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I just read something so stunningly, astoundingly, outrageously stupid that it killed me. You’re going to have to give me a minute guys. You’re going to have to. You’re. Oh my god. Oh my. Oh my god.


- At least I don’t wet the bed…

- That was like three years ago!

things i love about captain isabel lovelace:

  • how she calls everyone “kids” or “nerds”
  • how she tells bad jokes to keep herself calm during stressful moments
  • how during her first mission she enjoyed free-floating outside the station while listening to music
  • how she was reluctant to destroy eris even after everything she put her crew through
  • how she was willing to team up with hilbert to take down the si-5 despite everything he did to her, and made it very clear that their cooperation doesn’t mean forgiveness
  • how she tells minkowski to “break a leg” before they start the mutiny
  • how she looks warren kepler in the eye and says “fuck you”
  • how she says “you did a rude thing” to kepler after coming back from the dead after he killed her
  • how she says “honey i’m home” and punches kepler
  • how she declares that she is going to be isabel lovelace again, and not the person who command turned her into after all the shit that she’s gone through

Bangtan has got to be one of the most talented group of musicians I’ve ever encountered. Their music holds purpose and is fueled by their ambitions, their hard work, their endless dedication. Their drive to create music that resonates so deeply among themselves and their listeners is fucking amazing. You can really tell that they live and breath music. This is their life, their passion. And I’m so incredibly thankful to be witnessing their paths unfold in real time.

The good thing about Dragon Age lore when it is that broken too, is that it can be so easily fixed with “headcanon” and inferences. It’s like how people explain away mechanics/design flaws in Dragon Age 2 using Varric.

Because we already have an unreliable narrator, we can have magically appearing enemies and repetitive maps. Because Varric is too lazy or over-exaggerating or just not very creative. 

like when he describes boats visually by being “made out of wood and shit”…like that’s a legitimate canon thing he does almost word for word. He says “and shit” and then “it was just a really nice boat okay?”

The Celia/Maeve thing isn’t that big of a deal, just yeah her name is now totally Celia Maeve Loghain Mac Tir. A cabinetmaker/cabinet’s daughter who verbally shut down the Hero of River Dane.

Or how one thing says the Blight lasted 100 year, but another says 192 (with 192 being correct) and can be attributed to the very real shortening/generalization of time that happens in books.

Like honestly if you have the chance, go to the end of the World of Thedas Volume 2 and look at the Errata list for World of Thedas Volume 1. It is one of the best things I have actually ever read in a Bioware book and perfectly represents what is so great about the fluidity of Dragon Age lore. For example:

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Hey, do you know of any fics with trans Remus or Sirius, or just any trans characters in general. Preferably more happy ones, I just got putted to my parents as trans and I'm feeling kinda shitty right now. It's fine if you don't know of any

Oh jeez, it really sucks that you got outed…outing anyone else is just such a shitty thing to do. I hope things get better for you– you’re awesome and strong and I know you can do this, even though it’s hard and it doesn’t feel good right now.

But anyway, yes, I can absolutely provide you with some trans!wolfstar recs! I’ve recently updated my trans!Sirius reclist and my non-binary!Sirius reclist, and for tumblr posts I have a trans!Remus tag, a trans!Sirius tag, and a non-binary!Sirius tag. And for non-wolfstar I only have a small list of trans!Lily fics but if you request other HP characters I’ll see what I can do. All that’s left is trans!Remus fics, so here you go! 

Notes: There are actually so. many. FANTASTIC trans!Remus fics that I’ve had to break them up into “Definitely read” (my faves) and “Also check out” but honestly all of them are fabulous & worth reading. I’ve tried to make this a fairly comprehensive list of trans!Remus wolfstar fics, but I’ve done my best to mark angsty fics & list warnings so that you can decide whether or not to read them.

All fics feature transmale!Remus unless noted specifically that the fic contains transfemale!Remus.

Updated 27 July 2017 to fix the links tumblr apparently broke.

Trans!Remus fics

Definitely read:

  • *TransFigured by picascribit– 26k, E, mwpp era. “We thought you might be a werewolf,” said Sirius. “What?” Remus almost laughed at the absurdity….“I know. All I meant was, we thought you might be, and we still wanted to be friends. Whatever you’re not telling us — how much worse can it be?“” Fantastic fic but beware of angst, esp. in the beginning. TW: suicide attempt, transphobia, bullying, dysphoria. [Sequel: TransLate– 5k, M, mwpp era. Accidental pregnancy.]
  • *I’ll paint a mural of your smile by david8– 33k, T, non-magic/coffee shop AU. “…it doesn’t take Sirius long to sense something different about Remus…And soon, even Remus understands that not everything is as it should be with the seemingly happy, extroverted and flirtatious rich guy…” Also with bipolar, non-binary Sirius. Some angst related to mental illness.
  • *I just didn’t know it yet. by genderisasocialconstruct– 1k, G, MWPP era & post-Hogwarts. “Sirius comes to realise that the time waiting for his soulmate was well worth the wait.” Soulmate AU. Super super cute. Fluff. 
  • *Queer As Day by philiatran– WIP~ 24k, T, non-magic/university AU. “Sirius Black…has two things. 1. A penchant for photography. and 2. A tumblr blog dedicated to picture after picture of Remus Lupin.” Everyone is queer and it is fabulous. Some angst regarding friendships, as well as several clearly-marked triggers, esp. TW: dysphoria, transphobia, past suicide attempt, depression. [fic missing from Ao3]
  • Long Distance by irrationalmoony & LadyAmina– WIP~ 21k, E, non-magic/university AU. “James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter have been inseparable since…their first day at Hogwarts boarding school. So when Remus relocates to France for further schooling…they’re not going to let the distance stop them…” Texting fic, also with genderfluid!Sirius. Fluff.
  • *Succession of Halos by LadyFaceElena– 7k, G, non-magic AU. “When Remus gets talked into seeing his favourite author–Astronomy Professor S. Black–hold a stargazing lecture, he…does not expect the ripped jeans and rolling-stones t-shirt wearing, motor-bike riding Sirius Black….” Also has genderfluid!Sirius.
  • Forbidden by LadyFaceElena– 12k, G, non-magic/university AU. “...Lily and Marlene decide to make a video in response to Israel’s banned book about a Jewish and Arab romance…Artist Sirius Black reluctantly agrees to participate…having no idea he’s on the path to finding love…” Also has genderfluid!Sirius. Contains discussions of family issues & oppression but not overly angsty.
  • *All Hail the Outlaws by LadyFaceElena– 29k, E, non-magic/university AU. “One of Remus Lupin’s three jobs happens to be working maintenance for their flat building…James Potter and Sirius Black move in across the hall…the pair set out to make their neighbours new best friends, and everyone’s life is turned upside down, but in the best way possible.” Some mentions of transphobia & misgendering but mostly fluff.
  • Boys by oliverdalstonbrowning– 3k, G, mwpp era. “Remus doubts himself and Sirius plays Space Oddity.” So much fluff. Remus has some dysphoria in this but really it’s just so fluffy.
  • The Hands and the Heart by oliverdalstonbrowning–3k, T, mwpp era. “Dysphoria is the hardest struggle Remus has ever faced, but Sirius is determined to show him the hands and the heart of his situation. [TW: Gender Dysphoria, self-harm, brief alcohol mention.]” Definitely angsty but oh-so-sweet.
  • No Understanding no Sound from Above by kyuuketsukirui– 2k, M, multiple eras. “Remus has a secret that has nothing to do with the full moon.” Closeted transfemale!Remus. Beautiful writing but very sad– lots of internal and external angst due to canon timeline, no happy ending. 
  • ennui by elliotasterion– WIP~ 12k, M, magic AU set after PoA. “Sirius is cleared of all charges after the events of Prisoner of Azkaban, but Peter escapes anyway. Remus and Sirius have to find a way to come together all over again, while keeping Harry out of trouble. (Not a raising-Harry fic.)” Feels very real, quite well-written. Some angst, mostly related to Sirius’s mental health issues & canon events but also a couple transphobic remarks.
  • *Semi-Automatic by destielspancake– WIP~ 68k, T, non-magic/texting AU. Remus and Sirius start texting because of a wrong number. Lots of fun & jokes but also angst– do heed the warnings, esp. TW: dysphoria, self-harm, and references to past suicide attempts and rape.
  • secrets were made to be known by atlaspeaks– 3k, M, mwpp era. “Remus has always had secrets. He’s gotten used to having them - and even more so, used to having them found out.” Lovely & fluffy apart from brief section in which Remus is outed without his consent.

Also check out (below the cut):

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TW suicide so feel free not to read this (I promise I'm safe) ::: I'm really struggling to find beauty in being alive right now and reading your poetry always seems to help me heal when I get like this. It would mean the world to me if you could write me something small. I just feel so broken right now, like I'm too tired to wipe away my own tears. I love you

if my hands must be animals, then let them be doves, / a creation of feathers, soft-winged, tender. / may my bones be light & full of light. / may the sky know my name, / & all storms flee at the sight / of my unending happiness–

[love you too. hang in there, darling]

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I LOVE YOU!!! You are doing so much more justice to this idea I got at 4am one day than I could ever imagine ever reading. You have all the reactions perfectly, I'm not sure I can truly explain how I feel right now. I'm just beaming at my screen really. So again if you continue you would make me very happy, I give you free rein of what to do with Little Stars <3

He’s so very little.

Obi-Wan’s not sure if that’s because he didn’t do what he should when he was pregnant with Anakin, because of Zan Arbor’s method of…conception, because Obi-Wan was fifteen or because that was just how babies were. But his hands are so tiny even compared to Obi-Wan’s fingers as Anakin clings to it.

A low curse got him to look up from the blue eyes to watch his Master struggle with the baby cot that the creche had supplied along with several boxes of things that the newborn would need. One of creche masters had already shown Obi-Wan how to feed, burp and change Anakin’s diaper when they were there while Qui-Gon was getting what they would need.

He was suppose to come back so they could show him how to bath him too at some point though they were satisfied with how Obi-Wan held him, called it a natural parental hold where Obi-Wan was supporting Anakin and holding him protectively without it being too tight.

“Are you alright Master?” He questioned at yet another curse.

Qui-Gon almost dropped the multi-tool in his hands, giving his padawan a wide eyed look. “Force Obi-Wan, I think that’s what I should ask.”

“He’s yours too.” Obi-Wan shrugged and hadn’t that been a shock, Anakin’s other parent being Qui-Gon, his master. The Healer who had taken the blood sample had given both wide eyed looks before continuing Anakin’s examination, shaking of her shock.

“I didn’t carry him and give birth padawan of mine.” Qui-Gon placed the tool down and moved to the couch, sitting down. “You’re still pale and worn looking even after the Healers.” He sighed and then smiled down at the wide eyed babe on Obi-Wan’s lap. “At least someones interested in the world.”

“He’s going to go to sleep soon. He’s just interested in a new space right now I think.” Obi-Wan glanced back down at Anakin before looking back at his master. “But are you okay?” He questioned again, knowing his master had just side stepped the question that his padawan had asked by using the situation.

Standard tactic.

Qui-Gon face tightened a bit then it eased when he sighed. “Honestly, no. My fifteen year old padawan got abducted, his rights violated, had a baby to term, gave birth in a barn far away from medical help and Force knows what could have happened and now has to take one of the biggest decisions of his life…and I wasn’t there to protect him from it in the start.” Qui-Gon felt like an utter failure. Micah and Tahl had already called to hear if the rumors were true.

That Obi-Wan…

“You were there when I needed you though.” Came the soft voice and Qui-Gon looked at the other quickly, Obi-Wan smiling a bit. “I couldn’t have done it alone and…and I didn’t notice Anakin either.”

The older Jedi stared at him before reaching out and gently capturing Obi-Wan’s braid, giving it a little tug. “When did you become so wise.” He smiled gently.

That just got a little smile in return before Qui-Gon pushed himself back on his feet and picked up the multi-tool again. “Alright, I’ll get the cot finished, he should have a proper place to rest and not just a makeshift bunk with blankets.”

Obi-Wan watched him for a few moments before looking down at the blond whisped baby on his lap. “…You know…I didn’t know about you…but…welcome to the world Anakin.” He smiled a bit, wiggling the fingers Anakin had a tight grasp on. “I hope I do right by you.” He added softly.

Qui-Gon slowed down a bit and glanced over his shoulder at the two. “If its any help Obi-Wan, you won’t be alone about this my padawan.”

“That is to great help Master.” The two smiled at each other…and then Qui-Gon dropped the multi-tool on his foot and started cursing up a low storm.

Obi-Wan sniggered to himself and gave Anakin a small grin as the baby squirmed a bit on his lap in response to the sound. ‘Just another day then…’

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Hey Jack, what do you do to cheer yourself up when you're sad? I'm just feeling down right now and I don't know what to do.

Well, you could draw, or just scream from the rooftop. Like I do!

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Hey Edo, which Voltron series do you think has the best antagonists both in terms of being an actual threat to the protagonists and being compelling and interesting characters.

it’s really not fair to compare all the older series to VLD since there’s such a huge difference in era/budget/target audience/general dynamic style; the new series is so good all across the board in those aspects that drawing up any comparisons is pretty much shooting all the other series in the neck right from the get go. 

that said, i’m going to cheat a bit and say Beast King GoLion is the best. it’s not strictly a ‘voltron’ series but it’s still the basis of everything, and holy shit is it violent and scary. the pilots escape from a cannibal slave ship arena, shirogane gets killed within the first stretch of the first season (and later his younger brother is also killed trying to avenge him), prince sincline is not funny/generally incompetent like prince lotor is, mutilated corpses are regular background filler, princess fala’s remaining citizens constantly get murdered trying to protect her from the galra, planet earth gets blown to pieces, and honerva/haggar is the most horrifyingly merciless villain of all the ones they face.

i think this kind of stuff becomes most apparent watching some of the episodes with chibi/pidge. the older pilots (mostly) do a better job of taking all the horror in stride but there are a few chinks (like losing the pilots, missing his home and his mother etc.) where you can see the extent of how things affect their youngest member and it’s not pretty. 

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Hi! I've seen you post a lot about Six of Crows. I got about 60 pages in and I still feel a little confused, I don't know if it's just me? I feel like I was thrown into this world I know nothing about, was I was supposed to read/know something more first? I also don't understand why there are so many k's added to all the names and words. I really want to like it but right now I'm just feeling a little lost. Can you help?


Six of Crows is set in the same world as the Grisha Trilogy, which came first. Personally, though a lot of people really like that series, I didn’t. I gave up after book two. 

So, if you want to know a little more about the world, you could try Grisha? You might love it! It sets up the world and there’s a couple of characters from Grisha that re-appear in SoC. Although reading Grisha is not essential to understand SoC… it might help with that what the heck is going on feeling ;) 

Or SoC just isn’t for you? I struggled with the start of the book a number of times before I got through it…

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Hi! Could I request some Lance headcanons for an s/o who had a really crappy life before meeting him? (Maybe they had no friends because they were such a social outcast or their family would favor their older sibling over them? Or both.) I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, I just really feel like shit right now.

~Oh! I hope you’re feeling alright anon, I know that I got this request a couple days ago, but I was working on some other request at that time! If its not too late, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! And you’re not bothering me at all! I hope you like it! ~


When he finds out about this new revelation from his s/o, he is clearly surprised.

• He finally understands why his s/o was so reclusive and refuses to talk about their life. 

• This is completely unacceptable, he will not allow this to upset his s/o at all.

• He’ll look out for them the best he can.

• Has all ears on his s/o, and is ready to hug or comfort his s/o at anytime.

• If his s/o ever wants to vent to him, or just want a shoulder to cry on, just call him and he’ll be right there.

• Comforts his s/o with loads of hugs and some occasional jokes to lighten the mood.

• If his s/o had a family that favoured their siblings and left them out, he will make sure to pour all of his attention to them. He’ll listen intently to everything they have to say, spend most of his time with them, sleep with them and shower them with compliments and affection.

• He doesn’t want his s/o to feel unloved because of their past life with their family or because of society.

• He would do everything he can to make them happy, even spoiling them, he doesn’t care, as long as they feel needed and loved, he’s happy.

• Would hold “spa day” frequently with them. Loves to take them to the spa when he ever gets the chance. He wants them to feel good while being pampered.

• He just wants them to focus on the present and not their past, because he loves them for who they are now.