where you’re wrong, and apologize for what happened. 

i, too, think that people deserve a chance to grow and learn from stuff in the past, but that doesn’t mean that everyone and their mothers should be making excuses for shitty behavior, especially saying that he can’t take responsibility for what he did because “he’s only 19, he doesn’t know any better.” bullshit. yes he does. 

being under the public eye as he is, he needs to realize that there are repercussions for his actions, whether intentional or not. blocking and deleting comments isn’t taking responsibility - it’s making matters worse. so stop trying to hold his hand and tell him it’s ok and brush it under the rug when it isn’t. let him own up to his mistake and learn from it.


Consider this. The Upside Down, when exposure is prolonged past a certain point, begins to tear at the very fabric of time itself for whomever is trapped within it. When El finally summons the strength within her to wrench open a new Gate back to Hawkins, it’s only faintly recognizable. One year has passed for her. Five years have passed in this dimension

d'you know i used to buy into this whole fandom discourse thing but i’ve come to the great realisation that i’ve got enough going on in my real life, so i don’t need to spend my time online telling people they’re problematic for liking something

and im also never going to apologise or be made feel bad for something that brings some genuine joy into my life so….. cool


I’m just gonna leave this here