i just....i can't hold all these feelings

raise your hand if the show hasn’t even started yet and you’re already crying

Malec shippers. They get hardcore flirting, teasing, a wedding showstopping kiss,dates, feelings, relationship drama, the angst of keeping half of the OTP alive out of magic, hand holding and the need to stay alive because eternal life is meaningless without this boy. A silly gift that means I want this, I want to be yours because it’s the first time you’ll be mine and I’m different from all you’ve had so far.

Merthur shippers would kill for magic to bring back that loved one, to be more powerful, to have the skill of centuries and the knowledge to command the darkness that claimed the man who made him wish to live. The prat, the clotpole, my lord, my king, my Arthur, I can’t lose him… Cursed to forever waiting, may someday, one day.

Sterek shippers would kill for a kiss that would hide the best bits behind closed doors and fade to black. Plaid and leather in the bedroom floor as they pin each other against the wall for the right reasons. Something more than a look across the room, a dying stare, the wet memories of holding his sourwolf 2 hours to save his life, watching him grow, live, love… and leave.

Destiel shippers would kill for the showstopping love declaration. Dark angel wings wrapping around a speechless man who’s suffered and shouldered the pain of his family and his own feelings, ready to be dragged from perdition once more and taught how to love without fear.

Hannigram shippers would kill for some uncomplicated feelings, less blood, less pain, more time together. Less making you miss me, making you need me by poisoning your mind so you cannot live without me. Or too broken to live with me.

Stormpilot shippers would kill for more than a few hours of longing stares, a jacket that was mine and now it’s yours along with my heart before you came back to base all broken and silent, hurt saving someone else. 

Malec shippers have canon on their side, books showing all the love and desire and they’re eager, desperate for more. In a world where every second they are together is a miracle we envy so much. May they get more time. All the time. ANY time. 

Let’s talk about Undertale!

On J’s prompting, I finished the pacifist run of Undertale.  I needed his prompting, because I was at a part that’s super difficult, and honestly kinda creepy.

Anyway.  I finished it.

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OMFG.  Every damn emotion that could have possibly happened, did happen.  And there was much ugly crying.  J just kept the kleenex coming and gave me lots of snuggles, as one should when one’s significant other’s heart is being DESTROYED by a video game.  (In the good way, of course)

I keep remembering stuff and crying again!! (or laughing, or getting angry, or getting scared…)


SCILIAM || Scott x Stiles x Liam || PARENTING 101 || They’re doing it right || S5E01 || TEEN WOLF || No matter what your kid freaks out about, always tell him to stay in the car, where it’s safe.

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but okay, how big of a difference does it make in hal’s mood when laira’s just not there? and vice versa?

like, hal’s fine over the course of a week (even a week and a half). but the longer things go, the more he’s affected. he doesn’t necessarily get in a bad mood. it’s more of a quiet mood. he doesn’t joke as much, doesn’t pick. it’s especially noticeable around the office. and when gossip starts up that there’s some fighting/separation going on, donna shuts that shit down because she KNOWS the kind of turmoil that happened when a separation DID happen and that’s not something that’s going to be breathed in that office while she’s there.

but, hal doesn’t necessarily miss any of the more intimate aspects more (although those are fantastic and just as important). more over, he misses that companionship that he has with laira and that bond he has with their kids (since more often than not they travel with her for not only safety but just overall care since hal works days with ferris air). he misses having someone to talk to or just sit with him after everything’s squared away and the quiet’s set in for the evening.

so, he’s quiet and maybe even a little sullen in those long stretches of absences. but then laira’s able to come back, to stay on earth and in their home with him and the kids. and his mood doesn’t improve all at once. it improves little by little over about the course of a week until one morning he comes in picking that his wife ‘just wouldn’t let him leave’ and donna just gives an exasperated sigh and says ‘will you please do you paperwork now? just know i can call laira now if you decide not to work.’

otp feelings man. otp feelings all over the place.


The Original Ladies Appreciation Week ► Day 4: Favorite Female Relationship

↳Because you were the first to see me as a sister, and since you spent so long looking after your family, I thought, for once, you deserve a sister to look after you. - Freya Mikaelson

I want you.
when i say i want you i mean i need you and when i say i need you i mean i crave you and when i say i crave you i mean i cant stop thinking about you and since i can’t stop thinking about you i have forgotten about everyone else who has ever held my attention. because you are something different. and i need you. and i want you in every single way possible and i want you to know that you mean a lot to me, even though we are in a weird situation, you’re worth it all. because i can just feel it. you’re something special. you’re something so much better and something so different and greater than anything i’ve ever experienced or had. i need you, okay? you.

  • Sam: *Has to repeatedly apologize for not looking for Dean after he thought he'd died even though that was an agreement he made with Dean which Dean acknowledged*
  • Dean: *Still has not apologized for trying to kill Sam twice in the past year*

“is… is it too much to ask to just be NORMAL for one day? to not be stuck in that damn bathtub all night and still have to go back every single morning, afternoon, and evening? i’m SICK of it. i want it to stop but it CAN’T. i feel like i’m dragging you down all the time when we have to come back here or go to the pond every time it’s been too long, like i’m holding you back from doing the things you want to do when you want to do them,” he shook his head, holding onto her hand tightly. “i know it’s stupid, it’s REALLY dumb of me but i can’t help it.” now that it was out there, jack understood how stupidly selfish it all sounded; how ridiculous it all was. “i’m sorry.”

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Ohmiya ♥ - Arashi ni Shiyagare 2015.06.13


This is the most important thing of all. Just look h o w Namjoon hugged Jungkook while he cried. I mean they are so close. A leader can’t look at the tears of his members. It makes him cry so hard, that’s why he hold maknae tight. This moment shows us that each member can feel what their bandmate feel.
To be honest, I’ve never met so sincere guys. Their friendship is the best thing in the Universe. They will always support each other. They are Bangtan. 

                                                          I have to apologize for my English. English           isn’t my native language, so I hope you can understand me. Also I feel so emotional right now because of the concert. It also affects the level of literacy. 

*emerges from the depths of overwatch hell at 4am* I heard it’s courferre week y’all