i just...cannot with that song

  • It’s been years.
  • A part of Marcus hopes that something will change.
  • Oliver will come crashing through the doors, confess his undying love, a fairytale ending.
  • Marcus isn’t afraid to admit that’s all he’s ever really wanted. He even thought he had a chance when Oliver fell into his life.
  • But Oliver became so bitter and Marcus knew he had no one to blame but himself.
  • Marcus left with all his belongings, moved to where no one could find him. Yet, he was still surprised that there was nothing from Oliver.
  • No angry note, no messengers, it was as if Oliver had forgotten him.
  • Marcus couldn’t really blame him. He’d forget if he could.
  • His body aches at the thought of Oliver. If Marcus remembers too much, he stops.
  • So, when a knock on his door drags Marcus out of bed, his first thought is to run.
  • The door creaks as Marcus opens it and a small breath leaves him.
  • “The sea is lovely this time of year, isn’t it?”
  • Oliver’s voice is soft, his face aged, but Marcus can still see the bright soul radiating out of him. 
  • Marcus says nothing as he opens the door wider to let Oliver in and he curses his weakness.
  • “You didn’t deserve this,” Oliver whispers. “I was too proud.”
  • Everything Marcus had only dared dream of is spilling out in front of him and he pushes down his anger to remember one thing.
  • “Do you still?” is all Marcus asks and he studies Oliver, who understands the meaning of the words all too well.
  • “Yes.”
  • The absolution of Oliver’s answer is all Marcus needs to hold him close as his tears soaking Oliver’s sweater, only confirming that this isn’t a ghosted memory.
  • The pain claws at Marcus’ heart, but an old feeling takes over and Marcus sighs as Oliver’s touch burns into his skin.

Skam S3 Trailer Waiting

Star vs the Forces of Evil - Just FUCKING friends

None of the fans, I mean NONE of them well excluding marco x Jackie shippers, but still, NONE have waited this long to see an ep as sad as this one. Did we deserve this? This is just so sad…. I know this may be for plot build-up for starco ship (me trying to be positive) but WHERES THE BLOOD MOON. MOON WHY HAVE U FORSAKEN ME…. TAT

The New Disney Horror??😶😓

There’s this one game in progress that I am currently watching that might be the end of me…. Fucking terrifying, it’s so much that I am actually starting to be afraid of the dark (I never was my whole life so the game is that freaking good).

It’s not FNAF Sister Location.
Not Tattletail. But the one, and only,


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your post about the girl that left hob got me thinkin and not to be Dramatique™ but like I've always kind of had this theory that maybe she's one of the reasons hob always mentions someone who "only loves me" as his ideal type and how in his singles interview he said love should make you someone who "only knows that one person" like he said he really did like her and she left him for some other dude and like that must have hurt wow I wanna kiss his face and tell him how much I love him and :/

akjdksf please to be all Dramatique™ i really am tearing up and a second from crying gooshshsh just the thought of hob getting hurt makes me wanna puke i don’t even want that word to be in a sentence w his name sjkhfdskj but yeah :( probably? but honestly if u ask me, hob would be the type of guy that would be so infatuated w his s/o even if that breakup didn’t happen w the girl :( like that sweetheart has so much love in him the oceans couldn’t contain it even if they try :( like i remember that one interview when he was asked what would u do if u’re not in bangtan and his answer was “in a relationship. bcs im a passionate guy” pleasenjdh hes the most precious thing? and he said he loves melodrama and his favourite movies are pained and if only and he cries when watching them and that honestly speaks volume of how soft and gentle and loving he is tbh :( he’s so affectionate too like? he really kisses his members like it is the most normal thing to do imagine if he is in love jkashd and!! even his sleeping habits is him touching himself hes so touchy im gonna d*e aksjdhsjf but yeah he’s sensitive and very loving so that breakup must have hurt like a b*tch i hope that girl ch*ke and the thought of her hurting hob haunts her for the rest of her life and afterlife too

Fav song tags

So, I was tagged by the beautiful @thisisjustmywritingblog for the top 10 favorite songs.

(Note: I’m so excited because this is the first time someone tagged me and I’m so hyper rn!! And AKDUFNRHGSSHSJ bc I dunno why this beautiful person started to follow me and why tagged me…sorry I’m a really shy person, so shy than I can’t even befriend with someone on tumblr lmao, omg, this note is the longest thing ever)

So, for me this is really hard because just 10 song aren’t enough space. But it’s ok, here it is…

1. Blind - Monsta X

2. Oh Nana - K. A. R. D.

3. Glory Days -CnBlue

4. Mistery - HyoYeon

5. Spring Love - Eric Nam ft. Wendy (Red Velvet)

6. Blood, Sweet and Tears - BTS

7. Oh BOY - AOA

8. Hush - Miss A

9. Do Better - Y Teen

10. Candy Jelly Love - Lovelyz

And now I tag @blubeeny @cookieangelwonho @1leeminhyuk @hotseok @jooheonster @kku-joo @no-cucumbers @aledrmzjunn @hyungnu @sonhyunwoomx

(Another Note: I feel weird bc I don’t know any of them but @aledrmzjunn, but I really love all this blogs. I really hope they don’t feel I’m awkard. Omg I feel in Shownu skin now -.-…of course, another long note)

P.D. English isn’t my mother language, please forgive me if I made a mistake.

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I've been listening to your TGATNW playist and "You Wouldn't Like Me" by Sleeping At Last hits right in the heart. Also, if someone managed to make Pitch and Jack dragons in Flight Rising, would you like to see them?

That song ‘You Wouldn’t Like Me’ is incredible. It’s also on Gwyn’s playlist because it suits him so much too. I have a feeling far too many people relate to that song! It’s so good though, his songs in general are great (though a lot of them are covers, not that that’s an issue).

And I’d love to see them! You’d be adding to an illustrious history of a lot of people doing this on FR. It’s worth nothing there’s already like 32 active dragons called PitchBlack on Flight Rising, 30 active dragons called Kozmotis, and *186* JackFrost active dragons. So there’s definitely a lot of room for inspiration there re: making your own too. :D

(tl;dr I’m a member of Flight Rising and have been since 2013, for a while there it was really cool to have like, all the Guardians as Dragons. There’s also Augus/Gwyn dragons on Flight Rising too which is just amazeballs. :D Er, if anyone wants to add me, my username is Foxhall - I’m one of those users who exalts firstgens when bored, because I can’t be assed selling them - can anyone these days?).

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