i just...i would really like this to happen

Could you imagine Prince Adam, in his Beast form, actually telling you his name? Like, that’s never really addressed, and I think it would happen so cutely? Slay me.

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It starts off just like any day, and the two of you are eating breakfast across from each other at the table. There are stolen glances between the two of you and he just so happens to get caught looking at you more often than you get caught looking at him. And every time he looks at you and gets caught in the act of doing so, he gives you a rather bashful smile, bends his head down and pretends to be invested in the wood of the table. He wonders for a moment if you were really looking at him or not? Something sets off inside of him, as if he were burning from the inside out. He had never felt like this before.

Setting down your spoon, you laugh quietly and pat your mouth clean with your napkin. His blue eyes watch you rather intensely for a few seconds before he manages to murmur out a small, “Thank you for joining me for breakfast.”

This catches you off guard but you accept the gratitude and smile at him with a gentle, “My pleasure…” You trailed off. “Sir.” Mentally slapping yourself silly at calling him that, you stood up, ready to flee the room before he had the chance to ask you what you had just called him.


Your eyebrows furrowed together. Had you just heard what you thought? Turning around, you faced him and gave him a look of skepticism. He looked back at you, his eyes now averting themselves from making any sort of contact with yours. His mouth moved as if he was rehearsing what he wanted to say to you next. “I’m sorry, what did you just…?” You started but got interrupted. 

“I’ve got so many people addressing me so properly,” He pursed his lips. He truly believed he didn’t deserve that sort of respect. He didn’t demand it, didn’t need it anymore. “It’d be nice—” He found himself fumbling for words. “Nice to hear you… yes, you… Say my actual name. I’ve thought him to be dead, when this curse took over my life but you’ve somehow… brought him back to life. So please, call me by my name.”

You could feel your heart swell at the pure kindness of his words and the meager fact that he wasn’t sure if they were coming out as perfectly as they sounded in side of his head. “And that’s…”

“Adam.” He didn’t want to be a prince in this moment. He wanted you to look at him as if he were like anyone else. And you were one of the few who actually did such a thing. He swallowed softly and looked up at you finally. His eyes were full of childish innocence. It was obvious that he hadn’t heard his name in years as it slipped from his mouth with a bit of remorse.

Nodding, you breathed out shakily and smiled sweetly at him, “Adam.” You whispered, the sound of your voice carrying into his senses. 

Yes, he liked the way that sounded. No, wait. Liked was a very understated way of putting it. He loved it.

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Do you ever think that Antijack is Jacks depression/anxiety? Because he did talk about having a small anxiety attack, on the last livestream he did. I just feel so bad that happened to him.

I feel like Anti would be all his doubt, bitterness, and anxiety all culminated into one being. Not so much depression for some reason!

It’s really sad to hear Jack have anxiety attacks bc he doesn’t deserve to go through that ufgbgjdf


Here is a drawing I made for the chicken lady to celebrate her graduation. 


I was actually gonna draw more but everything happened so fast and I did kinda lost my motivation and my confidence to draw or to do anything in general recently, so yeah, why would I draw 5 - 6 more fan arts for her when I don’t really feel like it…

I mean I wish I could draw more, but do you know how hard and tedious it is to draw with a mouse!? YES A MOUSE, I WANT A FREAKING TABLET. Is that too much to ask for, I just wanna.. END MY MISERY!

It took me awhile to make this because school kept me busy and stressed out, had to study for exams and got ill a few times, it really sucked..

I also tried to draw this in her style, GOD I love it so much. I had a hard time with coloring the hair… Seriously I demand a hair coloring tutorial, I can’t stand this no more!

Also I didn’t think I would really help her with her research papers and stuff, cuz I’m just a little twerp who literally has nothing else to do with my life!?…

I tried my best, I was really happy to see that other people helped her out with her problem, that’s what I call support! <3

But here it is, and I hope you like it! @kyashee 

Please make sure to support her and her art, because she needs all the attention and love!

I hope she realizes that I made a transparent version too! I mean, why else would there be two photos of the same drawing?

I’m living for these pregnant Abby theories. It could be my inner shipper needs or the logic just makes it seem true, but I need!

Raven hasn’t been so good and Abby has only now had a hallucination and just shaking hands. IDK what happened after that hallucination, but I doubt it was like Raven, Jackson would of known then and never left her side for a second. 

I really think it would be a great twist though. Plus like @kane-and-griffin said, we haven’t seen Abby’s brain scan yet. No tests. Hmm…

Imagine Marcus finding out he’s going to be a dad. Imagine Marcus holding a baby. Just imagine them with their little bundle of hope that proved that Hope really is everything. Plus it seems the baby thing has been on the writers mind, but the timing was meh. 

Whatever happens. I love this theory and I am team give Kabby a baby who will be protected by all of the skaikru and have so many aunt and uncles.

Noona, I’m Your Oppa Now! (pt 3)

Summary: You were a 24-year-old super hot medical student with the world at your feet, but then one thoughtless wish on a birthday cake turned you into a 14-year-old, and what was worse, you fell for your annoying 16-year-old neighbor, Haechan. What else can go wrong?

Author’s Note: I just want to thank the people who have told me they like this story and really want to see what happens next. Because of you I was able to write part three and get started on part 4! 

Warnings: Foul language, smut, somewhat questionable age differences

Parts 1&2 can be found here!

You entered the ice cream shop to find a great atmosphere and tons of kids your age….well, your new current age, that is. You would usually never go for a place like this in a million years. In fact, the sheer overwhelming presence of the color pink alone would have made you throw up in your mouth a little just 24 hours ago, but at the moment you were really feeling at home.

There was some happy upbeat music playing, rows of arcade style games lined up along the back wall, and not to mention ice cream of every flavor in giant machines behind the counters. Plus candy was everywhere, everywhere!

“It’s like heaven!” you cried joyously, despite yourself.

“Yeah. It’s pretty great huh?” Haechan agreed, beaming at you. He nodded towards the counter. “Come on, let’s get in line?”

You followed along and took a look at the endless menu. You had a hard time deciding on what to order but then finally went with a swirl cone of your two favorite flavors. Haechan decided to try that, too, and you were both soon presented with enormous matching ice cream cones. Even the sight of them filled you with joy.

“How can we possibly eat all of this?!” you asked with a laugh.

“We can do it! Anything is possible if we believe,” he cheered, jokingly.

“You’re right. Our will must be greater than our stomachs,” you nodded, gathering up your courage.

Upon exiting the line you and Haechan found some seats on a comfy beany sofa, but as soon as you sat down your cone bumped into your shirt getting ice cream on it.

“Just wait, I’ll get some napkins,” Haechan told you.

“Okay, thanks,” you said, watching him head for the front of the shop and then going back to licking your ice cream cone without a care in the world. It was delicious! You couldn’t remember having had ice cream so good before. But then again, maybe it wasn’t the ice cream. Maybe it was your mood? You felt lighter than you had in days. Being there almost felt like being on a mini vacation from your normal stressful life.

Even though you got lost, and even though Haechan drove you nuts, it had been the most relaxing afternoon you’d had in a long time. You even smiled to yourself a little and sang along softly to the popular song playing on the radio.

And then a body dropped down onto the sofa beside you. You paid no attention, thinking it was Haechan.

“Did you find the napkins?” you asked, glancing next to you and then raising a brow as you saw an unfamiliar boy there. He was good-looking with a perfectly crafted hairstyle. 

He looked like someone you used to know in high school, and that reminded you that you shouldn’t be getting too used to your teenaged state because you were not a teenager. Well not truly, since you would soon be returning to adult status and so you should act like it. Starting with not finding this cute guy cute

“Hey, cutie,” he said, flashing you a brilliant smile. He was well dressed and just looked like the kind of guy that would smell really good.

My god, what is wrong with my mind? Why do I want to smell a stranger? It must be this stupid body.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” you asked. “And who told you that you could sit? You’re in someone’s spot.”

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Okay, I’m having a serious issue here. For tagging purposes, what would I call what Gideon’s done to Killian at the end of 6x14???

It doesn’t really count as a “kidnapping” if you’re not taking the person with you, does it? I mean, I think that’s sort of a requirement for a kidnapping. You have to, like, steal a person and take them somewhere else, not just… show up unexpectedly and send them on their way with totally different people.

In actuality, Gideon has more or less hijacked the Nautilus, but it’s not really accurate to call this a “hijacking”, as the way tags are used on this blog would imply Killian is being hijacked, and he isn’t. It’s more like “happened to be on board a submarine when it was hijacked by Kylo Ren Gideon Gold” but that’s much too long for an organizational tag.

I have a tag for involuntary teleportation (what even IS this blog right now, ISTG), but this isn’t teleportation at all. I could switch that tag to “involuntary traveling” but that kind of sounds more like he’s gone to see the Eiffel Tower entirely against his will (which would just be silly - I mean, who wouldn’t want to go see the Eiffel Tower?), and this is definitely more of a forceful ejection from the premises than a jaunty holiday in the country.

“Forceful ejection” does have it’s merits, but I know at least half of you mis-read that as “forceful erection” just now and on the off chance I may have a need for that tag in the future, it would seem prudent not to confuse the two now. I could be more specific with something like “jettisoned away on a submarine unexpectedly” but that seems a little TOO specific, really.

So what’s a good general tag term for what’s happened here? I could go with a simpler “jettisoned away” or perhaps “torpedoed away” (borrowing on the wording from the 6x14 press release there)… Maybe wax poetic with, “disappearing into the night” or maybe “taken by the sea” *heavy sigh* Or I could be a smartass and go with “gideoned” - maybe even put it in all caps to truly capture the Homestar Runner influence. Speaking of which, I could also tag it “he’s a pirate and” and just use that for everything I don’t have a tag for from now on.

Or is there a term I’m missing? A term for reverse kidnapping / incidental hijacking / forcefully bon voyaging someone? GIF for reference.

A Building of Bridges

Description: No one would ever send Sherlock in to defuse a stand-off; but on one unlikely day, that’s exactly what happened.

Review: John is a mute soldier in the middle of a PTSD fueled flashback where he just killed someone in self-defense. Sherlock happens to be there and tries to bring him out of it. I really really liked this one. The instant connection between the two is still there and I loved the protectiveness Sherlock has for John and John’s implicit trust. The author is writing a sequel but this was published in 2013 so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for the sequel being published anytime soon.

Rating: General


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You and Zack are unbelievably cute. Sorry this isn't an ask and probably makes stuff a bit awkward but I loved the end of the new vid when you held hands. Sorry I'm just the sort of person who lives stuff like that. Also loved the Q&A and would love to see another one.

putting these two together so I don’t clog up the blog too much with non-bird stuff (also sorry I haven’t had many pictures up, my shifts keep happening exactly when the birds schedule happens so I’m never home to take pictures of them when they aren’t sleepy)

these were really sweet messages, thank you two for sending them.  I’m hitting that point now where I’m getting needless hate comments so seeing things like these really lifts my spirits and helps me keep going.  We’re really happy, I could ramble on for days about how great he is and how awesome everything has been since he got here and seeing your guys’ support on this is really heartwarming. 

Glad you all don’t mind him coming out of nowhere and we’ll certainly keep making videos.  As always if anyone’s got suggestions for what they’d like to see in the future let me know, always open to suggestions and/or constructive criticisms

yeah that last bit is basically what i think happened

we dont really have much 2 go on with this but i think it would make sense if the issue w/ era 2 dots is specifically that theyre overusing the kindergartens or putting the kindergartens in suboptimal places (sort of like the beta kindergarten) rather than the peridot “formula” gettin changed

so what im thinking is era 1 dots would have metal powers but era 2s have a way harder time 2 the point that it just seemed like it was impossible, or that even if it was possible it’d be way too stressful. so they just get told up front that they have no powers

Hirose Tomoki 270317 Ameblo

Quite handsome

Is it too early for otsukare-summer?

I’ve lived today.
I wonder what kind of tomorrow is waiting for me.
I honestly don’t really have such thoughts in life.
But I admire those people who live life having fun holding onto hope that something will happen the next day.

I had pasta for lunch today.
I think it has been a long time.
I wanted to challenge a chili tomato cream base and it was very delicious. Thumbs up.

I got the JACKROSE catalogue.

It may be a little (proud) of me to say this myself but I’m quite handso- ah! it’s a little (shy) for me to say this so I want everyone to have a copy and look at it.
This hair colour kind of matches the outfits.

Ahhhhhh I’ve done it!
For me to forget to wish all you wonderful people who were born in February (a happy birthday)…
I noticed it in the replies! I forgot about it having been wished myself…. that’s not right!
Please swear at this bastard…. (T/N: he actually called himself a pig bastard)
I will keep in mind not to forget again.
I won’t use the excuse of “it’s because I’m human”.

I’m sorry,
All of you honey lemons that are born in February (´-`)

I will text again ♡

hey guys i’m really struggling with money right now and with everything thats happening in my personal life i’m just really stressed out right now and my anxiety is through the roof. i would have never imagined myself asking you guys for something like this but i don’t know what else to do. my PayPal is paypal.me/NinaKhatter … anything helps. i love you guys so much

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if you could choose one of the puppies based on color for now who would you choose? (since personalities can't be seen yet)

Just on color? The self brindle. I’m very very picky about piebald lol. Self brindle also happens to be @caramelzappa’s favorite color :D. Plus he and Bandit both have the little white swoosh on their snoots 😍. Second choice based on color alone would be the silver brindle boy.

But there are certain traits about the others that I like a lot. The biggest chunky (Mr. Green) is SO chill about being held. He really doesn’t complain much! Both he and Mr. Brindle crawl up to my neck and fall asleep whenever I hold them and omg it is so cute.
I love how wiggly Mr. Blue (silver brindle) is. He rolls all over the place and it makes me laugh.
Mr. Red is the smallest boy and he might be a pocket rocket. Before his eyes opened, he would complain SO MUCH any time he was picked up but now he’s pretty chill too.
Any of the 4 boys would make me happy at this point 😍


cousy romfest 2k17 | day 1
↳ when did you start shipping daisy/coulson? · 1x04 eye spy

Granted, I was already all 👀 👀 👀 by the time Daisy & Coulson rode into the sunset at the end of the Pilot, but I feel like it wasn’t until 1x04 that I became a Shipper™. It was probably the combination of finally really caring for Coulson after the Akela storyline (although the ending of 1x03 also helped with that) and all the wonderful interactions the babes had. Between Coulson seeking Daisy’s help and ~just knowing~ where she would hide to have some quiet, to her being the only one who cared to understand his motivations in the episode and give him some support — I was clearly a goner.

And then that last scene with two Professional Co-Workers Just Chillin’ In The Back Of An SUV happened and she teased him and they talked a bit about themselves and they were all hearteyes at each other. There’s also this great bit of foreshadowing when Coulson mentions wanting to give people a “second chance” because he got one and Daisy makes a face, thinking about what she’s keeping from him and whether he’d give her another chance when he finds out (spoiler alert: he will).

But anyway, I was shippping 200x harder by the time the following episode ended, so really it was all downhill from here fml.

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Since your favorite cartoon is Recess, if there was a live-action version of the characters older, who would you cast as each character? Also what kind of story would you want it to tell, what would it look like? Would you be down for a descendants-esque set up of Recess or another cartoon where it's the next generation? What would you want the characters to be like then? Sorry this has so many questions, they just kept popping into my head as I typed!


TJ … Joel McHale
Vince … Will Smith
Gretchen … Mayim Bialik
Spinelli … Michelle Rodriguez
Mikey … Eric Stonestreet
Gus … Neil Patrick Harris

I don’t really see it as a Descendants thing, I see it as some kind of live action class reunion special… it will never ever happen in a million years but we can dream, right?

TJ and Spinelli probably got married and probably got divorced. Gretchen is obviously super successful and probably works for NASA now. Gus joined the military because his dad wanted him to but then quit and instead married the man of his dreams and loves his life as a stay-at-home dad. Mikey is traveling the world as an opera singer and Vince is this generation’s Michael Jordan - he and Mikey have been talking about collaborating on the next Space Jam.

Bonus: Seth Green as Randall, now Vice Principal of Third Street Elementary School

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You know what... I feel like Harry's cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' is something the world naturally needs... It would be just so proper and divine (@Harry, @bbcradio1, please, make this happen c:) Ahh! Have a great day, E! xx

Ok, I agree. I mean… it’d kill me, but I agree. Also, if he wanted to play piano….

OH, and to seal my death, he could throw in a cover of Imagine. And again, if he wanted to play the piano…. 

His voice would do really, really good things with both/either of those songs. I had the thought of Imagine a few weeks ago, but Hallelujah is also painful, and it’s just….

Harry. If you’re out there… at all… first of all, I’m sorry. Don’t read the tags. Don’t read anything else on the blog, actually. But if you’re out there… could you figure out a way to make this happen? It’s honestly the only thing I am *seriously* asking for. I know he’s not reading this but I need to put this out into the universe, guys….

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relationship status: happily single

last song I listened to: joker ni yoroshiku by penguin research

last book read/listened to: im currently reading d. gray man. im only on chapter 32, but im really enjoying it so far. pris, i hope you know this series is going to destroy me. lenalee is my favourite character so if anything happens to her, i’ll cry.

favorite color: black

top three shows: im just going to list my fav anime series which are code geass, durarara!!, and hunter x hunter (2011).

top three characters: lelouch vi britannia (code geass), izaya orihara (durarara!!), and killua zoldyck (hunter x hunter).

top three ships: im not really much of a ship person. the only ship that comes to mind is kirugon (killua x gon).

i tag @natszume , @kishitan-iis , @ryuzakki , @irnperio , @snufkiin , @phoggydilemma , @destinytrio , @ntasume , @celty-san , @durararas@kirschtein , @allenswalkers

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Magnus's entire thing with Alec in season 1 made me uncomfortable tbh. I loved all their season 2 moments plus Jace was a dick to Alec at times in s1 so idt malec is unshippable bc of how Magnus acted but like...ever episode was him telling Alec he was "being unfair" "living a lie" the weird pro bono exchange, even crashing the wedding fell flat for me bc their last conversation was Alec telling him to back off. Idk I think the issue is the writers are straight people who think that coming out

Th(Part 2 of malec ask) is about “just being yourself” which is why they give Magnus lines like “you have a choice to make”. I mean in the show nothing seriously bad happened but in reality, people like Alec really don’t usually have a choice. It’s being closeted or being fired/disowned. Malec having a secret relationship and then Alec being like screw if and coming out would’ve been hotter and more believable than Alec randomly being grateful over a nonstop guilt trip tbh…

i did like malec in season 1, my blog and friends can attest to that, but i truly did have some irks and moments that bothered me. i don’t necessarily agree with the whole “magnus treated alec better than jace” argument some people like to use, a) bc i think the jace and alec bond is a lot more complicated than that which i talked about extensively here lol, and b) bc magnus and jace both wanted something from alec that season and they both pushed him for it. but i’d rather not get into the whole jace v. magnus thing.

i think the writer’s just… rushed them? there were so many great dynamics they could’ve gone with and didn’t and they just feel a bit odd at times. i don’t necessarily like the whole secret romance thing, i liked that alec came out and the wedding moment, but then they just… dropped it? one of my favorite alec lines was in 1x12 when he said, “You don’t have any clue what I feel… so back off. This is all just a game to you, isn’t it? You flirt, you laugh, you use magic, but at the end of the day what do you risk? Even if I did feel something for you… you want me to give up my life for you? I have to do what’s right for me. I could lose my family, my career, everything. You just don’t get it.” There is so much in that and it is barely explored. We got Alec’s “I always knew I couldn’t have what I wanted” in 2x06, but that really doesn’t expand farther. There was an opportunity with Aldertree coming in to show the kind of backlash Alec was talking about. Maybe Raj treats Alec with even less respect now and his comments become more homophobic. Or we see a ton of shadowhunters are at the institute, it really wouldn’t take that much time to show them reacting negatively around Alec or taking his orders but looking unwilling to do so, etc. Don’t just tell me the Clave is homophobic, etc., show me. All we got was a glimpse with Robert and Maryse - who seemed more uncomfortable with Magnus being a downworlder than a guy tbh - but Alec feared for his life, his family, his career, etc., if he came out and I don’t get why. And also, it’s not like Alec was just some low level no name shadowhunter. He is Alec Lightwood, acting head of the NY Institute, and I’m expected to believe he’s seen no backlash being that known of a shadowhunter in an extremely homophobic society?? Yeah right. 

With Aldertree, the comment about Magnus being “a friend” was there, but you could’ve played even more into the homophobia of the Clave. Why would Alec lose everything if he came out? What would happened? I know in the books Alec’s coming out also influences other gay shadowhunters to come out - where is that arc? I know they have a gay writer on staff, but that’s only one and he can’t write every scene and moment and they’ve really dropped the ball with Alec’s coming out. Alec’s career and family and supremely important to him and that took a backseat this season which is annoying when it was such a big part of him and his arc last season. They truly, truly, dropped the ball on what they could’ve done with Alec’s coming out tbh.

As for Alec and Magnus, I agree about parts making me uncomfortable. Magnus’ “pro bono” line will always make me cringe - it always has. And the way he pushed Alec about the wedding… like for Alec’s own sake I get it. I get wanting him to realize he doesn’t have to do this or hide who he is or whatever, but it was the “I don’t either” line or the “you have a choice to make” or the anger Magnus reacted too in I think 109 when Alec told him about the wedding… like I know he likes Alec but he only knew him for a few days and it was just… A Lot to me. This isn’t about you Magnus; it’s entirely about Alec and what he feels he needs to do and his struggle with himself. I would’ve preferred Magnus confronting Alec about why he was marrying Lydia and for his family and stuff and making their conversations more about that and Alec’s struggle to come out, etc. I never understood Magnus’ hurt over what Alec was doing because… well a) it wasn’t about him and b) you’ve known him for like a day my friend he’s not breaking your heart and leaving you lonely like?? His response at times read like they were already lovers when they truly were not and still knew next to nothing about one another. Whereas, I think it’s 108, when Magnus comes to give Alec the report on the forsaken and Alec talks about his struggle and family and how he’ll never be the head of the institute, etc. I loved that moment. Idk; it’s complicated, but I also think that part of this does just fall back to them being rushed a tad. I enjoyed them and I ship them, but some interactions especially in s1 leave me truly baffled. The “dirty lair” line also still throws me - Alec’s confused facial expression to that is 100% me lmao

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Pt1 "when she was involved it was always Caroline complaining about Stefan not reciprocating." Is it petty to say Elena didn't get jealous fully because deep down she knew there was nothing to be jealous of. Like you said she wasn't around & when she was they weren't really a couple & even if she had been in s7&8 I just feel like Damon & Caroline would've snapped cause SE would always have low key romantic/deep moments. It's telling SC only happened after Elena was "gone" & DE angst free...

“ Pt1 “when she was involved it was always Caroline complaining about Stefan not reciprocating.”  Is it petty to say Elena didn’t get jealous fully because deep down she knew there was nothing to be jealous of. Like you said she wasn’t around & when she was they weren’t really a couple & even if she had been in s7&8 I just feel like Damon & Caroline would’ve snapped cause SE would always have low key romantic/deep moments.  It’s telling SC only happened after Elena was “gone” & DE angst free. Pt2 (supposedly cause we never see their lives together during finale ) after Stefan dies.”

I agree that Elena didn’t get jealous over SC because she didn’t think there was anything to get jealous over, which is what I meant by the fact that she didn’t get a chance because all that she saw or heard about SC was Caroline complaining about Stefan being a jerk to her or not reciprocating, it was all one-sided so it wasn’t really a threat.

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i'm really scared that history might be repeating itself, and i'd love to say i know this universe doesn't work like that, but i really don't. chaos followed me everywhere then which was good and bad, and i think it's still happening and it's extremely concerning and i just want my friends to be safe. I couldn't stand it happening again but then I wouldn't be me without it, would I?

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LeFou gets sick (after the ball but before they've become a thing) and Stanley gets sad when he doesn't see him around. He gets worried when it's been a few days and there's still no sign of him. He starts to get really scared that something may have happened before he could say how he felt! So he goes to LeFou's house and finds him sick with no one to care for him so he spends the week nursing him back to health and realizes he really truly loves LeFou, it's not just a crush anymore

(i need this fanfiction in my life) Omg imagine Stanley just constantly looking around in the tavern and Tom and Dick getting annoyed because *they know*. So Stanley’s all like “omg where is Lefou? is he okay? did something happen? should I go look for him? would that be creepy?” and Tom would just look at him with a bitchface while Dick just goes “Go find him, Stan. You’re annoying” and just ajnsijcnejdndcbbidu I love this so much