i just...i'm feeling right now

I think that i’m gonna try a sort of diet thing over the next month and try to get back into exercising 

the plan i’m thinking of is every sunday cook up enough grilled chicken to last for 4 days of lunch and package it with some fruit stuff (like peach slices or apple sauce) and one snack food (like a pretzel or something) and keep my liquids to water, and then have fridays be a cheat day (because fridays are payday and i stop at wawa after dropping it off at the bank) 

because tbh i’m really fucking sick of how i look and i kind of have regressed back into having really shitty body self esteem and at the very least i want to get rid of this belly that i have, because i absolutely hate it and i hate how it makes me look, i feel incredibly unattractive with it

i hope i can keep it up


I wish that somehow by listening to Yoongi’s mixtape over and over again, I can take away his pain. All of it. His loneliness, his depression, his anxiety, his phobia. I want him to be happy, I want him to feel loved, I want him to feel better than he’s ever felt in his life.


Ok y'all this is just for reference. But apparently David is at California rn ok bye.

What does Criminal Minds even look like without Aaron Hotchner?!

Like… I understand why TG was fired, this was the second time his temper has gotten him in trouble on set, so I won’t debate the choice that was made but… Hotch is the team leader and has been for 12 seasons. Losing him and Morgan so close together?! I can’t even imagine. The only originals left are Garcia, Reid, and JJ who I love but. They were a family. Hotch was the core. He held everyone together. He fought for them to all stay together. It won’t be the same and I’m heartbroken. 


Always look at me

(Left < Right)

hey, so, i hate to backtrack on everyone but my gender has decided to be difficult again and i’m really not comfortable with any of the names i’ve been using, even the most recent one

if you want to refer to me, assorted nicknames and my url are just fine, but i’d request that it’s restricted to that

new computer means new wallpaper! 

its shocking that the last time i drew more than two islanders together in scene was in march, so it was time to update the gang, now with two new folks! (Begonia isn’t new, but who’s that mysterious purple lemur?? mystery) 

I have so much Alliacea to draw, i have to build my art pile up again >:y

Some drabbles

Okay, so. 

If any of y’all keep up with me and my writing at all (I’m sure you don’t). I haven’t *published* anything in a bit. 

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing though. The problem is, is that I am *stuck* and in the past I seem to have had some success with airing out some of my unfinished drabbles on tumblr. I think my problem is that I really have very shitty confidence right now. :/ So, here you are. (All of this stuff is *extremely rough* so apologize in advanced.) No warning should really apply, I shouldn’t think. 

All Furiosa x Max under the cut. 

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i !! don’t !! know !! how !! to !! properly !! articulate !! just !! how !! much !! i !! fucking !! love !! luke !! 


i really like my outfit today, even though it kind of makes me feel like i’m a scout of some sort??? but i’m gonna make the internet look at it anyway!!!!!