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why does 8.19 seem to be a special date for haikyuu? i just saw a lot of fanart for it and i was v confused

ah, 8.19 was chose as Haikyuu!! day because the word “haikyū” can be rewritten as 819 (HA = 8 / haichi, I = looks like the number one, KYU = 9 / kyū), hence August 19

I believe it was started by Japanese fans, so you see a lot more content from them, but other artists an creators have also picked up on this day

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Hello. You know how the transformers transform from vehicle form to humanoid form ( Sorry. That's the best way I can describe them. If there's names for it, I don't know what it is.) I love watching their transformation sequence!!! Could I request for human s/o commented' I couldn't get sick of it. It's just so cool' after they finish transforming to their humanoid form. The cons asked "What is?. They replied "You transforming." What is TFP cons + Predaking reaction to this?

I could watch them transform all day too, lovely x3

-He finds it amusing that you like his transformation ability so much
-He tells you that his vehicular mode is actually Cybertronian and not Earth base in case you couldn’t tell and why he chose to stay with his form, he likes that he can educate you in transformation

-He’s like “you and me both. Did you know there was a time I couldn’t transform? And I was on my own, mind you! It was dreadful.”
-He gladly educates you about t-cogs and transformation to further your understanding of him

-He has a smiley face emoticon on his screen when you tell him
-He messages you when he’s coming back so you can come see him transform upon landing since he knows you like it so much

Knock Out:
-He smirks and sees this as an excuse to show off more often
-He actually loves his ability to transform a lot and would be devastated if he loss it, so he can see why you find it so fascinating since you are unable to do it

-He’s blushy and asks if you’d like to see him do it again before he gets on with what he is doing
-He tells you the things he likes about humans that he can’t do, but don’t tell anyone

-She’s flattered, “it is wonderful isn’t it?”
-She tries not to show how happy it makes her to see your face light up when she transforms in front of you

-It takes him a second to register to him why you find it so fascinating because it’s second nature to him
-He embarrassingly admits that he likes that human thing you do when you get tired, and walks away in a hurry

-He tells you he is fascinated by humans too and would like to learn about your abilities :D
-Especially how much you can actually stand since you’re so much more fragile than Cybertronians D:

-He laughs cheerfully and scoops you up twirling you, he loves being praised
-He makes sure you’re watching when he transforms, and sometimes you catch him smirking about it

Ron decides to "accidentally" run into Hermione upon hearing she's engaged to Draco
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Ron:</b> Hermione! Wow, imagine seeing you here of all places.<p/><b>Hermione clearly at a business dinner with colleagues:</b> Hello Ronald, how are you?<p/><b>Ron:</b> Good, good...so I hear you're taking the plunge. That's...great. I just wish you'd have chosen a better ma-<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Listen, now is not the time for this, I'm busy.<p/><b>Ron:</b> sure, sure but I mean why did you choose Draco over me?<p/><b>Hermione to her colleagues:</b> excuse me<p/><b>Hermione stands dragging Ron to out of the restaurant and says silencio after being sure no one saw them walk into an alley:</b> Ronald Weasley! I was in the middle of a very important business meeting! This was extremely disrespectful, and you know exactly why I "chose" Draco over you. Unlike you he knew my worth, he didn't assume I was his, he pursued me as a man should have done. Where you were a coward and a moron he was brave and brooding. I am marrying Draco, you had your chance years back when we were in hogwarts. <p/><b>Ron:</b> I'm so sorr-<p/><b>Hermione:</b> No Ronald, you listen to me, I am marrying this man. I love him, and he loves me. You don't get to just sweep in when you realize someone else noticed me. I am not your back up plan, second choice, or even your friend.<p/></p><p/></p>

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Why do you have Evan's phone, Connor? He knows you have it right? I don't want him freaking out thinking he's lost it

Connor: I don’t have a phone so…

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I think in times like these I have to remind myself I don't know everything. Things tend to make sense months later. It frustates me to no end not knowing why Louis is getting the short end of all this. For me I think there's contracts on contacts that we don't know about, with maybe Sony even trying to manipulate the fandom into thinking they all chose this so it breaks us up even more and turns the larry fandom on harry, but idk we'll just never know for sure what's causing all this

the thing is, nothing has changed since babygate started. in fact, louis is not only publicly saddled with a toddler but he’s also got a new (old) beard to replace his previous beard so techincally he’s even deeper in the closet now than he was in summer 2015!

i think it’s stupid to pretend we know exactly what’s going on or why because you’re right we don’t know the bts details or the details of the contracts but i’m not going to pretend like this is normal or okay or that ~they’re a team so therefore no one is allowed to have an opinion about anything ever~

harry chose sony. we don’t know why (whether it was a matching clause, coercian/blackmail, or something else entirely) but he chose sony. and sony is solely responsible for the pile of shit louis is STILL buried under. 

what i want to know is why

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What app do you use to listen to french radios?

Radio French FM et FR Radio - Radio France (my fave). But I just went to my app store to get direct links and I couldn’t even find them so honestly you should just search “french radio” in your app store and chose from there. They’re generally all the same.

A lot of people just use the TuneIn Radio app also, I personally hate it but that’s another app suggestion.

My favourite station is Ado FM but they play english songs (quite a few) as well as french songs.

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I don't know if you're still working out kinks in the theme or not, but is there any way you could get it to say how long ago you posted something? Like the last one, each post said something like "1 hour ago" or "3 days ago". I really liked that :) I love you, sin(m)mother! p.s. I get why you chose the red, but is there any chance you'll change it to something more muted? No biggie, just wondering.

This theme doesnt support blog times, no :( But I do agree with you on the whole background thing, is this a little better?

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Wait why are you called incorrect zodiac quotes? What makes them incorrect? (Sorry I don't know the personalities yet)

a lot of fandoms have an “incorrect ____ quotes” blog(s) on tumblr, and when I created this blog  decided to hop onto that bandwagon, but with astrology rather than a fandom like Supernatural or Harry Potter. it’d probably make more sense if it was just “zodiac quotes” but it’s too late to change it now lol. I think I chose to make it “incorrect” because they aren’t actual characters, they’re constellations and literally can’t speak…. thus they’re incorrect? idk sometimes I even confuse myself so I don’t blame you if you don’t find any of this makes sense. hopefully it does though


Make me choose between…
Anonymous asked: Humankind or The Universe?

“Stars die and are born in places like this one […] They condense like raindrops from giant clouds of gas and dust. They get so hot that the nuclei of the atoms fuse together deep within them to make the oxygen we breathe, the carbon in our muscles, the calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood, all of it was cooked in the fiery hearts of long-vanished stars. You, me, everyone…we are made of star stuff.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson

The one thing I don’t understand about trc fandom, is out of all of the characters to fancast as a POC, why Ronan?

As far as I can remember, Ronan, Calla and Adam are the only people whose skin and appearance is explicitly described (Ronan being pale, Calla having dark skin and Adam having tanned skin)- like isn’t Ronan specifically described as having pale skin, blue eyes and black hair (something that as an Irish person I actually really appreciated because that’s the typical Irish nationality look- which most people don’t know, they presume it’s ginger, pale skin and freckles, so yeah thought that was coolly done, thanks Stiefvater) ?

I mean I’m not preaching, each to their own- I’m not saying don’t fancast him like that, of course you can it’s your choice, I just personally don’t understand. Surely out of all the characters, you wouldn’t want to typecast the angry threatening guy as a POC? And Maggie has specifically said she doesn’t like people fancasting Ronan as a POC as she doesn’t want people to think that she bought into the whole ‘angry black man’ stereotype.

Also the stuff Ronan does and gets away with? Personally that stinks of white privilege to me. You think a POC would get away with drag racing, being drunk and disorderly (and crashing into churches in that state), skipping school, and just his general Ronan-ness, because from what I’ve been hearing on the news lately POC can’t even walk down the street not doing anything without being shot, let alone actively disrupting a small town like ‘Henrietta’.
Why not fancast Gansey as a POC? Or Blue (which the fandom does do and I adore all the fan castings I’ve seen of Blue) ? I just don’t understand why the fandom collectively chose Ronan.

(Again I’m not saying don’t, you can do what you want, at the end of the day representations representation and I’m not going to try take that away- I just wanted to voice what I thought and see if maybe anyone else agreed)


“I’m in love with you.” He finally forced out; gravelly and rough as if it was difficult for him to actually say.

You blinked, completely caught off guard; unable to take your eyes off Harrison as he continued watching you.

“I wasn’t…” He began through a whisper. “I wasn’t going to say anything because I know this is comp-” He paused before furrowing his brows in confusion as if he was searching for the right words. “Because I’m complicated. But… You make me want to start again. You make me feel like I can.”

There was a strange sort of detachment behind his eyes as if he was fighting a losing battle - as if he conceded because he needed to say it and this was his only chance - as if he was losing you by letting you know. Harrison had been through so many ups and downs it felt as if he had been built just to fall apart.

“I’m in love with you.” He said again, looking directly at you. “You’re my home.”

And then it was clear… All of it; as if everything had led up to this moment. Working late nights, gazing at the skyline from the roof while eating Big Belly Burger, those silly stick figures he’d drawn on the board in order to cheer you up, and those looks - those looks he’d give you when he wasn’t sure what to say - the one he was giving you now… You’d finally decided what it meant. It had been him longing for something more - longing for you.

“I know you’re complicated. But…” You finally said. Taking a deep breath, you stepped closer and wrapped your arms around his shoulders; the action rendering him uneasy as he awkwardly pulled his hands from his pockets, unsure where to put them. “I’m in love with you too.”

And with that, he was coiling his arms around your waist - pulling at you just to get closer - pressing his face against your neck and inhaling like it was the first breath he’d taken since he told you.

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I know Bum was thrust into a situation where both sides and their consequences would fuck him over. He chose to keep silent about Seungbae and I will not fault him for that. But looking back at the panel of Sangwoo’s face of betrayal and the cliffhanger, I know my dumbass would have gave up Seungbae in 2.5seconds because shit, I’m genuinely terrified what will happen to Bum in the next chapter and WHO he’ll have to deal with.

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I'm new to this fandom so I don't know which ship to ship yet, but I'm leaning toward Lashton. Do you have anything to convince me to ship Lashton?

I was made for this moment. Okay so you’re going to want to look at this post here (my blog looks weird but there are many links on that post I know it’s hard to tell), but before you dive into that, I guess I’ll give you my reason as to why I ship them?

But i mean tbh, the ship chose ME, I didn’t choose it. I had just gotten into 5sos when I came across it, and I was already in love with Ashton so when I saw how cute he looked with that blonde dude, I was like HELL YEAH! And I guess the reason that I continue to ship them is because, for me, their dynamics will always be my favorite. 

I like how supportive Ashton is of Luke, who has a history with being a bit insecure (he’s gotten a lot more confident this past year but):

I think that Ashton, who is the oldest out of his siblings and the oldest in the band, feels a sort of protection over Luke, especially in the earlier days when Luke was tiny and shy. I mean, it really says something when their very first meeting happened because Ashton stood up for Luke when he was being bullied for his appearance. (videos in that link above)

I love how Luke is so obviously attracted to Ashton:

(I don’t have the gif saved, but once on stage, Luke said that he was “mad” because Ashton is so much more muscular than he is. And then Ashton did this smug little grin because Luke is checking him out on stage AND admitting it. That’s dedication right there)

Also, Luke confessing his love on more than one occasion:

And some of my other fave moments can be found in this masterpost here. So yeah, they are my precious boys :( I will admit that things have been pretty dry lately, but I just can’t ship any other pairing because nothing appeals to me the way that this ship does (aside from malum, aka the counterpart to my lashton, but that’s another story for another time). 

The reason that I still ship them is because their relationship has always been so pure, healthy, and full of support for one another. I love the height difference, the subtle age difference, the difference in their body types, personalities, and more; but they’re also a lot like each other in some ways. They’re both huge meme loving dorks, they’re both very family oriented, they’re both able to play multiple instruments, and they’re both cancers which I think is super cute for some reason lol

Anyway I hope they appeal to you in the same way that they appeal to me. I’ll leave you with just one of my favorite gifs of these two cuties. (They had sex on stage :D)

you know i find it kinda funny when people talk about the ace discourse and the people involved in the way like “do something better with your life” “this isn’t important” “why bother” or anything like that because like

not all of us chose to get involved in this

and i know you could just say “brush it off!” but you gotta understand how it happened

i made this blog about a year before it really got started. and i followed some ace blogs, cause im ace! and it was nice! ace jokes ace content ace support ace community like it was neat and a part of my dash i appreciated

but then the discourse started. and goddamn did it suck up everything

suddenly i was getting all this shit on my dash, and people i followed and liked were posting things mocking aces, and the ace tags i regularly visited were filled with “aces should be raped” “i hope all aces drop dead” and a ton of other garbage. like suddenly it was IMPOSSIBLE to find any ace content that was free of this.

and like? i wasn’t just gonna sit back and be chill while people were saying this stuff about me and people who share my orientation, like no way in hell. not to mention they were taking all my content away from me! i was suddenly unfollowing people left and right for the hateful bullshit they were posting, and for awhile i completely halted any tag visits. i STILL /search/asexual on (most) blogs before i follow them.

like seriously this was not something that everyone just chipped in for fun. i just wanted to live my ace life in peace but then i couldn’t. and i wanted to stand up for myself!

when i realized it wouldn’t just blow over it started getting so wearing on me i unfollowed a shitton of blogs, even ones that were ace supportive, because i just didn’t want to see it anymore.

now ive followed a few of them back, because i missed the content and community, but im a lot more selective in my choices. and it’s STILL basically impossible to find ace supportive blogs that don’t get into discourse. (because hey, someone starts saying you should be raped for your sexuality not sure people are really gonna just sit back on that!)


i get it. people on here are dumb and should just be ignored sometimes. but this wasn’t something that all of us got into willingly. it happened TO some of us.

One Step Too Far, Always || Rennerson

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I just want to see Kirb/Zetto and GC hug. Not romantically or anything, just like a hug you’d give to a close friend when they’re upset, maybe with a pat on the back or something. And, no, I don’t mean like in episode 4 where Nye dragged the others in, more like the one from episode 7 where it’s just two people who are friends and one (or both) of them needs a hug. Honestly, their relationship is my favorite one in the series, because it’s so vague and open to interpretation, and I feel like they’d totally just give each other friend-hugs whenever one of them is upset.

It really is sad to know that the episode i just watched of taemin and naeun will be the last episode ever. I know that i’m probably in the minority of shawols who actually like the show. I’ve been following up since week 1, ever since they announced that Taemin would be the new cast of WGM. Every week i’d look forward to Saturdays. Yes i did have conflicting opinions at times. I was upset how taemin was made to seem like a bad person. I seriously wanted him off the show. But then again, taemin himself didn’t mind and it seemed like his main attention is on naeun simply being happy with her. So i thought i should think the same way. For the eight months i’ve been following up with them, it’s really a waste to see them end it here because taemin had found a way to make naeun more open to him, not too long ago. And to see that they managed to spend a short while together after getting closer, it really is a waste. And like i said before, i think i would dislike wgm if they really ended taeun because naeun has made so many requests to have a longing ‘relationship’ with taemin. The end of them is going to happen anyway, but i didn’t know it would be so soon. I hope taemin and naeun still keep in contact because no matter how people claim the couple to be scripted (which i don’t disagree on) that does not mean that they do not have feelings for each other. Taemin once said that he is not the type of person to cry but he would probably cry because of her. And he did, he was choking on his words, he was pursing his lips, and his eyes were tearing and red. Of course he had feelings for her. Taemin is my ultimate bias, that is why i chose to support him from the start for this show because i know he would be a happy person. As much as it hurts them, it hurts me as well to not be able to see them spend time together and make cute memories together.

modern lumatere: (young) august and abian

Trevanion pointed to August of the Flatlands. “And his father is weak and deceitful and lazy, but I would trust him with my life.”
She looked at August with disgust. “This? A fine army you will build, Trevanion.” 
“Go home, Abie. Before it is dark. It is not safe for you to be traveling alone,” Trevanion said wearily.
“Perhaps I could escort her,” August suggested.
“You?” she scoffed. “You fit under my arm, little man.” And with that, she kissed the baby and slammed out the door.
“Pity the one who ends up in her marriage bed,” August muttered.

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I just want to say I love the Bakusitter AU and if you are still taking prompts can I please request one where the 1A kids are presenting their hero names and Bakugou choses Kaachan as his hero name

I’m so glad you love it! Of course I can write this scene!

The babysitter au we’re talking about

Hero Heading

“… names are capable of reflecting one’s true character.”

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